The BEST Smartphones of 2021 🔥
The Best smartphones of 2021 - including iPhone 13 / 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21, and much more...Get the AI-Powered, Auto-Tracking 4K Webcam -OBSBOT Tiny 4K now with the best deal in all time! ( )
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Weeks of work, to try and make the best Smartphone Awards Ceremony on IRglo - did we succeed? 🧐 To check out 15 Wacky Futuristic Gadgets:

    • Rahulkumar Roy
      Rahulkumar Roy


    • Virtual Ambience Sounds
      Virtual Ambience Sounds

      Can you make best smartphones 2022?

    • AbshikthPro Ms
      AbshikthPro Ms


    • Celso Joven
      Celso Joven

      Top sarap

    • Sunflower

      choosing a phone is so tough! but my work just got easier.. all thanks to you🤩


    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the time he put in to arrange all those phones

    • visible to all users on utube
      visible to all users on utube

      @bubbly_bexx think again my friend think about what you're watching and where. Tube

    • visible to all users on utube
      visible to all users on utube

      Think again my friend

    • SGMAN999


    • apex predator
      apex predator


    • bubbly_bexx

      Dude puts out quality content which I never tire of watching 👌

  • Kawaii M4A1-S
    Kawaii M4A1-S

    z fold 3 has been amazing. can't wait for z fold 4. Hopefully it becomes more like a regular flagship with little to no compromises, but only time will tell. Different aspect ratio for both screens, bigger screens (especially cover screen, it needs to be wider cause it's super narrow), better battery, dust resistance, s pen slot, faster charging, more storage options, better durability, and flagship cameras would make the z fold 4 probably one of the best phones of the year, but I wouldn't bet on it.

    • Pot Chi
      Pot Chi

      @Abdul Quddos POCO F3 or NUBIA 6r

    • Will Swift
      Will Swift

      make it rollable and keep the narrow screen in the narrowest setting. it is good for typing with one hand.

    • Abdul Quddos
      Abdul Quddos

      What is the best phone in 479 $ in your opinion

    • Phat Planet
      Phat Planet

      Yea we need a Samsung Z Note

    • Qayoum Sidiq
      Qayoum Sidiq

      Foldable phones are really not that durable people expect

  • Tony Camisi
    Tony Camisi

    I'm heavily biased toward Samsung since that's what I've owned from the start, and even though I was hoping the Ultra would take the cake, I think the value of what Google can provide for a phone as diverse as the Pixel is what makes most people would probably agree. After all, spending over 1K for a phone is not what most people would ever want to do.

    • Crispy Pillow6
      Crispy Pillow6

      @Blue ??

    • jun

      What? Pixel 6 is chuck full of bugs and hiccups in software. I can’t wait to ditch mine for iPhone or Galaxy s22

    • LifeIsShørt

      @Blue why?

    • Blue

      I dont trust Google so I stick to samsung

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  • Allen Guarnes
    Allen Guarnes

    There should be a category for Power Users - which means phones that have been well-received by the open development community. Most phones in this list hasn't received enough developer attention, which means no Custom ROMS. I think the only one in the list that has enough development is the Poco F3. It's a big deal for power users, because it means you have phones that can be updated to the latest Android version beyond the support the manufacturer can promise. :) They're great at bringing new life to basically old phones.

  • W S
    W S

    I agree with the Poco F3. Bought it a couple months ago on Amazon for 279 and didn't look back. It's an amazing phone for the price. You get a screen protector fit by the manufacturer, a protective clear flexi case and wired earbuds with a USB-C to phono socket all included. Their budget wireless ear buds are excellent for the price as well. Bass is amazing, so good.

    • W S
      W S

      @uwu very good, may be not as high pixel count as some others but takes some great shots and has some nice features as well. They put some thought into the camera software as well.

    • uwu

      Hows the camera?

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    First time in a while that Reviewers are recommending a Google Pixel as the best Midranger, best Flaship and best overall phone. Says a lot about this phone. Hope they keep this up with Pixel 7.....

