22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.
22 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, GoPro, Blockbuster and much more 😈 To see previous episodes of Tech fails: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMWlR...

0:00 Fail 22
0:45 Fail 21
1:38 Fail 20
2:40 Fail 19
3:44 Fail 18
5:18 Fail 17
6:52 Fail 16
8:27 Fail 15
9:56 Fail 14
11:29 Fail 13
13:39 Fail 12
15:38 Fail 11
16:52 Fail 10
18:48 Fail 9
20:13 Fail 8
22:40 Fail 7
24:38 Fail 6
26:14 Fail 5
27:38 Fail 4
28:54 Fail 3
30:23 Fail 2
32:59 Fail 1

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Almost 15 days of prep later, here you go, no nonsense, no sponsors, just a straight 36 minute MONSTER Tech video 😂. To see the rest of the Tech Fails series: irglo.info/from/grCIo4WJoabAeWg/fy-lm-h-y.html


      @Lightning Squad hi

    • Samim Mondal
      Samim Mondal


    • Samim Mondal
      Samim Mondal

      @Gamer Sergio llllll lol

    • Samim Mondal
      Samim Mondal


    • Samim Mondal
      Samim Mondal

      @Edna E’ Mode lollipop l lol lol lol ll

  • Khairuz Zafran
    Khairuz Zafran

    Did anyone thought Fail 13 was going to be the Wii U?

  • The Disco Timelord
    The Disco Timelord

    Oh like and sub for sure🙂👍

  • DuckBoi Games
    DuckBoi Games

    While I do agree with why Marvels Avengers failed pretty hard, I loved the game, and still play it to this day.

  • Chevy Blue
    Chevy Blue

    19:52 I feel like that's stupid. If you own an operating system you should be allowed to put your products on it.

  • Chevy Blue
    Chevy Blue

    14:15 That's not an Xbox One that's another version of the 360.

  • Hellfire2855

    i have a ps vita and a 3d tv. this video was very hurtfull


    30:55 - lies. Do your research bruh. No confirmed ticket was sold at that price and most of them were about $12,000. Considering that it was supposed to be a 2 week event in the Bahamas, that doesn't sound like an unreasonable figure.

  • Spooon_Leo

    Microsoft Bob is also where Comic Sans came from.

  • Dean And Andrew
    Dean And Andrew

    Does #18 count as a "tech" fail?

  • Hoeb

    i own a ps vita and i use it often lol (i will never mod it)

  • Flavinho gameplay
    Flavinho gameplay


  • Profi Fotókönyv
    Profi Fotókönyv

    The iSmell is still a good idea in my head. Just not for consumers. They had the right idea for cinemas, but now with immersive technology like VR, escape rooms, theme parks it really would've added an extra layer.



  • John Harper
    John Harper

    Another great video! Can someone take the dad home book away, 😂🤪? JK, thank you for another entertaining segment.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    Why is Justice League on there? It's not even a piece of tech. It is a movie! Stay on topic. I thought this was about tech fails, not movie fails.

  • yelena ♡
    yelena ♡

    Not him wearing Marvel merch while talking about the DCU 😂

  • Cool Rahma
    Cool Rahma

    Nomber 1 made me die its so bad

  • ImpaledBerry

    seeing, hearing, then feeling, and then smelling

  • Sun2D

    what the hell was sony thinking when they released the psvita?!?!? the console was already spendy, so why would they force you to buy a 120 dollar memory card. no wonder the sales were terrible, and that game developers didnt want to make games for it.. now, i own a ps vita and i LOVE it, but still think that sony couldve done a lot better when releasing it.

  • xBcustom

    I know this is an old video, but I just found it. I will say my Virtual Boy is my crown jewel of my video game collection, because not too many people know it even exist.

  • not a spider
    not a spider

    22 billion spent on a failed track & trace program.... don't think Brexit'll be paying for that one, lads!! Sick government 😂

  • TallTart

    hah.... jokes on you I'm using fire fox : ) 18:48

    • Chevy Blue
      Chevy Blue

      I see another Firefox user.

  • Ae0nTr1x101

    I was actually disappointed on bith films, they just lack storyline quality and the cgi was very ugly..., Former DC fan turned MCU fan because of these movies..., now the only ones I love aboit DCU is the suicide squad and harley quinn

  • Eclectic Raeen ✨
    Eclectic Raeen ✨

    That girl on the Prada ad scared the crap out of me

  • Ziggy Zoggin
    Ziggy Zoggin

    Absolute face palm for DC. They could've just given him the time he needed and their film would've been pretty successful. but instead they were impatient and slapped themselves in the face as hard as they could.

  • Jawny~

    Wait a sec, were the three people very excited for getting Rick Rolled

  • Dinaben ben
    Dinaben ben

    11:01 thx bro ill just cut it n share to my innocent friend i hav ah yes this too 20:22 a lot of player or tester cant wait then they just starting to tease it and saying nonsense because they opening it longer but the game developer opened it unfinished and you can see the face and quality isnt good enough to compare in movie so a lot of player who waited are disappointed (other player who waited quietly are innocent) those who're cant wait for the game are guilty (do my grammar made sense or ill just delete this)

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar

    I use duckduckgo

  • Hodd Toward
    Hodd Toward

    fyre festival sucked so bad that my business class teacher showed it to us to teach the importance of pulling out of business deals while you can, lest you ruin your reputation

  • MrSandwichman37

    in 14:13 you put a xbox 360 and a text over that says xbox one. When you can see theres not a xbox one there.

