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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Who wants to see this thing up against the Nokia 3310? 😂 To check out my series of Crazy Unboxings: irglo.info/from/h9h4a3WVms21hJc/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Kamal Ahriz
      Kamal Ahriz

      Cann you Play rl sideswipe

    • Jensen

      Love the video but Demolition Ranch DESTROYED that phone with a real gun

    • gizmotech

      @hecker (not real) While the thumbnail of this video change???

    • GG Dude
      GG Dude


    • Lurch7861

      This is like taking a Jeep Trailcat and driving it down a nicely groomed gravel road. Also, there is no such thing as bulletproof and this thing probably won't stop a direct shot with a medium caliber rifle without severe damage. I was shot once with a high velocity pistol round (FN 5.7mm). I was wearing a Class 3+ soft ballistic vest. I suffered an acute kidney injury and almost died as a result.

  • Black Conservative Patriot
    Black Conservative Patriot

    The bullet proof test should’ve been done stateside. Plenty of us would’ve been happy to help test that caviar iPhone. 😜

    • Josh P
      Josh P

      @Lurch7861 I’m a conservative and have no issues with gay men from Britain. Quit “labeling” people based on the media’s inaccurate portrayal of people in America

    • Oimatejohnson Oimatejohnson
      Oimatejohnson Oimatejohnson

      @Austin Hernandez if _you_ know this channel you're aware this man loves blowing money on tech and could therefore have easily flown to the US for that last bit of the video, or sent the phone to someone with a big gun.

    • Josh P
      Josh P

      @Austin Hernandez omg I have every idea. I have lived in 9 different countries and own two massive successful multi country businesses now. Don’t talk to me about what I do and don’t know. Competition drives innovation and you don’t have competition in a country where a single entity controls the majority of business finances through taxes.

    • Austin Hernandez
      Austin Hernandez

      @NoImageAvailable No, it depends entirely on how you define freedom. You're not free to own a gun as you are in most of the US. Where I live, all you have to do is pass a background check and be above 21 to purchase a gun. Some US states require things like training but even in the most strict states, most people are still allowed to purchase a gun and it's not too difficult.

  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen

    7:14 It's literally double as efficient as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in addition to having a 3 times as big battery, which means that it should last 6 times as long. The S22 Ultra would last 8 hours and 20 minutes based on this test while the Oukitel WP15 would last 50 hours. Or 33 hours and 20 minutes if it was just about to hit 97%.

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      Text me on telegram 👉mrwhosetheboss999

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  • Katie Devries
    Katie Devries

    I love the oukitel wp15 that you show on here. But reading many reviews that people are suffering severe issues with it after just a handful of weeks usage. So I mean, I love the idea of a phone that has A LONG battery life, that basically would replace a phone and a battery bank as an all-in-one device, but I mean, at what cost? My honest idea is to either buy a battery phone case, or buy a separate battery bank. I own the latter, as I require a more protective phone case. Because either way, if the battery case fails, you just buy a new case, and if the battery bank fails, you just buy a new battery bank. Either way, it's like buying a phone cord, you use it until it stops working, and then you replace it.

  • Ahmad&Friends

    Honestly my favorite is the antenna one. Imagine spending 50 dollars a month on a sim - card if you could have that!

    • JimmyGamerRL

      Omg agreed

  • Takunda Chikuhwa
    Takunda Chikuhwa

    You always bring the best tech facts ever my guy🙏🏾💆🏽‍♂️

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      Text me on telegram@ShawnLong

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  • KingOrKong

    I live in Moldova, right near Ukraine. People from south say that they can hear the sounds of war. I just pray that everything gets back to normal or just that me and my family can find safety🥺. And, Arun I really love your videos🤍🤍🤍

    • Aether

      hope everything works out for you

    • Elliott Potter
      Elliott Potter

      @Lance Sterling brooo what!???

    • David24pro

      @Adrian Cernat same

    • Fluff♡

      Even if it's fake i still hope the best for everyone in trouble

  • eren eren
    eren eren

    Fantastic hack! I did everything you showed here and it worked! Thanks a lot!

    • Text me on telegram 👉mrwhosetheboss999
      Text me on telegram 👉mrwhosetheboss999

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  • DFWulf

    Thank you for your help! It works perfectly!

    • Telegram@mrwhosetheboss13

      Thanks for watching 🔝🔝... Message right away you won a price🔝🔝

  • Afroz Khan
    Afroz Khan

    I love it when you say " android vs iphone " Great job Arun God bless you 🙏

  • n0n095n95110

    Nice hack. It's working for me. Thank you for sharing this tutorial

  • Arjun S
    Arjun S

    I honestly love this mans videos, not just because of his quality but the quantity of content and information in only 12 minutes. Awesome job Arun!

