Vivo X70 Pro Plus - SO MUCH Camera 😂
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Slight editing error at 9:38! It was a late night 😂


      No it's real

    • hairbyaar gichki
      hairbyaar gichki

      @Matthew Swan shush

    • Masakyo Ren Sai
      Masakyo Ren Sai

      @murrayalex Watch again…..

  • Kieran Brookes
    Kieran Brookes

    Can we get a full unsponsored review of this phone, including a camera comparison? It’s really interesting

    • Kundan Singh
      Kundan Singh

      It never came sadly

    • Myshara Tasnim
      Myshara Tasnim

      @Vivek Mahajan The camera was GOLD. I have an S21 ultra. The pics between the Vivo x70+ phone and the one I have is, as he said, night and day.

    • MineCraftMIKE (MCMike for short)
      MineCraftMIKE (MCMike for short)

      @KineticBongos No review should be done until embargo date.

    • Cheese

      Four months later

    • Aryan Salgaonkar
      Aryan Salgaonkar

      Bought it .. totally worth it ❤️🤤

  • Chaitanya P
    Chaitanya P

    I like how he admits that this is a sponsored video and not a review... NICE!!!

    • Morgan Edgy
      Morgan Edgy

      @Peter Gordon like Do you think Arun reads every message he receives from strangers? And what could he possibly do about it? XD

    • rohith reddy
      rohith reddy

      Its illegal in uk to not say it.

    • thara lalnun
      thara lalnun

      I love it

    • DottyOrb

      It's just the UK's advertising laws.

    • Πάνος

      @Kavan Shetty game changing stuff doesn’t come out every year. I’d argue apples m1 sparked a revolution Watch intel - Microsoft - nvidia make their own arm chips in the next 2 3 years. But something as revolutionary as the first iPhone doesn’t happen often. Maybe teslas self driving cars? Idk dude. But let’s not pretend apple will be selling iPhones like hot cakes for ever, you can see them looking into alternative revenue sources with Apple Music and other services . They know people won’t be spending 1k per year on a phone for ever

  • Josh J
    Josh J

    as a vivo owner for a year or so now all the funtouch features you mentioned i've enjoyed for ages... it's nice for someone to finally acknowledge how much further ahead vivo are.

    • omhh

      @Josh J Vivo=broke dudes

    • Poopinbabe

      @Jacques well iPhone is not worth it when better phones are available

    • RexDev!

      @E.B. do i say vivo was the alternative?

    • Old_is_always Gold
      Old_is_always Gold

      @Eddy yt where do you think android is still at ? 2012 get over it apple fans android security improved over the years and now it is good enough to chalenge for the closed source and easy to hack icloud IOS

    • TeamEnder[HD]

      Been using vivo flagship phones for about 3 years now, never disappoints

  • Vignesh Mazaya
    Vignesh Mazaya

    Hello Arun. Thank you making yet another interesting and informative video. Appreciate it if you could do a camera comparison of Vivo x70 pro+ vs Samsung S21 Ultra vs iPhone 13 pro vs Google Pixel 6 pro. I'm sure, many consumers out there are eager to know, which one is better for them after all the updates probably being received for S21 Ultra considering all the others are just launched.

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      Congrats you have being selected among outt Shortlisted winner w:h:a:t:a:s:p:p👆👆👆👆,

  • Raul

    The camera, design and the quality case are absolutely something that neither IPhone nor Samsung offer! Great review for the greatest phone!

    • Raul

      @I'm getting Old, thank you for telling, I didn't know.

    • I'm getting Old
      I'm getting Old

      The battery life is also poor and the portrait selfies are hit and miss.... don't get carried away

    • Abid Fayaz
      Abid Fayaz

      @Steveion Joker I have been frauded

    • Raul

      @Steveion Joker, yeah, thanks for telling me, I figured it out after I replied him.

    • Steveion Joker
      Steveion Joker

      @Raul those fake accounts

  • Superhuman 18
    Superhuman 18

    I think we may reach a point where making calls on a phone would be considered a feature

    • Abdulaziz Andijani
      Abdulaziz Andijani

      See you in 4 years and a half

    • Luke Rothfuss
      Luke Rothfuss

      @Flash -Brawl stars brawl stars says everything

    • Fakeeer

      This phone is cool tho. Would recommend this over Samsung's high end phones.

