The Samsung S22 Ultra is secretly AMAZING.

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  • Geoff Richards
    Geoff Richards

    The production value of this video is Off. The. Hook! Honestly, the HOURS that clearly went into the scripting, the B-roll, the graphics, the editing... utterly astonishing!

    • That Expat Mom
      That Expat Mom

      Agreed! Much respect! Amazing video 😁

    • Drhank33y

      I think it just looks fake. Like hollywood fake. Sure, you can throw all the money at it and something might look incredibly, but behind the screen you see all the money and sponsors that are involved, and everything just starts to feel like you're watching an advertisement where the companies that sponsor it just want you to buy - buy - buy.

    • Dylan C
      Dylan C

      so far off the hook he mis-spelled "samsung" as "sansung" 9:27

    • The banana sqaud
      The banana sqaud

      Shot with the 13 pro max

    • Alexander Lavin
      Alexander Lavin

      seriously fantastic content that honors my time

  • Leia Velez
    Leia Velez

    I absolutely love my S22 Ultra! Finally decided to upgrade from my S9, and to be honest I don't regret it, I had the choices of an IPhone 13 and this and I'm actually kind of glad I didn't fall for the peer pressure from my IPhone ridden family. It's perfectly ok to be different 👌

    • MasterDoge17

      @Hypernovae Entertainment old wood

    • Nviouskiid718

      Why is it that I've been looking to get the S22 from my current S9, and I fall upon this comment. Similar conditions, as peer pressure from my family is urging me to go with an Iphone.....I will not though.

    • Reinhard Luntungan
      Reinhard Luntungan

      How's the battery? Using an S9 myself and the batteries been drained after 3+ years, so kinda curious about the S22 Ultra if it's running say medium power mode.

    • YOD

      @ISSA VIBEZ acording to what

  • maxymilion

    Am I the only one that finds the "sharp" edges a big plus? It makes the phone stand out in the crowd and is immediately recognisable. It's actually one of the things the tipped me over to buying it.

    • Rahul Bhagchandani
      Rahul Bhagchandani

      I'd prefer not hurting my hand with a sharp box like thing than thinking about what the crowd would feel about my phone

    • Noulan Boushé
      Noulan Boushé

      @Ek 😹😹

    • Ek

      I don't like it coz it looks like a powerbank

    • BreadBurg

      Yeah I like the sharp edges, makes it look sleek and sofisticated.

    • Navneeth NR
      Navneeth NR

      The sharp edged boxy design is pretty nice.

  • lRufflez

    I'm super excited for mine ! i'm just slightly bummed out about the inferior RAM on the 128GB model but it's okay I never really went past 7.5 - 7.9 GB active RAM usage on my s21 ultra anyways. I'll look for a way to wipe the memory every hour or something to keep it snappy (maybe bixby routines offer this im not sure)

    • Shad0w_Dragon

      You can clean the memory using device care in settings, or by using the device care widget. Not sure about doing it through a Bixby routine, haven't looked into that.

    • Vicy cuptor
      Vicy cuptor

      @Motoko Erz@ nice

    • Motoko Erz@
      Motoko Erz@

      @Vicy cuptor I'm getting s22 ultra in the next few days from Tmobile {Green version 256gb 12gb ram} Went to their Jump! Offer. My S21 Ultra's camera 1x mode is blurry and I have to shake my phone or tap it hard with the palm of my hand to get rid of the blurrines. My carrier gave me 2 options: they will replace my 21 ultra with a refurbished 21 ultra or Jump to the 22 ultra. I think you guys know which one I chose. I love my S 21 Ultra, if my camera doesn't have any issues, my 21 ultra will last me for the next 2-3 years.

    • Vicy cuptor
      Vicy cuptor

      @lRufflez ohhh, i see. nice!

