Galaxy Z Fold 3 - What was Samsung Thinking!?
First impressions of the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 - including camera, battery, display, specs and price! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I've had a few people telling me the audio in past videos hasn't been quite right, so let me know if it sounds better in this one! 👊 For the Hottest inventions:

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      Yung Moy

      JesusChrist loves you. Repent from your sins and follow Him

    • Gaming Beast
      Gaming Beast

      @Lego Vlogger oh yes

    • Domingo Villanueva
      Domingo Villanueva

      j7 star replaced note 2 because its have 3300 mah but runs 8 to pie andoird plus face unlock its 32gb for under 500 dollars with 4glte it's only for tmobile and metro and at&t mrwhosetheboss

    • Front Man
      Front Man

      Yes l

    • Front Man
      Front Man

      Love 💗

  • abie george
    abie george

    I just noticed how far I have come to watching Arun's content. This guy is the definition of real hardwork and trying to make yourself better. I love your content so much . Let's all learn from Arun to stay consistent and always try to make our content better. I have really learned a lot of things from Arun. I hope you keep up legend. Love you so much bro

    • Eduardo Hernandez
      Eduardo Hernandez

      Respect ✊

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      Yung Moy

      JesusChrist loves you. Repent from your sins and follow Him

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    • insanity_xx

      @Bartosz K T-T *sigh

  • Unlimited You
    Unlimited You

    I am a note user for the past 4 or 5 years, and I have zero desire to upgrade to a folding phone. Why would I want to carry my pen, when I can keep the phone I have that has a built in pen.. Plus all the other cons you talked about, my camera is very important to me. I think Samsung needs to rethink their decisions, and either make the s series ultra with built in pen or keep the note series for those of us that don't want to buy a folding phone.

    • Crystal tekate
      Crystal tekate

      Are you a visionaire? Samsung actually put a s pen in their s series. Wow

    • Brandon Gonzales
      Brandon Gonzales

      well you got one of your wishes, the S22 Ultra has a built-in S-pen. So now the Note series is completely pointless...

    • Alvina Lim
      Alvina Lim

      @508 N8 this i have to agree with you

    • Alvina Lim
      Alvina Lim

      camera not important to me.. the big screen yes.. i can do remote session with my customers to torubleshoot their machines..

    • Alex

      @Dastan Abilev i think that they shouldn't end the note. but now i think its ok. i've seen news that says that the s22 ultra will ne the new note. what is good since there is no need to have two ultimate phones that only change the design from rounded to flat and adds a s pen inside. I liked the idea. about the fold. i love the fold concept but i think z fold is still far from the definifive concept. i think that the price is high for dumb reasons. two screens are useless. ok you have one screen to phone mode and a big one for tablet mode. but first the aspect ratio is weird. its like a 4:3 tv. second when you use one screen you wont use the other. so there is no need to spend money on two screen if you can fold the screen to use the same screen from tablet mode to be on phone mode. I've seen an fold concept where there is only one screen folded from outside. so the corner is made of screen. so you will have in phone mode 70% of the screen more or less. and in the back you have half of the back made of screen. and the corner at the side are also partof the screen. instead of opening it like a book you open like a post card. with the screen in the outside. in the other side will have a fixed part por the cameras and a no screen part where the part with the cameras is like a degree. its makes the tablet mode look more wider. the actual fold in middle opening looks more like a Nintendo ds. what I see no use unless than use it as a DS emulator. lol. this concept is the future. it would be less expensive since there is no need to have a second screen. you will use the same screen, total or part of it instead of make one or another inactive in each mode. the full screen is made of one screen and a half. so for middle opening it makes sense to use one screen as control and other bigger one as default viewing screen. also once opening you don't need to consider the fold mechanism as center. since there would also be two folding parts. i hope that they found a way to make the opened screen doesn't show that marks as the actual fold phone. try to make it smooth. also in closed mode its usefull to use the back with half screen as mirror to photos. and the corner can have icons and information while suspended. they can let the clock always on. color to indicate battery or just let it sleep too. so in closed mode the same screen became 3 screens. closed the phone is made almost entirely of screen. with that i think that they shouldn't make fold an exclusive line as z fold. as they did with note. they should merge it wirh galaxy s line. z fold doesn't have the same quality of cameras. don't are dust proof. i think that every year they should release one single line with the same base specs and hardware with very few variations. for example: s22 the basic version smaller one s22+ bigger one with same hardware as already is s22 ultra doesn't make it the note but make it like s21 ultra the ultimate bigger and better in cameras and hardware. s22 note same as s22+ in size and hardware but with the flat not rounded design and spen s22 note ultra same aa ultra but with the note version. using the note name is usufull to marketing since galaxy note has much fans... s22 fold same cameras and hardware than s22+ and s22 but bigger as his own size but proportional to s22 + but with no rounded corners s22 fold ultra same as note ultra the fold version of the ultra version with same hardware and cameras as the ultimate version of the fold.. with that design i said for this and the fold normal version... s22 flip same as s22+ but flip to minimeze space in the pocket s22 flip ultra same as ultra but fold flip is better than have fold z line that doesn't have the same specs and costs way more with less camera abd hardware and all should have the same level of protection to water dust and durability... leaving less than that to intermediate models... i know that is merging too much in the galaxy default line. but I think is better since they all will be the same with few differences and each one will have his own target public. s22 for the basics and smaller phones taste. s22+ for bigger phones taste, s22 ultra for who like the bigger and stronger, note for those who want just a phone with pen note features. like a notepad in hands not a tablet with a version with basic most strong hardware and cameras. ultra + note. and fold basic and ultra for those who want i phone that shift into a tablet. we total use of the same screen for ger a less expensive model than the actual z fold. and a flip version basic and ultra for those who want it to fit better in their pockets. i also think that they shouldn't do so much intermediate and entry models. they should stick with just 3 lines. entry, intermediate and flagship. for intermediate they should do an "camera" version with the same flahship cameras. and even a note version with the s pen without the biggest hardware and cameras. if you just want a note phone with no high end hardware and no high end cameras you just pick the intermediate note. i dont think that fold fits an intermediate model. but who knows... maybe do the same when the technology became less expensive.

