Android vs iPhone - Which is ACTUALLY Better? (ft MKBHD)

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Controversial Topic I know, what's your take? 😂 To check out my Best Phones of 2022:

    • First Prototype
      First Prototype

      I ❤ the iPhone but i always chose a android because of the user interface, you can heave a expensive beautiful object for 5 years but you can't do really nothing with it or you can heave 4 years of great memories that you can share it with family and friends, Samsung ultra is the best all rounder ever nothing can came close to it !

    • South Ghost
      South Ghost

      I want to know what phone do you use? Even though IPhone wins, is that your daily use?

    • Please escorts core ment
      Please escorts core ment

      No no I prefer a consol or ipad

    • DougieTech

      I have Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone Pro Max 13. In my opinion, in all categories except battery life and some video (Cinematic) recordings the S22 is superior.

    • Arpanjeet singh
      Arpanjeet singh

      I gave up

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis

    I think usb-c is another huge win for Android. being able to charge everything from laptop to phone to speaker with the same cable is game changing

    • devyani singh
      devyani singh

      Even if they introduce usb-c they make some sort of"nuance" customer (forced) will have to buy apple manufactured usb-c cable 🤷

    • Hayden Apps
      Hayden Apps

      ye but usbc breaks way easier than any lightning cable

    • Imran Ahmad
      Imran Ahmad

      However that's not a huge problem u just need one other cable for your iPhone Which takes you back to the score board🍎

    • Pavel Simeonov
      Pavel Simeonov

      ​@Joshua Jones You are looking at this from your own prism instead of "in general, for the general consumer", and are wondering why you get a lot different results... They were very clear that this scoring doesn't really matter and it's all down to what matters to each individual user. And yet, here you are, moaning about "root", like it's not a super-niche thing to bother with all of that. I bet the average consumer can't wait to deal with terminal commands and root obfuscation because his banking app refuses to open when it sees busybox, not to mention the voided warranty on his brand new and shiny flagship. And the cherry on top - Marquess having lost his credibility because he has a preference... Ha, like he wasn't very clear that a lot of the things were very subjective. I can write a couple paragraphs to explain everything you missed/misunderstood in each category, but there's no point, there's no cure for chronic fanboism...

  • David Bond
    David Bond

    Android has air's called "nearby share" FaceTime is just video calling

  • D S
    D S

    In terms of ram on iPhone, one of the drawbacks is that background tasks seem to take really long or seem to pause once a particular app isn't on the screen anymore (ie. Uploading to Dropbox or Google Photos). Android can handle those tasks at the same time and at a way faster pace, in my experience.

    • M F
      M F

      There is a reason for it and it’s on purpose . To do with security and privacy

    • D S
      D S

      @smokinjoe11 I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed. I don't mind leaving the app open either. The annoying part for me is having to have that app be the only one on the screen while uploading or downloading. Android has been able to handle that since the early 2010's.

    • smokinjoe11

      Yes the downloads are big problem you just have to keep the app open in IOS otherwise downloads stops

  • Shapi Hadi
    Shapi Hadi

    Genuinely surprised about the outcome. I’m an iPhone user but I was expecting android to win. Yes iPhone is great at this and that but I feel like you could’ve decided on a draw so many more times . Nothing wrong with that. Especially after you guys kept realizing how you were both correct with your reasoning , the better phone would’ve still won if you added in a few more draws , this looks so weird as if the iPhone is much better which it isn’t . Love both of you guys but I kind of disagree with the rating 😅

    • hyejin

      the rating is correct

    • CRapeiES

      no you have an android

    • Igor Alves oficial
      Igor Alves oficial

      I prefer android, more i disagree with the rating

    • Dspivey

      I prefer android myself but I still agree with the rating. That might sound contradictory but what I mean is that I see the rating as an indicator of what platform works the best for the majority, and that, I would agree is the iPhone. It is certainly the most well rounded overall, and while some might not like the "walled-garden" approach and the smaller feature set, that's ultimately how they achieve this level of polish. Android (referring to all manufacturers of android phones) has a very different philosophy, one that's much more democratic. The operating system itself is open source which means that companies other than Google can make their own modifications to it. Additionally, there are many, many different phones to choose from. Some more rounded such as the Samsungs and others more specialized such as gaming phones. This level of freedom is a great thing but it is not without problems. Like they mentioned in the video, android phones are often the first to implement new technology, but apple will probably do it better a couple of years later. As a result, these android phones are less polished, and this, I would say is reflective of the entire Android market. It's chaotic. That, I would say is the simplest way to summarize the problem with Android. Now at the start of this youtube reply essay I mentioned that I prefer android. That is because I'm a part of the minority of people that are willing to compromise on polish in order to have more exciting features and better value hardware. But that's not everybody and I respect that. For me, my interests are more specific. I want to have the phone that does the specific things I want it to do even if it has some flaws (this I would say is quite reflective of my own personality lol). Other people however might prefer something that is more well rounded in general even if it doesn't satisfy the specific interests of tech nerds such as myself. So as much hate as apple gets, I must say that I have respect for their philosophy of making smartphones. I would probably only buy an iphone if it behaved more like an Android phone, but then what would be special about Apple? Even though I don't personally like their products, I don't necessarily want them to become just like the other manufacturers, because they're different for a reason. It's just that the difference is not what I prefer personally, so I stick with Android.

  • Gabriel

    It feels like these questions were tailored around iPhone's strong points, while some of android's (like usb c) were just neglected. So the final result doesn't really mean much.

    • Crabbadabba

      @ducc The lightning port still charges quickly, which is probably the most useful element.

    • ducc

      @Crabbadabba yeah the connector type isn't as important as USB standard, some androids have 3.1 where the iphone is stuck with 2.0

    • Ivan J. Mandić
      Ivan J. Mandić

      Yes, you are 100% right. Things like: Screen, Battery, Camera, Performance, Software updates and software compatibility, that's where iPhone is better. Android phones are better in all the other categories.

    • Introvert

      They literally talked about the basic features of a phone….how was it “tailored around IPhone strong points?”

    • Crabbadabba

      USB C is such a minor bonus.

  • Jason

    Android to me just offers so many more options and customization. Also love that I can stick my sd card in and instantly quadruple my phones storage.

    • Nikolay

      It is nice while we have them. The reason I didn't buy the new Samsung "Note" S22 Ultra. My 10+ has 512 GB and a 512 GB card. I know the S22 Ultra has a better camera and refresh rate but it still seems like downgrade because of the removed micro SD slot. If they offered more built-in storage for a reasonable price that would be great.

    • czechyoself

      @Abo Mota I wish they still had it but the alternative rn is saving everything mainly pictures and videos to a USB so they don't take up space on your phone lolol kinda sucks but oh well

    • hyejin

      such outdated tech still putting cards on phones lol

    • telegrxm

      @J Heads the A series also sells more than the flagships!

    • Adam Dhammes
      Adam Dhammes

      Why do I need an SD card when my phone is 512gb

  • canickel

    I love this guy's videos and have been watching since 2018 but it's unfortunate how they focused on iPhone's strong points and left out some of Android's strong points as well. It's also extremely unfair to make this video Android vs iOS because iOS is just on iPhones while android is on several phones, some astonishing, some horrible. They should've picked a battle like Samsung Android vs Apple iOS. It should of been a fair fight, but it sadly wasn't. I also don't like how they left out a lot of Android's features like USB-C, newer technology and tricks, and features like Quad HD displays that perform amazing. Very unfortunate and disappointing to see Mrwhosetheboos and Marques do it like this; felt very bias and unfair. To keep going further, Arun seemed to stretch his thoughts and opinions a lot while Marques was on here, he was more accepting and less opposing to him, showing bias as he is a fan of MKBHD. To keep going even further, they also stretched out points in favour for Apple by a lot, like the Software Support, which yes Apple has Facetime, iMessage, and more, Samsung and Android are greatly improving their technology; and Google message is to Apple's level too. I feel like this video should've had an as wide focus on Androids features then it did with iPhone features. Great videos, but I'm very disappointed unfortunately, and this comes from someone who used iPhone and Android for years. >> Final thoughts: This was very bias towards Apple, this video should've not had bias and personal opinions embedded into it. This video was a comparison on sole facts, so don't stretch them to lean in favour one of or the other. This was expected with Marques unfortunately because he has very strong ties with Apple which grows his bias towards them immensely, and that is undeniable fact.

  • Jorge Aceves
    Jorge Aceves

    I’ve always had both Android and IOS phones. I like that I can customize Android to my liking. The Stylus is a big win for me because I like using it like I’m actually using a notepad and pen but on my phone. But that’s it for why I like the Android phones really.. I like how simple and reliable iOS has been for me. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I like how everything just flows with iOS. I prefer the look of iPhones compared to Android phones too. They just look like quality! Feel like it too! Android feels cheap ish. Unless you go all out and get the top of the line phone in it’s category. I’ve had my Android phones crash on the simplest tasks multiple times. Where iOS just does it. Both have pros and cons but iOS has more pros for me. Again I’ve had both and I personally prefer iOS/iPhone’s.

  • windriderearthwalkerwavesurfer

    I think smartview, where you can mirror your phones screen on a Smart TV, things like this, just make android so much stronger. The edge panel is so useful if you take the time to refine its setup and find the functions that work for you, and split screen view is really helpful when you need it.

    • hyejin

      airplay exists…?

    • AG

      Have you heard of airplay or are you just mad that android lost?

    • Temple Witen
      Temple Witen

      @Adam Dhammes And now in 2022 i have a problem with my pc when i download any game in it from 20gb to 100gb the download suddenly stops So i started downloading my games or files on my phone which has 256gb of storage and then copy it to my pc... I really need this open system not a limited one but that's just me... Maybe some just want a simple iphone. But i think android is for pro phone use🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Temple Witen
      Temple Witen

      @Adam Dhammes in 2011 i connected my note 4 to a tv The fact that they had it before doesn't change anything but i will stick with Samsung cause they give more features faster. Then iphone copy it and rename it, In addition to that i actually ran windows 7 in 2015 on my j7 and played counter strike till this day in iphone you can't even download a modded app or even download a song😂

  • nyanish

    I appreciate the iPhone, but I honestly stay on Android for so long because it's definitely more affordable. Phones can be cheaper, repairs are cheap as well, spare parts aren't that expensive. I think taking into account also Play store vs App store, since App store stuff is generally more expensive is a thing. ALSO. Very important is compatibility - people with an Apple setup can be more comfortable with an iPhone, but PC users.. can't really use all the perks of iPhones unless they get such a setup. Which is.. much more costly. So yeah, I think those are aspects that didn't get touched on much.

  • April

    If you use Android regularly then split screen is definitely a huge help. It made handling tasks easier.

