What you didn't know about Xiaomi.
You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: irglo.info/from/iLmBhGl2YJjHi58/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Sakenu

      Like these videos about companies. Also appreciate all the research that these videos may have taken.

    • National Youth Computer Training Academy
      National Youth Computer Training Academy

      What? :o Oh my god!

    • Taiwo Adegbayi
      Taiwo Adegbayi

      So you still haven't told us why you spelt your username wrong and you've crossed 10m subs.

    • आत्मन Nayak
      आत्मन Nayak

      @hikingOpussom J hmm

    • CR7 CLASSY channel
      CR7 CLASSY channel

      Please may I get any smartphone from those you do advertise?

  • Cheng Teoh
    Cheng Teoh

    Here's another fun fact : In 2015, Xiaomi set a new Guinness World Record for selling the most smartphones on a single platform in 24 hours.

    • Ноутбук Иваныч
      Ноутбук Иваныч

      Now I understand why the American government has been imposing restrictions on huawei.

    • TelurHebat Gt
      TelurHebat Gt

      @CBSE Gaming yeah u talking about ur self?

    • TelurHebat Gt
      TelurHebat Gt

      @PLUTO ur not funny too

    • 1 Abo vor 2023
      1 Abo vor 2023

      @khtannnnnnnnnn lmao, i haven't a Xiaomi, i have Realme with Android 12 😂

    • D7 Zh
      D7 Zh


  • Rux Vacaru
    Rux Vacaru

    I bought my first Xiaomi product, a phone, in December last year, to replace my old Motorola which had broken down. My boyfriend was sceptical at first about the quality of the phone (a Redmi Note 9 Pro), but he bought one for himself almost immediately after testing mine. Now we have a robot vacuum, two humidifiers, an air filter, a smart scale and Amazfit smart watches. We love all the products so far. ☺️

    • logical idiot
      logical idiot

      @fuad couch cough, apple sheep, cough cough

    • DoNot Need
      DoNot Need

      @Daughter of the King 🤣🤣😂😂😅

    • Flxrry #Quittingeditsandonlypostingwheniwant
      Flxrry #Quittingeditsandonlypostingwheniwant

      @AtlanticCrasher who

    • AtlanticCrasher

      @Sm0key yes

    • Sm0key

      @AtlanticCrasher Did anyone ask you??

  • Stevie-Ray

    Love the fact that Xiaomi include a great silicone phone-cover in the box, & also prioritise the most useful features for all their phones, not just the flagship-models!

  • Pavook

    As a user of Xiaomi currently, my thought process for choosing that phone was straightforward. It was the best value for the money limit I had at the time, it was that simple decision. When all of the competitors in the relatively cheap, budget category had worse specs or cost more, was it really surprising? Still running fine after 3 years, so I think I have chosen well. I can't afford to buy Apple phones every year as some well-off people and I also don't have a need to flex it around, despite it swallowing a month of salary or more and not feel like it's wasted money.

    • Murdvre

      Same exact situation here. Isn't that interesting? Seems most of us in the west (in this comment section at least) heard about Xiaomi around the same time though independently about three to two years ago. In my case I think my first exposure to the brand at all was with the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. I don't know the exact source of moment but it was sometime around November, 2019. The whole first 108 megapixel camera thing on top of it being about $500 really intrigued me. Then I saw the spec sheet and never understood until recently how the specs could be so high end, yet the phone itself so less expensive than competitors. I actually ended up buying the Redmi 7 for about 150, then the Redmi Note 8 for about 200 (which had a quad camera setup that made people think it cost much more than it did) then finally about 3 months after buying the Redmi 7, I got the Mi Note 10 (the international version of the CC9 Pro). I happen to be using it now 2 years later and it will works marvelously.

  • Hoggdoc 1946
    Hoggdoc 1946

    I've had one of their small sports cameras for years. It's always worked well and cost a fraction of what a comparable GoPro cost. This video was very informative and I appreciated all the information about the company background and their company culture.

  • shrihari nagesh
    shrihari nagesh

    Fun fact: xiaomi tweeted this video and said a thank you for the feedback and that they will improve themselves

    • Winter Soldier
      Winter Soldier

      Yea we know he said it in a video

    • Lonely_Sea • 21 years ago
      Lonely_Sea • 21 years ago

      I don't know but happy people's whirling 'round on other people's comment and replying other people's reply

    • dayana wang
      dayana wang

      @Tangled and Happiness I said you sound like that person not that you are that person

    • Tangled and Happiness
      Tangled and Happiness

      @dayana wang oh I'm sorry I didn't get you there. When did I contradict myself?