  • oscardarla

    I really REALLY want the fold for it's multi functionality. I would love to have multiple apps open at once, yet I can't deny the price, battery, and camera issues...

    • Michelle Enderink
      Michelle Enderink

      Same. And the most saddest thing is, I watch this video with my Galaxy A10

    • LaidBackDeveloper

      There are no camera issues, Its a flagship level camera

  • dontworryboutit

    I will wait for the z fold 4 when when they beef up the front display. Still a massive improvement from the first one but if they just made it a little wider and upped the resolution to 1080p they got a winner, if they can get rid of the ridge in the middle it would be the best phone on the market but that may be a couple years from now. Glad to finally see some good practical innovation.

  • Ronny Staberg
    Ronny Staberg

    Yes I completely agree that the missing integrated S-pen was the thing actually made me not purchase the Z fold 3. Was really looking forward to replace my latest Note but will not keep it until I find a suitable replacement since the S-pen is a very important feature for me that I use a lot. The option to go with the separate S-pen and case for the Z fold 3 is not an option for me.

  • Airozyte

    I swear, this guy literally plans out his rickrolls and gets us in the most unexpected moments. He is a rickroll mastermind

    • Lynch

      @daniel yeah:()

    • XPlayz69


    • Imsenseiplays yt
      Imsenseiplays yt


    • CozmicNoob

      Oh sh*t

    • allen0088

      Is rickroll rick ross' younger brother?

  • Justin Lightle
    Justin Lightle

    When I went in to look at a fold 3, I was thinking the same thing; "why didn't they just take the note and model it into a folding tablet/phone hybrid?," which seems to be the direction they want to go with the fold; it just makes sense. I would honestly be interested if they made the fold a little bigger to make it feel more like a tablet and still be able to use it while folded without sacrificing screen space (my wife thinks I'm crazy 😁). With the price tag, I think I'm going to wait to see what direction they go with the fold 4.

    • 508 N8
      508 N8

      @Yusuke Urameshi when did you get your fold? 800 for a note 8 is crazy I have a note 10+ and thinking of making the move to the fold. If I can get a G I'd be stoked. I seen somewhere offered me like $350 or some shit which isn't even worth it if they gave you $800

    • 508 N8
      508 N8

      @aka Anmol bro the Note has always been superior to the S...what are you even talking about?

    • Justin Lightle
      Justin Lightle

      @aka Anmol actually, the note series was their most expensive phone until recently; the fold is now their most expensive. My wife got the S 20 when it and I got the Note 20 when they came out, and let me tell you, the note was not cheaper; it was more expensive by like $200 or $300.

    • Tommy Lin
      Tommy Lin

      @Yusuke Urameshi Loving mine so far. Lots of people complain about the small thin outside screen but I like the candybar. Easier to use with one hand and I have the big screen when want it.

    • Tommy Lin
      Tommy Lin

      I think its because the first fold was too expensive. They've since dropped the price on the fold 3 and that is when they are starting to gain traction. If the price remain 2000 plus there is no way they will reach their goal of adoption and making it more mainstream. They're playing the long game. It's the reason why with a trade in of a relatively new phone you can get the fold 3 for under $1,000 right now with a free pair of galacy buds 2.

  • Nicole Lee
    Nicole Lee

    As a note user, having the pen *in* the phone or on the case is an extremely important feature. I have several extra pens because I've used these phones since the note 1 and there's really no replacement for having it on the device. I have a Samsung tab s6 and went out of my way to buy a case that would hold my s-pen securely. Plus, making the s-pen a separate item just makes them feel more like apple with their pencil. If it doesn't come with it, I know they didn't really design it with the pen in mind.