    • RelievedSoda


    • I Read Bad
      I Read Bad

      it literally costs more than 600 euros thats not a midranger

    • Errorist

      @Mario Habijanec you must've gotten a flawed product, cuz mine sure is the best phone Ive ever had

    • joe talley
      joe talley

      @soul 123 I've had my 6 pro for almost 2 weeks now, and I really dislike it. The camera is over hyped, it's way too slick, the finger print sensor is slower than my s9, battery life isn't bad but charging is ridiculously slow. I'm glad there's competition in the flagship category, but Google swung and missed with this one. It's too expensive a phone to have that many issues.

    • artist around the block
      artist around the block

      When he says best does he mean best value or best features, software and hardware. Because if it’s best value than the Pixel wins but in other ways would t the Samsung S21 Ultra and IPhone 13 Pro Max be better phones in terms of camera, battery, authentication, screen etc?

  • subham das
    subham das

    Watching it on s21 ultra ,the best camera experience i ever had from a pocket handable device . Well coming from iph11 i can say performance wise there is not of huge upgrade but camera wise it still has the ability to roast most of ios and android devices out there

  • Alphα aka KC Meddl aka Doofahkiin
    Alphα aka KC Meddl aka Doofahkiin

    Damn, as an absolute Google fanboy that makes me really happy. I've been using the Pixel 5 since launch and have been absolutely fascinated and in love with it. I couldn't afford to upgrade to the 6 but I won't miss out on the next one

    • @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①
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  • Liquid Logic
    Liquid Logic

    I've watched you for years now & love your content but I've disagreed with all battery competitions from all creators since it isn't a real competition since you're comparing multitasking to non & if you can multitask then you are saving time which saves battery. Battery test should be done at least sometimes on a task basis & on how efficiently tasks are handled on how battery is saved because of avoiding what other phones can do. This needs to be accounted for or the tests don't actually make real world sense. Keep it up!

  • Nox.INk# Records ❶
    Nox.INk# Records ❶

    So glad that we have people like Arun and Mkbhd to always wrap up the year with a banger of a video like this 👍🏻😎

    • WhatsApp@+1(②⓪⑧) ⑧⓪②-⑤⑨⑦②
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  • Anas Ghassan
    Anas Ghassan

    0:26 : best phone design 2021 1:26 : most ugly phone 2021 2:03 : best compact phone 2021 3:20 : best phone battery 2021 4:37 : a sub to the channel would be… 4:42 : best gaming phone 2021 6:23 : best foldable 2021 7:40 : best budget phone 2021 9:16 : best midrange phone 2021 10:48 : best flagship phone 2021 12:14 : best superphone 2021 13:59 : 2nd best superphone 2021 14:37 : smartphone of the year 2021 15:40 : sponsor (obsbot camera) 16:26 : end of the video You’re welcome 😉

    • Byhyjn Gygyhy
      Byhyjn Gygyhy

      No one asked but everyone needed

    • Fatty Love Handles
      Fatty Love Handles

      thank you m8

    • nicu

      That vest is way to big.

    • Anas Ghassan
      Anas Ghassan

      @Elbert Lim Bruh 🤣🤣

    • Elbert Lim
      Elbert Lim

      You forget 13:42 🤣

  • Chris James
    Chris James

    The Pixel 6 does have a certain magic to it. It's the first phone I've owned in a while, that I want to keep for years. It's like the Nintendo of phones - yeah, it's not as powerful as a PS5 but it makes up for it in charm, design, cuteness factor and user experience.

  • MichelZelf

    Vivo X70 pro is so underrated. Definitely came too late to realize how much it beat the s21 ultra

  • Outlawed Beats
    Outlawed Beats

    Great video. I liked the Pixel 6, but I had to upgrade to the 6 pro today. Coming from the iconic Oneplus 7 Pro (which was fantastically priced itself) that had recently got a crack in the screen, the display on the regular 6 just didn't cut it for me. It's funny because the camera on OP7p was a huge downgrade from the Pixel 2 XL for me, but given I don't use the camera all the time vs. having to look at the screen for several hours a day, I've definitely have learned the screen is the most important thing on the phone. The 6 Pro feels like a OP7p but with beautiful android 12, a much better camera and all of google's useful features.

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  • Toma Dean
    Toma Dean

    For me its mi 11t pro. Good battery, great display, decent camera, super fast charging and all for a reasonable price.

  • Yas Rahman
    Yas Rahman

    Arun's doing his own golden globes awards for phones! Always delivers, thank you for all your content this year !

