The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀

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  • Flywheel Gaming
    Flywheel Gaming

    He knows ho to make people watch his 20 minutes long tech video without getting bored till outro.

    • BloxyMelonio

      @Carl Johnson ok, now you’ve got me confused 😭

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson

      @BloxyMelonio I didn't see u in ur text 😔

    • BloxyMelonio

      @Carl Johnson do i see what yo did there?

    • Star 🌟
      Star 🌟

      @John Thomas Aniñon ik

  • Jyotishko Chatterjee
    Jyotishko Chatterjee

    Actually, I was more impressed by the Xiaomi case than with the 170k caviar phone.

    • SmartWarGod



      @Zeeshan and birds 12:49

    • Zeeshan and birds
      Zeeshan and birds


    • Gamer001

      Me too

    • SunSetter


  • rudraplayz_12

    Can we just appreciate how much does he spends on trying to entertain us

    • Sebastian Neri
      Sebastian Neri

      he didint bougth it, he says he is returning it

    • Anton Dunst
      Anton Dunst

      i don’t think he actually bought the 170k phone

    • Shaquille o'atmeal
      Shaquille o'atmeal

      Yo hw earns a lot to affird to spend that much , and then there are sponserships and promotion .

  • Nolan Provine
    Nolan Provine

    These types of videos entertain me somehow. You're amazing, Arun!

  •  Hᵉˡᵖ ᵐᵉ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ʷⁱᵗʰᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒs :) ♪
    Hᵉˡᵖ ᵐᵉ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ʷⁱᵗʰᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒs :) ♪

    Everyone this guy deserves a like. He puts in a lot of effort in his videos!!

  • Cambo Space and Science Edu
    Cambo Space and Science Edu

    170k $ phone was just made to be a big joke, and I can't stop laughing.

    • Michael Oyeniran
      Michael Oyeniran

      Big laugh😹

    • SIKE

      You got 17k like (:

    • Life Style
      Life Style


    • B

      @Karan Fusion 🎮 all these phones are essentially overpriced cases. Some even save you the hassle of going into your settings to adjust the theme! None of these prices are about the product in any other way but displays of wealth. Status signifiers, that people in the position to afford one almost actually need, living on the monkeyrock as they do. It's basically a shiny red behind, painted up to look like peacock feathers.

    • Karan Fusion 🎮
      Karan Fusion 🎮

      This is totaly waste I am happy when Arun said that he returns the phone to caviear Beacause buying this Phone is totaly waste of $107400 because the price of the Gold brick s21 ultra is $170000 and price of 1kg gold is $63600 so it's totaly wastage of money

  • LILShark 360Aimbot
    LILShark 360Aimbot

    everytime i watch his videos i always get the strangest feeling that he could just be a supervillian when ever he wants

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      chat me up on telegram 👉 👉restore_technique9

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  • My Guy
    My Guy

    glad to see you bought the best quality phones in this video for the cheaper regular everyday phones in the list (oppo phones) have one myself the quality is amazing and the camera is way better than any crappy apple phone tbh apple is expensive, garbage and well known

  • Baron Zemo
    Baron Zemo

    Arun having a $170000 phone in front of him. Also Arun: This toothbrush was two for the price of one, I had to get it!

  • CanibalKitten42

    I think this is a classic example of "who needs taste when you have money" 😳

    • Dank A
      Dank A

      @That subnautica Dude that literally gold phone isn’t actually meant to be used, it’s just to flex your money

    • That subnautica Dude
      That subnautica Dude


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      chat me up on telegram 👉 👉restore_technique9

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  • Abhinandan Patil
    Abhinandan Patil

    Imagine laying in bed watching youtube and that 1kg monstrosity falls on your face

    • Jaguar


    • Mateus Barbosa
      Mateus Barbosa


    • Xabiwi Wek
      Xabiwi Wek

      in that price point you wouldn't even use it. probability it was been forever on the box.

    • Fami Rodriguez
      Fami Rodriguez

      1kg of gold sux when hits your face lol

  • Ish M
    Ish M

    I was expecting a 170k phone to be unnecessary but quite look nice. This is just comical I can't stop laughing. NO CAMERASSSS 🤣

  • Abhinav Ganguly
    Abhinav Ganguly

    whoaaa now that was something amazing 😅😅😅😅 I can't even imagine remembering sooo Many intricate parts and such a complicated machinery. enjoyed watching this

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      chat me up on telegram 👉 👉restore_technique9

      Hello....Congratulations you have been shortlisted among the lucky winners.🎁

  • Aileyn Red
    Aileyn Red

    This might have already been answered, but does anyone know what does he do with all the other normal~ish priced smartphones? Does he sell them? Hoard them like a dragon?


