Calyx OS - The next big Android Competitor!?
Calyx OS vs normal Google Android 12 - Everything you need to know...and whether Google should be worried 👀 Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free! (I mention 81%, but its actually 83%!)

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I did not realise so many of you would click this video 😂 Stay for a fun easter egg right at the very end 👀 To see the Ultimate Tech fails video:

    • Bukan Pengamen
      Bukan Pengamen

      Is it laggy like Android?

    • ThirstyPirate

      Arun your the most popular tech you tuber who wouldn’t click on this video

    • OSstuff


    • Seven7 1987
      Seven7 1987

      Calyx should not exist ever!

    • Seven7 1987
      Seven7 1987

      Apple is supposed the only enemy to Android but somewhere there is a new challenger.

  • Uldiniad

    I'm one of the developers on the team and it makes me happy to see you reviewing and spreading awareness of our baby Calyx OS :)

    • 24frameDaVinci

      You're a life saver ♥

    • Mushi-shi Yoki Ch. [ムシシヨキ]
      Mushi-shi Yoki Ch. [ムシシヨキ]

      @Uldiniad When I looked on the official Calyx OS website, I was a bit disappointed because there were only a few devices available, mostly filled with Pixel devices, and one Xiaomi Mi A2. Will calyx os develop and expand the range of devices? Can my Mi 8 SE (Sirius) feel calyx os?

    • Jacinth Pilapil
      Jacinth Pilapil

      I really wish this os would be the norm somewhere in the near future

    • jimmy999911 smith
      jimmy999911 smith

      how can install this OS. IN phone

    • origin of sin
      origin of sin

      @Ricco Stewart lol why is it too bad you can name 30 more exactly?? Are any of them proven to be better... being promoted on one of the biggest tech channels on youtube...? Are they being talked about and used as direct competition to this one...... or are you trying to boast about how much you know about the tech world when i.m sure the developer of a new competing os probably knows all about these roms you mentioned and decided they could do something a little different or a little better. Hmm maybe what's too bad is you trying to belittle someone for putting more effort into one single project than you spend on most things in your whole life..?

  • Ayy lmao
    Ayy lmao

    I love how we've been slowly privacy-pilling Arun. CalyxOS, GrapheneOS and even Lineage are a massive upgrade from "stock" android (not AOSP)

    • Gangster Playz
      Gangster Playz

      I like caf roms more

    • SupXposed YT
      SupXposed YT

      I've tried flashing Lineage OS on my Redmi Note 7 hoping it would fix my thermal throttling problem, but it ended up heating up more often

    • Precious Chuks
      Precious Chuks

      Lol... You are dramatic 💯❣️😂.. Loved this review!

    • Down200

      Segata Jonshiro I don’t know if you are still deciding on the two, but stripping an install is nowhere as secure as something like graphene

    • Down200

      Chip Diamond an open-source rom that verifiably doesn’t have any tracking in it isn’t private? Or do you mean it’s everything else in life that isn’t private? In the case of the second one, you can always use hardened Firefox paired with TOR, and while not 100% private it’s still not as bad as doing nothing

  • MartinRages

    this might actually make me switch from iOS to Calyx if it gets more improvements

    • William

      @Daniel Chapman I’m aware. I’m trying to help you out though. As life goes on you’re gonna run into tons of assholes and you gotta know when to ignore them. You’re only shooting your self in the foot responding to these comments

    • Daniel Chapman
      Daniel Chapman

      @William I choose not to.

    • William

      @Daniel Chapman dude just turn off notifications from this comment section. You been getting harassed for like 5 months

    • Daniel Chapman
      Daniel Chapman

      @Hellbow thing is apple makes money from their overpriced services, their phones and every thing, and they want to keep it by making it closed source. And plus it works with no wifi. I don't even support apple, I believe they're corrupt

    • Hellbow

      @Daniel Chapman That's the same excuse every company uses bro. Nobody that's serious about privacy is a dumb fuck that lets all these companies have their information for free.

  • Dave Burbank
    Dave Burbank

    Very informative video. Although I don't think it's smart to conclude that since it's open source "there are no hidden trackers or spyware". Open source is great, but somebody qualified needs to spend the time auditing the source code to make sure it's clean. (I'm not suggesting anything about Calyx OS. Just a general comment.)

    • Terrifying AltAcc
      Terrifying AltAcc

      Open-source means no longer hidden trackers, but visible ones.

    • Innocent O.
      Innocent O.