    • Nuclear bomb
      Nuclear bomb

      Tbh it'd more useful on tablets

    • Nick Luckovitch
      Nick Luckovitch

      Yeah that's a big niche gimmick.

    • John Hero
      John Hero

      i use it almost daily .. watching IRglo while messaging

    • Valve VAC-systemchecker
      Valve VAC-systemchecker

      @Meowhoots most games don’t support split screen lol

  • José Ricardo Campos Mora
    José Ricardo Campos Mora

    When I switched from the iPhone 7 to the Galaxy S lineup. My primary reason was the flexibility of the software but in particular the way it handled files of multiple types, it’s so practical to do things on Android that if you had an iPhone would be a hassle to do them and would make you want a Laptop or desktop for. That being said, I still own an iPad that I use a lot, and wouldn’t exchange for any other tablet.

  • Tony Hornby
    Tony Hornby

    Having used both, I'm now android all the way, though its by no means perfect. Ultimately being restricted by an echo system that is their to get more money out of you is bad. Unfortunately to a lesser extent the likes of Google and Samsung are both going the same way. Personally I feel this video has a biased view point.

  • The3vilpepper21

    i've always a swapped between samsung & apple per upgrade & usually i find myself disappointed with the iphones after a year - whilst i don't mind how simple and limited they are as sometimes having quick access to things is better - the overall performance really dies down - every update makes my battery drain even more & brings constant annoying bugs. Even little things like having all auto brightness settings off yet the phone is still to dim to see. i even had a stupid phone reset bug that would happen atleast 4 times a day over the course of the second year - was nothing i could do about it, just had to wait it out & could literally happen anytime. Samsung are miles ahead in terms of everything. Am now on the s22 Ultra & im actually changing from samsung - iphone to samsung -samsung. i'm done with apple.

  • saitoti spvc
    saitoti spvc

    I never thought two of the best tech reviewers in the world would do something this stupid how can you compare a phone and an operating system that's stupid. Thousands of phones are shipped with android each year so you can't compare android with an iphone nxt tym try using a pixel device since its the only phone in the market that's pure android

  • Pranay Saraf
    Pranay Saraf

    The fun part is, apple was given a 3/10 for repairablity and the forces it’s users to pay 60% of the cost of the product to repair basic parts that could have been easily fixed for fraction of the cost. The only reason it won the that category was because of its insane ability to market itself out of all its problems

    • celhpwns

      @J J lol

    • celhpwns

      @J J sure thing Mr billionaire

    • J J
      J J

      @celhpwns You probably represent not even 5% of global market demand with the technical /customization requirements you’re complaining about and you don’t even seem to recognize that - and that is why you don’t run billon dollar smartphone business empire.

    • J J
      J J

      There are 3rd party repair shops that work apple and are cheap.

    • edward appenteng
      edward appenteng

      @mmrt True not everyone has the time and that stuff about rooting doesn't even count as an argument...that's like saying slapping a branded case is a bad thing. More Options over few anyday bro.

  • Suchi N
    Suchi N

    Ultimately from a personal perspective, I just do not want to be tied into a closed and very restrictive Apple ecosystem. If you want to someone else choosing how how your phone should operate, look and which features are allowed then go with Apple. If you actually want to have control over your phone then get an android.

  • Sm wg
    Sm wg

    Android vs iOS used to be a discussion 10 years ago. Back then, Android phones were the enthusiast's choice, because they were more customizable, had more user friendly features like removable battery covers, microSD card slots etc. they were much easier to root and install custom firmware on, the Android Market had way more free apps than the Apple app store... Whereas iPhone was for people who wanted their phone to be a status symbol. The little Apple logo was a sign of prestige. Nowadays, the experience is kinda the same on both systems, since other companies just keep copying Apple, sadly, and repeating their anti-consumer policies of removing feature by feature and taking more and more control away from the user.

  • NochSoEinKaddiFan

    With all the pushes of Aplle against right to repair, giving Apple the eco-medal feels just so wrong, when framework and fairphone have proven, that it can be done so much better

  • Michael Kittler-Morich
    Michael Kittler-Morich

    I use an S22 ultra, I've never been a fan of iPhone but you can't discredit there achievement, like it's literally all androids vs Apple which is crazy however for a standpoint on everyday life I would not be able to pick which one if I was unbiased. Both Samsung and iPhone are amazing phones and companies

  • Hyp3r

    Great colab and I really liked the video! However there is one thing I gotta say. During the eco conscious category one thing you skipped over was repairability. That is arguably the most important part of an eco phone and android is a clear winner there with apple doing things like software locking parts etc.

    • Hyp3r

      @Angelo Pe Benito they get more updates yes. But the hardware on iPhones break around the same time as androids possibly sooner

    • Angelo Pe Benito
      Angelo Pe Benito

      Truth but you could also argue iPhones tend to last longer on average.

    • Vidoe Fiend
      Vidoe Fiend

      @Harrison J-R I do not understand?

    • Vidoe Fiend
      Vidoe Fiend

      @brochard true

    • Vidoe Fiend
      Vidoe Fiend

      yes apple purposilly makes phones harder to repair or replace and I all ways have to pay hundreds of dollars to get them fixed.

  • xitogun101

    I felt like the pillars conversation of utility went more with the huge demand that comes from apple users rather than looking at utility vs utility. Unfortunate but i get it.

