Escobar launched a new phone - DON’T buy it.
Checkout MKBHD's video here:
Escobar Inc just launched the Gold 11 iPhone 11 Gold...for $499...apparently...

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  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar

    Escobar Inc : gets sued by samsung also Escobar : lets try apple

    • Lightxx

      Escobar: well we tried to do apple. Now let’s do android.

    • Sarem Rashid
      Sarem Rashid

      @a q u a _ e l i Nah they Nokia doesn't need even any lawsuit, one Nokia Phone is Enough To destroy a Facility

    • Sarem Rashid
      Sarem Rashid

      @Computed then they are already dead.

    • Sarem Rashid
      Sarem Rashid

      @Ayush Kumar Now that's the last thing they want, Nokia Phones Coming to Crack them down.

    • Kpop Scenario
      Kpop Scenario


  • SplashInkAnimates

    Escobar: let's give this phone to this phone expert what could go wrong

    • RohnJandle

      @gaijininja no dumb

    • gaijininja

      Likely borrows the marketing team from Master Locks who send new locks to the Lock Picking Lawyer.

    • Eestor Buny
      Eestor Buny


    • Kpop Scenario
      Kpop Scenario


    • RohnJandle

      Stay away from Colombia splash

  • Pokemon or Harry
    Pokemon or Harry

    Wait, so let me get this straight. They sent you their 24 carat phone for FREE, because they thought you were going to advertise it. But instead, you made a video about it, telling people not to get it. You legit just owned them completely. You're a beast.

    • matkiller737

      Beast in a good way

    • JellyTheChaosMaker i̶ l̶i̶k̶e̶ a̶n̶i̶m̶e̶ t̶o̶o̶
      JellyTheChaosMaker i̶ l̶i̶k̶e̶ a̶n̶i̶m̶e̶ t̶o̶o̶

      @Your friendly neighbourhood b2 super battle droid. I have a sudden urge for carrots now-

    • D Mac
      D Mac

      @Your friendly neighbourhood b2 super battle droid. No it's karat when talking about gold purity. Carat when talking about stone size ie diamonds. Fuckin 30 second google search to find that out bro. You need to step your game up.

    • sadhna sharma
      sadhna sharma

      *shining yellow sticker

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation
      Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Yea.....not real gold.

  • Vin Dj
    Vin Dj

    How's a company like this still running and not destroyed by lawsuits yet

    • 𝔖𝔢𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔷𝔞𝔷𝔞𝔢𝔩

      Watch Narcos season one-three on Netflix and then ask yourself again why the Colombian legal system doesn’t try to fuk with people with the last name, Escobar.

    • el G
      el G

      Lawsuits in Colombia? Ha

    • e m b r a c e
      e m b r a c e

      yeah like all the ppl who got scammed can file a report and they probably have

    • Z Star
      Z Star

      I’m you thousandth like

    • Pious Sutherland
      Pious Sutherland

      @Resident Zero Apparently he also asks tourists to *pay* him for selfies. They do, stupidly.

  • BubNugs

    Its scary how he was actually a bit scared of the package being a bomb

    • alibi bueno
      alibi bueno

      @reduke And Hitler

    • um no thanks
      um no thanks

      @Дариуш Мадвалиев dude it's basic subject-verb concord. plus, "one of the most dangerous *person/persons* " just doesn't sound right.

    • Goku Doge
      Goku Doge

      @n word lmao ok

    • n word
      n word

      @Goku Doge trying to give grammar lesons when using could of instead of could've smh

    • Goku Doge
      Goku Doge

      @reduke could of worded it better, something like “Because Pablo Escobar was one of the worlds most dangerous people” or “Because Pablo Escobar was one of the worlds most dangerous persons”

  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali

    Sending someone a book when they ordered a phone sounds like the ultimate boomer prank

    • Jennifer Watt
      Jennifer Watt

      Totally poggers fam very sussy!

    • Cassowary FK
      Cassowary FK


    • eric van tassell
      eric van tassell

      @Hisoka_On_Kefir all your base are belong to ours

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama

      @A bored psychic Me?

    • A bored psychic
      A bored psychic

      @Joe Mama who here has the last name mama

  • SevenDeMagnus

    Won't Escobar (mafia family, real mafia) get mad, if an influencer says don't buy it? That's courage.

    • Mr T
      Mr T

      @Opsoo your reading comprehension level: - 1

    • Opsoo

      @Mr T "go back to school" as if they teach you about pablo escobar at school

    • Al As 57
      Al As 57

      @Mr T Escobar had honor lol.

