The 2 Fastest Phones on the Planet.
Unboxing and Speed Testing the RedMagic 5G and the Xiaomi BlackShark 3 Pro Complete Set - Quite Possibly the Two Fastest Android Smartphones ever!
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  • Xtremis Pubg
    Xtremis Pubg

    I love watching things I can't afford

    • R10 gamer
      R10 gamer

      Same after I watch it it makes me what to buy it but am just a kid when I ask my dad or mom they say noo we don't have money or go get a job but am just a kid 13 years


      welp same ._.

    • Dread


    • Jackson Bro
      Jackson Bro


    • sussy

      That's because humans love watching video's that we don't have

  • SSJ2 Gohan
    SSJ2 Gohan

    The thing that surprised me the most is the price. I thought they'd easily be in the 1500 dollar range. 600-700 seems almost to cheap for what they're capable of.

    • Àhmád CR
      Àhmád CR

      @Jecielynn Alcedo Pathetic .. The Black shark 4 is 2.8 million 😐🤦‍♂️

    • Jecielynn Alcedo
      Jecielynn Alcedo

      It cost 30k in my country

    • LuigiSake

      i agree.

    • Osman Adsız
      Osman Adsız

      its 10k dollars for my countrys currency and inflation anyways

    • Astro Leaf
      Astro Leaf

      Totally agree

  • Abdous Jh’s
    Abdous Jh’s

    They are turning smartphones into video games and gammers love it 😍

    • tаiqs

      @jbl başş l0verツ no its gammers

    • jbl başş l0verツ
      jbl başş l0verツ

      lol gamers not gammers

  • Asphalt 8 Gamer
    Asphalt 8 Gamer

    Man these phones are really nice I love watching your videos keep up the great work 👍👍👍👍😊

  • nclg100811

    A 7.1 inch screen display! Wow that phone is insane!

  • tokyoyurei

    My father’s phone is only fast when he throws it at me


      I can hold you!

    • Atomic Bomb                  Zabs-17
      Atomic Bomb Zabs-17

      Lmfao my fathers slipper is faster than Rift's edits


      If it was a nokia 💀💀

    • Rainbow

      @Isaac Kaiser ur house is 12 floors long?!…

    • R3shad

      @MooZie dude chill

  • Harry Pearcey
    Harry Pearcey

    I loved watching this and slowly realising that both of these phone are probably twice as good as my gaming pc🥲

  • alicesvt

    great video! no long unnecessary intro ans you went straight to the point and i liked how you gave us a time for the next phone in case we just came to see that part

  • Sharkegy

    I like how computers who has lower specs than this costs more than the fastest phone in the world

  • Spec World
    Spec World

    I will consider to make a comparing video on these great phones. Thanks Arun bro 🥰

  • ZeroShogan

    Redmagic : 16GB of ram My pc: wait that's illegal

    • ShotoPlays


    • Hades

      My phone has 18 GB ram lmao

    • Incognito


    • Piotr Kowalski
      Piotr Kowalski

      my pc (32 GB): phew was a close one.

    • WolfGaming


  • Rotwiler

    I have the Bs3 pro and the newer redmagic 6. Noth phones are nice, but my BS3 pro after about 18 months started getting screen issues, when warms up turns green and ghosting images. Redmagic 6 is thinner, lighter, sane basically as the 5 version. Fan can be noisy, pressure triggers work good, but I liked the black shark mech triggers better. Camera, both about same, UI Noth have own quirks. Both not 100% usa bands for 4g and only like 1 band for 5g.

  • Frence Sincero
    Frence Sincero

    I love the red magic. because it has a built in cooler in it.

  • Timothy Hansen
    Timothy Hansen

    Personally, I'd go Red Magic because the fan is built-in rather than a second attachment you also have to power separately. Plus, shoulder buttons that automatically extend & retract seem like an unnecessary feature that would probably break sooner rather than later depending on use, & if they break while retracting then they're no longer usable.

  • Ragzy

    This is my favurite phone, in the last 2 weeks ive switched from wanting samsung, to xiaomi, to redmagic.

  • Ahmed Muratovic
    Ahmed Muratovic

    When ur phone has 4 times more RAM than ur pc

    • 1Noob1Gamer1


    • Recontention

      But still can't play GTA v lmao

    • Prabhjote Singh Namdhari
      Prabhjote Singh Namdhari


    • Skiz


    • Cyan Animations
      Cyan Animations

      I can relate

  • David Ezenwa
    David Ezenwa

    I would definitely go with the red shark

  • noreon

    Could have mentioned the battery life time I guess.