    • lRufflez

      @Vicy cuptor I got it for free

  • swiftyzz.monika

    Upgraded my oneplus 7 to the S22 Ultra, quite the big leap I wasn't expecting. Exceptional photos and videos and battery life. As well as they have improved on the one ui experience. Oxygen OS has been a disappointment lately thats why I changed brands and I'm glad I did

    • Shivam Rawat
      Shivam Rawat

      Same.....had to switch the brand after what they did to oxygen os....but I'll probably switch to iphone 13 than samsung because it's available in exynos and also wanna experience ios

    • Bradford D'souza
      Bradford D'souza

      Same here. Big jump from my oneplus 5 to the s22 ultra

    • Alpha

      That's what im going to do, moving from a OnePlus 6t to S22 ultra, although i wish i could get the snapdragon in UK than the exynos even if I won't really notice that much of a difference

    • Rockman

      Oneplus is such a disappointment

    • EvoPenguin

      Yes I also got a watch active4 with it on pre register

  • Vegas Hyruler
    Vegas Hyruler

    Using the corner to carve trenches into cardboard is the one feature I've been waiting for in a flagship smartphone. Samsung have really outdone themselves this time! ;-)

    • Dawn Mitchell
      Dawn Mitchell


    • Shaggy Tewsak
      Shaggy Tewsak

      @spaceman123 y would u throw a phone?

    • Derreck Foreal
      Derreck Foreal


    • Netkiller3714

      Honestly. A phone with a little flip out blade would be pretty handy lol. Can use the phone to scan the barcodes then cut the boxes open without switching tools.

    • spaceman123

      Yes, time to throw my iphone 13 pro Max

  • Clint Hightower
    Clint Hightower

    Smooth and engaging video, very well laid out, almost hard to keep up no way near boring. Great job! Thanks for posting.

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  • Chris Laidlaw
    Chris Laidlaw

    Samsung should have you on their payroll. I learned so much more in this video than I did from their launch presentation. Thanks to your content, I had the confidence needed and placed a pre-order with my carrier and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Might as well watch your video a third time while I wait :D

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  • TheNeumanator

    Your video is usually amazing. Great review! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Will be my first Note-worthy Samsung phone as they're giving the Stylus Pen with the phone this time.

  • Jthall1990

    Samsung's design here is classic. It's going to age so well. No need to change this just because. Just keep updating the hardware.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Love the message at the end. No matter how good a phone sounds or looks, there is almost no real reason to pre-order unless they are giving you a sweet sweet deal. I am glad you are asking your viewers to wait even though you did give a glowing review of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

    • DarKnightMike • 10 years ago
      DarKnightMike • 10 years ago

      @Big E Wow. That is a great deal.

    • ♡BUNNY♡

      @Justin Memory same, except the headache trying to buy it. The site totally crashed, & now I don't even see the custom colors...

    • Justin Memory
      Justin Memory

      Just pre-ordered the 1TB model and got the Watch 4 Classic for under $1k. I think I got a solid deal.

    • Navneet Khaira
      Navneet Khaira

      @Axios O7 I just traded my s8 for $800 at ATT

    • Rayon Williams sports tv
      Rayon Williams sports tv

      Yes and my desk was sending in my note ultra in for 600 off and got 250 credit. Another 200 off in a old iphone I had laying around .. so got s22 for 400.. thats the only way I'd try it out . Not for 1200 out my pocket

  • Roansino

    Good day Boss! Nice video once again! I was looking for a new Ultra this year.. with the pen turning it to a Note it kinda freaks me out as I can't see the use in it for me. Would u still recommend getting the Ultra when I won't use the pen or would you recommend the S22+? As the Ultra has better software etc i kinda prefer that but is the so much higher price worth it when hardly using the pen? Also I'm still using the Samsung Galaxy S8 (had it since release) and I don't know if the S22 Ultra is too big.. What do you think? Looking forward to the communities answer too. :)

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  • Yeldur

    Thanks for the video, really informative and well put together, and presented in a fantastic and engaging way too. Definitely going to be using your channel again for future phone reviews.

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  • Victor Ijomah
    Victor Ijomah

    Always amazed with your content. Do you guys even pause for a moment? You just keep on improving and improving. There's absolutely no catching up with you guys.

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    I am getting this, but it is easily my most underwhelming phone switch ever. I'm a Note fan since the first Note, although using the pen accounts for less than 10% of my device use, but for that time that I pop the pen to write something quick and some other scenarios, plus that I used PDAs since the Dawn of Time (which where stylus based), makes me love it. So, my take: - ^%&# ^&* Samsung for not having the b*lls to call this a Note. It is a Note. - ^%&# ^&* Samsung (esp. in Europe) for giving us a device that is 2 gens back in terms of CPU speed ("blah blah you won't notice"... you miss that in those price ranges, bragging rights ARE a factor), but worse even GPU speed and AI speed. Who cares about ray-tracing if you manage to not improve rendering speed even WITHOUT ray-tracing? - They downgraded the screen resolution ("blah blah you won't notice" again...). - They left the same camera hardware (and with bad macro). (#13 in DXOmark... underwhelming all right) - The entry model has less RAM than last generation (!!!). - 1Hz for Ultra is fake (it is not 1Hz) as 10Hz for non-Ultra is also fake (!!!). I EXPECTED that major specialist sites would ask for official Samsung comment on this. (they explained the difference between FPS and screen Hz, but still, false ad) - 45W (i.e. extra money) charge, does not really charge faster than 25W charger. WTF? See what Xiaomi is doing in this field. - You still cannot make a phone that stands properly on a table, ESPECIALLY being a stylus phone. (that said, I like the look of the back although it is a dust magnet) - Less tough (seems Victous+ or what they call it, is worse than older versions and Corning is becoming a "marketing" company more and more). - Still no proper speakers. - Underwhelming (real) battery life. I actually wanted to get Mi 11 Ultra this summer, but it vanished from the face of the Earth, even though I ordered it (I want official import), it never came (plus Xiaomi needs to fix their own issues on various things, but this is another subject). Friends kept telling me "1300 for a Chinese phone?", but I had no issue, since Mi 11 Ultra hardware really deserved it. I wanted to wait for 12 Ultra, but Xiaomi doesn't give us any hints, except some rumors that this will be underwhelming compared to 11U. If I didn't have to upgrade soon, I would not move to S22U. That said, the "4 major OS upgrades" is very attractive (and remains to be seen) and hope they will update the microcode of 2200 to become a bit better in time. One last thing: Why everybody abandoned the idea of "behind the screen" front cam? I mean I have no problem with that tiny circle having less pixels or a tiny bit of color variation, it is better than having a constant black hole. Overall, this will be an upgrade (I am few gens back), but much less than it could really be. Samsung really hides behind their name and does what Apple has done so many times in the past: Nothing, presented as a cool something. Hate this, but us consumers are to blame.

  • Sahidur Rahman Khan
    Sahidur Rahman Khan

    I just love Arun's regularity & promptness towards his content. He always makes sure that we get the best tech content at the right time. Thumbs up for the marvellous content that we get from him. 👍🏼

    • unhingedXxx

      @Chipmunkboy i think the person u were replying too was actually more chiller 💀 chill tf out

    • Pak Ho Wong
      Pak Ho Wong

      @Sayyed 77’ Roger that, originally i was gona get xiaomi 11t pro

    • Sayyed 77’
      Sayyed 77’

      @Pak Ho Wong wait 2-4 months, newer phones will Tsmc gen 1 chips Edit: Will get

    • Pak Ho Wong
      Pak Ho Wong

      @Sayyed 77’ tsmc is always better lol, but its hard to tell which phone is using which processor

    • Sayyed 77’
      Sayyed 77’

      @Pak Ho Wong there’s 8 Gen 1 built on Samsung 4nm node and there’s TSMC’s 4nm node. TSMC is efficient than Samsung. Meanwhile, I think Exynos won’t throttle this time.

  • Timothy Mach
    Timothy Mach

    I appreciate the amount of TIME and PERFECTION you put in your videos sir👏. Best review yet ✅

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  • LietSayri

    I'm so glad you made this video, I'm excited for this phone. It looks stunning and I love the screen - looks so clean.

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  • Crypto Jihadi
    Crypto Jihadi

    Glad they squared up the S22. That's one of the reasons I liked the Note so much. I hated the rounded corners of the S series. But I'm a fold user now so hoping they get a home for the S pen in that device. All it needs to be is a bit wider in its folded dimensions to be more usable and it could then hold the s pen. Kill 2 shortcomings in one shot.

  • Rachel Light
    Rachel Light

    I just got the S22+ instead. I definitely love it. It's incredibly fast and smooth. Gets great battery life and incredible sound quality and volume.

    • Roberto Rodriguez
      Roberto Rodriguez

      S22+? Nah man the ultra ftw.

    • Rachel Light
      Rachel Light

      I'm partially deaf in one ear, is why I noticed a huge difference from my old phone. I don't have to turn the volume up all the way with this one and much clearer.

    • Niky Nikolov
      Niky Nikolov

      Wow, if you think this one has sound quality and volume. Try s21 ultra.

