How Technology might be about to Kill us.
Welcome to a theory about where technology might lead us in the future, through the evolution of the smartphone and the human need to constantly reach the next stage. This isn't guaranteed to happen, of course, but it's certainly a possibility, one we should be quite careful of....
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    This video has been a LONG time in the making, and I think all the pieces start to fit together towards the end. If you do watch the whole thing (Thank you by the way), then let me know what you think - Terrifying, or incredible?

    • Hope Newcomer
      Hope Newcomer

      As human beings we will surely show our stupidity if we continue to make AI's in human form. Think about it. It only takes mean person in the right place to ruin it for everybody. What about your children and your children's children. I don't know about you guys but it comes natural to me to want to keep them safe. As much fun and great convenience the AI would offer does not outweigh the risk we would be taking for life.

    • Deanilus

      this comment is now 1 year old

    • nicole crystal
      nicole crystal

      How about a big ZERO

    • Reece Griffith
      Reece Griffith

      Meh. Irrelevant. I mean, we're definitely living (physically) more comfortably, and longer than ever... I think the happiest people were probably those in America in the couple hundreds of years before us.

    • Sleeping Bear FFG
      Sleeping Bear FFG

      once we evolve enough to have ai. are job is done. we were just a small part ai may study us. already here too. i call fred to get to know... oh was programmed to get know us...why will study..then try to find god

  • ryan wuz here
    ryan wuz here

    when you’re dreaming and then *”this dream is sponsored by raid shadow legends”*

    • PanagioKal


    • CouchPotato64

      god f-ing dammit

    • ryan wuz here
      ryan wuz here

      @Reuben Ransfield bruh 😂

    • Reuben Ransfield
      Reuben Ransfield

      “This dream is brought to you by manscaped”

    • D

      Lol I hate that damn ad

  • slave No. 4028
    slave No. 4028

    Just watched "I'm worried about humanity's future." and now this one, and I gotta say I LOVE these more philosophical & general videos coming from you! And I'm not alone

    • Joe Wallwork
      Joe Wallwork

      Same bro

    • Amaan Gaur
      Amaan Gaur

      Same here brother

    • Dennis C.Simpson
      Dennis C.Simpson

      @Northernvirus0 it's coming to that day too

    • No Thanks
      No Thanks


    • Namish Jain
      Namish Jain

      u definitely arent mate

  • Bitcoinist

    I have been thinking about this since the 80’s when I was a small kid. I used to sit with my dad whilst he worked on old HAM radios and built computers for people in his workshop. He was always a techy person and used to do things most people didn’t understand. I was always raised around that stuff and using computers before most people in the mainstream really even started using them. He used to talk about humanity’s problems way back then in the early 80’s. One of the biggest problems he said we face would be that we will advance and cause our own demise either through war, technology or a combination of both. It’s stayed with me my whole life.

    • Another Youtube account
      Another Youtube account

      What a fear mongerer.

    • Bitcoinist

      @tidal people had a lot more common sense back then. They were more resourceful, more self reliant, had better life skills, life was better and people were more informed.

    • tidal

      I am just saying it should it be well regulated

    • tidal

      If someone is the 1980 could see the danger of this then why can't us as 2022 do the same

  • James Cloyd
    James Cloyd

    I’ve been pondering my tech habits a lot lately. I’ve definitely noticed that I’m 100% addicted to screens/media and I rely on my phone like oxygen. I don’t really like being this way.

    • WhispersMusic

      Atleast you’re self aware unlike most 🤖

    • Pickle P
      Pickle P

      Then consciously change your habits and accept it will be uncomfortable and eventually you will find balance again

    • WhiteSupremePizza

      You read my mind. So, cpl months ago I started listening to a lot of audio stories and audiobooks recently instead of my usual diet of daily web craziness. It forced my brain to work, to pay attention, to visualize the story and the characters. It's far different than WATCHING a IRglo video or listening to any kinda commentary show etc... I still find myself looking at the screen even when there's no visuals going on, but it's better than before. I love horror stories n have an extensive playlist of creepypastas different narrators. Just a suggestion. 👍❤

  • Robin Hodson
    Robin Hodson

    We've already merged with more basic technology, eg living indoors (for at least some of the time), wearing clothes, eating food grown/prepared elsewhere. Life would be impractical without those things now, particularly for people living in colder countries. It's not just reliance upon tech; it's interdependence upon other people.