    • Resident Zero
      Resident Zero

      @Darth Mucus believe it or not, the person behind these scams is Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto Escobar Gaviria. He lost his left eye in prison by a letter-bomb. He is a pathetic con man with a huge ego but sad scamming like trying to sue Elon musk over a flame thrower, also said he will bring apple down 😂 and wait for it: he said he has the cure for HIV. These and other insane scams prove he isn't in a good financial or mental place right now

    • solo uno
      solo uno

      because this has nothing to do with escobar's family. It has what sega has of a Yakuza

  • Maybeidkwhyimhere

    He says “DONT BUY IT” with so much enthusiasm as if we’re able to afford to buy that phone

    • Z Star
      Z Star

      @Jen ny I see you are American

    • EBGamez1

      @Potato Boii NOICE :)

    • Potato Boii
      Potato Boii

      @EBGamez1 111th like :)

    • Potato Boii
      Potato Boii

      @Péricles Ferreira bruh moments

    • Morressa Edits #Roadto130!!!
      Morressa Edits #Roadto130!!!

      @Péricles Ferreira um is that a flex orrr?..

  • Salvation108

    “Don’t worry it’s yours, you just can’t have or use it” Escobar sounds like my parents with my money

    • strawberrymilk

      @Salvation108 okay

    • Salvation108

      @strawberrymilk oh yes I’m sure. Lawnmowing PTSD reminds me

    • strawberrymilk

      Are you sure they dont own it

    • Agent P
      Agent P


  • Jonathan Bailie
    Jonathan Bailie

    Arun, I wish I had caught this when it aired. At my work, I have access to machines that can test the quality and purity of gold (and other alloys, and platings). Would have loved to have some of the scraps to test their claims of 24k gold. Maybe next time, thanks for the vids, love the channel!

  • Doctor Mr. sir Johnny Esq. III
    Doctor Mr. sir Johnny Esq. III

    Imagine he opens the box and it's just a brick of solid cocaine.

    • Paul Poisson
      Paul Poisson

      That would actually be a great value for $500

    • Gacha Life Trash
      Gacha Life Trash

      @Kim Eojin it's a reference to Escobar the drug trafficker

    • eye101


    • Clinton

      at least a bomb didn't explode in their faces lol.

    • Clumzys1234


  • Miles Corporosus
    Miles Corporosus

    Honestly, if they just sold the wood box with the big, gaudy Escobar logo I might actually buy one.

    • Bhushan Lokhande
      Bhushan Lokhande

      but then you wouldn't actually get it

    • Hal Sullivan
      Hal Sullivan


  • Simon D.C.
    Simon D.C.

    I really enjoyed how honest you are about this. That's why you have so many subscribers... You tell it as it is!

    • Jox22v

      Unlike unbox therapy who told everyone to buy the escobar, then makes a apology video and hes sheep audience keep watching that trash scam channel

    • Skullyeeters

  • Christopher Huynh
    Christopher Huynh

    You don't waste my time. That's what I like. Told me exactly what I needed to hear at the beginning instead of dragging it out and I still finished the video. Your videos are entertaining. Script is well put together and concise. Good work!

  • CaseyPlayz

    "Welcome home Apple boys Steve and Tim" "Let's Cook". That sounded so weird, Escobar

    • Jude King
      Jude King

      Also sounded kinda like something out of a cheap horror movie.

    • quirky ness
      quirky ness

      It’s like they were trying to be badass but ended up sounding like aliens learning English

  • dasein

    Taking "get off the phone, read a book" to a whole new level.

  • Unique Sid
    Unique Sid

    Escobar:- let's give this phone to a expert, what could go wrong! Arun:- "Don't buy it"😂

  • PSM1023

    4:07 i love the level of relief he felt, probably thinking it was a bomb. You have to love Arun 😂😂😂

  • Cryptoverlord

    Last time we used to secretly gold plate stuff in our school lab which had a gold sputtering machine. Can't remember what it was actually intended for, but it was fun making our spectacles, pens, and watches gold. Of course, it rubbed off easily, but i think it could have been most lasting if we gave it some heat treatment

  • Untrue Air
    Untrue Air

    Wow a product that has “Escobar” in the name is a scam who expected this

    • Mat Max
      Mat Max

      @Gabriel_ XoX smooth brain people*

    • Luccia Del Rey
      Luccia Del Rey

      @RedCATsquared lmaoo u even knoww??