  • Elv Ent
    Elv Ent

    Bought it yesterday and now commenting from s22 ultra.. good phone, originally I planned to buy Xiaomi 11 Ultra because of the worth price vs performance but it is very hard to get in my country 😢

  • Ironside

    Ordered this phone on Friday. Should be a huge improvement over my old S10.

  • Damiania626

    I'm excited to see what to do with the fold 4

  • Jack Dawson
    Jack Dawson

    The squared edges is the best part of the design in my opinion. That's why I always purchased a Note over an S model, until now.

    • Kit

      Looks way better, i agree

  • Jake

    As everyone else here says, great job on the production of this video. I honestly don't know how you have enough hours in the week to put out videos this high quality, this often!

    • Imran B
      Imran B

      That’s because he doesn’t have a day job like you so he has plenty of time to do so.

    • Pro Vax
      Pro Vax

      He got people to polish the script, research, edit, take pictures etc. Like MKBHD and Linus they have employees.

    • Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish
      Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:27‬ ‭NIV‬‬ F

    • Paulius Povilionis
      Paulius Povilionis

      When you not working 50 hours a week you have plenty of time to do those briliant videos. 👍

    • Siddharth Gautam
      Siddharth Gautam


  • Shreyansh Kumar Basotia
    Shreyansh Kumar Basotia

    I tried the new S22 ultra and just loved it. Except its sharp edges are quite uncomfortable to hold. Otherwise, everything is just perfect.

    • Roberto Rodriguez
      Roberto Rodriguez

      @Tony Montana calm down. Yours is defected. Mines a diamond.

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana

      @Shad0w_Dragon Yes mate, I am sure. It isn't a new feature for S22, but it's been dragging along for several models. Samsung said "disable system sounds" but that comes with undesirable consequences OR buy another camera, and after spending $1700 (1400 EUR + insurance) I find the solutions offered inadmissible.

    • Shad0w_Dragon

      @Tony Montana You sure? on mine i just go settings> Apps> Camera> Camera Settings> Shutter Sound. I'm in the US, and I realize things can be different from country to country, but that would be a really weird setting to regionally remove...

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana

      oh yeah? Over here in Spain the camera shutter noise cannot be disabled. Now, talk about annoying software! Paid $1700, I was fine with my Xiaomi 😐

  • Tone Dinh
    Tone Dinh

    all I can say, Samsung has really stepped up and has recognized their software need improvement besides their hardware.

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  • Tony

    Great video. I can't wait to get mine! If I had a Note 20 Ultra, I would not get this phone. But I currently have the Note 10+ and feel like the Note 22 Ultra is a big upgrade.

    • Telegram@mrwhosetheboss13

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  • Earvin Bruce Abuy
    Earvin Bruce Abuy

    i watched your video before i pre-ordered mine. it was very helpful in my decision making. needed to upgrade my old phone because it slowly becoming a stressor. thank you. *also liked the green one, so that's the one I ordered. 😁

  • Timmy T
    Timmy T

    Been a fan of Samsung for a long time. I'd love to get this as soon as possible, only issue is I just have to wait for comparisons between Snapdragon and Exynos versions so I'll know which is going to be the real beast.

    • Junqian Chen
      Junqian Chen

      @Riley G maybe enough for now doesnt mean enough for the next 3-5 years.

    • manawearblack

      @oakleyguy89 it loads them up slightly quicker (a tenth of a second or two) but we were both getting the same frame rate on the same graphics settings on mobile legends and on Pokémon unite too when we played that a few months ago, so it's such little difference that it makes zero difference, but again, that was last generation, but I actually expect exynos to be even faster this time, as the trend over the last few generations has been: Exynos considerably behind Exynos slightly behind Exynos level So now I expect it to be exynos slightly ahead, but again, it's all slim slim margins that make zero difference to anyone

    • oakleyguy89

      @manawearblack From what i've been seeing is that the Snapdragon does games better.

    • Zephaniah Qamer
      Zephaniah Qamer

      @Sonwansu 😂 ok ok bro you win let's leave it at that

    • Sonwansu

      @Zephaniah Qamer yes but I already said that before, that they release the better package along apple because they're the richest so they invest the extra buck

  • Igor Formosa
    Igor Formosa

    I'm just curious how the Snapdragon vs Exynos version performs this time around. 🤔 Just wish they would just do same chip for everyone once and for all

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  • Carrie Meloy
    Carrie Meloy

    I haven't really even begun to explore what this phone can do, and I've had it a couple of weeks now. I love watching these videos to show me what it can do.

