13 PAINFUL Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.

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  • wilma wessels
    wilma wessels

    i remember when having a blackberry was considered cool

    • Asa Gillespie
      Asa Gillespie

      @TheScaryNuggetMan You're young

    • ZezrinaXD

      @Wise Ferret I wasn’t even alive for that XD

    • Jack Plasandrapus
      Jack Plasandrapus

      Those were the days

    • Matthew Joseph
      Matthew Joseph

      i remember when people tried to punch me because i had a samsung (they were an apple fanboy)

    • ☁cloudgirl☁

      My dad used to have a blackberry but it doesn't work anymore

  • Andres Carretero
    Andres Carretero

    10:05 imagine going to the store ONLY TO BUY THINGS ONLINE

    • Sky Cloud
      Sky Cloud

      That's kind of like the experience of going into your local council these days. They either point you to a computer kiosk screen or send you away and tell you to pay your bill or submit your proposals online at home.

    • Mahmoud Ghazy
      Mahmoud Ghazy

      Maybe just to see if you can find a cheaper option on Amazon, could be an ok idea

    • Wholesome Add*ct
      Wholesome Add*ct

      Lol thats telsa showtooms in a nutshell

    • The Awesome studio
      The Awesome studio

      @kaosine 😂

    • The Awesome studio
      The Awesome studio


  • FennecTECH

    I **STILL** want that energizer phone. Its exactly the kind of thing someone who does a lot of backpacking or spends days at a time in the wilderness

    • Miuletz Mitzu
      Miuletz Mitzu

      At this phone you have magnetic powerbanks you can attach to your phone, you could easily attach one to yours and it wouldn't be as big and still last you days/weeks.

    • FennecTECH

      @Vandal G ive got my music my gameboy games and movies

    • Vandal G
      Vandal G

      You'd have no internet or signal to speak with...so now you're carrying a gameboy brick size paperweight. Genius.

    • Donald Roehrig
      Donald Roehrig

      @FennecTECH Then how will you carry the energizer phone? A power bank would take up the same amount of space as the phone.

    • Tom Vogels
      Tom Vogels

      I literally just bought the Oukitel WP18 (12500mAh battery) as a second phone just because of that

  • E S
    E S

    The Blackberry Z10 was actually an amazing phone. Besides the lack of apps (which was largely remedied by sideloading Android apps), the multitasking, gesture controls, and keyboard were way ahead of their time. I was devastated when mine died suddenly and wouldn't reboot. RIP BB Z10 (2013-2015).

    • Shawn 'TheSheep' Harris
      Shawn 'TheSheep' Harris

      Yesss the Z10, Q10 and BB OS 10 WERE WAY AHEAD OF ITS TIME. By far the most under appreciated piece of tech.

  • J. Amb
    J. Amb

    I LOVED the G5. It felt so cool swapping batteries, like reloading your phone. But, in hindsight it was awful. I had to keep an extra battery with me and charging for my job because my phone would be dead by noon with light usage. Also I couldn't keep a case on it lol.

    • JabbaB Gaming
      JabbaB Gaming

      It also eventually would swell batteries as the capacitors rubbed from the play. I saw a few of these phones on displays with bubbled appearances.

    • kevin krebs
      kevin krebs

      Same, absolutely loved the LG G5, quick swapping a battery always felt like doing a good tactical reload on a handgun. That part made up for the not so great battery life

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Number one most painful smartphone fail: *Dropping a smartphone on your lip when you’re laying on the bed*

    • IronIsKing

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    • IronIsKing

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    • IronIsKing

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    • dvm2048


    • POGO PRO
      POGO PRO

      Very painful man...

  • Bryan Turnbow
    Bryan Turnbow

    I’ve rewatched these tech fail videos more times than I’d want to admit. I love failure.