  • Gravefinisher

    Considering they bot basically have the same features I would go with the redmagic

  • Aery

    I think the second gaming phine is better its Amoled also and super fast charging

  • NoVaDa

    Apple: 'there is no room for an audiojack' Redmagic: 'hold my fan, trigger buttons and gamingmode switch'

    • Jack Bassett
      Jack Bassett

      @FlameingMistXD Android isn’t one company. It’s unfair to pit a single company against an entire operating system with hundreds of thousands of different types of phones, with many of them specialized to do one thing very well. Not like most Android companies provide a headphone jack anymore anyways sadly…

    • Jack Bassett
      Jack Bassett

      @THE-LAG-GAMER ITA Literally every phone has that tho

    • Nima AFK
      Nima AFK

      1000th like

    • Dread

      Is it okay to print this quote?

    • FlameingMistXD

      HAH android has one aswell so TAKE THAT APPLE you can't charge and listen to this at the same time on your own!

  • Isaac

    These phones are 2 times more powerful than all my electronics at my home

  • André Coimbra Villela
    André Coimbra Villela

    what about the Red Magic 6 R? would you do another video analyzing it?

  • Blade Rances
    Blade Rances

    For me even tho i dont own a iphone 13 i just think that the iphone 13 is the perfect balance of gameing specs and simple design of the phone

  • Random Internet Guy
    Random Internet Guy

    RedMagic having a headphone jack is just a relief.

  • Mayur Das
    Mayur Das

    There was a time when 7" screen was for tablets

    • Abinash Tarai
      Abinash Tarai


    • lukedachicken


    • King Dino Dragonite
      King Dino Dragonite

      @Avery Huelsbeck don't forget pacman

    • Asutoro

      When dinosaurs still roamed the earth

    • William Wood
      William Wood

      aaeeeey, I gotch-yer seven inchezzz right ovrr here... (no one under 45 knows what I'm talking about)

  • ruTwizt

    I got the redmagic in 2019 or so, its a great phone and didn't cost as much as the iphones when i got it.

  • Juhn-wel Gula
    Juhn-wel Gula

    Ohhh this is the content I was looking for 💚

  • Prince Magwick
    Prince Magwick

    i love watching your videos sitting down for a while and watching an hour or two of your videos i have watch so many other channels but yours is my fave by a long shot!

  • Steve Griffiths
    Steve Griffiths

    What a refreshingngly smart video presentation. Out of these 2 which is the best as a smart phone as opposed a gaming fone.

  • Vineet

    when he said that people took gaming that seriously i felt it

    • EyeSheetMiceElf

      It’s like a psp just in better lmfaooooooo

    • Dilla8558 Dilla8558
      Dilla8558 Dilla8558

      @Dirt Dragon you can play tournaments. Make a gaming content. Just like pc/console.

    • Dilla8558 Dilla8558
      Dilla8558 Dilla8558

      @VLPR some country. Gaming pc is much more expensive than a gaming phone.

    • Dilla8558 Dilla8558
      Dilla8558 Dilla8558

      At least you can make money from the tournaments. Just like pc games

    • Dilla8558 Dilla8558
      Dilla8558 Dilla8558

      @Hampter kinda true tho. But In my country (Malaysia) pubg is second most famous game. First one is mobile legends.

  • Destiny Marie
    Destiny Marie

    that phone looks so cool 😍

  • HenryCraftCZ

    For me is better RedMagic: have more RAM, is cheaper and have 8K video and photos.

  • the stupid
    the stupid

    I love how sumsang and iphoney are arguing about this and these guys are putting fans in their phones

  • Marvin

    I really wish I had enough to buy that redmagic right now

  • Snow

    "we removed the headphone jack because it takes up too much space" Red Magic : bullS#!t ....add a fan too

    • AetherXSN

      @Andy Casimir wait what

    • AetherXSN

      @MichelZelf how about no and instead, wired gaming headphones

    • Dipsana Roy
      Dipsana Roy

      @Snow That gif dp u have LoL

    • Wolfy


    • Walker

      I love Samsung Phones 😍❤

  • Danny Symington
    Danny Symington

    The fact that phones now have more ram than my gaming pc makes me wish I had more money lol

  • Gina Trujillo
    Gina Trujillo

    I would want the redmagic 5g because it is awesome and at a budget

  • Maysin Bell
    Maysin Bell

    2022 and still enjoying my Razer 2. The battery is getting pooched; but I enjoyed playing Diablo Immortal on my still-capable Snapdragon 835 with toasty hands. :)

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe

    Im having a hard time deciding between the red magic or the Asus ROG 3 phone. Was buying a new phone after the new year.

  • Tiny The Duck
    Tiny The Duck

    I just realized my phone (Galaxy A21s) has the exact same battery capacity as the second phone.