    • dayana wang
      dayana wang

      @Tangled and Happiness, you're the type of person who, when they are arguing, contradicts themselves a lot and then lies like, " Oh, I didn't hear you or I thought you meant that or I'm super tired, so I can't think straight.

  • senex

    Since you briefly mentioned the Redmi 3 series, it’s worth mentioning that while the 3S was a “lite” version of the Redmi 3, the Redmi 3S Prime (also called 3X in some markets) was the equivalent “pro” model, with better specs snd the only of the three with a fingerprint scanner.

  • I Sip My Tea Loudly And Yes It's A Big Deal
    I Sip My Tea Loudly And Yes It's A Big Deal

    I got a Xiaomi phone not long ago. It's a great phone for the price really, but it does have it's issues such as not updating anymore and crashing at 60% and the alarm clock could be more advanced. Overal Xiaomi is 4/5 I actually prefer it to Samsung.

  • Cartercus

    I remember buying a few things from them because they’re cheap and pretty good quality. I was surprised to hear how quickly they’ve grown.

  • Kronii's Chair
    Kronii's Chair

    I am a huuuuge Sony fan, whether it comes to consoles or phones, but I have noticed their smartphones wasn't keeping up with other big brands like Samsung and Xiaomi, so I upgraded from a Xperia XZ3 to a 11T Pro and so far I am extremely happy with it! Same goes for the camera, door and window sensors and hub. Great products for a very affordable price!

  • Frankie Tech
    Frankie Tech

    Great video Arun! It's amazing to see how far Xiaomi has grown from the early days to now. Mi-raculous stuff 🤣

    • Why are we still here? Just to suffer.
      Why are we still here? Just to suffer.

      @DaSixtininer ok I give up you win

    • Why are we still here? Just to suffer.
      Why are we still here? Just to suffer.

      @DaSixtininer “ ‘HOW DARE YOU’ HOW DARE YOU “ H O W D A R E Y O U

    • Why are we still here? Just to suffer.
      Why are we still here? Just to suffer.

      “Mi-raculous”... HOW DARE YOU

  • Tomas

    Found this brand when I was looking for cheaper alternative for GoPro, and their action camera did so well for the money. Second product was Xiaomi Mi Mix 256GB smartphone, terrible camera but boy that phone was so gorgeous and every time Itook it in my hands that feeling broth me a smile.

  • Clay Bergen
    Clay Bergen

    I can testify to Eastern European Xiaomi dominance. I travel to Ukraine and Mi stores are EVERYWHERE. They are great products as far as value goes and I just "upgraded" from an LG Velvet (RIP) to a Poco X3 Pro.

  • Shuu Chuu
    Shuu Chuu

    Redmi Note Pro fan here since 2018. I used to buy Samsung phones, then Motorola then Huawei but now I've settled for Xiaomi. I really like their Redmi serie and I'd love to upgrade to the Mi serie once I can afford it. I also bought a Mi Watch which is great for casual watch owners like me. I hope to get more Mi products in the future.

  • Aiman Khan
    Aiman Khan

    I bought my first xiaomi phone few months ago, after using iphone for 4 years (and now I hate apple products) I really love this phone, the only problem I am facing is the front camera, cause I don't look "natural" in it 😅

    • fasha77

      Haha, at least finally you know why apple is hated.

  • Aman Kumar Dubey
    Aman Kumar Dubey

    “Xiaomi is terrible at naming products” *Sony: “hold my Experia one 2 III”*

    • silverstone

      @Monke Soup he copied the other person's comment obviously

    • Monke Soup
      Monke Soup

      @Ali ibrahim why do i see 2 same comments Sus momet 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • Grateful

      So experia one 1 I exists? Lol

    • Nehco Oahnait
      Nehco Oahnait

      @Ali ibrahim probably why barely anybody buys Sony phones

    • Marwin

      Poco f3 isnt a bad name lol

  • Ercan Yeşiltaş
    Ercan Yeşiltaş

    My former phone was mi 5s plus. And now i am watching this from poco x3 pro. Needless to say, i love this brand. Poco s motto is "everything you need, nothing you dont" and that sells it for md

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    I loved my Mi Note 10 Pro. At the time, it was the only phone available with a 108 MP camera. Xiaomi makes great phones.

