I tested the CHEAPEST Gadgets on the Internet.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Did anyone notice the room slowly deteriorating over the course of the video? 😂 To check out my past gadgets episodes: irglo.info/from/eKaeoH6Tf9PKaH0/fy-lm-h-y.html Check out dbrand here: dbrand.com/boss

    • The_Pollux_55

      There was loop

    • Oren Drath
      Oren Drath


    • A Ferret
      A Ferret

      I did

    • A Ferret
      A Ferret

      Mr whose the ferret

    • Pmoney dingers
      Pmoney dingers


  • Anurag

    If pricing of Passionfruit phones were reasonable, they would have a place in this list...🙂👍

    • memebirbs

      @Miniature Manager The phones are trash. the reasonable price is really cheap because the phone is garbage.

    • 13 Galaxy Productions
      13 Galaxy Productions

      @Miniature Manager I had a stroke reading that

    • Miniature Manager
      Miniature Manager

      Is iphone were cheap then whey would be in this video :/

    • · hijabihxba ·
      · hijabihxba ·


    • 13 Galaxy Productions
      13 Galaxy Productions

      @Nova Nebula I'm looking for the i-Phoney 24 Max Pro+ 5G Fold early 2022 version

  • izDyCee

    Arun: tests cheap tech gadgets Also Arun: accidently weaponizes carrots

  • Dr John Engine
    Dr John Engine

    Unlike other tech IRglors this guy is so fun 😂💯💯

  • Buchi Verse
    Buchi Verse

    This GPU is amazing really. To me it's more than enough for gaming and creative workflow. Although, I am considering the 3070 lately hehe

  • Elliot Tolley
    Elliot Tolley

    I love your content so much you should keep up the good work and god bless you.❤️‍🔥❤️❤️

  • Joel Saarinen
    Joel Saarinen

    Arun, the quality of your videos has gone through the roof lately. It’s almost ridiculous how content like this is free, and I can’t even imagine what amazing projects you’re going to do in the future! Thanks for bringing us world class content BOSS!❤️💯

    • Jax Hilton
      Jax Hilton

      Hello brother

    • AL1V£


    • newish_model4

      @Serendipity Trick Shots Okay.

    • Serendipity Trick Shots
      Serendipity Trick Shots

      @newish_model4 ok, I just think he’s making more of a fuss over little thing that “hurt” but in reality they didn’t at all. When he talks in that high pitch voice he’s it’s not genuine in my opinion. He’s just doing these videos for kids, while the actual new tech and tech reviews are more genuine and focused more towards an older audience. However the cinematography is rly good tho.

    • a plastic bag
      a plastic bag

      @Ken Paxton Lim adblock + anti-tracking extension

  • Jovanberg

    I nearly peed myself laughing at your super big pink gloves with the 'Smoke Bubble Fish" gadget/toy... That's brilliant actually, the gadget not the gloves.. The ketchup gun...more like a ketchup squirter, that was most probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long time

  • -Keith Hale-
    -Keith Hale-

    Fun video as always! I'd kind of like to try some of this cheap stuff. Unless i failed to find the link(s) in the description - i have some googling to be doogling.......

  • Utsab Rocks Tech
    Utsab Rocks Tech

    placement of ad with the press of Enter was Epic❤❤

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    • Uzumaki_Naruto

      Yes broo

  • Benny Boi
    Benny Boi

    7:50 My family puts old Christmas lights in the fire to achieve about the same look. That powder sure does look a lot more convenient though.