    • Casius Rey Solamin
      Casius Rey Solamin

      @Lightning Squad f

    • Yonathan C Singson
      Yonathan C Singson

      You are an intellectual

  • Marie-José Jones
    Marie-José Jones

    Hi Arun, mega congratulations on your nomination. May I ask you whether you'll review this phone and compare its pix to the Pixel 6 Pro's? I'm particularly keen on close ups, specially of red flowers. Red has such limited dynamic range, it's the most difficult color to reproduce, both on cameras and printers.

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  • hiphopfan

    Looks like a great phone, just struggling to find a site that doesnt seem super sketchy to potentially buy it from..

  • Kind of Loving
    Kind of Loving

    I just found this video purely by accident, however, I was motivated to comment by the sheer brilliance of your presentation skills.I think that this is possibly the best product presentation that I have ever seen. Your diction is so precise that every word was clear, and your content was pitched at the perfect level. Congratulations on producing such an excellent video.

    • 🆆hatsapp±❶❽⓿❺❺❼❻❸❽❷❻

      Congrats you have being selected among outt Shortlisted winner Whatsapp

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName

    I just downloaded a random camera app last night (HD Camera) and it has horizon levelling. It's a pretty cool feature, it obviously clips the image a little, depending on the angle, because it's software based, but it's pretty cool. It also flips the orientation when you go over 45° so that you aren't losing even more photo if you tilt it to 70° or whatever.

    • FirstName LastName
      FirstName LastName

      @roberto felice It's called HD Camera, as I mentioned above! Although I probably could have explained it better...

    • roberto felice
      roberto felice

      What exact IS the Name of the App?


      I see you alot on the comment section of this channel

  • Demetre

    Finally, Arun is happy that there is a symmetrical phone 😂

    • Demetre

      @Debacle support or trust?

    • Buyinza Rayyan
      Buyinza Rayyan

      I know right

    • Demetre

      @Account lol

    • Beneficial Artistic Craft
      Beneficial Artistic Craft


  • jezusmylord

    when unbox therapy says anything i dont belive a single word they say, but even if Arun speaks in a sponsored video im sure he geniuely thinks what he says.

  • ALOYII _
    ALOYII _

    Just a small suggestion; you test the depth of different phones including the features that normal users like us would rarely use, instead you should add a segment in which you use the camera in a third party social networking app such as Snapchat and Instagram, because although i might love using the camera through the built in app, roughly 50% - 60% of the photos that i personally take are from these third party apps, and we all know by now that its always a disappointment using an android phone camera from these apps and the reason behind it as well, but still it would be nice to see some kind of a comparison of the camera results from different flagship phones and previous generation phones as well.. P.S love the content that you make and its always interesting..

  • KaitBMarx

    I seriously love Arun's team's editing. I just watch videos for fun, just to hear his voice in the background. Great experience.



  • Vedenie Az
    Vedenie Az

    Between Vivo X60 Pro Plus, Vivo X70 pro and Vivo X70 Pro Plus, which one would you suggest in terms of price point and camera ? Need help, not sure which one is a value deal and worth it

  • Rolando Yanson
    Rolando Yanson

    This is what Oneplus was aiming for with their Hasselblad partnership. Unfortunately, not all things go the way we plan.

    • JiNx Chow
      JiNx Chow

      ​@Madhukar R I think you must have confused VIVO and OPPO, one plus is not the sub brand of VIVO, LOL.

    • Madhukar R
      Madhukar R

      @Nevertell GD I doubt that...their flagship killer side is they want to just churn money...their stock one plus ui has also become subpar

    • Gokul Raja
      Gokul Raja

      OnePlus = Settled

    • BMHater12

      @Deepak S RipoffPlus

    • Tushar Jamwal
      Tushar Jamwal

      More like this is what people would hype it up to be. Hasselblad only worked on colour science with them. The Vivo is way ahead in camera hardware.

