12 BRUTAL Smartphone Fails they want you to forget.
My Top 12 Smartphone fails of all time (Episode 3), featuring fails from Sony, to Nokia, to Windows phone...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Thanks for watching! Definitely stay till the end on this one, I don't think you'll regret it 😉 For the other Smartphone fails videos: irglo.info/from/kNeia4OUY7SoinU/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • rinku ghosh
      rinku ghosh


    • Claudiu

      I think that is not true. I've seen on the net that the downfall of the Nokia happened because one the directors sold most of the technology patents. That is the real cause of Nokia's demise

    • nklk mlg clips
      nklk mlg clips


    • Kpop Scenario
      Kpop Scenario


    • J Barnhart
      J Barnhart

      The HTC TouchPro 2 was an awesome phone, (a Windows mini-computer, with a phone!)...when they switched to the AWFUL "block" interface ( a "dead horse" that MS is still flogging in Windows OS) and FORCED owners to use Zune...thaty was the end for everybody. I especially loved contacting MS for help and having every conversation start with "We didn't sell you this, we're not responsible in any legal way for it.." AFTER they bought Nokia (and destroyed it as well!).. No joke, you probably didn't own one...talk to somebody who did. (Edit: I saw the number 2...Windows phone LITERALLY was the death knell of Nokia...)

  • Maker's Muse
    Maker's Muse

    I'd still be using windows phone if it had apps tbh, but there was one thing I'll never forgive it for... The BING button 😡😩

    • Milan Van Drie
      Milan Van Drie

      Just get a samsung

    • NinjaCat Animations
      NinjaCat Animations

      @Felix apples worse, Apple products break easier, are overpriced and plus for Windows first time they did decent.

    • Zayan Aijaz Reshi
      Zayan Aijaz Reshi

      @Dyix danger dash not even subway surfers

    • Chandler Sun
      Chandler Sun

      ngl, back in 2014, I thought the windows phone has the coolest looking OS

    • Diablo

      @Felix ooh an apple fanboy. go waste ur parents money on the 13 pro max lol

  • Boliña de Gorfe
    Boliña de Gorfe

    the phonebloks thing could be a actually cool idea, like you buy a "starter kit" with the base specs for cheap, and overtime upgrade it. that would also mean that you wouldn't have to buy a new phone ever, just put more storage and a better processor, and you'd be able to tweak it to your perfection sure it'll be a chonkster, but a powerfull chonkster

    • BH4x0r

      if the Phonebloks thing made it i would just upgrade the cpu i guess, and as the battery degrades that too probly otherwise i don't care if it's a fatter device, i just think it's nuts to pay 1000 everytime a new CPU comes out (there's a reason i'm still on an Exynos S9+, the other "changes" are not appealing to me) i very much enjoy my headphone jack with my ATH M70X and i very much enjoy my SD card slot aswell, especially with the large files of my Insta360 One X2 i really don't wanna waste time on transferring it if i can just pop in the sd card lol, that being said, yes i could just use an otg adapter with a cardreader or a USB-C microSD card reader but it's not like i constantly have it on me, while my phone has one inbuilt. to me it's about the things you can do with your phone out of the box, not with 900 dongles or accessoiries.

    • Mars Van de Planeet
      Mars Van de Planeet

      This will not work. To much small micro connectors. Gives lot's of problems.

    • quantumaidan

      i saw somewhere that there was a lot of noise, due to a lot of plug-like connections. There'd be a lot of heat, as well

    • PuyaT E-sPortS
      PuyaT E-sPortS

      basic consumer 101 from manufacturers prospective, each part produced to be sold seperately would be more expensive compare to a fully build phone. each part would be assembled seperately, packed seperately, inspected seperately, transported seperately, and so on....

    • CanadianB·O·W

      @Heaven’s door Ive had this exact same idea for quite some time now. And technically yes but id consider it more like building a pc. Eventually you'll have practically a whole new phone, otherwise; its simple upgrades until then. But im poor and concept art isnt gonna get me anywhere lol

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon

    I can't wait for the sony 1 II 3 IV 5 2

    • BH4x0r

      @Michael_Schumacher oh shit 😂 or the Xperia Exa Dark Sideræl?

