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  • JerryRigEverything

    So freaking cool. Nice work Apple!

    • LuckyLuk3

      in the netherlands even my country im so proud nederland

    • Nytefyre98

      Welcome to the boss side Zach

    • SlimeDev

      Can't wait for the next hummer ev episode

    • Joseph Does a Thing
      Joseph Does a Thing

      Right To Repair Be Like.....

    • NerdGamer Twins
      NerdGamer Twins

      Yes, so freakin cool.

  • Phone Repair Guru
    Phone Repair Guru

    These videos just keep getting better and better 🙌

    • Aadi Talauliker
      Aadi Talauliker

      hi PRG

    • Techny3000

      heyyyyy phone repair guru, what device are you giving Magsafe to next lol

    • skanda


    • Giga chad
      Giga chad


    • Ismael

      @Unknown not many

  • PuzzLEGO

    props to arun for wearing the iconic steve jobs turtleneck inside the apple facility lol

    • GoldBlox


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  • Carlos Costa
    Carlos Costa

    I love that Apple is doing this however, the carbon neutrality thing is sometimes BS because if you take your own emissions into consideration but not the suppliers emissions you can always "outsource" the emissions to entities that are not controlled. I'm not saying Apple is doing this, but many companies are

    • Konrad Paul Mertner
      Konrad Paul Mertner

      @Michael D'Orazio Carbon credits are a good thing. This way, companies with little emissions get benefits in form of money, so they can put even more resources into developing sustainable solutions. Companies emitting a lot, get punished by higher expenses until they develop sustainable solutions themselves. No company wants to pay for this for eternity. Its a Robin Hood situation here.

    • Regidrago

      @Michael D'Orazio wow dude, didn't know about that, interesting story

    • Michael D'Orazio
      Michael D'Orazio

      They have what’s called “ carbon credits” all companies who produce carbon emissions take part in this. Basically these “ credits” allow your company to let so much pollution into the environment and you use them to avoid getting in trouble with regulatory organizations who monitor these things. The problem is, they are allowed to trade them… so if they have another company that barely produces carbon emissions they can “trade” these to their company that makes way too much carbon emissions. They don’t need to own the other company many companies work together and some sell them for an profit while still being a better option than getting caught polluting to much

    • Regidrago

      I second this thought, just another reason to justify them not giving chargers and stuff. Every company nowadays is doing this, covering things up while citing nature as a cause.

    • Konrad Paul Mertner
      Konrad Paul Mertner

      If I'm not mistaken, they actually want to include their suppliers, since basically all their own facilities and servers are already carbon neutral.

  • gaijininja

    Apple’s habit of making their phones only “repairable” (ie, swapped with another one.) by their own repair centres, is that they are built not to be taken apart. Crazy idea, build things to be disassembled at the end of service life, so robots like Daisy have a much easier time doing it, with less waste. Also, if Apple programs into Daisy the specs for competitor devices, they can also scavenge materials from the competitors.

  • Ellie

    I’m still waiting for when Arun reviews every rickroll device available

    • thatoneidiotteo

      @Karl Hennessy no he doesn’t

    • CuriousBoi ㆍ10B views ㆍ1 minute ago
      CuriousBoi ㆍ10B views ㆍ1 minute ago

      @🛑Volshebnik (БОГ СПАМА) 🛑 NOBODY CARES+ASKED 👑😏

    • Christiaan van Leeuwen
      Christiaan van Leeuwen

      ​@🛑Volshebnik (БОГ СПАМА) 🛑 lie

    • AlexPlays_YT

      Just here to make the replies 50 instead of 49

    • Kpop Kitty GURLIES😼
      Kpop Kitty GURLIES😼

      Who isn’t waiting to be honest like I’ve been praying for this

  • Noa

    *2:40** you know AI has gotten really smart when it can differentiate apple phone models with just a glance when even humans can't*

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose

    Never heard of Daisy until today, and I am really impressed!

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    This is amazing, Arun has come so far from tech reviews to the actual Apple factory itself. This is truly something else. Keep it up man your amazing !!!!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Great video again! Love the earth friendly aspect. Would you talk about the fairphone next?

  • Xavier

    Didn't even know Apple even had a facility in the Netherlands, very informative vid nonetheless, keep up the good work Arun!

    • LuckyLuk3


    • alter3go

      Eindhoven High tech Campus

    • DOTDOTDOT one
      DOTDOTDOT one

      Xavier 😂

    • CubeFly123

      I see you everywhere

    • Mohammed Farhaan
      Mohammed Farhaan

      bro its the man himself

  • iTech Talk
    iTech Talk

    Every phone I’ve had after I upgrade, I store my old ones away in a draw, never thrown one in the bin. Just like keeping the older phones then looking back at them later on.