  • Richard

    I listened to your review and there were a few categories that seemed like an Android win and then you spun it around and stated draw. I had it 5.5 to 4.5 for Android. And then I think about that awful program iTunes I run on my PC and I have to bump Android up even further.

  • Twill Ongenbone
    Twill Ongenbone

    Software interaction is everything. From hardware standpoint there is so much sameness across all phones and even grades of phones now. It's tough to find the real diffs between mid-level and true flagships. Hair-splitting. But the UI diffs between Android and IOS couldn't be greater. I have given IOS a real, , leaned-in, honest try a few times now and each time I just couldn't get back out of it fast enough. Just so clunky against the Android ecosystem. Android is just so intuitive. So make-sense. And then add the unfettered customizability in Android. The simple eyebrow menu detail. Android is both more simple and offers more complexity at same time - more fluid use while also giving so much expandability. I do wish there was an iMessage equivalent in the Android/Google world. I can't send the huge videos over SMS. There are IOS features I wish were available in Android, but overall the Android ecosystem is just so much more and unrestricted. I have never had an issue with Android phone. Any of the 20 different models I've owned. Samsung 22+ is just flawless. I can't imagine needing another phone.

    • Text Me On Telegram👉@Mrwhosetheboss14
      Text Me On Telegram👉@Mrwhosetheboss14

      Pm me⬆️ have something for you,,

  • kimbalxyz2

    While iPhones do have a slight edge in some of the areas discussed, the final score was vastly lopsided in apples favor, at least in my personal opinion !

  • Just Peter
    Just Peter

    Arun trying to be unbiased: Marques: "Android is actually really good, but I give that to iPhone because I like them"

    • Emiliano Zapata
      Emiliano Zapata

      @OMEGA KANEKI because he’s said many times that he always uses both an iPhone and an android as his daily phones. If he were strictly an apple fanboy he wouldn’t also be using an android daily. He uses both because he says both of them have some unique features that the other one doesn’t and he likes having the best of both worlds.

    • ᶜᵒᵇʳᵃ㉿乃ꪖɮꌩ༻丂 FF
      ᶜᵒᵇʳᵃ㉿乃ꪖɮꌩ༻丂 FF


    • Matexoni

      @Abderrahman El Bakkali Oh ffs stop acting so butthurt because Android lost, its their opinion. I think it should’ve been a closer one and that they didn’t talk about some issues iphone has and some advantages that androids have but still it’s their opinion. I used both Android and Iphone and like certain things about both of them. If you only used Iphone or Android can’t talk about it because of bias then

    • Atty

      @OMEGA KANEKI i think he's seen the downsides of an android phone and the iphone prior to having the S21 but he still decides to keep it as a daily anyway

    • 33_M2_Rahul Krishna menon
      33_M2_Rahul Krishna menon

      @Big Bullet you're*

  • eimaisklhros

    Switched from android to iPhone. Hated it at first, then I got used to it. There are some things I like in iOS but there are some things I miss from android as well. It depends on the user I guess.

  • Alejandro Vargas
    Alejandro Vargas

    You two guys are my favorite go to guys for honest truth on devices.

  • kaleem ullah
    kaleem ullah

    Extremely generalized comparison, when it comes to specialization, Android blows iOS out of the water. To me what is most important is that Android is open source unlike iOS.

  • Daniyal Qureshi
    Daniyal Qureshi

    i feel arun takes a full objective and overall point of view that would include all users, proved since hes given a win to samsung before while still using i phone himself. Mkbhd relies too much on personal opinions and personal point of view when giving his judgements, the phone he prefers is always the better one .

  • Chiro84

    I just recently switched from my iPhone to an Android and I have to say that the freedom I have with an Android is exactly what I was missing with the iPhone.

    • EthoShrimp

      ​@mabhodlela JJ Many people just want a simple phone that works, and saying which phone is "the best phone" is highly subjective. They can say it's the best in simplicity, regardless of how many megapixels and features, and others can say it's the best because of the functionality. And to the majority who do not work with tech, they can prefer the iPhone because they want a phone that is easy to understand without even learning how to spell. But to me, I am used to having lots of flexibility and customization to my phone, so I like Android and Samsung devices in general.

    • Madory

      @last hope hope well ofc if you broke don’t take an iPhone lol

    • Moosa Razeek
      Moosa Razeek

      @mabhodlela JJ 😂 yaa I can see telling without explanation

    • mabhodlela JJ
      mabhodlela JJ

      @Moosa Razeek iPhone still got huge gap in sales compared to any android,witch means most people prefere it,and it will remain that way for a long time,now get mad if you want. Most of you who claim you switched from iphone are just Samsung fanboys who never used iphone at first place,just here caping.

  • White Shadow
    White Shadow

    Andriod has alot of features that you might not use everyday but when you need it they are always there whereas with iphone you basically just can't do what you want. I was on the fence of switching to iphone but when I learned more about ios I think I'm good with my andriod device. The splitscreen feature is useful to me I can basically have anything playing on youtuber while using maps(I used to listen to lectures while driving which is a game changer specially when you're short on time) whereas with iphone I can't do that. Also, MKBHD is using an andriod phone while complementing iphone which just goes to what they actually prefer to use even tho they have multiple options to choose from.

  • chalion

    For myself, it really boils down to needs vs wants. What phone has the most or above average options I can use, works with what I need it to and HOW it does that. Myself, I can get past charging cable issues/wireless charging vs the time it takes to charge and discharge that battery. My choices work for me, so.............. But seeing the differences of android phones (AND different android model choices) vs what an iPhone offers.............................