  • Tony Alex SIbi
    Tony Alex SIbi

    TimeStamps #22 0:30 Polaroid Candy Play #21 0:59 Bubble Gatling Gun #20 1:42 Smoke Bubble Fish #19 2:37 SpreadThat Knife #18 3:24 Sauce Gun #17 4:08 Karoto #16 4:47 Smart Mug 15:09 Smart Mug Results #15 5:22 Apple Peeler #14 6:00 Neon Hanger #13 6:25 Popcorn Machine #12 7:26 Magic Fire #11 7:56 Voice-Activated Smart Plug #10 8:18 Super Enter #09 8:55 Voice Changer #08 9:45 Egg Cuber #07 10:20 Sunset Lamp #06 10:57 Led Showerhead #05 11:36 Ultra Wide Car View #04 10:59 Galaxy Light #03 12:16 Corn Planer #02 12:56 Finger Blade #01 13:30 Staple-Free Stapler #00 FREE - Like to the video

    • Leo

      @Cycanex Apple juice?

    • Mohammad Hmadeh
      Mohammad Hmadeh

      @0zg_ can you report those accounts? There are thousands of them now

    • JOHN JAWAHAR தமிழன்
      JOHN JAWAHAR தமிழன்

      Apple peeler is the cheapest Apple product 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jonas Mcclure
      Jonas Mcclure

      @shiny greninja good for you but even if it is I’m Christian so I’m not going to even joke like that

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      matijas terzić


  • Real kossa
    Real kossa

    Love your vids keep up the good work

  • JK

    Woah, amazing video. I love your videos! The quality of your videos is increasing rapidly!

  • Robert Hoffman
    Robert Hoffman

    Love this video. Keep them coming.

  • Goldie210

    The real question is what happens when you combine the Ember Mug and the heat pad?

  • AirCrash Encoded
    AirCrash Encoded

    The best thing is we don't have to pay Arun to watch such cool 😎videos....!!!

    • Sreenikethan I
      Sreenikethan I

      @BaconSings lmao bro i resonate with you it's not that they're wrong, but it's just slightly weird to keep seeing that SAME comment on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO, almost word-for-word

    • The Gaming Sphere
      The Gaming Sphere

      @ahasif on our own will

    • ahasif

      @The Gaming Sphere not from our wallets tho

    • Abd-aljaleel Idlibi
      Abd-aljaleel Idlibi

      you pay him by subscribing

    • The Gaming Sphere
      The Gaming Sphere

      @ahasif Time is money bro. So we pay

  • Dangerous Kaos
    Dangerous Kaos

    Always love your videos! Super nice!! ❤️❤️

  • Eric Owen
    Eric Owen

    That amount of bubbles looks so cool under the studio lighting

  • Ruebo

    It´s weird to see a normal Dbrand sponsorship when you´re used to the type they do at LTT. Sadly no weird challenges or the kind

  • Sweety Malak
    Sweety Malak

    I've never watched a video of Mrwhosetheboss without laughing

  • Francis Moses
    Francis Moses

    This was so much fun to watch. Lots of humour that got me laughing throughout the video. I even went on to watch it twice. Excellent work Arun. Would've loved to try out that bubble gun but they probably won't ship to my country. Anxiously waiting for your next video ☺

    • Nurising charana nayak Nayak
      Nurising charana nayak Nayak

      @jugebox 13 t

    • Aashan Sohail
      Aashan Sohail

      Where can I buy that

    • Amarsh727

      I laughed so hard when he said it’s like vaping for kids

    • jugebox 13
      jugebox 13

      This man legit hit the enter to start my adds

  • Arman

    The line "pp material coming in handy" had me laughing for half an hour 😂

    • Sreenikethan I
      Sreenikethan I


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  • Macey Feick
    Macey Feick

    Oh my gosh! Arun is so funny! I laughed the entire video!

  • Henry’s RC cars
    Henry’s RC cars

    Imagine waiting all year and on Christmas you get a neon clothes hanger!🤣


    This is my favorite video from you so far! ❤️👍🏻

  • Subham Guha
    Subham Guha

    This man never dissapoints...been following since he had 200K subs...now he's among the best creators...You have been Theboss all along...

    • Jehaan Patell
      Jehaan Patell

      i remember watching him since like 400k, always knew he would grow to be huge VERY GOOD, GREAT SUCCESS

    • Hugo Hermes
      Hugo Hermes

      Yep agreed

    • Megat Basyarullah
      Megat Basyarullah


    • Zero

      @Don't read profile photo it turns into a rickroll I've seen a video

    • WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally


  • Jack Walson
    Jack Walson

    Buen video, pero permítanme hablar de algo importante, veo a muchos jóvenes y viejos cometiendo errores que creo que no deberían ser. Creo que todos, jóvenes o mayores, deberían tener un plan de inversión que aumente su rendimiento financiero entre tres y seis cifras. La inversión puede ser tu plan de jubilación o tu plan de futuro, lo que tú quieras, pero lo más importante es que tengas una inversión rentable.

    • Arnulf Brand
      Arnulf Brand

      Yo también era escéptico al principio cuando lo conocí, pero tuve que armarme de valor para intentarlo y ahora no me arrepiento.

    • Arnulf Brand
      Arnulf Brand

      Es muy cierto, 2 meses es mucho cuando se invierte con el comerciante adecuado.

    • Hannah Paige
      Hannah Paige

      Tantas buenas palabras sobre él... debe valer la pena.

    • Yvonne Zola
      Yvonne Zola


    • Yvonne Zola
      Yvonne Zola

      Instagam ⬇️⬇️

  • the anonymous nerd
    the anonymous nerd

    I can't believe you can find such quality items online for less than 10 bucks

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    I thought the gun would go over the table but it did the exact opposite 😂

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    I thought the sauce gun would shoot over the table but it did the exact opposite 😂

  • WOLF

    I've always admired the attention to detail in your content... Whether its quality or editing... everything great. And if someone didn't notice, the slight thing in the right corner while the tea gadget was being tested.. it wasn't necessary but it added so much more value overall.. it just great.

    • Lewis K
      Lewis K

      Your standards are very low

    • Serendipity Trick Shots
      Serendipity Trick Shots

      I fell like he’s become more fake now tbh

    • Àbomîñàtion

      Exactly thats how you know your watching a good content the smallest details are added

  • Pouyan Shirvani
    Pouyan Shirvani

    I too would’ve sprayed my face with the bubbles 😂

  • Frost King
    Frost King

    I have an apple peeler like that, but it also cores and spiral cuts it, depending on the settings. It's real "classic" looking being all metal, no plastic like that. Got it for like a few bucks at a flea market.

  • Rob Lynn
    Rob Lynn

    The neon coathanger is meant to be for a shop window, like a dry cleaners or something

  • Moderately Concerned
    Moderately Concerned

    The bubble gun is amazing I'm buying that for sure


    Arun:"The Video is gonna get cheaper as we go" Also him: Does god level editing

    • Arctic Legend
      Arctic Legend

      @A Name lol

    • A Name
      A Name

      what if his editor has been so good he forgot how to reduce production quality

    • Element Krew
      Element Krew



      @Element Krew editor*


      @Spin ikr

  • Sandwich lol
    Sandwich lol

    I like the part where he shows the cheapest apple gadgets we’ve never heard of

  • Fox_Gaming

    I love mrwhosetheboss videos But my most fav ones are the ones that look amazing like this video

  • Grape

    Magic fire comes in little packs in most stores where I live, it's pretty cool

  • Random stuff
    Random stuff

    My grandma had one of those popcorn machines. It was VERY resistant. It broke a few years ago😅...

  • Da Parrott
    Da Parrott

    Bro, i have to say this, as a fellow brit. You have completely REPRESENTED on the world stage. I'm proud of you and your team for all you accomplishments so far. This channel is great. I am so happy I followed you. Keep up the good work.

    • Max Williams
      Max Williams

      @Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel. firstly shut up secondly timothy 1 2:12

    • Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel.
      Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel.

