Huawei is BACK....But there's a problem 💀
Huawei is back with a brand new smartphone! But the story seems a little stranger than that...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Is something dodgy going on with Huawei / Honor? Or do you think it's just a matter of time before Honor becomes more unique and seperated? 🧐 To check out my Google Pixel 6 Pro camera test:

    • Elize Le Roux
      Elize Le Roux

      these Haywei phones are fantastic, the camera fantastic the best of all, to an ordinary user like me, its the best, easy to use, but was an experience phone

    • Leon Nortje
      Leon Nortje

      Have you done investigation on a similar thing like Intel and AMD - in 1983 on each Intel chip were the words : Advanced Micro Devices ... only about 15 years after the split of the company, where able to get close to the technology gap, and overtaking the tech of Intel took AMD a really long time.

    • Baymax

      Uy go

    • Lonto1001 (AU8X)
      Lonto1001 (AU8X)

      As a huawei fan i realy think its a good ting but all good tings come to an end unfortunaly.

  • not a channel
    not a channel

    *Gets banned for exploiting* Huawei: makes new account

    • gtaman

      @Joeseph Yau that isnt the only samsung product. Also Samsungs market share worldwide is on similar level than Apples.

    • Yusrie Adams
      Yusrie Adams

      @Luksutin some company checked Huawei and found they were doing dodgy things and then they checked other brands and found they were even worse

    • Kevin Mashigo
      Kevin Mashigo

      🤣That's clever

    • Equilibrium


  • Peant

    This is genuinely one of the best explanation videos I’ve ever seen about modern tech and politics at the same time, very well produced and great music choice, well done!

    • cNel's vlog
      cNel's vlog

      Scammer alert ⚠️

    • Gabrielle the Unyielding
      Gabrielle the Unyielding

      Its like a spy documentary

    • AP Trevixle
      AP Trevixle

      The music really brings out the emotion, this is a mere tech video, but feels like a movie honestly

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  • Beardedbobber

    Still loving a Huawei P20 Pro in 2022, and still working very very well. If Huawei didn't have it's fail, they would have nailed it for many years imo

    • Małpka Salonowa
      Małpka Salonowa

      Great phone have it for 4 years now, but for me it might be the end of it. It was a great run though, never had a phone for that long

    • Mr Incredible Troll
      Mr Incredible Troll

      I had a Huawei P20 lite

    • ne

      I have a huawei p20 too I love it more than my life like I would actually sacrifice my life for this phone it might be because I have an addiction but I love ot

    • J J
      J J

      I upgraded from the P20 Pro to the Samsung Note20 Ultra. Honestly wish I'd kept my P20 Pro.

    • drixify moto
      drixify moto

      Same as mine still using my p20 pro

  • InnocentChild

    Random guy who works in Huawei: How bout we let honor go undercover to continue to use Google and our exact phones. Huawei CEO: Your a genius.

    • reaper

      honor phones are worse in every aspect .... p50 pro is mile ahead of its weaker honor brother

    • max


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      Roman numera'ls *Plus* I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI...

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  • Sammie' Stories
    Sammie' Stories

    Huawei was my new favourite after its debut realy loves their phones .. sad to see them go down burning.... Still like them a lot altho disadvantages are too much now.. but their built and finish are among the best in the game.... I will one day get back to them but now itll be too much problem

  • Kareeb Hasnat
    Kareeb Hasnat

    Huawei is genuinely missed. Phones would be much more innovative and other companies would have to push themselves harder to beat them.

    • komo_ee

      @chris the doc it will reach a time when all of us are sick and tried of the usa.

    • komo_ee

      @Doctor Blackhole which part of america, north or south.

    • komo_ee

      @chris the doc asia do the mass production and even the sillciin chipset by tmsc, so i dont see your point

  • Uche tony
    Uche tony

    I love the way you take your time to run a systematic and thorough investigation on tech brand before reviewing them. You are indeed the BOSS…

  • myrddraal

    I remember when I was excited to get a huawei for the camera and refreshing aesthetics and they were really hard to find in the US and then finally when they were going to become more available with more cellular companies the ban shut that down kinda hoping for a really big comeback in the next few years

  • Yaimee

    Huawai should “sell” their brand to honor with an agreement: 90% of the profit goes og owners. This would make the og owners of Huawai more money because now they can get unbanned. And honor would also win because they would be able to access Huawai’s patents which would help them make more money and they would get a 10% bonus of Huawai’s profit.

