Galaxy S22 Ultra - Samsung's FINALLY doing it.
The Galaxy S22 Ultra is coming soon in 2022 - these are the apparent specs, features, release date, and most importantly...they're finally upgrading their Exynos Chips (for the better (hopefully!))

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    My eyebrows are SAVED 😁

  • Chaosity

    Imagine the employees at Samsung changed the design just so you could shave a part of your eye brow

  • Yo! ARMY!
    Yo! ARMY!

    Dude just today I subscribed to your channel, normally I don’t watch videos like this cuz it takes forever, but Dang! Your entertainment and informative presentation plus effects and editing made me hit the button and suddenly finish the 14 minute video. Can’t even believe it. 😂

  • I'm here just to suffer
    I'm here just to suffer

    There's always beauty in simplicity

  • Dino Larsson
    Dino Larsson

    Really looking forward to the S22. I hope Samsung can make it more power efficient now that they work with AMD for the chips. Apple really is the best when it comes to low power consumption. Battery life was not good with my previous Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but with my current iPhone 12 Pro Max it's great. The iPhone is definitely not flawless though, I'm selling it for a Galaxy S10 to have as my main phone until the S22 comes out, and then have the S10 as my spare phone. I just got a used Galaxy S10 for only 200 euros, and it was just repaired at Samsung with a new screen and battery, so that was a steal. Probably getting close to 900 euros for the iPhone which then in february can be spent on the S22 =)

  • He who must not be named
    He who must not be named

    I love watching these reviews even though I'd never spend this money on a phone.

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti

    The statement about the S Pen being integrated being a huge plus is so true! I've had the Note 3 (nice) and Note 4 (Absolutely amazing phone!) and loved the S Pen. For some applications it is just extremely useful.

  • Heeehaaw

    So weird that Samsung can make a phone which could literally fit a pen inside of it, and then companies give excuses that they are not able to fit a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Santiago Madariaga
    Santiago Madariaga

    It'll be interesting to see the final result of the AMD|Samsung Colab. 'Cause there's a huge difference between high and low energy chips. But if AMD manages to put enough work on Ray tracing on a low power device, it'll be a game changer

  • UndeadKhaos909

    I definitely appreciate that technology is starting to thicker bit by bit, hopefully we can find a happy middle ground!

  • Frankster Devious
    Frankster Devious

    It's amazing how much the camera functions and quality varies between phones. The S20 FE camera impressed me so much, meanwhile the Moto Edge 2021 camera is awful, even with it's 108 MP camera. My LG Wing camera was pretty good, especially for videos. I plan on getting the s22 ultra, but I'm a little bummed about it not having the 100x zoom, even though I guess it's more of a gimmick.

  • Ahmad Faisal
    Ahmad Faisal

    He's the boss, i always love information from him, more acurate and just give us most important news and not just a rumors like other. And YES i am so excited to S22 fiture specialy for design note series, i will upgrate mine S21U for sure if S22 bring boxy body

  • Brandi DeLong
    Brandi DeLong

    I’ve been so tempted to get an s21 ultra to jump into android and get away from apple. I knew the s22 was coming, so I wanted to wait and see what the differences could/would be. It doesn’t seem that different then say if you got the current note or s21 ultra tbh. The speed may be a smidge more but not enough to worry about in daily performance. I’m not super tech savvy though.

  • Vintage Digital
    Vintage Digital

    This channel has THE MOST satisfying colors, cinematography and editing. Fantastic.

  • Davi 85
    Davi 85

    I have to say, I still genuinely enjoy my Galaxy S10+ SD855, it's the best android device I've ever owned which is why I haven't had the urge to upgrade as it's design and overall performance is still great and does more than I need on a day to day basis so I em curious to see if Samsung's newest release will really be enough of a difference to make me part from my S10+

  • Cesar Jimenez
    Cesar Jimenez

    YOUR VIDEOS ARE INSANE! As someone who only watches MKBHD for tech reviews, you sir, are on the subs list. Not that I matter, but, you should know how good your production is-it’s next level!

  • Justin

    Im happy with my s21 ultra..seriously though didnt think they can make any improvements but samsung always has something up their sleeve.

  • WYS by Adam Lash
    WYS by Adam Lash

    Great video, man. I loved the way you presented it. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be interesting to say the least. Let's see what AMD can do.

  • MegaMan0218

    I have always been thinking about trying to use base memory as extra RAM. But Samsung already did it.

  • Dani

    are you just assume that my 20 year old samsung phone is old tech?