  • Danika J
    Danika J

    I was very excited about the Essential phone and very close to getting one. It's honestly too bad that the execution didn't match the motivation because with the proper momentum, their ideas could have really gone somewhere


    This series is highly addictive 👍 Make more of them oftenly

  • Chance White
    Chance White

    Yeah, the LG G5 was ill conceived from the start. I was such a LG fan years ago, having owned the G2, G3, V10, and G6, (we won't talk about my ill advised Stylo experience) and being super disappointed with the last couple. My favorite of that group was the G3 by far. I hate that they decided to jump out of the smartphone game.

    • CraftyWitch1990

      Only LG phone I ever had was the LG Cookie and my god it was awful 😂 only 14 year old me could have possibly thought it was worth the money

  • bruh Ze͜͡ʀᴏTw͜͡ᴏ
    bruh Ze͜͡ʀᴏTw͜͡ᴏ

    Back in the days before Apple, if you had a Blackberry phone, you were considered rich.

    • idiot boy
      idiot boy

      but soon blackberry started launching affordable phones which made blackberry an extremely common phone.

    • Gabriel Majin
      Gabriel Majin

      the main difference is that a blackberry was a good phone ^^

    • P!nk!shly

      They’re talking about the iPhone, what made apple big, before blackberry was thrown in the dumpster from touch screen

    • P!nk!shly

      I know this is a year old but… yr comment makes 0 sense. You are right but what does that have to do with this comment?

    • amicloud

      i remember back in school i was the first kid to have a fancy blackberry smartphone. i was also the first kid to get rid of their brilliant blackberry keyboard slab for a Blackberry Storm. woops

  • sagelvl

    honestly, that pk18 phone could've been a great emergency phone situation. imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere or something but knowing your phone could at least last long enough for you to find a signal. and if they made it super durable etc.

    • Firemaker125

      It weighs a pound and is 18mm thick. Way too heavy, a power pack and a durable case would be better.

    • Nicholas Wiewiora
      Nicholas Wiewiora

      Like if they teamed up with Nokia.

  • Andy Igwe
    Andy Igwe

    I had the HTC One, was my very 1st smartphone in 2013. Absolutely loved it, but it crashed after 4 years. Best looking phone I have had. Seen those pics gave me goosebumps

  • Dinocorn

    Watching this towards rhe end of the year made me realize that it's really Samsung who's leading in innovation. They're hurrying on the being the first foldable phones but Samsung really forwarded with the Flip and the Fold this year. Kudos Samsung.

  • DoctorDothraki

    11:01 I also know that the Essential Phone had attachments available like the LG G5 and Moto Z's Moto Mods. AFAIK, they only had a 360° camera. Though one good thing they had going for it is the accessories attached magnetically, and are theoretically compatible with phones of multiple sizes. Unfortunately, these accessories are a mini tech fail of their own.

  • Asad Asif syed
    Asad Asif syed

    For the urgents 0:09. Moto razer 1:03. Royal flexpi 2:22. Air power 4:14. HTC u ultra 5:13. LG G5 6:38. Blackberry Z10 8:27 Samsung Bixby. 9:28 Amazon fire phone. 11:00. Essential 12:39. Apple battery gate. 13:52 Red hydrogen. 15:16. Google pixel 4 17:18 energizer P18K

    • kimyoverhere


    • ¡sleepy frog!
      ¡sleepy frog!

      uh there was already some chapters so you could jump there but thanks i guess?

    • Mr. T
      Mr. T

      Is bixby a phone? I only know it as an annoying app that you can't rid off

    • Mach


    • Shadow - The Truth
      Shadow - The Truth

      @Biplab Kumar Ghosh it's not on the Thumbnail?

  • Darren Lapointe
    Darren Lapointe

    I followed cellphone tech from 1998-2014 pretty heavily and then off to the side since and these series have been really nostalgic looking back. So much stuff I hoped would be game changing that just turned out to be wet farts lol.


    HTC is the most upsetting for me. The M9 was a great phone and had my lock button not failed & had it continued to get software updates I'd probably still be using it. When I looked for a replacement HTC didn't have anything that was worth it.

