iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    iPhone 13 Battery Test: irglo.info/from/erSCeqJ8nL_Qaac/fy-lm-h-y.html iPhone 13 Camera Test: irglo.info/from/i9KBb2OFmazZlH0/fy-lm-h-y.html iPhone 13 Giveaway: bit.ly/3EF6Pj2

    • Lyza Cemine
      Lyza Cemine


    • Jon Peach
      Jon Peach

      Mrwhosetheboss do a hdr video comparison with the s22ultra 🙏

    • Souhim Rohella
      Souhim Rohella

      I need an iPhone With split screen and floating window

    • Jaren Sykes
      Jaren Sykes

      A dream phone that I can't never afford.

    • Jon Peach
      Jon Peach

      Do you use high efficiency or most compatible in the camera format settings for picture taking thanks

  • Zendex

    c'mon dude how many times you gonna rickroll us in a single video


      Oh are you The Zendex…? One of my best teachers of PUBGM

    • Tech Gaming
      Tech Gaming

      69 times😏

    • Riana RAJ
      Riana RAJ

      hooo pubg master


      Hay broo I hare tooo .Big fan of your bot game play

  • Zlín

    Love it or hate it, Apple's continued success has been largely tied to the philosophy of "let the others innovate--we'll optimize."

    • Zombieimpact

      @Mr. Tarkovish I have had my Galaxy S20 Ultra for 2 years now and have had no issues with the battery or it slowing down. The battery still lasts me more than a day.

    • Ardiansyah Nugraha
      Ardiansyah Nugraha

      tbh, FaceID and TouchID are quite an innovation from Apple.

    • michal s
      michal s

      @Amo_res exactly. Android is only good for the first 6-12 months

    • Mixitup1108

      @Pace Sucks as someone who used an iPhone 7 until this year, that thing still runs really well, I don’t know exactly your experience but for me it’s still a good phone. I upgraded because my family were upgrading from even older phones.

    • Denver Morgan
      Denver Morgan

      Agree 100%

  • Gabe Eisner
    Gabe Eisner

    This is much more than a review. It’s a brilliant analysis.

    • 78hooman

      @Sean no it to do with the last iOS update. It’s on now specially since I saw another IRglo video that had some great recommendations on what settings to change to get even better battery life

    • Sean

      I think your using your phone heavily or you have a degraded battery

    • 78hooman

      It's BS. I've bought the 13 pro max and the battery life is very average. Don't know where these reviewers are getting these big numbers from

    • Nasim

      Each one is

    • Text Me On Telegram @Tekking101
      Text Me On Telegram @Tekking101

      Plus I Open bracket VIII V IX Close bracket IV II IX I III V II..

  • Making Impossible
    Making Impossible

    So it's like Apple took ideas from your video and made the desing for iPhone 14... No notch, and no camera bump lol 😂

    • Arjun Ravi
      Arjun Ravi

      Bro you a time traveler? There’s no proof they gonna do that

    • hello.

      @Kaphizmey ♪ you clearly don't realise that these aren't just "fan made" anymore... professionals (that are rarely wrong) who put 100s of hours into predicting and figuring out which direction apple is going to go in have said that the 14 will be notch-less. just like they predicted apple would get rid of the button before the x was revealed and a whole lot of other "predictions" that turned out to be true.

    • Kaphizmey ♪
      Kaphizmey ♪

      lol those are fanmade renders, the 14 will look almost exactly like the 13

    • Gunar Gundarson
      Gunar Gundarson

      You're both wrong, unless they come up with a more powerful sensor for iphone 15 (yes, 15), the glass notch will stay due to its importance.

  • Evan Exa
    Evan Exa

    Ive been an Android user since 2013 when I got my first smartphone, up until now when I decided to switch and try iPhone 13 Pro Max (loving it). I really enjoyed how you analyzed and put into perspective how Apple does not need to try super hard with their phones every year like Android makers do, given their unique position and how their iPhones are built. Kudos!

    • fringey

      This is exactly what I'm doing later this month. I've not had an iPhone since the 4s. I've been using android phones ever since. I'm now switching back to Apple with the 13 pro max.