    • · hijabihxba ·
      · hijabihxba ·


    • ZethIsme


    • Minecraft explanation Channel
      Minecraft explanation Channel

      I agree I also like how he spends a lot of money on IRglo for us


      @Don't read profile photo ok

    • Connor Lancaster
      Connor Lancaster

      Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and to guide you. IRglo channel Cleveland street preachers and follow Jesus no man no religion. Hebrews 5:9 “salvation is for those who obey. Be holy and obey Jesus.h

  • LizardGaming3000

    6:10 I’m mad you didn’t use the flashlight

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    That was the best smartphone unboxing ever 😍💯💯

  • Shrek's hygiene is good420
    Shrek's hygiene is good420

    Congrats on 10 mil Sheesh man the best reviewer out there 🙏♥️

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  • Luke Rogers
    Luke Rogers

    This is a good video I love the thumbnail how a bullet casing is in a phone instead of an actual bullet

  • Mrwhosetheboss

    We're SO CLOSE to 10 million subs!!! Can't WAIT to show you what I've got prepped🥳

    • Albert

      Hey Mrwhosetheboss please check the comments and replies lots of scam are going on Please do something...

    • ZabookaHD


    • Fin Minder
      Fin Minder

      Never gonna give you up

  • Kobe Blake
    Kobe Blake

    Your videos never disappoint...❤️🇯🇲

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson

    I wonder how long a waterproof phone could survive in boiling water 🤔 That could be a cool experiment!

    • lilmanjoshplayz

      And a very expensive one at that!

  • Lizz gonzalez
    Lizz gonzalez

    I love his amazing videos , where does he get this stuff!!!?? 🤯😃

    • Pin


  • Rommel B. Quia
    Rommel B. Quia

    Your choice of product to review amazed me.. Keep it up

  • StingrayC267

    I want to see Zack from JerryRig do a bend test on that Oukitel wp15 monsterphone.

    • Fosi94


    • Encrypted Myth
      Encrypted Myth


    • VorteX

      @Don't read profile photo ok I wouldn't

    • xyz123

      @Maanav D yep, he has proper guns

    • Aryan J
      Aryan J

      @Maanav D Thanks for the clarification. We were all lost there. Science student hoga

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    I love your videos specially the presentation of the content is 10/10

  • Marko Martinić
    Marko Martinić

    The humor on this channel is just right. I love you man! Keep up the good work. Btw, did you or are you planning to make videos about Motorola smartphones? I got myself a Moto Edge 20 and want to hear your opinion.

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  • Randall Lucas
    Randall Lucas

    Love the videos! You can’t call that bulletproof until you use a real gun not a toy

    • WhatsApp➕1②⓪⑨⑦⑧③⑨⑧①③

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  • Night Wolfx
    Night Wolfx

    This man makes good videos that i watch his videos daily

  • Eric Okafor
    Eric Okafor

    Unpopular android OEMs often do the mostest, yet ignore the basics. Great selling points tho😅

    • Darryl Forbes
      Darryl Forbes

      I think the days when lesser known phones were assumed to be severely lacking in the basics is no longer true. Of course some do lack the basics. But MANY have pretty good cameras, a good amount of ram and storage, a moderately fast processor, good sound, great battery life, and other things one would expect in a decent phone. Many have Gorilla glass protection and some have other rugged features as well. That’s in addition to their “mostest” additional features, all at a price that’s significantly lower than their better known competitors. Yes, some are crap. But many now are of decent quality as well . The only real downside is poor customer service in the event you do have a problem because they’re headquartered in China . And you have to send it back for warranty which takes a long time. But as with most better known phones, most are problem free.

    • · hijabihxba ·
      · hijabihxba ·


    • DoNot Need
      DoNot Need

      @Darryl Forbes, flagship phones today seem to be lacking in the things I want in a phone. My current phone has 128GB/4GB memory, Micro SD Card slot, stereo speakers, headphone jack, FM Radio, a bunch of crap I don't even use and a stylus. It's a Motorola and I bought it for $100 off list price from their website. I was out of pocket $207 with sales tax.

    • Darryl Forbes
      Darryl Forbes

      @Matt Yabs I’ve owned 2 Chinese rugged phones. And both of them do everything that their more popular mainstream phones in their price range do. But they also do the additional stuff. The ones I have perform like solid mid range phones at a lessor price with additional features. I’m not sure of their longevity because I’ve only had it a little over a year. Doogee performed regular updates on the S96 until they fixed all the software bugs . After that, Updates are few and far between. That’s a disadvantage for some people. But it doesn’t bother me as long as my apps update regularly.



