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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I've been wanting to make this video for SUCH a long time! That Royole Display was just SO hard to get hold of by HOLY COW was it worth it!! To check out my other Ridiculous Tech Unboxings: irglo.info/from/qJqLmoZkqargeqc/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Samuel Guite
      Samuel Guite

      Show us how your computer works.. We want to see

    • Alpha

      where to buy this beast of a table pc?

    • Robert Giuffre
      Robert Giuffre

      Watching you open all of the packages reminds me of a child opening Christmas presents. I love the wide-eyed grinning! 🙂

    • Beluga

      Gimme a phone😂

    • George Karagiannis
      George Karagiannis

      Awesome bro.. you should do a video on e scooters

  • Owais Wangde
    Owais Wangde

    Man, I love how he went from a smartphone focused creator to just all inventions overall. This is incredible keep it up Arun 😃

    • kurapikas balls
      kurapikas balls

      @CAMERON STEELE Elmo takeover

    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


    • elia sujashvili
      elia sujashvili

      I make you go up to 7K likes, which makes a visible difference, NOW GIVE ME A REWARD!

    • Xanderplayz

      The first s in mrwhosetheboss means smartphones

  • Larry Lewis
    Larry Lewis

    Loved the video. Implemented some of the tips while watching. Your videos are just as entertaining are the tips are useful. Love all the tech reviews, the wildest gadget reviews, invention reviews and others. I want your job. Keep up the great work.

  • SideSwipe Tips
    SideSwipe Tips

    I can't believe how you can afford to go on a shopping spree like this 😂 I love it! Keep up the amazing content!

  • Watch Hill
    Watch Hill

    I use that ultra thin Razer mouse pad with my laptop. It's honestly an incredibly good pad.


      Same, when I first got it I was hesitant like wtf is this lol and now I can't go back to regular mousepads lol. It glides so smoothly

  • o9o

    I feel like im learning a lot from this guy about technology and I'm down for it

  • HawksNest

    Definitely buying that wallet powerbank. Super clutch

    • · hijabihxba ·
      · hijabihxba ·


    • Maguire Entertainment
      Maguire Entertainment

      @Nima AFK lol

    • Nima AFK
      Nima AFK

      @Maguire Entertainment ...

    • Wreckage CODM
      Wreckage CODM

      CODM community is overpowered 🔥

    • Maguire Entertainment
      Maguire Entertainment

      hi iFerg

  • Anthony Angiada
    Anthony Angiada

    This guy is literally amazing nobody pushing content like this out here . good job arun

  • Melissa De Silva
    Melissa De Silva

    Excellent job Arun! Awesome video. Keep up the great work!! Cheers!

  • Flavio Elia
    Flavio Elia

    every product in this video could be a collaboration, for how good you introduced everything

  • Justin Tyme
    Justin Tyme

    Ok..I’ve been a subscriber for quite some time and I have to say .. your show is my go to for entertainment (and tech education). I’ve literally never watched a single episode that wasn’t top notch. You have a great personality and come up with awesome content! Do you have a single sister? Older or younger… I’m available either way. Just not a twin or anything, cuz that would… be…. Ok seriously, you would make a hideous female.. No offense, I would too! Anyway…Let me know. Or not, you’re probably really busy with super fun tech, so I understand. Keep up the good work!

  • Jennerical

    I love the fact that you put “Thinnest Rick Roll” and “Can you legally employ a cat” on the search history even if it flashed on the screen for a second. You are one of the only creators that put 100% effort and detail into their content. Keep it up!

    • The mysterious gamer 1234
      The mysterious gamer 1234

      IKR watch him every day

    • Jennerical

      @LittleJimmyR exactly 😂

    • LittleJimmyR

      I saw that, it was very funny.

