Galaxy Z Fold 3 - What was Samsung Thinking!?
First impressions of the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 - including camera, battery, display, specs and price! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I've had a few people telling me the audio in past videos hasn't been quite right, so let me know if it sounds better in this one! 👊

  • abie george
    abie george

    I just noticed how far I have come to watching Arun's content. This guy is the definition of real hardwork and trying to make yourself better. I love your content so much . Let's all learn from Arun to stay consistent and always try to make our content better. I have really learned a lot of things from Arun. I hope you keep up legend. Love you so much bro

  • tokoshie

    This is the only video of the fold 3 I've watched so far that brought up the negative aspects of this phone, and ironically that's what made me decide to pre-order it. I was sort of on the fence because this phone is sooo expensive, but seeing the positives and negatives clearly laid out like this made me realize that there are more good things about this phone for me than there are bad. None of the negative points are deal-breakers. I will enjoy the larger screen and multi-tasking capabilities far more than I will get annoyed over the awkwardly sized front display or limited battery life. Good stuff.

  • A悪魔を退治する者P

    He is always silently Rick rolling us in nearly every videos 😂

  • Unlimited You
    Unlimited You

    I am a note user for the past 4 or 5 years, and I have zero desire to upgrade to a folding phone. Why would I want to carry my pen, when I can keep the phone I have that has a built in pen.. Plus all the other cons you talked about, my camera is very important to me. I think Samsung needs to rethink their decisions, and either make the s series ultra with built in pen or keep the note series for those of us that don't want to buy a folding phone.

  • DH Lim
    DH Lim

    Foldastic review as always. I LOVE your “buts” and all the insensible and overpriced compromises one gotta made with this purchase as your daily driver. Stay safe and keep up the good work.

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon

    most power users would like a headphone jack too lol

  • SpawnPoiint

    This review is THE MOST in-depth review I've watched today! 👑

  • alvaro hernandez
    alvaro hernandez

    The is the best review I've seen on this phone. Right on point on your constructive criticism and definitely you touched most of the thoughts and questions that, we, Note Users have in our minds

  • Justin Lightle
    Justin Lightle

    When I went in to look at a fold 3, I was thinking the same thing; "why didn't they just take the note and model it into a folding tablet/phone hybrid?," which seems to be the direction they want to go with the fold; it just makes sense. I would honestly be interested if they made the fold a little bigger to make it feel more like a tablet and still be able to use it while folded without sacrificing screen space (my wife thinks I'm crazy 😁). With the price tag, I think I'm going to wait to see what direction they go with the fold 4.

  • Samuel Kwame Okine
    Samuel Kwame Okine

    My wallet: Why are you watching something you know you can't have?

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    I love the straightline & unconventional thinking in your reviews. Other IRglo tech reviewers kinda sound the same but you stand out. Kudos my guy

  • Alovon

    I do honestly think that the camera and battery, and maybe even the lack of a S-Pin Silo is likely due to the major thing that Foldables have to deal with...Size.

  • Vinzent Gaming
    Vinzent Gaming

    Im telling you, your reviews are much more fun than any other “big” review channels out there. I really like the humor! PLEASE NEVER CHANGE! And give your script writer a raise :)

  • oscardarla

    I really REALLY want the fold for it's multi functionality. I would love to have multiple apps open at once, yet I can't deny the price, battery, and camera issues...

  • Virin Beatbox
    Virin Beatbox

    Thank you for giving positive feedback and what to improve for Samsung and I really appreciate you listing the improvements step by step so it is easier to understand

  • Al Imran Ahmed
    Al Imran Ahmed

    There was a time were we got something actually new in a phone, but now even apple delivers the same iPhone. So I'm definitely buying this for a new exciting experience.

  • Le Emokid
    Le Emokid

    I have realized I meet all of the "requirements" for you to recommend this phone. I've had it since launch and I love it more than anything. Never going back to a regular phone!

  • Kingsley Li
    Kingsley Li

    As usual, you make some very good points both for and against. I bought the Z 2, was great at first, novelty, I liked the idea of not having to carry a tablet/laptop plus phone while out and about but without an s-pen limited my use. This review will definitely help to decide if I should go for the Z3

  • Katherine

    Mos tin depth review of this phone yet. Thank you! Now I'm even more interested in buying one of these.