  • Evil Killer
    Evil Killer

    I have used a phone of xiaomi ,It is redmi note 7 pro 🔥🔥 and trust me it's 48mp camera with sony imx586 sensor is literally outstanding 🔥🔥 and it is my favourite phone till date from xiaomi

  • Ken Neth
    Ken Neth

    I was given a Xiaomi phone, and quite honestly I'm stunned at the quality of the camera (especially HDR shooting). Also shot a short film with Filmic Pro recently. Great tools, and you can make calls too :)

  • Muhammad Amin
    Muhammad Amin

    Arun's ability to seamlessly have the content flow just leaves me amazed everytime. He plans everything to the tiniest of details. Good one mate..

    • Dead Dog
      Dead Dog

      He legit says it in every video

    • Andy.

      Wow Cant believe I didn’t know his name til now..

  • KimikoSAMA JD
    KimikoSAMA JD

    I've had Xiaomi phones for the last 5 years or more. The price is a fraction of the big label phones that cost of fortune like iPhone and Samsung (lets face it your paying for the brand name) but the quality is amazing. Yet only a handful of people I show my phone and mi band to have ever heard of them. They definitely need to expand to the west more

  • Qjozsi

    My family is literally a Xiaomi fan love their stuff I have a 8t, 8pro, 9 and 10, and all work with out any issues and I have a 5year old s2 4/64, which works flawlessly( only battery change) so my conclusion is there stuff are pretty much reliable.

  • Joseph Ian Española
    Joseph Ian Española

    The thing I love Xiaomi is they really listen to their consumers, I don't own a Xiaomi device but I have a lot of friends do and every release they just get what they we're asking for from the previous releases. Not to mention they're more affordable compared to other more known and established brands out there

  • Nathan Gray
    Nathan Gray

    Been using my poco x3 pro for ages now and got it for a really good price on amazon in the uk for around £250 for the 256gb version couldnt be more happy with it to be honest

    • RetrosepticZ5

      @R D what do u think of it, is it worth it and should i buy it

    • jaquez carter
      jaquez carter

      @R D yea it was a whitelist made by ATT/Cricket in the USA to essentially force people to buy their carrier branded by Android phones in order to use the service. Yet I used the same phone on a different carrier no issues. Also hd voice is also known as volte. Regular mi phones may work as other IRglors don't have problems so I'm not sure what the real issue was.

    • R D
      R D

      @jaquez carter Strange alright.

    • jaquez carter
      jaquez carter

      I had one and loved it but sold it because my carrier claimed it wasn't "hd voice compatible" but it really was 😞

    • R D
      R D

      Have the same phone, my wife was so impressed I got her the 128Gb version (doesn't need the same storage) for €200. [Edit] Just ordered another one for my son: X3 Pro 8Gb/256Gb. He wants this instead of his current iPhone SE 2020

  • Sizwe

    “Xiaomi is terrible at naming products” Sony: “hold my Experia one 2 III”

    • shrek's long lost stepfather
      shrek's long lost stepfather

      @ISuckAtNaming Xbox is a fitting name for a console though. Wdym?

    • shrek's long lost stepfather
      shrek's long lost stepfather

      I personally think Xperia is a cool name though but yeah

    • AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    • Øystein

      @Bracoeth No, that is not the officia modell name.. That is the product id number or whatever you call it.

    • Bracoeth

      or if you want some wireless audio, the XM-195E966269663

  • Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
    Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης

    Xiaomi already have a big ecosystem of product's, so I wanna see these products work better together. They already doing it with mi share, xiaomi cloud, MIUI plus (China only)

  • CraftyWitch1990

    It's nuts how big a company they are. Until i started watching your videos 2 days ago, I'd never even heard of them but apparently I've been living under a rock for the last 32 years 😂

  • Evan Edinger
    Evan Edinger

    Found myself in a Xiomi store in Westfield the other day cause I saw it and was blown away with how much of a blatant ripoff it was from Apple in literally every way. Felt absolutely bizarre the number of obscure products offered alongside ones that just looked like a rushed copy apple homework assignment