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  • TheMister Mann
    TheMister Mann

    Great video yet again. Now then, as you rightly pointed out, Samsung along with most other premium phone companies no longer supply a charger with the phone and charges a lot extra for one. Recently the " Black Belt Barrister " addressed this anomaly following the case in Brazil where Apple was fined $1000.00 for not supplying a charger. He, the BBB, has offered to help prepare a case against phone companies for anyone who will challenge them in court. As a leading IRglor would you be prepared to take up the fight against greedy phone companies and have them once again include a charger with their expensive phones? ( Curiously cheaper phones do come with a charger, headphones and frequently a case also. )

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  • Jack Henderson
    Jack Henderson

    I appreciate so much the extreme work that goes into videos this well made

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  • Eric Jacobson
    Eric Jacobson

    It blows my mind how far you've come with your channel. I don't watch as many tech videos as I used to but you're still one of my top go too people when I do. Keep it up and early congrats on 10 mil!

  • Luke Flegg
    Luke Flegg

    Nice one on calling out the greenwashing. Insanely brilliant review, as always mate

  • Gary Bertagnolli
    Gary Bertagnolli

    One thing I wish reviewers would cover is how well they record live music. I have yet to find a phone that does it better than a Pixel 3. My Note Ultra 20 does an ok job but still clips.

  • S T
    S T

    I just upgraded from Note 20 Ultra, to the Galaxy s22 Ultra. After a week with the new phone I realized few things: 1. The Note 20 ultra has a better battery that last longer the the s22 . 2. I did my camera compare and tbh the Note 20 Ultra had better true color than the s22, some areas looked too edited by some type of a filter or a software, video shots looked more stable on the s22 but sharper on the Note 20 Ultra. 3. The s22 is faster and you can feel the difference although my Note is 2 years old full of photos and videos so I think its also part of the reasons 4. The screen is better on the s22 and brighter, you can tell the difference 5. The "No SD" also something that kinda disappointed me, having more extra space is always more convenient Overall I think that my expectations were too high before I received the s22 and now after I got it I feel like I can wait extra one year to see what Samsung will come up with next time, another mixture or we can finally get our original Note back!

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  • Faseeh A
    Faseeh A

    Please also note my suggestion to use same matrix to review new iPhone specially their eco-friendly part and should you pre-order it. If I recall correctly, apple were trend setters for no chargers in box and they make bigger performance claims (without benchmarks) in their reveals. I generally see a bias in your videos when comparing the positive and negative; it is as minor as the word selection to highlight them, such as your recent camera test. Wherever Samsung dominated there was caveat, but didn't find any when it came to iPhone. In the end, a biased statement from a content creator's perspective where most of the audience isn't content creator. This is just one example to make the case. Ps: thank you for a detailed review, I am a "yay" for the charger in the box and do hope for Samsung to catch up in video section.

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  • TimeBucks

    Great review overall

    • Faizan Ahmad
      Faizan Ahmad


    • Trashy Account
      Trashy Account

      And nothing

    • Ghost Slayer
      Ghost Slayer

      Ok and?

  • LSM

    Great review! I have a Note 20 5G Ultra, is it worth upgrading to a 22 Ultra?

  • Khristy Jane Dag-uman
    Khristy Jane Dag-uman

    i wish..i can afford that phone . 🥰🥰. love the specs and the beauty itself 😊

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  • fattestrobot

    Great presentation! Best one I've seen considering this phone! Thank you.

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      text me on telegram 👉@mrwhosetheboss3162

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  • Just a sec
    Just a sec

    Getting my one in white this week. Very excited. First upgrade since.. well... since getting my Galaxy Note 9 four years ago. :)

  • Anthony Santiago
    Anthony Santiago

    The excellent part I like most about this phone is that they are promising for four years of updates which is fantastic I am an iPhone fanatic but there’s a possibility if they do this that I will switch over.

    • NoodlePasta

      @Steel but what’s with all the 🧢?