  • Prashant Poudel
    Prashant Poudel

    I knew it ... I knew that Markes would recommend this video for the vivox70 pro review 👌

  • Khalil Mohamed
    Khalil Mohamed

    I was thinking of buying an IQOO 9 pro, but then i fell in love with the GT 2 Pro...and now this! the camera tech on top of the beautiful design and screen is a win for me, This will be my next phone! Thanks Arun for the Awesome content, Love your vids!

  • Fakeeer

    Nah you can't say "This is a camera with some phone". The specs are mind blowing. No doubt better smartphone than the Galaxy s21 and maybe s22 too

  • Guru Swaminathan B
    Guru Swaminathan B

    I think it's a good content for promotion , as usual I like the video and it's information. But a big difference this time I feel is with regards to the background music, it just compliments the video and it's content so well . Looking forward for full review of the phone 👍🏼

  • brusspup

    Aruns personality, his delivery, the editing, the quality.. just flat out makes this the most enjoyable channel on IRglo. Hands down

    • Crabulous

      eyy brusspup

    • Daniel Altar
      Daniel Altar

      hi guys

    • Manfred's World
      Manfred's World


    • Lyza Cemine
      Lyza Cemine


    • i u
      i u


  • DJ RAJ
    DJ RAJ

    when you know that even MKBHD gave the link in his description it has to be a good video..XD

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni

    Damn. Mkbhd recommended your video. Keep it up mate.

  • Faiz Ahmad
    Faiz Ahmad

    I am doctor working working in the NHS . After a long on call duty , I come home and watch Aruns Videos to relax and learn about phones at the same time . His videos are really something else . Thanks for the effort Arun and keep it up .

  • Colin Bampton
    Colin Bampton

    Will this phone ever be available in the UK? Also loved the Xiaomi 11 Ultra but another alternative flagship that's incredibly hard to get in the UK!

    • WhatsApp➕① ②①③⑧②②③④②⑧
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      Congrats you have being selected among outt Shortlisted winner w:h:a:t:a:s:p:p👆👆👆👆:.

  • Shobhit Tiwari, class -7c
    Shobhit Tiwari, class -7c

    I like that how honest Arun is with his subscribers that he even mentioned that it is a sponsor video not a review video , I'm really a fan of this man!

    • BigAssMuffin

      @Adyot Kumar Singh he didn't have to say it isn't a review though

    • John Luc
      John Luc

      @Koszti Hunor And? Its a sponsor video with his opinion. Having an opinion and thoughts does not equate to making it a review.

    • zerma6

      That’s the law

    • Adyot Kumar Singh
      Adyot Kumar Singh

      IRglor always have to tell if its a sponsored video or not, these are the guidelines

    • Koszti Hunor
      Koszti Hunor

      However he says in desc. that thoughts and scripts are completly his.

  • Dariusz Tech
    Dariusz Tech

    The best smartphone camera full stop. I'm testing one for couple of days and can't believe how incredible this device is. Jaw dropping 😄

  • Meeth Chanchawat
    Meeth Chanchawat

    We have finally reached the point where even if it gets better, unless you remake the whole thing, it doesn't matter to a normal person.

  • The Anime Lad
    The Anime Lad

    MKBHD suggested this one as the best review for this phone

  • Rensh

    That 7th feature about ui customisation is found even on $250 vivo phone launched post march 2022.

  • Recenzii Pe Bune
    Recenzii Pe Bune

    Vivo really is pushing some impressive specs lately.

    • Subhrajit Das
      Subhrajit Das

      Vivo always best in r&d department then oppo and OnePlus always used Vivo patent after it expires...

    • QueasyCarBoy

      Yes, i was scared on both phones lmao

  • Vivaan Bhimani
    Vivaan Bhimani

    Imagine how good this guy is, MKBHD didn't hv a review of this phone, so he put a link to this video for the smartphone awards... describes your class, amazing job man!

  • Medical Cannabis UK - A Patients thoughts
    Medical Cannabis UK - A Patients thoughts

    I look forward to a full review on this one bud, hopefully great for recording in low light.