    • W S
      W S

      @pïnned by Yas Rehman Yeah, tried to get me as well.. having a little fun with them atm.. hey why not.. :)

    • pïnned by Yas Rehman
      pïnned by Yas Rehman

      @Text_me on telegram @gamersnexus01 OMG have been selected by Mrwhosethefake wow

  • Soobash Daiboo
    Soobash Daiboo

    Thanks Arun for being our guiding light in smartphone territory. I just bought a POCO F3. I am a big fan of Samsung and I was using the sub 300 euros A41 for the last 1 year. When it was time to go 5G and take advantage of the Christmas sales Samsung dissapoints as there is no AMOLED and 5G in the sub 300 euros price range.

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  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson

    Really excited to hear that I can get a genuinely good phone without sacrificing a lot just for $250. That's pretty much most I could spend on a phone, and I always thought that there wasn't anything good in that price range, so I've stuck with my galaxy a50 with a shattered screen for a few years. Maybe I'll actually be able to upgrade soon! Glad I subscribed to this channel!!

  • Trinny Tran
    Trinny Tran

    The 13 pro max battery life is something else. Can’t seem to kill it from my daily usage

  • Mutasim Billah Bin Ahmad
    Mutasim Billah Bin Ahmad

    In my country, Pixel 6 costs around $790 and Oneplus 9 Pro around $720. I'm really confused which one to take. Does anyone have suggestions?

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco

    Agreed with all the winners! Great freaking video, already excited to see what happens in the next year! I have to say tho, a hardware is only as good as it's software, so even tho some would be winners on the first look based off of specs, they're not winning because of the software and Arun knows that very well! Your picks were so good and considerate of the software too, great job! Absolutely agree with Pixel 6 as phone of the year!

    • Shrumz

      @Sooo Süss I think they fixed the fingerprint scanner with an update.. And not sure about the charge but that too as far as I remember

    • Coco Loco
      Coco Loco

      @Sooo Süss yeah, the fingerprint sensor is slow but I don't really see any other of your issues except the no face unlock. Remember Tensor is a smart chip and it comes in as a clean slate when you buy your phone, it adapts over time, give it time and it'll get much much better. The battery gets optimized where it goes from 5 hour phone to a day worth phone. So does the camera and all other aspects of the device. There shouldn't be any lag since it's running strong hardware, unless you're using it completely wrong, there shouldn't be any lag. And no, just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn't mean they're Google slaves lel.


      @Sooo Süss probably not optimized It's a new chip so..... It's a gamble And pixels are mostly on software experience They most probably will fix some of the issues in a few months Tip- before buying Check the opinions on GSM arena A large userbase mostly complains about their phone so you'll get an idea of what's missing

    • Sooo Süss
      Sooo Süss

      Pixel line up fingerprint sensor is a joke, I had a pixel 6 pro, it is the worst especially in 2021 and extremely unreliable !!!! It charges soooo slow, it takes TWO hours !!! It has no face unlock...when you watch videos in FULL HD and HDR on Netflix or Amazon prime... it is lagging and freezes randomly!!!!.don't get me started when it comes to gaming !!!...the tensor chip is inferior than other chips, it is a fact !!!! If you have 5g oh my lord it dies after 4 or 5 hours, horrible battery life !!! it is a hot mess!!!! I don't understand why it is on this list, I truly don't...I had to return it after 3 weeks...I guess everyone is biased nowadays...IRglors are Google employees after all !!!

  • Steve Sternar
    Steve Sternar

    I just got my find x2 neo (in Aus) for under $600, and after about a mount of use I highly recommend it for any Oppo user in 2021

  • Mark Ballard
    Mark Ballard

    Early this year I bought the Poco f3 after watching one of your videos. I have been extremely satisfied with it and thank you for all of the work that you do.

  • Krystal Bernal
    Krystal Bernal

    can you add integration to your list of criteria? for example with iphone you can connect to apple tv, apple music, etc but doesn’t do well with alexa products and has limited home automation products compared to andriod, but so do google phones, where branding is part of their motivation. which phone has the best interoperability with life external to the phone itself?

  • 免费试用翻墙VPN机场注册登录xd135点xyz

    globes awards for phones! Always delivers, thank you for all your content this year !