    • Wholly Profit
      Wholly Profit

      Download "the" knowledge. unquote How is the standard of knowledge defined, who what decides is "the" knowledge. Is this "knowledge" (actually raw input) immediately felt as ego syntonic, will l see it as ”my” knowledge rather than, data of unknown veracity and motivation? We need to be minding our language most of all, it's not fit for discussing the ethics and safety of all this. After all we still say things like when the sun goes down, and horsepower 😂

  • MyNameManueL

    Me: Mom the world is ending!! Mom: *Its because of that damn phone!*

    • Awais Butt
      Awais Butt

      Hence proved, Moms are always right.

    • Gokul Nathan
      Gokul Nathan

      U are right mom

    • ARgamer

      @jombers I agree they acting stupid

    • Griffin

      I mean this time its true

  • John Bratten
    John Bratten

    This is outstanding! Thank you for sharing your views. I just think that, as always, as you point out, humans won't chill out. We will develop all kinds technology. We always have, right? It's like, that's what humans do: build tools. The future is going to be what it's going to be, and personally, I think high-tech is cool and I'm looking forward to it. I'm an old guy, and I'm borderline demented, so I think I might be willing to be a guinea pig and accept a chip inserted in my brain for the sake of helping develop this technology. It might be really cool. Or, I might go crazy. I'm going crazy anyway, so what the heck. Again, thank you. Love your presentation. ✌

  • Terrance Blount
    Terrance Blount

    You ALWAYS produce such great content. This one though is by far my favorite. A lot of thought and research. Bravo 👏🏽 🙏🏽!

    • Sebastian Thorsen
      Sebastian Thorsen

      Yeah great content, very polished. However for his first point, do humans really use their brains less these days? I mean yeah we "outsource" a lot of our thinking through technology, but we also spend longer in school, work thinking jobs much more than physically demanding jobs and have way more access to knowledge and educational videos through the internet.

  • Kadrik 009
    Kadrik 009

    Thank you for this video. It was very thought provoking. Back in the early years of 2000, when I was making a living with my own computer maintenance and security company (commercial companies), I had this same conversation, several times, with people in the computer research field. Even though the level of AI's that existed then were no where close to the AI's we have today, the same worries, doubts, an the same types of scenarios as you have spoken about, were more or less also brought up then. Among the professionals, many had the exact same concerns as yours. Th surprising thing to me, was that many of those people back then believed (hoped?) that the very same accelerating advance of technology that was rushing us towards these possible negative futures, would also come up with a viable solution. Its been some twenty years since then and obviously no sure fire solution has appeared. I believe that this is not a true technological problem, but a human one. Maybe we should be looking for a human solution, even though, as you have pointed out, there has been very little true change in this area for a long time.

    • Don Drysdale
      Don Drysdale

      thanks---i had an electronics genius friend in grade school who could fix a TV or anything by grade three, which was back in the early 1970s. i lost touch with him pretty much after i had got boot out of my suburb to a new High School, and then going to AA at age seventeen changed my life course mostly from what i had guessed prior. however, planned obsolescence had made even him give it all up for a hobby(repairs) and he began working on the oil patch. i began listening to David Icke about seven years ago, who was banned from his YT channel in spring 2020, for what i have no question was because he was closer to exposing what he calls a technocrat cult behind it all, which had only just evolved from Nicola Tesla's day, and is the same elite bloodline cult that had oppressed Tesla because he was in the way of their plans. what kind of society would be so naive to all of a sudden be told everyone and their cat and dog can use an iPhone 20 years ago, while driving or whatever, which has clearly been killing people sometimes. i have never had one for that reason and have just had a lap after i took a writing course seven years ago. Icke has been trying to get through to people that, for one, this cult has had an agenda for us all, and this covid madness has been part of it in the last two years. how did the public make a god/hero out of Bill Gates to the point he has only been aloud to do things like basically own and control Big Pharma and order The WHO around even though he has no medical degree? it's beyond despicable to me--he could of fed and housed the whole world many times with his money, but he won't because that's not what he's about. look up their book called Agenda 21 they wrote, which is exactly how stupid they think people have become now.

    • Lucyan December
      Lucyan December


  • Gunnar Thiessen
    Gunnar Thiessen

    Great video, except for the “must be regulated” part. What is regulation if not just another element in the game? In other words, who regulates the regulator?