    • michielgamer0

      @Sussy sussy jimmy 2:32

    • 𝗮 𝗻 𝗴 𝗲 𝗹
      𝗮 𝗻 𝗴 𝗲 𝗹

      Can cats edit IRglo videos 😨

  • lake

    this guy needs a applause for this. not only he’s making it thin, BUT HE SPENDS SO MUCH FOR ONE VIDEO

  • cthrekgoru

    Remarkable2 is an incredible device. Truly groundbreaking. I have never felt better writing experience in any other tech device(you can literally hear writing sound coming from your pen because of friction) . After Remarkable2 I stopped using paper, notebooks etc. It truly replaced them. It works with vectors like adobe illustrator. You can literally draw a very detailed city map and after zooming, you can name any building with text and you will see every detail of that text . Nothing I have ever seen so far manage to do something like that(except real computers with real illus apps) . I sound like a commercial but it really made me excited so many years after Commodore 64/amiga 500 era. Reading is cool too. It is like kindle no backlight. It does not strain eyes. It is also Linux based . Only part I hate is connect service. It charges you with monthly subscription for integrating tablet with cloud solution like one drive/screen sharing/hand writing to text etc. If connect was free , it would be even more awesome device…

  • John Ray
    John Ray

    It's amazing how thin they can make things now.

    • Text  me on telegram 👉 BigDawstv2022
      Text me on telegram 👉 BigDawstv2022

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner 🎉🎉

  • Star

    You make us laugh so much every time and is REALISTICALLY laughing not like other youtubers who gone crazy. Arun, mind trying to fold that royole display?😂

  • tasdourian

    I really like Arun's videos, but a few recently, including this one, are so focused on rapid pace variety that you don't really get much of a sense of each product. I would prefer half the products with more time spent on many of them. I think he could retain his sense of excitement and fun with such an approach, and I personally would find it more engaging. Still, he's hands down the best producer of tech videos there is.

    • Marius Bollmus
      Marius Bollmus

      @Mrwhosetheboss I wanted to write the same :D Too fast paced...like the earbuds, i would've liked, if you show the buds out of their case. Overall it was so fast, that I couldn't even let things sink in...it was like BAM BAM BAM done for my brain :D otherwise, I love your content

    • puulge

      @Meow meow J ughhhh my pkcell

    • jenfoolery

      Especially the speakers. I mean, it's hard to get a sense of a speaker in a IRglo video, but that Lenovo one we basically heard nothing.

    • ToyLover

      @Ben I agree I just type to same reply (almost) before I saw yours. Then deleted it.

    • Vulcan Horuseus
      Vulcan Horuseus

      I was gonna say the same

  • Lina T
    Lina T

    I've heard people hype up the Remarkable. I genuinely thought it was like 400 pounds and even considered potentially trying at one point. But no way I'm parting with almost 700 pounds for the full set.

  • Cryptverse

    There are keyboards made from light projections on a surface. I don't think you can get thinner than that.

  • Tanishq Singh
    Tanishq Singh

    Wait, doesn't it mean that the speakers for the laptop are even thinner?

  • x9Kat

    There's a laser keyboard that projects the keys onto whatever surface you're using as your desk, pretty much a 0-thickness keyboard :P

  • *:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
    *:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*

    I love the fact that you put “Thinnest Rick Roll” and “Can you legally employ a cat” on the search history even if it flashed on the screen for a second. You are one of the only creators that put 100% effort and detail into their content. Keep it up!

    • Some kid who thinks hes aro-ace idk
      Some kid who thinks hes aro-ace idk

      @TechyBoi wait EVERY!?!!

    • RedBall Animated
      RedBall Animated

      aahahah wait who??

    • Beamer Jajaja
      Beamer Jajaja

      @Grenade lol yes

    • Grenade

      I’ve seen the thinnest bot jokes

    • Hyper Beam X
      Hyper Beam X

      Lol creators do it all the time lol it’s hilarious XD

  • Allen Yong
    Allen Yong

    This guy is simply amazing!

  • Amber

    He’s super funny! Cause he makes me happy by using technology! You earned a follow!

  • paul bertrand
    paul bertrand

    You are an amazing presenter and the tech you present is impressive. On the other hand, this sort of content just promotes consuming tech with no regard for its impact. Consuming tech like you do in this video, just based on the thickness encourages people to buy products only based on that feature with no regards to where it comes from, how it is made and its environmental impact. I am aware tech can help the world in many ways, but this sort of content promotes blind consumerism. Have you thought of using your voice and following on IRglo to promote sustainable endeavours in the tech world? I'd love to see something from you that considers the sustainability of a product. Just food for thought.

    • Text  me on telegram 👉 BigDawstv2022
      Text me on telegram 👉 BigDawstv2022

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner 🎁🎉🎊🎊

  • Akira Miles
    Akira Miles

    14:05 that remembers me the S20 display without the glass, it's really thin and flexible

  • Savannah Chapman
    Savannah Chapman

    He takes every chance to rickroll us. The search history and the printed photo. Legend

    • Covers By Kamille
      Covers By Kamille


    • Minecraft10


    • an antony production
      an antony production

      No 😮 way

    • codderz the commenter
      codderz the commenter

      @Buzz true

    • yoort9708 on fn
      yoort9708 on fn

      @Buzz ikrrrrr

  • mads vigan
    mads vigan

    Taking an engineer degree the remarcable is amazing. You can write notes, and draw circutes, then transport them into a document, so you dont need stupid circuit makers like eagel

    • Saver310


  • Trash Man
    Trash Man

    I love who much MRwhosetheboss puts effort in his video like 2:31 his past searches are just funny.

  • Technosky

    Imagine having a pc as big as the first one ever, which was almost as big as a room, but with modern tech in it so it would probably run at like a thousand fps lol

    • Malwina Wasielewska
      Malwina Wasielewska

      You genius

  • FozzleQuack

    It kinda feels like the thinner you go down the line, the more decontructed they become.

  • JellySlogoCrainer

    Only some can nail Tech videos and do it continuously for such a long time. love you Mr.Arun (for respect reasons )👍. Bought 3 years of Surfshark from your code last year. I am loving it

    • xiu qing Lu
      xiu qing Lu

      No wayyyyy

    • Ethan PB&J
      Ethan PB&J

      I watch you channel too

    • Chris Pierre
      Chris Pierre

      can you do amazon renewed

    • Supreme Death Drip Sniperman
      Supreme Death Drip Sniperman

      @Susceptible lol no

  • Prajjwal Tiwari
    Prajjwal Tiwari

    9:39 petition for Arun to wear those glasses at the end of every video 😂😂

  • Cringe Certifier
    Cringe Certifier

    If you got one of those laser projection keyboards, would it technically be 0 mm thick?

  • Gööd Electronics
    Gööd Electronics

    How luxury and lucky you are to have those things in your mind.

  • StarInquiry

    Now he needs to complete the quadrilogy by doing the thickest tech.

  • StephenCGN

    Props to the editor. The video looks so clean, simple, and understandable but also it has that spice in it.

    • MeWhenMeMeWhenTheIMeWhenTheMe

      The cat did it

    • ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

      yeah I love the editor that furry feline can edit better than a lot of people and didn't let being a cat stop him

    • Chris Pierre
      Chris Pierre

      can you do amazon renewed pls i want to know that it at its peck when I buy one

    • Tags&ThrowUps

      It is the cat

  • Josh

    Forget the thinnest pc in the world, that desk pc is the coolest computer I have ever seen

  • Ruqayya Abdus-Salaam
    Ruqayya Abdus-Salaam

    This is a video after my own heart! I love thin n light. Have had an Acer Swift 7 for 4 years and I love it. Ooooooh, the Remarkable is coming home with me.

  • Jesse Lindsey
    Jesse Lindsey

    Watching this really just makes me realize that I'll never be able to afford anything I see on this channel. I'm sitting here with my broken laptop from 2018 (that's connected to a monitor from 2013 because the screen cable broke) watching this man turn his magic raising/falling computer-desk opaque because the light from his insane setup might get in his eye. And then he's like, "this is literally the first item on the list".

    • Suchir Ghuwalewala
      Suchir Ghuwalewala

      Thats sucks man i hope you can manage to get new stuff soon

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      Thanks for watching..... Message right away to redeem your package✔️✔️

  • ~lilac~

    I wonder how fast you could download Genshin on the custom desk-pc 🤔 (for anyone who doesn't know, genshin usually takes around 6-7 hours to download.)

    • Safwan AhmedMia
      Safwan AhmedMia

      🖕*Thanks for watching and congratulations🎉 you have been selected among my shortlisted winners!

  • deadstorm13

    Nice shout out for Novatech. One of the most obliging and helpful tech companies in the UK. I've been using them for parts etc. for over 25 years and every product from them has been top notch. 👍

    • Kaphizmey ♪
      Kaphizmey ♪

      as an american, i have no idea what you speak of… and i’m too afraid to ask 😨

    • Jeff Leake
      Jeff Leake

      @Rory Robinson thank you , you explained my intent far better than I ever could

    • Rory Robinson
      Rory Robinson

      @Jeff Leake I just had to reassure you that it's clear what you meant. (joking) for context & Not put there for proclaiming you're hilarious. We get it. Well... All besides that one guy that steals funnies for fun. Lol Good Day!

    • Jeff Leake
      Jeff Leake

      @ZachToasted ∙ 7.7B views ∙ 3 seconds ago I never said it was funny

    • deadstorm13

      @Jeff Leake I wish. I've always found the people there helpful and knowledgeable, something that seems to be sadly lacking in certain other mainstream stores. Credit where it's due, is all.

  • AMH6

    "can cats edit youtube videos" "is it legal to employ a cat" the first question probably got answered with a yes 😳

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  • Patrick Searles
    Patrick Searles

    Great content. Keep it coming. Thx.

  • Adarsh Jon Alex
    Adarsh Jon Alex

    Great video, wished you showed 10 seconds more of each product!

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  • Edy

    I love how when he was searching for items to buy there"thinest rick roll"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Technoman

    You always manage to get a huge smile on my face the way you present your things. It's planned perfectly but it still looks genuine. Maybe I''m looking silly myself now because I seems I'm complimenting a real pro production like it's a one man show. The 1.000.000 subs is clearly a sign it's not an amateur. Still in you tube terms and comparison this is abut the highest quality you can get.

    • Hoverboard2525

      @Thaxks you're the one getting ratio'd here 🤣

    • Aziions .
      Aziions .

      @Ayaan Gaming hes just another edgy kid finding his way to a situation where he can say "ratio", dont mind him

    • InsertUsernameHere


    • NichoTaga

      @Thaxks ??

    • Ayaan Gaming
      Ayaan Gaming

      @Thaxks bruh this isnt twitter

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      Patrick Searles

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  • MAxMilitian

    I really like the way how you teach and play hats off salute may you reach the success I am your biggest fan/00 700

  • Charlie Brunelle
    Charlie Brunelle

    2:32 his searches though… “thinnest Rick Astley, thinnest Rick roll in the world, and can you employ a cat”… I love this man’s humor

  • WarriorCatXX

    Hey Arun! Do you think you still have the links for the purchaseable ones? Would you be able to send us them? Thanks!

  • Alex el miata
    Alex el miata

    Congrats for the 10M! You deserve it absolutely, Arun!

    • Instagram User
      Instagram User

      *Read my name* 😄😁

    • Alex el miata
      Alex el miata

      @sriki8089 thank you mate!

    • sriki8089

      Congratulations for the heart from Arun! I think... You deserved it!!

    • WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally

      +8 b

  • Ahmed Jebali
    Ahmed Jebali

    I really believe that we're gonna be using similar devices in the future but are stronger

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  • bgs.forever🌸

    2:33 his history with tinnest objects are there but he also searched tinnest Rick Roll and Rick astley 😂

  • Zolt Zoni
    Zolt Zoni

    Keep it up Arun 🤗

  • Abood Bsaiso
    Abood Bsaiso

    arun your videos are the best keep it up, and please do a video about android vs ios

  • YouTuber Statistics
    YouTuber Statistics

    The amount of dedication this man has to making content for us is incredible

    • CL Lee
      CL Lee

      hello youtube

    • Muhammed Alhad
      Muhammed Alhad

      There's always someone in the comments:-|

    • Eranga Weerasinghe
      Eranga Weerasinghe

      It's his job.

    • SALMON king
      SALMON king


  • kennedie gallant
    kennedie gallant

    i love that one of his google searches was "is it legal to employ a cat?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tim Laj
    Tim Laj

    Frist I love your work, it's very good. But I remembered that they make a the laser vitual keyboard or is the projector too thick. the projector is smaller than cell phone. I know you went with a ketboard made of glass, and it's very good but isn't it still thicker than the laser keyboard.

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      Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro

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  • fed chill
    fed chill

    i love watching stuff i cant afford

  • KZP Playz
    KZP Playz

    I love how he has ‘is it legal to employ a cat’ in his search history.

  • Louise Wade
    Louise Wade

    When you mentioned searching for keyboards, I wondered why you didn't get a laser keyboard because they're technically really thin.