  • Phantom Aviator
    Phantom Aviator

    Instead of a flip action, it could've had 2 separate screens that seamlessly blended, but to make it smaller, one of the screens pops up, like an elevator, and slides down onto the lower screen, and once on top of the lower screen, it locks, and the lower screen shuts off. It'd leave out the issues of flexible screens wirh the plastic or screen coming off, the battery sucking, etc. You could keep the main battery in the lower section, and the upper screen has a secondary battery to power it while it moves. I'm putting this out there, so now anyone can use it, but if you do use it, please mention me, or atleast build a major factory in West Virginia, we need more jobs.

  • Hypno Toad
    Hypno Toad

    No, apple's reasoning was "if we slow their devices down to a crawl they'll have to upgrade to a new device". The blatant *excuse* they gave was battery life longevity. This is much more in line with the type of thing apple would do.

    • [World_Machine]

      In actuality, this is against Apple’s ideas only because they’re focusing a lot on subscriptions now. There’s always the risk a consumer will switch away from iPhone when they become dissatisfied with its performance, so Apple has actually made an effort to keep iPhones in the running as long as possible, because every iPhone is a portal to Apple Music, iCloud+, Apple TV and all the other subscriptions they’re hoping on being the future for them (phone sales across the board are slowly declining, this is their plan to respond). Still very scummy they never gave you the option to turn off throttling in the first place, but it at least makes some sense?

    • Hunter Bricks
      Hunter Bricks

      I feel like apple has to much money to care if you have a iPhone 6 instead of the 13

  • Pip-Pip

    why do tech youtubers have the most soothing voices??? i could listen to this man talk about a painful disease and be lulled to sleep

    • Life on Low Batteries
      Life on Low Batteries


    • yes man
      yes man

      @ArtisticAlexis ikr

    • roon

      YT: tech youtubers have the most soothing voices Linus Sebastian: Well, hello there!

    • Skywayz Zarthic
      Skywayz Zarthic

      I think it’s actually because of the soothing voice that he’s a successful tech IRglor.

    • ~Ash-chan~


  • End Scene
    End Scene

    Best part of this is I own two of these phones... the Essential and the Red... camera on the essential is pretty poor but the 360 attachment is kinda cool... and the hydrogen feels like it's missing a stun gun feature... it's a monster and super heavy but, in the immortal words of Flossy Carter... "feels so good in the hand... giggity"

  • Bram

    Watching this feb 2022 it feels tame. I loved this video when it came out. Now it feels like someone took a mrwhosetheboss video and turned the energy down a little. What this says to me is you took something I loved.. and kept improving until its a level of awesome I couldn't have come up with myself. This channel is so. freaking. good. Really makes me wonder what else Iove now but is going to reach new places... Thanks for the vids!

  • Lidge1994

    As a former LG G5 owner (had it for over 2 years, bought a OnePlus next), I have to say that though the modularity aspect was completely stupid and a failure, the phone itself performed wonderfully as my first ever flagship device and is the reason I've now moved from mid-range to high-end smartphones (had a Sony M2 before the LG, and a pretty weak Hauwei before that).

  • Eric

    I got the g5 for really cheap a year after it came out and I honestly really liked it, having the option yo carry a separate battery was pretty convenient tbh

  • Boinman2

    I like how he doesn't just talk about the sponsor on the start, he just says thank you to the sponsor. And I like that! Thank you! Edit: Thanks for 3k likes lol :D

    • Z Nismo
      Z Nismo


    • ShepTheCreator



      @Kio aa

    • GohTWM

      3000th like

    • Andry Cake
      Andry Cake

      3K now!

  • Charlotte Through the Web
    Charlotte Through the Web

    I was one of those Energizer backers. Hahaha. I would still want it. I personally hate how small and thin phones have gotten and how they are made of flimsy materials like back glass. Plus I believe it was advertised as having a slide out keyboard, which is the feature I miss most on phones as I have poor motor control, so typing a single message like this takes around 5-10 minutes on a touch screen, but under one minute on the galaxy slide style keyboards. (Which was the phone I bought for 3 2 year contracts straight, giving up the first 3-4 years of 4G.)

  • PuddyCat

    I can see the P18k being useful for people who go on arctic expeditions or something like that. It could’ve been sold very well if they made it for that purpose or something similar with other optimisations for that sort of thing but as a normal smartphone it’s only going to fail realistically.

  • Corey Charron
    Corey Charron

    Z10 still has the best touch screen keyboard I've ever used. Also the black Berry hub was great. Not sure why the keyboard never got repliicated

  • SpaniardNL

    Biggest fails: - removing 3.5mm headphone kack - not including headphones - not including chargers - forcing wireless charging - punch hole camera's - oversized and underused screen size (notches and punchouts) - refusing to increase battery life by choosing too small battery capacities Basically every smart phone right now

    • Becca A
      Becca A

      Ikr my phone recently broke and i was horrified wheni found out basically every single phone on the market is like this. Decided on buying a Samsung note 9. A downgrade from whats on the market

    • Michael Buto
      Michael Buto

      As a smartphone avid gamer, i would say Punch Hole is not needed, they can better have small space to bottom and top just because it helps for Horizontal Hands Ergonomic and i believe our current industry also love Profits from streaming and gaming. That also probably why Iphone 13 back to notch which actually nice even for gamer(Iphone software rocks for me since i can resize the notch) For removing headphone jack, its seriously up to debate but it is not nice sometimes even tho as i own S7Flat, i can securely said you can have Waterproof+Headphone jack sooo.. idk For battery life i think most phone right now already good like 4k to 5k battery. I still remember how i buy 100$ for 3K powerbank battery.

    • Just some guy looking at sky
      Just some guy looking at sky

      I don't really have any issues with punched hole camera No headphone jack yeah bad decision No headphones, charger yeah bad decision Wireless charging=Terrible worst idea there is no need for that and it also wastes a lot of energy and heats up Screen size I am not really bothered by screen sizes Battery definitely smartphones deserve bigger battery or if not better battery usage so it lasts longer

    • DavidNikkiZane

      no headphones is not great I guess but it's no big deal because they sucked anyway I really like the immersion of notches and hole punches and I think they add character to the front of the phone no charger yea kinda sucks but not biggest fail wireless charging is cool and I use it a lot but it's not a replacement for wired yet with the headphone jack I didn't even realize my phone didn't have one until I checked

    • Axel Dominguez
      Axel Dominguez

      @DavidNikkiZane why?

  • Ben Clarke
    Ben Clarke

    I love how he doesn't spend 3 minutes on the sponsor he just mentions it or he just does it at the end

    • Unknown name
      Unknown name


    • Botney J
      Botney J

      @Shahd Koja you're going out of scope of the original reason this discussion started

    • Archibowl

      @Botney J yeah but it makes him money and he deserves it imo

    • Maui Mau Mau
      Maui Mau Mau

      Well it works

    • Lommerd Passievrucht
      Lommerd Passievrucht

      I don't get why people are mad about longer ads. I mean. You can just skip it

  • i disagree
    i disagree

    4:20 "you might remember the HTC one" and those memories are some of the best I've had with an android phone... HTC really had great build quality and attention to detail with their software, its a shame to see them fall

  • Louis Emery
    Louis Emery

    I kind of like the Essential PH-1. I got it at a reduced price on an Amazon prime day 4 (?) years ago. It is still running.

  • Stefano Lance Mangalili Celis
    Stefano Lance Mangalili Celis

    I enjoy watching him because of his cool contents aside from phone unboxing and reviewing

  • ADHDistracted

    The G4 had flawed internals, but in terms of the physical design it had the single best user experience of any smartphone, ever.

  • Larson

    BlackBerry was considered “professional” back in the day while Razors were for cool kids. Tell me I’m lying.

    • Larson

      @Eg sad this made me die laughing thank you

    • ¡sleepy frog!
      ¡sleepy frog!

      your lying

    • Josiah Moore
      Josiah Moore

      @Eg sad lmao savage

    • James Keith
      James Keith

      @Eg sad touché 🤣🤣🤣

    • James Keith
      James Keith

      @SpiriT touché 🤣🤣🤣

  • quo da
    quo da

    I loved the BB Z10, the size and how it felt in your hand was great. The BB Hub was also great. Wish new smartphones had the same size as BB Z10 for Android.

  • JH

    HTC is one of my favorite. I remember the HTC M9. It was one of the best I've ever used. I still love HTC but because of the failure I'm a big Sony fan for bunch of reasons.

  • Unrelentful

    I had actually purchased an Amazon Fire Phone when it came out. I got a deal for $200 because I got it right away verse the $450 price it was going to jump up to. The dynamic view where you could tilt the background was actually pretty wicked. The other notable thing was you had free 24/7 Customer Service where you could call to ask any question.

  • Neko Wafer
    Neko Wafer

    the G5 was actually great! None of it's "features" were required in anyway. You could still replace the battery easily when others like the Galaxy S6 (or S7 or further) could not. I do not see how it's ability to expand with expansions and choices makes it a failure compared to the S6 that had zero customization.

  • North Star
    North Star

    I want to meet those 16 people who bought Energizer phone 🤣

    • Aman Jaiswal
      Aman Jaiswal

      Those people were Company Boards and Executive Employees 😂

    • ShowBizTorize

      I'm One Believe It Or Not

    • Dyl The Bradiator
      Dyl The Bradiator

      Lol 100% psych confirmed

    • Karolin

      @Beast if you're out hiking and shit for weeks it would be great, depending on how much extra weight it is

    • Thee

      Bluefire 14 They are the employees of Energizer, Including the CEO. Giant RIP.

  • B.W.Fontaine

    New to the channel, and after watchin this upload in its entirety, I can see how and why you've got over 8 million subs...I'm now one of those 8 million...great content bro, I'm gonna binge watch your content now.....🤘🏻🇺🇸

  • Alexander Kreytsus
    Alexander Kreytsus

    I worked for a company called quality 1 wireless I believe (it was literary 8 or so years ago) and we actually had to mass fix alot of the phones in ur videos by hand including the HTC beats phone you showed. Although you said it wasn't the actual fail .....the amount of these phones I took apart begs me to differ 🤣😂

  • firegem22595

    My first phone was my dads old LG g3 and I loved it the whole time I had it. It is super sad how they just went down over time with their mess ups

  • Jeff

    I loved my BB Storm 2 and knew a lot of people that did as well. Not sure why you would say it was one of the worst phones in existence. It did everything I needed it to do at the time for my business needs and it did it quite well. It never gave me any issues and It was a lot of fun to use as well. I'm sorry, but that phone was far from the worst in existence! Not even close.

  • Ashwin Giri
    Ashwin Giri

    Energiser sold 16 during their first quarter. Fun fact: those 16 were the employees of energizer including the CEO. 😂😂😂😂

    • Adem Foster
      Adem Foster

      It's actually untrue

    • Jiwoo Park
      Jiwoo Park


    • Harry the samsung fan
      Harry the samsung fan

      What it went on sale i wanted one

    • TheRealThatCatStabe360

      LMAO wait what

    • f g
      f g

      @Angelo Boshra ;hh

  • Ryuga Hydeki
    Ryuga Hydeki

    That energizer phone would have been pretty helpful if it was advertised as an “emergency phone” instead of an actual smart phone. People prone to hurricanes and earthquakes or just any natural disasters, retrofit it with a gps and satellite capable calls. An “every boat and plane must have” that would have probably been received more positively.

    • CaptainX

      or even if it just wasn't as thick. Like 50 days seems overkill. If they had 7 days and could make it substantially thinner, just thicker than average, that would be cool.

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    The energizer phone would of been much more successful if they aimed for 48-72 hours of battery life and made it just a bit thicker instead of being an actual brick.

  • Chef Deadpool
    Chef Deadpool

    Here I am a year later watching this video on a Z-Fold 3. I'd say the folding phone is definitely becoming better and more sturdy.

  • i disagree
    i disagree

    I'm actually floored that HTC put that secondary display on the U. I know everyone eventually copies LG's innovation in the phone industry, but that's one i thought nobody would want to steal lol. Also, I absolutely loved the LG G5. I don't think the modularity was the selling point, I personally never cared. BUT IT HAD A WIDE ANGLE. The cameras on the G5 blew me away when I got it, makes me sad to see that nobody else liked the phone like i did haha. I gave it plenty of love until it didn't work anymore, and then I removed the modular battery and made it a foldable with my hands.

  • 윤형석

    We Korean says "life was good" to make fun of LG lol

    • Abigail Choi
      Abigail Choi

      Yo why are the comments do defensive the heck. I'm korean too and I know we make a lot of random jokes and it's not like Americans don't joke abt how Samsung sucks too so like?

    • Georgije2

      I really liked my LG phones, I had a G2 and G6. Now I have a Samsung S21 and even though it's ok, it's worse than my old G6 in a few ways. The fingerprint scanner is a disaster, the plastic housing feels cheap and the camera is really bad at macro shots. Even my G2 from 2013 made better ones. Much better.

    • Ms L
      Ms L

      My goodness, some of the comments here...why do ignorant racist trolls still exist?

    • TinyTwon


    • Eren Atli
      Eren Atli


  • Erlkönig

    This was the best joke I've heard all week...."trust in the Apple brand"! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jurassic Matt
    Jurassic Matt

    I still use my G5 for the B&O DAC. It's the best sound I've ever heard. It's way better than anything that came after, even in other LG models.

  • King Stone
    King Stone

    I remember my HTC One. First true smartphone, upgraded from my LG GW620. Loved it a lot, the beats audio was fantastic.

  • mateos vargas
    mateos vargas

    I had 2 LG G5s, got the second because the first went into a bootloop but it was still under warranty. The only good part about it was the replaceable battery

  • Xirdneh Dannien Orencia Biasbas
    Xirdneh Dannien Orencia Biasbas

    Arun: "You might've heard of th-" Me: "Nope, haven't heard that before."

    • yes man
      yes man

      @Chicken wooosh

    • Chicken

      There’s a reason he says “might”

    • Thicc

      69 likes les go

  • minameise

    I have actually considered going with LG lately. I'd stick with Samsung if they weren't so preoccupied trying to be just like Apple. They have been removing device features left and right.

  • Razor's Retro Game Shelf
    Razor's Retro Game Shelf

    The Amazon Fire phone was great, I used mine for like 5 years when it first came out. It was a brilliant little phone, especially when you sideloaded Google apps on it.

  • Jammmmm

    The part where he says "it gave visions of stuff we thought we had past" then error screens everywhere had me laughing.

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    (7:15) I watched this video just to see if my old Blackberry Storm II made the list. It didnt make the list but it did get referenced. I was so excited to get my first smart phone in 2009 and what a disappointment it was!

  • 沉惊悚

    The energizer phone actually got me laughing on the ground. It's more of a smart power bank lol

    • HONK

      Energizer smart powerbank (samsung smart fridge) Does anyone understand the slow yoke Hahahahahaja i said yoke and it's not plane hahahahahajajahajajajajajajajajhahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahha it's a joke hahahahaahahahah Idk i just want to comment something

    • Tho Rizon
      Tho Rizon

      @HWLXRailgun use it like you threw a brick to people

    • Praful Garje
      Praful Garje

      @Ruhan Ahmed NSA, this is the one

    • peekaboo peekaboo
      peekaboo peekaboo

      @Ruhan Ahmed Amazon's "Alexa"? Apple's "Siri"?