    • Wenxi Cai
      Wenxi Cai

      Wow I wish I had a iPhone 13 pro max

    • mosando

      @Lione Leon Apple " put out a phone every month" u r smoking some dank shit aint ya ?? Apple comes out with their 4 models in Sep, one recolor mid way and a SE every few years how is that every month ? Samsung releases at start of year, in Spring, Summer, few in Fall yet Apple every month right ??? 108 megapixel and barely looks better than a 12 megapixel iPhone and worse than a 50mp Pixel lol. Samsung and Chinese companies bring out cool features then remove them because they are "innovating", innovation for innovation's sake is worthless if it does not help improve the customer's experience. Dude thanks for the laugh, it is always fun to read get so upset over someone's else choice

    • Lione Leon
      Lione Leon

      @Anirudh Gupta hey u must be really clever to understand technology so much dt u get ripped of and pay 3 times its actual phones worth coz it has an 🍏logo ye ok son u go ahead ☺️

  • Human Person
    Human Person

    Can we all just take a second to appreciate how high quality Arun's videos are. Informative, funny, and to the point. One of the highest quality channels I have ever watched. Well done good sir!

    • Human Person
      Human Person

      @Hammer ssshhh don't let them know 😳

    • Hammer

      Sorry everyone, but this Human Person... is a bot.

    • Yoshihiro C.
      Yoshihiro C.

      I made my Purchase Decision after watching this and a few other iPhone 13 related Videos.

    • Spam Mer
      Spam Mer

      @Sada video edit??


    There's a reason I come to this man when I want a review from a particular device ! He's to the point , detailed explanations and straight up not bias to any device 👏🏿👏🏿

  • Bobby Roy
    Bobby Roy

    Absolutely brilliant review AND a different one than a thousand other reviews online. As a very small IRglo creator, I have got so much to learn each time I watch your videos. Way too good & so much of consistency in each of your videos! I mean, right from the background research to the scripting to the shots to the B-rolls, everything is absolutely spot on! It does NOT feel like I'm watching a tech review, it feels like a beautiful film! Thank you so much for these wonderful pieces of art that we call tech-videos! 👌👌😍

  • faisal eagle eye
    faisal eagle eye

    I think the reason the newer chips were added when the previous chips could already do similar things to the new chips is more so due to the optimization for the new phones, and thus, new image signal processors.

  • No One's Creative Cache
    No One's Creative Cache

    Thank you for the incredible review and thank you for actually doing a sponsored message right! Rather than interrupting the content with an obnoxious and irrelevant sponsor section, you saved it until the end of the video, actually showed something relevant to your main content, and presented it in an interesting way. Plus 4:58 was lo-key badass! Well done.

  • Tdr94 19
    Tdr94 19

    13pro is pure perfection. Had it for a month now everything is amazing, battery, resolution, camera, build quality just everything is perfect

    • Daniel Durnea
      Daniel Durnea

      Same bro. Got it last week as a replacement for my good old galaxy S10. Did not enjoy it at first but now I love my 13Pro.

    • Nikhil Kumar
      Nikhil Kumar

      I'll get 14 Pro next year

    • Tdr94 19
      Tdr94 19

      @SoundMuzak I honestly do not have an issue with the notch. The speed and display of the phone is so good that the notch does not bother me just my opinion though

    • SoundMuzak

      I'll maybe get an iPhone when they remove that notch

    • Andyzz Blinkz
      Andyzz Blinkz

      All phone is just getting better now but they are cheaper and good specs...

  • Khris Peter
    Khris Peter

    Great video! Sometimes it’s not about hitting a home run every year. Sometimes it about refining the team to keep hitting good strikes and making runs to rack up the score. I just switched from Android to Apple for personal reasons, I worked in the industry before the first Apple iPhone was released. I’ve used everything from Nokia to Blackberry RIM. Previously I only ever owned an iPhone 4 for two weeks. It is only now that Apple has reached an optimal balance between telephony and user experience that works and it’s been refined to just “work”. My last phone was the S20 Ultra 5G. It was buggy, telephony was crap and it’s only saving grace was the screen and media performance but end of the day, at this time, my phone just needs to operate well. That’s what Apple is delivering this year, a refined, boring maybe, but consistent experience and quality product.

  • Templar388z

    I’ve been using android since 2012 and I just got my first apple device, an iPhone 13 Pro Max. I absolutely love it. For me personally, I feel like I wouldn’t have enjoyed iOS or iPhone if I had tried it any sooner. I absolutely love it. At first I was worried I would dislike it and end up returning the phone to go back to my S21+, nope. From day 1 I knew that I wanted to keep it.

    • Joseph

      @Abhishek Wellage gonna admit sometimes I use pro mode to use manual focus as sometimes the auto mode sucks 😂

    • Joseph

      @Abhishek Wellage Aight mate thanks 👌🙌🙏

    • Abhishek Wellage
      Abhishek Wellage

      @Joseph Oh there’s something that I forgot to tell. If you are into photography, or videography, you don’t have that much manual controls in native iPhone camera app. You can’t manually focus and do some pro things as the pro mode in Samsung camera app, regardless of the “pro” word in its name 😂. But I found that third party app support is much better compared to android (not perfect though). So look for that as well

    • Abhishek Wellage
      Abhishek Wellage

      @Joseph trust me, you will miss Android definitely. Specifically that back gesture 😂. So use an iPhone before you buy and as you gonna do, keep that s10 plus, it’s gold 😂

    • Joseph

      @Abhishek Wellage lol thank u for replying and helping me 😅 I agree with u, I do love my s10 plus, it's a 128gb black ceramic version, I intend to use it more, I might not sell it as imo is the best flagship phone samsung has done in a while.. but I really want that 13 pro max lol, I will try using an Iphone for a while as I haven't tried before, I also have a friend which upgraded from a samsung s7 to an iphone 11 and he told me last week he misses some features from android and I felt that 😂 If I have the chance later on to get the 13 pro max, I'd keep the s10 as an additional phone and more as an android phone, it's really too much for me :)

  • Jun

    My first iPhone was the 3GS and I switched to Android after with the Note 2 and 4 just to experience what it was like but I felt like I was missing something in terms of what I was looking for in a smartphone. I then switched back to Apple with the 6s before upgrading it to the XS. I've never looked back after switching back to Apple because it's everything I would like in terms of usability, performance, minimalistic UI (I am personally not a fan of Android UI) amongst others. I am someone who doesn't upgrade to the latest iPhone to own the latest model and would upgrade after 3-4 years because upgrading to me has to be justifiable. I am now using a 13 Pro 6 mths after its initial release thanks to Apple refreshing the lineup with the Alpine Green because I was initially waiting for the 14 Pro and the initial slew of colourways for the 13 Pro just didn't appeal to me despite knowing I was due for an upgrade. Definitely feel the difference and I don't regret upgrading at this point in time. I also like Apple's ethos of pacing themselves with major upgrades to their phones year on year, and I'm happy to say the Apple ecosystem is what does it for me due to its seamless integration across all their products. I now own an iPad for work and an Apple watch. Also, I only got myself the watch when the series 6 was released because again, I couldn't justify getting an Apple watch back then when smartwatches were kinda in their infancy and I didn't wanna rush out to get a smartwatch by other manufacturers when I knew that at some point, I will be staying in the Apple ecosystem for the long term. So I definitely agree with the points made in this video. Awesome job with the analysis! :)

  • SpawnPoiint

    It amazes me how you get these high quality videos out so frequently. Blows. My. Mind.

    • The One
      The One

      Congrats you are famous

    • ibrahimasad98

      its literally his whole life.

    • Richard Alfaro
      Richard Alfaro

      @Charles Davis oh .. idk it's seems pretty basic to me .. I learned most of this stuff in high school

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis

      @Richard Alfaro when they speak on the quality of his videos they’re referring to the production quality.

    • Richard Alfaro
      Richard Alfaro

      @Charles Davis huh?