      You seem to not understand the value of open source. Being open source is not for me and you to proofread, but for the tech specialists who will definitely want to go through to check how safe it is... Either out of curiosity, to be able to make videos like this giving an opinion, to learn etc. One certain thing is that any popular open source app will be read and analysed by competent people for different motives

    • blakey

      @rulercosta most people don't understand code lol. it's very easy then to say "hey, you can look at all the code yourself, so you can trust us" while betting that almost nobody is going to closely examine and understand the code

    • rulercosta

      Thats literally the reason why its FOSS. Check the code yourself.

    • Tuah Danish
      Tuah Danish

      @Cheong Eayan Sadly

  • CallMeVid

    Android: "Good lord what is happening in there?" Calyx: "Aurora Borealis"

    • Sulaiman

      @Christopher Marshall at this universe?

    • NameNotAppropriate

      @Christopher Marshall At this time of day? At this time of year? At this part of code? Localised entirely within your ROM?

    • Splimp Shlitshlicker
      Splimp Shlitshlicker

      @The Alt No.

    • The Alt
      The Alt

      @Chris P. Chicken Can I see it?

    • Chris P. Chicken
      Chris P. Chicken

      @Christopher Marshall Yes!

  • N P
    N P

    This should have been the OS for "freedom" phone.

    • Dhani Fathi
      Dhani Fathi

      @Destroyer Tashkent Conclusion: buy an older iPhone (11 and lower) or an Android phone because no one will stop you (or buy a Nokia with KaiOS, maybe)

    • philip kripanik🤲
      philip kripanik🤲

      bro, someone already did this

    • Kuromi Lover
      Kuromi Lover

      So true

    • Destroyer Tashkent
      Destroyer Tashkent

      @100 years ago gave his life for apple but ended up with new apple being not included with charger

    • Alex hnd
      Alex hnd

      There are actually a few OSs offering privacy & security enhancements the first one being LineageOS, the one which Caly is built on. There is also the degoogled iodeOS with a great built-in firewall or GrapheneOS

  • Damo Spearzo
    Damo Spearzo

    Fairphone would be the ultimate match for CalyxOS, they make sustainable, right to repair phones, that are great quality and environmentally friendly. The phone would have it all 1. Great secure and private OS 2. Great quality phone. 3. Sustainable 4. Based on right to repair 5. 5 year warranty 6. Spare parts for all of the phone 7. A company that pays fair and equitable wages, to suppliers and emplyees

    • Damo Spearzo
      Damo Spearzo

      @Andy BlinkBlink They did not say to keep it on the down low, so i hope i haven't given too much away, but i have very reliable info that says Calyx has had talks with Fairphone in the past, and after the Android 12 update, they intend to restart those talks again.

    • Andy BlinkBlink
      Andy BlinkBlink

      genius idea, hopefully they do it

  • IT Chew
    IT Chew

    It's been great that you keep on educating folks about privacy. Keep up the good work.

  • Robert Yandoc
    Robert Yandoc

    I've been watching this guy's videos for the past few months now and I find him to be very informative and entertaining at the same time. I don't usually subscribe to channels but this channel is worth the notifications! Excellent work!

  • onee

    Based on how buggy Android is sometimes, I hope this will put a dent in their market share.

  • Eric Okafor
    Eric Okafor

    MicroG has been a lifesaver for users of new Huawei phones 👌🏽

    • Synkuro

      @Pedro Henrique racism

    • Mahir khan niloy
      Mahir khan niloy


    • Danny Antiqwean
      Danny Antiqwean

      @Marta Kleczka-Kępa p9 still have play store

    • Marta Kleczka-Kępa
      Marta Kleczka-Kępa

      Me have older one (p9) :😳

    • Danny Antiqwean
      Danny Antiqwean

      @Mahamana bullshit. Then explain me why google services found on global OnePlus, Redmi, Oppo, vivo, Poco are nowhere to be found on the Chinese variant

  • Emiliano Fisanotti
    Emiliano Fisanotti

    That transition at 1:23... I just wonder how many tries this took!!! Soon enough this channel will have to do a collab with Dude Perfect!!:)

    • Beardbruhh

      @master baiter :) what's impressive here is the ability of the OP to kiss Arun's a$$

    • Bzake

      It was just someone that grabbed it nothing special

    • master baiter :)
      master baiter :)

      The dude at the back just catches what is thrown, whats impressive there?

    • Avtomat Kalashnikov
      Avtomat Kalashnikov

      @oiuet souiu elaborate

    • AJ 232
      AJ 232

      @oiuet souiu no one told you to watch him get outta here

  • Aurafyyy

    as someone with generalized anxiety, google always tracking me makes me very uncomfortable. i don't do anything bad so i don't worry about it too much, but if i had the option to not be tracked, that'd obviously be the better choice

  • DD

    I would love to see this come to other phones as well

  • R.L. Dane
    R.L. Dane

    This vid actually pushed me over the edge, and I switched to CalyxOS a couple weeks ago, and there's no going back for me. It's pretty great.

    • Taufik Lama
      Taufik Lama

      You must share how didnyou switched, and explain on what device etc, cannot just leave us with the spectation

    • Sreyas Murali
      Sreyas Murali

      How can I switch to calyx

    • MemoryOf TheFuture
      MemoryOf TheFuture

      May I ask on what phone?

    • Yak28

      @Fowad Ahmed Yes you can but might depend on what you're backing up and how. Feel free to ask for help in the CalyxOS matrix chat group or subreddit.

    • Fowad Ahmed
      Fowad Ahmed

      But can I bring data on it from my android phone? Back up I mean

  • Vorrimade

    This is what the freedom phone dreamed of being.

    • The llama
      The llama

      Is there any chances that Calix isn't stealing our data, is there any chances that Calix is not just google in disguise

    • watintarnation

      I doubt it; it was a bait for clueless, technologically illiterate MAGA Boomers.

    • Efe Akkoyunlu
      Efe Akkoyunlu


    • cheekybananaboy

      The freedom phone never dreamed of being anything over than a moneygrab targeting conservative reactionaries

    • Ron B
      Ron B

      @Matthew I don't think 500 dollars is too much a premium compared to some google phones are three times that much. My question regardless of which service I choose. Will I be able to use viemo and my credit union s apps on these phones. That's my privacy that needs to be secure. Not where I been 10 years ago. We all have skeletons in our closets when it comes to the internet. Even accidentally sites do happen under our names or IP addresses. Some computers send us directly to sites without a mouse click. Especially lap top computers.

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King

    Great to see Calyx OS getting some exposure... I hope to try it soon.

  • donart

    i'm definitely going to ditch apple when i eventually get a new phone, and I really want to install Calyx when I get it!

  • Eric Eachus Jönebring
    Eric Eachus Jönebring

    Love that you're making calyxos more mainstream!

  • timmyboi

    I personally run Calyx on my daily driver Pixel with µG, I love it.

    • Yak28

      Same here. I actually enjoy my phone now instead of struggling against it like my previous Samsung.

  • Sir Lord Doctor Major PHD
    Sir Lord Doctor Major PHD

    Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry could use it as a differentiator. I’m guessing Huawei would be the most interested party but they’d probably want to buy it outright then add their own trackers.

    • TotalmenteMati

      Why Motorola?

    • Paul Vorderegger
      Paul Vorderegger

      @YassyGaMeR No, Android is based on Linux and iOS is based on BSD.

    • Paul Vorderegger
      Paul Vorderegger

      @Abdelrahman Esam That is false. It has many privacy features built in, habent you watched the video. LineageOS is insecure and should not be used as your main phone OS.

    • MozkoŽrout

      Lol yeah Chinese company that would be interested in something privacy concerned. Maybe only for the reason to get rid of that option

    • Masulu Bonak
      Masulu Bonak

      Huawei is controlled by thier gov so there you go 🙄 but thier product is really good, im using huawei 😂

  • Precious Chuks
    Precious Chuks

    Can't wait to see how far this goes!. Beautiful review by the way!

  • Georgie

    It has the potential to become the next big software and it is a great outcome from just 11 people.

  • Michal K
    Michal K

    Yes there is a few more similar OS out there but sadly none of them runs on my existing phones so I cannot test them out. If ever Ubuntu is in this state of progress I would go for it.

  • Raj Aryan
    Raj Aryan

    Considering that every one is trying to make their own processor, soon is like these can become the norm

  • Gamin'

    Calyx OS is literally the Freedom Phone except it's not a scam.

    • Killertiger Gaming
      Killertiger Gaming

      @Blooded Taurean dude if nobody bought there phones they would be out of business millions of people have bought there phones I don't like them but they did

    • Killertiger Gaming
      Killertiger Gaming

      @Blooded Taurean "google isn't spyware google is open source" dude did you do any research at all google isn't open source they have open source projects but almost all of there code is closed source why don't you show me the code to play services you can't lmao. Don't know how many times i gotta tell you but google ain't open source android is partially open source but only partially

    • Resident Zero
      Resident Zero

      @Blooded Taurean scam? The os is entirely free. They use Google phones. And Google has been exposed. You either don't know what you're talking about or work for them

    • Shiro Ch
      Shiro Ch

      reading this thread again makes me want to ask did you guys have been using costom rom before?? since for me the "freedom" is what costom rom option give us, heck 2 days of compiling android rom is perfect for the Truest "Freedom" Lol

    • Sammydepresso

      Ah yes freedom phone. XD

  • Rodolfo Martins
    Rodolfo Martins

    Big problem with this if it takes off. MicroG can be "patched" from google side as well as many of the features this OS uses to keep your privacy.

  • KingzMantis

    Thanks for the review about privacy problems that happens with Android and/or Apple operating systems that Calyx provides, you still haven't talked about how the phone like normally runs for us to make the switch. No review on the Camera, Software Speed, RAM, Storage, etc... An actual genuine review is a must for us to know if a phone is good or not, rather than just talking about a certain topic that the company has provided or limited you to talk about. Just like your past reviews when you did with the Xaomi phones. *FULL REVIEW NEEDED*

    • MastachiGaming

      It's not a phone, It's an OS you install on a google pixel device, check those review for hardware information. Everything else I've noticed as a calyx user for more than 6 months has been the same as stock android, just better privacy + performance.

  • prod. by intoxxy
    prod. by intoxxy

    I think although this seems like a great Android alternative, if by any chance this blows up and becomes popular, then Google will do everything to become more closed and more secure becuz of user data collection :p

  • AFallingTree

    having videos on serious topics like privacy getting *this* popular gives me hope in humanity and there might be a chance of narrowly avoiding 1984

    • AFallingTree

      @Amin I dont get the joke.

    • Amin

      Ok human 🤡

    • Theryn Arnold
      Theryn Arnold

      That book was based on England at the time. Orwell was a socialist

    • AFallingTree

      @Averi Katelyn they wernt evil once. infact their slogan was "Dont be evil". btw commercial spam links aren't ok and because of that, i dont think your someone who even cares about this topic.

  • Elisa Freda
    Elisa Freda

    This is the most honest, fun and reliable tech channel I've ever come across 🖤

    • Sumit Swelsor
      Sumit Swelsor

      Tbh almost every decent channel is honest but they are boring and not so fun to watch:)

    • Gaurav Rajput
      Gaurav Rajput

      @Mrwhosetheboss men will be men🤣

    • Dᴇᴍᴏɴ Lᴏʀᴅ
      Dᴇᴍᴏɴ Lᴏʀᴅ


    • Fortune Adjissi
      Fortune Adjissi

      @Hassan Malik No. He makes tech interesting to watch. I literally sleep watching other tech channels

    • youku3dCode

      HarmonyOS are best don't be an idiot a you are 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    Finally! Hopefully they'll be in talks with some companies who shares their perspective. Love that OS!

    • RealNeonPlayz

      @Kund same

    • RealNeonPlayz

      @Kund dang u found my old comment

    • RealNeonPlayz

      everyone pfp in here is just reply

    • Abbie Heidi
      Abbie Heidi

      watchgirls18. com Very informative video. Although I don't think it's smart to conclude that since it's open source "there are no hidden trackers or spyware". Open source is great, but somebody qualified needs to spend the time auditing the source code to make sure it's clean. (I'm not suggesting anything about Calyx OS. Just a general comment.)

    • RealNeonPlayz

      @oiuet souiu what you too?

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    That sounds pretty great if I had an Android. Can they make one for Apple? 🍎

  • toshineon

    Me: I really like to see more alternatives to the usual OSes we get on phones Swedish mandatory electronic ID: not if we can help it

  • Travis Strange
    Travis Strange

    I love how this is works. I would be interested as I have a Pixel 4 right now.

  • Justin Yo Mama
    Justin Yo Mama

    Calyx OS is what people thought the freedom phone would be

    • Alphabet 7
      Alphabet 7

      @nemo27 it's just a IRglor algorithm bro

    • Vinayak K
      Vinayak K

      I was gonna comment the same!

    • nemo27

      i posted this same exact comment 15 hour ago yet i got no like but you got likes democracy *cries*

    • ro6kie

      I thought it was GrapheneOS but yeah the GrapheneOS Community is super toxic so yeah...

  • ऽಳऋZ0

    Thanks brother for sharing this type knowledge. I may share this to others also This OS IS GAME CHANGER

  • Octo Lilith
    Octo Lilith

    Currently using calyxOS its so easy to setup and iv had no issues in my day to day life, its awesome

  • Velo1010

    A few years ago I wouldn’t have been thinking about dumping my iPhone, but as time goes on I’m thinking of an alternative. Apple has become too invasive. I’m September they are supposed to release another update to iOS that will allow them to scan your photos for underage nude pics. Now I don’t have an issue with someone being hunted down by law enforcement for these crimes, but scanning personal pics is invasive and almost criminal.

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith

    I’m a little worried that this kind of ultra secure OS could be abused by, let’s say, less that admirable people.

  • Karthik Suresh
    Karthik Suresh

    I love how Arun is constantly increasing the visuals of his videos by adding more colors and adding a humor quotient, quality content brother!

  • Leonardo Mantovani
    Leonardo Mantovani

    Beautiful video, what about comparing this OS with others android "alternatives" such as /e/ OS (which is also available on more smartphones)?

    • thomas meunier
      thomas meunier

      I would compare it with any custom ROM except /e/ which is probably the worst in terms of security & stability ..

  • aWildTomAppeared

    This could be great for the new blackberry being slowly made by onward mobility

  • Masood Patel
    Masood Patel

    From watching you videos time to time i realised you are the most genuine and honest youtuber.Always my first pick to watch review of tech. #mrwhosetheboss

  • mr559

    I haven't watch phone videos as much as I did a year ago. I haven't been on this channel for that long too. The shooting and editing on these videos have changed significantly. I like it.

  • Rainy

    I love the idea of the OS, hope this takes off!

    • cat

      @Cameron Pelkey isn’t that good? You dont need to pay for apple now

    • Cameron Pelkey
      Cameron Pelkey

      Calyx OS essentially just turns Android into what iOS has been doing for years…

    • cat

      @Nathaniel Castillo nah not all verified people has those intension

    • Ricco Stewart
      Ricco Stewart

      This is literally just AOSP isn't nothing new ... Not even close

    • Star Man
      Star Man

      @Allen Joshua huawei will be banned everywhere soon because of its poor quality

  • 20quid

    Calyx OS seems like exactly the sort of software that should ship with a fairphone or a pinephone.

  • Eden Indica
    Eden Indica

    Great video, very informative and concise

  • AniekvL

    If this was available on Oppo phones I would have downloaded it immediatly!

    • Radplay

      Oppo doesn't allow unlocking the bootloader outside of china so it wouldn't really be possible, unless Oppo allowed it (very unlikely)

  • Comanche Viper
    Comanche Viper

    I wish there was a version of this for Apple. That would be spectacular.

    • Comanche Viper
      Comanche Viper

      @Kund I have faith that if Apple truly wanted to do that they would find a way to make it work. But I don’t. And that is the bottom line.

    • disparkys

      you completely missed the point of this video

  • Francois Robbertze
    Francois Robbertze

    Imagine buying a phone and on the initial startup it gives you options to choose what type of firmware you would like to run

    • ador

      @smileless see if you can find any unofficial relases for your device, I use an unofficial version as well and it runs just as fine.

    • Alexandru Uzunov
      Alexandru Uzunov

      Android is an operating system running on the Linux kernel. It isn't POSIX compliant, so you won't run Linux software directly, it uses another C stdlib than most GNU/Linux distros, so it again won't run Linux software directly, but at the core it still is Linux

    • smileless

      @Francois Robbertze How are you using it on s7? On the website theres no builds and you need to build it yourself which would take me like 2 days lol. Even then the latest supported branch is 14.1 which is based on AOSP 11

    • Francois Robbertze
      Francois Robbertze

      @ador Yes!! It really is. I've got it running with microG on my S7. I think CalyxOs is based on Lineage OS as well.

    • dh4

      @Francois Robbertze what linux is ot based on?

  • TheYTPLord

    Instead of android, I use lineageOS 17.1 on my Motorola g5, it’s really cool!

    • Radplay

      LineageOS *is* Android

  • Solveig Van
    Solveig Van

    Calyx should get in touch with Fxtec, maker of the Pro1 X phone. It's a perfect collab.

  • Tomasz Wojnar
    Tomasz Wojnar

    How about banking apps? This would be my main concern, if that works, then it looks really good to me.

    • watintarnation

      I have a feeling it will not work with some. I installed Lineage OS with MicroG on my old S6; it began throwing certification and "device security check" errors when I installed some banking apps, telling me it is not compatible due to security requirements.

  • Shoxced _
    Shoxced _

    If it worked on iPhone, I would 100% get this. Amazing!

  • Superwind45

    The UI feels like the same as Android 10/11, I wish they did something more Unique.

  • Lex Taylor
    Lex Taylor

    I really wish I could have this operating system right now

  • Miika Pekk
    Miika Pekk

    Hauwei should really consider shipping Calyx model, especially now that their image has been tainted by spying accusations a d being banned from the US. I would buy a Calyx mobile phone if i could but I don't have the time and money to spend trying to port it to a mobile phone.

  • Satyendra Pandit
    Satyendra Pandit

    I hope it will try to reduce the monopoly of both Google and Apple and provides user an another strong OS.

  • FavoriteTechX

    Hmmm I’m not sure if Google seen this? 😂

    • AL Jay
      AL Jay

      yaaay an IPhone verified user youtuber!

    • LIMITLESS Entertainment™️
      LIMITLESS Entertainment™️

      @WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally ur username is....

    • LIMITLESS Entertainment™️
      LIMITLESS Entertainment™️

      @El mas chimba lmaNO

    • SkittsYT


    • El mas chimba
      El mas chimba

      @Polizei 004 lmao

  • Comanche Viper
    Comanche Viper

    I wish there was a version of this for Apple. That would be spectacular

    • Kiriakos Amoiridis
      Kiriakos Amoiridis

      @Comanche Viper if you really want an encrypted smartphone use graphene os

    • Kiriakos Amoiridis
      Kiriakos Amoiridis

      Well, apple doesn't let you install a custom operating system. Some big brain XDA devs managed to install android on an iphone , but you can't just flash an OS like the majority of android phone's.

    • Comanche Viper
      Comanche Viper

      @watintarnation I thought that was probably the case. That encryption is why I actually purchase Apple products. Appreciate it have a Christmas

    • watintarnation

      iOS devices are too encrypted to install a whole ROM or even modify a bit. There's a reason why Jailbreak died down recently.

    • Comanche Viper
      Comanche Viper

      @Rasp I doubt they of all people are not corrupt in someway.

  • ChandraShekar R
    ChandraShekar R

    Seems A GREAT idea to keep your interactions on the net private without all time snooping from the big G

  • diverkim

    how about calyx for huawei? as i understand it, huawei was forced off android and is coming up with its own OS (harmony) which is, according to some, still inferior

    • Kiriakos Amoiridis
      Kiriakos Amoiridis

      Funny thing is harmony is also based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project)

  • Shyam Yenagandula
    Shyam Yenagandula

    I want that Calyx OS!! I want its download link! ❤️ Edit : Think I can't download the OS 😢 coz I don't have google pixel 🥲

    • Kiriakos Amoiridis
      Kiriakos Amoiridis

      Try Lineage OS If calyx isn't supported for your device

  • Jonas Smedslund
    Jonas Smedslund

    As a XDA member for over 7 years I would say that this is really interesting.

    • Python Py
      Python Py

      @Khtab Bentaher bro ...for rom development you need server ...not pc ...source is 250gb 😅 ...and Need 16 core 64gb ram 500gb SSD server .... server like Gcp , AWS , digital ocean , Jenkins etc.... Btw I make custom roms for Realme 6 and it's a mediatek phone so, custom rom making harder than Snapdragon .. Snapdragon easy

    • PSYCHO

      @Matt - Exactly! People are acting like this is an entirely different OS. It's still Android in a custom ROM. 😂😂😂

    • Ishaq Ahmed Mahi
      Ishaq Ahmed Mahi

      @Matt - exactly

    • Ishaq Ahmed Mahi
      Ishaq Ahmed Mahi

      as an XDA member since 2017 (not as much as you but w/e); this is literally a rip-off of lineageOS for microG with a bad vpn and firewall oh don't mention aurora store and f-droid nothing interesting if you ask me

    • Krychu TM
      Krychu TM

      @Jonas Smedslund Its a online public IRglo comment section. Pretty sure he/she can say whatever they want whether it's important or not. Tbh you seem like the one who's offend after that statement. Also your initial comment which started this thread wasn't important either so yeah

  • Kimani Gibbison
    Kimani Gibbison

    i could watch your presentation for days, like i literally be sitting here watching for hours repeatedly. watch one video 20 times its so smooth and entertaining

  • Ian Wise
    Ian Wise

    On the topic of OEM adoption, FairPhone would be a smaller but very likely to collaborate producer! FairPhone with pre-installed Calyx would be a dream!

  • Nix

    Google didn't give the data, Google was required by law to give it. This applies to Apple also for data saved on iCloud.

  • Vodoyem

    Given that it works only on Pixel phones which many people buy for the "Google experience" this project has not much perspective. I guess it will live a life similar to an obscure linux distribution kept alive by a few people and only used by same few people.

  • Nithin Sai
    Nithin Sai

    Ok, developers assemble! We need to help Calyx.

    • Ishaq Ahmed Mahi
      Ishaq Ahmed Mahi

      no we need to fund the *proper* custom ROMs that calyx is literally stealing like LineageOS for microG also fund mar-v-in he's the god (creator of microG)

    • LegendOfMaX

      nah we want money

    • Dedas Almeida
      Dedas Almeida

      All of us need money

    • Aee Bee Cee
      Aee Bee Cee

      I’m in

    • Slam jam
      Slam jam

      nah we want money

  • LordWaterBottle

    06:05 and the next couple things are absolutely massive safety features for everyone!

  • 탄선

    Even if it's open source, Google still owns android. Which means that they can merge or reject any pull request to the codebase which makes any company using it very dependent on Google choices. It's the same for Chromium, the fact that other browsers like Brave use it, doesn't change their almost monopoly on the browser world and therefore on the future of web standards.

  • ceasar entila
    ceasar entila

    I am not sure if Google would want Xiaomi to work with Calyx. Might risk Xiaomi's relationship with Google. But that's just my thought.

  • Steve Johanson
    Steve Johanson

    Correction: there is no spyware within the software just within the phones microprocessors

  • Davo CC
    Davo CC

    I'd be curious to know what is involved in porting this over to other devices the way LineageOS does; given some of the recent moves by Apple, etc. I can see this becoming more and more popular an option particularly for those working in commercially sensitive fields, having privacy concerns for their own personal wellbeing, etc.

    • tails618

      @Skywayz Zarthic Pixels need the bootloader to be unlocked first, it's just *extremely* easy. No other software or anything - just a few adb commands.

    • Davo CC
      Davo CC

      @WolvenSpectre yeah I can imagine only on a conceptual level for this (I fully recognise the depth of work required here); it's still fundamentally about supporting a giant VM as it was originally is it? I can envisage it's developing and implementing in layers and then working on each abstraction layer somewhat independently. That's actually the bit I was wondering about, presuming the abstraction layer that makes these unique (avoidance of Google services and tracking apps) and integrating with the good work already done in the other projects.

    • Skywayz Zarthic
      Skywayz Zarthic

      @Pinko Diamond I’m pretty sure they managed to port it to the Xiaomi Mi A2 recently. How did they relock the boot loader there? EDIT: Frick autocorrect.

    • WolvenSpectre

      @Pinko Diamond I wasn't answering why it was only on the pixel I was answering what was involved in putting it on different device in general. That being said I didn't know about the pixel relocking and that is good to hear.

    • Pinko Diamond
      Pinko Diamond

      @WolvenSpectre that is really not the reason. You can port those drivers from other open source projects like lineageos or the hundreds on xdadev. The only reason why pixel is the only option is because the entire initialization sequence is writable. That is not the case for any other phone hardware. CalyxOs relocks the boot loader after Installing a necessary security feature that isn’t possible on other hardware. There is an unwritable aspect of the boot sequence preventing you from doing that.

  • S S
    S S

    I love rooted smartphones. I love magisk ❤ love superSU and so on. 😄

    • Kiriakos Amoiridis
      Kiriakos Amoiridis

      Don't compare the Chad magisk to normie superSU. SuperSU is bullcrap proprietary spyware while magisk is a free and open source project.

  • Random

    I really want mobile Linux to get better (I wanna get a pinephone pro)

  • MulishaPatrol

    I've got a Calyx OS Pixel 4 XL and love it. My old Note 20 Ultra Exynos was a laggy piece of crap compared to the Calyx OS Pixel.

    • Yak28

      Same here. Pixel 5 with CalyxOS for the past several months and enjoying everyday. Samsung and Google's bloatware is what drove me here.

  • StevenShock

    If you want something similar and your phone is not compatible with Calyx, you can install LINEAGE OS and then microG for separate.

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      Sooraj Suresh

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    paul paul

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  • money mule
    money mule

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  • Facts Matter
    Facts Matter

    Can you remove apps w/o defecting your phone? Like I want a phone or software that not only keeps my info private but also allows me to get rid of all the unnecessary apps.

  • Deadvil

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  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith

    Was in the middle of Arun talking about how Google is selling / handing over your data then got an ad for a Google nest camera 😂

    • Micah Johnson
      Micah Johnson

      @GHOST LEGIT I Agree if they go to 9:39 in this video it's is absolutely fine, has no effect, and has been that way for a long time, and you can't say definitively that there will be problems. It could happen yes but it's not certain there will be consequences. They've been doing it for years and it has its benefits, but because android is open for the most part it gives us the choice of whether or not we want to install. We need to just respect our choices and not pick on someone for not having this or that, because I'm sure what ever we decide should be ok.

    • Lemon Soup2607
      Lemon Soup2607

      400th like

    • R™ Entertainment
      R™ Entertainment

      @GHOST LEGIT oh it will affect you someday: breaches, hackers, political propagandas, and censorship are some of its factors

    • Vishwajeet Babbar
      Vishwajeet Babbar

      Arun: Micro G is amazing. General public: Not even using VANCED n saying we got an ad!!!!!

    • Hack Slash
      Hack Slash

      @GHOST LEGIT It has no effect on you... Yet. lol But that's cool. You're entitled to voice your opinion however you like, mate. But... If you ever do decide to learn more, there is a 6 minute video here on IRglo which explains it beautifully. It's called: How China’s Mass Surveillance Works and it's by a channel called Vision. Anyways, hope you have a great day and a great life. Peace

  • Shivam Kapoor
    Shivam Kapoor

    Magisk modules will give those features as well

  • cryptolicious

    calyx os should partner with FreedomPhone and produce a great range of phones for us

  • John Jeffri
    John Jeffri

    I think except for the firewall every other thing is user decisive in Android as well. Permission Manager?

  • Fidgets ETC.
    Fidgets ETC.

    Imagine Amazon doing this with their Fire Tablets

  • Katherine

    Thanks for sharing this video, any innovation that could create more competition AND more privacy is a good thing for us consumers.

    • Candido B
      Candido B

      Give /e/ OS a look from the e foundation. A De-Googled android OS supporting 158 devices! They also sell some devices with /e/ OS already preinstalled! There are videos and video reviews on IRglo. Give it a look!

    • Ivan Orozco
      Ivan Orozco

      I can't think why Huawei wouldn't want to use this OS. Sounds totally amazing

    • Micheal Persicko
      Micheal Persicko

      @John Davidson go to your permissions and tell me how many apps have access to make phone calls, location or both and then scroll through and see how many actually don't need it. Apps are where a lot of data stealing comes from on phones if you even turned everything on to only when the app is in use you can mitigate a lot of data mining by android just like that. Then obviously go to app permissions and turn off which ones don't need access to location, phone, mic, etc.

    • John Davidson
      John Davidson

      That's why I'm having more problems with Google and Facebook services rather than just complaining about Android devices that they don't care about our privacy.

    • Instant Gratification
      Instant Gratification

      lol delusional

  • Cali Fauna
    Cali Fauna

    I've been using micro g with custom roms for years, this is pretty cool

    • PSYCHO

      @Cali Fauna I can see you edited your comment.....

    • Cali Fauna
      Cali Fauna

      @PSYCHO Did I though

    • PSYCHO

      You spelled roms wrong.

  • Tom Zheng
    Tom Zheng

    The economics of swapping ad-driven services for free open-source, private ones don't make sense unless you re paying for it directly. How else will they maintain the same service quality?

    • Ved Aryan
      Ved Aryan

      Donations. Kinda like how Linux has been working. Unless OEMs somehow start sponsoring them

  • Jorge Andrés
    Jorge Andrés

    I have to be honest, I wouldn't go out of my Android comfort zone just for privacy, I'm just not concerned about it. I thought this would be the general sentiment but for what I see in the comments people care a lot about their privacy :o which makes this Calyx OS something interesting.

  • b101
    b101 is similar and a bit better imo. It allows all the same thing, however it has an open account system where everything syncs so you can get your data everywhere.

  • Omegamoney

    I've been using things like this for a while now, microG is usually a must have in custom ROMs, yes all that built in stuff in the ROM showed in the video are cool as heck, but you usually can do all that manually just by installing a custom ROM, magisk (root) and some rooted apps on any phone.

    • Killertiger Gaming
      Killertiger Gaming

      @Omegamoney why would you just buy an iPhone basically just the same as buying a normal android but you can't deapple an iphone

    • Killertiger Gaming
      Killertiger Gaming

      @Abteilungsleiterin bei Antifa E.V. gGmbH & Co. KG "theres no effort just expensive membership options" ah yes so it takes no effort to create an entire os to respect peoples privacy

    • Omegamoney

      @Hrishikesh Malviy magisk hide can hide your root, that's pretty much all we need, but sooner or later we won't be able to bypass Google's safetynet, and that'll be when I'll buy an iphone

    • Abteilungsleiterin bei Antifa E.V. gGmbH & Co. KG
      Abteilungsleiterin bei Antifa E.V. gGmbH & Co. KG

      @pit I really couldn't give less of a fuck.

    • pit

      @Abteilungsleiterin bei Antifa E.V. gGmbH & Co. KG grapheneos dev is a child

  • knightofcydonia07

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    Nicolas Marshall

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  • Velo1010

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