    • BH4x0r

      Xperia One IV is coming, but i suppose the next will be V and after that VI

    • EndlessTravel

      Good job the PlayStation devision doesn't follow this naming strategy

    • Mike Pawlik
      Mike Pawlik

      @nimyczysław it may be on the horizon; but the only company who is Over the Horizon is Samsung

  • Sabrina Audiotel
    Sabrina Audiotel

    I had 2 windows phones from 2016 to 2019 ( my sister had one too) they worked great and they were very affordable, but the app problem was only getting worse even after the windows 10 update which took the phone to an extra level to be honest. One small example of the app issues is that the Facebook messenger didn't allow calls (audio or video), after the update there was an unclickable call button that kept disappearing. After 2019 I completely lost faith in it all together and bought myself a Nokia 2.2 The Windows phone that I had was Microsoft Lumia 535 which was the first phone produced after the Nokia buyout.

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous

    I love this series. Going back to take another look at devices and their development in time is really fascinating. Even more when you grow up at these times, witnessing pagers became popular and all of a sudden there were the first cellphones and internet became a thing for private households. There was so much going on. Also big companies had to find their spot within that new market. Some saw the possibilities and skyrocketed, others failed to make a step and are only history by today. Imho Microsoft & Nokia were representatives of the last group (on the smartphone sector) and their fortune was related to each other. As you said, it was a pain watching Nokia going down. One of my most favourite cellphone from the early era of smartphones still is the Nokia N97 (Symbian OS). Unfortunately the pain didn't stop there. To me the climax was when they realized their strategy wasn't working and Microsoft bought Nokias mobile branch- denying Nokia to build devices on their own again for several years.

  • Muhammad luqman Khan
    Muhammad luqman Khan

    Lew: Apple doesn’t send me their products Arun:Sony doesn’t send me their products Mkbhd: Escobar is after me

    • Kh Fahim Abid Mahi
      Kh Fahim Abid Mahi


    • cassian

      @Dipto Sarker wdym? I'm confused 😕

    • Awe Min
      Awe Min


    • Mansab Ali Shah
      Mansab Ali Shah


    • RekeBear


  • TommyVibez

    watching this on an Xperia 5 ii. i do agree that Sony lacks on marketing but the phones they produce with the hardware features they include (headphone jack, memory expansion) are top tier. also, im a fan of minimalism so the generic slab design language theyve been sticking with is simply beautiful. the original Xperia Z still looks good today save for the huge bezels.

    • Faustas Povilaitis
      Faustas Povilaitis

      I'm also a big fan of Sony smartphones. First one I had was Z3 Compact, then XZ2 Compact, and now I own a 5 III. 3.5 mm jack, expandable storage, pure screen without notches, minimalistic design, amazing performance, outstanding camera system with fully manual control - these things just make me fall in love with Sony.

  • Kawawete ⚙️
    Kawawete ⚙️

    The absolutely stupid thing about Sony's phones is that the Alpha (or Exmor) Team would not want to work with the smartphone division because they felt like it was pointless putting great photo systems on a smartphone (until recently with the Xperia 1 and 1 mkII). Reminds me of how the Sony Entertainment and Sony Electronics Teams are very distinct and rarely cross-over.

  • Ender king
    Ender king

    For #3 I remember my dad was sent one of those phones for work. He enjoyed it because he doesn’t do things like Instagram and stuff but a bit afterward Microsoft had to take the phone off him because of how much it failed

    • Conner Wine
      Conner Wine

      Yeah cool

  • Dornsmichel _
    Dornsmichel _

    For sony: They also had problems with build quality and reliability. I had to send in my Z3 3 times for repairs in one year because there alwas was something that broke down on this thing. Also the hardware configuration was a bit questionable. 16GB for a flagship phone in 2014 was a bit lacking, even tho it had expandable storage. The camera was actually quite good but with some drawbacks. No manual focus and constant overheating while recording videos

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I love how he even puts a timer on the top, in case someone wants to skip ahead. His videos are one of the most thought out and well-edited videos I've seen. He's very straightforward with everything too, clear and precise.

    • TuxMan

      Ure on all videos comments?

