Huawei is BACK....But there's a problem 💀
Huawei is back with a brand new smartphone! But the story seems a little stranger than that...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Is something dodgy going on with Huawei / Honor? Or do you think it's just a matter of time before Honor becomes more unique and seperated? 🧐

  • becawse

    Gets banned for exploiting

  • The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap

    Great video mate - really well researched

  • Bob Smivkt
    Bob Smivkt

    I just LOVE how the background lighting goes darker whenever Mrwhosetheboss's becomes more serious!

  • Peant

    This is genuinely one of the best explanation videos I’ve ever seen about modern tech and politics at the same time, very well produced and great music choice, well done!

  • Timber

    “Either both of them banned or both of them not”. What you need to understand is that only Huawei was banned because it was becoming too influential. It was never to do with cybersecurity and national security. That’s why Honor is allowed to buy/use US components as it doesn’t pose an economic threat.

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey

    Arun: "And if you're enjoying the video a sub to the channel would be..."

  • Kareeb Hasnat
    Kareeb Hasnat

    Huawei is genuinely missed. Phones would be much more innovative and other companies would have to push themselves harder to beat them.

  • Gerco Bosch
    Gerco Bosch

    Well I've bought a xiaomi 11t Pro, and let's just say, if I could I would instantly go back to Huawei, I loved Emui, loved the design, and definitely could live with Kirin yes looking at you Samsung. But I can't go without Google services, I cannot lay down 750 euros for a phone without the smart part of the phone. Seeing this video just hit me right in the guts, cause I love the fact Huawei was pushing apple and Samsung over their limits in price and power and that is what I believed killed them. The USA couldn't handle a communist reigm winning.

  • Ebrahim Mustafa
    Ebrahim Mustafa

    This guy already deserve 10million subscribers. I mean look at his content it's so educational and so professional. Kudos to you Aron!

  • Ferry Muhammad Nur
    Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Honor: "hey, can i copy your homework?"

  • Anisah Zainab
    Anisah Zainab

    I’m obsessed with your channel! The information, quality and execution of each video! Is amazing! Always keeps me engaged! 🙏🏽✨

  • InnocentChild

    Random guy who works in Huawei: How bout we let honor go undercover to continue to use Google and our exact phones.

  • Gareth Keenan
    Gareth Keenan

    "We sold the company to ourselves to circumvent the ban".

  • David B
    David B

    I really appreciate that you weave obvious humor and subtle jokes into your info-packed videos. 🙂

  • Koby Dejewski
    Koby Dejewski

    I remember when I was excited to get a huawei for the camera and refreshing aesthetics and they were really hard to find in the US and then finally when they were going to become more available with more cellular companies the ban shut that down kinda hoping for a really big comeback in the next few years

  • Alin Popovici
    Alin Popovici

    Do you know what makes this man worth watching?

  • Rebel Melody
    Rebel Melody

    I love how much research you put into your videos, very interesting! Also, I am actually considering possibly getting an Honor phone next year because of this video. Currently using S10+ but sadly nothing from Samsung seems exciting to me anymore (fingers crossed that next year they come out with something nice but my hopes are low), Honor on the other hand seems interesting.

  • Robot Bender Rodríguez
    Robot Bender Rodríguez

    I use my p30 pro for last 2.5 years and I LOVE IT. All my phones till then were Samsung. My next phone will be huawei

  • kunal pansuriya
    kunal pansuriya

    Would be awesome to see Jerry open them up side by side to see the internal components placement.