      Repent to Jesus Christ ““A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” ‭‭John‬ ‭13:34‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • YouTube Poo Poo 💩
      YouTube Poo Poo 💩

      @🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈 ✔ lol good one

    • 🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈  ✔
      🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈 ✔

      @N F *_Didn't ask you to introduce yourself-_*

    • N F
      N F


  • aju john
    aju john

    One thing I love about him is his laugh

  • corban Rosebank
    corban Rosebank

    Apple peeler the pop corn machine and magic fire are all pretty normal in Australia made me feel wiered out that a bunch of the products were just normal things over here

  • mrequi1

    They've actually had those 'hand crank apple peelers' on the market well over a century.

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  • Alkah Poorun
    Alkah Poorun

    I have a popcorn machine like that and I love it 😂

  • Richardsen Thomas
    Richardsen Thomas

    When you realise even the gadgets under Arun's cheap list are things you still can't afford... Wow... My whole life was a lie

    • kasiek

      @the smasher did you really think you got them here? phone and internet are kinda necessary, you don’t know what kind of phone they have and the internet may be provided by parents or it’s included within the mobile plan, gadgets aren’t necessary so not everyone has to afford to buy something like this just because it’s fun 🤡

    • the smasher
      the smasher

      How the fuck do you afford a phone and internet if you can't afford a $20 gadget?

    • Driman Boy
      Driman Boy

      @kasiek People who live in Third World Countrys dont need any of this Gadgets. They should not even watch IRglo...

  • Hedley Egre
    Hedley Egre

    PP material comfortable to grasp 😂 I wonder if the creator of it did that on purpose

  • Andrea Viganó
    Andrea Viganó

    8:57 I absolutely love your voice, is so relaxing and makes you want to watch more and more videos

  • Ib2106

    I can hear milo thinking "my owner really has a screw loose"

  • The Kids-College-Basketball-Show
    The Kids-College-Basketball-Show

    Try the mug that stays hot and the heat pad together

  • Trust the Process by Shaw
    Trust the Process by Shaw

    I am going to show this video to my wife in future, she would love these gadgets... And I love the video everything was well cooked / well done. Thank you Arun for making a gadget video that's not only informative, not only entertaining, not only surprising, not only well managed, not only well edited, not only well presented but also it seems like watching Some highly professional gadget testers from a Lab. Amazing Works! A deep heartened Thank You for your work🌹

    • Hazim Kamen
      Hazim Kamen

      @mukunda reddy did you just called spending money for your wife a waste? Must be a good model for a husband.

    • mukunda reddy
      mukunda reddy

      @Hazim Kamen stop yoir stereotypes , not everyone wastes money .

    • mukunda reddy
      mukunda reddy

      @hi yeah lol

    • hi

      @mukunda reddy I think you responded to the wrong person

  • Mistryツ

    2:29 Made Me Laugh The Hardest 🤣 "Its Like Vaping For Kids"

  • Raffi Badman
    Raffi Badman

    just the most genuine lovely guy ever

  • Crazy BICH
    Crazy BICH

    I knew the sauce gun would drip onto the carpet🤣🤣🤣

  • imark7777777

    9:54 they still make those! I've been so worried that our one and only one was gonna get damaged.


    Thank you for this video, you and your team break through none limits and your production value and fun has increased since 5 years ago, now we are upgrading but backwards lol. Keep innovating your videos Arun!

    • RACERX

      @Ibrahim Khan 🅥 lol, I already know. The real Arun wouldn't message on an alternative acc!

    • Spark :
      Spark :

      @Ibrahim Khan 🅥 yeah lmao!

    • Ibrahim Khan 🅥
      Ibrahim Khan 🅥

      Dude the person commented u abt the give away is fake....Mrwhosetheboss would ask u to message on telegram lol

    • Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss9
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      🔝🔝🔝🔝 Thanks for the feedback, Expect more videos very soon Send a directly message I have something for you....