    • M0nK3y


    • Alien X
      Alien X


    • Ishankrishna

      Your here too!! I just saw you at kurzegegast

    • directiwastaken

      @HoldMyBlade why dont ya

  • TheLinkhawkins

    Windows phone os was great, the lack of apps was really what killed it. The os on it's own was amazing

    • RxIndor


    • Eustace Hendrix
      Eustace Hendrix

      The lack of apps was due to low number of users and the low users was due to its pricetag. Not a lot of people will shift to something that offers less but costs the same or more (if you compare it to others brands of Android). Microsoft could've taken a minimal loss at the start just so they can establish a solid user base which will attract app developers but they were too stubborn to do so.


      I loved the look of the windows phone back in the day. The way it looked internally was stunning and completely different than other phones at the time (and even now). It’s a shame the app problem was awful.

  • Greg McPherson
    Greg McPherson

    I owned a NextBit. As a straight mid-range phone, if you disabled the cloud stuff, it was okay. And it looked cool too. But even at the time, with Googles storage of photos, the Cloud idea seemed pointless.

  • J D
    J D

    My first smartphone was a Windows phone. Loved the OS, hated the lack of apps. No Snapchat for a 13 year old was a killer

  • NothingRidiculous

    6:15 this is even more annoying, because 4 tb SSDs exist, and while they are quite expensive, you would expect to pay a few hundred bucks more on a phone that has more storage than most PCs

  • Ilko Allexandroff
    Ilko Allexandroff

    And now we got the Xperia Pro, it’s 2021 lol

    • 左括號

      Sony literally put a camera set up in Xperia I-Pro (Yes I-pro is the name of the phone

    • Peenutzz

      @shinytan I always had a Sony and most people I recommend a Sony to stick to it. Despite the naming problems, they are great value for money. I personally liked the design starting at the Z. Yes, it didn't change that much over the years, but I also didn't see much differences in other brand models from other years. All the Samsung Galaxy's looked the same too.

    • Chuchuca

      Sony will go full circle and make a Xperia Play, that doesn't have to do shit with the 2012 smartphone.

    • Emotional Damage
      Emotional Damage


  • leopold

    I had a Sony phone once. I don’t remember which one, but it’s not hugely important. It started out pretty good, but then there was a recommended software update which utterly ruined it. Suddenly, instead of being smooth and slick, it was like navigating the QE2 through treacle. It would run out of storage in a heartbeat. Its battery life went from almost two days to less than 14 hours. And when making phone calls, the temperature went up to ear melting heights in about 30 seconds. Sony recognised the problem and issued some workarounds for the performance (basically turning stuff off) and storage (details on how to “remove” the bloatware), but their fix was simple: Buy the new phone. No chance! I’ve never had a Sony since.

  • shunnie

    11:30 The most embarassing and awful part is that they ditched the Exynos in their own country for S20. So they know damn well that its very inferior, you just dont matter to them if you are not in the US or SK. And I think that is very awful of them to do, and since there are a lot of goodwill towards them in my country it hurts even more for me

  • Alex Casper
    Alex Casper

    I have to say, I had the Kin and absolutely loved it. It wasn't a comparison to a smartphone for me, but am upgrade from t9, and it was fantastic. The sliding click to close it and hang up a call was so satisfying

  • John Kevin Balero
    John Kevin Balero

    As someone who used Lumias back in the day, #3 still stings to this day. Windows Phones had so much potential, only to be buried by Microsoft.

    • Sayandh Sooraj
      Sayandh Sooraj

      Nokia has a apart in that too

  • Baker

    I love how this guy doesn't clickbait, He just gets straight to the point and gives you the content you came for. We need more people like him.

    • 1MadJack1

      @DE3P m

    • 1MadJack1

      @TOPSPOT m

    • 1MadJack1

      @Jaiden's TechTips m

    • 1MadJack1

      @DE3P m

    • 1MadJack1

      @Izabella Lescinska m

  • Real Leon
    Real Leon

    When I was in middle school, my childhood best friend had a windows phone. I was in awe of it bc my first phone at the time was some piece of shit called the Blu and I probably would've gotten a virus on it before too long if it didn't break after like a month. The bit on windows phones got me nostalgic, I haven't seen one since then.