  • ScottyG

    Got the Pixel 6 last week, got to say it's absolutely phenomenal for the price. Just such a slick experience without breaking the bank, so happy with it!

    • Dru Talero
      Dru Talero

      @Muhammad Ihsan no it's not wtf? I play heavy duty games and not a strutter

    • Shasha

      @Jakub Lizon the Mali GPU that pixel 6 has is not efficient at all. It heats up faster compared to adreno GPU from Snapdragons. Hence results in thermal throttle and poor performance after a period of time. Faster GPU is not everything. So did i understand what you were trying to say? Coz this other guy is all talk and no knowledge.

    • Muhammad Ihsan
      Muhammad Ihsan

      @Jakub Lizon just see her previous comments.

  • sachin t jacob
    sachin t jacob

    I loved the timer for each category. Great thought.

  • Javeed Ibrahim
    Javeed Ibrahim

    this is very entertaining, fun and as always, informative! now i wanna watch back your 2020 best smartphones and compare the phones you have selected.. 😊

  • Adeyemi Blessing
    Adeyemi Blessing

    If only Huawei had Google, it would have won in the foldable platform easily

  • Katie A
    Katie A

    The galaxy a series should get an honorable mention in the "Mid Range" category

  • elementskater1010

    the fact google took 2 categories and smartphone of the year just shows how far google has come with their phones, im honestly impressed with their comeback! love my Pixel 6 Pro!

    • Corazon Dela cruz
      Corazon Dela cruz

      @A it was ggg

    • elementskater1010

      @Mardoxx7 never had it bugging out. Haven't come up on a single problem

    • Mardoxx7

      Yeah, when it's not bugging out lol

    • Omnikun Moon
      Omnikun Moon

      @A begone haters!

  • Ram Kumar Rao
    Ram Kumar Rao

    hey there.. amazing and exciting video as usual... I'm currently in the market looking for an android phone that will not give me any headaches for the next few years to come... previously I use p20 pro and currently on the nord. Oneplus disappointed me with the nord. Was really looking forward to own an oneplus phone. Unfortunately my experience with nord made me reluctant to try oneplus again. Im very much into the s21 ultra. Since its December, I'm wondering Iif i should proceed with purchasing the s21 ultra (exynos - that's what is available in Malaysia) or wait for the upcoming phone?

  • Bridget

    Apple user here. I think all the bells and whistle‘s are great whether it’s for an iPhone or android but honestly it really comes down to one simple fact for me which is non-negotiable-SECURITY. I use certain apps to pay bills and I have banking information on my phone, Plus I will from time to time by online. Security is a MUST for me. iPhone's integrated design makes security vulnerabilities far less frequent and harder to find. Android's open nature means it can be installed on a wide range of devices, Although if I ever do decide to get an android phone, probably doubt it but you never know,🤷🏻‍♀️I think out of all of them I would pick a Samsung because phone security is supposedly good on those types of phones as well. But I don’t know. I’m just going by hearsay. With that said great video, very professional with tons of interesting knowledge about each device!

  • s3od Atef
    s3od Atef

    I'm really surprised galaxy a52s wasn't mention in the list as one of the mid range phones

  • Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
    Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης

    I like how engaging his videos are. They put a lot of work in their video's.

  • Cryptomania

    Google Pixel Team came a long way. I’ve been following them through the years and I can definitely say that they finally listened to consumers this year and they delivered. The Pixel 6 lineup is the most balanced phone in all aspect this year. Job well done.

    • Prokelley1992

      @Jovan Malic - The phones that are shit are the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    • jojag5

      Honestly, if iPhone had even half of the AI features Google packed into that phone, people would be losing their minds right now. The fact that people are dismissing live caption/translate and magic eraser as gimmicks while praising "cinematic mode" is genuinely comical. Google's speech recognition and voice isolating microphone in the Pixel is mind-blowingly good. You can take video at a construction site and the Pixel will pick up your voice like you're in a library. Still images are generally better on Pixel compared to iPhone too. Yes, a $599 Pixel 6 takes better still images most of the time than a $1000 iPhone 13 Pro. The colour accuracy and detail captured in the main lens is significantly better than the iPhone.

    • Turtle Island Native
      Turtle Island Native

      They damn sure did. I've owned every Pixel to date. All around this is definitely the best one.