    • Senior Sensi
      Senior Sensi

      @Gabriel_ XoX anybody who truly believes that is a lowlife, brain dead follower who is probably too stupid and shitty to do anything in life but sell drugs.

    • RedCATsquared

      @Victor Randall lol okay SARAH .

    • Victor Randall
      Victor Randall

      @RedCATsquared GKYS.

  • Gryphon Man
    Gryphon Man

    They kinda succeeded in advertising it. I had never heard of the Escobar brand, and I don't think most of the viewers had either, now 10 million people have just seen a video on it. Sure the video says it's a scam, but humans are curious and even if a tiny percent of 10 million people buy it, that's a lot more than it otherwise would have gotten. The profit margin on a product you never deliver is massive. This video made Escobar thousands

  • Bri3nWithA3

    I love how Escobar bakes a bunch of iPhone 6 models instead of insulting the newest models, if you are going to insult a company, then insult a model that is new, not a phone that is almost 6 years old

    • Icicle Candy
      Icicle Candy

      that's all they can afford after that Samsung lawsuit lmao

  • Theopold the Gamer
    Theopold the Gamer

    "Apple's normal accessories... charging brick..." Oh dear.

  • Strawberry

    My question is how is Arun still alive….💀😅🤣

    • Péricles Ferreira
      Péricles Ferreira

      Didnt you see the word?

  • ron

    Escobar INC. : *gives phone for free advertisement* Mrwhosetheboss : "Don't buy it" Escobar INC : •-•

    • _.Lixa._


    • Melinda Difuntorum
      Melinda Difuntorum


    • Master Anf
      Master Anf

      Escobar INC: Anyway I started blasting

    • chuken soop
      chuken soop


    • Uesugi Kenshin
      Uesugi Kenshin


  • Germany (Countryhuman)
    Germany (Countryhuman)

    Me:tries to not make my phone drop Arun: *literally pulls of the back of the phone*

  • Bruuuh

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a whole sweatshop working for them

    • Al As 57
      Al As 57

      Yeah. I'm not sure if its the same with Escobar. Probably the same.

  • Closing Yak
    Closing Yak

    You've got balls man you're the kind of person the internet needs

  • Tom A
    Tom A

    35 years ago escobar name was terrifying. Now it's a joke 😂😂

  • Marcelle King
    Marcelle King

    Just love your vids. Can’t get enough of them! You’re so funny.

  • George Sameh
    George Sameh

    I love how Arun doesn't hesitate while exposing them

  • Wings Of Fire Dragon
    Wings Of Fire Dragon

    I love how I watch these videos except I would never buy this phone anyway. 😂 Nice Vid!

  • Manas Das
    Manas Das

    Escobar paid MKBHD and arun to get roasted up🤣

  • Lard Lover
    Lard Lover

    Escobar: “we’re going to make a phone that will KILL Samsung!” Samsung: **Laughs internally**

    • NCR Veteran Ranger
      NCR Veteran Ranger

      *laughs in multi-billion dollar company*

    • Lard Lover
      Lard Lover

      @m bla as an s21 user, i can confirm the gaming is lesser but camera quality is amazing

    • Lard Lover
      Lard Lover

      @UnEpicToxziccc not remotely

    • Jay

      Didn't Escobar just put an Escobar logo on a Samsung phone and release it as their own?

    • Tri Dinh
      Tri Dinh

      @The Logical Protogen if samsung group goes out of business, the country of Korea will collapse the next day

  • Phobia Survey
    Phobia Survey

    Hi saw many videos of yours , found good content and reality. Suggestion : try to make and use most of the time on focusing the agenda which you want to highlight . Also It will help your video length duration . Take care .

  • Brüm$kï

    Thank you for revealing these scammers!

  • Lachlan Tompsett
    Lachlan Tompsett

    Aah yes, when Apple bundled chargers in the box courageously...

  • darkhalf81

    What matters is, "People don't learn their lesson..."

  • Jayden

    Arun: don't buy it Escobars hitman: we'll have him gone by tomorrow

    • Abrams Lion
      Abrams Lion

      @Michelle Obama noooo noo chief of assassinations doesn't really kill rather sue everything in sight with his Columbian lawsuit.

    • Abrams Lion
      Abrams Lion

      lol he's no longer the chief of assassinations. He's the chief of sueing.

    • Grunfeld

      Best comercial ever.