  • Ilija Ivancevic
    Ilija Ivancevic

    Sony managed to make such junk with such good hardware and with the experience of major tech giant for the past 50y, amazing! I love the design of xperia phones, I like the bezels, I like the rectangular shape and the glass panels but man that hardware and software combination. I could see a great photo before pressing that button. One press, postprocessing, wtf is this?! Shame on Sony!

  • Dejan Dragicevic
    Dejan Dragicevic

    4:25 Gonna have to correct You on that one. Nokia nGage was the first true gaming smartphone. Not an Android phone, but as much of a gaming phone as any gaming phone ever. Cheers

  • صابر حسين
    صابر حسين

    13:25 That line " From a Finish company to a Finished company " is the ultimate roasting!!

  • Noah Bowie
    Noah Bowie

    "A Finnish company to a finished company" You have achieved comedy

    • ThinkIndigo


    • Greg man2ai
      Greg man2ai

      @Arpit Paliwal I don't know if HMD is the same company as the original Nokia but it is still making Nokia phones. I have a Nokia 7 Plus from 2018 and was thinking about getting a X20 but they are not available here in New Zealand yet. I have seen at least one good review for the X20. Nokia 7 Plus also had some quite good reviews in 2018.

    • A B C D
      A B C D

      I am the 1000th person to like thi comment. Somebody please recommend my name for Nobel prize😂😂

    • Andhika W P
      Andhika W P

      @bishhsasspusi did you mean 'pun'

    • Just some Karen with internet access
      Just some Karen with internet access

      You have achieved: COMEDY! Find it on the "achievements" tab of the home screen.

  • borgranta61103

    I was among those that received a pre-launch Kin 2 for free due to being involved with the community that provided ideas regarding the design. It was not that impressive even though it was free.

  • Gravekeeper

    The Kin TwoM was actually a great phone for Verizon since it counted as a basic phone and didn't require their more expensive smartphone plan and was decently close to a basic iphone minus any additional apps haha.

  • TheLowPredator

    I had an Xperia play back in the day (still have it!) and I loved it. Really good for PS1 emulators and GBA emulators

  • T Hays
    T Hays

    In all honesty, I was selling cell phones at the time and Apple phones were great but I wanted more variety in the market. So when the manufacturers for many of these phones came and promoted these phones as a great alternative to an iPhone, I was on board and promoted these to customers. Also, in honesty that honeymoon time period for all of these devices lasted a very short period of time until it was obvious how horrible most of them were.

  • Wednesday

    Sony is naming their phones just like how i name my files on photoshop

    • Jelmer Bergsma
      Jelmer Bergsma

      Sony names all their products like randomly generated passwords. I mean wh1000xm4 ,wf1000xm3 etcetera etcetera.

    • The Tech Genie
      The Tech Genie

      I just assume at this point they use a name generator app. Even their headphones like wf-1000xm4, or WH-1000xm4. If you didn't already know what your buying and didn't know how Sony name products it would be hard to determine by model which is the true wireless earbuds, or wireless over the ear headphones? It a shame as they could sell way more if people actually knew by name what the product is targeting a much larger group. There true wireless headphones are actually good. The naming sucks and then really zero advertising and even packaging especially on the WF-1000XM4 true wireless videos underwhelming for a close to $300 dollar price point? It is even worst with the naming of their phones? They really need to hire a whole new marketing team?

    • Ceronne Bayley
      Ceronne Bayley

      @Bryan haaa

    • Ceronne Bayley
      Ceronne Bayley

      Their naming like they had to put everything character in the keyboard in their name

    • Bryan

      They got tips from Xbox

  • Atlantis

    I had three Sony phones over the last few years and I really liked them, so I sticked to that brand. But when the THIRD phone died bc of sudden battery/charging issues, I gave up and switched to Samsung. I still have a very bad paranoia of charging my phone with any other charger than the one my phone came with, because I lost two of the three xperia phones by using the charger from a friend. Like I said, I think Sony makes good phones, but this ain't it, chief.

  • Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar

    That “Xperia 1” cracked me up😂 thanks to the guy’s expression!

  • DK knight
    DK knight

    I never saw an issue with the Sony naming, With the Sony phones I've owned in the past, after 3-4 years of owning a certain model, the new models would be out already. The only phone models I passed on were the curved backed phones. After my XZP finally burned out internally after about over 4 yrs, I finally got me the X1 ii.

  • Justin

    Loved my Nextbit Robin. Early adopter of USB C, the apps-to-cloud thing wasn't a problem at all, people loved how it looked. The kicker was the ease of fix - a screen change was less than 10 mins work

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant effort Arun! Couldn’t tell where these 19 odd minutes went. I really, really appreciate the time, research and dedication you put into your videos. This series of yours is one of the most interesting. Love it 😍

  • Andrew Clyburn
    Andrew Clyburn

    I loved the Kin honestly. I had it for almost two years and to be honest it was one of my favorites

  • Nova de Lins
    Nova de Lins

    Dude made a whole sitcom just to roast on sony's naming system. Mad respect

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Spot on with your comments on OnePlus at 18:50 Excellent company to deal with directly. They answer the phone at Customer Service and do what they have to in order to make you happy. The OnePlus 8 is my latest acquisition, obtained at a jaw dropping discount as it is "last year's model" T Mobile refused to activate it as it was not sold by them. ONE+ fixed me up with an unlocked version and took back the locked version - at no cost to me. (I dropped tmobile for this reason alone) PS : expect 2 to 3 hours on hold for tmobile but 3 to 3 minutes on hold for ONE+.

  • Vakeesh Rupan
    Vakeesh Rupan

    I had used a windows phone for years, and I did not realize how much I had missed out on until I got an actual Android X)

  • Pratulya Anjas
    Pratulya Anjas

    Definitely a Netflix quality clip at the end😂😂

    • BeKind


    • Wanda

      I got an ad right after that lol

    • lucutes


    • ꧁CaptainPuppy900꧂


    • Plutoplexus8


  • Whaleudder

    I loved my windows phone. The interface was amazing, it was super responsive and so far ahead of apple and android. But such poor app support killed it for me. I ended up moving to apple, not because I wanted to but because of app support. It’s such a shame because the windows phone was simply amazing.

  • Pooperscooper

    You're probably the only tech reviewer where I watch the whole video... Well done!

    • Abdullah Ahmed
      Abdullah Ahmed


  • Jasonhansstatham

    I used the Xperia Z and was a lot excited about it and the device really didn't disappoint. I used it for full 3 years when my father accidentally stepped on it and crushed it to oblivion. I went to check what they had in stores and was shocked to see the newest model not very different from Z and ended up with a motorola...sony fucked up big time

  • BH4x0r

    WP was my favorite OS back in the days, even with the lack of apps, it's kind of sad developers weren't willing to also program for them, that is essentially how and why it died, had a good time with my 900, 925 and 930 tho while it lasted.

  • LEO x Edits
    LEO x Edits

    “people still bought it obviously, it’s an iPhone.” - Modern thinking.

    • BuenVida Nadz
      BuenVida Nadz

      My confusion on that part is that Arun said Apple would never do this again or else they'll get extreme backlash again but didn't they make budget phones again like the iPhone SE? I mean the product degradation wasn't as bad as the degradation of iPhone 5 to 5C to create budget phones but the concept was still there.

    • Sulaiman

      @Mr escuela de animacion apple ain't givin people money! They take it from others

    • Mr escuela de animacion
      Mr escuela de animacion

      I find the author is quite biased regarding to apple products. Maybe he earns money from the apple

    • Linas

      @Hansito It's an ad filter, not info stealing

    • Sulaiman

      @Jean Marceaux 😳

  • IRyzoI

    "If I was due an upgrade, would I pay full price for a phone that looks almost exactly the same?" It's worked for Apple for years

    • jb888888888

      "Just like the old one but newer" is generally a solid marketing plan.

  • Louise Wade
    Louise Wade

    I remember when Microsoft mae an announcement that they were working on a way for you to "upgrade" your android phones to the Windows Phone OS. I always wondered what vecame of that. Also, with Nokia, part of theur problem is that when they started to go into tye smartphone market, a lot of their phones were on the Windows Phone OS, whuch definitely didn't help them.