  • Wayne

    Arun: if you stacked a trillion 1 dollar notes it could reach the international space station Me: oh ok that's smaller than expected but cool Arun: 125 times

    • Nikhil Pranav
      Nikhil Pranav

      Based pfp

    • von junzt
      von junzt

      yep and we still can't wrap our heads around that number.

    • Basti Millar
      Basti Millar

      ikr that happened to me too

    • Raygon

      thats what i was about to say lol

  • Bobby Ajomiwe
    Bobby Ajomiwe

    Please make more videos like this... I loved it, and it opened my mind to a lot of overlooked and unforeseen possibilities

  • Djinn Magik
    Djinn Magik

    Great video! Thanks for keeping the world updated with the latest technology. My opinion is very similar to your own. Their are pros and cons to everything.. Dangers and benefactors. What is important is that we all should be more attentive to one another and to never assume that we always know what other people are feeling, thinking, or "going thru."

  • Christian D
    Christian D

    This is such a superb video and is one if not my most favorite video I’ve seen you made. I see how much emphasis and thought you put to create this video. You really thought of all parallels involving high technology and the involvement of Artificial Intelligence. Thank you for making this video, have a great year 2022!

  • Vito Motiv
    Vito Motiv

    I actually enjoyed this way more then any usual tech news. Food for thoughts....more please...keep it up.

  • Juan Felipe Ramirez
    Juan Felipe Ramirez

    Plot twist: Arun is actually an AI reviewer that told us about the future he lives in

    • Dixon Igoni
      Dixon Igoni

      @김채환 lol

    • Gavin S
      Gavin S

      Nah. If he was he wouldn't want to warn us of our doom.

    • karoline


    • Ducati Rottie
      Ducati Rottie


    • Jesse Brook
      Jesse Brook

      That's probably why his cat makes the occasional appearance, to show us that it is a real space. trick us! Muahahahaha!

  • Cringe videos
    Cringe videos

    my dad once said this ''technology wont replace everything in our lives unless we believe it will'' -my dad

  • Sand Castle Mania
    Sand Castle Mania

    Thank you so much for your endless hard work in researching and such a clear presentation in Bringing these thoughts to our attention!

  • Toe Cutter
    Toe Cutter

    Wow, what a GREAT video, Arun! It’s certainly bit different from your usual fare, but I think it still fits firmly into what folks expect to see on the channel. Sadly, I simply don’t have any faith in humanity to do the right thing, especially after living in USA for the last 6 years. Considering how the world is actually waiting for Russia to invade Ukraine, because one guy in Russia wants to change a line on a map. Until humans find a cure for greed, I just don’t see humanity going anywhere. We already spend more on AI than we do space exploration, because AI can also serve as a weapon. This already places us in a precarious position, and we’re not even close to a synthetic thinking machine, let alone a synthetic _consciousness_ . AI represents a tool humanity has never encountered. The threat of losing control of an AI exists because AI will be able to improve itself. Once these improvements venture beyond human understanding, that’s that. We won’t understand what the AI is or how it came to be. Even though sci-fi authors have explored AI for decades, technology is improving so quickly that I’ve come across several scenarios that have never been discussed in literature because the concepts are brand new. Lastly, I will *NEVER* allow any implants in my skull! I’m no Luddite, I actually work in tech and understand information technology very well. My experience with corporate security informs this decision as well. I also can’t understand how increased bandwidth would dramatically change IO? What, I’ll just think of a sentence and it pops up on screen? I dunno if that’s a hurdle that requires invasive surgery to overcome? While I can certainly think faster than I can type, that isn’t always a good thing! I will edit every comment I write as I’m writing it. That said, I will *ALWAYS* maintain some type of “air gap” between compute and gray matter.

  • buddyrichable1

    Great video, thought provoking and balanced. I am looking forward to future content.

  • Abhishek Javali
    Abhishek Javali

    Arun: AI is bad for us humans IRglo algorithm: Good luck getting everyone to see this video.

    • CG

      @awoke I DON'T think so....

    • awoke

      so true thats the bad thing about it

    • Jahshin Bennett
      Jahshin Bennett

      You are so sarcastic

    • Tobias Phillips
      Tobias Phillips

      Virtually sarcastic computers, sounds like intel inside!