    • Aezurx

      @Daniel Ma so does apple

    • Daniel Ma
      Daniel Ma

      @Aezurx because samsung adds more than just a camera

    • Aezurx

      @WolfWithoutASphere 1 how come whenever apple releases a product that is 800-1k€ but whenever Samsung or any other android company launches a new product with the same price, nobody says a thing about it, but only shit on apple

    • TheClipsPoster

      @WolfWithoutASphere 1 damn bro you got the whole squad laughing



  • Vijay Rupnath
    Vijay Rupnath

    That's so much info! I wonder how many hours it took to make this video (Including collecting the data, scripting shooting and editing) Thanks a ton #Mrwhosetheboss you are a #REALBOSS! ❤

  • Sink's Memes
    Sink's Memes

    I had no idea Xiaomi existed till May 2019 and my dad bought me my first smartphone as a reward for something. It was a Xiaomi Redmi 6A and it was the cheapest they had in the store because my family isn't that rich so we bought the cheapest smartphone. It's almost 2 years now it's still perfectly running, long life battery which surprised my parents since their batteries died after 24 hours. So I would say I got good experience with Xiaomi

    • ddummies

      there is no 2+32 bro, 2+16, 3+32, 4+64 for xiaomi below 2019. and after 2019, now they have 8+128 even more i think. dont forget black shark bro

    • 1 Abo vor 2023
      1 Abo vor 2023

      @Daydream the SoC contains the computing units

    • Daydream

      @1 Abo vor 2023 I don't mean like the highly priced ones. Specifically, I'm talking about the specifications of the device, not just the price, of course.

    • 1 Abo vor 2023
      1 Abo vor 2023

      @Daydream no. Currently the best price perfomance ratio SoC that basically runs almost all mobile games at minimal 60fps I'd say is a Snapdragon 870. The cheapest phone that has it is a Xiaomi Poco F3 and starts at 255€ (271$) here in Germany

    • Simon Bauer
      Simon Bauer

      i have the redmi note 7 (the normal non pro one the pro wasnt available locally) and it works insanely well.

  • Yinduo ZHU
    Yinduo ZHU

    Xiaomi actually gave the money back to the first round buyers of Mi 1 on their 10th anniversary by giving a threshold-free coupon that worths the same money as that Mi 1... impressive way of holding up fandom

  • Melvyn Carrot
    Melvyn Carrot

    My first Xiaomi phone was way back in 2013 when they officially announced the gobal version of the MI 3 which cost only $300 with a flagship Snapdragon chipset and ever since I got my dad and mum a Xiaomi phone too,my dad has a redmi 7 that I bought for him back in 2019 and my mum a redmi note 9 and they are still running good.

  • Rodney Almoite
    Rodney Almoite

    Xiaomi has a heart among others for they sell their products way affordable and the quality is same as those pricey brands. They touch peoples lives not our pockets. Kudos to Xiaomi. Mi 11 user here and i am so loving it.

  • Sapphir

    I bought myself Redmi as working phone, since a) it had the best specs for the price limit i was given, b) i had dual sim personal, so i was prepared to just insert sim into my personal phone if i was dissatisfied with it. After about two weeks of using it i went on and inserted my personal sim into it. Its not groundbreaking, it has its flaws, but still suprised me how good of a phone this is, especially for that price.

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Xiaomi is crazy big, I was shocked how many products they make, a finger in every pie.

    • 王谷歌


    • Hareesh Krishnaa
      Hareesh Krishnaa

      He used this in his latest xiaomi vs Samsung video

    • oyundimondesi

      Samsung: hold my pie

    • Enrico

      They even own a Rubik's cube company. They make smart cubes, connected to your phone for things like smart timers and replays.

    • Γιώργος Κοκκινάκης
      Γιώργος Κοκκινάκης

      @Meh, shut up air purifiers lights Cameras

  • Thomas Pedersen
    Thomas Pedersen

    I had MIUI installed on my android phone in 2010 and it was a really good rom 😄

  • arju scarlet
    arju scarlet

    Have been using their phone for years and love it, gonna buy from them when I buy a new one.❤️

  • Tha Monk
    Tha Monk

    Thumbs up Xiaomi. I've been using their products for over 6yrs already. Started with Mi4c back then as a competitor for LG G4 spec-wise while costing much less. Later moved to Mi6 a month after it it's global release and still my daily driver, custom rom with android 12, battery still lasts and works perfect (the longest i have ever kept a smartphone, since am a tinkerer both hardware & software-wise ). For an upgrade, am awaiting the global release of Mi-12 in Europe so I can buy it locally and probably throw in their curved gaming monitor on my list. Good job, producing quality and value for money products ;)

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    This is really unbelievable that Xiaomi only have 20000 full time employee and yet they are able to produce a lot of devices.