  • Pavan Gowda
    Pavan Gowda

    One of the best reviews in a long time. Clearly explained the pros n cons as well as the interesting and true take on Samsung just waiting for others to join the segment so they can up the ante then to hit a home run on future big release of the foldable with all the relevant short comings.

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    I love the straightline & unconventional thinking in your reviews. Other IRglo tech reviewers kinda sound the same but you stand out. Kudos my guy

  • Vinzent Gaming
    Vinzent Gaming

    Im telling you, your reviews are much more fun than any other “big” review channels out there. I really like the humor! PLEASE NEVER CHANGE! And give your script writer a raise :)

    • Vypa Gaming
      Vypa Gaming

      @Mrwhosetheboss then give yourself a raise lol

    • Zackザック

      @Mrwhosetheboss Daang script kiddie

    • JA B
      JA B

      @The Rambler oh? Which one?? Been sub for 2yrs now and did not find any..

    • The Copper Element Itself
      The Copper Element Itself

      @Vinzent Gaming never gonna let you down never gonna run around, and desert yoou

    • Naveen Kumar
      Naveen Kumar

      @Mrwhosetheboss make sure to treat yourself with your favourite food for this amazing video

  • Kangen Water Sifoo
    Kangen Water Sifoo

    Your video really highlight all my user experience I really loved foldable and thank Samsung for pioneering foldable but my z fold 2 front screen is really hard to use no matter single or double handed especially during daily texting, I really hope next gen will come with a wider front screen and improvements on aspect ratio as so many pic and video become either too big or too small in the main screen

  • Seifer Leonheart
    Seifer Leonheart

    I've seen at least 20 reviews of this fone today, and a few dozen more on specific features and etc. This is BY FAR the best video about it. Loved the format on the right, and all of the pros and cons make 100% sense. I'm still getting it because I managed to get a very decent price, trading in my note10+ and gear s3, getting a "free" watch 4, etc. But I now feel totally informed about my decisions and the video watching ends here. Thanks a lot for the video.

  • Le Emokid
    Le Emokid

    I have realized I meet all of the "requirements" for you to recommend this phone. I've had it since launch and I love it more than anything. Never going back to a regular phone!

  • Jane Oates
    Jane Oates

    Great review, I will be interested once they sort the battery and camera issues. I do love my note stylus but don’t use it as much on the most recent note as my previous versions and I have no idea why 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • AfrikBestTv

    I enjoy your constructive criticism

    • That1Doggo


    • Egg

      I enjoy your mom

    • Christian Cuarte
      Christian Cuarte

      Atleast samsung is trying

    • Alolan Golem
      Alolan Golem

      @S Y R 3 X what did he/she say? its deleted now

    • Tick

      Sad iPhone noises

  • Be Mad
    Be Mad

    This phone is absolutely everything I've ever wanted. Drawing on this phone is a dream! Phone was discounted for black Friday so it was finally worth it for me.

    • Adrian

      @Rogith Kumar definitely the battery

    • Rogith Kumar
      Rogith Kumar

      @Muse Ahmed battery

    • Muse Ahmed
      Muse Ahmed

      Okay but.......what are your cons?

  • Bryan Owens
    Bryan Owens

    So I've been using this 4 months now and since the update to 4.0 A12 battery life has improved a ton! Even the under display cam was improved...No idea how but works much better now!

  • Matthew P
    Matthew P

    I'm watching this on my Z Fold 3. I just wish: the stylus was built-in, it folded the short way instead of the long way for an aspect ratio of a normal phone and the battery was bigger. But I LOVE this phone and I hope this is a permanent line of Galaxy products.

  • Scrammy Productions
    Scrammy Productions

    I love my ZFold3. Basically I loved my 2 Gen Fold but the water resistance thing alone was hard to pass up. The cameras don't bother me really. I am that consumer you said was "looking for the biggest screen possible" no doubt lol. It's just quirky and different enough that I love it. I still love my Note series phones for sure but I'm super excited for the future of Foldable phones.

  • Prinz Hernan Bautista
    Prinz Hernan Bautista

    Always wanted to get a folding device and after the Samsung reveal a few hours ago, I was ready to get on board but you have such valid points. I wanted a folding device because it was so cool but I don’t really know how to justify the cost if productivity with won’t proportionately increase. Thanks for this insightful review! Oh and the editing and transitions are top notch!

    • Hemil Jasani
      Hemil Jasani

      @haru mahluv there is no telephoto lens and laser focus. S21 ultra has 2 tele lenses.

    • haru mahluv
      haru mahluv

      @Hemil Jasani only the battery on the s21 ultra is much superior, there is barely any difference in the camera quality

    • Hemil Jasani
      Hemil Jasani

      @haru mahluv it's not just mere nitpicking...s21 ultra battery and cam are much superior

    • haru mahluv
      haru mahluv

      @Hemil Jasani that's why I was calling it nothing but mere nit picking.