  • DoctoTech

    My first phone was an iPhone 5c, so I kinda loved it 😂

  • JessieBanana

    I actually think the 5C is cute. I mean, we make a lot of premium materials, but then most of us put plastic and silicone cases on them. Touch ID was new at the time and plenty of people were fine without. I would say the camera being worse is the biggest issue. It should have been a larger discount, at least $150, and they should have made a better camera.

  • Toes Eater
    Toes Eater

    plot twist: nokia didn't die, they switch to producing armor for the military

    • Nomey07

      @Toes Eater reddit moment

    • joedanga7

      Actually the armor is made of nokia 3310s

    • Toes Eater
      Toes Eater

      @Skyro 2.6k people didn’t think so

    • Skyro


    • Bryden kristoff Zapata
      Bryden kristoff Zapata


  • Real Muru
    Real Muru

    "You don't do that when Samsung is bending their phones" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Erik Hefflefinger
    Erik Hefflefinger

    I remember a friend that had a Kin, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. 😂

  • MyPyjamasAreRageQuitting

    "You could probably drop one of these and break the floor instead" Practically Sums up Nokia in 12 words.

  • Laus Deo BM
    Laus Deo BM

    Sony really needs that Mk. abbreviation in their Smartphone names

  • Neal

    "You can't release a phone with the same design every year" *Apple has left the chat*

    • Sayandh Sooraj
      Sayandh Sooraj

      @Reynard rouser well well well.... iphone 12 looking at iphone 13....

    • JT

      @swiftrealm No the difference is Apple marketing and the cult of Apple. The design really has nothing to do with it. You could bag up a pile of shit and put an Apple symbol on it and people would buy it.

    • YourUsefulReviews

      @Reynard rouser I like how your defending apple, when they're far worse than samsung

    • YourUsefulReviews

      @Reynard rouser buddy, there's a difference between a little difference, and no visible difference, yes, i admit, samsung has decices that look the same, but iphones design cycle changes every 3 years or so, compared to samsung, which is around 2. And even then, there is at least a small difference between every device. EVEN Linus couldn't tell the difference between the iPhone x and xs...

  • iLife64

    OG Xperia Play user here, it was a cool phone as it was where Mojang launched their first portable version of Minecraft on, eventually opening it up to the rest of Android after a while . What REALLY killed the Play was that Sony was going to update it to Android ICS(4.0) but literally at the last second pulled the plug leaving the thing to die on Gingerbread(2.3.3). And to put the nail on the coffin I had the AT&T model which had no way to unlock the boot loader unlike other variants.

  • Ally

    My mum held on to Nokia for wayyyy too long in the age of smartphones. She liked that Nokia was consistent in the way one phone to the next had the same layout. It was user friendly. I tried over & over to explain she would get that with an iPhone, while Nokia smartphones had no ease of use or intuitive design she was hoping for. She had at least two of them before being convinced to give up & let Nokia die 😅

  • Biggidous The Third
    Biggidous The Third

    I remember really liking how the iphone 5c looked. Still not nearly as attractive as the regular 5 of course

  • Chuchuca

    "Xperia Play was just good for emulators" Dude, I dare to say is still the best smartphone for emulators. Never had one, but an old friend had one and I was amazed by how action GBA games like Castlevanis played.