  • Matei

    "Samsung just started giving 4 years of Software updates", sounds like a joke. I have an iPhone 7 (6 year old model), running latest OS. My partner has an iPhone 6S, which is 7 years old also running latest iOS. It's kinda crazy to think how Apple is far ahead from Androids as long as software update is concerned.

  • theEnderBoy785

    I say they could have Daisy check for which parts are functional, leading to them being sold at used prices.

  • Konrad Paul Mertner
    Konrad Paul Mertner

    I feel like Apple should start having a "Vintage Store", additional to their Refurbished Store. A place where they renew/repair old devices with only the functional parts like display and battery, but keep the scuffed and used housing that might tell a story and make those devices truly unique. Almost as if you were buying an old watch or piece of jewelry.

  • Mi Samsung
    Mi Samsung

    I've hung on to several phones well past their sell by date because they kept on working for the things that I used them for. The problem with keeping older phones is that A) the OS stops getting updated and B) apps stop working because of the old OS. My Apple 3S works fine and I've been using it as an ipod. My current phone is a 5S works fine but some apps are stopping working with the old OS. Yes it is great to keep an older phone as long as you can but the companies don't help when they make their older phones obsolete

    • Mi Samsung
      Mi Samsung

      @colortech What is slow in electronics? I had an old laptop that I used to use as a media server until it gave up the ghost. Sure it was slower than my more modern laptops BUT microseconds really doesn't matter. You can have a blazingly fast processor but the bloat in the applications is what slows everything down. That is what Apple is doing they are adding new features and apps that are slowing down the main processor because of poor programming and just general bloat. People want new and shiny, we really are magpies

    • colortech

      @Mi Samsung that's not what i mean, i mean that if it got 10+ years of update it would be too slow, not saying it is currently obsolete, just that it would be too slow to be updated for many years

    • Mi Samsung
      Mi Samsung

      @colortech IDK I can stream just fine with my old 5S. The other thing is that the cell phone makers make them obsolete before they actually are.

    • colortech

      i mean 5 years of software updates are already a lot, for apple that already like 20 iphone models to keep updated, so imagine if they never stopped support it would be almost impossible to get updates, also a lot of old phones might just get too slow at that point too.

  • Máté Kovács
    Máté Kovács

    Mixed feelings on this one. While it is really cool that Apple has these recycling and carbon-neutrality goals and actually engineers solutions to meet these goals, they also go out of their way to make their stuff almost impossible to repair. They still have the best accessory compatibility and software support in the industry, but let's not forget their many grave sins. Everything glued together, a chip in every cable and component software-locking the parts together to lock out replacements and aftermarket stuff, cables that will definitely break in a year, 27 different special kinds of screws in a phone, etc. They also don't promote their trade-in programs enough, or have no such program in many countries. They have used child labor in the past (and who knows, maybe they still do behind the scenes). They removed the wall wart from iPhone packaging, while shipping the new iPhone with a cable incompatible with old chargers, so you do end up buying a wall-wart separately, which is extra unnecessary packaging and shipping. They should have not switched to type-c on the wall side in the same year as they removed the wall-wart. They have created a culture of consuming in which customers are encouraged to buy the newest shiny gadgets every year, even though the only thing new about it is a design change.

    • Roozbeh Abbasi
      Roozbeh Abbasi

      Also rolling out updates to slow down iphones forcing people to upgrade

    • Aran Haydar
      Aran Haydar

      You're right

    • Laurens Kool
      Laurens Kool

      Your comment is so underrated!!

    • kevin bailey
      kevin bailey

      Well said sir

    • Marcell Kelemen
      Marcell Kelemen

      Egy kicsit tényleg érdekes hogy ezek a “nemes célok” leginkább csak amerikában elérhetők és mindenhol máshol ebből a szempontból gyakorlatilag semmi sem változott

  • Groeg

    I'd still like to see 3rd party repairs being enabled by apple especially allowing vendors to ship genuine parts to 3rd parties like Mr. Louis Rossmann. He might not do iphone repairs but the whole repair industry has to battle the apple made circumstances to my knowledge. Also if you get your hands on a genuine part your chances of getting a working device at the end is also shitfaced by apple locking down their device components with software. It's great to see them recycling the old stuff but I think it's still profitable enough for them to shred old tech in an environmentally friendly way as oppose to letting folks fix the tech they have bought. I'd love to wake up one day to find that there is an ipad m1 that has a socketed m1 chip and socketed flash memory that isn't hard to come by, an unlocked bootloader so I can downgrade the software on it or install custom community roms like on many android devices. I would use it until I can't fix it and it dies for good. That will probably not happen in my lifetime though...