  • The Expedition
    The Expedition

    This was more like a "Which Categories Can We Choose To Make Apple the Winner?" comparison. What about freedom, choice, diversity, innovation, right to repair, and hundreds of really important other deal-breakers? And who uses the Assistant? Oh yeah, what's the weather today? I already know the weather from a glance at the home screen. Boy, this was a real stitch-up!

  • Narinder Singh
    Narinder Singh

    Both my fav guys in single video, good to see you ❤ God bless u bros...

  • Asad Farraj
    Asad Farraj

    A negative point on the eco-friendliness of Apple is that they are strongly anti-repair. They make it near impossible to repair, even with the Apple care program. It's just to silence the Right to Repair movement. Edit: By the Apple care I meant that Self repair service they launched. I'm talking about that. You don't need to remind me on every one of the 50 comments.

    • Παναγιώτης Θ
      Παναγιώτης Θ

      @Jamming you "have"* the right to repair it. They don't tell you to dump the old one and buy a new one if a part fails, but you can't just go to a local phone repair store and have it ready in two days like you can do with most Android phones. Instead you have to go to official apple store and have it repaired there. They do this to create a monopoly and close all the small stores that are everywhere. Now imagine that the closest apple store is 2 hours drive away, is that eco-friendly or convenient as they advertise? Of course not, it's just a hassle to go repair an iphone. And there are countries that don't even have these stores at all so if the iphone fails, you have no option but to throw it away. Do you really have the right to repair it?

    • Chinmay Choudhary
      Chinmay Choudhary

      @Rive Been using a budget samsung j series phone for 5 years now buddy :)

    • MRZsiir

      First of all I think Apple uses more recycled materials. iPhones can be repaired as well and Apple sells refurbished phones. Also the user can simply just return the unwanted phone to Apple. In fact you can return any Android phone to Apple so they will recycle it. Try to bring an iPhone to Samsung store and ask if they can recycle it for you. I still have working iPhones from 2008. In fact I still have a PowerMac G4 from 2004 in perfectly working condition.

    • Rive

      @Secondarian I understand that. The perception of phones are all experience. That was my experience with them and while they may be better now, it still affects the end users perception of a device.

    • Zhong Ze
      Zhong Ze

      @SsShadowbaneSsS The typical uninformed consumer who compared as 5 year old cheap Android phone to a new $1000 iPhone. I have almost never had an issue with my Galaxy S8. It just works. And an iPhone just don't work for me (customization, transparency, split screen, floating windows, always on display, and an endless amount of additional features)

  • Shapi Hadi
    Shapi Hadi

    This isn’t a jab at either of them, it would be interesting to see this recreated by two tech-interested people with lower middle class paycheck. I really want to know, how different that would turn out.

  • nishachor

    Quality video as usual, thanks for sharing!


    20:08 - anyone noticed MK tried punch after hand shake but Arun just didn't notice 😂😂

  • NochSoEinKaddiFan

    Many things that get attributet to the iPhones great software are actually reflected in Android Apps like Spotify. The features are out there, if your app supports it and you are free to choose your apps on Android, unlike Apple which first and foremost locks you into their system.

  • ONhistoryplus

    I'm surprised by the environmental score going to Apple. Apple phones while made from recycled materials are made in such a way that makes repairs very difficult compared to most Android phones. One could argue that Apple's poor repairability contributes more to e-waste than Androids. Surprised that didn't get a mention.

    • L0ser

      @anoniem An My sibling has the same phone and it shuts down frequently. It also has a weak battery. I swear my sibling is always crying cause their phone died. Ridiculous and a scam for the prize.

    • Nur Fitri Idora
      Nur Fitri Idora

      I also think the reason why apple have poor repairability its because when their iPhone broke they just have to buy a new one or repair it but I heard from my friends who used iPhone it's hard to repair and its really expensive. Personally, I love Samsung from the start because my first phone was Samsung idk what kind but the Samsung is just the size of my palm when I was just a middle schooler. 😂 Second, would be iPhone. Third, Huawei (I really like this phone too but I don't really like the design tho).

    • Gelo Bongs
      Gelo Bongs

      This was actually my initial thought, I'm very surprised they didn't brought this up.

    • GCloudWolf O_O
      GCloudWolf O_O

      @Shaggy Tewsak Hey, at least I'm not getting scammed like people who buy apple products. Just because I'm not dumb enough to buy a scam doesn't mean I'm poor or salty. Maybe read the comment where I state the reasons its clearly a scam.

  • Simple Core
    Simple Core

    I have used both platforms and I find the convenience and freedom on Android more to my taste.

  • matlat power
    matlat power

    I like how throwing away an entire phone is more eco friendly than fixing the phone.

  • Moldfinger

    You guys talked about OS updates very briefly. In my opinion this is hugely important. When the major iOS updates drop, like iOS 16, 3/4 of ALL iPhone users have a reason to get excited. 75% of iPhones are running the latest iOS. While

    • Name 11
      Name 11

      @L0ser I know android is not as simple as ios but it is not that hard to go to settings and press update(unless you mean rooting).

    • Name 11
      Name 11

      @egga :trust me bro

    • L0ser

      You can update to latest android updates if you know what you are doing. It does require tinkering but its still do able. I knew a guy back in school who knew all about this stuff.

