15 Smartphone FAILS to ruin your day 😂
My Top 15 most Disastrous Smartphone fails of all time till 2020, (Episode 5), from the Galaxy Note 20 to the Microsoft Surface Duo, to PLENTY more!
Episode 1: irglo.info/from/edeba62Roaa1eWA/fy-lm-h-y.html
Episode 2: irglo.info/from/kNeia4OUY7SoinU/fy-lm-h-y.html
Episode 3: irglo.info/from/n8dzfGeWddKtg2g/fy-lm-h-y.html
Episode 4: irglo.info/from/e7BpoIiHZrPRhGg/fy-lm-h-y.html

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  • Zephyr Spillett
    Zephyr Spillett

    Arun: “The whackiest smartphone this year”

  • Kerem K C
    Kerem K C

    Probably the only IRglor I never had to skip 10 seconds

  • Ari L
    Ari L

    If everyone's making weird shaped phones, I demand a pear phone 🤣

  • Berk Karşı
    Berk Karşı

    I love how he gets right into the list without an intro without making you wait and lets you know how much time is left before the next fail. I love it. More IRglors should do this.

  • A monke
    A monke

    I’ve always admired how good his production quality is

  • Chris Randle
    Chris Randle

    I would probably add 2 points to each score. Arun is too kind for many of these fails. He's definitely the boss.

  • Frankie Tech
    Frankie Tech

    I think we will see every tech company represented in Arun’s “fail” videos by the time we get to part 9 🤣

  • Manan singh
    Manan singh

    Is it just me or does everyone else feel he's probably the best tech reviewer out there?

  • Absolute-Pro Studios
    Absolute-Pro Studios

    You have to admit though, your got to have at least some respect for LG for trying with the wing. It actually caught my attention in a positive way.

  • Ronaldo Seals
    Ronaldo Seals

    Im using the wing and I love it. The "gimmick" as you call it turns out to be very useful. First time in the history of phones i can effectively multitask.

  • Jason

    My favorite new IRglo channel by far. I remember thinking the thumbs looked like pure clickbait. However every video delivers 10x what it says. Not to mention it's spoken in pure silk and delivered with countdowns until the next segment.

  • Fievel4

    The one thing I want to point out to you about the 'downsides' to the N100 are actually bonuses for the average consumer with children. A glass back and a OLED display means that if they drop it it will be super pricy to fix. Make one where you don't have to worry about breaking the back and even if you break the front the screen will cost under $40 instead of over $150 for the OLED. They don't have to use plastic as metal will work too and shouldn't increase actual costs by more than a couple dollars per unit, assuming the cost is even that high. I do agree they should have offered the cheaper one for even less so that it didn't seem like you were getting scammed by not paying $50. I used to fix phones and when an LED phone comes in no big deal. When an OLED phone comes in we know we are going to have an unhappy customer because as soon as they would hear the cost of the screen most people are shocked into silence. (I know this comment is nearly a year late but it is no less true now than at the end of 2020 or even 2015).

  • SadSpaghettiSack

    Mrwtb is one of the very few tech related ytubers where i can never get bored throughout the whole video

  • RegentGamer

    "The One Plus' main phones are on the number 8."

  • Shitpost Status
    Shitpost Status

    I love how Arun casually makes jokes about passionfruit

  • Suchita Prasad
    Suchita Prasad


  • Sosasees

    I see the LG Wing as a great concept in theory, that is difficult to execute correctly in practice.

  • L

    Marshall should have another go at the mobile phone, but aimed at musicians and with audio software, this stuff is already there and with a few deals and the right accessories they could have a very nice phone for effects and recording, that fits in your pocket, best have a way to stop those calls and sounds during a gig in a way that musicians won't forget though.

  • SBGT

    I love how he shows the content immediately and skips the annoying part

  • not_my_fn_real_name

    That LG Double Play looks pretty dope, would love to see a modern, rootable phone with a similar form factor, could serve as a portable, full fledged Linux phone. I think that almost all of the slide up keyboard phones were just a bit too far ahead of their time. Now that it is possible to ship a phone with enough power to actually do interesting things, it would be nice to see a return of the real mini-keyboard.