  • fuckgoogle

    You can have a battery percentage on the Home Screen but it’s just a widget called “battery”. I actually think it’s better as it tells you each individual air pod, the box and any other Bluetooth battery powered device

  • Phil M
    Phil M

    I went from a iPhone 6 to a iPhone 13 over the last two weeks and it is a quantum shift for me. So I am happy no matter what. My six was splitting at the seams and kept doing it's own thing, like opening apps and loosing connection so it was pretty much stuffed. I had to upgrade, no choice frankly and I regret nothing.

  • Kari Vi Britannia
    Kari Vi Britannia

    Great video as always! Also I thoroughly agree with the excellent point, iPhone is a powerful phone with few ways to actually use and see the power used. I wished the were more emulator friendly.

  • Terry McCoy
    Terry McCoy

    This is one of the best phone reviews that I have ever watched! I love how you mentioned the “why” as to why Apple holds back. Again, very good review! You gained a new subscriber, Sir!

    • Martin Warford
      Martin Warford

      They hold back stuff and tell the isheep they don't need it, let the other guys have silly features. Then years later apple "invents" those features and tells the isheep their lives depend on the new features. And the isheep happily *bleat*.

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    I've just got the 13 Pro and loving the camera on there but this is my first iPhone, coming from Android takes time getting used to. Loving the covers at the end!

    • Chars_ 78
      Chars_ 78

      Same 😅

    • Mark Moore
      Mark Moore

      I used androids for a decade before I switched. Took me about two-three weeks to adjust and then when I did.. I was like how did I use all those other phones so long without trying an iPhone? 😅

    • Looking for a nice graphics card
      Looking for a nice graphics card

      @Barbarian bruh I can play high end games like cod pubg in 30 fps

    • Barbarian

      @Looking for a nice graphics card I used also Xiaomi died in 6-7 months ,same like samsung phones ,have friends in gaming using Xiaomi told me same thing.I agree Xiaomi phones are twice cheaper than Samsung phones but better in gaming than Samsung ,so the value Xiaomi price its worth the money you spend.Apple its long performance then any phones in the market,beats all android phones and windows phones.I have also ipad pro Apple its 4-6 times faster than any device android in the market.

    • Looking for a nice graphics card
      Looking for a nice graphics card

      @Barbarian Xiaomi is a lot better than Samsung and bruh Nokia phones are even better than iPhone ew

  • Lancelot du Lac
    Lancelot du Lac

    The absence of the always-on-display is killing me... I was considering switching to an iphone just to try it out but that is a deal breaker for me. AoDs have been around for YEARS in Samsungs, and they are imo the one most useful feature you may have in a phone. Also the notch... people say they get used to them though, dunno.

  • Chris idk
    Chris idk

    i have the regular iphone 13, and even this phone has a crazy good battery… could use it a whole day, and there’d still be a fair amount of battery left on it

  • Gareth McGurgan
    Gareth McGurgan

    I've had the 13 Pro sitting in a box since January and haven't quite been able to make the transition from Android! Thanks for all the videos, they really help. Would love to see some more content about side-loading or customisation options on IOS - obviously these are features where the iPhone & it's ecosystem are sorely lacking, but there seem to be some reasonably streamlined solutions out there to help ease the transition for long-time Android users.

  • Dan Swildens
    Dan Swildens

    i love my 13 pro max, i truly do, the photos and video are incredible, i use it night and day, and later this year i'll probably get the next iphone. apple makes great products

  • Praveen's Fitness Family
    Praveen's Fitness Family

    You changed your SHIRTS, the transition is smoother than apples's cinematic mode 😎

    • Goutam Boppana
      Goutam Boppana

      @Yugendhra V *nope*

    • Ghostwalker CIA
      Ghostwalker CIA

      @GliderMan Holy shit, You can barely see it. On my screen I had to pause it in 4k and up the brightness to even notices it as a smudge.