  • Prsn #8083
    Prsn #8083

    I think daisy is a little rough, I might be wrong but some of those parts looked good before daisy punched their screws out. I think newer daisies should find good parts and build new phones out of them, and maybe sell them for a discount 😏.

  • Simon

    GREAT VALUABLE VIDEO! Thanks a lot Arun for spending time in making your videos. With this video you maybe helped to make this World a little bit better... 👍

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  • sdnalyam

    Easy solution, make modular phones with replacement parts so they can be indefinitely upgraded.

  • T o
    T o

    For those of you out there don’t know this fact: recycled material is actually more expensive than new material. So 20% used in apple products actually cost a lot more in money and apple doing all the recycling programs really shows apple is not just saying it for marketing like android makers take away chargers after apple did it and just saying it is for environmental reasons.

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      Hit me up to win an iPhone 📌.

  • G Four Gadget
    G Four Gadget

    Arun is definitely one of the best tech youtuber out there 🔥

  • MrUnknown

    I swear one of these times he's just gonna bring in the real Rick Astley just to Rick roll us. Use this as a petition.

    • EarlCows


    • Tadu Desta
      Tadu Desta


    • Random Blob
      Random Blob

      @Muhammad Arekat that's how you know the petition is on its way to being complete 😂🧡😭

    • Dlrss1v2

      LMAO can you contact him to actually do it, i'm in

    • Plain Box
      Plain Box

      im a fan

  • Anthony

    I still can't believe that he's made it so far that he got to physically go into the apple manufacturing building.

    • Nuggets

      Thats not an Apple manufacturing building.

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Disclaimer : Apple has been rickrolled in this video !

  • Ashok Ganpathi
    Ashok Ganpathi

    Isn’t repair an option in any of these “What can we do?” points? I would assume that repairing broken screens would allow you to reduce the need to purchase a new phone.

    • Rj Gallman
      Rj Gallman

      Watch about right to repair movement... It's better to make the phones more repair accessible. These are just BS from the company to project being environmental. 😆

  • ForcefighterX2

    Great video Aron! I want to add some grain of salt, though: Apple has a very rational and easy reason for disposing of old iPhones; It keeps them from diminishing the value of the newer models. The less old iPhones exist to be refurbished, the better for the new model.

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  • Falcon

    I love this. Can't stand iphones but this is a great step. I don't like how much we waste and all the one time use stuff. And I don't speak from a pedestal. I'm just as bad as the next guy. But I wish there was some way to go back to when we fixed stuff instead of throwing away. When it was cheaper to repair than replace.

  • techFAUX

    Disclaimer : Apple has been rickrolled in this video !

    • EarlCows

      @Smile bot

    • Arima Varanova
      Arima Varanova

      That daisy has been Rick rolled after inspecting the phone

    • Mia Glegg
      Mia Glegg

      @shiv p 7:03!

    • shiv p
      shiv p


    • voidleyy


  • Joshua Oniye
    Joshua Oniye

    I want to thank the author for an interesting review and detailed analysis. I enjoyed it.

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  • Adeeb Niyazi
    Adeeb Niyazi

    man. other companies need to start doing this too.

  • A Sing
    A Sing

    Another wonderful video like always. Yes, the best option is not to run for every new release. I'm on 4 year cycle to change my phone.

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler

    I always love these ads for VPNs. As someone who actually does telephone tech support, you might be surprised just how many calls I get with a customer complaining at me that their internet is broken. We eventually discover they have installed a VPN, which we then turn off and viola, suddenly the internet starts working again. Isn't that interesting? Then there are the CLAIMS that you can watch regional TV content in other countries. Nope. That fails too. The BBC may not know where that VPN server is connected to, but it sure as hell knows its not in England so it disallows the stream.

  • demilishing

    Am I the only one who laughed at many parts of this ironically? The last point was "what can you do" and it is suggested that you use it as long as possible or give it to someone to use. That's pretty hard to accomplish when Tim Crook intentionally bricks your phone.

  • Peanut

    My family has always passed down phones. It all started with the iPhone 6(I think or 5) and every time when one of my parents would get a new phone either the one getting the new phone would give it to me or the other parent. We’ve done this up to the 7plus and just bought a new 12. So I guess my family has been good about this recycling

  • Gina2909

    Just watched a video a few days earlier about the same thing. It's interesting to see some new aspects, which weren't allowed to be shown in the video of the other person. It's really cool, thank you for the tour!