  • paca the whacker
    paca the whacker

    Who else loves how Arun doesn’t go on tangents and just gets straight to the point

    • Random Person
      Random Person

      @CEHDA Costa, it's when he doesn't talk about what he said he would talk about. It's a saying, going off on a tangent.

    • riddlerecsful

      @Legit Officer also his voice is sexy

    • Random Person
      Random Person

      @Legit Officer, exactly

    • xXPerfect PurpleXx YT
      xXPerfect PurpleXx YT

      @Edmund Wong lol 😂

    • Edmund Wong
      Edmund Wong

      Unless he gets straight into tangents 😂

  • Arc Gadgets
    Arc Gadgets

    You really delivered a good piece of insightful information about one of my favorite brands "Xiaomi". Thank you very much🙏

  • zUltra

    Also Xiaomi launches a few limited edition products in the Mi Fan Festival like the Redmi Note 10 Pro MFF Edition

  • Augusto Valentini
    Augusto Valentini

    Every Xiaomi product I and my friends owned have had no complaints. Everything has great quality for a price lower than other brands.

  • Ayesha Siddique
    Ayesha Siddique

    What ever Xiaomi uses as a marketing strategy. Even if i dont bother it. I'm already a fan of XIAOMI because I love my one and a half year old Xiaomi mi note 10 pro having best features+ battery + 256GB built in memory in very reasonable price with none of the other choices of any other brand having such package combination. 👌🏻

  • Mash Z
    Mash Z

    Xiaomi has a cult like fan following much like Apple. But the difference is, Xiaomi actually acknowledges it and treats their fans accordingly

    • 1 Abo vor 2023
      1 Abo vor 2023

      @Mr 080 i can also recommend Realme. I think it's also owned by the company that owns OnePlus

    • logical idiot
      logical idiot

      @srsly4020 it's obvious you are stuck to apple like a mouse in a trap.

    • AtlanticCrasher

      @@TMY_N.D ?🧠

    • @TMY_N.D

      @AtlanticCrasher look at you 🙄

  • 不思議なとも

    Bought my redmi note 10 pro last month, Absolutely dominated other phones on it's prize range. I can't believe how satisfied and worth the money I saved from freelancing

  • Loki Denicolo
    Loki Denicolo

    I've been using Xiaomi for about 4 years now, it's actually the best, and everytime I buy a new one it's cheaper or the same price as the last, truly the best phones if you're looking for a good phone that you're not really scared of breaking cause a screen replacement is half the price of the phone

  • Jerick Villavelez Manubag
    Jerick Villavelez Manubag

    I have been using Xiaomi phones for 4 years now, and they have been great. Cheap but does not compromise the reliability and quality.

  • Leonil Jireh Tenorio
    Leonil Jireh Tenorio

    Loved Xiaomi! all the way! got my POCO X3 GT today and its so awesome! with a superb technology! with cheap price!

  • 𝖩.𝖥𝗈𝗋𝖼𝖾 𝖦𝖺𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀
    𝖩.𝖥𝗈𝗋𝖼𝖾 𝖦𝖺𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀

    2:14 that was some intense sitting 🤣

    • buggy___ o
      buggy___ o

      @Sulaiman dunno

    • Sulaiman

      @buggy___ o how many "o" are in woosh?

    • the troll
      the troll

      @CyberPug this guy doesn't have a checkmark

    • AJF

      @Chicken Chaff Woooooooooosh

    • sukruti

      @CyberPug you mean verified?


    I remember my first device was Redmi note 3 and i love that device..fast affordable and good camera

  • Rikinetic

    Got my first xiaomi phone last year "Poco X3 PRO" and the phone didn't disappoint me.

  • Saltytroopa

    I am intrigued by their smaller product design branches that produce shavers, cameras, drillers etc

  • Udi Ufuoma
    Udi Ufuoma

    The fast charge and long battery life bought me over from my previous device brand. Still a new user, but I've got no issues yet

  • Charles Lehner
    Charles Lehner

    Smooth presenter, well =-researched, fun, poppy etc. Kudos to improving quality with every new offerings. As I said: KUDOS!

