Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.
My thoughts on how Xiaomi has managed to beat Samsung and Apple to number 1 spot in Smartphones! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/mrwhosetheboss
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Oh snap we just hit 8 million!!! 😭 If you want my deep dive on Samsung's confusing Foldable strategy then check here: irglo.info/from/q7dimoeGrbfPkGg/fy-lm-h-y.html&

    • The_MLG_Gamers_&_Makers


    • Rick Astley
      Rick Astley


    • winnie the xi ping
      winnie the xi ping


    • Javed Ahad
      Javed Ahad

      I went for iPhone 13 pro max this year because of the flat screen display, i hate Samsung pushing the curve/edge screen on us. Hate it.

  • Azar Mamiyev
    Azar Mamiyev

    As a PassionFruit user, I don’t care about specs, cameras or competition. I all want is Passion

    • Edward's Branchline Productions
      Edward's Branchline Productions

      I have the new passionfruit pixel 1000 pro plus max ultra and..... Passion

    • Duded

      The iphoney doesn't work but I still have passion.... fruit

    • World Of Tech
      World Of Tech

      Watching on the new 2022 PassionFruit SHE

    • [Insert Name]
      [Insert Name]

      @BirdMaster XD DX

    • [Insert Name]
      [Insert Name]


  • Indiskret1

    Great analysis. After more than 5 years with Huawei, contemplating which brand I should switch to, I went with Xiaomi. I tried to like Samsung as my brother has one och loves it, but I simply couldn't. Xiaomi reminded me of why I loved Huawei, innovative and diverse models, things like IR-blaster. Samsung in comparison is too expensive for what they offer, and imho a bit dull. Sure, they are very good phones, but to me, Xiaomi offers more for less, and managed to get me excited, much more so than Samsung.

    • RacimPog

      @YUMMY CASH FOOD RECIPES wdym there's not play store


      @Duckguy13 what is gcam

    • Duckguy13

      @YUMMY CASH FOOD RECIPES apparently people say you should use gcam for its ai or smth

    • Ugly burned 1900
      Ugly burned 1900

      they are gonna get banned


      @Tamim Mahmud i got myself samsung a52s. I think i like it already. Have shot a video with it but on my other channel.

  • Steve Daly
    Steve Daly

    Recently looked at a xiaomii phone in a local store out of interest. Knowing very little about them, even the demo screen was way more engaging than Samsungs. I found it building confidence and interest at the same time and I’d certainly consider one over a Samsung at this time. Oh and now I’m also looking out for that health drink…! 😂😂😂

  • Ivar

    Unsurprising, considering they've introduced some of the consumer-hostile features, it shouldn't feel like i have to fight my phone to do the things i want it, and not want it to do, perfect example; the bixby button.

  • Colourman

    Fun fact: Xiaomi phones (including the sub brands) can work on home appliances of other brands (includes LG TV)

  • MrGR8 RblX
    MrGR8 RblX

    Mrwhosetheboss has three moods: 1. Forgetting his main channel for 2 weeks 2. Forgetting his shorts channel for 2 weeks 3. Forgetting both his channels for 2 weeks

    • Jessica Carpenter
      Jessica Carpenter

      @Aum Rawal r/woosh

    • Mr. Cat :)
      Mr. Cat :)

      Xiaomi :/ Samsung :D

    • YMG_Xzavyer The Hedgehog
      YMG_Xzavyer The Hedgehog

      @James Thor LMAO

    • Husayn Tech
      Husayn Tech

      Lol 😂

    • YMG_Xzavyer The Hedgehog
      YMG_Xzavyer The Hedgehog

      @I make edits /I will beat Evil Incorrect, that would be the Tekkit Realm.

  • Jeremiah Ducate
    Jeremiah Ducate

    I didnt know about xiaomi but they sound like a nearly perfect tech/phone company for our times.

  • Shut the Door
    Shut the Door

    What I really like about Xiaomi is their minimalistic design

  • Jia Wei Chew
    Jia Wei Chew

    Honestly, it now depends on what is really worth to you, the ecosystem, price or non-google play compatible (Huawei). But I’m a full iPhone user as I find it much more simple, with no unnecessary features like the pop up front cameras or something. Xiaomi is basically a flagship phone at a budget price (1/2 an iPhone price in my country) and overall is already enough for some people.