    • Anish M Pillai
      Anish M Pillai

      Everyone talking about escobars Me : wait a minute who is this guy

    • Hawk


  • Mitesh

    That's the exact reason I always go for cash on delivery😂. Your chances of not getting scammed decreases to a large extent.

  • Prince Rhys
    Prince Rhys

    Escobar: Let's take down apple Also Escobar: using a iPhone as their phone

  • Black Mask-Hood SAVE Gud kids who bacame worst.
    Black Mask-Hood SAVE Gud kids who bacame worst.

    Arun Bro... First of All Lots of Love from. pakistan.... Thx to you for revealing techs realities which makes lots of people save thousands ....

  • Anthony

    I've got a question what do you do to the tech and phones you damage?

  • bruh

    who looks at the words “escobar launched a phone” and decides “let’s buy it”

    • Vicente Geonix
      Vicente Geonix

      Idiots, just idiots.

    • David Miscaviage
      David Miscaviage

      Black people

    • Summie

      People who are just like them, or want to be like them. Or they are simply fans of Escobar

    • Pablo Escobar
      Pablo Escobar

      Good to hear..

    • ultratf

      hatate himekaidou the emo tengu And is the criminal that they advertise on their website just a Spanish dude?

  • Hack Er
    Hack Er

    When he said "a little too flashy to show" I laughed so hard 😂

    • Joshua Oloruntoyin-Balogun
      Joshua Oloruntoyin-Balogun


  • Brooklynyte

    I love how much it genuinely irks him that the company is scamming people... He's such a "nice guy" lol.

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga

    "Normal iPhone accessories" **Proceeds to take out charging brick**

  • jane jan
    jane jan

    i get it. It's still money laundering. It's meant to pay for their drug deals, you're not actually supposed to receive a "phone". Also same reason for reviewers getting them - enough to seem legit with marketing, while claiming the shipping is due to customs problems or something like that.

  • devan

    I like how he has such a calm voice. Not like other annoying 10 minute stretched youtubers.

    • B2Tester

      So thiojoe has a loud voice and Linus tech tips?

    • mars.

      yuh lmao

    • someone

      I literally fell asleep while watching a video of his 😅

    • Hydrate Spammer
      Hydrate Spammer

      Lol, tbh they cant control their voice tho

    • • Kally THE FROG •
      • Kally THE FROG •

      Ikr he’s not like the youtubers like Adventure he’s so much better

  • James Lee
    James Lee

    Technically he can sell this as this might one of the kind phone that was received by actual people

  • Lucky Charm
    Lucky Charm

    now i just want to buy it for the box lmao but i highly doubt id get that either plus i cant afford it so

  • Παναγιώτης Θ
    Παναγιώτης Θ

    8:12 _"the difference is in the 24 Karat gold"_ Ah yes gold as soft as cheap thin plastic that doesn't feel like metal, it makes sense. And another proof that it's not gold is that it would block the electromagnetic field used to wirelessly charge it and it wouldn't work

    • Παναγιώτης Θ
      Παναγιώτης Θ

      @SP64 I doubt that it will cost more than 1-2 euros it's just low quality plastic, you can find it everywhere

    • SP64

      That gold is not even worth $100

  • Mickey Antillo
    Mickey Antillo

    I get it! The £488 was for the cheap gold and the extra £1 was for the technology

  • BZB King
    BZB King

    I love the fact that he recommends watching MKBHD instead of having a competition

    • Alexus Dreemurr Leonis
      Alexus Dreemurr Leonis

      The only ones who want fights between creators are the viewers who keep on comparing different channels

    • Phantom-088-plane guy
      Phantom-088-plane guy

      @JPals7129 I wonder, are their aviation history youtubers who do similar things?

    • Noscream

      They are both pretty successful, no point on being jealous on each other. They realizing, that working together doesn't harm their business, instead growing it by sharing the same viewers.

    • Emmanuel

      Why would they have competition

    • Spud Man
      Spud Man

      IRglors collaborating shouldn't be that big of a surprise

  • antisocial-elly69

    The look on you're face when you opened the box said it all 😂


    Saying publicly “don’t buy it” to a product property of an assassin, what could go wrong.

  • Haven

    They sent him a phone for a review. But after this review, they’ll send him another type of phone.

  • Syndi

    might as well add something: gold and gold-plated aren't the same thing. you can gold plate a smartphone for less than a dollar. i've seen gold-plated fountain pens for a dollar. retail.