    • Johannes

      As far as I know, the company is actually owned with over 99% by its employees.

    • C4Oc

      @eric kariuki which is BS to begin with.

    • Some Random User
      Some Random User

      US would simply just issue another ban under the reason of _"security risk"_ the moment Honor shows significant progress that would rival US companies.

  • matthias de bruijne
    matthias de bruijne

    very sad, i loved the company and would still have been using a huawei phone right now if all this wouldnt have happened. there is just no company that can push forward so strongly, i am now using a samsung but i am not happy with it at all. i feel like usa might have banned them because of economics. i think phone sales from other companies are more beneficial to them.

  • kunal pansuriya
    kunal pansuriya

    Would be awesome to see Jerry open them up side by side to see the internal components placement.

    • junaid tadavi
      junaid tadavi

      Is giveaway happening for real

    • Paolo Perez
      Paolo Perez

      I concur! Hahaha

    • نفسي اتجوز هموت
      نفسي اتجوز هموت

      @Szymon Grabarczyk good

    • نفسي اتجوز هموت
      نفسي اتجوز هموت

      Hello 👋👋👋

    • Austin Hernandez
      Austin Hernandez

      @Macht Schnell wtf that's not true at all

  • Natasha Bong
    Natasha Bong

    Honor has brought us dishonor 🤣. TBH this is one of the most enjoyable review I've watched - I actually laughed during a tech video - that's just amazing. Never thought I would enjoy listening to company histories and phone conspiracy theories of sorts too but this is just so interestingly done!

  • Johnny

    Maybe it's because it's just the start, they might find a way later, create new algorithms and get improved, it's good to see them keep trying. We all get better if we try more and more.

  • Ray of Light 62
    Ray of Light 62

    Thank you for the reviews, and your qualified opinion. Once upon a time I had a P10 Lite, when it represented good value. I then moved to the Pixels, mostly because of security updates, as they have become vital, like it is on computers. May be in the future, you're right. I'm sincerely confused and upset by IRglo changing the vote buttons, so I'm refraining from using them, and leaving a positive comment instead. Thanks for the video...

  • MrPoppins89

    Excellent strategy, so now huawei can continue to develop and sell through honor, even though they are now "separate" companies

  • Sam

    Props to the Huawei executive for giving a legit answer rather than saying "it's a phone and phones have designs kthxbye"

    • Nerveus

      @Bhoot not me

    • G2X

      @Sam what did it say?

    • Megi Margareth
      Megi Margareth

      @Petri Lautamäki usually yes A big company always planned everything between 3months to a year gap plan So yeah while most of us enjoys the new iphone13 or waiting the new galaxy s22ultra They already starts planning what to improve and optimize the 14 and 23, lol

    • Petri Lautamäki
      Petri Lautamäki

      But was it legit though?

    • Abdullah Basit24
      Abdullah Basit24

      @Sam I did. I don't know what the hell is wrong with our today's world.

  • Icehero22YT

    I personally like Huawei, especially their Nova 7i.

  • Chew Lih Shien
    Chew Lih Shien

    I’ve been comparing huawei nova9 and honor50 intensively based on other IRglo videos. None of them compare these two so well like you did. This is one of the most precise video made. Well done dude


    Amazing video, couldn't imagine how long it took for all the themes, really appreciate the videos.

  • KazeTheForsaken

    I still love my Huawei Honor 10 to this day. Granted, i upgraded to the S22 Ultra, but my Honor is still live and well ^^

  • Astra Darius
    Astra Darius

    I've been using Honor 50 for about a month now, and I can confidently say that it's one of the best phones I've used. Coming from a Samsung, I had lower expectations because obviously Samsung makes the most top notch phones, but I was actually surprised. Not only I can still use the Google services, but the phone is also really good. Also the comment about the camera is a bit stupid, the phone can literally take pictures like you are using a budget actual camera from Canon for example. You can play with the settings of the camera and make really good pictures, but I guess I have a bit of an advantage because I have used cameras before and I know how they work xD

    • Michał Koczorowski
      Michał Koczorowski

      Yeaaaah, that's the thing with phone cameras, they are supposed to work without the knowledge. xD But that's the thing with honor, it has literally the same parts as huawei, so the cameras are going to be great, except in smartphones, a lot of the work is done by the software, which honor (so far) does not have.

