The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀
You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.

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  • Cambo Space and Science Edu
    Cambo Space and Science Edu

    170k $ phone was just made to be a big joke, and I can't stop laughing.

  • Joel@Play

    I love how he just flings a $170,000 phone in the air.

  • Bot numbers
    Bot numbers

    Imagine dropping the $170,000 phone onto your face lol

  • John is fit
    John is fit

    the fact that he picked up one of the most expensive phones in the world with a 2 for 1 toothbrush is really funny to me for some reason

  • Pr1sm


  • Jason Lihani
    Jason Lihani

    Man, I work at a printing company and my coworkers would lose their minds if I came in with that first Pantone phone lol.

  • Flywheel Gaming
    Flywheel Gaming

    He knows ho to make people watch his 20 minutes long tech video without getting bored till outro.

  • Shane Ishmael
    Shane Ishmael

    This is incredibly fun to watch! But it also makes you think how fast tech evolves year after year.

  • Cyan

    The level of editing and quality of this video is truly astonishing!!! Great job 🔥🔥👑

  • Roozie F
    Roozie F

    I never watched tech or unbox videos but he knows how to keep you watching

  • Lone Shadow084
    Lone Shadow084

    I can't stop laughing. So the purpose of "Expensive" phones is just that consumers or whoever is rich enough to pay for the aesthetics instead of the phone's hardware?

  • FreDstiR

    he always finds a way to rick roll us 😂

  • Abhinandan Patil
    Abhinandan Patil

    Imagine laying in bed watching youtube and that 1kg monstrosity falls on your face

  • PoizonBerri

    Feels like I’m watching an actual show, because the editing is great 🤣

  • ItzAshley

    Is it just me,or is anybody else obsessed with his accent!?

  • Nixi Pixi
    Nixi Pixi

    FINALLY SOMEONE WHO PRONOUNCES PORSCHE CORRECTLY! Great video, never even knew some of these phones existed. Insanely high priced phones, but hey, they're limited editions

  • Laura Head
    Laura Head

    Can we take a minute to appreciate how good the filming and editing on his videos are?

  • gL1tCh4x

    this channel makes me feel like im hundreds of years behind with the tech i have :(

  • Natalya B
    Natalya B

    Me: expecting crazy technologies available for spies in secret agencies

  • RushuPlayzRoblox

    Arun’s bank account be like: