Escobar launched a new product - it’s their WORST ever.
Unboxing our third (and hopefully final) package from the Escobars...and it's the weirdest one yet.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Escobar Giveaway? 😂 For a more light-hearted video, about inventions that are saving the planet:

    • gizmotech

      Nice you're still alive

    • KingSkyland Antonio
      KingSkyland Antonio

      Can I have one of those notes, I don't want to buy one and support their schemes but I would love to own one for my foreign money collection in a new page I call the meme page

    • Matt_talks_tech01 on telegram 👈
      Matt_talks_tech01 on telegram 👈

      @J Congratulations 🎉 message me immediately ⬆️⬆️⬆️ I have something for you 📦📦

  • ParnayexD

    These Escobar guys still staying in the business gives me motivation to never give up 😂

    • mrtrolled

      Mrwhosetheboss he will never gonna give you up

    • Chris Tian
      Chris Tian

      they also never let you down

    • hacked out
      hacked out

      Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

    • East Brickton Production's
      East Brickton Production's

      its called money laundering

    • Random Video Game Channel
      Random Video Game Channel

      never give up never run around

  • Elpizo1

    I'm literally crying from laughing that he actually went in a store with it - absolute champion

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Been following this page for years now his great love how his growing. i always love your videos mate keep up tech really is your thing

  • Hugh Jeffreys
    Hugh Jeffreys

    I don't need the Escobar phone, I just build gold iPhones for myself. :)

    • IrtyGo

      I watch both channels?

    • T2


    • Downtown 27
      Downtown 27

      'S how it works round here.

    • will smith
      will smith


    • Eudialyte


  • Genaral jewels
    Genaral jewels

    i love how he finds someway to rickroll us in every video

  • Fun Dump😋😅
    Fun Dump😋😅

    Just watching everything in the videos from the edits to lighting to the jokes shows how Arun and the guys love the job,keep it serious and still make so mich fun of it😂😂😍

  • Katherine

    I'm still waiting for Escobar to surprise the whole world by creating a really good product for once. Not this time though lol

    • Jack Dannyels
      Jack Dannyels


    • AtlanticCrasher

      End of the world

    • shib

      would you expect that from a literal drug cartel? lmao

    • Subhodh@10

      Keep waiting

    • SombR

      i cant wait for escobar to come out with blue cocaine


    Thank you ARUN, from CANADA! I've always loved your videos, and your obvious and sincere objectivity when it comes to products and services that are new and people aren't sure weather to spend their hard earned money on it. It's fantastic to have someone you know you can trust to deliver you the good the bad and the ugly for most technology being sold today. Please keep it up and stay your ground! GOD bless!

    • grungepen

      Fellow Canadian let's go🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    • your local idiot
      your local idiot

      hello fellow canuck

    • Glitchy

      I'm just gonna Never gonna give you up

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Been following this page for years now his great love how his growing. i always love your videos mate keep up tech really is your thing✌️

  • Snart

    Im not even into tech stuff but I watched almost every video on your channel, I watch them every day. Your content is super interesting and you seem like a very nice person , keep up the great work !!

  • Bryant Lucas
    Bryant Lucas

    *This is a great video,I learn alots watching your videos and it’s helpful to me* *investing money is quite difficult to me but all thanks to Mia Frank she helped me alots*

    • Bryant Lucas
      Bryant Lucas

      You can Reach her on *Te-Ie-gr-am.* with the name below. Mia_Frank

    • Trisha White
      Trisha White

      I heard her strategies are really good 👍

    • Anthony Greg
      Anthony Greg

      Since I started trading I keep loosing I almost decided never to trade anymore what should I do now?

    • Janet Carter
      Janet Carter

      although i doubted it at first. but decided to give it a try. Now my family is enjoying from that decision.

  • Kobby Crentsil
    Kobby Crentsil

    I laughed so hard when Arun compared escobar cash to monopoly money 😂😂

    • triobros 9824
      triobros 9824

      @Sean Jean don't reply to them it makes it worse

    • Tortilla Wrap
      Tortilla Wrap

      i got a nottif from a video saying "1 word crypto" did any one else?