    • egga


  • Specz

    I remember how snappy the first windows phones felt with the Nokia lumia 635 only 512 mb of ram vs an android phone with 1gb but that was based on how good the operating system used the resources. Today I still prefer the android ecosystem over iPhone. Kinda biased since I only had one iPhone and that was the original se. It was more tedious to navigate menus. But I loved the small size and the screen was way better than any android I owned. Now I have an s21 but my s7 I think had the better oled screen. Was brighter and better darkness levels. I guess it's all on preference with so many devices out there.

  • Chance White
    Chance White

    I've had Androids most of my adult life, so a few months ago I decided to take the IPhone 13 Pro Max for a spin, and I have two good things to say about it - the battery life was phenomenal, and I loved the solid build, but that was all I liked. I lasted a week, but returned it in favor of my S22 Ultra. I just need to be able to customize my phone and I rely on its ease of use features like single gesture closing of multiple open apps. Apple does what they do very well, and their devices are well built, but if you want greater control of your device, IPhone isn't a good choice.

    • Kaye Ang
      Kaye Ang

      @Adam Dhammes just say that ur an old boomer 😅 don't need to write so long , we get it

    • Adam Dhammes
      Adam Dhammes

      @Junior you're wrong

    • Adam Dhammes
      Adam Dhammes

      Just say you don't know how to use an iphone for me iphone is the simplest device to use I have enjoyed it more than android everything is straight forward for me I don't need a crazy widget or color everything is simple and cool

    • Kaye Ang
      Kaye Ang

      @TEJ bruh this video was so biased, hurts the soul, almost gave draw on value to money smh 😅

    • Jason Everly
      Jason Everly

      @Junior Excellent way to phrase the experience. I might steal that...:)

  • Jim Ventouris
    Jim Ventouris

    In my opinion if Samsung and Apple just fused they'd make an awesome company

  • Bᴀʟʟᴜ

    As long as Android has open eco system, I am with android. 😜

  • Jonathan Paul Calledo
    Jonathan Paul Calledo

    I like Android because in our area here we almost catch up typhon always and after the typhon if I use iPhone the internet here is bad but if I use android and using DITO sim- Chinese sim dn that's the time my internet data is cool. Different countries have different choices and it really depends on your area✌️

  • Di Rebel
    Di Rebel

    Great comparison, it's fun to see the two of you together 😉

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      Text me on Telegram@Mrwhosetheboss15

      Pm me ⬆️ have something for you,,

  • Alekss Levsunovs
    Alekss Levsunovs

    Apple claims to be more eco-friendly, but reparability is a real factor there. You can repair most Andriod phones more easily and cheaper than any IOS device. The longer update support and recycled materials are also an important factor though. Would have been good to see reparability as a separate topic perhaps, just to emphasize that you can actually fix your phones and don't need to toss them as soon as a single component breaks down (or pay someone else to repair it).

    • Bismay Parida
      Bismay Parida

      @Pratyush Agarwal 12 pro max user here... He's right? Even the local shops charge higher amounts for the gadgets & repair ment. It doesn't happens in the most cases of Android phones

    • sean hannah
      sean hannah

      Apple vs Android or Apple vs Samsung. It's like using Microsoft in Dell vs Compaq when it comes to Android.

    • Astha Shah
      Astha Shah

      @puyo that depends on how the old user has used the phone also if that person used it with care those shouldn't be the problems

    • YT Channel
      YT Channel

      Reliability IS the REAL FACTOR!! So Apple really wins! Their phones last longer than Android.

    • Imanol Vega Parra
      Imanol Vega Parra

      iPhones rarely break my mom is still rocking an iphone 4, on my side, never had an android phone with that kind of durability

  • Raphaelpoh

    Honestly I prefer android as they offer more freedom than ios. I have used both android and ios before. During the short time I used ios, I realized that I cant even cuztomize ringtone :(

  • Jake

    Idk, I just feel like I have so much freedom on Android, whilst on IOS I feel like I'm always considering my restrictions and things I can't do. I just don't like how claustrophobic I feel on iPhone compared to Android

  • Tausif Jahangir
    Tausif Jahangir

    The battery award should have gone to the Android especially since the battery on an iPhone degrades so much. (iphone user)

  • Langeni Earl Zulu
    Langeni Earl Zulu

    love your content bro really enlightening and the collaboration of the two of you is awesome

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      Text Me On Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss14

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  • airtempo

    You can tell Arun is a big fan of MKBHD but I think that's what made this video kinda biased because you could see how Arun had different opinions on a few things but that would result in a tie, so every time that he might've disagreed it would be a tie. I agree with other comments, that you guys should have each had your score and then come up with a final rating or just leave those out for people to decide.

    • Isaac the Clickbaitor
      Isaac the Clickbaitor

      I’m talking to the people who are replying when saying this, but it’s clear that you really wanted Android to win, and when it didn’t, you are blaming them for being biased and not listening to mrwhosetheboss. When In reality, if mrwhosetheboss really thought Android was better, he would use one, and he doesn’t. You shouldn’t be watching this video if you’re mind is already locked on using an Android

    • Leroyrs

      @Nam You're absolutely right.