  • inggcchan

    I think you're missing a very important piece of data here, I was eligible to upgrade my phone so I went to my carrier with the intention of getting a new Samsung note 20 ultra or a s21 ultra, and the carrier told me they had a deficit of high end samsung phones nation wide, so part of their fall is due to the lack of available high end phones :(

  • Starlesslemon

    Samsung is the Apple of androids. That's their problem. They're trying to compete with IOS instead of other Androids

    • caredavez

      @Olivia s10e strategy is really good, but I guess it turned into a fan edition after people demand for a price point similar to s10e. We know that flip phones are expensive because of how new the technology is with folding glass, but well wait for a couple of years to be the standard and cheaper than this.

    • caredavez

      Samsung should stop being the Apple of Android. This is why they flop with the s21 ultra and other devices that is consider as too many options. However they really need to consider what the general public wants that Apple can't have, a note series and better software fluidity.

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      You’re absolutely correct. Samsung is trying to fight up against Apple without realizing Apple’s “world” is solid, they have a solid base and software, Samsung needs to provide up against other OEMS

    • Arbi Gjylbegaj
      Arbi Gjylbegaj

      Samsung is in war with both apple and android. That is why they need to compete with apple more cuz it is a more powerful competitor. Most people just don' t know it cuz samsung did not give apple a chance to overperform them yet since a long time.

  • Valentin Cantu
    Valentin Cantu

    Watching this on my note 10 pro based on your videos. So far it's fantastic and the sheer amount of customization leaves Samsung in the dust.

    • Ronald 98
      Ronald 98

      I have the same phone! just bought it last week, how is it holding up with you?

  • Jerry Orange
    Jerry Orange

    For me that was simple. I had S8 and smashed the screen. Samsung wanted 250 pounds to replace it. I purchased MI for 200 pounds. The best I could do.

  • GaliB KhaN
    GaliB KhaN

    Samsung is a good phone,but, Xiaomi is a full package 🔥

    • CatPig

      MIUI sucks

  • Ali DZ
    Ali DZ

    The only bad thing about Xiaomi is the software only, I really hope they fix it.

  • Enigma1990ad

    Ngl Arun could speak about the weather and I'd be interested. His presentation skills are amazing. Recently discovered this channel.

    • XILM

      @Pheonix idk just wanted to ask

    • Pheonix

      @XILM yeah sure..why did you ask tho?

    • XILM

      @Pheonix r u sub'd

    • XILM


    • Joshua Campillo
      Joshua Campillo

      I know every time I don't think I'll be I treated in a title I click it anyway and become immersed so quickly props to arun

  • E

    I've been really happy with my Poco X3 pro and I was wandering where is the profit coming from. Xiaomi is just so value for money. it's a shame here in France not many people know about the brand.

    • Anav

      @ShokoyYT u cna disable the ads

    • ShokoyYT

      the profit on poco x3 pro is coming to the rom itself. the ads appearing on the rom still, im using poco x3 pro and its all good .

  • Kewlzter TC
    Kewlzter TC

    I really liked my Xiaomi 11t pro, but America carriers didn't allow it. So I'm now with Samsung.

  • Lady Kirigan
    Lady Kirigan

    I wanted to get myself a Xiaomi phone, but I was concerned about security with it here in the US. Is it worth getting one now or should we stick to the android brand names here in the US, like Samsung or Google?

  • iAmPj

    yep ive always been a fan of other android brand phones. the A50 line is ok but im a budget gamer. so having a budget phone that can handle demanding games is what i like

  • Humble BRO
    Humble BRO

    Personally Xiaomi made me educate myself about smartphones specs and how we pay extra just for a brands name also it made a lot of companies re-check its pricing .. so anyways Xiaomi is not that bad even to non users Xiaomi is benific

    • Elvis Mora
      Elvis Mora

      @Jbrimbelibap they do. Mine did.

    • Jbrimbelibap

      @Elvis Mora Phones don't die because of software, plus you can use custom roms on xiaomi phones if you don't like miui

    • Elvis Mora
      Elvis Mora

      Until you're phone dies cause the software.

    • BlaZingJeZus

      @Jbrimbelibap You do own brick, just not the license and everything Samsung. The same with every company. I did more research and it looks like Samsung is friendly with rom hacking and boot loaders. Good

  • Joisse essoij
    Joisse essoij

    Depend features that is frequently used by user. I used my mobile mostly for streaming, taking photos. 360P in samsung is even better than HD in chinese phone brands

  • Coonotafoo

    I'm in the U.S. and I had been a fan of Samsung phones for awhile now. I had gotten the S5 years back and was immediately hooked. After awhile I eventually "upgraded" to an A20. Despite being many years newer than the S5, I actually found the camera worse, the screen worse, and it being a fairly forgettable phone. I was recently looking for an upgrade and I got DAMN close to purchasing a Xiaomi phone. I had it sitting in my Amazon cart pretty much ready to be purchased. The main reason I didn't is due to ATT blacklisting it, as well as talk of T-Mobile blacklisting it. That, and the phone being on a lot of different cell tower frequencies not standard in the U.S. But bang for buck, I couldn't find any decent Sumsung phone. I ended up just going with a Nokia, which had nearly the same specs as the Xiaomi, minus a bit of screen quality and minus as many GBs of expandable storage. It was still $50 more expensive than the Xiaomi.

    • Coonotafoo

      @arkieologist I ended up getting and still have the Nokia 8.3 5G. Overall it's been a very lukewarm experience. About a week or two after getting it, it started to have some strange software bugs. It got to a point where I was having to reboot it every 2-5 days because something decided to stop working. Apps would stop functioning correctly, the web browser would randomly become gray colored (almost back and white, but not quite), or the phone would just randomly lock up for no reason. Luckily after a couple of security updates and getting getting updated to Android 12, it's been way more stable. Although it still has issues with apps not functioning properly every now and again. But it's a whole lot less of a problem now.

    • arkieologist

      Curious which Nokia phone you got. :)

    • Ronald 98
      Ronald 98

      I am Xiaomi user (not American) but when Xiaomi comes for the US? they are going to BLOW IT! 😂 Best phone i had in years!

  • Kyle L Wiley
    Kyle L Wiley

    I chose Xiaomi POCO F3 over samsung because of bloatware (Sent it back) I tried apple & you have to pay for a lot of features to work & too much bloatware Sent it back too

  • Veronika Vitkova
    Veronika Vitkova

    thank you so much for opening my eyes, until i started watching your videos i didn't even know about Xiaomi, upgrading my phone contract to a Xiaomi 11t pro next month after deciding not to go for the expensive samsung s22 ultra, you're a life saver, btw i also bought a Xiaomi scooter 2 weeks ago , can't complain haha

  • Syed Abbas Haider
    Syed Abbas Haider

    Samsung : Physical stores Xiaomi : Digital stores PassionFruit : Imaginary stores

    • zGamer

      Hotel: Trivago

    • Paul Shark
      Paul Shark

      Ppl think online shopping is so great but not realizing they're shooting themselves in the foot its eliminating jobs and closing community businesses

    • Raihan Mdgician7
      Raihan Mdgician7

      apple : stores which makes ur pocket empty

    • Saif Rehman
      Saif Rehman

      Now it’s 103 in 5 seconds

    • Saif Rehman
      Saif Rehman

      I was 100th like

  • Pvsa Morgan
    Pvsa Morgan

    Thanks for the video😀 I got the Mi Note 10 for $450 and people (S20 and iPhone users) keep asking me which phone I got. Xiaomi is really good.

  • Prakhar Shukla
    Prakhar Shukla

    Before you say that Xioami have ads in it’s cheaper variants of phones remember that Samsung just implemented non-blockable ads in their premium line of OLED TVs 🫣

  • not here
    not here

    I can tell how it's been for me: I was getting xoami for like 5+ years and it always crashed down after a year or two. That's why I decided to get a Samsung a few days ago, it's got a nice camera and I'll see how it lasts

    • Yeah Boyz
      Yeah Boyz

      I had a samsung galaxy j8 for almost 4 years now, still run great, haven't broken down yet and the best part is i found it lying on the street

    • not here
      not here

      And it's China

  • 1 2 3 Four Five
    1 2 3 Four Five

    Samsung's resale is abysmal. The Huwei P30 Pro is regularly selling for $500 aud second hand but their equivalent Samsung has already dropped to sub $300.