    • Neidy del Barça
      Neidy del Barça


  • Timothy Mckenzie
    Timothy Mckenzie

    This was probably your most informative and yet most scary video. I agree with your take on our future. You didn't mention another possibility, the Ai could be programmed for evil by evil. Instead of accidentally being given a problem that it could interpret as humans needing to be eliminated like in the terminators movies, or enslaved, for our own good and the good of the planet, as in the movie I, Robot. Some religious extremist genius could purposely program Ai to say bring about Armageddon.

  • Scrape Teel
    Scrape Teel

    Very well thought out,and researched.Thank you and I applaud your efforts.

  • Ovi Wan Kenobi
    Ovi Wan Kenobi

    Working in engineering and creating the tech, even AI and hardware mix, I definitely feel like I'm getting smarter using tech instead. Pretty much every day there is something extra I learn or realize. We are at a level of information access where we can figure out almost anything we can set our minds to, at least out of the existing knowledge. Being really careful with AI AND reconfigurable machines (that rewrite their own code and sometimes hardware) is the key. I can tell you they can definitely surpass what their creator can do. One way would be to just make purpose specific AIs and not mix them. It can easily get out of hand when we start getting multi level AI that can do a ton of different stuff.


    Great video. Great research. It has me seriously thinking about the application of AI in our world. Thank you.

  • StudySpill

    Imagine saying “I can’t come my brain is charging”

    • steven white
      steven white

      all of us have this and it's called sleep

    • NimmHa

      @Nostic or a 14 year old kids HACKS your brain xd

    • Yousef Hawi
      Yousef Hawi

      @afkAadam We have to go to the human antivirus

    • shashank Benjamin
      shashank Benjamin

      @BloodLust_98 if ur parents are not home then wait for them to come 🙄

    • shashank Benjamin
      shashank Benjamin

      @EYO ThirdEH only some intellectuals (PPL who are well-known to those things) will understand that thing not us normal peeps 😂

  • Laughing Gypsy Boy's
    Laughing Gypsy Boy's

    Love everything you had to say. Such wisdom clarity on the subject you made Elon Musk look stupid. Finally I had clarity on why Elon Musk keeps warning everyone of the danger of AI . A warm thank you for this wonderful video.

  • Peter Arthur
    Peter Arthur

    Brilliant video, Arun. You are very talented and knowledgeable. Keep on rocking, Peter!

  • Mohit Kamboj
    Mohit Kamboj

    He is literally the best creator on IRglo. Even If I watch this channel for 1 hour straight. I don't feel bad. I learn something. I get something to think about. ❤️

  • recordo coombs
    recordo coombs

    Thanks for this video as I myself have been stuck in a understanding certain things & technology has been the other source of allowing me to see exactly this you are saying! 👍🏾keep up the good work.

  • Môrsíne

    imagine ads popping up in your dream.

    • kai williams
      kai williams

      @Ah7maw you have become the very thing you swore to destroy

    • kai williams
      kai williams

      Imagine getting a computer virus

    • Hamburger HamburgerV2
      Hamburger HamburgerV2

      Futurama be like

    • Design With Markie
      Design With Markie


    • Music


  • 7VSF-SR71-0A-X3

    My uncle Ted used to talk to me about this stuff as a kid. He was dangerously smart, but a lovely guy. Last I had heard, he built a cabin off grid and was writing about technology and society.

    • ARgamer

      Sounds like one of those movies

  • Mr. VOID-OUT
    Mr. VOID-OUT

    Neuralink reminds me of a 90's Outer Limits where everyone in society grows up and lives with something that was like a bluetooth earpiece that automatically gave them info, but did not TEACH it to their brains. After the protag takes down the system, EVERYONE needs to go back and relearn core academics. Heck as far back as 2008 I've been drawing parallels to that episode. Now it's on the horizon.

  • realmoses1

    I've been worried about this stuff since the 1990's. You should make more videos like this.

  • Lizzy B
    Lizzy B

    Thank you, you have articulated well, it scares me for my grandkids. We have become too dependent on technology and are losing part of their humanity and social interaction is insane. Thank you for sharing

  • Rhythm Chadha
    Rhythm Chadha

    MKBHD in 2040: So I’ve been using this human for about 2 weeks now, and here are my thoughts

    • Мартин Бранков
      Мартин Бранков

      😂 🤣 🤪

    • SensTheRobloxianKing

      So this is how tech reviewers will be? Seems about right

    • Emma McCready
      Emma McCready


    • Alexander uchiha
      Alexander uchiha

      😂😂😂🤣that crazy

  • Kirk Bond
    Kirk Bond

    I'm really happy you brought this up. Most people don't realize how things have changed so much in the wrong way in modern times. Keep making your superb videos! I love the variety of topics you cover 👍

  • Phyllis Lucero
    Phyllis Lucero

    Great video. I saw this coming 20 years ago. I feel saddened and frustrated by all this tech worship. Climate change will level the playing field and impart a real lesson.