    • szewei1985


    • Josh Andrei Corbita
      Josh Andrei Corbita

      So it's like buying Escobar Cash is equal to buying Play Money. It doesn't cost anything, just a complete waste of money. 😅

    • (insert joke here)
      (insert joke here)


  • Slient XYZ
    Slient XYZ

    I respect everyone who were involved in this , Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on IRglo ,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Clinton Boucheix
    Clinton Boucheix

    It's amazing how the Escobar will take any exposure, even if it exposes them as conmen

  • Advanced uE
    Advanced uE

    Back in my day when Escobar sends you a package, you pretend it's the best😂

  • Breathing Crescent
    Breathing Crescent

    It's amazing how you describe stuff. Funny is when on stranger chats people ask me do you know Arun who review tech and I am like yeah, "MrWhoistheboss" right and we connect via that... It's sorta unbelievable and fun experience. Been your follower over a year and half. Good luck with future contents!!

  • Rave Clips by PayRave
    Rave Clips by PayRave

    The funniest part is that they keep sending their stuff to MrWhosetheboss even though he calls them out every single time😂

    • Veni

      they want to be called out, the most important thing for them is to spread their name at any cost and it's actually brilliant how aruns negative arguments about them actually help them just because he spread the name and naive people will go to the site

    • Suresh Kumar
      Suresh Kumar

      @HendrikdePendrik hahahahahaha

    • No one important
      No one important

      @Petr Stuchlý bad publicity is worth more than no publicity so I get why they always send them to Arun

  • Joe Frost
    Joe Frost

    I would love to see another smartphone gadgets video, but specific to tools. As an engineer myself, i would be very interested. Digital multimeter using the phone, oscilloscopes using the phone, distance measures, air quality monitors, external FLIR modules, etc keep up the good work!

  • Gabriel The Magolor Main 👁
    Gabriel The Magolor Main 👁

    Great video! Maybe next you can review if Tech skylanders are overall effective for their purpose. Seems like a fun idea

  • ViaTec

    To me it's amazing this "company" is still going

  • Joker

    Been following this page for years now his great love how his growing. i always love your videos mate keep up tech really is your thing✌️

  • LearnLogy

    He never forgets to rick roll us doesn't he 😅

    • Rui Ayaki
      Rui Ayaki

      @G Venkat the bot has been commenting the same thing on different videos-

    • Phineas


    • Goose Honk honk
      Goose Honk honk

      @Mini Malibuca no 🤗

  • TinyTwon

    Props to Arun for going out in public and actually asking someone about Escobar Cash.

  • str84ward

    Sir, you may indeed be the best youtube personality today. Super polished, likable and you and your team know what you're talking about. You can tell proper research is being done here. If anyone has smart phone questions, or tech questions, this is they need to be sent.

  • Ulrik

    Thank you for promoting Escobar Inc. ❤️ SEO wouldn’t be the same without people like you promoting.

  • brwnsugga24

    That is cool i'd buy it if they really sent it to me 🤷‍♀️ they do the most and it is interesting lol

  • MontclairBear

    Mrwhosetheboss is becoming my favorite youtuber.... very quickly :O

    • ItzKyxql


    • Lucas1

      Didn’t expect to see you here mont.

    • abuwiddle

      block clutch king

    • Dum Great
      Dum Great

      wtf montclairbearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Ryzen_i9

      whaoh mont from the mc community surpising to see you here!

  • Meher Buhariwala
    Meher Buhariwala

    Appreciate your efforts bro . Keep up the good work I cannot even imagine how many hours u spent preparing for this video . 👍

  • Tejαs Anαnd
    Tejαs Anαnd

    Time stamps: 0:16 : The Escobars? 1:47 : Past Scams 3:17 : Escobar Cash 5:25 : What is it? 6:22 : The Problem 9:48 : Pump and Dump 10:56 : Scam

  • AceFiles

    Another amazing episode! Love your channel… great work!!!

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      Congratulations ☝️ Message right away I have something for you!.

  • hiroku san
    hiroku san

    The obsession between Escobar and stickers is just-

  • PuzzLEGO

    Arun really had to go out and try to buy something with it. Imagine if they said ‘yeah we also accept Escobar cash’

    • AtlanticCrasher

      @someone from the ded ?

    • Daniel Eremin
      Daniel Eremin

      I think Escobar accepts Escobar cash to buy Escobar cash.

    • Jeanne Ann 啊音
      Jeanne Ann 啊音

      '... at the rate of 1 cent per 1M Escobar Cash'

    • someone

      Escobar is gonna sue him

    • Carlos Rincon
      Carlos Rincon

      That reminds me of that Bort scene on The Simpsons.

  • Darencodex Only
    Darencodex Only

    It was so nice of you to help me out. I really appreciate all you’ve done and hope that this medium will help me express all my gratitude. Thank you for your help and support!

  • floridahacker

    My very first, immediate question was “what purpose does the physical bill serve after you redeem it digitally?” So I’m glad you answered that for me 😂. “None whatsoever”

    • whatsapp十ⓛ③②③③②⑨⑤⓪⑦⑨

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  • Sandy 1
    Sandy 1

    the fact that he went out and actually tried to buy something with escobar cash makes it a treat to watch

  • KaoticResultsTV

    Not gon lie. I watch these videos because he always point out that no ones gets their product but some how he gets the physical product. Lol. But thank you for helping people not get scammed.

  • GotP00ned

    The awkward moment when a company is still sending you products after you've published their scam for almost 10 million subscribers

    • Olivier Larose-de Billy
      Olivier Larose-de Billy

      @GotP00ned Still giving them free exposure. It's not a good take

    • Zain Asif
      Zain Asif

      @★ olive ♥ Yeah but this is Escobar strategy to scam more people's & they are getting help from these top IRglors

    • Zain Asif
      Zain Asif

      They are getting publicity from him doesn't matter in positive or negative way , some people after watching this video still approach to them thinking maybe this is not a scam this time

    • GotP00ned

      @Dim T Absolutely true, but even after all this, if you don't have that much of common sense, I guess you deserve it

  • William Healy
    William Healy

    Brave of you to slam a product made by the Escobars 😂

  • TRIX

    1:06, 2:11, 2:14 I love how this man never fails to Rickroll us in such awesome Waze


    His videos are so fun to watch!!. He is the best Tech IRglor in the world currently.. number 1 in U.K *(Mrwhosetheboss)*

  • abdul Q
    abdul Q

    Bravo for giving your viewers a second thought before they go invest into crypto... most cryptos are scam.

  • Pantsmode

    Escobar Inc. is the epitome of the saying "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

    • Tech With Phoenix
      Tech With Phoenix

      very true.

    • Random Animations
      Random Animations

      And scams

    • Tech With Phoenix
      Tech With Phoenix

      And bad ideas...

  • Al_Mohammad

    Advance congratulations for 10 million brother Take love from Bangladesh ❤️🇧🇩

  • GG GG
    GG GG

    Did you check the data of the QR code and try to enter made up numbers then to the app? Might be that they were lazy to create any sort of database for the available codes since its a scam.

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    I laughed so hard when Arun compared escobar cash to monopoly money

  • Bhushan Ladgaonkar
    Bhushan Ladgaonkar

    At least in their first business there was customer satisfaction

  • Juan Cardona
    Juan Cardona

    Not only as a Colombian myself, but also as a Medellín-born and raised citizen, I apologize for this embarrasing scam of a company, Arun. Pablo Escobar caused great suffering to my home city, and it's sad to see that almost 30 years after his passing, he's still making us look this bad. I wish companies like D-Brand or Rhinoshield would create coffee or orchid (National flower) themed skins/phone cases to show the world that Medellín and Colombia are more than just Pablo Escobar's cursed legacy. Loved the Tuna bit though!

    • Manimanocas

      @blakegriplingph Yeah they didnt do a very good job at showing what country it was tho, I honestly discovered after watching the movie 2 times

    • Catalanski

      Don’t forget that Escobar also did a lot of good things to your country. He was not a good man, but he didn’t only do bad things.

    • Drando

      Your engrish is really good ill give you that

    • Bruh Elbruh
      Bruh Elbruh

      @Critical Yea if you wanna troll, you should try to sell it a bit better

  • Indrid_Cold

    How did you get ahold of this stuff! Did you just receive it as a free promo?

  • Mr. bubz
    Mr. bubz

    When I see Escobar and Mrwhosetheboss in the same spot I know it’s gonna be a good time

  • Get Distracted
    Get Distracted

    They be putting in the work Putting in the hours And taking what’s ours

  • Logical Indian
    Logical Indian

    Just stumbled upon your channel. Now binge watching your videos. Good luck mate

  • BurgerPantsDH

    you can learn a lot from these guys, never give up. apart from the fact they should

    • szewei1985


    • BurgerPantsDH

      @Ryk Son the joke is that the Escobar company never gives up apart from the fact they should

    • KronKurr

      @Darth Bane For the love of God, or any other religious figures from any religion in this vast universe we can think of, I request; or shall I say entreat, exhort, or adjure you to solemnly swear and vow that you cease talking ad nauseam in rickrolling.

    • L

      @🥳Jesus Christ Loves Me💞 💀😂

  • Wish Manbodh
    Wish Manbodh

    You're videos are just the best buy explaining what's the best way for using a product...

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      🆙Thanks for watching🔝🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙

  • chaos00100100 chaos00100100
    chaos00100100 chaos00100100

    I buy every Escobar product he reviews. I know I'll never get the products, but I'm investing in the meme.

  • 1mezion

    I'm sure Milo loved the book especially using it as a loo Why would the Apple or Google stores even allow the app in their respective stores.


    Actually, since actually receiving a product from them is such a rare occurrence, Escobar products are potentially valuable collectibles, in time, this one even more so imho. The legacy of the name, the novelty, sure, but the level of scam does it for me.

    • @WhatsApp+①(⑥②⑧)②⑦②-④⑤④①

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  • ghoster

    He is so dedicated that he actually asked an Employee if Escobar Cash was allowed 😂😂

    • Lifelong Virgin
      Lifelong Virgin

      @Sky Gardener Stores in Japan. Yes, the very country that "lives in the future".

    • Jack Lister
      Jack Lister

      @Sky Gardener i know many places that only take cash.. especally small business.

    • IRON V8
      IRON V8

      Could be scripted but either way it gets the point across that Escobar cash is worthless.

    • Khizar Shahid
      Khizar Shahid

      @Sky Gardener there are certain stores here in the UK which take cash only, a nearby restaurant only takes cash. I believe sometimes it's also to avoid paying as much in tax, I'm not sure.

  • Mariana Rodrigues
    Mariana Rodrigues

    I've never seen anybody so commited to rickrolling us. Well done, arun. Well done.

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  • 09bikerman1

    Arun really had to go out and try to buy something with it. Imagine if they said ‘yeah we also accept Escobar cash’

  • 420DogeIt

    I could listen to this man talk about literally anything for hours

  • Nub

    As someone interested to get into crypto, I am sort of confused as to what crypto wallet I should use. I have had a look around on trustpilot, and a majority of them have 1-2.5 stars at most, this could just be from people doing something stupid, and losing their money, but it isn't really helping getting me to choose one over the other. Suggestions?

  • Glarses

    Escobar Season 3 let's gooooo

    • Marina_Ida

      Isn't it technically season 4? Unless Escobar himself was a separate series

    • Blue Cat
      Blue Cat

      @Ryuken15 24k gold plated too LMAO


      Yooooooo david/glarses idk which one hi

    • Ethan Huang
      Ethan Huang

      yooo its glarses


    As you can see we are in the month of February and I feel

    • Matias61

      @JOHN FREDRICK John fredrick took my wife and my 2 Kids and i haven't seen him since

    • NathaN

      This is the most thinly veiled bot conversation I’ve ever seen lmao

    • Dennis Davisson
      Dennis Davisson

      A friend that I referred to John Fredrick him from UK made 3 BTC profit in few days..

  • Yewbdar Petros
    Yewbdar Petros

    My question is: why is Escobar keeps sending you their new products, despite your assessment off, thier business model are not reliable? Another way saying this is, howcome they are still on business making anything? Some thing don't add up.

  • SmartphonesForNiq

    How have they released 4 whole scams and are still around. SMH

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Escobar is literally the Fyre Fest of the tech Industry!