    He knows how to make me finish watching a 20 minutes video on **TECH**.

  • Sahil

    You can literally tell with every little detail that the editor really loves his job.

  • Wolfite

    This guy is literally a legend of youtube

  • NarenOVAH

    No wonder he's called the best tech youtuber.

  • BhuVan Eshwaran
    BhuVan Eshwaran

    S21+ Phantom Red was amazing, I love to have that one.

  • Arno Memes
    Arno Memes

    "I love that Arun got scammed by Caviar, they just attached a kilo of golden bar on a phone." *And sold it in at insane value*

  • Natalya B
    Natalya B

    Me: expecting crazy technologies available for spies in secret agencies Reality: a brick of gold

    • Йулдош Орипов
      Йулдош Орипов

      @Sumeet Mahajan Indeed the telephone is expensive.I have never seen as expensive as telephone

    • Jordan Broly GS
      Jordan Broly GS

      @Adam Yes. Because people do do things just because they can, for the hell of it, or just because it's interests THEM! Its all just a scheme of some sort 🙄

    • That One XBOX Guy
      That One XBOX Guy

      @Mike 82 poi

    • Mike 82
      Mike 82

      @Adam I really cud'nt give a shit wat the rich do with there money or the ways they fuck over the system they are in it together anyway they look after each other the government the rich are a load of crooks

    • JP

      @Sumeet Mahajan Which one?

  • Eqxn

    Turns out you can't never throw out the phone packages

  • D Man
    D Man

    A 1kg phone worth 170k is now officially the dumbest thing I ever seen made by man along with the rest of the numerous other objects made with jewels or the other more rare metals.

  • janvi rathi
    janvi rathi

    10:47 best part 😂🤣

  • Ireen Masangano
    Ireen Masangano

    I love his marketing skills 🤣🤣🤣

  • Christian J
    Christian J

    I love his increased humor and easy-goingness.

    • Stephen Granville
      Stephen Granville

      My same thoughts watching his channel grow. I think he has more literal fun than any other tech IRglor.

  • vishnu panchal
    vishnu panchal

    This video is a master piece and a good case study for how to work for retention i wish i could work for you crushing on your work everything is there where it's needed

  • lionhater1000

    This guy has more phones than Steve Jobs ever made

  • Chris rogers
    Chris rogers

    On that note keep up the grind Aaron 🤑

  • Vihaan Arora
    Vihaan Arora

    He's gonna have the largest phone collection in a while

  • Joel@Play

    I love how he just flings a $170,000 phone in the air.

    • qorthex

      and throws a 2 grand phone across the room xd

    • YEETEDMAN 6.9
      YEETEDMAN 6.9

      @Strawberry Suger WC 🍓🍓🍓 bruh

    • Sparrow

      Its just the gold that is valuable

    • guily6669

      @IIIRoman probably worth slightly more by now, no idea since the gold changes price... And I wouldn't even call it a 1000$ phone anymore by the time it released according that not a single camera works 💩 This brand is such a big stupidity, the gold plated brass also is just a phone with custom case which just gold plating a few parts are not exactly worth that much either. Ps: wanna get rich fast? Buy whatever high end phone, just unglue the back cover, make any design you want and send to a company to make it in whatever metal you want for a decently low price and then send it to a gold plating bath and glue back into the phone. Then just make any stupid branding company and sell for a HUGE price, there will always be some stupid rich that will buy it 😵🙃

    • Aige


  • Star 🌟
    Star 🌟

    Arun knows so much about technology

  • Prokesh

    Saying "value for money" while reviewing a 170k$ phone 💀👍

  • cryptoviper

    when i saw the phone i was like “is that a gold bar?” i was thinking of something like you evolve your starting character which uses a rock and the rocks become a gold bar after evolution

  • instinctsonly

    Bro spent my life savings on a phone. Legend

  • Naj Abdul
    Naj Abdul

    That pink Toothbrush though😀

    • Hampter

      @Espeon Mistress yeah it's soo stupid but don't say westerners some people are actually smart and are not idiots the only joke in his toothbrush is that the phone is that expensive and the brush is a two for one.

    • dadillonful

      Oh look a guy with a check mark .. let’s all comment here

    • Kito.ito♡

      Colors are colors☺️✌️

    • Daniel Right
      Daniel Right

      that helped to take off most expensive phone ever.