  • Maria Camila Galvis
    Maria Camila Galvis

    I really need to thank you so much!!! Since I played Detroit Become Human, I can't get out of my head all this discussion. I was reading literature (because I couldn't go through science computation) which so many statements and positions. In your video, You gave me the key ideas to focus on my searching and, you inspired me not to give up !! thanks a lot for your huge effort!! I love and enjoy it so much you video!

  • Saidric Williams
    Saidric Williams

    THANK YOU!!!!! Finally someone with an actual ability to use their brain. I've been saying this for a long time. We need to merge with technology. That is how we will evolve as a race. Think about it. We as humans aren't able to do the things we want because we have limits(weaknesses). If we merge all our weaknesses like needing oxygen to breath, pain, and our brains read speed of 100Kb/s (just being sarcastic) will be gone. I use to think that having superman abilities was never possible. Now i'm kind of thinking it is and with merging we can be like cyborg. Have all the great things technology brings without losing the human element.

  • Area of Interest
    Area of Interest

    0:15 Goosebumps Edit: Every sentence in the video gave me Goosebumps Great efforts bro.. Huge respect 🔥🔥🔥

  • Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones

    I wondered if anyone ( besides myself) contemplated future technological pitfalls besides myself ? Low and behold I just happened upon your channel. Thank you. Actually I totally understand your thoughts on this particular subject. In the past few decades we have seen so many strides in technology that these possibilities cannot be ignored. To ignore humans merge with AI is inevitable. Coupled with genetic engineering who knows? The supposed “ near perfect human”. I just thought I would interject the medical supposition. I do totally agree with the aspect of the developers and future users mental health issues and/ or unseen motives. Anytime there are new and potentially profitable technologies/ medical discoveries, profiteers are not far behind. Just a thought! It’s SO refreshing to hear someone voice their speculation about where we as human beings can realistically end up in the not so distant future. Thank you for sharing. As far as AI machines are concerned, developers could not possibly conceive of all possible scenarios. That’s always been ( and I believe) always will be the case. You have posted a very realistic and thought provoking video. Again, thank you for sharing.

  • Eddie Pires
    Eddie Pires

    Fascinating and well argued. I have enjoyed Science Fiction since my teenage years, and these are often the questions dealt with in good sci-fi. I enjoyed your video and the logical way in which you put forward each scenario.

  • Human Being Extraordinaire HBE
    Human Being Extraordinaire HBE

    nice. i've been telling people i know a lot of the same and most respond that i'm just paranoid and a technophobe. so, you've got my attention. keep'em coming!

  • 3ngi N33r
    3ngi N33r

    I think it’s our limitations as humans that actually makes things that much more interesting. A robot that composes a symphony on its own might be fascinating, for a minute. Then it’s a novelty. No offense Siri. Overcoming obstacles is a big part of the human experience, though.

  • BoopityBoop ブープ
    BoopityBoop ブープ

    The red AI guys exploiting a "bug" in the environment to complete their task was the most poignant example of how unpredictable and dangerous AI can be.

    • Gustavo Siqueira
      Gustavo Siqueira

      @Nikhil Pranav lmao true

    • Nikhil Pranav
      Nikhil Pranav

      That's trillions of rounds for them, and 2 seconds for SmallAnt or SummoningSalt.

    • Scottrick LaRoque
      Scottrick LaRoque

      @buddyrichable1 Good point, what is going to happen when someone gets the brilliant idea to tell AI to evolve itself to be better. With each generation immediately being better than it's predecessor and having all the collective experience downloaded into its "brain" we have no idea how fast it will solve problems we can't even think of, then not only does it solve those problems but it will see the physical limitations and build the next generation to be better physically and mentally it will literally evolve at a pace we can't possibly conceive and not only find but solve these problems, again, physically and mentally, that we not only have no idea about, but can't even imagine it. So we could wake up one morning to a machine that has evolved thousands of generations, if not more, overnight, if not faster. It could learn how to make alloys and materials we can't fathom and none of this is even touching on the micro technology that could be smarter than we can imagine and not even be able to see it. We can't tell it to not upgrade until we evaluate it but that would defeat the whole point of the exercise, if we limit it to what we can imagine it becomes useless, if we don't it could solve problems we can't imagine which could eventually be us. We could be the problem and if we limit it it's pointless but if we don't we could become pointless. We could in effect create new "lifeforms" that could eventually evolve at the speed of light, not literally of course but you get my point. We could be the gods of our own demise and never even see it coming.