  • Pigeon

    Love the Alcatel joke Arun 😂 I used to have and Alcatel 1 and I opened it and messed up the vibration thingy. My friend called me and I thought all of my 71 other phones were ringing too!

  • Emanuel Rupa
    Emanuel Rupa

    The AGM Glory reminds me of my Motorola A835. That phone had such a loud speaker... I remember comparing it with many other phones and none were as loud.

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  • david borizon
    david borizon

    Up until a month or so ago i had to endure that guy from Unbox Therapy, now that i know Arrun's channel it's a pleasure to discover new tech.

  • Lisa Lu
    Lisa Lu

    Love your videos!! Almost at 10 million 🔥🔥

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      Glad you love the content ! Helpline is projected above 🇱🇷 I'll introduce you to something new.

  • Josh Rosengren
    Josh Rosengren

    I am in love with the new style he's doing, like having adventures with the tech 😂

    • thicc penguin
      thicc penguin

      @Scam Police hello mr.police how do you do

    • chlochlo6112

      @Ehan Nayeem ?

    • Ehan Nayeem
      Ehan Nayeem

      Tun tun baba



    • Abhinav Bhat
      Abhinav Bhat

      Yes and even his Camera man

  • Firdaus Abdul Aziz
    Firdaus Abdul Aziz

    Wow, I couldn’t imagine it would be an iPhone 😍

  • KingKlaps YT
    KingKlaps YT

    I thought he was going to shoot it from the front, still impressive though!

  • Shekhar Verma
    Shekhar Verma

    Hey Arun Just wanted to tell u that the galaxy m51 has got a MASSIVE 7000mah battery and it costs like 22k inr,really good value.

  • Made In Texas 3D
    Made In Texas 3D

    You need to test the casio gz1 I had one of those back in the day and it wouldn't die. When I finally got a new phone I tried to finish it off with a gun but that still didn't do it. You could see an obvious impact I sent and the plastic was black underneath the finish but it was completely fine. I've still got it sitting in a box

  • UgbadG

    Arun: “How would you rate the quality of this call?” Josh: “A pretty solid 7/10, just like your mum.” Arun: *wheeeeze* Lmao i wasn’t expecting that😂



    • rx-7 heaven
      rx-7 heaven

      @Instagram User ratio

    • Gamer Bloop
      Gamer Bloop

      @Instagram User tell that to your mom i bet even she does not watch your videos 🤣

    • MHK_1990

      @Ian Reid That's no the point of it. It sounds bad on his phone cause that's just the speaker of that phone. It would sound better than actual phones if they were in a more isolated area and more far apart.

    • ApuBen

      @Lopez Lopez apparently real reviews = less views

  • Mick Smit
    Mick Smit

    i own, use & love my Doogee S88 Pro or plus (cant remember)..10000mAh battery last up to 6 days, can do more. Underwater camera is great @ 48MP; I would suggest this phone to the average user with a hard, rough or wild lifestyle/hobbies. I love to hike & take beautiful photos of the South-African scenery. But my phone often comes 2nd to any great adventure. Now it breaks the floor it falls onto .. Just right in my books 😉

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    He not wasting the money, he use the money for the good reason and has the good information he give to us all. Respect this man

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  • Koushik Das
    Koushik Das

    I literally love this guy for not jumping on water with his socks on❣️finally inner peace

  • NoDaesMusic

    KEEP IT UP KING! ❤️❤️❤️😉

  • Abdullah Al Fahad
    Abdullah Al Fahad

    Imagine having all those feature's in a single smart phone.📱😍

    • Hogan Philip
      Hogan Philip

      @Instagram User no

    • Bruce Lince
      Bruce Lince

      @Sadula Sohith Shanmukh lol

    • Techy_Gamer

      A phone... Stronger than the Nokia 3310?!!?!?!?!!??!?

    • shivanand singh Thakur
      shivanand singh Thakur

      Passion fruit passion is something that you should have

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson

    For a tech fail rating of 10/10 look at Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and ARM. In 1943 McCulloch and Pitts invented threshold logic to model the neuron. In 1957 the tunnel diode was invented. It has a speed-power product 100,000 times greater than CMOS. It is incredibly each to implement threshold logic using tunnel diodes. CMOS has a quantum-mechanical defect. Every clock cycle has a transient short between power and ground. This is a major factor in the 700 W graphics card and the 350 W CPU. In 1984, GE was selling 70 GHz tunnel diode logic. Current research is a 2 THz. For continuing to use CMOS and refusing to investigate tunnel diode threshold logic CPUs and GPUs, all the manufacturers deserve a 10/10 failure rating.

