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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    First video in a while! But we've got LOTS Cooking now 😈If you could own any tech from this video, which would it be? To see my best phones of 2021 so far: irglo.info/from/Z9NkjGCnirq0oaM/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Sean

      @munna tripathi bhaiyya jnnnnnjnnjjnjjnjnnnjjjjjjjnjjjnjjnjjnjjnnnnjnjnnnjnjnnjnjnnnnnnnnnnnjnnjnnjnnnjjnnnnjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • Aham technical gamer gamer
      Aham technical gamer gamer

      Mini phone

    • Jessica Spencer
      Jessica Spencer

      Actually everthing.

    • Jessica Spencer
      Jessica Spencer

      First one.

    • Mario

      Shut upa

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This man is such a legend, he managed to Rick Roll us on the world's smallest projector

    • Toxicsway223

      How did you get a check

    • Salmane Oulcaid
      Salmane Oulcaid


    • Aubrey Hill
      Aubrey Hill

      Really I thought he showed us one of his videos

    • Juan Frias Paredes
      Juan Frias Paredes

      You spoiled it!!!!!

    • joshuawlam


  • Michele Zeier Atzl
    Michele Zeier Atzl

    Milo must be so happy about all the boxes, and he has his own laptop to watch bird videos on.Hope to see best cat fun gadgets!

  • MinnesotaExpat

    I actually have a GPD MicroPC which is even smaller, 6" versus 7" screen. I'll admit, I was amazed it ran like its full sized brethren.

  • Michael Salomone
    Michael Salomone

    Couple thoughts... maybe the headphone that was broken is the one that fell out of the box when u opened it. Also... the fridge. Bigger mini fridges take longer than 4 hours to cool things down. The size of that if u give it more time I think it would get cooler.

  • Michael Roger St Denis
    Michael Roger St Denis

    I love those mini smartphones. They go by another name in the Asian market, they are also called "Anti-Addiction Phones". They are meant to do basic tasks, look cute, but curb the addiction of endlessly scrolling and to do more meaningful things with our time.

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    You've made alot of short people very happy 🤣😂

    • ColeTheAwesome

      Yes you did (me)

    • Hangin' With Dami
      Hangin' With Dami

      @Humanity First and I oop

    • Victoria Stokes
      Victoria Stokes

      making fun people not good, you're speaking to her wrong person I'm short

    • Mike

      I’m very short.

    • Softest_kitten

      Yeah it help me a lot lol 😂

  • Chandrasekhar Polavarapu
    Chandrasekhar Polavarapu

    This guy never runs out of words when asking for subscription.. love it.

  • Vincent

    Can we all agree that he deserves a world record such a legend

  • MidWest RiverRat
    MidWest RiverRat

    I laughed way harder than I should have when you plugged the power bank into the drone

  • Skyler Dunkley
    Skyler Dunkley

    I'm glad I found this channel. It's been a delight watching your videos.

  • Storm Titan
    Storm Titan

    I like how no one is talking about how he got a fully functional smartphone for a dollar

    • Ava H
      Ava H

      @karam alqussiri this is true. I wouldn’t buy a smartphone from wish like he did. And it could just be a fake iPhone. But still, whatever it is, it was working. And it fooled me. But there are some things on wish you can get, you just gotta make sure the sellers are as reputable as you can find

    • Ava H
      Ava H

      @BlueMoDize this seems likely. They do have pretty good deals when you buy from them

    • oh ye krokites
      oh ye krokites

      I know, I'm impressed

    • Black League
      Black League

      I mean... Flash forward a year and every cell phone company is giving away I phones for free... I don't want it anyway, apple sucks it's all brain washing.

    • N J
      N J

      easy to find ultra cheap old phones brah

  • Jean-Luc Canas
    Jean-Luc Canas

    The most budget true wireless I’ve ever had was 1.25$ at Dollar Tree. I needed Bluetooth for my iPad but left my headphones in my classroom over the weekend.