    • Steel

      @NoodlePasta damn imagine being so down bad for apple that you gotta “prove” other people are wrong cause you invested in a product and you feel you need to justify that investment

    • PredatorV4

      I think competition is one of the best things on the market, if there was only one company there will be very little improvement over the years

    • NoodlePasta

      @PSYCHO I Have just had a revolutionary discovery… there are other applications and uses for a phone that social media? 🤯 absolutely shocking. On a side note, if you passed English class and could read, you would see I was referring to the CAMERAS performance. 🙄 We’re done here.

  • Kristi Nodine
    Kristi Nodine

    I love the sharp edges. I utilize that feature to stand it up when I'm watching IRglo in places where I don't have a phone holder. So, perspective for sure

  • AJAY

    I got my Exynos powered S22 ultra yesterday and I noticed several issues in it. Overall performance isn't very smooth as it kind of hangs every few minutes while using different but basic applications like camera, google chrome etc. 2nd major problem is the Auto Rotation sensor. Its poorly calibrated and automatically turns the display to portrait mode with slightest hand movements even while the phone is held in landscape orientation. 3rd issue is the battery life. I strongly feel that it is not the best at the price even with regular day to day usage. Just gave over 4 hours screen on time on a full charge and its already 25% now and that too without using any heavy apps or games. Another weird issue is the screen turns absolutely black multiple times while scrolling through a webpage or even whatsapp history. Observing it for a few days before reaching out to samsung support. Did anyone else notice these issues or is it my unit only? Forgot to say - I love your videos. Keep up the good work. You're the boss 😎

    • TheWalf999

      damn, lucky I plan to buying iphone instead

    • telegram👉@Mrwhosetheboss003

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  • DSM jUhnky
    DSM jUhnky

    Although it indeed has some improvements, it's nothing major to make me want to trade in my s21... I think I'll wait for the s23, or maybe the s24.

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  • Jamie Dolan
    Jamie Dolan

    So far it seems like a great replacement for my note 9, which was great but was wearing out.

    • Telegram 👉Mrwhosetheboss789
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  • Coro

    Still finding it really hard to replace my S10+. Headphone jack, SD card slot, 1TB storage on board, 12GB of RAM, I much prefer the pill camera style in the right corner, processing/graphics are still competitive,etc. I'm really only missing the S pen, a slight camera update, and a degraded battery

    • Sven Santesson
      Sven Santesson

      @PSYCHO He said, It is hard to switch die him, because he has, with his S10+ 1TB. And than I've said, that the S22Ultra also has 1TB.

    • PSYCHO

      @Nate S10+ is $390+Tax on eBay in Open Box condition. Buying NEW isn't always the smartest choice for an old Android phone.

    • PSYCHO

      @CheapBastard1988 Galaxy Buds Pro AREN'T free. Stop being so easily manipulated by that word. 😂😂😂 FREE would be if Samsung gives you those wireless earbuds without you paying anything above $0.00. You have to buy the S22 series AKA NOT FREE.

    • PSYCHO

      @gallowsgradient Sony is basically your only option but then you lose out on 4 years of Android version updates which Samsung now provides.

    • PSYCHO

      @Sven Santesson There's no such thing as an S10 Ultra. S10+ is the ONLY 10 series Samsung phone with 1TB of storage.

  • Chan Jeremy
    Chan Jeremy

    The phone looks good on release but however the longevity of the phone screen has been horrible every single release. Countless reports of the screen issue and damage has been increasing.

  • Stand Alone
    Stand Alone

    Watching this on my s22 ultra and yeah buy it trust me it's a beast of a phone!

  • Marie Brisson
    Marie Brisson

    I love the fact that you took your time to explain everything into details

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  • Landrau Neville
    Landrau Neville

    When Tim Cook said "that's just incredible" about the charging speed it killed me

  • Arno Db
    Arno Db

    I have a regular s20 and when the note 20 ultra dropped I fell in love with that design. This has alot that reminds me of that but I feel like I just need to use my phone for atleast 1 more year. Swapping phones after just 2 years is ehhh. I can still buy it next year, or maybe the S23 will attract me even more

    • nika gelashvili
      nika gelashvili

      @DragonixXKai A

    • Dipan Panda
      Dipan Panda

      @Nom anyone can... if a design is not looking great, attaching with it is hard...

