STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam...This is why.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Send this video to someone you think would actually buy this 😭

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Best thing to do if you're concerned is bin your tech and walk around in a tin foil lined suit 🙃

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar

    If phone radiation is harmful, then your room light can be a killer.

  • Wage

    This Guy has to be one of the most wholesome passive-aggressive people I’ve ever seen

  • GemFTW

    this honestly feels like something parents would make

  • Juro

    Radio frequency specialist here. No worries, RF radiation is safe for the general public. Most buildings in urban/suburban areas have 4-8 foot radio panels and other antennas. These can emit thousands of watts of power. RF radiation doesn’t damage DNA like ionizing radiation; however, it can heat up and cook organs that lack cooling (like eye balls). Workers who access the rooftop can be in danger of RF radiation exposure, which can sterilize, blind, and cause sickness to the workers. However, no one inside the building or on the streets is is danger. Not even if a million panels were on the roof. This is because the waves are directional and are aimed away from the building/street. Even if they were aimed in these areas, you would only be in danger if you stood within 6 feet of them for several minutes. You could stand in front of them outside of this range indefinitely, even for the rest of your life, and be fine. In comparison, your phone/headphones are not outputting anything close to this wattage. They’re also subject to even more intense regulations than cell sites are. Basically, unless you’re cooking ramen with a open door 1000w portable microwave in your pocket, you’re 100% safe. Even then, you’re more in danger of burns than you are of RF sickness.

  • Rai Mou
    Rai Mou

    Fun fact: Some of those harmonizers are actually radioactive, which makes them not just a scam, but somewhat dangerous.

  • SheepDroid

    Let's appreciate the fact that Arun bought all of it knowing he'd get scammed, to give us another quality video

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins

    When reading customer feedback for placebo-based products, there's also selection bias at play. The people who'd want proof the product works aren't going to buy the product in the first place.

  • Love Senerio
    Love Senerio

    I like how he says "don't even think about throwing that"

  • Peppermint

    This video is a lifesaver! I was wearing a hat I'd made out of tinfoil to keep me safe from radioactive waves, but it was beginning to get a get expensive. Thanks to the Geoclense, I now feel so much better!

  • AJ Pérez
    AJ Pérez

    Wow. I didn't know any of these products existed, I must purchase them ASAP! Thanks for the great review video. I hope it's not too late for me, I'm already vaccinated with the 5G and I feel it's affecting my bioplasmic orgone! 😂

  • Captain Sinclair
    Captain Sinclair

    Yeah, I can already tell this is gonna be a “wellness” product. Those things are basically Chinese radiation emitting jewels or wristbands (or maybe stickers now?) that can let off radiation in the alpha, bravo, AND gamma spectrums.

  • Alex Ni
    Alex Ni

    The sad thing is, the people that need to see this probably never will.

  • Azmaria Post
    Azmaria Post

    oh yeah, my cat had arthritis until i started using one of those EMF harmonizing crystals next to my ion-free vegan soap dish full of cleansing anti-radiation free range anti-5G microbe soap. Now my other cat has no arthritis!

  • WEC_ID

    This reviewer had me laughing so hard (and the products are so stupid) I had to subscribe. He was just brilliant.

  • mac23806

    Thank you for taking the need to reveal and buy these scammy inventions so we wouldn't have to my first time hearing about these things.

  • Gray Monk
    Gray Monk

    i have paranoid psychosis so i’m a potentially perfect victim for these kinds of scams. it makes me so sad that grifters prey on people like me to make a quick buck.

  • Minnie W
    Minnie W

    Given the amount of positive reviews, they seem to be very effective placebos. Expensive ones though, it's a bit predatory. Perhaps they'd justify the price by saying it strengthens the placebo effect, but they could get some guy with a PhD to say it works and people would probably think no different.

  •  ShortHax

    What a legend wanting to rickroll himself everyday by ordering a ‘Rick Astley body pillow’