  • Oreo

    Respect to the guy, rickrolled us with the world smallest projector..

  • BrickBoy

    He always finds a way to Rick roll us

  • BelugaWhale

    I’m gonna buy the world’s smallest phone and then try to genuinely use it seriously for a day and see if anybody notices

  • Randall Emmons
    Randall Emmons

    The 1$ iPhone is straight up a sales pitch. They troll for email's, or shipping address of famous reviewers by sending you other stuff, and then one they can recognize a destination as a big reviewer, they send you the working stuff. This makes you think that anyone who orders it gets a working one, and drives sales of the plastic ones. Also, I'm sure a good chunk of the stuff on wish is "siezed" or stolen goods.

    • YaBoy


    • User

      @Trinidad Given new US import taxes, they started routing stuff out of nearby countries (e.g. Kyrgyzstan). Fascinating to see how it’s changed. Lots more consolidation now versus ten years ago (shipments from different sellers arriving together) - tech must’ve made that easier.

    • Bella Cons
      Bella Cons

      I've ordered stuff from Wish before. Prices are cheap but the shipping fee is costly. Now the phone is $1.25 and the shipping fee is $45. Don't want to try though.

    • Uncrustable

      @Sonic Cookie plus tax

    • CopyrightStrike Songs
      CopyrightStrike Songs

      @Sonic Cookie exactly

  • Heng Ah!
    Heng Ah!

    “It has a headphone jack” that is the funniest thing I have heard on a tiny phone unboxing in comparison to mainstream flagships

  • Molly Girvan
    Molly Girvan

    I like how no one’s talking about the fact if you searched up ‘mini car’ it would show the brand not just toy cars 😂

  • MS Adaline [ASMR, random stuff, DE, EN]
    MS Adaline [ASMR, random stuff, DE, EN]

    You made me laugh so hard with the power bank gas thing on the minidrone xDD

  • ♡ Sana ♡
    ♡ Sana ♡

    I love how he found a fully operational iPhone for $1

  • Alejandro Díaz carranco
    Alejandro Díaz carranco

    That mini laptop seems actually pretty functional (for the size, price and in comparison with the other devices), plus I liked that trackpad.

    • Axpen

      Well I mean, for £667 you could get a normal-sized laptop, so…

    • Captain Poop
      Captain Poop

      The company is called gpd and they are a legit, portable PC company. They make amazing mini laptops. Their latest have the hardware to shame a normal sized laptop. And yes, they are quality made. I own 2.

    • Firemaker125

      It’s made by GPD, who make a lot of good mini PCs (and a terrible android “console” for some reason).

    • David Rahd
      David Rahd

      @Infinite loop I never cared too much about fan noise, some people get very anoyed by it. but i just don't care that much. the size and how easy it is to carry it around is what made the deal for me. it is always on my back pack.

    • Infinite loop
      Infinite loop

      I bought one but sold it one month after. It's great quality, but I couldn't stand the sound of the fan. It was very loud and always on.

  • Naas Herbst
    Naas Herbst

    You are defnitely the most fun and entertaining to watch with these videos.


    Actually you can get better tws than the one you used at $12 and at $39 we can get whole powerful tws with good quality sound.

  • Aviral Jha
    Aviral Jha

    12:00 Can we appreciate the digits of the cost and size of this phone?

  • akapesic

    Just watched the "I bought every single iPhone" video. just gotta say the videos have become so much better! keep it up!

  • Hejzha

    Wish: how many small phones are you going to buy? Arun: yes.

    • I killed that beard guy
      I killed that beard guy

      @Jorge Alecs but why not arun?

    • Plasma YT
      Plasma YT

      @Jorge Alecs yes its arun

    • Aayush Warrier
      Aayush Warrier

      @Jorge Alecs its arun

    • Jorge Alecs
      Jorge Alecs

      I hope his name is Aaron not arun😅

  • Benjamin

    When I first discovered your videos, I’ve been watching them everyday. 😎😁

  • Louise Massie
    Louise Massie

    I always thought a mini phone would be a good "backup" if you had to surrender your phone for any reason....