  • lilsavage blaze
    lilsavage blaze

    Imagine your phone being stronger than a gaming pc

  • Oo Oo
    Oo Oo

    Most gaming phones are just meant for performance usually,so most dont focus on basic tools

  • Mogu

    The red magic looks awesome

  • midnight dreams
    midnight dreams

    (10:25) In 2019: You need to leave it under the fan to prevent from overheating IN 2020: Leave it out in the sun to DEFROST

    • VIBaJ 16
      VIBaJ 16

      2028: Apple lets you have the option to have a headphone jack, but you have to pay an extra $900

    • Aryan


    • Xkiller 90
      Xkiller 90

      @Kenneth Jayson Buton for real

    • Kenneth Jayson Buton
      Kenneth Jayson Buton

      2026: Apple: We introduce the iphone XXVII....We upgraded the camera to 200 mp and the rest is the same

    • Marc Jay
      Marc Jay

      2025: "Scratches at level 7 with deeper grooves at level 8" ..wait what?!

  • vale

    That Blackshark fan it's what my phone needs lmao this thing reach a level of hotness that y'all can imagine 🤣

  • ReetBlox

    the full stop in the title gave me HUGE chills, literally

  • nofu

    ive got the blackshark 4 but without the cooler thing and i love it

  • Fallen Time builds
    Fallen Time builds

    I wish I could have stuff like this I’m still using a pc from 2011 and this guy has like a million phones

  • Juanjo PM
    Juanjo PM

    I fell in love with the Redmagic one, first of all: the integrated fan. Passive cooling on phones sometimes suck, and my actual phone's does. Stereo speakers are also a pretty nice detail; the display seems good, but can't notice it in a 24FPS video. And last but not least, the design is pretty gorgeous!!! I'm sure the camera thing can be corrected with a third-party app, such as OpenCamera, so it'd be no problem for me. Sadly, I can't afford any of them :/. I'm so glad I found your channel, it's pretty entertaining and it's noticeable you put work on it. Congrats!

    • Gaming with KSD
      Gaming with KSD

      redmagic only has 16 gb ram

    • The Dead Channel
      The Dead Channel

      The Redmagic was really cool

    • Ashfaq IMR
      Ashfaq IMR

      Just its amazing like bruh

    • AetherXSN

      @Ratna Debnath except ROG Phone 5 and its variations, performance-wise, the best, it has the specs of the RedMagic but better, but on the other hand they suck because if you drop it once it would probably break.

    • Kirk Eidem
      Kirk Eidem

      Any with a fan built in are shit. They aren't made to have a fan, the fan will produce more heat then it can disperse. Get the affordable option in the red magic 6R it's a solid phone. I can game for 20+ hours on it without it getting hot. Battery life is astounding. I typically watch yt for 8hrs at night at work and I don't need to charge it till I get home in the morning. Usually still at around 47% after hard use.

  • Mohammad Aryan
    Mohammad Aryan

    Cool and amazing phones 🤩. 256gb that's normal for phones

  • LorettaRosy63

    It feels like those came from the future. They're cool though.

  • Robert Gilmore
    Robert Gilmore

    I would probably want red magic it seems like it has very good quality and the size is somthing I would want and its very cheap

  • BB

    Do you have to have a carrier for the phones to work? I'm thinking about getting one and before I pay for it I need to know lol

  • Boladele Dapo Thomas
    Boladele Dapo Thomas

    This guy uses the best adjectives and words

    • Prithiviflippin voodoo
      Prithiviflippin voodoo

      Couldn't care less he's British

    • Jaks Djkd
      Jaks Djkd

      Jacks Jaks

    • aaryan joshy
      aaryan joshy

      he is English

    • Sofxni2

      So good he can probably be in a new phone ad Ikr agreed :)

    • Shiny Shanbagam
      Shiny Shanbagam

      @Desmond Ang yeah

  • W A
    W A

    Hey. Is the black shark 3 pro still the best option a year later?

  • Michael Burgess
    Michael Burgess

    I wear XXL boxing gloves and that is still a bit too large for me. I like the size of the phone, but for the power button placement to be perfect for me (relative to where it is on the phone), the phone would have to be shrunk an entire inch. That placement seems like really poor design. Perhaps there are important hardware pieces that needed to be placed in the middle where there is more space internally.


    Dreamin to have one of this

  • Gowtham A
    Gowtham A

    "Insane" 55W Charger , It's only 2022 and it already sounds cute 😂

  • Aaron Camat
    Aaron Camat

    Arun: *says that redmagic 5G fan is loud* my phone": *laughs in jet engine*

    • supercellex3d

      dell vostro: laughs in FAA violation

    • 𝕓𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕖


    • Linkin001

      my pc 100DB BI@!@ LOL GET REKT

    • Watchdogs Legion
      Watchdogs Legion

      @Rybread 212 lmao 🤣

    • theinkcat

      My asus laptop: *laughs in hydrogen bomb*

  •  Velocity

    How do you order the full set?