  • Mihir Bir
    Mihir Bir

    Escobar: we hate apple Also escobar: gives you an iphone by apple

    • Christian Gröber
      Christian Gröber

      @Melia Aprila totally

    • Melia Aprila
      Melia Aprila

      @Christian Gröber o

    • ya'll know who it is
      ya'll know who it is

      except they don't actually, give you the mf phone

    • IŁ-2 Szturmowiec
      IŁ-2 Szturmowiec

      Hipocricy 100

    • Arif Caribou
      Arif Caribou

      vitemal light

  • Zacuue

    If they would make just the stickers they put on the back and deliver them I would actually buy them because they looks so nice.

  • Song Song
    Song Song

    Phone youtubers are the most genuine people I’ve ever met

  • Robin Zority
    Robin Zority

    I bought the phone just to see if it would actually arrive and it did, there was 1 small problem tho... It didn´t turn on and there was no charging cable so it did come but it was a huge scam!!!

  • _xDream?._

    Nokia:sues ecobar Escobar: let's try oppo

  • Vam and Vee
    Vam and Vee

    Escobar: Lets send this phone to Arun. He's gonna think it's different from IPhone 11 and unique Arun: Imma end this man's career

  • Sarah Russo
    Sarah Russo

    Let me get this right: They send him a phone thinking he would advertise the phone to all 8 million of his subscribers. Instead, he tells 8 million people and more TO NOT BUY IT!! Plus, they sent a free phone, the only real thing he got was a book. I love this man, he isn't afraid of these big companies!! HE'S A BEAST!!!!! 🤭😙 It's also a 24 carat phone. Seriously, I'd let him review a scam slime, or squishie, and he'd make it look fancy, but he'd point the bad stuff and you'd realize. 빌어 먹을 회사, 트라이 빌어 먹을 사기.그는 젠장 포기하지 않을거야.딕헤드

  • lukelblitz

    ....honestly that box looks amazing Give me more of this please

  • Santiyesss D. Bread
    Santiyesss D. Bread

    when a company sends their new product to you just to give it a negative review lol

  • stxressxd0ut

    Escobar: sends phone. mrwhosetheboss: "don't buy it" Escobar: *so you've chosen death*

    • Sarem Rashid
      Sarem Rashid

      mrwhosetheboss: Nah UNO reverse card

    • Tri Dinh
      Tri Dinh

      @̇ escobar can but not his dwindling shitty "relative"

    • Vidrau


    • Nilofar Khan
      Nilofar Khan

      Samsung:Hello there... Escobar:Oh fu**ing god! At least apple won't know... Apple:YOU MOTHERFU**ING COPIED ME?!

    • Bert Erold Amparado
      Bert Erold Amparado

      or *COKE*

  • Bibconcerter19

    Imagine he opens the box and its a gun That shoots everything it sees

  • Marksmithwas12

    Sounds like these guys are the Fyre Festival of phone scams

  • Tighber

    8:35 I could actually feel it like you do, it's like so not-heavy and the gold is just, like a plastic. And I could feel how cheap it is.. ofc master I believed in you

  • Ewa Seweryn
    Ewa Seweryn

    Can somebody explain to me, how it's even possible that they use the apple logo on their phone?

  • Hcfreee

    Escobar: rip Samsung Samsung: get the lawsuit ready

    • Mohamed Marchha
      Mohamed Marchha

      Hugo Canton LOL

    • Timothytosser

      Hollow knight

    • AstroAeronaut

      @Goutham Reddy I mean samsung was never just a phone company, they have made some tanks and military stuff. So which is better, assassins or tanks.

    • nononojajaja

      Escobar: rip Apple Apple: get the lawsuit ready (Somebody probably already said it but I didn’t see it)

    • Saul Verastegui
      Saul Verastegui

      Aye hollowknight!

  • Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi
    Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi

    A transparent iPhone looks dope though😂

  • GABJ

    they do be doing fba private labeling huge brands, just not selling on amazon =))

  • Perialis

    escobar: lol lets make him review our phone to show how epic and perfect it is. mrwhostheboss: its garbage.

  • Chicken

    Welp. They expected for it to be promoted by famous IRglors yet their idea was backfired and more people found out it was a scam

  • jinrex015

    Escobar Inc: We will give him an offer he can't refuse.

    • Ohmwise


    • Vetramass

      Quite litteraly.

    • Ts hw
      Ts hw


    • Marcel

      jinrex015 phone o plomo

    • Yeetamus prime
      Yeetamus prime


  • Oliver Dyer
    Oliver Dyer

    3:55 Never knock on the box. You'll immediately turn 65 XD

    • Péricles Ferreira
      Péricles Ferreira

      @V3N0M 711 can you explain? Im from Brazil.