  • Jaya HP
    Jaya HP

    I like how your cat is so cutely watching the laptop screen just like a kid

  • Gavdood

    The miniature laptop really surprised me it’s literally a MacBook for $670

  • Pranav Somayajula
    Pranav Somayajula

    I said it once and I'll say it again. This man did a double PhD in rickrolling.

    • akbar khan
      akbar khan

      Lol- you deserve the 162 likes.

  • Yua_StarzDust

    Im a huge fan of small stuff So id probably want all those small phones

  • adiru

    ok but those small smartphones can be used for when your parents take your phone 😏

  • Purplehearts32

    I've seen cell phones as small as 2 inches! 😲

  • Ana Maria Suarez
    Ana Maria Suarez

    19:13 The Funkey-S is smaller and can emulate PSX, Dreamcast and most Nintendo consoles

  • Sunhay Seam
    Sunhay Seam

    This guy’s production is on the next level! I just love this series so much!

    • Kevin Ward
      Kevin Ward

      @emes aa

    • emes




  • Emma Jimenez
    Emma Jimenez

    I wish that you call mini phone cases for the mini phones 👌

  • Leslee Lane
    Leslee Lane

    I legit want some of these things

  • Sillimant

    re: the true wireless earbuds one doesn't work because they need to be paired with each other and then the phone, otherwise only one pairs with the phone. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that's what I had to do with mine. I was forced to get bluetooth earbuds so I got the cheapest ones I could find

  • Riley Butler
    Riley Butler

    I just like how with the 9000000 lumen light his cat just wanted to play with it when he unboxed it

  • Cubana Double
    Cubana Double

    "That's tiny" "For the size it's not bad" That's what she said

    • Black League
      Black League

      @《Alex-Whiteت》 meh style joke

    • Prower Power
      Prower Power

      Ay oh

    • DC

      @Epicl20 that's what she said

    • Epicl20

      @Mimit Saad yeah you don't get it :l

    • Mimit Saad
      Mimit Saad

      I never got it

  • Tiffany Ford
    Tiffany Ford

    I love that everything is so small😯

  • Dax Peterson
    Dax Peterson

    Ya know I thought most of those phones were pretty average some of the were even enormous

  • Lia Gervais
    Lia Gervais

    I want that mini laptop , that is brilliant!!

  • Leon Watson
    Leon Watson

    Love how he's basically reviewed prison phones

  • Nunna Ya' Business
    Nunna Ya' Business

    I cannot explain the utter joy I feel seeing these absolutely tiny cell phones that still somehow work.

    • BumbleBee

      I liked the tiny kamikaze drone, 7 dollars? - impressive..

    • darrick steele
      darrick steele

      it'll be the battery.

  • angelicoriginn

    My roomate has the second to last of the smallest phones and let me tell you, when she whipped that thing out ot show me I about died. I diodn't believe it worked at first but she really did call someone on it!!

  • Black League
    Black League

    Only @ who's the boss could buy cheap wish items and get his moneys worth. I want the mini drone, lipstick mouse, and the mini phone. Great video I do appreciate the effort

  • Techkian

    The GPD pocket is beaten by a company called planet computers.the actual smallest laptop(s) are the Planet Gemini & the Planet Cosmo communicator.and surprisingly,they both run Android!?

