How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.
The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!

Original image by Gaurav Agrawal:
Huge thanks to Mishaal:
and Davide:
and Ice Universe:

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  • blank space
    blank space

    I can imagine the photographer saying: “... Heh, my photo was just way too good for your phone.”

  • Tom 007
    Tom 007

    Everybody be like: "Poor photographer, he just wanted to make a nice photo."

  • Eioh !
    Eioh !

    I was so close to setting that as my wallpaper. I'm glad I found this.

  • sans.

    "Listen to the cat people, the cat is always right"

  • Puspam Adak
    Puspam Adak

    That was a nice explanation. This shows how even the smallest bug in code can lead to loss of data!

  • Dan

    Excellent video, I love how you go through these issues like a detective would and can actually prove your theories. I also like that you're not afraid to admit when you're wrong. This was super fun to watch, love your videos!

  • James

    Android phone expert: "Don't do this"

  • 1_Tako_1

    I feel bad for the photographer. This is a really cool photo.

  • Red

    it really feels like there should be a failsafe where it removes the wallpaper back to default but I guess this problem never even crossed anyone's minds

  • Bob the builder can’t fix it
    Bob the builder can’t fix it

    That wallpaper actually looks pretty. Hard to believe it kills your phone

  • СтараяЭстония

    The saying is "Curiousity killed the cat"

  • Diego_Russia

    Let's just take a moment to respect how smart this dude actually is, subscribe button pressed

  • sodaddict

    If this happened a decade ago, there would be creepypastas, news coverage, and a song parody.

  • Claire Joy Silvestre
    Claire Joy Silvestre

    The original photographer and poster of that wallpaper just wanted to make his work prettier and pleasing to the eyes.

  • the fere
    the fere

    I learned more from 1 video than an entire school year

  • wally man
    wally man

    Pretty darn amazing! But as a (now retired) systems programmer, I'm more than familiar with the headaches a single bit within a byte can cause!

  • Ronnie Ketchum
    Ronnie Ketchum

    It just sends a shiver down your spine when you feel a program of software can actually make a hardware unusable

  • Jebrone Kitty
    Jebrone Kitty

    As a software QA expert, I know for sure we would have never caught this bug.

  • Nicholas Curry
    Nicholas Curry

    Imagine if someone went to a phone store and put this on all the phones

  • Kitty

    I learned more in this video about RGB colors than in my color classes. Great video! Thank you very much for the explanation :D