    • [WhåtsÅpp]:+⓵ ⓷⓺⓪-⓸⓹⓸-⓽⓶⓪⓸
      [WhåtsÅpp]:+⓵ ⓷⓺⓪-⓸⓹⓸-⓽⓶⓪⓸

      ⬆️⬆️⬆️Congratulations you have been selected as the one of the shortlisted winners.....💐🎅🎁

  • Noctis Lucis
    Noctis Lucis

    By keeping everything first party, Apple is, by all means, the closest thing to a perfect technology company.

    • Noctis Lucis
      Noctis Lucis

      An example of that would be?@redwarf

    • redwarf

      yes perfect false marketing

  • Zahraalhussein

    I was looking at the Apple site yesterday, and I was surprised to see that you can actually trade in your old phone and get a desirable amount of money back for it. And now Daisy! It's honeslty a really cool concept that can not only save money, but also help the environment. Thanks for the vid Arun! Learned a lot of cool things!

    • John Uferbach
      John Uferbach

      for apple this is good, because people who sell their phone to apple to take it apart wont sell their phone used to someone else, thus making apple more phone sales while also harming the environment because now the person who would've bought the used phone also buys a new phone

    • Zahraalhussein

      @Just A Loading Sign I'm not an avid tech person tbh, so that's why this is all new to me. But thankyou though, because I'd love to learn more about these companies.

    • Just A Loading Sign
      Just A Loading Sign

      most phone companies already do this

    • Andrew Rodriguez
      Andrew Rodriguez

      This has been a thing forever...

    • LTMC2H6

      @H. it saves money for you when you trade in an iPhone and it saves money for Apple since they can access materials easier. It also helps lessen their impact on the environment when recycling materials. I think it’s just an overall win. They still put a big priority on making money of course - it’s a business after all. Not everything is so black and white. It’s a good financial decision as well as a good environmental decision, while also saving some money for consumers.

  • Catcoin (XCT)
    Catcoin (XCT)

    Too many phones out there but Apple technology will always be one of the best... Great video

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  • Tevin Morake
    Tevin Morake

    New on the channel. Your videography/cinematography skills are on point. Didn't even feel like skipping to another video. Thanks for the education. Upwards and onwards!

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  • Hiranmoy Ghosh
    Hiranmoy Ghosh

    do more of this!! this is amazing

  • Jason Lihani
    Jason Lihani

    I am the opposite of an Apple fan boy. But wow, this is what we need and it has to be one of the most environmentally conscious things a tech company has done. The impact of these will be huge and it's a win win for everyone.

    • Whatsapp +④④⑦③⑧⑦⑨①①③①①
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  • Eric Okafor
    Eric Okafor

    Hopefully, with this tech, the latest iPhones would be under $500 in the future🤭

    • Internet is interesting
      Internet is interesting

      Well some iphones could be under 120$ like the new SE, there is better stuff in market at lower prices, but apple users are dumb enough to buy anything apple sell at the highest price so apple is not going to lower price tag any soon

    • Blez


    • KiitKaat

      @Adharsh I know we have to save nature but I honestly hate that idea lmao

    • Vinnan Rao
      Vinnan Rao


    • Prayag Suthar
      Prayag Suthar

      *iPhone SE* 👏🏼📱

  • Matt

    I’m sure any iphone redesign is considered even more so now than ever before because of this robot. If they redesigned like other companies then they’d probably have to keep building these robots every year

  • Olivier B. Ngoga
    Olivier B. Ngoga

    "My thoughts and prayers to Samsung if they ever tried to make one of these" 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Matthew Messer
    Matthew Messer

    Go apple! I'm truly more likely to buy more, buy new, switch out my old gear because of this video.

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  • Wren Paasch
    Wren Paasch

    I would love it if you would do a video on the Fair Phone - it's not available in the US so I've only heard of it online, but it's supposed to be repairable, made of recycled parts, etc.

  • Carbon

    Didn't even know Apple even had a facility in the Netherlands, very informative vid nonetheless, keep up the good work Arun!

    • stijnvdv2

      @DFFUSE I guess it also depends on the context, coz there are certain contexts where you could translate it as such, but more in terms of being flabbergasted/blown out of the water/not expected. 'she was amazed that he was such a good actor', in such context you can translate it to 'verbazing', but not in the context he uses it.