  • A Green Koala
    A Green Koala

    I had one of those Sony Xperia XZ1s for a couple of years... It was by far the weirdest, most out of date-looking smart phone I've ever had. Several people who saw me using it even asked me "what the hell is that?" This was back when iphones and Samsungs were racing to have their screens cover more and more of the front sides of their phones - with apple famously removing their home button... Meanwhile Sony's latest flagship phone long after that time had massive empty spaces above and below the screen, and thick bezels on either side. The whole phone was also sold in pink. A weird, glittery metallic pink. And it pretty much couldn't survive a fall without being decked out in a case and screen protector... I went through so many screen protectors during my 2-ish years with that phone - screen protectors I could only buy from the Sony store itself. You couldn't even buy a case for it unless you went to specific Sony stores or searched online - and even the largest Sony stores barely sold cases. Hell, when they came out with a new model, even the huge, 2-storey Sony store in my country scrapped all but 2 of the cases for my XZ1, sold out of and didn't bother to restock for weeks their screen protectors which I so desperately needed, and pretty much ditched support. It's as if their phones were an afterthought - even the staff were caught off guard whenever I went to the store and asked about their phones instead of their speakers, headsets, cameras or TVs. Plus, only one small corner wall in the shop held phone accessories - with most of them being earphones. I got this XZ1 for "free" using a ton of broadband coupons and used it for a couple of years but soon enough swapped back to using an iphone. The software and cameras were nothing to write home about, and even though people spoke of its wonderful screen quality - I didn't notice it at all. It's no surprise these Xperias are ranked as fail #1, they seemed to have been bleeding Sony of money for no good reason. As a final note, the XZ1 featured a 3D-model maker, where you could scan your head and turn it into a 3D-printable model on your screen. But that was just that, a funny gimmick which was fun for a second but had no real use, especially if you didn't have access to a 3D printer. Hell, I did have access to a simple 3D printer and even I got bored of that after about a week.

  • Mizufluffy

    That Xperia skit at the end was great. It made my day! If I recall correctly, my last Nokia before getting my first smartphone was Nokia 6020 which I think I was using at least around 2006 or 2007. I don't remember when exactly I finally left it to dust and got a smartphone but I believe my first smartphone may have been Samsung Galaxy Ace that got released in 2011 so it's possible I was using that old Nokia phone until then. I personally don't like switching to a new phone every year or even every second year because if the phone still works and apps are running then I don't see a problem. I believe my current phone, which I bought in fall 2021, is probably my third or fourth smartphone.

  • The re7ro k1d
    The re7ro k1d

    16:20 Imagine if that was an actual real show in Netflix

  • ??????

    I feel like Sony used mark 2 and mark 3 because they’re naming the phones more like cameras, such as A7 III or A7S III and the same thing apples to Canon such as 1dx mark 3 and also for the canon r series, the lower the number the better and later the camera came out so that’s probably also a little confusing for people who are looking for their first camera

  • arokh72

    As someone who enjoys building my own PC, and upgrading parts over time, I love the Phoneblocks concept. Just like pre built PCs, the issue with pre built phones is there is always a feature you don't use that you're paying for, or some parts are cheapened but your still charged a premium (in Australia at least...we get stripped out versions of overseas products, at the same or higher price). Plus to upgrade parts over time, such as keep a good CPU, but upgrade the GPU. It was a good consumer focussed concept.

    • Dim T
      Dim T

      Yea when he said its a problem from a profit prespective I was like Yea mate ofc it is if what profit looks like is anti repair planet obsolescence. What profit is in this case has been warped to hell and back

    • J Barnhart
      J Barnhart

      "Yep, and it means your phone won't go obsolete in 5 years, and then you won't have to buy a brand new one." Followed by "I'm fired, aren't I..." at every single production meeting some one brought that up.

    • s d
      s d

      There's always fairphone, although with them it's only about repairing and not upgrading

  • Soki

    I remember having a windows phone in 2013. I hated it with a passion lol

  • Marchelle Hughes
    Marchelle Hughes

    Yes, I thought Sony had a company employed schizophrenic naming their phones…buuuuut, after seeing the names of some of their other devices namely headphones, I am thoroughly sure they have a schizophrenic employee naming their products. Pure madness

  • Ailenii Aleco
    Ailenii Aleco

    Remember having an Xperia sp despite being a good phone with a decent hardware Sony would just not update it to newer android at that time. It would have brought smoother running and new features and bug fixes, despite promising they would do it. Never bough and will never buy one again RIP SONY

  • CDN

    I keep imagining an alternate world where Sony noticed Apple and the iPod existed. They stopped flogging all these lacklustre Ericsson Walkman phones and just made a few decent and equivalent Walkmans to the iPods and didn't roll over and let Apple take the portable music throne. Always thought Sony has some odd naming systems which didn't roll off the tongue when I purchased one of their MP3 players back in the day as did my dad let alone the Xperia phones.