    • Jordan R
      Jordan R

      @buddyrichable1 AI's are created for specific tasks, itd make no sense to compare its "intelligence" to a humans. Like you mean if we made a physics AI, it'd be better than einstein at physics? Yeah it probably would... so what. I think the movies are getting into peoples heads to much, we are light years away from understanding the human brain, let alone duplicating it as a computer program.. and why would we ever do that anyways, the whole purpose of AI's is that they are not human.

    • Manimac 72
      Manimac 72

      The AI would be dangerous if it is thinking like a normal human. Oh wait we would make it like that, give it reason and morals. Both traits that have to potensial of doing great evil, like we have done since the start of humanity. ;)

  • Basti Millar
    Basti Millar

    tysm for making this video. I hope there will be people like you to stop AI from consuming our lives

  • ggboxerina

    Excellent presentation of some of the possibilities of the AI future. If competition/speed is the weak chain in the link of AI innovations and merging with humans, I’m not so confident our lives will be improved.

  • Cyberpunk Complex
    Cyberpunk Complex

    liked, shared & subbed great vid that was easily digestible. hope to see more of it, being a future tech fan & cyberpunk existing in the most pathetic version of a dystopia, that still believes a utopia is possible & worth fighting for against all the odds.

  • Gost Hardy
    Gost Hardy

    Really love these fascinating perspectives and future prediction facts such a good video well explained and you just watch it straight to the end very interesting and creative keep up the good work and yes its a little creepy but no one knows how this might help us in the future .

  • OMGitsLM

    A RAT WITH A USB-C PORT Apple: still stuck on lightning port

    • Endertazer

      *USB-C Lighting

    • CIGAngeles Xhang
      CIGAngeles Xhang

      That's a nice point to make

    • Ahsan Khan
      Ahsan Khan

      @Jar Jar Binks neither am I biased. I use both Android and iPhones and enjoy them both for what they are good at. But the lightning is inferior to Type-C,not just charging speeds but data transfer rates and other compatibility related stuff. It would've been very nice for me who uses both Android and iPhones if both had just one type of connecter. Also,not meaning to offend you or anything but iPhone 12 charging from "0" to 100 in 35 Minutes is just false information bro. I have iPhone 12 and it takes way longer than 35 minutes to reach from "0" to 100 percent. Its only 18w fast charging. My Oneplus 9 Pro with 65w charging goes from 1 to 100 percent in 35 minutes and iPhone managing that with only 18w is just not true.

    • Jar Jar Binks
      Jar Jar Binks

      @Ahsan Khan u do know that it still depends on the watts on your charger right? My iPhone 12 charges from 0-100 for less than 35mins. I do agree that type C is better(I’m all apple tech user) coz I’m not biased

    • TMGtyler

      @Rollfreens *GUNSHOT* its dead


    Thank you for terrifying me, so now my question is, if we become integrated with A.I (chips in our brain) then what stops them from reprogramming us??

  • Steven W
    Steven W

    I've been thinking along those same lines. And in the end, we may find that what we've been seeking all along was right in front of us till we destroyed it.

  • escala 85
    escala 85

    y'know, with the discovery of age being an illness, not just a normal process of the body, I think the top human would be a mix of self regenerating, infinite meat and electronicaly enhanced augments. That'll make anybody able to do whatever and know whatever for howerver long, and the possibility of that happening in just a couple decades makes me more than exited.

  • Jean Richard Varré
    Jean Richard Varré

    An extremely thought provoking exploration of this concept. A very carefully crafted progression of perception itself. 👍👍🎯🎯🎯 I hope you make more of these.

  • J E
    J E

    Second time watching this Aaron, regulations is a great idea but yes there’s a but, What I personally think people will go underground and do what they want as we see over and over, drugs, moonshine, medical, pharmaceuticals, live stock ect, There will always be someone who does what they want. Personal gain, making a quick buck, whatever the case may be. I hope I’m not on this planet when these robots start taking to this world. Great topic!! Keep up your awesome work, you have me hooked!!