    • Hemil Jasani
      Hemil Jasani

      @haru mahluv he's comparing battery and cameras both with s21 ultra and clearly there is only 1 winner here.

  • Deft Wolf
    Deft Wolf

    I feel like for samsung they wanted to get the Zfold in a space where quality and durability are top notch by their main flagship standards such as build quality. And the IP68 certification. as far as the features of the phone. I expect once the demand hits, that's when they will shell in the cash to focus more on the camera upgrades, as to keep the cost "low", well low enough that its not absurd in pricing all be it still an expensive phone. I was expecting the Zfold to be the new note phone as it is in fact the closest thing to a tablet in a phone we can get that still fits in the pocket. But almost a year later from this we know the S22ultra is the new note. And well we will just have to see. I would assume that they would add some main line features like a built in S pen and the higher quality cameras and eventually add bigger batteries, but sell it as a separate premium device. And having the Zflip be the budget foldable in the line up of Z's. They have the design down, which is great but now they need to pack in the heavy hitting stuff that people want out of devices that expensive.

  • Peter West
    Peter West

    His observations about the phone has made me think twice about purchasing the Fold 3. I have a Note 10 plus, big enough screen well bigger than the Folds cover screen. SD card capability better batttery I like the Fold but to give up my Note for it I'm not too sure. As this guy said they should of just put a spen on this model instead of seperate then I may just of given up my Note. They can't discontinue the Note series on the basis Npte buyers will switch to the fold.

    • Z Cyb3r
      Z Cyb3r

      Replying from my Note10+ It's still better than Z crap fold 3 You know what I mean

    • Tangled and Happiness
      Tangled and Happiness

      The screen is fragile on the fold. Don't bother. Note is a masterpiece.

  • Samuel Kwame Okine
    Samuel Kwame Okine

    My wallet: Why are you watching something you know you can't have? Me: I just need a taste.

    • John Black
      John Black

      The 1800.00 price tag is ridiculous for a phone. But 50.00 per month isn’t too bad if you look at it this way.

    • Samuel Kwame Okine
      Samuel Kwame Okine

      @Mart great, there goes my self esteem

    • Mart

      I just received the fold 3 😋

    • St4rPT_

      @Ben And TL I still wouldn't buy a fold phone (neither an iPhone) xD

    • the stupid
      the stupid

      Well, last time I did that on my phone, the screen protector cracked. Do not eat it. (I was trying to get rid of a bubble)

  • olee22

    I totally agree with your evaluation. I would love to transition from the N20U to the fold, but the battery, pen, and camera are a bummer. Especially the camera! I'll wait for the Fold 4, hoping they fix these issues.

    • weebsarentpeople

      To have all of those they'd have to make the phone bulkier which this guy is against you can't have everything

    • normalmighty

      personally at this rate I'm expecting the Fold 5 to be streamlined and well-priced enough for me to buy as a solid phone in general, and not just a gimmick.

  • Bay Guy
    Bay Guy

    Spot on review--I really appreciated your analysis comments re: conflicting concepts. I really want the S-pen to be better integrated into this device or Samsung should just keep developing the Note line (I've been a devoted Note user for years and am concerned they will stop manufacturing this line completely). I also worry about the lack of dust resistance. Thanks again for your excellent work.

    • NiYing Yao
      NiYing Yao

      He was on to it about them being ahead, but I think thats why they didnt upgrade camera and stylist. If they did, then next years product would have no room to grow. Now they seeing which Note users will switch to see if feasible to integrate the Note into the fold.

    • Obi Dean
      Obi Dean

      Is it just me that glad the S Pen is not integrated into the phone, otherwise it will become even thicker and boi that's the last thing I want on these bulky foldables 🤷🏻

    • Zhoulifer Walker
      Zhoulifer Walker

      they already merge S series & Note series into one now

  • BeefIntoCake

    Dang...this was a GOOD in depth review. I like how you went through the pro's and Con's via colour indications. Good.....Good...... Well done.

  • D Marie
    D Marie

    The S-Pen being an afterthought is exactly why I’ll be trading in my Fold 3 for the S22 Ultra. I’m so disappointed that they replaced the Note line with this and did not think to build the S-Pen into the phone. Rightly said, “What was Samsung thinking?” 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Hy N-R-G
    Hy N-R-G

    Yeah. I just couldn't bring myself to justify the cost on the device and I only had a couple of it's shortcomings / design flaws in mind. You make me feel even better about my decision. 🤝

  • Max Stafford
    Max Stafford

    The camera is much better than you think, and it keeps up with the s21 ultra pretty well thanks to software. The size when folded is not an issue it makes it feel planted in your hand when out and about

  • Karim Loic Pichard
    Karim Loic Pichard

    Great videos and great analysis. I was about to change my phone and was looking at the z fold 3 or the iphone 13 pro max. Well thanks to u, ill probably wait another year. What are Samsung and Apple doing with these new phones?!?! Such a pity!