    • AJF

      @Evil Intent Official Ok thank you

    • Evil Intent Official
      Evil Intent Official

      @AJF dude I replied in Hindi so you didn’t get it I taunted this guy by saying :- “lemme troll apple’s latest and greatest feature it will make me look cool haha “

    • AJF

      @Evil Intent Official what

  • Newtrox

    I have switched from an Android to an iPhone 13 Pro Max and I do not regret it at all, it's totally a great phone to use with great software features

    • WhatsApp@+1(②⓪⑧) ⑧⓪②-⑤⑨⑦②
      WhatsApp@+1(②⓪⑧) ⑧⓪②-⑤⑨⑦②

      Thanks for watching 🔝🔝 And commenting Send a direct message right away 🆙🆙 you have just won a gift .

  • TechDove

    Rhinoshield is the best case there is, I had their bumper style case on my HTC 10, and for a neat party trick I would baseball pitch my phone at the ground and nothing would happen to it or the case. Other than Spigen, it's the only case I trust not only my phone in, but my wife's and sons in, furthermore it's the only brand I have zero issues recommending to family and friends 😄

  • Karl Pinkney
    Karl Pinkney

    Just got the Iphone 13 Pro and it’s by far my best experience from apple iPhone since the iPhone 5 for me. This 13 Pro is amazing

  • Kenny Zraht
    Kenny Zraht

    I actually like those cameras, and indeed the whole camera unit not being “sunken” into the phone. I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste.

    • Mark Moore
      Mark Moore

      Seeing them next to an iPhone 11 makes the 11 look like a toy 😅

  • Lulu

    This production is insanely good. This channel along with MKBHD are untouchable

    • DK

      @The it's mkbhd

    • Donny brasco
      Donny brasco

      @Soma Kun i have no ideo how tech guruji has more subscribers than unbox therapy

    • Donny brasco
      Donny brasco

      @Soma Kun bro i was being sarcastic

    • Andrew

      It’s great but at 2x it’s hard to watch.

    • Sir

      @aiz toh 😐

  • ConLee

    It might have something to do with this display looking much better and brighter but I upgraded from my regular 12 to a 13 pro and the camera differences are very very noticeable

  • Lesley Harrys
    Lesley Harrys

    I think the Galaxy Fold 3 is a really cool device and an amazing piece of engineering, but I’d rather have a great phone and a great tablet separately, especially when that combo saves me money. The Galaxy Flip 3 is really cool too, and I’d see myself using that before using the Fold. But until it has class leading performance and cameras, I’d much rather just have a normal, reliable smartphone that is polished in every aspect that I use it for over the bragging rights of having something innovative. Other people might disagree, and that’s fine. If you’re happy with your Fold or Flip, who am I to say you shouldn’t be? If you prefer the customization and flexibility of Android, I can definitely see why the iPhone isn’t for you. But until I find an Android phone that fits into my workflow as seamlessly as the iPhone and performs as well across the board (instead of a few aspects), I’m sticking with the iPhone 13 Pro as my main device. Even if the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with the GN2-sensor is my personal favorite phone of the year in terms of hardware, features, looks and camera.

  • Marco Cola
    Marco Cola

    Great review as always. Thanks a lot for your marvelous work. So... Which phone are you using now? Between iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro, based on your experience and daily use, which one would you recommend? Again, thanks in advance and have a wonderful holidays

    • 🅦hat*p +①②⑤④③⓪⑥ ⑨⑤②②
      🅦hat*p +①②⑤④③⓪⑥ ⑨⑤②②

      🆙Thank for watching 🔝🔝and participating inbox me for yours prize lucky 🆙🆙🆙.

  • The Awkward Guy
    The Awkward Guy

    I have been an android user for quite some time. My first time using an i phone 13 pro max. And the first thing I noticed was simplicity the apps are smooth and I like it simple I am not really a techie so it's all good. My last phone is a Note 10 plus and the physical feel aspect of my iPhone feels more premium. My fiance has an iPhone 13 and it's a beast too. I guess I will not go back to using an android anymore.

  • Dennis

    Arun has perfectly explained the Apple ideology and brand loyalty. Also i love how you went in depth about why the features aren’t always as good as the competition. Bravo!