  • J W
    J W

    Great video. I've had the P30 Pro thie first week it came out because I knew it was the best phone for me at the time. Camera is number 1, battery number 2, and a screen without glue gate number 3. The IR blaster was just a bonus and reminiscent of my Note 3 I used previously. After three years, battery is still great and the camera has got a bit worse and the charging port is quite sensitive and the phone needs to stay still. But on topic, if my phone needs an update and I choose 'later', the phone will still update the night after and the only way I realise is that I need to use the pattern after restarting - very shneeeky. The fact that I cant flash a custom ROM like with my Galaxy S2 is still pretty sobering of how that side of the world works. Im in South Africa btw so I'm on the bottom of that Triangle and Huawei still operates here (much like China ; >). Still, I see no reason to upgrade because the S2x Ultra doesn't seem like much of an upgrade for the price - I'd only do it if this battery deteriorates suddenly. I may get a fairly new second hand Samsung Ultra to have a similar experience with good battery life again. Camera and battery is all that matters for me, that's why the Nokia N95 was the absolute best experience I ever had in a phone. The early days of getting a Galaxy S1 when everyone had a blackberry and typing on a screen was an amazing time as well, when every year everything doubled - cores; RAM; screen resolution; camera megapixels, everything just seemed to double year by year from the S1 to S4 series. Seeing an iPhone 4 for the first time at school was unforgettable as well and I could never afford it, only that secondhand Galaxy S1 (not complaining haha). But damn that iPhone 4 was/is beautiful. Mobile phones have been a huge part of my life ever since I got my first (what I considered at the time smartphone - aka being able to play music in the background) which was the Samsung e250 when I was 10. Back then the only reviews on IRglo were from phonedogg and gsmarena - where they would show the basics of the phone with background music and no voice over - in 240p. I feel so old, and I'm 25... For anyone who's younger, enjoy those times before you get old. I also feel 30 year old would give the same advice to 25 year old. I guess that's just nostalgia. If you're still reading, here's a potato 🥔

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      Text me on Telegram👉@blancolirio

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    • Text me on Telegram👉@blancolirio
      Text me on Telegram👉@blancolirio

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  • NotRumi

    This story was so interesting and you presented it in an awesome way!! I didnt even know about huawei to this day as i never saw their phones till now xD

  • Casual Player
    Casual Player

    as huawei owner of one of the last phone with Google service, i dont think having identical huawei phone is a problem, honestly i was always looking for huawei style but with Google service, if Honer keeping the huawei future with Google services it's win by me at least, i have Nova 5T, if i upgrade im going with Honer magic and honestly still dont know anything about it, but im pretty sure it will be better than Nova 5T, at least that my opinion

  • Noah Guerrero
    Noah Guerrero

    I seriously love honor because of durability.

  • Nathan Kaye
    Nathan Kaye

    I have a Huwuie P20 Pro and it's a brilliant phone. Going to upgrade to an Honour phone. I never knew that Huwuie and Honour were basically the same company.

  • arrriadna

    I loooovr Huawei. In my heart, they deserved to be among the heavy players like apple and samsung. So.. yeah. Thanks. Now I know what to upgrade my Huawei p30 to

  • Ritesh Makan
    Ritesh Makan

    It would be a good idea to get BigClive to do a comparison of the two chargers on his channel. He loves taking things apart and does a good job of it

  • Habib Ogunsola
    Habib Ogunsola

    Lol I literally knew the word “HONORABLE” was coming

    • Andreytop1gg


    • xxJJxx6gamerYT

      Lol I literally knew the word “SAME” was going to be said by everyone

    • Maj2231

      Me too

    • Yylecaksberri

      I thought he would say honorific

    • ZAna Ahmadi
      ZAna Ahmadi

      Me 2 😂😂

  • Tyler Dunlap
    Tyler Dunlap

    I just picked up an Honor 50 today. So far, I love it. I have always preferred EMUI over anything else that we can get in the U.S. The nice addition of not having a split notification shade on Magic UI, makes it even better. So, they have got a recurring customer in me, and you can't even buy them directly in my country, so they must be doing something right!