    • Pinnedby Mrwhosetheboss
      Pinnedby Mrwhosetheboss

      PLUs ONe OpEN bracket SiX OnE ZeRo CloSE brackET NiNE EigHT NiNe Two Slx Five ZERo...

    • Pinnedby Mrwhosetheboss
      Pinnedby Mrwhosetheboss

      Congrats you have being selected among outt Shortlisted winner Whatsapp::::

  • Jan Klingner
    Jan Klingner

    Well the Night Mode comparison lacked some crucial information: how long did each picture captured light??

  • Christine Balasabas
    Christine Balasabas

    nice review - i wish to have this phone, i think vivo has evolved a lot

  • Katherine

    0:43 it's so refreshing that there are still brands giving you not just a charger and earphones but even a good phone case.


      😢😢😢I felt emotinal there

    • JA_BOYZ


    • Ryan Formosa
      Ryan Formosa

      @Sea Pirate iPhone 12 Pro Max is 1800 in Australian mun rnager

    • ϟㅤJㅤΛㅤNㅤEㅤϟ

      @Bryan StrongWind u got a good point 😁

  • iResurrect

    Who's here from MKBHD's phone awards?

  • NoHero

    You're the man for not reviewing a sponsored product.

  • Bohlale Matsetela
    Bohlale Matsetela

    S/O to tech companies that still release phones with chargers and earphones 👌

  • Vinit Bhole
    Vinit Bhole

    I knew MKBHD would recommend this video

    • ItzMeRajat

      I knew too.. ;) The two best tech youtubers out there

  • Drew C.
    Drew C.

    This is what OnePlus should have been. Sadly, Vivo is overstepping them and beating them

    • Jashn Agarwal
      Jashn Agarwal

      They're all branches from the same company anyways (BBK)

    • Anders Gale
      Anders Gale

      But the zoom lens is poor


      @Siddhant Kumar Mishra no xioami is more like vivo's step sister

    • M.M.

      @NoName Iqoo as well

    • Reaction Dost
      Reaction Dost

      @Siddhant Kumar Mishra lol xiaomi is different company lol compare to oppo vivo Oneplus etc

  • OliverMorning

    7:23 LG Wing also did this, 1080p because it has to crop in from 4k for the software to keep it level

  • David Tuangswang
    David Tuangswang

    Linked by MKBHD's 2021 smartphone awards video

  • TerryM

    Not only did Vivo UK not import the X60 Pro Plus but it has still no mention of the X70 Pro or the Pro Plus models.

  • Lacocacolaman

    I really want this phone but I don't think it'll work well with verizon :(

  • Alternative Facts
    Alternative Facts

    The innovations from this phone is what spurs on Samsung and Apple to continually improve. We need companies like this to show consumers what is available and the more companies that do this in turn will make big tech companies to continually innovate.

    • Himansh Shah
      Himansh Shah

      @Jay Their iPads have it since 2017, I don't know what took them so long, but in my theory, iPhones don't have the largest battery capacity so it certainly takes time to improve the battery percentage, the most underrated feature about it is that it is one of the best 120hz display phone out there that still gives you great battery

    • karthik p
      karthik p

      Nope nope and nope. This is phone built around camera. Never a competition for Apple of Samsung

    • AlexTG_

      @Gerydome It’s impossible to optimize all social media for every android phone (I used to be an android user)

    • Gerydome

      @Ariess Group maybe app developers artificially reduce the quality of uploaded videos on android compared to ios?

    • Jay

      @Ariess Group You've got one reason. Congrats 😅

  • Digital Meat
    Digital Meat

    Vivo is looking at this to improve the X80 Pro+

  • Prajjwal Tiruwa
    Prajjwal Tiruwa

    Marques Brownlee himself linked this video becase he didn't make a review about it..

  • HD C
    HD C

    Holly Molly... How fast has smartphone technology improved significantly 😮

  • noob-ish noob
    noob-ish noob

    The power of big image sensors. I love the ISOCELL GN1/GN2.

  • Danny

    The night sky photographs were stunning! I can't believe the phone was able to capture that many stars. Wow!

    • Black Parade
      Black Parade

      @Baby Yoda I mean, it is miles ahead of my Z Fold 2. When compared to a S21 Ultra, it's equal in daylight (subjective, btw). S21 Ultra has marginally better zoom and significantly worse low light performance. Video on S21 Ultra is much better.

    • Baby Yoda
      Baby Yoda

      @Black Parade the huawei p30 pro, even after all this time, has an amazing camera, but i definitely dont think its on the same level as apple or Samsung.

    • Mc Gaming
      Mc Gaming

      @Black Parade apparently ur p30 pro has a yygb sensor not rygb

    • Dexter Dr.
      Dexter Dr.

      my banana shoots better than that!

    • Omegamoney

      @Black Parade bet my S7 edge shoots better than that

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali

    Here from MKBHD Smartphone Awards

  • Creators Channel
    Creators Channel

    Who is here after MKBHD's Smartphone Awards 2021?

  • swifty1969

    if only it also offered expandable storage. I would have jumped ship from Sammy to Vivo.

  • Wade3

    I'm glad he released the "How smartphone companies manipulate the media" video before this one!

  • Time2go

    Hah! Not shy at all about that huge camera module, I like it. It's confident. Previous X60 series actually had pretty good video quality, on par with the S21 series IIRC, and excelled at Night Mode shots, so looking forward to this. Good on them for continuing the wide-array of styles too.

    • Rita 25 y.o   - check my vidéó
      Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

      fell asleep and began 🚴‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️

    • Rita 25 y.o   - check my vidéó
      Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

      bottle, and then your grandmother😾😿🙀

    • Rita 25 y.o   - check my vidéó
      Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

      Once she gave her a little cap 😑☺️😋

    • AimanFitri0IV

      yep especially in orange colour that's nice

  • Oral Reid
    Oral Reid

    Wow. Wow. Wow. This is by far my favorite phone and phone review thus far. Arun, you've definitely an intense eye for details and that is just that. Great review. Thank you. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Anyday tech
    Anyday tech

    Man just got a shoutout from mkbhd in the smartphone awards!

    • Anyday tech
      Anyday tech

      @ItzMeRajat ye it’s pretty cool

    • ItzMeRajat

      They both have collabed before.. They are actually friends xD

    • Punit Thakali
      Punit Thakali


  • Low Ceyn
    Low Ceyn

    Lets see how many came back here after MKBHD shoutout to this!

  • TacticalMoonstone

    Damn these guys are really going for broke to keep Sony down in the camera space. Zeiss lens and custom image processing chips (V1 for Vivo, Bionz for Sony). I wonder how a battle between the two will fare.

  • Phil.K

    And what's intriguing me the most about that nightscape photography is that you were taking sky shots in a highly bright area with lamps and stuff right next to you in a town or city, and you STILL managed to catch a very decent sky. I can't even imagine what kind of amazing shots you could take with this camera if you used it for real astrophotography in prime night time hours. That kind of stuff interests me, and man this phone is instantly a dream phone for me for sure. Everything you mentioned and all it's specs are pretty crazy tbh haha.

    • Alii

      @Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE tfu bot

    • Pika

      @Alii "slight" difference? lol you damn blind, did you even see the moon picture?

    • Alii

      @sampad kar listen dawg. if you can't afford a phone doesn't mean it's sh!!t. Apple is the biggest smartphone company in the world & highest constumer loyalty & highest profit and that's not from nothing. so beside anything you do or say it won't affect the reality Later ma dawg

    • sampad kar
      sampad kar

      @Alii tHat isheep intentionally compared most shots in portrait mode. That's the reason that shitphone 13 won.

    • Alii

      @Juan Sanchez any old android phone? LOOOOL

  • Abuzar Shaikh
    Abuzar Shaikh

    When is the full review coming out, can't wait to see another competitor in the premium smartphone market with actually useful features rather than gimmicks...!!


      @Abuzar Shaikh i mean what can i say

    • Abuzar Shaikh
      Abuzar Shaikh

      That's awfully sad 😅


      mostly he does sponsored videos for vivo devices

  • Arif Raziq Rani
    Arif Raziq Rani

    I love the way you talk, the way you explain things, overall 100/10 and never regret subs to ur channel.

