Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison.
A different kind of smartphone camera comparison - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - including 8K, 4k video, zoom test, night mode, microphone quality, slow mo + more!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I've tried a LOT of new things for this camera comparison to try and make it more interesting to watch - so any feedback you have would be super useful so we can take this to the next level! Also, if you liked this video, then do consider checking out my Battery life comparison too!

    • ItsAdamHere

      Let's go

    • Movies Entertainment
      Movies Entertainment

      Sir have slow motion video options in Samsung galaxy ultra 21 s

    • Lester Managbanag
      Lester Managbanag

      Awesome phone, when will I can afford that😅

    • Dj Vinit Babu Hi Tack Kushinagar
      Dj Vinit Babu Hi Tack Kushinagar


    • FF RESET
      FF RESET

      Samsung audio sounds better

  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee

    That icons skin though 🔥🔥🔥

    • me

      great, now he's selling out on other people's videos...

    • A


    • CrazyRazyYT


    • Unknown saiyan!
      Unknown saiyan!

      @Mr Guest lol I was thinking no one saw that

    • Юрий Князькин
      Юрий Князькин

      отличный обзор)

  • A rd
    A rd

    "which one lookers better, left or right?" me: the right one Arun: clearly the left one me: clearly

    • acopier

      Samsung is better. Accept it. Apple wants to be simple and clean but they are not.

    • LittleBird-_Lambo

      @YoxngJT38 you can also do that on samsung, if you go to settings there's an option for a realistic look.

    • Vedant007

      @YoxngJT38 Really! An iphone user flexing that apple atleast gives you choice and not force to use as the way the comapny decides 😂😂 And the 1st point is not about camera quality its about Camera versatility

    • YoxngJT38

      @Rakis Derra yuh I’m so mad says the person that’s replying to a comment a made like a year ago how y’all still looking at this video mad bout what I said y’all mad ash🤣

    • Sheep Ketchup
      Sheep Ketchup

      @YoxngJT38 apple fanboy triggered 🤣

  • Dhane Gabriel
    Dhane Gabriel

    The effort this guy has exerted. What a detailed review.

    • Guy Beaulieu
      Guy Beaulieu

      I think so too Dhane. So professional as well.

  • JF R
    JF R

    Except for portrait mode I prefer the s21. Colors are better, and owning an s21 I can tell you the zoom is amazing and even tho auto mode is really impressive with increased control in pro there really isn't much need for my SLR anymore with these insane cameras now. The sound on s21 is also pretty good, the i12 at least in your review sounds pretty muffled. Thanks for great review

  • Skopperkopp

    The ultra allows you to change from bright to natural filters that are applied when you first open the camera app. That may lead to better pics being set on natural

  • Luchs

    Finally, a tech comparison that doesn't end with "It's up to your personal preference."!

    • Eletricica

      @Zachary Bohlman It 100% is. The iPhone is good at stuff and the Samsung is good at stuff. Its your personal preference to decide whom which one is better.

    • lovingmusicever

      Yep... At the end it is tho

    • Morgan Edgy
      Morgan Edgy

      We don't do that here.

    • Phantom_Kitty

      So im gonna assume you’re a samsung fanboy.

    • Sule Max
      Sule Max

      Well technically his opinion is his personal preference

  • eric fuller
    eric fuller

    Genuinely appreciate camera reviews as my household is split on brands, and has photographers. Personally I feel like the 2 you gave to apple you seemed to do based on low light shooting and I am not sure I fully agree, but you did call it well about Samsung making night look more like day. I have found great luck taking night time photos with it using the manual settings. Also, can one take a clear picture of the moon with the IPhone? My 20 plus does really quite well with it.

  • Mr. Steel
    Mr. Steel

    I think the recent software updates have fixed some of these issues with the s21 ultra. When I got mine in January, it wasnt doing very well either, both night and zoom photos. Now I feel like they are more stable you can snap much better photos.

    • Christo

      @Mr. Steel thanks

    • Mr. Steel
      Mr. Steel

      @Christo Snapdragon

    • Christo

      Exynos or snapdragon ?

    • عبدالرحمن العراقي
      عبدالرحمن العراقي


  • Into the Unkown
    Into the Unkown

    These videos are on an entirely different level. Excellent production and execution. Love it.

    •  ㅤ

      So who wins? The samsung? Ehehe, knew it, android is better.

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious

    Having tested Night mode on an 11 Pro Max, I have to say that I find iOS’ own night mode much too aggressive. It produced pictures that where nowhere near realistic as they where much too bright for my taste.

  • xUltra

    watching this on 144p its so beautiful

    • Chico bola
      Chico bola

      2160p in my Tab S7 fe

    • YonoIsNotFound

      Me on 1080p

    • Kenneth Valentino
      Kenneth Valentino

      @Leerix me 4320p on samsung s21 ultra

    • Deep Yewale
      Deep Yewale

      @Saksham yes bro 😉

  • Patrick And Kenna Fenwick
    Patrick And Kenna Fenwick

    On the audio test, I’d say the Samsung wins hands down - did a near PERFECT job of cutting wind and other background noise. Sure the iPhone locked that up so may be more “realistic” but how often is that desirable? BTW - my last 4 phones have been iPhones - I’m married to their ecosystem now and don’t really care much about pics so appreciate the simplicity, but, if I did care - I’d go Samsung 100%. The hard contrast can be toned down much better than the Apples can be punched up without creating distortion.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    S21 is amazing, I own one, upgraded from s9 and that camera was awesome but I love all the new features and control over the shot. Taking it outside at night and seeing the unseeable, it's like having night vision. 4 hours after sunset I can take a 32 second exposure shot and it looks like daytime with full colors, except there's stars in the sky!

  • Bryce F
    Bryce F

    Apple did well going with a lower MP sensor. This really helps with each pixel being able to pull in more light, which leads to more detail. If you think about it, the iPhone technically acts like a "Larger" sensor because of the less dense photoreceptors. The Samsung phone, on the other hand, can really pick up detail in a well-lit area because each receptor is smaller and there would be enough light to draw enough data for the photo. I think Samsung lags at night because it combines each receptor in the sensor to be able to expose more light and create an image in a timely fashion. Otherwise, you would be sitting there waiting for the sensor to have enough data to create the image.

  • Bastian Geissler
    Bastian Geissler

    Very nice video and would love to see more of these kind of comparisons. What I would say would be interesting as well is to not know which image or video is Apple/Samsung when seeing it. I sometimes caught myself thinking one is better because I wanted it to be better. If I had not known which one is Apple or Samsung, I might have been 'more surprised'. But all in all, excellent video, hope to see something similar when the S22 launches!

  • David Foster
    David Foster

    Really liked this style man!! 🤘😎

    • Troodon Farhad
      Troodon Farhad

      0:03 did you see he has pants on this time

    • Lola Queen RANTER
      Lola Queen RANTER

      @David Foster your channel is dead

    • David Foster
      David Foster

      @Lachlans yeah? So?

    • Lachlans

      verified but 9 likes!

  • MCTrick69

    I’m not a huge photographer, but I’ve found that when I’m actually out and wanting to get a specific shot (typically put hiking or if I’m traveling), there are pretty even odds on the camera that I’m going to want to use between ultra-wide, standard, and telephoto. And there have actually been a fair number of times where I’m trying to get a picture of a plant or something in the outdoors where a macro mode would be useful for the framing I’m going for. And where I’ve wished I had more zoom available. To me these features could actually be considered “standard kit” for a do-it-all smartphone camera setup.

  • Chev Witt
    Chev Witt

    I think this is a very interesting and fun way of doing the video comparisons! I enjoyed every moment of it!

  • Mathew R
    Mathew R

    I tend to find that you make a lot of compromised on lens quality when you have a large zoom. I've tended to avoid compact cameras with the large zooms for this reason.

  • Marco Del Core
    Marco Del Core

    You really did a great job, this video was shocking helpful, thank you! But now I got a serious question: S21 Ultra was better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but is the European version with the Exynos 2100 still the winner against Apple?

    • SR9

      I believe yes, because it is a camera comparative, but I can't confirm, I use a 3 yr old budget phone

  • Charis Kyriakopoulos
    Charis Kyriakopoulos

    My heart: iphone 12 pro max My brain: samsung galaxy s21 ultra My wallet: xiaomi redmi note 10 ultra

    • HePlays

      For me Redmi Note 10 Pro is good, (i have the Redmi Note 10 wishing for it to become a pro🤣)

    • kibum is not amused
      kibum is not amused

      My wallet: a secondhand iphone 7

    • Cari Baez
      Cari Baez

      Same 😔. Brain wants iPhone and heart wants Samsung

    • Rick

      @Nathan_4 Lmao

    • Rick

      My wallet: budget phone from 2013

  • ElectroRipper

    I think this was one of the best smartphone camera comparisons I've seen. the categorize, perspectives and conclusion, they were very good. thanks for content!

  • Bru Baptista
    Bru Baptista

    The best video I've seen so far about this matter!!! Objective, technical and with extreme good exemples of each category. Kudos for the effort you've put on it!!! Thank you for that 🙏

  • The Owl
    The Owl

    It's still the Samsung for me. I don't record much video, but the 108MP mode is AMAZING. It captures details that you could never get with any of the iPhones.

  • Andrew Mc Simpson
    Andrew Mc Simpson

    So here’s a question ……I’ve been using a p30 pro for a while , got ahold of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and sadly didn’t feel that it could keep up with the quality of images overall , it’s quite disappointing, not all the images from the p30 pro are brilliant but against the iPhone 12 pro max the p30 pro wins hands down .. What’s your thoughts ?

  • Alperen Yıldırım
    Alperen Yıldırım

    When you cannot afford the both of them, ıt doesn't matter which one is better.

    • Issa Kabir
      Issa Kabir


    • idk what i am doing
      idk what i am doing

      @Musa Khan But The Note 10 Ultra's price is 2 times more than an average price of a Google Pixel..

    • Jhan Joshue Arrojado
      Jhan Joshue Arrojado

      @EthoShrimp I agree I'm just messing with you. Imma buy an s21 Ultra just wanted to make sure i was making the right decision ✌️😋. Athough i Have an Ipad Pro 2020 and Macbook Air M1. The ecosystem is really strong and adds value to apple products when combined. The selling point for me is the 120 hz, and i don't use social media so i don't care if instagram sucks on android. I don't edit on phones so i don't care if the SE is faster. I CARE ABOUT FINGERPRINT SENSOR! Plastic is lighter. But. (this is the one that's holding me back) Apple Watch. I CAN'T 100% DECIDE YET BECAUSE OF THIS PRODUCT.

    • EthoShrimp

      @Jhan Joshue Arrojado The Samsung S21 Ultra is priced at $100 more but you get a quad camera system with 3 and 10x optical zoom and 108MP sensor, compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max's trash 2.5x optical zoom and 12MP sensors. In the default settings, the phone would be slower, but you could enable high performance mode on the Samsung if you really mind. iOS is a complete trash interface to use: no split screen, no always on display, etc. The S21 Ultra doesn't have plastic back ..., And on the S21 it can help more against drops than glass, since most people would get that. The 120hz is adaptive and refresh rate adjusts based on what's on the screen, so not much wear and tear as you think. Idk where you got the 421 ppi, but 515 ppi is a lot better and text doesn't look fuzzy. Samsung's displays are better without that ugly notch and while Apple will reduce the notch size for the iPhone 13, Samsung is already making devices with under display cameras. Samsung is literally manufacturing the displays for iPhones either way so Apple doesn't have much.

  • Uri Mofsowitz
    Uri Mofsowitz

    Hi @Mrwhosetheboss Thanks for the great review. Are you able to update us regarding the video on the Samsung S21 Ultra? Have you seen improvement in the past 7 months? Thanks.

  • parabolicpawn

    I like the zoom lag. Has a mechanical zoom feel,feeling less like software,but good Ol' fashioned engineering. The contrast that offered to the environment was a welcome addition.

  • tangerine glow
    tangerine glow

    Hey thanks a lot for the video! I would love to see a video for how these photos come out when printed, large format etc

  • Jade

    I like the slightly out of breath intonation in your voice.💗 This video wasn't boring at all. Thank you! I have the Samsung S21 Ultra and I love it! Do you perhaps have a video showing the perfect camera settings for IG as well as everyday photos, please? I always feel like my photos look great on Days 1 and 2 and thereafter it starts to look average. Might be the filters and adjustments I use that denigrate the quality. Thank you for great content!❣

  • Skllsession

    Imo I think one thing that s21 does amazing is its framerate. I've used it a LOT recording, and even though 4k can be nice, having the choice of 120 fps is amazing

    • Kalel Castro
      Kalel Castro

      @official_mrwhosetheboss Who put this fake Mr whose the boss here?

  • richard lawerence
    richard lawerence

    Love the night mode shots of the Mercedes A class interior. Beautiful with the ambient lighting package.

  • Dana Fatu Jr
    Dana Fatu Jr

    Im already iphone 12pro max; however, appreciate your fair assessment and in-depth research on both incredible phones. just shows what both monsters what they can work on....and on and on...Mahalo

  • Like Esko
    Like Esko

    vivo is doing a great job recently with collaboration with ziess. looking forward for x70 pro. im saying this regarding smartphone camera

  • Alexander uchiha
    Alexander uchiha

    The beauty of watching things I will never afford 😎

    • Mad kiss
      Mad kiss

      Thats less tgan 3.5$ a day !!! Starbux cost way more than that !

    • Isaiah Minton
      Isaiah Minton

      Watching this on a OnePlus 8t.

    • Mari chkuaseli
      Mari chkuaseli

      @CaliViews 1000$ for phone looks expensive but something americans can afford if they wanted to, in my country, prices are 5 times greater

  • Ichiro Fakename
    Ichiro Fakename

    Congratulations to Samsung for its marvelous camera. I will continue to get by with my iPhone SE. Luckily my few camera needs are easily fulfilled. Modern phone cameras are absolute magic.


    Amazing. So there’s a trade off with a higher megapixel - less light can come into the sensor. iPhones lower megapixels allows for more light to come in, particularly special for video. So if you’re making a decision strictly based off camera it’s Samsung for photo, or iPhone for video dominant. So I think I’m going to “break the bank and buy both” lol

  • Ihulk 94
    Ihulk 94

    Had s10+ for the longest time now shifted to 12 honestly love it few drawbacks of course but the user experience on the iphone 12 is done w alot of finesse whch the samsung tbh didnt have even the successors of the s10+ Yes the samsung will have a better resolution display . But for longevity i chose apple. S10+ didn’t really last that long just my exp

  • Larry Russell
    Larry Russell

    A beyond excellent explanation of these two gem devices.

  • Mihir Shah
    Mihir Shah

    "If you want the beauty, you gotta live with the beast." Well said. I totally think Samsung has got it this time.

    • Ali Bagheri
      Ali Bagheri

      @Emil Manoj still in term of this video iphone 12 pro max has natural colors samsung and Huawei like always they're just trying to make unnatural and just shinny,, But still in term of comparison everybody believes that a 2021 phone must compare with 2021 not with a 2020

    • me

      @Emil Manoj wait what? I think it looks even worst. Honestly its getting disgusting what is that camera.

    • Emil Manoj
      Emil Manoj

      @DorisRBX exactly, I'll be honest the normal s20 used to look awful compared to an iphone 12's sleek design but this year, even the normal s21 deffo is a tough match for normal iphone 12 in terms of aesthetics

    • RU5H

      @sam why did you type to Emil twice in the exact same minute???

    • sam

      @Emil Manoj two months is not a big difference come on bro these are the 2021 flagships from both companies

  • Delco

    You really did a great job, this video was shocking helpful, thank you! But now I got a serious question: S21 Ultra was better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but is the European version with the Exynos 2100 still the winner against Apple?

  • Adrelo No
    Adrelo No

    Oh gosh I spent like half an hour thinking "this man has recorded the exact same thing twice, how did he do that" and then I just realised it was a double tripod lol

  • Ezz Planet
    Ezz Planet

    Watching this for the second time, and it is still phenomenal.... it is objective like no other... thanks dude

  • IncredGmZX

    Agree fully with everything except the sound quality, iphone has more of a muffled sound, but in general both phones great. I have the ultra very worth the price

  • Cheng Teoh
    Cheng Teoh

    MKBHD & Mrwhosetheboss release videos concurrently that the only logical thing to do now is to watch them both simultaneously. ;)

    • Tejeswar Tejeswar
      Tejeswar Tejeswar

      Which is the best out of poco x4 pro Oneplus nord 2 Realme 9pro+ Xiaomi 11i Samsun a52 vivo iq00 z6 pro Oppo f21 pro

    • Bugis Rantau
      Bugis Rantau


    • Purple Velvet
      Purple Velvet

      im doing that rn lol

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez

    imagine if they both started making full cameras with the same tech, but with full size sensors and faster lenses. I don't want a smartphone with a camera, i want a pocket mirrorless smartcam with multimedia consumption in mind.

    • Raed Katbi
      Raed Katbi

      Totally agree

  • Bucket List Travellers
    Bucket List Travellers

    Good to know that you think we should hold off for video to be improved. We we've been considering when is the best timing for an upgrade, and we might hold off for a bit longer

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore

    I've just come upon your videos and they are very good. You cover many topics without superfluous comments which is great. I have subscribed. Your comments about zoom and macro convinced me to go with the Ultra. Just a note that while you are impressed with them, you didn't overly stress them. I would suggest that there are many people out there who will look for those features. From families who want those shots of the kids playing in the water to up close images of things they've made. Or the collector who can't enter an exhibit but wants to zoom in on some artifact or if the object is at hand, wants a very close up photo. Or a naturalist like myself who wants to photograph a distant bird as well as the detail on the wing of a butterfly. So many uses for those features.

  • i m robie
    i m robie

    Love your comparisons!

  • Ragan Waites
    Ragan Waites

    I really like how you did the comparison. Best I've seen!

  • Moehacks on Instagram
    Moehacks on Instagram

    I so much appreciate you for your great service, it was indeed helpful to get pass my iPhone 13 mini!

  • Mae Gregersen
    Mae Gregersen

    I don't often have need to watch these kinds of videos, but wow! And, I'm not really in the market for either of these particular phones, but the presentation of "phone camera comparison" is really, really helpful. Thanks for your thoughtful work!

  • Alicia Thompson
    Alicia Thompson

    My issue with samsung is that sending pictures/videos through text or snap/Instagram the quality goes down soo bad and it's noticeable. That's my main reason for wanting to switch from my galaxy s8 that I've had for 4 years to iPhone 12 pro max. But then I'm giving up all the other amazing features 😫 I'm still undecided

  • Jerry

    Awesome comparison. Excellent presentation. Subscribing and thanks!

  • fotis

    A beautiful review and video, an excellent work, not boring at all, thank you

  • Chidinma Muoneke
    Chidinma Muoneke

    Haha! Very delightful and funny review! I like how you made a call on one rather than do what other reviewers do and leave people wondering what to do next, thanks.

  • Steph Powell
    Steph Powell

    Dude. Samsung picture whether in portrait mode or not, ALWAYS look Prettier 😍 That's a hit. I've just brought the ultra 😎 Also, this was a great video.....not at all boring, captivating actually......Subscribed!

  • Chris O
    Chris O

    Don't use night mode to take night time pictures on the s21 Ultra. I found that using pro photo and manually adjusting the iso and shutter speed makes the night shots a lot better in my opinion.

    • Indian King
      Indian King

      Sae here i use samsung galaxy A12 and I use portrait mode at night to get the original pic or even pro mode with some adjustment. No need to buy expensive phones.

    • Abdallazexo

      You are pretty right

    • David Skywalker
      David Skywalker

      That's for every phone bro, except pixel

    • Luke Barker
      Luke Barker

      @Chris O I wonder how the S21 Ultra would fare if Samsung had implemented something like Apple's ProRAW. RAW files that can include the stacking/computational photography cleverness that the auto modes use. So in that case, you could use Pro mode to take a night shot but still get the stacking of multiple exposures. Then the RAW file could be edited to taste without the excessive noise reduction then sharpening to comepnsate that Arun brings up as a negative for the Samsung.

    • Black ops pilled
      Black ops pilled

      Don’t use s21 period.

  • Daniel Ramos
    Daniel Ramos

    Thst suite you have on looks super clean👍🏻 iphone used to have very good camera, but android phones all around are improving while iphone is left behind even the midrange $200-$400 a series are beating iphone in camera

  • Rendirahsap channel
    Rendirahsap channel

    I can only imagine, there's no way I have a cellphone like that😅

  • Jenniffer Westwood
    Jenniffer Westwood

    those in the tech field that work on micro electronics, or just electronics in general the macroshots are important to find pn numbers, see board and connector detail, I use it a lot when looking at potential faults that a microscope or magnifying glass can't fit or pick up and data log it with a image. this is base level troubleshooting it won't replace a microscope in repair but on-site it can be more than useful in some work conditions, maybe not for people in the "tech" field who review and "test" hw or sw on devices or everyday usage,

  • Francis Palima
    Francis Palima

    Hi Arun, I was wondering if you're using the exynos, or snapdragon version?

  • XAhmedRabieX

    Incredibly helpful video thank you

  • Kay Blossom
    Kay Blossom

    I really enjoy your tech/phone reviews!!!!

  • A. Stoic
    A. Stoic

    I just wish I had a S21 Ultra with a 6.1” screen size.

  • NipItInTheBud100

    Great video and great information presentation!! Thanks!

  • Fizzle

    I just got a s21 ultra a few days ago and I've really enjoyed watching all these videos about how great it is lol.

    • Olga Sa
      Olga Sa

      how much did you pay for it please ?

    • Omar Salim
      Omar Salim

      How is the battery life now

    • BattleOfMidway_Liam

      I use the standard s21 and I love it as well.

    • Cande Luque
      Cande Luque

      Do the pictures you take get really bad quality when you post them on Instagram?

    • Jason Nueves
      Jason Nueves

      @THATBOY1ZA Everyone I know who tries to say iPhone is better that's literally their whole argument lmao is just them saying "it's better" without any actual reason. Just whatever you prefer in a phone.

  • Danny's Tech Experience
    Danny's Tech Experience

    damn, i finally ordered an s21 ultra but as soon as i opened the box i noticed right away that the back feels VERY cheap... as soon as my nail hit it, it clearly sounded like very cheap plastic... the phone felt incredibly hollow by it. can you tell me if this is also the case with your unit ?

  • user537

    Which sensor brand do each of them use? Sony mx, nanocell..?? i would love to know for each camera..

  • The Reckoning
    The Reckoning

    I will personally vouch for the Galaxy S21 ultra. I have one and nothing is comparable

  • G Ruthstrom
    G Ruthstrom

    Samsung just makes beautiful phones. I'm using one right now.

  • ahnafj416

    This is probably one of the most interesting camera comparisons I've seen. It get its hard to keep these interesting but i feel liked you nailed it with this point system.

  • Dorie Tech
    Dorie Tech

    Just discovered your channel and I'm loving it

  • Dr. Rabail Malik 🦋
    Dr. Rabail Malik 🦋

    Very helpful! Thanks.

  • Chloe

    this was very fun and helpful, thankyou

  • Alexander Mieze
    Alexander Mieze

    This is the most detailed review ever. You are the best tech reviewer

  • no

    Apple doesn't beat it when it comes to stabilization. In fact it was the detail was almost at the level of the 108 mp of the samsung s21 ultra

  • ARAIN saab
    ARAIN saab

    I think audio was absolutely good on s21 ultra

    • ginger juice
      ginger juice

      Agreed, I noticed a great difference too.

  • Truth is truth
    Truth is truth

    3:25 Literally, tears in my eyes 🥺!! Finally someone got my point so correctly!! Samsung used to give better face photos in old phones , but now its camera is doing something wrong with human faces🙄😓