  • jonnyzlio

    You said everything I was thinking about! That's exactly what I told everyone who asked me. It's a transient product and will get better eventually. It's just not worth getting at the moment

  • TheAlmightyDoggo TM
    TheAlmightyDoggo TM

    To be honest I would love to buy this phone if it was more affordable, I'm the type of person who will drag books around and read anywhere, but I've never been able to get into ebooks due to the bulky kindle tablet that's just too big for me to carry around, so I hope the foldable phones dl get better

  • daryl4225

    I have this phone too and although I love it, I too struggle recommending it to anyone else as it's overkill at the price point. If it wasn't for some of the freebies I got with it, I probably would never have considered the phone

    • Text me on telegram@ZONEofTECH80
      Text me on telegram@ZONEofTECH80

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙

  • PotatoSoph

    It's odd, surface duo is basically a dud but I've been in love with it. All the tiny issues caused with a folding display are mostly gone with using dual screens instead. Personally I think dual screen folding phones are the future, similar to the surface duo. Wouldn't recommend the phone brand new or even to most people rn but with refinement I think it'll be a hit

  • Eddy Blanco
    Eddy Blanco

    Once upon a time ago, I owned the LG EnV flip phone. Basically a cellphone you flipped to reveal the full keyboard for easier texting. The screen on the other side was a joke, but doable for the times then. Fast forward some 10-13+ odd years later; Companies were off to the races to make the 'first flip, functional smartphone'. Apparently none of them remembered what exactly happened when you "flipped" a smartphone screen. It dies out! You have dead screen. It's prone to dark lighting because that part of the panel is damaged. Now, back to the Fold Z: The 'fold' part is prone to dead lighting over the course of time. Which will mess with the functionality of the handset, should you use it. It's a bit too bulky flipped into full size so why would anyone want to in the first place? I get that the smaller flip smartphone from Samsung was geared towards a younger & 'social media' generation based demograph. But I have yet to see Anyone in real life, on the streets & in person with a flip smartphone. The younger ones in the family don't even have, nor want or like the flip phones. They have regular, rectangular handset.

  • Rafael Antonio Diaz Amador
    Rafael Antonio Diaz Amador

    Excellent review. Great logic, great honesty.

  • Brian Martonick
    Brian Martonick

    What bugs me about samsung, is the phase out of the expandable memory in the flagship phone lines. Yet, they are still putting expandable memory in their midrange phones (check out the S21 Ultra vs the A52 5G).

  • Osman Uddin
    Osman Uddin

    I love the straightline & unconventional thinking in your reviews. I was shock in my hands "z fold " But soo expansive

  • Lasse Wesley Kjærsgaard
    Lasse Wesley Kjærsgaard

    I've watched a few reviews on this phone now. And Honestly I would say this one is the best so far. He talks about the good and bad stuff about the phone leaves other stuff out that doesn't have a great meaning anyway. This was a great and honest review. Thank you!

    • Adverse Playz
      Adverse Playz

      Easily he is the best reviewer on yt

    • holyroli!


  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    You're so right bro. I'm Note user and have highly considered the Fold but the lack of internal S-Pen housing, smaller battery, and lower quality camera are keeping me away from making the switch.

  • Dexys Wulfyroo
    Dexys Wulfyroo

    My Galaxy is messed up and I've been considering getting the fold as my upgrade. I just didn't know how good it is. All the reviews I've been finding say the same things. It's the best foldable phone to date, but the battery, camera, and crease is annoying. I could deal with a bad camera. I'm not much of a photographer. I play battery sucking games and draw with my phone often though, so the battery and crease would annoy me. I've found news that they're planning on dropping a fourth some time in August or September next year. Hopefully they'll fix those problems in that one.

  • Alex Alcaraz
    Alex Alcaraz

    The Z Flip is, imo, the most accessible folding smartphone for someone looking to get in. In all the cases it fits what you look in phone with the refreshingness of a folding phone.

  • martin swift
    martin swift

    I love my z Fold 2, I've gotten so used to it I can't imagine using a regular phone right now..

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw

    Honestly, if the pen fit inside the phone like it does on the note series, and if I had more money than I knew what to do with, then this would 100% be my daily driver.

    • Aiden Bagshaw
      Aiden Bagshaw

      @Dav McGann It'd probably be used, although a new manual Chevy Spark comes close.

    • Dav McGann
      Dav McGann

      @Aiden Bagshaw what car are you getting for 120 a month?