  • Shayin212

    I got my s21 ultra in phantom sliver and it looks so good it turns from purple to silver with a soft glow

  • Jay Cosgrove
    Jay Cosgrove

    It's great that Arun dresses for the part - from the waist up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • LA Toe nAilsss
    LA Toe nAilsss

    To be honest, i would LOVE to have the first phone

  • BlueberrixxGacha

    I love how arun grabs the boxing gloves like it's nothing 2:18

  • Dariune

    moral of the story: the more you spend on a phone, the more you get ripped off

    • JP

      @Jordan Broly GS Some people legitimately don't know how credit works. Anyways, I apologies for my childness, and I see where the confusion was lol. Normally cellular contracts are with providers while phone contracts are with device manufacturers here.

    • Jordan Broly GS
      Jordan Broly GS

      @JP Scare lol. Don't get ahead of yourself. Talking about credit like that's something anyone need a refresher in 🤣 And yes I'm referring to cellular contracts, which in this horrid land below (and no doubt far more), is how it tends to be done by most.

    • JP

      @Jordan Broly GS How exactly am I trying to sound like a genius? Did my words scare you or something? Anyways. I'm from Canada, so when I talk about "phone contracts" I'm talking about *buying* the phone itself. Cellular contracts are a completely different thing, which is what I'm guessing you're referring to.

    • Jordan Broly GS
      Jordan Broly GS

      @JP 1) stop trying to sound intelligent, 'genius,' because 2) Not sure what phone contracts you've looked into that care about your credit.... Now what services and extras you have with that phone will definitely make our payments different, but never have I nor anyone in the family or friend groups had to worry about credit when getting a phone. Looking at the bills, it has ALWAYS been literally the then advertised price I'm paying over the full term. (And credit was meh at the time so yeah.... not sure what contortionist nonsense they've been putting you through)

    • JP

      @Jordan Broly GS Hey genius, your 2 year contract varies heavily from person to person. One way is the way you use your money. You eat favorable contracts when you have a better credit score. Guess how your credit score can be affected? Bills, credit card utilization, credit checks, etc. All of those things go into calculating a contract. You and I could be paying 2 completely different amounts on a 2 year plan if one of us had a better savings and money utilization tactic prior and even after a contract is signed (this refers to contracts you can pay into ahead of time to lower interest fees at the end).

  • bigmen valcha
    bigmen valcha

    the fact that he can rick roll 9mil people just amazes me :D

  • Colleen Hanna
    Colleen Hanna

    Your amazing I love love love this content and channel ❤️ I trust you your the new go to guy for the truth ❤️

  • Kiwi Kilcoyne
    Kiwi Kilcoyne

    I love how I was watching him unbox a Samsung and the a Samsung advert came on😂

  • Saya

    His budget started where mine ended🌚 Amazing video though.

  • Sam Dubs
    Sam Dubs

    The titles will keep updating with respect to market inflation. 200K now. 1 Million in a decade.

    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer

      @Ravi Teja KNTS If gold price appreciates in the next 10 years, the gold phone's price would also increase (due to the gold body, not the outdated-in-10-years tech).

    • Shiza Salad
      Shiza Salad

      Imagine living in a third world country, it will be a million in around 6 months

    • Juliusz Kociński
      Juliusz Kociński

      I think it's $200k unboxing because of combined worth, not inflation

    • Mahelete Shewangzaw
      Mahelete Shewangzaw

      Price going up in a week buy now OR ELSE

    • Nayan

      Hi ✅ person

  • Alex Dalgård
    Alex Dalgård

    Phantom red = Very very slick and cool! :D Loved it

  • Matthew Burton
    Matthew Burton

    The number of number 1's you have everyone buying must envy you

  • OP Ark
    OP Ark

    That swapping service twice per person- would not cover $100,000 worth of missing product or service! Madness!

  • AllyLuv♡

    My heart just dropped because the way you holded the phone- 💀

  • Jemand Zufälliges
    Jemand Zufälliges

    The last phone is a good example why you shouldn't design a luxury phone while beeing drunk. 😂

    • バタフライ


    • Erick Mazariegos
      Erick Mazariegos

      Holy fuck I almost asked

  • Skander Chebbi
    Skander Chebbi

    This video only lacks one element : the mind-blowing OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition 😭❤️

  • tony

    Imagine paying $170k for an android 💀💀💀

  • Croco

    When shooting a shot for the first caviar phone Arun was just eating in the background😆

  • eevee995

    When you realize some of these phones can cost more than your car

  • Rhyan Andrews
    Rhyan Andrews

    This man posted 4 hours ago and already has half a million views. Absolutely smashing the IRglo algorithm, good on ya Arun

    • 匚卄尺丨丂ㄚㄖㄥㄖ

      @NikosXrim aha 2J!