    • ukpai emmanuel
      ukpai emmanuel

      @Ry bro that's true

    • Ry

      Bruh how did nobody reply this already. The guy on the left is making the score theyre not comparing their opinions

    • It's your girl TKM
      It's your girl TKM

      Honeslty, especially for camera

  • Kartel Clothing Art
    Kartel Clothing Art

    To me the most controversial topics are the ones that doesn’t have an nailed answers, something to say that “Yes that’s it for sure !” Regarding this android and ios battle surely doesn’t have any relevance to anyone because at the end of the day the winner is always the one that fits the best to the user. As an ex android user for over 10 years me for example i’ve found that ios fits the best for me, exactly because of the well know fact that i don’t have that many options i used to have on android wich as a result makes me spend less time on the smartphone. So there is no winner at all between android and ios and even the smartphones, i’m wondering how many of us are buying an top feature smartphone and how many of us are fully using it ? I had an note 20 ultra and in 2 years i used the pen like probably 10 times, so how many are in the same situation ? So there is no “the winner takes it all” in smartphone operating systems.

  • Why are we still here?
    Why are we still here?

    iPhone won't become eco friendly until they switch to usb-c. I mean, there's no point in keeping usb-lightning at this point, and it's much better for the environment to have a solid unified standard for all devices

  • परिक्षित पोखरेल
    परिक्षित पोखरेल

    Calling it a draw on software features because iOS has airdrop, facetime, iMessage is the most ridiculous one.

  • RYO FF N 🅥
    RYO FF N 🅥

    I am so maniac of " useless " features, I mean I love them. It allow me to do a lot of things which I can find need one time in my life. (I am writing this with my S8+, it is full of technology and I love all of them, even if you can find them useless I can find them useful in some way, because I use them :) The main thing which i regret in IOS is that we can't install APK easily I am used to install MOD apk sometimes so it's a big STOP for me. There are some apps which are available in ios and not in android, and same in the opposite.

  • Ash

    My take to this is- In US the best phone is iOS just because everyone uses it. So that's why MKBHD's opinion was more based on that. However outside US markets, Android has the main market. So it's not a minority in many of the categories.

    • NotAnIdiot

      @Jon W nope not really except for US and Europe

    • Benjamin Jagun
      Benjamin Jagun

      @A Suprem3 Android and iOS are almost 50/50 in the UK in terms of market share compared to the US, but iOS has the edge slightly though.

    • Natman_bad

      @Mrwhosetheboss Yo bro I thought you we're a honest reviewer apperantly not it's so obvious. I am unsubscribing and many others are too.

    • Don Ram
      Don Ram

      @Robert Fong lol 😂

  • JP Sir
    JP Sir

    Truecaller works awesome in Android. That's the main reason why I chose Android over an iPhone.

  • Aljex

    For years I've always used the standard "Android has so much more customisation" argument or "I don't want to be tied into the Apple ecosystem"...but since changing from a Samsung S20+ to my Google Pixel 6 Pro I've actually come to realise 2 things...1) the customisation that I boasted about with Android is something I don't care about or use. I use the standard launcher and have no intention of changing. I change my wallpaper every now and then and do like having a home screen but I don't customise any element of it. The Pixel UI is slick and for me it feels very refined. And 2) I'm just as tied into the Google ecosystem as any Apple user is to iOS. Whether it's Google Pay, Podcasts, Play Books, YT Music or Google Photos, I am very tied into the Google ecosystem (not a complaint) - but I am at the stage where it's easier for me to continue with my existing Google account managing my digital life than it would be for me to change. I know I could change to iOS and maintain all of these accounts, but the simplicity of it all is the crucial factor. I don't want to have to muck about with a phone too much. And I guess thats where I'm at going from my mid 20s into my early 30s now I'm just after something that feels polished out of the box and works well. And for me the Pixel 6 Pro is fantastic for that. But I'm well aware if I had an iPhone 13 Pro Max in my hand I'd be equally happy if I was as tied into their ecosystem as I am to Google.


    I wish that i had 10 different phones sitting there that all rang when someone called my number - so that when i went out i could decide which one i wanted based off the features it provided for the activities i was about to engage in.

  • Siraj Hulk
    Siraj Hulk

    As much as I like MKBHD you can tell he's been very used to IPhone his whole life so his decisions usually leans to Apple

  • ADécamètre

    I think Android should have got more than 2.5 points, but most of these categories are very close and subjective and depend on how you see it. iOS is more reliable, Android is more customizable. But both are constantly improving and copying each other. At the end of the day, it's all about preference.

    • Eventus Vantos
      Eventus Vantos

      @Network Nerd that's only true between companies Majority of it is still the same/similar

    • Network Nerd
      Network Nerd

      @Eventus Vantos Things aren’t always consistent with Android, you can get a different brand phone and have a completely different OS experience.

    • Eventus Vantos
      Eventus Vantos

      @GalosDj ios is worse. Cry more

    • Eventus Vantos
      Eventus Vantos

      @Network Nerd wdym fragmented?

  • Calum Jones
    Calum Jones

    Good video but breaking it down like this doesn't weight things in a "real world usage" way. You have to actually play with both. I use the Samsung mobiles, and on iPhone, while using it there are just small little things about iOS that really annoys me, which are never going to make it onto a rating chart. Little things like copy pasting ease etc (feels snappier on Android I think), just stack up. For tablets, Apple is leagues ahead in terms of how they feel to use. LEAGUES. The Galaxy tablets feel awful to use. However, the Android PHONES seem to feel better while performing basic computing-style tasks. The most basic functions. Back buttons, copy pasting feels easier, just tiny little things like that.