    • Text Me on Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss14
      Text Me on Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss14

      Pm me ⬆️ have something for you,,

  • santos acosta
    santos acosta

    i'm actually glad i've had 2 huawey in the last 8 years. litearally my p10 has lasted 5 years and still working. i'm just switching cause i want newer and faster, i don't want a huawey casue the android thing but if the honor is the same i might go for that one

  • Mihail Chehlarov
    Mihail Chehlarov

    For me it is pretty simple - avoid all the Chinese brands. I wish Nokia will return sometimes soon.

  • dian moniz
    dian moniz

    Since P20 pro I upgraded to P30 and was sad Huawei was banned. Im usuat out the whole day and travel alot and it was the only phone that I didn't have to carry a battery pack and worry my phone would die. I hope Honor is like that too.

    • hit me up on telegram@Andrewschrock11
      hit me up on telegram@Andrewschrock11

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  • Rahul Benjamin Dhinakaran
    Rahul Benjamin Dhinakaran

    I love how you are “differentiating” yourself from other tech channels by researching and providing such great informative (and entertaining) content. Love your videos. God bless you!! 😊

    • Shaked Moyal(Shaq)
      Shaked Moyal(Shaq)

      @Michael McAllister I think he's videos are so detailed and have the best video editing overall , I know all the guys you mentioned there's is no place for competition , watch all of them have fun.

    • Michael McAllister
      Michael McAllister

      @_Morris _ I don’t even need to mention him. Lol. Anyone who’s seen a. Tech video, know Marques. 😆

    • Michael McAllister
      Michael McAllister

      @Dank A I feel I don’t even need to say his name. He’s the king at this point imo. Even if I don’t agree with his taste in things. He’s pretty spot on and honest.

    • _Morris _
      _Morris _

      @Michael McAllister you forget the king MKBHD

    • Dank A
      Dank A

      @Michael McAllister wheres marques?

  • Kevin Kaol
    Kevin Kaol

    Huawei has also launched a new phone brand called Hi Nova under the company China Post to bipass the ban. It's a direct copy of the Huawei Nova 9

  • Kazuma-kun

    I'm gonna miss huawei innovative phones in the future

  • Crazy League
    Crazy League

    I respect you very much and I have been following your work for a long time! But I'm interested in one thing: Why do you throw away those 2 phones when you can donate them to someone who doesn't even have the opportunity to afford a smartphone? 🤔

  • Gugulethu Mbatha
    Gugulethu Mbatha

    This is such a dilemma for me because I am forced to move to Samsung but I'm so attached to Huawei. I like android, so iPhone is definitely not an option for me but I also feel Samsung is a downgrade from Huawei. I'm literally holding on to my P30 pro till it can't serve me anymore 😔

  • Alexander Strachan
    Alexander Strachan

    I always love how the time wasting is non-existent. Best of luck for 10 million at the end of the year!

    • Rahul

      @Horst Lichter XD

    • Horst Lichter
      Horst Lichter

      @Xenia © shes a foot model? :D

  • Bharat Thapa
    Bharat Thapa

    When they separated, they agreed that honour will take some of the existing work and design with them, of course. Hence, same looking phone.

  • beatspopo

    I'm sad that the honor ditched the ir blaster, when it is one of their staple feature

  • Mikey R
    Mikey R

    For those who doubt, do your thing. I have personal experience with the duplicity surrounding these products. Once they still your info and your IP, you have no way to seek restitution. Btw, Huawei is sold throughout the Latin American countries. They may not have the US market, but there are plenty of other places out there playing the sucker for them.

  • famicom???

    huawei really did find a loophole just to get their phones running android 💀

  • Mary Joy Reyes
    Mary Joy Reyes

    USA: Huawei phones are banned! CHINA: Fine, I'll change the labels.

    • 漆物质


    • Daniel Danuarta
      Daniel Danuarta

      @XylonBanda lmao, source? ClA ? ok

    • XylonBanda

      @Jesuan Wu I do.