    • trxpppp

      idk why but i always find these videos entertaining except i don’t know half the brands lmao

    • NikosXrim

      wdym? a cypriot youtuber uploaded a video in 2016, and many people were waiting for that.. it got 500.000 views within the first 30 minustes, the video is called "The comments song 6", uploaded by 2J.

  • Alexander Bustamante
    Alexander Bustamante

    If that 170k phone showed up in the mail, I'd throw it away.

  • Super poop
    Super poop

    notice how you can only take selfies with the $170,000 phone

  • DarkRoast

    They literally just glued a gold bar to the back of a phone lmao

  • Aarezmh

    i love the phantom brown more than the phantom red

  • Niki

    Honestly I don't really care about new phones but I'm just addicted to this channel, the way he discovers each product is just relaxing and funny. Keep it up !

  • LadySeraphineCC

    The price for that gold one wasn't worth it 🤣 you might as well make the charger and shit, gold too

  • Yin Games
    Yin Games

    Imagine if you get the final phone snatched “Eh bro what did you snatch” “I snatched an entire gold bar phone”

  • Chaos that’s what we like
    Chaos that’s what we like

    When I saw Rick I was laughing like crazy

  • Izhan Arif
    Izhan Arif

    The 170,000 IPhone feels like that they'd attach 1kg gold to a normal IPhone

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    The one phone you can never leave the house with!

    • butter@$$

      @Shaheer Burney 😂

    • Aavyaa Jain
      Aavyaa Jain



      The one phone you can’t leave at the house

    • Angela Frye
      Angela Frye

      @giga YEE

    • Srikar Yadav
      Srikar Yadav


  • Deepfried Chips
    Deepfried Chips

    I actually had a samsung gear vr, too bad I bought it shortly before it was discontinued

  • GreatSpaceGoat

    Arun talking about the iphone 5: it's like a relic of the time where phones were actually usable with one hand. Me who's 6'8: **Visible confusion**

  • FC Futty Editz
    FC Futty Editz

    I usually only watch short videos now, but these are one of the rare videos I have watched without skipping

  • Aco747lyte

    I'm an avid collector of cars, watches, pens and snazzy notebooks, but thanks to this rather grand video of yours, I'm on the cusp of collecting phones. However, I already have the Sony Xperia Pro-1. Hmm, maybe not. You see, my Xperia does it all. Nice stylish video presentation, though. Many thanks and I wish you all the best, Wendi UK 🌻


    I love how the way Arun just shows the world who is the boss

    • williepChamp

      @IMPΞRIΛL GΛMΞR It's a joke about the joke.


      @williepChamp why?

    • williepChamp

      Wait a minute....

    • Yazd Kotwal
      Yazd Kotwal

      Nice one…

    • Hamox


  • Volt

    That S21+ is beautiful and you can't change my mind.

  • Penguin Joe
    Penguin Joe

    That $170,000 comes to you bricked at the factory.

  • ageantpinkybtw

    Imagine just putting a case over n. 2 🤣😂🤣

  • Austin Victor Keet
    Austin Victor Keet

    Tbh that gold phone is a real disappointment 😭😭😭 I was really hoping for something more

  • Ariel Mazor
    Ariel Mazor

    I like how he makes 700$-2000$ phones look cheap😂

    • Aeir Crown
      Aeir Crown

      @Human please, not everything is job for job sake, ffs give a man a reward by watching IRglo for peace, at least he's not doing anything stereotypical homeless people do lol.

    • Human

      @Aeir Crown a job is much more important than youtube

    • Aeir Crown
      Aeir Crown

      @Human bruh, people have other interest than jobs to live lol.

    • Human

      @Limit Break why would you watch IRglo instead of using it to find a proper job or something

    • Limit Break
      Limit Break

      @Human especially cauze a phone is essential to keeping a job in this day and age; so yea.

  • VullyXD

    im watching this on a £1300 phone and now i feel poor lol (great vid btw!)

  • Aaron troy Adoremos
    Aaron troy Adoremos

    I wish I had such a cellphone😊

  • sagelvl

    The oppos are my absolute favorite ones. And do the profits of the apache ones get donated perhaps?

  • controllingtheironbeast alucard
    controllingtheironbeast alucard

    I thought the most expensive one on the list is like,you can contact beings outside the planet 😝