Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊

  • Devon


  • Body Nabil
    Body Nabil

    I actually love how companies are competing

  • mystic traveler
    mystic traveler

    Wow, Xiaomi phone looks incredible. I want one. The fact that it can handle 8k on all 3 lenses? The Mi is beefed up compared to the S21. I am impressed..

  • Mat Geezer
    Mat Geezer

    A few years ago I took a chance and brought the Xiaomi Redmi Pro - I did some research but otherwise had never heard of Xiaomi. I was really impressed, lovely screen, responsive phone,decent Android overlay, fingerprint scanner, everything pretty good. So I'm not at all surprised to see Xiaomi are now challenging Samsung, good luck to them.

  • Andrez Mzn
    Andrez Mzn

    Hey bro, first time here and couldn't be more glad to find your channel. The vocabulary you use, which is precise, but not full of technicalities so everyone can comprehend, the way you transmit the assurance of "That guy is a professional and really knows about what he is talking about" while keeping it cool and friendly with a joke here and a little something there... Is uncomparable.

  • Frigment

    Always great product reviews and comparisons from you, keeping us all well-informed with your unbiased opinions. Keep it up!


    nice. The idea with the front screen is fanstastic

  • J.P. Obregon
    J.P. Obregon

    There’s something about this guy’s videos that is so incredibly relaxing and exciting at the same time. He is my absolute favorite IRglo creator.

  • Newo

    I can see that you already get a huge amount of feedback on your videos but I'd just like to reinforce the fact that your video format, presentation and presence is electrifying and you have definitely worked hard for those subs. Thank you for making this content easily accessible and more importantly easy to digest.

  • FubstheFish

    I've had a Mi Mix 2 for just over 2 years and the only problem I ever had with their software is that they forced the hidden notification icons for phones that don't have a camera in the middle.

  • daa

    The phones were good but the review was S tier good. A very complete and comprehensive analysis, and now we also know the state of the market. You clearly deserve more subscribers

  • Ferricity AMV
    Ferricity AMV

    I like how this guy is so honest with his review. While this video appear to be sponsored / paid, I actually tried using Xiaomi's phone and it's so fucking amazing. You gonna feel that every drop of your cent was worth it. We are too used to have expensive smart phones because of apple and samsung. then comes xiaomi. Very affordable and even more powerful.

  • leo Messi
    leo Messi

    Samsung: Fast charging

  • Boby G
    Boby G

    Love that Xiomi is improving the tech market on smartphones and they are way cheaper in most cases

  • Biggus D
    Biggus D

    GReat in depth review and comparison!! Would have gone for the Xiami if retained more value and was easier to sell on 2nd hand markets. I guess that’s also something that people should think about before taking a decision to buy (similar to cars for ex).

  • Rosa indica
    Rosa indica

    I have this problem with all Xiaomi phones and trust me I've seen quite a lot of Xiaomi considering my entire family has one as well as most of my extended family. The cameras do not capture beautiful colours. It doesn't matter if the phone is cheap or expensive the colours are always dimmer. Being someone who loves photography, I have kind off stopped taking pictures now. If I could show you a picture I once took with my iPhone 5s back in the day Vs now you'd be wowed by how wallpaper worthy that iPhone picture is. If redmi improves their camera, they will literally take over half of the world in no time

  • Yethu Ck
    Yethu Ck

    One thing also need to be noted is the developer support of xiaomi and they allow their devices to be unlocked and try out custom roms ... so maybe the limitation of the second screen must be solved by using a custom rom 🤷🤷

  • Anthony

    No lie, Xiaomi has been released some pretty cool phones! Very impressed so far

  • Mr Android FHD
    Mr Android FHD

    Finally when I made up my mind to go with S21 Ultra, Your video notification arrives!