  • TheOneAndOnly_Troller

    Huawei's wireless system that came out 70 years ago was used in planes and iPhone is nothing compared to huawei

  • Daws7890

    I miss Huawei, I have a Huawei p30 lite and it's been very good for so long, I just wished this Google ban didn't happen so Huawei had to change so much

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez

    Tbh if this was preplanned I have respect to Huawei my theory is that Huawei knew it would get banned so they did Honor so if they did got banned they would "sell" honor when they "sold" honor they would become Huawei 2.0 and both parties win

  • Lindo Machi
    Lindo Machi

    😂😂😂 this kills me its like honor decided to have their own small house in the same yard that HUAWEI owns when it come to the design and everything. its like " Father and son "

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey

    Arun: "And if you're enjoying the video a sub to the channel would be..." Me: "....honorable?" Arun: "Honorable!" Me: "YESSSSSSS"

    • MaxRobLoX

      @Levan Aspanidze He spelled it that way to make it as a reference to HONOR the company duh.

    • TamWam

      @Pretency I’m not British but I spell the British way. Howeve my pronunciation is American

    • gurpreet singh
      gurpreet singh


    • S.T.R.A.N.G.E.R stuff🍁
      S.T.R.A.N.G.E.R stuff🍁

      same '

    • Mosé Abramo
      Mosé Abramo

      They wouldn't get it.... it's like predicting correct score of world cup😊

  • nikmor 5
    nikmor 5

    The thing is that it didn't really get banned for spying. It got banned for beating Apple with the excuse of the spying part.

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran

    Can't wait for Huawei being sold to Honor !

  • Valdas V
    Valdas V

    damn, I never cared for Huawei, but you kinda opened my eyes how bad this is

  • David Mattison
    David Mattison

    It was never about spying. The ban was to cripple a company that was becoming too competitive.

  • Katherine

    I love that they are starting to make phones with bold and colored back covers, I hope this becomes a trend

    • Francois Enouf
      Francois Enouf

      I have a Huawei P30 with a really nice blue color and... a black case. The color looks super dated today.

    • Jaaseia Gian Abenoja
      Jaaseia Gian Abenoja

      i have kidney stones

    • Ted Ehioghae
      Ted Ehioghae

      Umm... I don't think they started. Look at the Huawe Nova 5.

    • Rohan

      @Doman yeah exactly

    • Rohan

      @Miguel Ángel what? I thought emos went extinct. And also everyone likes different colours.....imagine wearing flip flops, shorts, and a top to a formal event where everyone is in suit. You'll look weird. I'm not saying single colours are good but that doesn't mean they are bad. Same goes for bright mix colours

  • Yaser Alali
    Yaser Alali

    I'm using my mate 40 pro I have no regrets. Yes the ban made it slightly annoying and you have to jump through hoops and be tech savvy to make thing work but in the I am happy with my phone and if anything the ban made huawei invest more on making alternatives to gms and they are great.

  • Rep-CN

    One quick fact: At 4:15 , the camera placement for Huawei and Honor phones are actually different. For Huawei, you can see, the 8mp camera on Honor is placed on the top, while Huawei is on the right side.

  • saine414

    Here i am still with my Huawei mate 20 pro 😂 Still works like before hehe

  • muhaimin chowdhury
    muhaimin chowdhury

    Maybe Huawei can use the privacy android version officially because they are already cut off from the google services

  • Dino

    Love how US doesn't allow Huawei for spying but Apple looking through your gallery is just alright.

    • Ratul Saha
      Ratul Saha

      @chris the doc true. We chose to use iCloud which is basically storage owned by Apple so their rules. They aren’t tracking on our phones directly. So if you care so much just don’t use iCloud. Might as well go back to printing photos since nothing digital is “safe”. 😂

    • blur

      @chris the doc like tracking their icloud is any better?

    • chris the doc
      chris the doc

      @Emilian Edward Sava I give you both words for you but also I will give you “ignorant”

    • Emilian Edward Sava
      Emilian Edward Sava

      @chris the doc, hypocrite or ... naive?!?

  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaques
    Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

    I really like huawei phones but the lack of google services is a bit problematic. So i should just buy honor phone

  • Cameron Shirley
    Cameron Shirley

    I can also confirm that this design was in place from August 2020 a company I worked with was helping with concept work for there Chinese advertising.