  • mac23806

    A bullet proof smart phone does that even exist, I definitely want to buy all of these phones

  • #1 Pet Simulator Channel In The World
    #1 Pet Simulator Channel In The World

    Congratulations for 10,000,000 subscribers!! :)

  • Anushka Dilshan
    Anushka Dilshan

    Wow man, you do it in style and you have taken that valuable mobile it to gun shot testing.... lovely

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  • mayami 55
    mayami 55

    "Every phone's an underwater camera some only once" had me grinning 😂, the jokes definitely have improved, nice and informative video once again keep it up I guess 👍🏾

    • Mann Brothers
      Mann Brothers

      @mayami 55 I was not talking to you. I was talking to the person I @ed

    • Gamma Ray Gaming
      Gamma Ray Gaming

      @mayami 55 😏🤜

    • mayami 55
      mayami 55

      @Mann Brothers Nah... Not me

    • mayami 55
      mayami 55

      @Martin Marchev bruh I had that in 2014, that camera phew 😂, fell into some water and that was it

    • mayami 55
      mayami 55

      @Gamma Ray Gaming definitely not checking out a guy who trashes other people channels


    Imagine making IPhone armor and wearing it into battle, that would be the ultimate flex.

  • «tutacat»

    I would've said raw radio vox has no encryption, but phone calls don't either. It's just harder to tap a phone call Also a slightly lower end processor uses less power

  • angel

    i start your videos, think about skipping intro then remember you go straight to the point! good job

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  • UnMinimized

    Oh wow a bullet proof iPhone! I'd rather protect my iPhone instead of my life!

  • Eric Kauffmann
    Eric Kauffmann

    I got left wondering how many hours screen on time the Oukitel can last🤔

    • Dracula

      @firstname a day is 24 hours my friend. I think you can

    • Land of Nagas
      Land of Nagas

      100 hours approximately!

    • firstname

      @Bogdan Ionut nah would be hard to drain a 30-50hr battery in 16hrs (1 day)

    • Dracula

      depends how long you use it for. Normal use, easy just sending an email, paying a song watching a video probably like 4 days. But if you use it non stop I guess you could drain that battery in a day.

  • Alex Muntean
    Alex Muntean

    Loved the video, but that was not a bullet. :)) That was a pellet. The shooting range might have been a good idea if you don’t have a license. 💯

  • Tucker Max
    Tucker Max

    Love the video, but I must critique, as a western states gun owner. I would definitely invest and I’ll be doing some research on replacing the frosted glass back for an AR500 cut plate.

  • J Ad
    J Ad

    Would love to see a similar video for Nokia 3310

  • Salman

    I wonder what he does with all the devices he buys for a video after he's done with the video

  • Aarush Munot
    Aarush Munot

    I just can’t deny that he provides information in a supreme entertaining way Keep up the great work buddy Never gonna give you up

    • pooptube

      Rick astley

    • Melee_Fox

      @Don't read profile photo Ok

    • Upsidedownshield

      @Viro Productions chingping ting ting tiddin!

    • TPG128

      some guy stole your comment

  • Mandonmar

    Every phone is a underwater camera, some only once…haha

  • Rajesh Singh
    Rajesh Singh

    The M4A1 is a fully automatic variant of the M4 carbine - a shorter and lighter variant of the M16. It went into service in 1994 to replace the M16 in certain roles. The M4A1 trigger group operates on either Safe, Semi-Automatic, or Fully Automatic settings. Cartridges are the 5.56x45mm (.223) NATO cartridge that is magazine fed. Firing is achieved via a direct impingement gas operating system. It is primarily used by special operations.

  • Fluff♡

    Next video I bought everything to the extreme endurance? Extreme battery life strength and flexibility? Imma wait for that patiently 😂

  • Joey Carroll
    Joey Carroll

    Great videos! I just thought you were gonna shoot it with a real gun.

  • loiny zen
    loiny zen

    "Every phone's an underwater camera some only once" had me grinning 😂, the jokes definitely have improved, nice and informative video once again keep it up I guess 👍🏾

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      Don't fake Comments!!!

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  • venomX4412

    Fun fact : nothing beats Nokia's 25 year old phone

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    Stunner Games

    Congrats on 10 mil 🥳!

  • Sadananda Oinam
    Sadananda Oinam

    Congrats on 10M. Been here since 1.2 or 1.8M .. time flies. Wat do you do with the smartphones you reviewed. You keep em??