    • ·

      This phone isn't practical enough to be a daily driver for normal people. It's like a brick in your pocket and how will you use it when laying down on your side in bed for example? Who wants to be using the cover screen for extended periods of time? The Z fold is very gimmicky and that's evidenced by the price. It's just a phone to impress IRglors and millionaires

    • shweta babanagare
      shweta babanagare

      Indeed... give the space to shove the pen and great camera... then it would be like having a phone and a tablet device in one go... sweet deal. But then they messed it up so bad. Samsung shouldn't turn into Apple forcing consumers to buy all the peripherals for extra cost.

    • Isaac Ong
      Isaac Ong

      @ducklett01god Ds actually stands for dual screen lol

  • Original_Azplayz

    I'm gonna buy the fold 4. It will release on August 10th. I've promised myself to watch this video every day until then.

  • Ajay Puri
    Ajay Puri

    My Compliments on the way you present and your accent is really amazing! I am one of the ones who fits all the requirements you have listed for the FOLD 3. I will use it in conjunction with my NOTE 20 as that has now become my daily driver to use on the go. The Fold will be kept in a separate sleeve and treated most delicately as I cannot afford for it to fall if someone bumps into me or while I am doing something the phone simply falls down. .. The fold makes every other standard phone pale in comparison when one looks at that gorgeous main display. I read books, comics magazines, watch lots of youtube .... I do not envisage using it while walking but will use it when I am sitting down at a spot where no one can inconveniently bump into me and cause major damage to the phone!

    • Ajay Puri
      Ajay Puri

      @DemePoole Yeah Yeah Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • DemePoole


    • Ajay Puri
      Ajay Puri

      @Encompass Thy Eclipse in what way?

    • Encompass Thy Eclipse
      Encompass Thy Eclipse

      You might be overthinking this just a little

    • Ajay Puri
      Ajay Puri

      @Carolina Michelle Fierro As I said. Fold 3 is,a game changer. It improves on Fold 2 by being more waterproof and being able to use the stylus. I have Fold 2 and once I used it all other phones are relegated to 2nd status. My 20 Ultra I have dropped several times and hardly any damage. I think the Fold series will take a few generations to reach that level of hardiness. So Fold will remain my luxury acquisition in the sense less usage while I will use the Note 20 ultra on a more typical rougher basis as it is very hardy.

  • StephenB

    Samsung was criticized for it's Note line for the first few iterations. Then all phones started to enlarge. Now the original Note actually looks small compared with a modern phone. I think it's going to have a similar history with their Foldable lines. Of course, there are some obvious technical challenges inherent with foldables that still need to be "ironed out" (pun intended - you know, like the crease in the display?), but I think history will repeat itself in terms of how normal it will become one day.

  • Sam Butcher
    Sam Butcher

    It looks amazing but I’m worried I’ll find the interface difficult as I’ve been using IOS my entire life. Has anyone been in a similar situation and if so did you get used to the Android OS?

    • Daniel DuVal
      Daniel DuVal

      I switched to note 8 from using ios a few years ago. I was a long time iphone user mind you, I had the iphone 4, 5, and 6, so thats 6-7 years of iphones. I had a macbook and an ipad. But switching to the note 8, i never looked back. I now own the note 10 and it's basically the perfect phone. I have zero regrets whatsoever.

  • Eric Bushue
    Eric Bushue

    The hinge not being more dust resistant is my biggest concern.

    • John Lee
      John Lee

      1st world problems.

    • John Lee
      John Lee

      Do you live in a pig pen?

    • Bernard M. Jordan-Lambert
      Bernard M. Jordan-Lambert

      @Hiya Patel Same bro same. I have the Note 20 Ultra now. My Z Fold 3 in Green (late grandmother's favorite color) will be at my door on August 27th if not earlier. Bought the case too and new ear buds (not the pro) in light green. (I still love my bean buds) It's only one color available for the stylus (black) so I'll wait on ordering one until it's available in all colors. Enjoy your new piece of tech! Huzzah!!!

    • Centeno Erickson
      Centeno Erickson

      @Hiya Patel aww really... i was talking about the guys above not you but you had to brag about it 😄 kewl

    • Hiya Patel
      Hiya Patel

      @Centeno Erickson I've bought it lol

  • SMM

    Damn this guy, this is by far the best analysis I have heard on YB regarding the Z-fold, this guy is a genius...

  • Malicious Clouds
    Malicious Clouds

    Great video. I'll wait until Samsung gets it together with these folds. Maybe gen 5.

  • Robert Hosein
    Robert Hosein

    This was a well structured, well detailed video that views many sides to the device. Keep up the good work! All high quality.

  • Pete Carlson
    Pete Carlson

    Very nice review both on the positive as well as negative aspects. For me, separate computing tools for the job work better than a "Swiss Army Knife" approach. I have a reasonably small S21 5G for daily carry/on the go usage, a tablet when I want substantially more screen real-estate for browsing/media consumption, and a laptop when I need real productivity. I seldom enough find myself conflicted about what I need at a given time. Currently, I view foldables as the next Net Book craze (Who knows? I may be wrong!). Too big/heavy to carry around without a thought, too small for real productivity, and screen ratios that make them only modestly better than current large screen smart phones for media content. Samsung clearly "won" with the Galaxy Note series, after all it is what most current flagship smart phones have become. It will be interesting to see how successful Samsung and other manufacturers are at creating demand for what I see as the "Edsel" of computing devices. I do think that there is a legitimate niche-market for these, but not a mainstream solution. Lots of folks will buy these for the "cool" factor, but not realize any appreciable advantage vs the cost.

    • Tech Bird Tv
      Tech Bird Tv


  • The Rock
    The Rock

    Can we just appreciate his efforts in rickrolling us.

    • Sufiyan Ansari
      Sufiyan Ansari

      He got me this time

    • TMGtyler

      Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye

    • Luigge

      The new galaxy fold Is so good that we can be rickrolled twice hehe

    • Joseph Zanni
      Joseph Zanni

      You just saved me

  • Takudzwa Maunganidze
    Takudzwa Maunganidze

    I have never been rick rolled so much by one youtuber in my life😂 this one of the reasons why i love this channel. Always precise and none biased with good jokes!!

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      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙..

  • Pinkmarkercat

    This looks so cool! I'm gonna get a new phone in a few months. Is the fold or the flip better?

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris

    I have the Z Fold 3 and I love it! Came from the Iphone 11. I am gonna upgrade to the s22 ultra though

  • atrain472

    Very thorough review, I'm impressed.

  • Arin Wolfe
    Arin Wolfe

    This sounds like it's the product right before something that truly comes into it's own. It's so close and just needs a couple of things ironed out to make it perfect.

    • Eric Neff
      Eric Neff

      Just say you can't afford it@Hafeez

    • Sterling Harper
      Sterling Harper

      @Hafeez literally everything you said has been factually incorrect 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • its me daniel
      its me daniel

      Imagine getting a phone case for this phone

    • Hafeez

      @Theo Nyalungu if ppl buy it it’s up to them me personally would NOT buy a half baked brick😂😂😂😂

    • Theo Nyalungu
      Theo Nyalungu

      @Hafeez People will still buy it, no matter how much you hate it. The world is too big for you to think no one has money to waste.

  • Zacharia Gamble
    Zacharia Gamble

    I honestly don’t mind MOST of the compromises I make with my zfold 2. At least the battery is impossible to kill in a day, but the camera performance is kind of a bummer for sure. I thought it was going to be on par with my old s20 FE, but it’s not even in the same league especially in low light performance.

  • T Sola
    T Sola

    The ZFold 4 is going to be insane. Samsung are making big strides in the fold department.

  • xEmerald_Amuletx

    I have an old Samsung phone (Samsung galaxyx10) and I can use the option "open in pop up view" or "open in split screen view." Pop Up View:- -Allows the user to open many apps at the same time. -The apps will appear at any part of the screen (any part you choose.) -You can adjust the the size, and it's good for multitasking. Split Screen View:- -Allows the user to open (2) apps at the same time. -The Apps will appear at the top and bottom of the screen. -You can multitask comfortably. An old phone like SamsungGalaxyx10 definitely can't compare to the Galaxy Z fold 3 at all, but it's cool to see how much Samsing improved when it comes to multitasking.

    • Ok

      @Richard 7901 My Note 3 from 2013 has it too

    • xEmerald_Amuletx

      @Richard 7901 okay? I wasn't saying it was new. I mentioned that my phone was old.

    • Richard 7901
      Richard 7901

      bruh, split screen isnt a new thing overall, xiaomi already had it since miui 9 in 2017

    • xEmerald_Amuletx

      @0hkie I wasn't talking to him. I was talking to everyone in the comment section. Relax, dude.

    • Seawolf

      My Note 9 can do the same


    Best phone samsung has ever made and the camera in blind tests beat the s21 and 12pro max

  • tokoshie

    This is the only video of the fold 3 I've watched so far that brought up the negative aspects of this phone, and ironically that's what made me decide to pre-order it. I was sort of on the fence because this phone is sooo expensive, but seeing the positives and negatives clearly laid out like this made me realize that there are more good things about this phone for me than there are bad. None of the negative points are deal-breakers. I will enjoy the larger screen and multi-tasking capabilities far more than I will get annoyed over the awkwardly sized front display or limited battery life. Good stuff.

    • Richard 7901
      Richard 7901

      Well tbf hopefully fold 4 fix this battery life issue

    • Richard 7901
      Richard 7901

      @Si oto Na rayang this phone battery life is a joke compared to iphone 12

    • Richard 7901
      Richard 7901

      @suupahype the word disposable a bit triggered me

    • I Will Not Get The Jab
      I Will Not Get The Jab

      Are you enjoying this awesome phone?