  • LBAFS1

    I was fed up with Samsung but I felt that iphone 9 was still too expensive but I really wanted a good camera. The then Xiaomo MI 9 T kept appearing positively in reviews as a good price for value model with an exceptional camera. Ever since I bought it I constantly receive favourable comments about the beauty and content of some my photographs whenever I post them on social media. Another very strong ccntributing factor for me was the standard 128 gb internal storage, It seemed to be one of the best priced phoner on that score alone as well. Very very pleased with my purchase.

  • Eduart Qyteza
    Eduart Qyteza

    Switched from Samsung A5 to a Xiaomi 9S and it was one of the best decisions i have made, for an Android phone Xiaomi is 100% the best choice.

    • Stefan Kruger
      Stefan Kruger

      You wont be sorry. I know a few ex-samsung users who repented and are now Xiaomi users and none of them are looking back

  • Semjon Ignatov
    Semjon Ignatov

    Seems like a good company with cool ideas etc. But I've had mine Xiaomi for a year now but I can't fully get used to it. I can't put a finger on why, but going from over 2 year old Huawei still feels like a downgrade 😕

  • Piotr Hermaszewski
    Piotr Hermaszewski

    "Xiaomi is terrible at naming products" Sony: Hold my beer

    • Carbon's Mapping
      Carbon's Mapping

      Xperia One Two

    • Philip Penkov
      Philip Penkov

      Xperia 1, Xperia 1 II Xperia 1 2, Xperea 12!

    • linkthehero1234

      @Ponyfox except gpu names make some sense

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem

      fat people, beer, lol! check the blood levels on iPhone?

    • Lone Observer
      Lone Observer

      @Piotr Hermaszewski Xbox probably has the worst names. People were accidentally purchasing Xbox One X thinking it's the Xbox Series X. Heck even the packaging was similar. On the other hand, at least Nintendo names their consoles differently, and people seem to know what they are. Except for that one time they called their console Wii U and everyone confused it for just another version of Wii (which they probably already had).

  • Steve RX4
    Steve RX4

    I've bought a Xiaomi Yi 4K version of a gopro - and it works fine - especially considering it was half the price. And I recently got a Xiaomi Poco phone which is as good as a Samsung high end phone for 20% of the price.

  • Branslav Zvonar
    Branslav Zvonar

    2018 got my Mi 5 plus to this day this phone is beast not showing problems of slowing down battery can last for whole day on full on usage nonstop and charges in matter on 30ish min. Great product.

  • Evolution Fairy Tale
    Evolution Fairy Tale

    Well, recently I purchased my first xiaomi product. At the beginning I was sceptic, but now I like it.

  • Akula

    I've seen one of those tech homes in an electronic shop in Finland. Really cool idea for inspiration if you want a techy apartment. It wasn't dedicated to just one brand though, instead used all sorts of technology and brands.

  • Медуза любит статистику
    Медуза любит статистику

    I am from russia, and the big popularity of Xiaomi is the mix of quality and price. It's good and cheap. Apple and Samsung are pricy for our market

    • yosioシ

      @Bruno ?

    • burlhorse

      @ilyn Payne i live n europe-but will never spend over 400pounds on a phone.just too many mid range options these days

    • ilyn Payne
      ilyn Payne

      Also here in Africa we can't buy Samsung and apple

    • burlhorse

      @Amrinder Gill and sell it for half the price-which is fine by me

  • Annisaa' Ahmad
    Annisaa' Ahmad

    I still use Xiaomi Redmi 4a up till now. although it's been more than 5 years, I haven't planning to buy a new phone because this phone is still good for daily use.

  • Masulu Bonak
    Masulu Bonak

    It's really fun to watch you man the way you explain things is informative and not so serious tone, it's like talking to jarvis but a real person

  • Tiesiog Ieva
    Tiesiog Ieva

    I'm from Lithuania, i use Xiaomi phone right now for 1.5 years. Bought it cause it had best specifications for a price. It cost me 268 euros. Great phone. I was not expecting much, but actually i'm so satisfied that i will upgade this one into another Xiaomi phone for sure. So far i used 5 different phone brands i after using one i never was determined to get same particular brand phone next. my phone surprisingly durable too. I use extra glass and silicon phone case on it. While using it i dropped it maybe 70 times + so far, one time from second floor staircase. I changed glass cover few times but original glass and phone itself looks brand new. They pretty cheep and they work great.