    • Johnathon Singh
      Johnathon Singh

      it's 2021 and mfs still think the processor is a selling point of a phone. No AVERAGE/CASUAL user can tell the difference between an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 13 daily usage speed unless running some benchmark, side by side comparison or some ridiculous shit like that. I've literally never heard of any iphone getting updates for 7 years so stop the cap. Also Samsung phones are so feature pack that they literally do not need android updates as they already have stuff that other companies will implement soon. Plus they offer 4-5 years of security updates. I literally don't give a fuck about Snapchat or Instagram as I don't have either installed, plus you can literally just take the photo from the camera and just upload it. Rocket science right? Ik. Also you are literally spreading false information. The 13 pro max only beats the s21u by an hour or so! Then again the s21 is pushing a larger 1440p display so yah. Plus the s21U gets brighter at 1500nits compared to 13 pro max 1200 nits. Design is subjective and I prefer Samsung's design as its much more ergonomic than Apple's Lego brick design that feels like it's cutting into your skin. Do your research before you post false information online....

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      @Johnathon Singh Nope ? The S21 U has a much weaker processor, a much worse bloated OneUI, will get updates for 3 years as opposed to maybe 6 or 7 on the iPhone and the S21 U 's social media apps take trash photos compared to the photo of the camera app Edit: Oh and also the iPhone lasts like 3 hours more than the S21 Ultra, can get brighter AND has a better looking design

    • MONKEY Creations
      MONKEY Creations

      @Stefan W If apple had simply done 2 more changes like adding the Fingerprint sensor to the power button and upgrading the camera sensor from 12MP to something higher like 50MP. They already won the mobile processing game. They released the A15 bionic and its already 25% better than the Snapdragon 898 that is supposed to come in the Galaxy S22. With all that raw power on mobile CPU to not take full advantage of it is disappointing. He pointed out that it's equivilant to having a PS4 in your pocket now.

    • Stefan W
      Stefan W

      Arun has tried to justify their behaviour. Sorry that's a no go as for the price of these phone I expect the best hardware/features and not being 2-3 years behind like they did with almost every big hardware feature in the last 5-7 years (bigger screens, removal of big borders, AMOLED, night mode (even dared to not include all lenses), more than one cam lenses, wireless, water resistance, fast charging, 120Hz, etc etc. Comparing my 12 Max to a high end Android it feels so slow although it's SoC is more powerful. That's annoying. With the dead of Jobs Apple changed from innovation to profit and to hear one of the most influential IRglor trying to justify this is simply rldiculous. I start disliking his videos. File handling in iOS is another disaster since a decade ...

    • NightOwl Politics
      NightOwl Politics

      @xerikl i use 2 phones for work and they both work the same! One is 450+ and other 200+...cant even tell the diffrence.. Even got the one + with 120Hz, 6Ram, 5g and 64Gb and not even the Iphones 12 had it. Why would anyone even buy an Iphone?

  • devtools Te
    devtools Te

    I really love how you presented and efforts you put on making this video. Can you please do similar video of comparing Pixel 6 , 6 Pro with iPhone 13 and 13 Pro after it launches. (launch date October 19, 2021)

    • devtools Te
      devtools Te

      @Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨ I won ?? Wait Is there a contest I participated by commenting your video? What do I won?

  • Geleeers

    Watching this from my new iPhone 13 pro and I cannot express how happy I am with this new phone coming from iPhone X 🥰 120Hz is sooooo good wtf I’m so glad I skipped iPhone 12

    • Valery Lionel
      Valery Lionel

      Currently on XR and really debating for Black Friday or Christmas

  • Shaishav Gandhi
    Shaishav Gandhi

    This wasn't just a review, it was a full Movie 😍. Love Your Work Arun! 🙌🏼

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids

    From an 8 plus to a 13 pro is one hell of an upgrade. I’m loving it!!!

    • Ghostballs187

      I just traded my iPhone 8 for the 13 pro major upgrade so premium

  • Gunn3r71

    I love the fact that Arun is able to make everyone’s complaints about anything sound so unreasonable

    • bikash palei
      bikash palei

      @Alexander_martinez 😅 yeah i totally get that . My point is that if one already knows this stuff then why one would buy every new iphone .