    • Ruben the lol Master
      Ruben the lol Master


    • CHERTO

      Haha, ik ook niet. En blijkbaar ook een best belangrijke.

    • DFFUSE

      @stijnvdv2 I think he translated surprising.

    • zeno arte
      zeno arte

      If it ain't dutch it ain't much

  • Jamienev22

    Hello Arun I only recently come across this channel about a week ago to be exact. Ive now watched over 50 of your videos lol they are so addicting, keep it up!

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  • Matei

    I love it. Nice one Apple :)

  • Troy Champion
    Troy Champion

    Ok, ok, this coupled with the fact that Apple is more concerned with my privacy than any other smart phone... I am convinced. My next phone will be an Apple.

  • Charlie Brunelle
    Charlie Brunelle

    9:20 I’m watching this on an iPhone 6s and can confirm the only thing I’ve ever had to do is get a new battery, which was cheap and easy to assemble.

  • zollotech

    Thanks for the tour of Daisy. Great to see all the details.

    • someone

      zollo tech or video is good

    • Sparkleydog1234 AJ *road to 50 subs!*
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      @Repent or you will likewise perish. bot

    • boygg

      @Assassin 8275 p

    • anindita basak
      anindita basak

      Apple has a newer recycling robot called Dave.

    • HeneeTheNerd

      @Repent or you will likewise perish. bro...please

  • Frank O'Callaghan
    Frank O'Callaghan

    Rick even had a tiny sound bite - genius ❤️👍

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  • Guginez Nelsilva
    Guginez Nelsilva

    Hi Arun, i have a question regarding the sponsor “surfshark vpn” . Does the vpn’s malware , tracking and etc helps to reduce/eliminate the targeted ads we usually get? Thanks

  • Cherneazy

    If Apple wants us to return our phones, they need to be giving us some more money back. We all know they're recycling those products and/or selling them and making a shit ton of profit.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    It is super satisfying to see recycled components from old iPhones and devices get harvested to make new Apple products!

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  • Julius Kester
    Julius Kester

    Fun fact: Verbazing is more of an emotion in Dutch, as in you can experience verbazing. It means you are surprised by something. The Dutch word for amazing is geweldig, and if you wanted to say something like astonishing, you would say verbazingwekkend. This isn't meant as like "Oh you said it wrong I know it better." or anything, it's all just so you Bri'ish people know.

    • rouxls kaard
      rouxls kaard

      Ik ben Nederlands dus

    • rouxls kaard
      rouxls kaard

      Im dutch too

    • Colin Shard
      Colin Shard

      @Guus of "geweldig" dat was ook beter geweest(ex-UK nu 43 jaar NL lol)

    • David

      Common tactic to provoke people to leave a comment. More engagement = more views = ad revenue.

    • Jan de Laat
      Jan de Laat

      @Leander Helmich jatoch, ik ben dan @epicbanaan niet mr hey, alles koloniseren. Je bent een nederlander of je bent het niet

  • bossssssist

    Glad apple can afford to do this

  • 9L1vesFree

    Apple: it’s a secret lab. Don’t tell Arun: 👌 Starts off with a pinpoint on a map “I’m standing inside apples top secret facility in the Netherlands…” Apple: “okay… not doing that again.”

  • Brewergamer

    They have alot of machines near where I live called ecoATMs and they are machines placed in popular grocery stores that you can put your phone into if it's broken and it will dispense cash for that phone based on the value. I had a totally broken iphone XR that I was given $40 for at one of those ecoATMs, pretty neat.

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  • Reuben Rodrigues
    Reuben Rodrigues

    Arun : keep ur phone until ur happy with it Also Arun : buys 5 of each model of a phone💀💀

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  • Smile

    It's just crazy how far Arun has come, from a tech reviewer to being invited to tour Apple's factory pre-release. Props to Apple, never seen them do anything like this before, perhaps it's a good sign.

    • Big mini 567
      Big mini 567

      He’s not even near to MKBHD

    • Giant5

      Its almost as if companies pay people to advertise their products.

    • Brady Ellis
      Brady Ellis

      @🛑Volshebnik (БОГ СПАМА) 🛑 dude stop promoting yourself


      @pinecone pinapple yeah even the video is about a bot 😂

    • Paul Peterson
      Paul Peterson

      They aren’t a bot. They edited the comment, and have also replied to other comments with human-like replies.

  • Wilbur Juice
    Wilbur Juice

    I just watched a video through my iPhone about disassembling iPhones. That’s like being forced to show aliens how humans are butchered

  • Anabel Cochran
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    You rock man !!! the best method ever !! thanks for sharing !!

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