  • Sambit Singh
    Sambit Singh

    The smartphone landscape is evolving in an even more complex & dynamic pace this decade than ever before imagined albeit the innovation...Nokia, RIM/Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, Palm to name a few were at the top of their game in the not so distant past but corporate politics, lack of clear vision, price to features ratio wiped or wasted them of their market share as seen today ...even OnePlus which I used to admire so much is far different from what it was last 2-3 years before...not aware of the spying details but surely Huawei was posing a distinct threat to the big players in the industry... Apple, Samsung, Google, even at home to it's Chinese counterparts, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo etc...their camera systems undoubtedly had the X-factor....they induced healthy competition in the flagship arena to the biggies...sordid & sad state of affairs with the competition thinning at the top tiers...this trend of few manufacturers ruling the industry is certainly unhealthy in the long run ..☹️

  • S C
    S C

    It's like the Honor 5X and the Huawei GR5. I leaned this when shopping for phones and they were completely the same.

  • ReviewClu

    I used to absolutely love my Huawei phones, cheap/midrange devices, great battery life and honestly awesome cameras, I feel like Honor is a strange brand but when you lay it out like this is does kinda make sense pretty interesting stuff

    • Adail and Nura
      Adail and Nura

      Most of people i know uses Huawei and honor, it is a great brand for us after samsung. {Thats my opinion} And I live in Uae , and its not banned.

  • Deejay Willy ديجي ولي
    Deejay Willy ديجي ولي

    Huawei and honor are the same company but Huawei assumed they sold honor just to fool the ban restrictions

  • Rascane Hurricane
    Rascane Hurricane

    The goal was always to slow Huawei down

  • Daniel Ng'ang'a
    Daniel Ng'ang'a

    great video mate, its an honor to see this review, but huawei to judge

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw

    My boss still uses a p20 pro, which I believe was the second-last major Huawei flagship to sell in Canada.

  • Gerco Bosch
    Gerco Bosch

    Well I've bought a xiaomi 11t Pro, and let's just say, if I could I would instantly go back to Huawei, I loved Emui, loved the design, and definitely could live with Kirin yes looking at you Samsung. But I can't go without Google services, I cannot lay down 750 euros for a phone without the smart part of the phone. Seeing this video just hit me right in the guts, cause I love the fact Huawei was pushing apple and Samsung over their limits in price and power and that is what I believed killed them. The USA couldn't handle a communist reigm winning.

    • burlhorse

      @Nezunish - just bought the poco f3.xiaomi has replaced huawei tbh

    • Frano Prskalo
      Frano Prskalo

      U can get google in literally 5min to huawei. Im using p40 pro with youtube, gmail, crome, google maps,clash of clans😅...

    • JBK x
      JBK x

      I have my p30 pro for 2 years now and luckily it was released before the ban, absolutely love it compared to the trashy samsung phones I used to have

  • Crashhgamer

    imagine trying to sue honor as huawei huawei suing its own company

  • sheila the artist
    sheila the artist

    Use to have a older Hawaii when it was a brick smartphone. Didnt even have selfi cam which i didnt care for anyway. Was super reliable and hard to break specially with my rough handling.sadly not a single other person knew the phone and well when people are very classist in high school iver very obvious u dont have the newiest big brand. Its weird that this is where Hawaii is now

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    Your production value and quality of editing has gone up by so much over the years. It’s impressive!

    • Telegram@mrwhosetheboss13

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  • Mavadelo

    lol, when I heard the brand names I knew what a sub to this channel would be. Recently got this channel recommended. I never knew there were so many mobile brands. Sure I knew Apple and Samsung, Yes I have been a proud Nokia 3310 owner. Heard about Huawei. But Honor? Escobar? Xiaomi... all new names to me.

  • Ebrahim Mustafa
    Ebrahim Mustafa

    This guy already deserve 10million subscribers. I mean look at his content it's so educational and so professional. Kudos to you Aron!

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      Delon Perera

      he has more than 10 million subscribers now

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      studio developers2

      @A J The chinese make this sht. They get the credit.

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      He seems to pander a lot to the Chinese.

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    hes very down to earth i cant find stuff i disagree with in this channel

  • Traderman

    Smart guys! Hwawei can now go back to military research and development and Honor can be the new commercial division. Genius

  • Nikola Grujic
    Nikola Grujic

    My friend has Honor, and on his FB account it says he's logged in with a Huawei. We compared both models and they have the exact same specs.

  • Lynx C
    Lynx C

    Honor should be more available on bigger market w/o USA restrictions... Other phone manufacturer copy Huawei's specs & design so Honor is not an exemption as its been born from Huawei

  • Pigeon

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