  • Jashn Agarwal
    Jashn Agarwal

    Vivo: We finally made a camera with smartphone features! Sony: First time?

  • Aldron Concepcion
    Aldron Concepcion

    Love the way you review these best looking phones. This is my top notch when I have a chance to buy a new phone. Replacing 11 Pro Max. :D

  • Levi Nedves
    Levi Nedves

    Is it available in UK model or usable with the Chinese version in UK.?

  • ImLuctor

    hey, i really like your videos. just one tip, sometimes i want to buy one of the phones you show but im never entirely sure if thats a good idea. Maybe you can make a video about what features a person might lose if they switch from os and give a little information if its worth buying the phone or giving it a number out of 10 to buy. An other question im also having sometimes is okay this camera is better that this flagship but then is the phone bad in other parts or is the one company just asking more for their brand?

    • Dkhali

      PlUS OnE FiVE SiX TWo TwO ZErO ThReE SIx SiX SiX FiVE

    • Dkhali

      Congrats you have being selected among the lucky winners!!!!

  • Chris Dicaprio
    Chris Dicaprio

    vivo x 70 pro+ has the best camera at this moment for point and shoot, period!

  • Higashirin Chiah
    Higashirin Chiah

    Been using Vivo X50 pro for 2 years. Their latest update render the phone camera faulty. It's no longer as wide angle as previous. Maybe best precaution, if you use a Vivo phone is not to update the iOS 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Harold Handley
    Harold Handley

    Good day, first, I love your reviews and use them to help me choose what smartphone I will purchase next. I am trying to purchase the X70 Pro+ from Vivo but have been told since I live in Canada, I need to contact a company that ships worldwide. Would you know which company I could contact to have a smartphone shipped to me? Please let me know. Thank you for your content. Stay safe. I look forward to your review on the 7+monitor setup once you get one. Have a super fantastic day.

  • Mohammad Kamran
    Mohammad Kamran

    You are incredibly well tech youtuber on earth... Arun after seeing this video, I am really try switching to this one from S21 Ultra

  • AW AV
    AW AV

    you are right sir, its more a camera, awesome photos , but u are right to say they should have landscape the lens, putting the buttons on same side as lens, my fingers keep touching the lens. but once u get used to the navigation, its an awesome hp.

  • coyz

    How does it compare with Mi 11 ultra in terms of camera?

  • Ekinadese Ozigbo
    Ekinadese Ozigbo

    I love how more brands are putting in more effort to produce top notch phones. I also love that they are more affordable.

  • Bicycle Touring
    Bicycle Touring

    Thank you for sharing. The camera of the mobile phone is important to me and which one would you recommend to me in this regard to shoot as a video vivo x70 pro plus or samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • ChiX Miss
    ChiX Miss

    Got my vivo x70 pro plus yesterday! Such amazing💕😍

  • Luca L.
    Luca L.

    It would be great to see a comparison between the X60 PRO+ and the X70 PRO+

  • Joseph

    but isn't it strange how the smartphone market has used the quality of their camera systems to promote their phones. I remember when smartphones were all about software and the user interface.......but i guess things change and hats off to vivo and mrwhosetheboss i am definetely going to give this phone a spin👍

  • عقيل وساف للدراسة والأخبار
    عقيل وساف للدراسة والأخبار

    incredible phone 😮😮😮

    • Spamton G.
      Spamton G.

      @Harkirat Singh yeah go on dream stans, do all you want. I T ' S N O T G O N N A M A T T E R, L O S E R.

    • An amateur boxer is made :)
      An amateur boxer is made :)

      @Harkirat Singh Oh I dIdN't KnOw I hAd MoDs InStAlLeD

    • ryeezus

      @Harkirat Singh Dream is not who you think he is, he’s a bad person.

    • Harkirat Singh
      Harkirat Singh

      @Untitled User yall can say whatever youu want but at the end of the day dream Is a great youtuber And j can say that I'm not stupid So clearly you guys are