    • V3N0M 711
      V3N0M 711

      I think im the onlyone who got this joke at it was actually funny

  • aditya thakur
    aditya thakur

    How can a company pull off multiple obvious scams and continue to operate?

  • Pankaj Kotalwar
    Pankaj Kotalwar

    You really are honest Arun, I'm a fan.

  • Angela Ferkel
    Angela Ferkel

    The "designed by apple" came unexpected😂😂😂😂😂

  • lawsen •
    lawsen •

    The last time I bought a good product from an Escobar, I got charged with drug possesion.

    • Yorg R
      Yorg R


    • Random Person
      Random Person

      I thought I was alone

    • Jasmine


    • FreeFire  MONK
      FreeFire MONK


    • Literacy with DJ
      Literacy with DJ

      OR IS IT???????????????????///

  • Alex Lawson, J.D., Ph.D.
    Alex Lawson, J.D., Ph.D.

    That's the thing. Apple and Samsung didn't make much of a big deal out of the issue, probably because they already knew it was going to be a scam. 😅 Wish more and more people knew about this and not get scammed anymore, so Escobar Inc would just stop.

  • The Fattest Hagrid
    The Fattest Hagrid

    Apple is going to sue them so hard, their great, great grand-children will still pay for it..

  • Mo'Money Investing
    Mo'Money Investing

    their packaging looks dope though got to give them that

  • Jennifer Dzieło
    Jennifer Dzieło

    the scam must have worked really well last time

  • Android Advocates
    Android Advocates

    Escobar: Comes to Arun's House with a gun.... Arun: Unexpected, is probably the best way to describe this..

    • Noob Builder Steve (MPE)
      Noob Builder Steve (MPE)


    • Hillary Okwi
      Hillary Okwi


    • SV Onegov
      SV Onegov

      Marques: So i've been fighting this guy for a week now

    • Android Advocates
      Android Advocates

      @8834 Sonic runs 1341 m/s in Sonic Unleashed. For him to run 1600 meters, it would take him 1.193139 seconds. I posted the comment 53 minutes ago. Assuming that every like is one meter he would run 4,264,380 meters or 4264.380 kilometers. 4264380 km is roughly 1053751247 acres of land.

    • Samuza

      i just thought of it right now

  • David Gracia
    David Gracia

    It cant charge by induction bc of the metal cover

  • Ns__Husain

    Always Production, Content Quality Superb 🔥🔥

  • Sulaiman

    My brain : I want that phone, I can repair it, it'll work just normal

  • aim6mac

    After this honest review he was never seen again!

  • Howard Tse
    Howard Tse

    Escobar: RIP Apple Also Escobar: *Has Apple Logo*

    • JoeOnYT

      @Thirsty who? Arun literally said not to buy it, I don't think it's advertising

    • Thirsty

      This guy is still advertising this phone. Super Dodgy IRglor.

    • 𝐌𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐫

      @AMV12S probably is

    • AMV12S

      Maybe is stolen

    • gucchi yourself
      gucchi yourself

      Da fuq why the phone is showing Korean instead of English???

  • Skyeneimki

    I never buy phones off the internet. *I take my lazy self into Verizon to get a phone lmao*


    Did you really sent your phone to an expert Escobar: YES What did it cost Escobar: everything

  • Nash Musa
    Nash Musa

    Did you know that the iPhone 11 Pro's case can also be ripped apart easily?

  • Nemo X
    Nemo X

    Wait hold up so this is the SAME escobar that was doing the whole drug cartel thing? I thought going from most wanted and international druglord to respected businessman was only a thing in fiction.

  • Sin Sad The comment Headcrab
    Sin Sad The comment Headcrab

    Escobar is more of a scam than that kid that was trying to sell me GTA 6. EDIT: HOLY SHIT

    • DerivedWhale45

      That kid is Sernadoe

    • antney1108

      Sin Sad The Commenter Than. Not then.

    • JoelG 12
      JoelG 12

      More like apple 100 pro max

    • WollyThe Wolf
      WollyThe Wolf

      WAIT YOU COULD HAVE GTA6!!!?!?!?!?!?

    • DuzFF ·
      DuzFF ·


  • Liam Lombard
    Liam Lombard

    Wouldn’t this make you super lucky to have one?

  • Doug Twyman
    Doug Twyman

    24k gold would be the worse super scratchable finish imo