  • Jonas Fermefors
    Jonas Fermefors

    One thing I think they missed from my perspective is about third party app integration. For example my calendar app and company phone app can't integrate as well with the iPhone because Apple doesn't allow that.. the flipside is that it probably make the iPhone more secure, but to me that integration really makes my life easier.

  • Judge

    I’ve used to get performance/ software issues all the time on Samsung phones, switched to ios and it happened like twice in 2 years

  • Gibby O
    Gibby O

    As much as I do love my iPhone, I wouldn’t hate switching to a Samsung or something completely different since all I’d be missing is the ecosystem

  • Mrinal Ojha
    Mrinal Ojha

    Love both of your guys but really felt this video was biased a bit too much on Apple's side of things - - a lot of Apple features that they said people can't live without are limited too US - outside of that, even iPhone users have/use a lot of other options - usb-c charging, plethora of phone options, UI features, right to repair and repair costs, GOOGLE PHOTOS - so many options and factors that you could have made this video on! Comparing the average of Android against the strengths of iPhone 13 Pro Max would ultimately result in such a lopsided score :/

    • AndroidUserAldo

      @theNimboo Bruh you and these people in the comments are even more biased and at the end of day it's their opinion and the fact that people are even arguing over how android is better than ios is more funny.

    • theNimboo

      Ya I stopped watching on the third category. Just too cringy in their blatant bias. Well, it actually felt like it was MKHD's bias, and MR whosetheboss was just too weak and buckled to his pressure each time

    • 2im

      THIS. this video felt sponsored or something bc it was absolute bs.

    • De Chubasco
      De Chubasco

      I am an iPhone user and I still agree that this video was too biased.

    • Mula Wizi
      Mula Wizi

      @安彦 アビル you are right 😂😂are you an iPhone user using them too?

  • PSX brink
    PSX brink

    It’s cool that two tech IRglors aren’t competing, they are even making videos together!

  • Rambo

    Interesting. I’m an iPhone user and have toyed with getting a Samsung. I hear the users on Android say things like split screen is so useful and yet I couldn’t see it being any use to me. Funny how these two don’t use it.

  • CosmeticFear

    There's a whole lot of factors from one OS over the other, but here's my take on it. Take it with a grain of salt, as my opinion doesn't matter to anyone but myself. iOS: It's incredibly stable considering it's built only for iphones, compared to Android which has to work on God knows how many other devices. The ecosystem is nice, the UI is nice, the design language that iOS uses is incredible, everything works with each other near flawlessly. Android: Unlike iOS, Android on the vast majority of devices has unparalleled customization compared to iOS. You can easily sideload apps without the OS automatically removing it, you can change your launcher if you're not happy with it, you can change your theme, and (on most androids, minus the US variants of Samsung phones), you can install custom roms, which allow you to pretty much let you experience a whole new device on the one you already own. Not to mention there's so many different designs, quirks, and budgets for anyone in the market. So in my opinion, I personally like to swing towards android more than iOS. It's not as connected compared to Apple, but the fact that I can customize pretty much whatever I want whenever I want with next to no repercussions makes the vast majority of Android devices more appealing than what iOS has to offer.

  • Johannes Haberstroh
    Johannes Haberstroh

    what about notification-management? Which is (for me) one of the main tasks if not the main task on a phone. Never got mentioned. I use iOS and Android (work and personal) and I forget to answer a lot of people on the iphone, because the structure is horrible

  • King Koyo
    King Koyo

    I feel like I'm probably in the minority on this one, but this collab feels more like an interview. Both of you are very talented creators, but this video is driven very heavily by opinion. That said, all the decisions seem to defer very heavily to Marques's opinion. Marques is making very valid observations, but those same observations are very heavily based in circumstance.

    • Sam _
      Sam _

      @Ojaswi Rai How is it biased?

    • Blue

      Well... duh? I really don't understand all these salty comments saying the video is biased, it's just one man's opinion.

    • DavorBa

      @Ojaswi Rai Arun is an entertainer, of course he is gonna make faces. Marques genuinely gave iPhone more points because thats his opinion. In the end it all boils down to personal preference. For me, its all about bang for buck and customization, and Apple simply cannot match Android in those areas. Objectively speaking, iPhones have better battery life than 99% of Androids, video quality is top level and their SoCs perform better, lets be fair about these points. Even with that being said, its still a subjective thing. No need to downplay any side, just choose what you prefer.

    • Robin Arora
      Robin Arora

      @Ojaswi Rai Arun’s face is not a proof of anything… those are Arun’s opinion that differ from Marquee… Like Arun said about camera using it as a toy, whereas Marquee wanted a more mature stable camera than having gimmics

    • Ojaswi Rai
      Ojaswi Rai

      @Martin Cernak bro no offense to anyone but you can clearly see that in the whole video by just carefully observing Arun's face

  • Wishbone83

    Imagine getting paid millions of dollars to sit around and talk about cell phones while I go to work every day. 😂😂

  • Pranav Chengappa
    Pranav Chengappa

    The biggest flex of ios is that it can still be tracked if the phone is switched off. Android really NEEDS to get this feature.

  • nicekid99

    had the samsung s7 edge for about 5 years and now use an iphone. the main thing that made me switch was apple’s longtime support for their devices when it came to software updates and i was a student then, so i don’t have the money to keep buying a new phone to upgrade often. i’m in waaay too deep into the apple ecosystem to leave it now, but i wouldn’t mind making the switch i again. i just upgraded my iphone again, but man samsung is pulling me in with their galaxy series again.