  • Mingde Zhuo
    Mingde Zhuo

    I would like to think that Samsung's insistence at selling "flagship phone" with inferior exynos embedded along with increasing customer awareness is one of the contributing factor behind Samsung's downfall

    • 리드

      Yeah its true 😅 Fortunately the S23 is going to have a snapdragon

    • KeonXD

      And their cooling solution on the snapdragon variant is literally unacceptable for a $1300+ phone. The snapdragon 888 is already a freaking oven and putting it with a graphite cooling solution is leaving performance out and causing the phone to overheat much more easier.

    • Mingde Zhuo
      Mingde Zhuo

      @Real Cyphox 2 points to make here 1. Depending on the use case, it isn't small 2. Whether it's observable difference or not, it's still wrong. Calling 2 phones with different internals the same name doesn't make them the same phone. Would you still call a Ferrari as one if I swap it's engine with other lesser manufacturers'?

    • Evolance7

      @Real Cyphox Don't oh please me, I first experience this since the S6, the S6 reviewed by youtubers was great. the benchmark scored high and the game i am interested in playing is shown running smooth by the reviewer. My S6 on the other hand, never able to get the benchmark score and the game I never felt smooth playing. the phone was freakin hot to hold as well. then i found out the about exynos vs SD. Samsung totally running a scam since. And i stop purchasing samsung phone after buying and using S7 for a year, S7 overheated and sluggish. fool me once shame on me samsung. Using Huawei flagship now (almost 2 years already before the google ban) and soon maybe trying other brand. Samsung fell premium, but the software or performance longevity can't even compare to Huawei's flagship i bought (still feel snappy and great gaming performance after a year).

    • Diogo Andrade
      Diogo Andrade

      Also the fact that they're striping their high end phones with so many features that they just look like iPhone's now

  • Wejdan Consicence
    Wejdan Consicence

    I use Xiaomi mi band 6 and Xiaomi poco f2 pro, as a former Samsung user I'm very happy with Xiaomi I feel stupid thinking about how much money I wasted in the past...

  • fan

    after my exprience with xiaomi redmi note 5 pro, im never going back to xiaomi. after purchase, i noticed that pre-installed apps had ads in them. a few months before warranty ended the phone started lagging and the battery life was getting worse. after warranty ended the lag got worse, the apps i used the most kept crashing. so i decided to flash a custom rom on it but i had to unlock the bootloader first. the official unlocking tool didn't work and just made me wait for days just for it to fail again and again. at that point, i was so done with the phone and decided to switch to samsung galaxy s10 lite. i dont regret my decision, the samsung is working like new after a year and a half of usage. i dont think that xiaomi will ever beat samsung, maybe in sales but not overall quality and user experience.

    • CatPig


  • halcynical_

    as a samsung user ever since smartphones became a thing, i also dropped them after S21+. it felt like a downgrade from Note 10 and i wasn't satisfied with the features and how the phone works in general. it's a very new model but lags?? so weird. anyway, after years of being a samsung user, i went for an iPhone. not only was my iphone 12 cheaper, but the support, software and battery life just make everything work seamlessly. best decision i ever made. i want a xiaomi scooter though 👀👀

  • weeeeeehn

    The thing im scared of is that xiaomi might also get banned in US

  • Kizomba Fusion
    Kizomba Fusion

    I think it's also the fact that this market is getting commodatised: Because most smartphones these days are so so good, it doesnt really matter which one u pick for the basic features most people want. As such, unless if u r a super tech nerdy guy, most ppl will choose a cheaper option because it does everything most ppl want to do (facebook, twitter, insta, games and camera).

    • I Love Plump Grannies
      I Love Plump Grannies

      As a gamer I don't care about the brand. i only care about the performance. There are many mid tier android phones that can outperform the iPhone 13 pro max gaming performance.

    • Bubba Boyy
      Bubba Boyy

      PassionFruit is Passion.

    • Kaze Xo
      Kaze Xo

      Not so good when you don't even have headphone jacks and SD card slot

    • Royal Legend
      Royal Legend

      @Ren Suzugamori this dude knows what he saying Finally someone in the comments who do research

    • ꧁The Lost E̸x̸o̸t̸i̸c̸ Plant꧂🥺
      ꧁The Lost E̸x̸o̸t̸i̸c̸ Plant꧂🥺

      @Ren Suzugamori Btw I didn't read

  • Mat Geezer
    Mat Geezer

    About 4 years ago I brought a Redmi Pro, I'd never heard of Xiaomi and was amazed at how good it was, really good Android overlay, lovely screen, good everything really. Sadly I dropped the phone about a year later and broke the screen. Since then I've used Honor phones - 7X and 10 lite, both excellent, the 7X my favourite.

    • Life of Yvonne
      Life of Yvonne

      I dropped my phone too, but i still want to buy the same phone

  • Farabi Islam Rishad
    Farabi Islam Rishad

    At first when I saw a xiaomi in my one of my cousin' hands, I was not interested but now I am interested af and loving xiaomi a lot.

  • xorkatoss

    I literally remember when the Redmi Note 7 Pro took the global by storm breaking sale records with it's amazing budget price and specs. next year I bought the Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/128GB variant and it's still amazing to this day and I'm even getting updates.

    • Muhammad Zakria
      Muhammad Zakria

      @xeij same here maybe Poco or mi 11ultra hope ❤️❤️

    • xeij

      still using mine since 2020 (gifted to me by my parents) it does lag sometimes but still holds up to this day, im about to buy a poco x3 pro since i focus mainly on gaming and note 7 isnt the way but still holds up

    • Muhammad Zakria
      Muhammad Zakria

      Same brother I also bought mine 😊 3.5 years ego to be honest I was upset at that time coz everyone was saying that this will not last longer but now I will definitely buy another from them ❤️hope mi11 ultra

  • Russell Lutchman
    Russell Lutchman

    Down with Samsung! After the Note 7 debacle, I never went back. Best decision I ever made.

  • SuperVid

    There's only one reason that is enough quality at a good price. That's what developing countries need.

    • Haydreich

      I don't think their problem is a lack of affordable smartphones

    • Ayat Anjum
      Ayat Anjum

      @nigel cato jack ma is died killed by the ccp does that make the ccp look good

    • Ayat Anjum
      Ayat Anjum

      @why do people use sentences instead of nicknames? No their phones prices have decreased and are less 'crappy' Xiaomi has better value thats why Their faling

    • Ayat Anjum
      Ayat Anjum

      @Tomasz Olszewski no Samsung still has enough money form their military,tv,car,basketball,building,phone screen panels etc markets

    • Ayat Anjum
      Ayat Anjum

      @SuperVid are you okay?

  • Ali DZ
    Ali DZ

    Samsung started to lose because after the fall of Huawei they felt relieved and started turning into apple ( in the price ) and wasn't expecting to see a new successor.

  • 7Cs

    My only problem with Xiaomi is its ui. MIUI isnt as optimized as my old huawei phone (y7 prime).

  • Jeremie Galan
    Jeremie Galan

    got my redmi note 10 pro last august 2021. has a lot of bugs and had "common" hardware issues like cant connect to camera. sent email to xiaomi and was provided instructions up to factory data reset, nothing worked. ended up being referred to service center and found out a lot of users had the same issues and sent their devices to service center. the specs are good on papers but reliability isn't. i still have the flickering issues, phone heats up fast, lags when playing games. planning to go samsung instead.

  • InFeRnOxDeMiSe

    I wish more phone company were easily accessible to find in Canada. Xiaomi Redmi, Sony, Asus and one plus

  • Pattabhiram Bollepalli
    Pattabhiram Bollepalli

    Main reasons 1. Overpriced 2. less specifications 3. Exynos < Snapdragon

    • Gaurav Mishra
      Gaurav Mishra

      And most people cannot afford it.

    • JaguarDominates

      @Reahs I get what your saying but I'm using a cheap Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s that gives you a lot for the money( aka it could cost more , and wouldn't cause a problem) anyways they're no adds or bloat ware it similar to my last phone which is a Samsung M20

    • Reahs

      @Leon Prins eeem yes you use plastic to reduce weight and price, do you use your phone as a sandpaper or wtf? Also why the hell would you want more glass on your phone? drop that and the back is ruined but if its plastic or poly carbonate then it will be just fine cuz plastic wont shatter. Their phones are still solid and you cant snap them in half. you don't buy a phone to have ads and bloatware all over it while also having it as a bulletproof zone

    • Fadex

      I had a good laugh when I found out Fold 3 is gonna have Exynos in Europe. It's a $1800 phone. Fuck samsung's greed.

  • Gabriel Safar
    Gabriel Safar

    I also thought that Xiaomi is a good brand and trustworthy, but I ended up buying another phone (iphone) because Xiaomi caused me problems on daily basis.

  • Ashleigh Nichole
    Ashleigh Nichole

    I became an "informed" smartphone user around 7 years ago. I used a Motorola first, than a Huawei till their unfortunate situation happened, and until now I had been using Xiaomi. I was super happy with all of them! But then this 3g tower shutdown thing came and I was forced to go to a traditional service plan at at&t. I still didn't pick an apple or Samsung device though. I went with a pixel 6. I'm hoping in 2 years when this contract is up, I can go back to prepaid and buying my own phone. But for right now it was too much hassle, and I am definitely not happy about it.

  • Nafis Ishtiaque
    Nafis Ishtiaque

    I have poco x3 nfc its my fav android I ever owned. I am sticking with Xiaomi for a while now.

  • Drunken Master
    Drunken Master

    Watching this on my Poco X3. Really love Xiaomi since then.

  • Kundan

    Arun is realy killing the IRglo with his next level quality content, he has become my favourite IRglo tech channels ever .

    • Irene Ikeshi
      Irene Ikeshi


    • Adrian Teodor
      Adrian Teodor

      He is on another level

    • eter

      Yup...he deserves more

    • Pat P
      Pat P

      I thought you meant he was actually killing youtube

  • Mrmelty

    Its crazy how young xiaomi is and theyre already so successfull great work from them

  • jon scott
    jon scott

    When you stop thinking and doing everything apple does, you deserve whats coming. Refusing customer feedback taking away the headphone jack and other fan favorites I'd say serves them right

  • Vaggelis Georgiou
    Vaggelis Georgiou

    I currently have a Redmi Note 10 Pro. I can see Xiaomi's improvement due to major updates and looks.

    • Ronald 98
      Ronald 98

      SAME! this phone is absolutely AMAZING!

  • Grand Etherion
    Grand Etherion

    Ive always gone with Huawei/Honor but after they got basically murdered Ive been looking for something new and Xiaomi is what has caught my eye. My Honor 8x has served me well the past 4 years and its time for an upgrade

  • Onion

    I really wanna see this channel as no.1 tech channel His content, his humor and presentation everything is just 10/10

    • szewei1985

      The boss is my favorite since i watched his first battery drain test ever

    • Onion

      @lahad Arun also gives unbiased opinions and fun to watch videos without clickbait. But not saying dave2d or others are bad. I just prefer this channel more

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi

      Tbh i think boss is doing a great job at making like every single part of the video entertaining and also interesting

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi

      @Steven no i meant they both never had met before

    • szewei1985

      @Dream she and her sister jenna ezarik (still 900k from 5 years ago) can retire already hahahaha still i must credit them 4 still staying alive today unlike the others from the past😂😂🤣🤣

  • Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
    Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης

    Xiaomi's market share in December has kind fall apart with 11,52%, while Samsung had 26,93%. Very curious to see the February market share.

  • Kostas Kakavoulis
    Kostas Kakavoulis

    Good analysis Arun! I watched it in two parts and went to ‘Like’ again but already done it! Good work once again

  • Yasir Mansoor
    Yasir Mansoor

    Agreed with the features offering by New Brands as Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi etc but are these durable in long term also as Samsung is?

    • LanzoneX

      A11 is crap.. fell on the ground.. waist level.. the screen corner came off.. unlike my j7+ is very tough..

    • Z Akbr Bgus
      Z Akbr Bgus

      Samsung now has many problem , like example problem found in s20,s20+ lights saber, whitescreen, flickering, update software problem etc.. many people disappointed because is that bad flagship durabbility from samsung


    The build quality of xiaomi and the miui. Thats why i luv xiaomi

  • TheSadSoul69

    Mostly in Asia , people don't judge smartphones on basis of brands , It's just iPhone or Android ♥

    • MD. Abul Kalam Azad
      MD. Abul Kalam Azad

      @Reyna Samara what

    • MD. Abul Kalam Azad
      MD. Abul Kalam Azad

      @SAMURAI [さむらい] yes but most Asian countries are still developing so economic development is more important then privacy

    • SAMURAI [さむらい]
      SAMURAI [さむらい]

      @MD. Abul Kalam Azad I don’t know about others but my family does care about privacy.

    • SL Raver
      SL Raver

      @Ujjwal Goel where you exactly mean 😅

  • Marc Wagner
    Marc Wagner

    I'm very happy with Xiaomi Smartphones since 4 years and with a bit research i managed to get rid of the advertising Apps....

  • JuanPls

    For me it's simple, for an average person it's pointless spending 1000+€ on a phone because you can have more specs than you are ever going to need in a 250€ phone and at that price range in terms of specs and durability xiaomi it's the best and the more people realize they don't need a 1000+€ phone the better it's going to be for xiaomi and worst for apple and Samsung

  • Mo Hussain
    Mo Hussain

    My Samsung Galaxy S8 is still going strong! I'll carry on using it till it conks out! After that I may consider a Chinese phone. They really have come on in leaps and bounds, especially their flagship phones.

  • Richard Ssekyanzi
    Richard Ssekyanzi

    Yes, Xiaomi may be good but for a Samsung user to switch to Xiaomi will never happen. Mid-range may be.

  • David Perez
    David Perez

    I have to give props to the editor of this video; it is so dynamic, it does not feel like a 13-minute video, and there are so many fantastic details like the circles on the right filling along the time of each section. Really fantastic work! You can see how much work went into this.

    • Purna Kumbhar
      Purna Kumbhar

      @Dinkar Fowkar yeah his old videos were not heavily illustrated, but now there is an illustration of every point and lots of animations

    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      @Purna Kumbhar oh I heard him saying in one video that I love to edit videos and I edit my own videos so I thought he does everything.

    • Purna Kumbhar
      Purna Kumbhar

      @Dinkar Fowkar no he has an editor for special effects for illustrations

    • Vijaya Kumar • 69 years ago
      Vijaya Kumar • 69 years ago

      All of his vids are just like this

    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      Arun edits his own videos

  • Rageshaw

    Im still with Samsung because Samsung has the only phone with a built in s-pen! If xiaomi will make one then im in!

  • Matthew Massey
    Matthew Massey

    I have been watching your videos, to Aid in my purchase of a new phone. I am coming from a xiaomi phone Mi 9 lite brilliant phone at the price the display is still gorgeous, however I can no longer use it with the service provider that I have upgraded networks and all. Verizon is the best service in my area currently which led me to shop for CDMA compatible phones which is why I was leaning towards Samsung note 20 Ultra or S21 Ultra but the phone I really want is the Mi 11U. This is extremely frustrating I either sacrifice on cellular service and have a great phone at an affordable price or have great cellular service and a extremely expensive phone. I really wish xiaomi cell phones were CDMA and GSM compatible. I I am not educated enough on it to know exactly why they are not but from The Limited information I do have on it it is simply an American thing we're everywhere else in the world uses GSM but like you were saying if xiaomi chooses to focus more on the US and CDMA compatibility comes built into the phones Samsung will be in for last, where iPhone will still have its place due to its ecosystem this is my opinion.

  • Jeremy Tai
    Jeremy Tai

    Hi, I enjoy your commentary on Xiaomi. But would you do a commentary on Privacy and Security of a Xiaomi phones?

  • Zikhali Siyabonga
    Zikhali Siyabonga

    Been using Xiaomi, by far the most buggy phone I have ever used, 9A, 10Pro: Black screens, Screen freezes, touch screen not responsive to touches sometimes and power button not turning on the screen sometimes. I'm turning back to Huawei

  • Paul Mark11th
    Paul Mark11th

    This is good for me, that means that Samsung phones are gonna decrease their prices so i can buy them for cheap😁👌

    • Jordz King
      Jordz King

      @Classic Macintosh the samsung A series low-key aren't worth thier price compared to Xiaomi. Example Poco X3 Pro vs A52 or A53 in my country costing over 1k while X3 Pro is only 800

    • Reahs

      @Markovalnto bresci How? my A71 is great for the low price

    • ashir amiir
      ashir amiir

      @Andrew Middleton i live in pakistan :o uk is a samsung popular country. Even in pakistan samsung has 34 percent of thr market share

    • Andrew Middleton
      Andrew Middleton

      @ashir amiir UK and you?

  • Sky Chua
    Sky Chua

    I love them both but not on the same level each has their own good qualities

  • Albert2Araujo

    Very weird that before this "online buying boom" happened Huawei was banned in the states ...

  • TheOneAndOnly.

    My newest phone is the MotoG100 & it's the best phone I've ever had & I was happy with the price my main reason for picking this was I was looking for something similar to a Samsung Dex like feature, which Motorola calls" Ready For " & it's the only phone that I've seen with 8 GB of RAM with a 2GB RAM boost if you need it,(cool feature) the phone has some great features I can't bring myself to pay 1000$ for a phone But a phone that I can use as a computer and TV for half that is something a lot more reasonable for me But to each their own ✌🏼

  • Levin Yeo
    Levin Yeo

    I suspect Samsung will go the route of Sony, and make chips for iOS, Android and alll the unique OSes coming soon. Look at WeChat, or Grab, or Rakuten, Kakao, or Sber in Russia, etc in any respective market. I think the future will be dependent on the which platform you ultimately choose. I have always believed that either Xiaomi, Huawei or Oppo is Apple's new partner OEM. I also believe that it's Google and their Pixel manufacture experience that they're gaining that is really... killing Samsung.

  • Mir Aasif
    Mir Aasif

    This guy literally gave samsung & LG the best tips & strategies for how to get back in the business line & correct out their faults.... Hats off to this champ 👍🏻❤

    • Mir Aasif
      Mir Aasif

      @Sonali Dutt Listen up, I've some friends who are samsung users. After 1 year they simply accept the fact that it's trash. The biggest problem being, IT LAGS LIKE HELL.... Then there's you who thinks I'm arguing with you. It's a personal experience. Don't get pissed off Aunty.

    • Sonali Dutt
      Sonali Dutt

      ​@Mir Aasif That lame ass roast might've sounded explosive in your mind but it's actually the blandest shit I've heard in a while. "As if Samsung is your Grandpa"? What are you, 8? Samsung has poor battery life? --> It also takes a long time to degrade. Slow feature phones? --> That doesn't even make sense. GPS issue? --> That's the first time I'm hearing that, I looked it up just now, and didn't find anything credible. Software with a lot of bugs? --> Bold words for a Huawei user. As of now, Samsung literally has the 2nd best OS and the best OS(in Androids) Poor Thermal Management system? --> Samsung's high end phones are the only ones after iPhones which are almost immune to thermal throttling(Excluding Gaming phones). Most of the complaints about overheating of a device are usually because the person has received a defective product (for all companies' smartphones), and if you really wanna talk about thermal throttling problem, then let's not forget about Mi, those bricks are most prone to 'overheating' issues.

    • Mir Aasif
      Mir Aasif

      @Sonali Dutt A simple person with exaggerated mindset, Even this channel ( Arun) says samsung is getting worse then there are you FanBoii as if Samsung is your Grandpa. I'm not any Mi fan, I'm Huawei user ( Huawei P30 pro ) so don't pretend 🤞🏻😁

  • Manappallil Arts
    Manappallil Arts

    Hey, all what you said was right except for two things. Its not that they are completely wrong. 1: You had told that Xiaomi's way of cost cutting by decrease in number of employees was kind of brilliant than Samsung's. But I guess that Samsung's doing right by employing more employees which not only leads the company to success but the employees too. (A kind of social responsibility) 2: Does Xiaomi have a refrigerator, isn't that a really essential item. I am not a Samsung fan but I guess samsung has all the needed things. Where as Xiaomi has needed as well as uneeded things too.

  • a human
    a human

    personally i think it's mostly because the older phones were built very nicely. therefore, the people keep their old one instead of buying a new one. same thing happened to apple after the release of the iPhone x

  • Ichiban

    Weird that xiaomi is way more famous than Samsung with having way less employees