    • Ruhan Ahmed
      Ruhan Ahmed

      I think that a 10/10 fail would be if the phone turned into a robot dictator and summoned it's fellow robot minions and together the massacred the hoomans and ruled the world. But that's only a theory

  • eppsislike

    I have to say, Bixby made one hell of a comeback. Using it with my galaxy watch 4 and S22 ultra. The experience is seamless.

  • Imaginary Alchemist
    Imaginary Alchemist

    What's funny is I'm watching this on a Google Pixel 4 XL. I was kinda surprised to hear it was a fail, I like my Pixel 4. I did get one that had a defective screen, but the issue was ultimately resolved. I will say it's been a bit buggy since the last update, but that's Android for you. I've used Android for years so I've come to expect it.

  • Cheyenne St. John
    Cheyenne St. John

    I remember one of my friends dropped her htc one when on a ladder using it as a flashlight. The bookshelf next to the ladder broke and the phone was fine. That phone was wonderful and it’s disappointing that they didn’t continue to improve.

  • The Last Dad on Earth
    The Last Dad on Earth

    Motorola basically took all the heat for their flip phone and Samsung slid in and took all the glory. Also my friend had that first Blackberry touchscreen smartphone. It was one of the worst touchscreens I have ever used.

  • Daniel

    Imagine the Energizer phone drops on someone's head 💀💀

    • largol33t1

      @MemeLord 876 LOL, I used to have a Nokia "brick" phone and it had decent battery life but man, that thing could charge to full almost in the blink of an eye. And I swear it could withstand a nuclear blast. It STILL works and is over 15 years old. If Nokia still distributed and sold cell phones with Android OS today, I'd be using one.

    • Siyara Induruwage
      Siyara Induruwage

      @Achtsekundenfurz Too much battery😂😂

    • Useless Turtle Pie
      Useless Turtle Pie

      @Achtsekundenfurz That setup was phenomonal. Miraculous execution.

    • TheGamer57


  • Kayleigh Chandler
    Kayleigh Chandler

    I uses the G5 for years and it was a pretty great phone except for the power button sticking every once in awhile

  • Smiling Man
    Smiling Man

    "Seen companies that we previously loved just kind of fade away" As an "old school" HTC user who had the HTC Desire HD back in early 2012 and then later got the HTC one M7 Yes, this is true...I loved the design and feel of the HTC phones, i still have my one M7 which still works although its not really worth using as a daily driver.. But atleast i have the OG flappy bird on it!

  • Olimpo903

    i think royole flexpai was the father of all the foldables, it gave hope that it could work and boosted some brands to make their own foldables.

  • BASA

    I had the two touchscreen blackberrys back then and i remember loving them. It was so strange and satisfying to click the whole screen!

  • Viviana Vargas
    Viviana Vargas

    I need this guy on a podcast. He has such a nice soothing voice

  • L

    The energiser phone might have made more sense if the had kept the battery time down to 30 days, which is the time some insurance companies will only cover you for to be away from home anyway. But I'm seriously impressed with the way the Google Pixel 4a sips at the battery, so they really needed to work for more efficiency as well as more battery, then put it in a form factor with a rugged case that people who like hiking and other outdoors pursuits would be happy to pay out for.

  • William watson
    William watson

    Videos like this really makes me appreciate my S21+ that much more!

  • Drysoda

    I think it would be interesting for Nokia to come back up with a smartphone and just see how that goes.

  • gil avalos
    gil avalos

    I think that his voice was the only reason I was able to endure a 20 minute long video.

    • Giorgos Nicolaides
      Giorgos Nicolaides

      Damn same 😂

    • Mikay

      Dam this vidoe 20 mins? Didnt even notice

    • Education 4 Stone age
      Education 4 Stone age


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    Rachel Colameco

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    Brian Hartman

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    Andrew Coleman

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