  • Jish

    “Went from a finnish company to an finished company”🤣🤣🤣 I think this is the first time I’ve audibly laughed at a smartphone video

    • hashimotoハシモト

      that‘s only for the smartphone market right?

    • Meme ni Pepe
      Meme ni Pepe

      @Colonel Bond i dont like that guy who sponsored the Escobar Fold 2 Scam then blames the viewers for misinterpreting him

    • Colonel Bond
      Colonel Bond

      clearly you haven't watched Lew bully Willy du and Ryan in unbox therapy

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @Meme ni Pepe No One: Zack: *It goes up and down the shaft*

    • Jish

      Jose Garcia strangely, yes

  • I'm Your Slime
    I'm Your Slime

    I had a windows phone in secondary school and I really liked it but I agree, the app selection was really really bad. I think I had the phone for like half a year before I bought my friends old iPhone to replace it

  • Jeff Forder
    Jeff Forder

    I wish Sony would redo the Xperia Play. I thought it was a great idea and I enjoyed it. It was my first smartphone. Another fail was truly the storage as it was absolute shit. Think it would do better now with PS Now being a thing.

  • Eris

    When he mentioned the price of the iPhone 11s that reminded me how I was able to get a used iPhone X for only $100. It used to be someone's work phone but it's in perfect quality.

  • AdorbsxCelena -deadchannel
    AdorbsxCelena -deadchannel

    Apple making the 5C: This is fine Arun: I hope they never do this again iPhone SE: Am I a joke to you?

  • Juanita Brown
    Juanita Brown

    I actually loved my windows phone and the way it synced with my laptop. Not having IG when everyone else did was super annoying. I loved how sleek and customizable it was. I also loved my color screen Nokia from 2003. That battery lasted forever! This video is so nostalgic.

    • BH4x0r

      i never cared about not having IG or Snap, i had Facebook etc, it's enough tbh i don't get why people want or would want 20 different social media sites either way also one thing i loved the most was being able to lock my screen and still listen to IRglo (in webbrowser), i never had or saw any other phone where i was able to do that, that was just brilliant, saving battery bc screen etc was off but it still kept playing, oh boy i miss my 900, 925 and 930 i often still play yt video's in webbrowser as HDR video takes full control of my brightness, which i fucking hate.

    • JBM425

      @BuenVida Nadz That was the real issue: a great phone that not only didn’t offer anywhere near as many apps as iPhone or Android, but not all of the most popular or critical apps like Instagram and IRglo. As much as I liked my Icon, I saw the writing on the wall and switched to iPhone.

    • Juanita Brown
      Juanita Brown

      @BuenVida Nadz Strange comment. I missed where I "ranted" or where I commented multiple times. 🤦


      I had a windows phone back in 2014. Absolutely beautiful layout and internal look! It was very promising, however he’s right- the apps sucked including facebook and so did the cameras

    • BuenVida Nadz
      BuenVida Nadz

      I know it's not supposed to be funny but I find it hilarious that everything you've commented is about your wonderful experience in a number of phones but somehow there's a random rant about IG in the middle 💀

  • Stuffed Crust Pizza
    Stuffed Crust Pizza

    This was funny to watch as I had a windows phone and I can confirm that it was terrible

  • Kartik Iyer
    Kartik Iyer

    I had one of those Xperia Z phones, can't remember which and I have to say, still one of the best phones I have had yet in a list that includes a Galaxy S2, an iPhone 6(regretted that one) and a Pocophone F1!!! Don't get me wrong, the performance was pretty below par, the camera took shaky photos 2/3 times but it had some decent features like the speakers and the battery life...

    • Kartik Iyer
      Kartik Iyer

      Just an update: I got a Galaxy M52 5G and I don't think I'm ever going to be able to use any other company smartphone!!! Absolute beast of a phone in that price range!!!

  • Faris Hanafiah
    Faris Hanafiah

    The fact that you even made a Friends skit just to mock Sony's naming scheme standardization really shows your incredibility as a tech reviewer. I definitely wouldn't be surprised if Sony put you on their block list.

  • grahamlive

    I had a Sony phone back in around 2014. I remember really enjoying that phone. No way I can remember what it was called though.