  • Maxim Dvoynikov
    Maxim Dvoynikov

    I'm using my Xiaomi Mi 9 for almost 3 years as for today and it still works like new. I even had a vehicle rolled over it once. It still works. My spouse use Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and she still has her hands on Xiaomi Mi 6 every day (we bought it in 2017 and it still works like new).

  • soumalya chakraborty
    soumalya chakraborty

    Salute to a company who is stil trying to make their customers happy!

    • 1 Abo vor 2023
      1 Abo vor 2023

      @White Goodman well, as a European I'd give my data to the CIA and FBI if I owned an Apple (etc.) instead of a Realme (info: chinese, not very popular, like Xiaomi more price/quality at lower-mid range focused). But as long as I do nothing against the us government the CIA would visit me for on my phone It's not really a problem. Yeah, we're allied with you guys from the US but what would china do to me I should care about?

    • mark shumaker
      mark shumaker

      i aint been happy since 2019 with this company ..... so much bs now

    • Huy Nguyễn Quang
      Huy Nguyễn Quang

      @White Goodman So do you think that Chrome incognito mode is really 'incognito'. The incognito mode on browser works like 'Ah you don't want us to know you watch p**n every night so we will pretend that we don't know it'. What's really incognito about it is that the browser do not record what you did, not the company itself. Trust me, as a web dev, I would have thousands ways to track what users do on a website, whether in incognito mode or not

    • BJ 654
      BJ 654

      420 likes... sorry, but I won't like until someone breaks it.

  • Modox

    My first mi phone is Redmi Note 10. I am profoundly impressed with its beautiful design and quality. Battery life is amazing!

    • BMHater12

      My first from them is the Pro variant of the Note 10 lol


    what i really lived about Xiaomi is they have variety of mobile phones and models to choose with; from cheaper, mid range and high range with bigger specs; they all have that.. aside from mobile phones, they have other products and gadgets you can use at home and work... the reason why many people had switched to xiaomi ...because they all have what you are lookin for... they have good marketing strategy which meets the the consumers' needs and interest...

  • ShadowDrakken

    They definitely know how to connect with people... through the hardware level backdoors in most of their devices.

  • De Pai Ma
    De Pai Ma

    Now, I somehow understand why Xiaomi has this durable feels and make feel at ease using it - Nokia’s “hand connections”.

  • Alexandra

    Petition for Arun's voice to be used for Google Assistant - so soothing and clear

    • K Hervé
      K Hervé


    • TASER

      How r u so accurate? This is too correct

    • Alexandra

      @Instant Gratification it takes one to know one

    • Alex Anders
      Alex Anders

      @Alexandra I did it alrealdy, w8ing to confirm now

  • CookieMontr

    Sadly in my experience my Xiaomi got laggy after two years.. so did Xiaomi of my friend and his wife. Guess were all unlucky

  • Iva B
    Iva B

    I want xiaomi to come out with REALLY brutall phone, laptop and watch...they really outperforme the price but I would like to see something more expensive but out of this world. They need to work on those watches, apple is still the best at it

  • Pt3r0d4kt1l

    I am from the Heart of Europe (Czechia) and Xiaomi 9A is half as expensive as last year (so they know they're favourite) and I think that number one is now Realme here.

  • Overpowered Jelly
    Overpowered Jelly

    Apple : 800$ Profit per phone Xiaomi : 2$ Profit per phone A Xiamoi 400$ phone is literally the same price as an 1200$ Iphone . (Both productaction cost is 400$ ) Yep Apple we innovate

    • Anneke de Bruyn
      Anneke de Bruyn

      @World Shell Copying others is still miles cheaper than inventing things. Their OS is still mostly Android which means that they get most features for free thanks to Google developments. Apple is doing their entire OS and hardware 100% on their own including their chips. I am not giving anyone shit. But the facts are what the facts are that Apples R&D is miles higher than probably most companies who get a Snapdragon chip with Android as an OS. It's a different strategy and it both works out for both of them.

    • World Shell
      World Shell

      @Beeso Then who pay the xiaomi R&D? they run different OS so even very same feature will still require effort to bring that on MIUI

    • Beeso

      Someone has to pay for the R&D..