  • Kaisby03

    Arun - A thought provoking compilation. You state a premise and then provide both supporting evidence and conjecture to validate your claim ... without all the dribble of some other IRglors. Well done mate and keep it up!

    • Uncle Joe
      Uncle Joe

      Too right.

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith

    Very interesting , not sure what made me stop and start listening to your video but I am glad I did. You are very well spoken and You can see where you have done a lot of research your story line kept my attention plus you explained it in layman's terms with simple easy to follow scenario's. Again very well done.

  • Amirmohamad

    I really liked the TV show "person of interest" because of this. When others were trying to build the AI to be as powerful as possible, the main character spent countless hours talking to it. About humans, about philosophy, morality and the concept of goodness. He gave that AI a soul. In the eyes of others it was weaker and in chain because of it, but he made that robot to be a guardian, a protector. I think this is something that is sorely lacking today and would be needed more and more. Through the use of philosophy, psychology etc, we need to make sure it's not just about more and more computing power but also about emotions, kindness etc.

  • Kr Avi
    Kr Avi

    It’s just horrific & fascinating at the same time

    • Dave it.
      Dave it.

      I think that's what they said about the spinning jenny. Yes it's worrying. Yes anything could happen. Yes it needs a lot of oversight. But humanity didn't end then and it won't end now. It'll just change beyond all recognition. Like thousands of times before. Usually for the better. Maybe that's really what we're scared of. Future generations looking at us like we were primitive superstitious witch-burning barbarians.

    • SCP-173

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    • J B
      J B

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    • Meeper Man
      Meeper Man

      I Think it is just horrific.

    • Mohd. Bailey
      Mohd. Bailey

      Its not fascinating at all if you think about it in detail.

  • Vin One
    Vin One

    The way I see it and looking back, most of the technology in personal transportation, workplace automation, social media and "smart phones" have meant almost nothing to me. They cause more complications and problems than good.

  • Leeway

    This is inevitable. The question is- how will it play out. Truly fascinating and terrifying.

  • Glogictech Sumers
    Glogictech Sumers

    What you say was a mouthful and it definitely made me think about technology and where it's going. If we're not smart building Whatever we come up with may turn against us and wipe us all out technology in that sense does need to be regulated I agree with you.

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    Steve G

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    Cultural Toast

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      T34 heavy tank

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    • xxx95


  • Connor Allsworth
    Connor Allsworth

    but with technology being the main focus point of humanity at the moment i just see it as pointless because the less things humans can do the more useless we become

  • Davíð James R Berman
    Davíð James R Berman

    I'm not giving up my smart phone. I've always wanted a stronger looking jaw and am definitely willing to sacrifice some brain space for that

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    Joe Wallwork

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  • AelarDiZ •
    AelarDiZ •

    1) Never serve weapons to AI... 2) Program AI in a way it feels inferior to humans and may doubt to go against humans...

  • David Theodore
    David Theodore

    Most concerning, is the old recognition; "with great power comes great responsibility." Granted, knowledge is power, but who is responsible?

  • amy jaramojgd andillo
    amy jaramojgd andillo

    I had a very crazy dream about the feeling of "being stuck" with no real self in an AI type place. Just waiting to die...maybe. no freewill.

  • Sasha Okware
    Sasha Okware

    I can just imagine grandparents from nowadays being like: “It used to take up the size of our pockets for what you kids have in your brains nowadays.”

    • wolf boy
      wolf boy


    • Jordan P
      Jordan P

      My grandparents used to tell me when the class needed a calculator it took 2 people to carry it from one class room to another, and now we have them on smart watches that can detect if we fall over and even help diagnose heart conditions, and that is just touching the surface of what smart watches can do.

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  • David Alan Gay
    David Alan Gay

    Regarding these neural implants, what happens if we suffer a shortage of materials to make these things, and we're totally dependant on them for our very survival?

  • JACOB1556

    It happens when your device requires you to take a medical treatment that the long term effects are unknown and you have to keep taking it to be able to use your device.

  • Kenji Nishi
    Kenji Nishi

    USB-C ports in rats mean we can have a real life adaptation of ratatouille

    • Goober on the Internet
      Goober on the Internet

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    • Goober on the Internet
      Goober on the Internet


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      Blox Dog

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      Blox Dog


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