  • 『Shadownick』

    Currently getting Red Magic 5S, so I'm going around peeping videos on it.

  • gaming_OG

    I just got the first phone, and I’m a gamer and it helped me SO much

  • Yvonne Burns
    Yvonne Burns

    But what's the speakers resolution set at on the red magic?

  • fff af
    fff af

    In 2020: "headphone jack removed, too much space xD" RedMagic: Let's go make some fans In the future: "USB ports added, for better connection" Everyone: is this a phone

    • Npc

      @Facundo Quevedo because phones are used for calling emailing social media the point is that it's not used for gaming even though there's a "market" phones will never be drastically changed to become like gaming consoles. The reason why gaming consoles are being upgraded is so players can have smoother fps and graphics while there gaming. So why waste time on a device that never needed any upgrades to gaming in the first place? plus the game market for phones is terrible even if let's say apple or Samsung made a line of gaming phones? it would ultimately fail because there is no interest and almost nonexistent demand in that type of market. When you can just buy an Xbox, ps5, or a pc. That's why apple or Samsung doesn't care about it. because it's a waste of money you know why because nobody wants it.

    • Facundo Quevedo
      Facundo Quevedo

      @Npc There's a market for this already, meaning there is people that would support this idea, soon enough "everyone" will use a phone for gaming (and I am really against that idea on itself). If you really think about this, there is absolutely no reason for a phone to have more than 6gb of RAM, yet here we are, with a phone focused on gaming with thrice the specified RAM.

    • Npc

      @Facundo Quevedo because not everyone uses a phone for gaming.

    • Midsi

      Its now gonna be called a gaming phone console laptop pc

    • stormingboy

      Let’s add a outlet on it as well because fuck it while your at it add every single type of usb there is and let’s support VR gaming that beats the HTC vive

  • Mr.Knight ff
    Mr.Knight ff

    I would go with the shark one it very cool but not a big fan of the phone case

  • DarkGloryGaming

    Definite Red magic, one version can dual charge

  • kingpin1

    i love looking at phones which are more expensive and powerful than my laptop

  • Sicho66

    I love watching ur vids and u should never give up on ur dreams

  • Rig* 3619
    Rig* 3619

    Red Magic fan starts running My fan in the living room: You cheating on me?

    • Yay :D
      Yay :D

      @B34ST r/ihavereddit

    • Quin Nof
      Quin Nof

      This is funny?

    • ツ

      @Memeist I bet this dude got hacked so the hacker is just messing around with his acc

    • Jenny Tomelden
      Jenny Tomelden

      @j Roblox doesn't suck, well thats my opinion. But still roblox is kinda boring now.

    • Jenny Tomelden
      Jenny Tomelden

      @Memeist Imao if your him in the future shouldn't your spelling be 100 percent accurate?

  • Moses Ace Crawford
    Moses Ace Crawford

    I wonder with both phones does it have "wireless connection Bluetooth " now adays your able to play xbox and playstation games on the device with no lag. Also can you connect your controllers for precision on the mobile games?

  • sorJo

    I own a RedMagic 6. Is it better than the RM5G?

  • Calix

    redmagic has a option for extra things Xiomi s MIUI:finally a good oponent

  • OrBit

    I want both🤩🤩🤩🤩 But i cant afford it 😢😢😢 Maybe sometime in future💜💜

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    My mind: Blackshark 3 pro My heart: Red Magic 5g My hand: iPhone 5s

    • AcnhShortTipsAndTricks

      @Mayank give it to me👿

    • AcnhShortTipsAndTricks

      @39 Aditya Mahto I've always wanted the note series, lucky

    • IwasFrogs

      My phone: Samsung prime G(i forgot)

    • umm ok?
      umm ok?

      my hand: samsung galaxy s5

    • E?

      Before you buy pick a Bigger storage Better specs Bigger battery Better camera Better quality That's all i said Do it for yourself

  • Girl On A Quest
    Girl On A Quest

    I'm tired of always having the best phone in the world only for a day till something else comes out.

  • Inferdesu

    I will definitely consider the first phone ofc

  • kaselyn

    I love the black shark real good!!👍


    What a magic that's my dream phone

  • Howard Tse
    Howard Tse

    Redmagic: 16 GB Ram My laptop: *cries in 4 GB Ram*

    • Ice Fairy Cirno
      Ice Fairy Cirno

      Cries at 4.00 ram

    • Your Source of Memes
      Your Source of Memes

      My laptop: atleast i have 8GB of ram *silently crying*

    • X2_Thunder

      It is the double of my laptop's ram but it doesn't matter how good your device is it matters how good you are at the game

    • Gogi Poggers
      Gogi Poggers

      *cries in overpriced phone that only has 8*

    • osc-omb

      @Quantum Diaming i mean I've only had problems with 3gb ram on a really old phone