    • Dipan Panda
      Dipan Panda

      @Arno Db I agree

    • Arno Db
      Arno Db

      @Nom design is a very valid reason to buy something. One thing I always disliked about my S20 is how boring it looks

    • Nom

      you fell in love with... a design? You didnt need a phone, you wanted to shill because it looked cool. Your phone was perfectly fine and you dropped another rack on another one for... what? so you can lose interest in the design after 2 weeks and take it for granted until the next release you have to purchase.

  • Anthony Small
    Anthony Small

    Precise, accurate and at times funny yet still very informative video..... You are indeed "the boss" 👍🏿👍🏿

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  • Paulius Povilionis
    Paulius Povilionis

    Its sad. Every year im checking the phones with the hope to see something new with new functions something totally diferent or incomparable better and all i get it is excatly the same phone with the same cameras same storage same rams same everything just updated to be a little bit better but then i cant stop thinking they could give me those updates without making buy a new phone and everytime its just getting bigger disapointment then excitement.👍

  • Joe L
    Joe L

    Comparisons for the last two in the series vs the s22 ultra was eye opening!!!

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  • Hidden Agenda
    Hidden Agenda

    The S22 screen is so freaking amazing. Super crisp, Super Clear and just freaking beautiful. There's a reason why Apple uses Samsung Screen. Even though Apple uses 10 year old AmoLED lol

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  • Agil Agilsen
    Agil Agilsen

    Sounds like a great phone, and I might consider grabbing this phone whenever the s23 drops. My current phone should be at about a level where it needs to be swapped out by then. And the price should have dropped enough to make it more or less worth it.

    • Vidushi Arvind
      Vidushi Arvind

      @Average Alien you’re saying that on a tech channel? Why you even here😂

    • verbosity9

      @Chimnadindu Greatmiracle simpleton

    • Jibner Juarez
      Jibner Juarez

      @Average Alien just say that you’re broke it’s ok 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • GallitoBash

    I would like to hear your views on the regular s22, hope you can make a video on it.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris

    Have the S22 phones removed the option for upgradable storage via a micro SD card?

  • Ekhlasul Azim Chowdhury
    Ekhlasul Azim Chowdhury

    You're a genius, man! Love everything about your videos! ♥️

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  • GyanPrakash

    Apple is and will always be years ahead in customer experience because of Software and Hardware compatibility. If Samsung wants to stay ahead in the Game, they should ditch Android and start building their OS plus improve Exynos Architecture. The base is there, but Samsung doesn't want to Build on it.

  • Boss Snake
    Boss Snake

    I've always preferred the Note box design over the oval S series design. So this S22 is amazing. Can't wait to get it.

    • Flywheel Gaming
      Flywheel Gaming

      So you are waiting to experience the laggy old experience

    • AlmightyMan Shadow
      AlmightyMan Shadow

      @xfire I have 6.2inch display and i can easy operate it with one hand and now it even feels small to me , 6.7 Inch are most comfortable for me .

    • Øystein

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    • hamen03soft

      Me too

    • lex

      @Øystein brunost

  • Abi

    Your detailing though..... amazing videos. Well done!

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I used to use a Samaung Galaxy S4 and that thing was great on paper but when I actually used it, I was sick of the thing after a week. I also miss the Note line but the Ultra line looks amazing! If this year's iPhone turns out to be a dud, I might make the switch to the Ultra. But Samsung would really have to wow me to get me to leave my iPhone!

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  • C Colagross
    C Colagross

    I have had an note 9 for almost 3-4 years and am wondering if I should actually finally do an upgrade now. Seems like it is time to give in just for the processing speed at this point.

    • Aya Smeed
      Aya Smeed

      I say wait 6months so that prices go down a bit firstt but this phone honestly looks so amazing

  • Benjamin Harrison
    Benjamin Harrison

    Luv ur channel bro 😎 u deserve a lot more credit than u get. I’m browsing through ur channel vids rn. Been subbed for years 😍

  • Skorne

    Still using a Note 9 and it's chugging along great. Smartphone manufacturers have really run out of features worthy of upgrading for. The camera is better but tbh I'm perfectly happy with the pics the 9 takes. Unless you are playing demanding games, upgrading is merely a fashion statement at this point.