  • Luis Morales
    Luis Morales

    Those ultra wode view for the car are old, were really common back in the 70's. No joking. It even were recomended back then. I've never understood why people don't use them anymore, because are you mentioned they cover the blind spot.

  • lay lover
    lay lover

    I'm not even joking MrWhosetheBoss is one of the best goddamn content creators on this platform. Wildly entertaining but also informative and interesting.

  • Ninj4 NihaL
    Ninj4 NihaL

    Fun fact : his 🍵 tea mug is worthy than this whole products 😅

  • Gunbuster333

    Polypropylene. A common household plastic. Although when I 3d print stuff i stick to the classic Pla Pro, and PLA+. Sometimes I’ll even use PVA. Although it depends on what I’m doing. I gotta buy more thi

  • fmadden71

    The real question about the heat mugs is what happens when your cup dries up. Typically, the cheap ones will get hotter and hotter, and become a fire source. Which is why they are banned from use in most American offices.

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      Congratulations you have been selected amongst our shortlisted winner's✅ A direct message 👍👍

  • Fiskur Tjorn
    Fiskur Tjorn

    I just love the pace you go through these items. I use a much cheaper device for my butter. I use a one-dollar cheese slicer to cut a thin slice of butter. I think it is even faster compared to the knife too.

  • 🌸Dragonoid🌺

    All fun until the mug heater catches on fire🔥

  • Anika Yt
    Anika Yt

    7:02 I loved how he switched chairs

  • Reynold

    The Gatling gun was my favorite,because it had the words Gattling and Gun, and bubbles, and bath vibes

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Even though some of the products were junk, I am surprised at how many actually worked.

    • Sreenikethan I
      Sreenikethan I

      @A human being yup

    • A human being
      A human being

      The corn one was surprisingly good.

  • soberhippie

    2 things: 1st: You've got great voice; 2nd: I hoped there'd be a device to clean that footprint off

  • A.A.R.T Tranquility
    A.A.R.T Tranquility

    Fun fact : he spent 205.85 cents on the cheapest things in the 🌍 world

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio

    6:03 In the late 60's, I overheard a woman at studio 54 in NYC asking her datee, "wouldn't it be cool if they made hangers out of neon signs?!" Granted, she was a blonde bimbo. But I just wanted to share the fact that I heard someone ask for this product.

    • cattatron


  • Bingus chicken
    Bingus chicken

    Imagine this guy’s electricity bill

  • ShadyShanks

    Damn, you guys are ALWAYS on point with your content👌, and we never have to wait 2 months for a new video either!😄

    • Wizzy Ogwanz
      Wizzy Ogwanz

      @Fork in toaster WOW 😲. Chemist is talking

    • Fork in toaster
      Fork in toaster

      The fire one had probably just a bit of zinc and the some random blue powder

  • PetSimX Ninja
    PetSimX Ninja

    I just laughed when that balloon pops 🤣🤣

  • Ty Ciccotelli
    Ty Ciccotelli

    7:42: "Now we're cooking with gas" No, you are burning cardboard.

  • pelser

    God I love his videos


    you forgot to put on the cap on the 8$ popcorn maker the spoon that you used to measure the kernels

  • Long Samnieng
    Long Samnieng

    Fun to watch as always!!

    • Iam Bot
      Iam Bot

      @Deadpool0608 these are spammers

    • Long Samnieng
      Long Samnieng

      @All cubers Why a request? 😐

    • All cubers
      All cubers

      @Long Samnieng please

    • Long Samnieng
      Long Samnieng

      @Deadpool0608 no!! It an expectation bro... I watched for 10 seconds then I keep watching kidding knowing that it will be fun to watch as always👍👍

  • 🌸Angelica🌸

    My favourite one was the bubbles also the galaxy light projector

  • ida caraga
    ida caraga

    Nice one keep up the thing's and keep it spiced up 😄👍

  • Vuk Barac
    Vuk Barac

    8:06 i just want to have that collection man🤩