  • Nuggies

    I laughed so hard when you ricked rolled us😂😂😂

  • Maheshwar R
    Maheshwar R

    The amount of content this guy brings into every video is just incredibly increasing every single time😶🔥

  • Vincent proulx
    Vincent proulx

    7:13 there's a flashlight that has 100,000 lumens and it is actually very much a lot brighter than this so if that flashlight actually had 99 billion lumens it would melt and be brighter than the sun

  • Sadhvika Dipu
    Sadhvika Dipu

    this man needs a world record for "the worlds most obsessed person to rick astley

  • Mason Monroe
    Mason Monroe

    why is it that whoever made the super tiny phone can handle adding a headphone jack but the biggest companys in the world cant handle slapping one in a normal sized phone... Why

  • 2ProKids

    Him: these are some headphones that do not exist in real life Also him: Holding them

  • HESH AtSeaLab
    HESH AtSeaLab

    Perhaps this should be called “I wasted 5 thousand dollars on tiny tech so you didn’t have to.”

    • It’s AFF
      It’s AFF

      Austin evans type beat

    • Saitama

      I might just gie it to the tiny people that love in my house. They can have it take beautiful picture for me

    • Saitama

      I was thinking the alt title is I feel stupid and angry for wasting my money on tiny tech that I might not use.

    • Itiskoda


    • Carles and Julio
      Carles and Julio


  • Jackie Joseph
    Jackie Joseph

    Me: buys two phones I feel rich 💲 Him: this is the definition of RICH 💲💲💲

  • Mandie Moore
    Mandie Moore

    I am ridiculously addicted to miniature working things. This is going to be all bad for me. Guilty pleasure, here I come.

  • Shio Li
    Shio Li

    This man is awesome

  • Hotsnow3241

    Imagine they made a mini apple watch. At that point, it would just be an apple ring. XD

  • Sylvie Laufeydottir
    Sylvie Laufeydottir

    Something about a grown men being scare of a tiny drone just made my day.

  • sussy baka
    sussy baka

    Those tech are so cool!

  • Utli Scarlet
    Utli Scarlet

    brings a whole new meaning to "lost my phone"

  • RaeLogan

    I expected 9bil lumens to vaporize anything that can in contact with the beam.

  • Creative Studio
    Creative Studio

    Loving these miniatures! 😍

  • Srikar Patnaik
    Srikar Patnaik

    Can we appreciate how consistent arun is at rickrolling us?

  • CorrineYT

    The way you just drop it is like hilarious 😂

  • Amaya Evans
    Amaya Evans

    I love your videos so much!!

  • Jado5150

    I'm assuming he doesn't live in the UK anymore. I've noticed on a few videos now that even when there's UK power adapters available he always selects the eu ones.

  • Mitul Gupta
    Mitul Gupta

    arun never fails to rickroll us

  • Greg Stevenson
    Greg Stevenson

    “I’m not someone who gets excited about vacuum cleaners” is exactly something someone who gets excited about vacuum cleaners would say👀

    • É Mexendo que se Aprende
      É Mexendo que se Aprende

      @DIGITAL G monica who?


      This reminds me of Monica lol

    • shahab azam
      shahab azam

      Is this russian propaganda

    • É Mexendo que se Aprende
      É Mexendo que se Aprende

      Beeing a men, how is he not excited?

  • ZoieTheBisaya

    Bro out off all the videos you've made this one might be my favourite😂😂😂

  • Desperate Chihuahua
    Desperate Chihuahua

    Who else took it personaly every time he said "That's tiny"?



  • Animesh Gupta
    Animesh Gupta

    These products are quite beautiful

  • シRyder

    That mini laptop actually looks quite well made and decent, that’s insane.

    • A15 Bionic
      A15 Bionic

      @Metalhead probably ebay used laptop that has a pentium lol

    • Metalhead

      @Jack Magnium There is no way you have an actually good gaming laptop for 200. How?

    • Jack Magnium
      Jack Magnium

      @Strawberry boy :) thats more than what my current gaming laptop costs. 200 dollars

    • Strawberry boy :)
      Strawberry boy :)

      it is 650$ but still I think its a good traid off

  • Mac Stuff
    Mac Stuff

    The fact that I can't even afford the miniature ps5

  • General squirrel
    General squirrel

    I love that mini laptop that has windows 10. But i also love that projector

  • Al3x

    All of those are still bigger then my will to live :/