    • Gunn3r71

      @Making Of The Pro Gamer (Deadly-Kila] apple have type c on almost all of their products with the iPhone being one of the only exceptions it’s only a matter of time before they buckle

    • Making Of The Pro Gamer (Deadly-Kila]
      Making Of The Pro Gamer (Deadly-Kila]

      @Gunn3r71 USB type C is way better than lightning. However apple won't do it willingly but make excuses.

    • Making Of The Pro Gamer (Deadly-Kila]
      Making Of The Pro Gamer (Deadly-Kila]

      @StarBoy Check my comments. Arun is an apple staff. He is really biased in his review of apple product. Because of his good presentation skills, only few people will observe that he is working for apple.

  • Grinn Azeed
    Grinn Azeed

    I believe that being late is beneficial to them since their other competitor have already done those features. They just need to look into the issues that the phones of their competitors have, work on those issues, and improve them. Being late is bad, but being too early is even worse, that just means you're being too risky...

  • Galaxy Gamers
    Galaxy Gamers

    Finally a video from you that isn’t nearly as biased against Apple and iPhones.

  • A.M

    Give this man a chance and he would rickroll you. By the way, love your energy and great videos :)

  • Kaminsky

    I think Apple just wants to make things right and so when they release those new features, they actually work and wont fail. Yes apple has had some thing that failed, but faaar less than samsung.

  • Nin

    I just went to the beach trip and I totally get what Apple's trying to do. I know phones' photos will never beat bigger cameras BUT it's SUPER convenient to use iPhones to take photos. Personally, I know that the quality is still far from a mirrorless cameras or even a 1.0" sensor one like RX100 but do I think it's good enough? well, yes. It's easier to use? heck yeah! This trip just made me want to get the pro version so I can use have all the ranges in one device.

    • Nin

      @Ty Cox I feel bad for you 😞. But mine wasn't that expensive. It's SLR but it's the entry one.

    • Ty Cox
      Ty Cox

      You’re a brave person to take an expensive camera to the beach. The fine grains of sand that get airborne ruined one of mine.

  • Western-Oud

    Yes I agree..we're near enough at peak smartphone possibilities

  • Kay Blossom
    Kay Blossom

    One thing i dont like about iphones.. Is the dull screens. Compared to my p30.. Everything looks naff. Excited to see the 13 pro screen 😅

  • Weesam Express
    Weesam Express

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    Mr. Unknown

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      Shaggy Tewsak

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    • Shaggy Tewsak
      Shaggy Tewsak

      Mrwhostheboss is buff… might start calling him Mrwhosthebuff lol

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      Md Mubassirul Islam


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    Vinnie Mannino

    Boss man, I’ve become a fan of your vids recently. Really enjoyable stuff. I just don’t see the odd obsession with needing to see the battery % at all times. It’s not hard to pull it down from that top right menu if really needed. But when is it? If you know you are sub 20% you need to conserve. If you know you are sub 10%, you REALLY need to conserve and consider getting juice hooked up. Recent 12 owner. I dig it. Keep up the great work.

    • Vinnie Mannino
      Vinnie Mannino

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    Uthman Baksh

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    • Skies

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    Mariah XX

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    • Himasara

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  • M

    I switched from the 12 pro max to the 13 pro. I do like the minor upgrades but for me it was more about comfort as the 12 pro max was the equivalent of carrying a brick.

    • American Book Dragon
      American Book Dragon

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    • American Book Dragon
      American Book Dragon

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    Syed Nizamudeen

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      Mark Moore

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      Michael Grande

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    Xfinity Phantom

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    • Greg Cavill
      Greg Cavill

      Light sensors don't affect bokeh. They would just need to make a camera you can stop down (F) low enough that it occurs. Which on most phones you can in manual mode. They just need to create it such a way it happens by default