    • Retardmoguss

      @Syam Praveen anyone would be a sold guy to Chinese phones like Xiaomi. They literally toppled Samsung and is dominating the market even though they haven't even touched US.

  • LIVED 2
    LIVED 2 I got it...I wanted it soooo much...after fold 1, this is amazing...when buying I knew about the cameras and said I don't care...well now I am little bit disappointed...but hey ho...there will be something new again, that will make me go mad...and by the way the worst is the battery is crazy...yeah don't think you will be able to use it more than one day...keep your charger or bank with you at all times when you travel or leaving for more than 1 day...but it is really cool device...display AMAZING...SOUND SUPER DRUPER...FAST...GAMES PLAY SUPERB...Yeah I am happy but scared from the new device comming...because I know I want it already 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hritik Negandhi
    Hritik Negandhi

    I dont quite agree with you on the camera bit. The provessing of images is simply incredible with pretty good pictures getting clicked. Overall its truly a beast!

  • Scott Matejka
    Scott Matejka

    I just can’t get over the fact that you can see each bend in the screen no matter the angle. It takes away so much from what could be awesome and makes it feel fisher price aka kids toys

  • Big D
    Big D

    I would love to see a flip phone that has a gamepad added to it kind of like the DS

  • DoomRater

    once we get better at hiding cameras, I hope they start hiding them in the middle. DIY Perks built a camera box popout screen that reflects a hidden camera to the center of the screen so when you call someone, you actually look at the caller. And it's a huge improvement for increasing personality and making calls actually look like the TV shows and movies. I want to try it for streaming as well. But what if we didn't need to have a huge box and two way mirror over the monitor just to pull that off?

    • Tech Bird Tv
      Tech Bird Tv


    • Kitty Kat
      Kitty Kat

      Oppo do pop up cameras. I have OPPO Reno 2 and it's blumming brill!

    • Joshua Zaid
      Joshua Zaid

      @Vrsce01 i would say 1%, but, yeah. I agree with that, anyway i like to do it.

    • yamsandwhich

      @Tikoblocks oh you're so silly, we're already spyed on

    • DoomRater

      @NightLife I kinda get it considering my ideal setup is putting it in a gaming monitor for streaming, but it's still a super unlikely scenario and the obvious solution would be to have a hard switch on the back or top of the device physically cutting power and data lines to the camera.

  • Owner’s Motivation
    Owner’s Motivation

    If there’s a ultra cameras with space zoom from s21 ultra i will definitely buy them

  • Yayanow

    i like how arun make us dream about a phone but then quickly changes our mind from "wow i this is amazing!" to "wow this is awful!" 😂

  • Travis Boyko
    Travis Boyko

    or a massive multi tasker.. fold3 + multi apps at once with out having to switch or close apps is amazing

  • Brian Rosie
    Brian Rosie

    Now that I think of it Galaxy notebook does make way too much sense for a phone that looks like a book And is clearly a perfect successor to the note series. 7:05 The hand gesturing to phone catch was slick

  • rahulc0dy

    His reviews feel like a nerdy guy just getting excited and then not getting excited and starting to tell the cons. I love it. 😂😂😂

    • Dragos Rachieru
      Dragos Rachieru

      @abonded account (read my about) i remember the video id, you can't Rick roll me

    • Fiat Multipla
      Fiat Multipla

      @Dragos Rachieru wdym he is literally doing constructive criticism in every review video of his.

    • Dragos Rachieru
      Dragos Rachieru

      For me, they feel like he is paid to do them and ignores some flaws in them.

    • Fiat Multipla
      Fiat Multipla

      I love how you described it😂😂

  • Burb

    I am so hyped, when they finally understand how to make the fold finally so good


      gonna make the best fold but still no practical use for it

    • The Gaming Trucker
      The Gaming Trucker

      I’ve been using it for a month now and couldn’t be happier. My only complaint is that case options are very limited

  • Kyro Zoltron
    Kyro Zoltron

    I am pretty sure that one day we are gonna be end up with a foldable samsung tablet. Calling itself the "Samsung Book".

  • coda NA
    coda NA

    I like it I've had it for a while great for games never really use phone cameras anyways so it wasn't a factor for me I've always wanted a phone without the selfie camera anyways so like eh

  • 「Itachi Uchiha」
    「Itachi Uchiha」

    I really want to get one of these, but I'm terrified of two things: 1. Debris gathering in the hinges, ultimately leading to them failing. 2. Very rare, but the inner display breaking upon opening, and showing that black line down the center. I baby my phones, keeping them away from extreme temperatures, rarely if never dropping them, being gentle on the ones that flipped in the past, etc. I just don't wanna dump a small car payment on a device only to have it shit the bed within weeks of regular use. Anyone who has this device and has used it for more than a month, have you had any noticeable changes in feel when opening/closing the phone? Do you see the fold in the inner display becoming more noticeable? Would you take it over the S21 ultra 5g? So many questions...