    • Yuyah

      Technically they are thick, the projector itself. So not sure about that.

    • chetriip09

      They're not even solid LOL. I was wondering about flexible and rollable rubber keyboards that are out there.

  • Space Guy
    Space Guy

    Cool videos! good job man!!🤘

  • Aqib Mehmood
    Aqib Mehmood

    What do you do with all of these stuff then🤤 Excluding mobiles phones, that you are preserving 😂

  • araeshkigal

    You missed on the keyboard my guy. There is one that simply projects a light pattern of a keyboard onto a surface. So that keyboard is only as thick as the photons required to manifest the "keys" ;)

  • Mobile Gamers Unite
    Mobile Gamers Unite

    The Royal screen is awesome, can't wait to see more of those around

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      Text me on telegram 👉 BigDawstv2022

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  • Defensive Wounds
    Defensive Wounds

    1:30 - the thinnest keyboard is literally light. It is projected onto the desk and you type on the light! 7:30 - Yes, I bought one of these in 2009, pretty cool! I predicted that one day phones would have them so that you could hear music far louder than using speakers - still waiting for that one!! I hope that you know that you can buy these as headphones where it doesn't have speakers going over or into your ears, it just presses on your temple and vibrates your bone to send music directly into your ear canal. You can safely hear music in your head that nobody else can hear and still hear things around you.

    • Babu a
      Babu a

      @RandomStuffsDude Search for bone conduction headphone.... they are pretty much everywhere

    • RandomStuffsDude

      Where can I get those headphones?

    • Eric Xavier
      Eric Xavier

      LG tried something like it before they closed their phone business. The velvet or the v50 I believe had it.

  • Coconutdrummer

    I love how when he was looking for the thinest computer he went to look something up and his search history was thinest rickroll lmaoooooooooo

  • 9 Souls Ralsei
    9 Souls Ralsei

    2:34 "Is it legal to employ a cat" "Can cats edit youtube videos" good one, this got me

  • Loo La
    Loo La

    I love how in his search history it says “Can you legally employ a cat”

    • Safwan AhmedMia
      Safwan AhmedMia

      🖕*Thanks for watching and congratulations🎉 you have been selected among my shortlisted winners

  • Hannah Julian
    Hannah Julian

    the wallet surprised me honestly my wallet is huge and i think its like 2 inches and you can fit your phone in there so idk how you would use it as much as mine

  • Anonimus NoTengo
    Anonimus NoTengo

    So many cool tech in this video! Thank you, Arun! I do agree with some comments saying that I would prefer to see a bit more details of less products instead. If there's a lot to show, I would gladly watch a 2 parts "thinnest tech" video I definitely want to see that table PC of yours working! Could we expect a video on it later?

    • Red_impostorYT

      @FiFi Arts & Crafts that's just light literally

    • FiFi Arts & Crafts
      FiFi Arts & Crafts

      For “thinnest keyboard” I would have done one of those projectable keyboards

    • GunSickk2ЄВРОПА🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

      Whats in your mind.

    • 3Ms Studios
      3Ms Studios

      @Mrwhosetheboss whats in ur search history..🤣🤣

    • Mrwhosetheboss

      Will try to show it in more detail in an upcoming video!

  • Kayen

    I'd be scared about cracking it in half. Great video btw

  • Sean Briggs
    Sean Briggs

    “I feel like I just been robbed” while using an apple product 😭😭😭

  • Elvizer Madrio
    Elvizer Madrio

    That pc. Just wow 😭 wanting to hold gaming pc since i was a child.

  • R P Poker
    R P Poker

    Chris makes great videos

  • Benji. IQ
    Benji. IQ

    Hey Arun. I would love to see a video about the Gaming-PC built in your desk. It looks so cool !!! Great Video as always. Keep it up !

    • Chris nyambura
      Chris nyambura

      Just watch ltts vid making one. The one Arun has is a copy of theirs

  • Richard J
    Richard J

    As far as the keyboard goes. It really isn’t that big of a deal. I mean it is… but we have been doing it for ages now with cell phones. Some people require at least haptic feedback but it feels “natural” and it’s something everyone can get used to.

  • morc h
    morc h

    That in-desk pc is sick as hell

  • pp

    2:31 "Can you legally employ a cat" "Can cat edit videos"