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    • The Sus
      The Sus

      Since Samsung is Apples direct competitor and on top of the Android phone food chain (unless you consider niches like Xiaomi or Vivo that go straight for best specs while putting everything else in the back seat), here is a list of things Apple does better IMO: faster app loading, rendering - better video, camera, security, usability, user interface, lumin/brightness, app support, external product support, update support, haptic, touch controls, face recognition, drop down menu, dnd (focus) etc. What Samsung does better: Customisation, on paper specs, battery charging, innovation (though they scrap features as much as they add them, as well as don’t support some features going forward), free apps, more apps (I’ve never had an issue with getting an app I need on Apple, but you have more options/freedom here), more TV remote support, better phone changing support. Personally I like Apple better, as I care more about the user experience than having a bunch of features I probably won’t use and customisation that to me never looks as good and clean as Apple.

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      Profile അടിച്ചുപോയി✓

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      srm spirit

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    • supa

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    • srm spirit
      srm spirit

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    Being a long, LONG time listener I have to commend you on your video release. Any tech you have covered I’m on it like white on Rice! I would absolutely be ecstatic if I entered I for in correctly as I sincerely hope🤞 nonetheless you have take. Over CNET in my opinion

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    Charles Chamberlain

    1st blackberry great phone at the time 2nd lg g3 I almost left android over this phone 3rd Samsung galaxy 5 neo this was a great phone and I was addicted 4th Samsung galaxy s7 loved this phone the quality was there but needed replacement due to 3 years service battery was weakening a bit of screen burn in but still working donated to a friend who was in need of a phone 5th Samsung galaxy s9 awesome phone simler issues to the s7 but still working to this day as I gifted this to a family member who needed a phone 6th Samsung s21 ultra 512gb with the snapdragon This phone is a true pocket pc that makes phone calls the quality is there . Samsung galaxy has always pretty much been on top over Apple with bang for buck and quality was alway close enough or better depending on year I could ever go to Apple ever since my first galaxy I was hooked but I almost got an iPhone when looking for a replacement for the LG g3 and I'm glad I went I chose Samsung

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    I have always been an android user and I've decided to switch to the Iphone 13 pro max. I was going to wait for the 14 but figured if I was gonna get into the Apple ecosystem I might as well do it asap. I think this video speaks to part of the reason I'm finally open to switching. Phones haven't really come out with a feature for a while that really excited me. Apple has always been a couple years behind on the latest hardware features but now they basically have everything I've been excited about and nothing truly innovative on the horizon matters much to me. I don't really care for 4k on a phone. I'm good with 1080p which I think Apple just got a couple years ago. The last thing I was even somewhat interested in was 120 Hz and Apple has that now as well. Folding phones seem to be tjhe next big thing but I'm not interested in that really.

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    I just switched to the 13 Pro from my S21 Ultra after getting tired of the camera issues I had with my S21 Ultra. So far I love the phone, but I definitely miss the way 120hz looks on the Ultra.

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      Qari Sameul Suleman

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    • George_2010

      Wow that’s a lot of likes on my comment!

    • JColombo

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    • JColombo

      @Jim Jones what makes you think it’s last years phone? Just because android phones have to continuously compete against one another by putting gimmicky features just to get the interest of their small customer base each year. Apple doesn’t need to do this because their whole business plan is to produce solid products that work seamlessly with one another via software and efficiency for the masses and not the few. Don’t get me wrong I would love more features on my phone providing they are useful features but so many that are put forward each year end up not being the case the following year. Same with design. Each year Samsung, one plus and xaomi change their design to ensure customers still buy their phone, Apple knows customer will buy their phones but not on the premise of the phone, on the premise of the experience they will receive alongside privacy and security.

    • Jim Jones
      Jim Jones

      @JColombo They are contingent on selling you last years phone for this years price. That is their great idea because they're now at a point where they can slap an apple logo on almost anything and people will buy regardless. If a company knew you were going to buy the phone regardless why make major upgrades every year? Economics 101.

    • JColombo

      @MindinViolet exactly this! If a company were to put forward all their great new ideas, there would be nothing left to keep on growing. You must have a contingency plan for years forward and by the time you’ve come to the end of that plan, you’ve had other ideas throughout that time to keep on going.

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    Robin Kumar S

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