The 2 Fastest Phones on the Planet.
Unboxing and Speed Testing the RedMagic 5G and the Xiaomi BlackShark 3 Pro Complete Set - Quite Possibly the Two Fastest Android Smartphones ever!
More about the RedMagic here:

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  • ZeroShogan

    Redmagic : 16GB of ram

  • Xtremis Pubg
    Xtremis Pubg

    I love watching things I can't afford

  • Boladele Dapo Thomas
    Boladele Dapo Thomas

    This guy uses the best adjectives and words

  • Aaron Camat
    Aaron Camat


  • Vineet

    when he said that people took gaming that seriously i felt it

  • Dyslexic

    I remember when I was getting a phone and seeing the Redmagic 1 on a stand for 1000$ and I thought that looked so cool. Now they have the 6 and it's half the price. Props to Red

  • Ahmed Muratovic
    Ahmed Muratovic

    When ur phone has 4 times more RAM than ur pc

  • NoVaDa

    Apple: 'there is no room for an audiojack'

  • Juanjo PM
    Juanjo PM

    I fell in love with the Redmagic one, first of all: the integrated fan. Passive cooling on phones sometimes suck, and my actual phone's does. Stereo speakers are also a pretty nice detail; the display seems good, but can't notice it in a 24FPS video. And last but not least, the design is pretty gorgeous!!! I'm sure the camera thing can be corrected with a third-party app, such as OpenCamera, so it'd be no problem for me. Sadly, I can't afford any of them :/. I'm so glad I found your channel, it's pretty entertaining and it's noticeable you put work on it. Congrats!

  • Doctorbean04

    I'd say if I was on a budget I'd do the redmagic but If I had enough I would definitely do the blackshark


    man i really feel comfortable watching things I can't afford

  • Matthew

    The red magic phone earns my respect

  • tokyoghosts

    My father’s phone is only fast when he throws it at me

  • RASEN 1412
    RASEN 1412

    I love watching expensive thing's that I can't afford😓😭

  • SilverStoneX

    The Red Magic is still my go too. I'm more comfortable with the size, the triggers sit nicely where I need them to be and it is more affordable.

  • snigdha sridhar
    snigdha sridhar

    Can we just admire him for not using click bait

  • Tim Fischer
    Tim Fischer

    I'm excited to see have phones with more hardware buttons back. Really miss them.

  • TechGrasp

    They are turning smartphones into video games and gammers love it 😍

  • Anurag

    "we removed the headphone jack because it takes up too much space"

  • Big breasts and stuff
    Big breasts and stuff

    The only reason I might get one is because it's cheap (for what it has), has cooling, has lots of storage, has good battery.