    • MooMooMaia161 _
      MooMooMaia161 _

      @Christopher H face unlock is useless lmao

    • Jessy-James Riverin-Quessy
      Jessy-James Riverin-Quessy

      @xerikl it's the oposite for me😂😂 my pixel 3xl screen was yellowish and my pixel 6 pro is white as fuck. also selfie camera is way better

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer

    I bought the pixel 6 hoping on the software improvements even though it's only 2 months out. But to see it be your top choice for the best phone of the year not only hyped me up but very well made me happy that I bought this phone.

    • Text me on telegram@officialSambeckman
      Text me on telegram@officialSambeckman

      *Roman numeral** Plus. I Open bracket V VII III Close bracket II IV V II VI V VII......!**

  • Ingenium

    What i am always wondering with these rewievs. Is what about phones from last year. Maybe cheaper flagships that might have the best value. Sometimes buying th newest phones is not best value for money. Would love it included in the series, or in a new series.

  • Theodore Kagiantas
    Theodore Kagiantas

    For me an honourable mention in the midrange category is the A52s. Especially now that there is a huge price drop (almost 280€ in greece) it is a very good offer. Not poco F3 levels of steal but a very good user experience nonetheless.

  • Sem-de-Vries

    Realme GT Neo 2 is also a great contendor for the best midrange phone, the overall experience is much better than the normal GT

    • WhatsApp@+1(②⓪⑧) ⑧⓪②-⑤⑨⑦②
      WhatsApp@+1(②⓪⑧) ⑧⓪②-⑤⑨⑦②

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  • Paulie FinTechFit
    Paulie FinTechFit

    Got the standard Pixel 6 and absolutely agree. It's a dream to use and a great value. The fact that I got the Pixel Buds with them free was icing on the cake. I upgraded from the Razer Phone 2 which I still have as a backup phone and that phone is awesome but the P6 is amazing.

    • Matthew Hurts
      Matthew Hurts

      @Gaurav Dharmani I have a Pixel 6 Pro. As an owner of the phone, the fingerprint scanner is something you just get used to and not think about as often as reviews would have you believe. Before buying I was concerned, but it hasn't been much of an issue. And Google is rumored to eventually bring face unlock to the Pixel 6 series.

    • Ryan Jones
      Ryan Jones

      @Faizal F in my opinion it will negatively effect the experience. The Pixel software is the only reason why it feels better than other phones. For example, I tried the galaxy s21 ultra. I loved the top of the line hardware but ended up going back to my Pixel 4xl because the software felt like it was missing something. Now I have the Pixel 6 pro.

    • Jakob Dingsbums
      Jakob Dingsbums

      @Joshua Lisciarelli I didn't. I got the Bose Headphones as a pre-order addition, because I live in Germany.

    • Naz E.
      Naz E.

      @Kevin I use the one google sells on the Google store. I live in Uganda and we don't have google services so for safety I use a case

    • Kevin

      @Naz E. I imagine a case makes it even Bigger. I hate cases too 🤣 never used one in my live. I know... Im weird 🤣

  • Xpert Gamer
    Xpert Gamer

    I'm surprised that the OnePlus Nord CE 5g wasn't the winner of the best midrange phone tbh. I've owned one for a year now and it feels premium for the price. Absolutely delighted with it. :)

    • Text me on telegram👉@MrWhosetheboss06
      Text me on telegram👉@MrWhosetheboss06

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  • Richard Ryan
    Richard Ryan

    @Mrwhosetheboss I LOVE your videos their funny and informative and I totally trust your judgment on phones as you give honest opinions on what the phone is like. After watching this video a few times I decided to go for the Google pixel 6 and I'm not disappointed in the slightest. Amazing phone amazing software and the camera is amazing.

    • Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss9
      Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss9

      🔝🔝🔝🔝 Thanks for the feedback, Expect more videos very soon Send a directly message I have something for you....

  • Melon

    I actually love the design of the special honor 50

  • Ivzir

    10:56 you showed Samsung Galaxy A52/72 so can i infer that as being a good luxury phone but not good enough to be mentioned?

  • Regan Brannigan
    Regan Brannigan

    They really did a good job pricing the Pixel lineup, though I’m sure most of Google’s money is coming from the advertising and information tracking rather than the actual sales

    • Regan Brannigan
      Regan Brannigan

      @Quick Filmmaking TipsWould probably mean they'd have to increase the price. I could be wrong and they could be making a profit on sales but with Google it is not often the case.

    • Regan Brannigan
      Regan Brannigan

      @Bizklaust deityOf course, Apple makes so much of its money from the app store and subscriptions but it always prices its products at a profit. Sometimes companies like Google and many of the Chinese companies will sell them at a loss and then use and sell the tracking data. It's not a criticism of their product.

    • Bizklaust deity
      Bizklaust deity

      As if Apple didn't profit from their own subscription services and revenues from their App Store rather solely on their smartphone sales. Google just wanted to deliver their own approach of an ideal Android smartphone.


      Noo man the real money coming from play store close to 13 billion

  • simon b
    simon b

    Brilliant review mate 👍..The Xiaomi M11 ultra is a beast had it for 6 months now ..Can't wait to see what the Xiaomi 12 ultra is gonna be like ..

    • simon b
      simon b

      @Text me on Telegram👉@IRglo_Nico_Rosberg How does that work lol ?

    • Text me on Telegram👉@YouTube_Nico_Rosberg
      Text me on Telegram👉@YouTube_Nico_Rosberg

      *Roman numerals* Plus. I Open bracket VI VI I Close bracket VII VIII O VII IX V V.........!**

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  • Colleen Hanna
    Colleen Hanna

    Just found this channel and omg this guy ROCKS Especially in today's intrusive world 🌎 I totally appreciate 🙏 all his research

  • Limited Items
    Limited Items

    Sadly oppo not on the list 🥺... Oppo reno 6 pro is a good competitor to some vivo and Xiaomi phones

  • Karim Salama
    Karim Salama

    I extremely like the video, but I guess the Poco F3 didn't take the place it should, not only that I have that phone but also because it's one of the best (if it wasn't the best) in the midrange market, please Arun have a second thought about this. Google pixels are great but it's not as sold as Pocos or any other phone, they have a specific user type in the market, but Pocos are for anyone who wants to have a flagship and can't afford it or want to save some money. So please take a leap of faith and think about it again Thanks for the great videos you're making it's so mind-blowingly groundbreaking 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • ThreeTwentyTech

    The Galaxy Fold 3 is probably the most exciting phone of the year. It's the phone that took a concept and made it a practical reality with a tonne of new features. Definitely excited for what's to come! 👌🏻

    • Martino
      Martino "lazy Troll" Doni

      @Smartphonefan52 we'll never argued about that. I mean, foldable phones are super exciting, but you gotta remember those things like: you can broke your screen with nails etc. So, exciting? Yes. Practical and useful? Hell no

    • Smartphonefan52

      @Martino "lazy Troll" Doni At least it’s more exciting than the iPhone 13 Pro.

    • Martino
      Martino "lazy Troll" Doni

      @Smartphonefan52 nope, love the concept. But like I said, I can get why the zfold ( a phone that becomes a tablet ) could be useful. Don't get why smth like the flip ( a phone that becomes a block of plastic and aluminium ) has pros

    • Smartphonefan52

      @Husssainshomrat Have you even used one?

    • Smartphonefan52

      @Martino "lazy Troll" Doni You are just a hater.

  • Jin Quan
    Jin Quan

    Was thinking of getting the pixel 6 pro but might wait for 7 pro instead. any thoughts?

  • Ghostly1011

    Imo I would go for a rolling phone over a folding phone. It has all the benefits without the screen damage issues plus it's also usable as a regular phone.

  • Shahriar MD SADEK
    Shahriar MD SADEK

    I got the samsung a52s 5G and it is a great phone, maybe the second best mid-ranger

  • SM

    As someone who uses an iPhone 13 Pro, yes, the battery is outstanding

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Really supprised with number 1, didn't expect that!

    • Supramaniam Ramani
      Supramaniam Ramani

      @emma /a I am sorry to hear that mine Is working very well . I guess different people have different experiences.

    • emma /a
      emma /a

      @Supramaniam Ramani disagree strongly; I hate mine. So many issues with my S21U. Constant app crashes, loses connection, doesn't fast charge consistently, etc. I can't WAIT to receive my new phone. The S21U actually makes me miss my OnePlus 6T from 2018 LMAO

    • dnegel

      @Raihan Mdgician7 it's overrated in general. There are cheaper phones that have better hardware and cameras. Not saying it's a bad phone just not even top 5.

    • QMERT

      @Kent Macalalad good phone but same of shit from apple

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond

    Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:26 Best Phone Design of 2021 01:26 Ugliest phone of 2021 02:03 Best Compact Phone of 2021 03:20 Best Battery of 2021 04:42 Best Gaming Phone of 2021 06:23 Best Foldable Phone of 2021 07:40 Best Budget Phone of 2021 09:15 Best Midrange Phone of 2021 10:48 Best Flagship Phone of 2021 12:14 Best Superphone of 2021 14:37 Phone of the Year 2021 15:39 Sponsor: OBSBOT Tiny 4K (Webcam) 16:26 Outro

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  • Neo!

    would yall recommend the poco f3 for a budget performance phone without a crazy camera or extra featutres?

  • Bailey Newton
    Bailey Newton

    Living with my iPhone 13 pro max has been heaven on earth. Can always rely on it doing exactly what I want, pictures are beautiful, and I’ve only gone below 10% once (it was at 4 in the morning, with me last unplugging on 8am the previous day) and the phone still didn’t die before I went to bed

    • ItsKiki

      During the weekdays when I go to work it lasts me around 3 days and I have around 4 hours screen on time eve et day either playing games watching IRglo and etc, it’s insane!!! 🤯🤩

  • Awii

    Just bought a Poco X3 Pro because of this review and i love it, awesome video!

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  • Devin

    It's incredibly to see how far the pixel phones have come with software and price. A few years ago the pixel 4 was ranked as the most disappointing phone where now the pixel 6 is the best phone. Congratulations Google

    • riley moyano
      riley moyano

      @waffleman gaming still rocking it 😜

    • dnegel

      @Ryan Jones I'm pooping. 💩

    • Ryan Jones
      Ryan Jones

      @dnegel I value nobody's opinion especially those with worse opinions than the majority (yours), I value facts.

    • daniel _
      daniel _

      blossom ur probably in a call center ..

    • It’sjustXarago

      @dnegel such a weirdo man

  • Serial Killers Documentaries
    Serial Killers Documentaries

    I bought the winner yesterday :) The green-ish one.

    • Serial Killers Documentaries
      Serial Killers Documentaries

      @Shalila Nanayakkara No, but I get home with about 35-40%. What I don't like is the charging time. About 2 hours.

    • Shalila Nanayakkara
      Shalila Nanayakkara

      @Serial Killers Documentaries Great! I was thinking about getting the iphone but the only thing that I dont like about iPhones is it cant download 3rd party apps. I am a programmer and I have some needs to download 3rd party apps but it doesnt let me. So I was thinking about the pixel but does it have like longer battery life like the 13 pro max and a better camera?

    • Serial Killers Documentaries
      Serial Killers Documentaries

      @Shalila Nanayakkara Well, yeah...I mean, it's not mindblowing or revolutionary, but neither the 13 Pro Max. It's a test phone for the new Tensor chipset. The Pixel 7 might be. If you are on a budget, you might wanna wait for the Pixel 6A, it will definitely come.

    • Shalila Nanayakkara
      Shalila Nanayakkara

      How does it feel? Is it great?

    • Samrat Pandey
      Samrat Pandey

      Do tell us about the battery life

  • Chubbylito11

    i have the redmi note 10 pro and agree. loving it as my entertainment phone while my everyday phone is an iphone 13

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  • Sangar Al-Qadhi
    Sangar Al-Qadhi

    The best detailed video about the iPhone value and recommendation so far in youtube

  • тнιnĸ poѕιтιve
    тнιnĸ poѕιтιve

    I think redmi note 10 pro is just awesome ( not redmi note 10 pro max ) 120 hz amoled but only 1080 p which is average and processor is decent snapdragon 732g (gaming) else overall phone in price range is fabulous 🔥🔥

  • Earthling

    Hats off to Google for winning both the price categories and overall phone of the year. Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are on just another level this year in terms of value and overall performance. Just ordered my Pixel 6 pro and can't wait for it to be shipped 😬

    • dave.

      @Rob S agreed, such a great phone

    • dave.

      @Divyam Agrawal you have one? It's definitely not trash I've had the pixel 6 pro since release day 🤣

    • Rob S
      Rob S

      i have it and its fucking amazing!

    • Louis-Alexandre Simard
      Louis-Alexandre Simard

      @Kartikey Mathur @Divyam Agrawal I've been using it for 3 weeks and it's the best and most fun to use phone I've had since my first smartphone. I reluctantly got the 512GB S21 Ultra last year and was soooo underwhelmed. I got a Samsung because Huawei are dead in Canada. I was ao close to switching back to iPhones and then the Pixel re invigorated my love of Android.

    • Louis-Alexandre Simard
      Louis-Alexandre Simard

      @Divyam Agrawal I've been using it for 3 weeks and it's the best and most fun to use phone I've had since my first smartphone. I reluctantly got the 512GB S21 Ultra last year and was soooo underwhelmed. I got a Samsung because Huawei are dead in Canada. I was ao close to switching back to iPhones and then the Pixel re invigorated my love of Android.

  • iKhan Technical Info
    iKhan Technical Info

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the time he put in to arrange all those phones

  • Bunta Fujiwara
    Bunta Fujiwara

    "extreme reliability" is not exactly how I would describe the Pixel phones lol

  • Liu Zhen
    Liu Zhen

    The most interesting thing about mid-priced mobile phones is the price and specs. In the $300-600 price range, poco F3 and Motorola edge 20 pro are the winners. POCO F3 256GB only costs less than 350 US dollars, Motorola only needs 500 US dollars, and the pixel 6 128GB after tax has been sold for more than 600 US dollars, it can not be included in the mid-priced mobile phone.

  • J.A. Lauron
    J.A. Lauron

    Watching this video does make me think that my newly purchased phone (Redmi Note 10S) is my the most worth it gadget purchase I've ever made. Although I can't affor the pro, I still have that kind of pride and appreciation for Redmi Note series.❤️👌

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  • techFAUX

    Your reviews are really detailed and satisfactory Arun

    • Dark Gaming6009
      Dark Gaming6009

      His name is actually spelled "Arun?"

    • Baba Tunde
      Baba Tunde

      The battery is a scam as well, in a teardown video, the battery was rated for 4900mAh instead of the 5020mAh. Also, it's isn't a glass back phone, it's a pure plastic Body phone. The software has more bugs in it, than in the entire world!

    • Baba Tunde
      Baba Tunde

      8:43 THIS PHONE HAS A MAJOR PROBLEM. The refresh rate when set to 120Hz, automatically drops down to 60Hz in ANY THIRD PARTY applications. You have no options for the display to be locked at 120hz in all applications. I would rather have the real me 7 with the better Sony camera sensor than this device.

    • Andreas Viks
      Andreas Viks

      @Kernobil Obviously he buys his subs.

    • Solimity


  • Just a random cat
    Just a random cat

    I have a Poco F3. Got the best phone of my life for $250 (on a discount)

  • Ryan Trodden
    Ryan Trodden

    Any love for the Oppo Find X3 Pro? I'm so happy with mine

  • Abrar_Virtues

    Fun fact: 9:05 Xiaomi's redmi note 10 lite is a better budget phone then the lite and it also has sd720 But its less then 200$

  • numberyellow

    I remember when Cellphones just made phone calls...and texting was so annoying, that nobody really did it much. I miss those days.

  • Sekou SIDIBE
    Sekou SIDIBE

    Google Pixel 6: Phone of the year. Congrats Google. It's very well deserved.

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    • Razi

      The should’ve mentioned pixel 5a

    • Kiritsu

      now they just need to sell it everywhere cause google is lazy af selling only in a few markets

  • Prasad Parab
    Prasad Parab

    Excellent presentation and super knowledge of the presenter Mrwhosetheboss 🙂

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  • Kevin Nel
    Kevin Nel

    Arun my man!!! Your comment " a dialer with a powerbank taped to them" literally killed me! 😂🤣... So I've been in the market, for a new phone, and I found your channel, and I got hooked! I've watched like all your videos! And still busy... As you can see..." 2021 " in 2022 ... However your content is tops, I really appreciate the effort you guys put in! Your channel and content has made choosing a phone (well its still not easy) but much easier! You touch base on all specs, all details and information regarding the product! Keep it up man! 🙏🏻👌🏻