    • john lawful
      john lawful

      @John Chaffey I saw a you tuber go to the next video by swiping with out touching the screen

    • John Chaffey
      John Chaffey

      @john lawful write notes, lists, fine select items in games etc, move icons... just about everything a finger can do only with more control

    • Don Lao
      Don Lao

      @coolthingy the third thank you~ I am 2 years into note9. Love it. Use every functions of it. Of course the headphone jack is no1 which give me much better audio quality. No2 is s pen.

    • coolthingy the third
      coolthingy the third

      @Leonardo Da Vinci And headphone jack and im thinking. Why am I paying to remove features that I use a lot?

    • Carlos Reyes - Estudio y Productividad
      Carlos Reyes - Estudio y Productividad

      Yeah, my Note 9 is still great as well. However, if I don't use the battery saving mode, the battery runs out fast. And with the battery saving, the phone doesn't feel as snappy as it usually was.

  • Rule34 Wtf?
    Rule34 Wtf?

    Cool phone. I'll consider it in 3 years when the price is affordable, and I don't feel ripped off buying one full price

    • pardi

      Just get the sony xperia it's much better and they're dirt cheap rn

    • Rule34 Wtf?
      Rule34 Wtf?

      @Navdeep Rana Your bank account is sad

    • Navdeep Rana
      Navdeep Rana

      I got ripped off today

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  • sol

    Absolutely Great info from a Great man who knows he's Stuff 👍

  • Steven Martin Mdlalose
    Steven Martin Mdlalose

    As a Note Fan I love the square design don't like round corners. Thank you Samsung you almost lost me, now you've me back, the name is not an issue will get used to it. I wish they named it S22 Note.

  • Random Tube
    Random Tube

    The S22 Ultra has a dark secret. Keep your expectations to a minimum. Is all I can say. It will take a bit of getting used to. It has a ton of features and can do a lot. But doesn't excel at any one thing. Definitely can get overwhelming at times. I recommend waiting for it to go on sale. Buy any and all warranties and protection plans. Choose a decent carrier. My tips if you plan on getting the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

  • Laura Ellington
    Laura Ellington

    Brilliant video, thank you! Most tech videos just repeat all the specs and features you can find for yourself, plus a few reactions and personal observations. I love how you picked out the key points then explained why they mattered in a really clear and accessible way.

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    • Cedric Hailer
      Cedric Hailer

      You're right and that's why reviewers like MWTB are valuable for deeper introspections. I am watching while waiting closely for his note giveaways.

    • GhettoAhki

      I dunno not to sound like a hater or anything I feel like this guy just follows what the ignorant forum users are saying. I had to stop the video once he started to (finally) praise Samsung's UI and showed TouchWiz as when it was "bad" even though Samsung changed to OneUI since the S8 (5 years ago.) And OneUI has been leading the development charge since then. It's just too much of a coincidence that he's praising OneUI now at the same time the general consensus of it has been shifting in the Android forums. I watch reviews for honest insightful thoughts not just regurgitating forum opinions.

    • 𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕪 ℝ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟⭐
      𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕪 ℝ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟⭐

      Hey my real name is Laura

  • Dark Treasures
    Dark Treasures

    I'm going from the note 9 to the ultra 22 so for me it's a big jump and I love this phone🥰🥰🥰

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    with 8 gigs of ram aswell , capable of running dozens of apps and games at the same time, no lagging or force closing apps due to lack of RAM.

  • Rahat Vlogs
    Rahat Vlogs


  • Kirk Chwialkowski
    Kirk Chwialkowski

    Great video and info. Great presentation too, you make it fun to watch. Thank you.

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  • Marcoroni Gootz
    Marcoroni Gootz

    I've been a fan of Samsung phones for a long time and have owned a lot of them but honestly, my S21 Ultra still feels premium. This S22 Ultra does not wow me, will be keeping mine for another year and seeing what the next generation has to offer.

    • Buddhist Elder
      Buddhist Elder

      @Ramon Ortiz laughing because I'm rich or because I have an iPhone

    • Ramon Ortiz
      Ramon Ortiz

      @Buddhist Elder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh well well I was right 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the bunch of laughing emojies is me laughing a lot just in case you didn't know 😆

    • Buddhist Elder
      Buddhist Elder

      @Ramon Ortiz yes I do have an iPhone, a note and a mate x2, and the Chinese and American phone manufacturers have been around for years before the real copy cats even stuck their noses in, so android fanboy, I like Apple


      @Itta Pupu uh why are you pulling iPhone fanboys into this?