  • Crescent Fresh
    Crescent Fresh

    I've been semi-obsessed with Escobar, Inc. since I found out about them. It's so brazen and hilarious (at least as far as anything cartel related could be hilarious). I still hope to spot someone using an Escobar phone in real life. Also, it's amazing that they keep sending you stuff. Seems counterintuitive to send a sample of your latest scam to a massive IRglor who'll invalidate the scam immediately and tell everyone that it's trash.

    • Tobias Andersson
      Tobias Andersson

      @nggaplx Olof is a king

    • nggaplx

      Swedish state television (SVT) released a documentary about their CEO, Olof K Gustafsson, pretty recently. He also has appeared in some random Swedish youtubers for some kind of braindead debate, burned 10k of fake cash etc. Really weird guy.

    • Shinius

      @Sirtaj D Or people with more money than they need will buy one for a laugh. It only requires a few people like that to be profitable.

    • Sirtaj D
      Sirtaj D

      Mkbhd has talked about this in the past and theorized that they think enough people will just click on to the video and buy into whatever scam Escobar Inc. is peddling without the victim fully watching the video and realizing it’s a scam. Even if 1 out of 1 thousand people do it, Escobar Inc. could make a lot of money.

    • Veron

      @Null really? excellent!

  • Code Lyoko Fan 10
    Code Lyoko Fan 10

    11:32 Even Mr. Who's the boss does not have IRglo premium...YT gonna take the video down🤣

  • yuvan michael
    yuvan michael

    Escobar: Works just like an iphone, you just won't get one. Arun: And I'll see you in the next one.

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    The funniest part is that they keep sending their stuff to MrWhosetheboss even though he calls them out every single time

  • Grengalis

    This is good content, and I appreciate your work, but... you've gotta stop bringing attention to their scams, man. There's a reason they're still sending you their products and it's not because you're tanking their sales.

    • Grengalis

      ​@Yosemite Sam Not bringing attention to it makes it so some people are unaware, yes, unfortunately. But the math is a little more complicated than that when you have 9.73 million subscribers - now you've got to consider that in that group of 9.73 million, some will probably think "Hmm, maybe this time it isn't a scam. It doesn't sound so bad." Or some of them will tell their friends about it, but leave out some information. And those friends will tell their friends about it, also leaving out information. And *those* friends will think "Oh, that's a cool idea, I should check this out." Or someone will think "lol, these Escobar dollars will make a funny meme with my friends, I'll buy some." The fact that Escobar keeps sending this stuff to him even though he just exposes them every single time strongly implies that they've looked at their charts and noticed a spike in sales after a video exposing them is launched. Sometimes the math works out in a shitty way, even when all you're trying to do is educate.

    • Yosemite Sam
      Yosemite Sam

      Uh. Not bringing attention to the scam makes it sonmore people are unaware lmao

  • Liviu Enache
    Liviu Enache

    At this point they have enough exposure and money to actually launch a legit product

    • walkin mn
      walkin mn

      Seriously, they could actually launch and sell an Android phone with some luxury features or at least a luxury iPhone case without the scammy part

    • Lunar.

      @Daniel .S Can I try?? (I'm joking)

  • TheElfsHeadStore

    If your currency requires you to use another currency to use it (scratch coin), your doing something wrong

  • Andrew Power
    Andrew Power

    Knowing what they do, and the guy it started with, why on Earth would you support them by giving them airtime?

  • Barry Mosley, 63
    Barry Mosley, 63

    "If I had a penny for every encounter Mrwhosetheboss had with the Escobars, I'd have three pennies, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened thrice."

  • Guest Account
    Guest Account

    can't believe this man still Rick rolls us in every video😭

  • Peter Šurda
    Peter Šurda

    The first physical versions of cryptocurrency were Bitbills in 2011. Many others followed, the most famous are probably Casascius coins. With proper security these forms work very well. However a couple of years later US federal regulators decided you need a license to create them and that basically makes them practically impossible to produce.

  • Shady

    This guy is very entertaining and his voice is so nice to listen to

  • Arindam Biswas
    Arindam Biswas

    That voice modulated dialog at the end though. 🤣🤣 Literally the best part of the video.

  • I am me
    I am me

    7:29 he said scan...I heard scam😅😂