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  • Rafid Al Nahiyan
    Rafid Al Nahiyan

    "Every phone is technically an under-water camera, but some just once" -Arun Maini

  • Facts Mallu Shorts
    Facts Mallu Shorts

    Advance 10M wishes 🥳

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      @Instagram User Says the one with Roblox pfp

    • Potato_Eater739🅥

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    • WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally


    • Adam Fanning Blade 🅥
      Adam Fanning Blade 🅥

      Mallu chetan

  • RagingRifle

    Arun u said that more than 6000mah does'nt exist in the mainsteam market, what abt samsung M51, anyways great video. keep rocking😎

  • mr Gjoing
    mr Gjoing

    wait....so the energizer phone isnt the biggest smartphone battery?

  • approachtheinfinit

    Imagine when the company asked Aaron which gun he would use and Aaron chose a Bazooka 🤣

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell

    Didn't nokia phones have like a "Walkie Talkie" mode on their later brick phones, I remember the drivers at work having to use it for when they were out of range with each other....I can't remember what the feature was called though.

  • Sura Ze
    Sura Ze

    Always Super entertaining and fun,josh took it to another level 😂🔥we need him more in your videos

    • Out Standing
      Out Standing

      @ddakkottaa, because I'm honest? I'd be funnier, instead of grumpy, but I don't have access to my "medicine". :)

    • ddakkottaa

      @Out Standing why do i actually love u 😂

    • Out Standing
      Out Standing

      @ddakkottaa, if you're sarcastic, you'd need an extra (pair of) brains, otherwise you're good to go to be a normal person and "enjoy" this Illusion [life]. However, I have smoked just one spliff in 14 months, so, unfortunately, this is me, being depressed.

    • ddakkottaa

      @Out Standing m8 can i have some of whatever you’re on

  • Mariam khan
    Mariam khan

    Such an informative video🤩

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    Jasper Wirth

    Pushing 10 Million, keep up the good work man!

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  • Cut Pipra.02
    Cut Pipra.02

    This was crazy. 😁🔥❤️

  • Curtis J
    Curtis J

    Imagine a phone that has all of these features

  • Ashfiq Ur Rahman
    Ashfiq Ur Rahman

    Love how he has grown over the years! Soon he is gonna cross others tech IRglors by his Quality and Passion! Great work Arun!

    • ꧁The Lost E̸x̸o̸t̸i̸c̸ Plant꧂🥺
      ꧁The Lost E̸x̸o̸t̸i̸c̸ Plant꧂🥺

      Abcdefu and ur phone and your Samsung Galaxy 696

    • Advaith Iyer
      Advaith Iyer

      @Nitro 50 ?

    • Nitro 50
      Nitro 50

  • Ian Hale
    Ian Hale

    Lmfao!!! A pellet gun is hardly a test subject for a bullet proof phone. A standard pellet has less than half the energy of what's considered to be one of the weakest bullets a 22lr

  • adainpass

    I would love to see this bulletproof phone made custom for Kentucky Ballistics :D

  • Tina VanWey
    Tina VanWey

    Wait until Caviar asks you: “Is it legal to own a bazooka in the UK, we have an idea”

  • valentine Iro
    valentine Iro

    Having a phone that has 15,600mah battery capacity, that's a whole month without charging hope it is compatible with the latest games, no dull moment. What about a phone that has the best night vision on the planet, men I can see you and everyone. Thanks again for the infotech brother, God's Grace brother

  • Blankz SZN
    Blankz SZN

    This man’s videos get crazier each time, I get so happy when every he posts a new video. Keep up the great work.

  • Paul B
    Paul B

    Congratulations on 10 million subscribers!

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  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen

    4:43 The AGM Glory has very loud speakers, but they sound very bad. Also, 110 db is a lie. That's a concert or an airplane flying close above you. No way that comes out of a 3.5 watt speaker. I have 48 watts of speakers around me and I don't think that's 110 db at 100% volume although it is extremely loud. You need like 500 watts for 110 db because you need double the watts for just 3 db increase. You could sue for that lie.

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen

    It's not just "LASER light" that travels at a specific speed. All light, everywhere travels at the same speed and always has.

  • Heisenberdy

    Obviously if they ask you what kind of caliber the phone has to be capable of stopping, and your answer is 'a bb gun pellet'...it's gonna look pretty sleek like this iPhone does. It's a pellet bruv 😂

  • jeremy, an odd fuckinʼ extrovert.
    jeremy, an odd fuckinʼ extrovert.

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      NATHANAEL Daniel


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