  • Phoenix Lily Black
    Phoenix Lily Black

    This came out when I was five years old, and I remember getting scared after watching the 3D version of the shark movie where it was soo real. *Shudders*

  • Rohaan Ahmed
    Rohaan Ahmed

    18:52 sorry man but im using opera GX

  • TSO Vanilla
    TSO Vanilla


  • Cyberdroid

    As a person that owns Xbox One like few years already, I can say that the multiplayer is absolutely ridiculous. Why do I need to pay to play a FREE multiplayer game? Even worse, I bought an online game and it said that I need to buy the subscription to be able to play the game. Really bad move from Xbox.

  • RusBall

    Did we just get rick rolled at 24:59?

  • imir8atu

    Who are You?

  • Chevy513

    Firefox for me!

  • Chevy513

    There was a certain 3D TV that didn't have to use the electronic glasses and just used regular non electronic glasses

  • Chevy513

    Marvel movies just slaughter the shit out of DC movies, Marvel Infinity War and End Game bringing all the Marvel characters into one movie just kills Justice League with way less characters

  • Koa Hosoi
    Koa Hosoi

    The fail of fyre festival was absolutely hilarious. It was a battle royals

  • 0nesideddice

    we need Fallout 76 in one of these.

  • Theodore Papachristou
    Theodore Papachristou

    So many dad jokes in this video. Great non the less

  • Michplay

    27:55 and Starlink happened

  • Shane Michael
    Shane Michael

    24:57 Lmao nobody noticed how he Rick rolled us with text

  • Laty9

    24:58 oh come on not again

  • the dude
    the dude

    "It is not enough to be the best, you have to keep evolving to stay the best" Apple: *sweats nervously*

  • Bogdan Ionascu
    Bogdan Ionascu

    God this was absolutely glorious

  • Enys Untra
    Enys Untra

    I really liked the M$ Bob. I think a Bob-like house metaphor would indeed be good for Display Managers for children.

  • Uzumaki Kira
    Uzumaki Kira

    Psvita problem just really hurts. OLED screen and being the most powerful handheld back then, Sony just didn't support and price it right. Such a good console with an unfortunate lack of games support.

  • Pixie Playz
    Pixie Playz

    1 actually scared me because i didn't know just how terrible the track and trace system was, what a great country i live in! :D

  • Ask Me
    Ask Me

    With blockbuster, you left out the part where netflix offered to sell netflix to them when netflix was small and they laughed at them..


    no one is talking how we got Rick rolled at 10:55

  • DarthSinistris

    2:00 Smiley day to ya!!

  • David Christoffersen
    David Christoffersen

    22 billions pounds on developing an app?...DId I hear that right that is what tesla does in 7 years now and that is HIGH numbers for a company, developing an app that can handle such a thing does not cost more than a couple of million, I see greed in this so clearly.

  • Phil Mortimer
    Phil Mortimer

    Super Man.

  • Devaansh Verma
    Devaansh Verma

    'transition' -Arun Maini

  • Arsanal gamer
    Arsanal gamer

    “Okay I smell… just realised that needs context” IM LITERALLY DYING🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Man of The sword
    Man of The sword

    Ismell was ahead of it’s time .

  • God PG3D
    God PG3D

    I have that kinect and i loved the kinect sport game it was so fun

  • Flop Era
    Flop Era

    Flop era approved 🤪

  • Xenolith

    We just got rock rolled

  • Wyatt Champeau
    Wyatt Champeau

    Red ring of death is a gamers worst nightmare

  • The Broke Traveller
    The Broke Traveller

    Bruh, Windows went meta before meta 😂

  • TaZe 62
    TaZe 62

    The avengers game was so bad because it had so much potential but it just failed… so disappointing

  • x10zxc

    I'm watching on Microsoft edge

  • do you like this
    do you like this


  • jonathan Alexis torres reyes
    jonathan Alexis torres reyes

    actually i´m using edge

  • kinosyavah

    Windows 11 is a new Vista

  • Kyle Weber
    Kyle Weber

    Windows vista honestly helped me to learn how to fix and diagnose PC problems.

  • bluboi beats
    bluboi beats

    Just so you know the Xbox one was the fourth Xbox not the third

    • Chevy Blue
      Chevy Blue

      @bluboi beats If you're going by that logic then it's the fifth because of the 360 S. But we don't count variations as separate consoles, so the Xbox One is the third and you agree with me.

    • bluboi beats
      bluboi beats

      Because of the 360 E

  • Bhavya Garg 126
    Bhavya Garg 126

    What is the point of adding no. 18 in "Tech fails". Does that mean that every bad movie by large studios qualify for this list??

  • Ronnie Connell
    Ronnie Connell

    It's weird that a company that started off in 1997 to call themselves Netflix, at the time, it had nothing to do with the Net, now, it lives up to it's namesake.

  • yoonjibzzz

    I actually bought my partner a vita last year, he really likes it, but it was a hassle buying the memory chip and all that

  • Jenna Lee
    Jenna Lee

    Me with a Xbox 360 in my basement and Kinect

  • Emma Massey
    Emma Massey

    Did anyone else see dr. Strange’s locket thing

  • CDOS

    I can't believe I got played by Windows Vista...

  • JoeOak

    31:23 thats not a tech fail thats a crime

  • Dameon Stanley
    Dameon Stanley


  • Catherine Palyvou
    Catherine Palyvou

    did nickelback seriously make an appearance on "this"?

  • Mike Lam
    Mike Lam

    The NHS app programme is ridiculously overfunded. It doesn't take that much (billions) to develop a software application. Even 1 million is already more than sufficient. What substances were they on? And why Excel? Use a proper database. {facepalm}...

  • JoeOak

    0:34 awww kitty

  • JoeOak

    0:20 everything has an OLED screen. im not sure how its a selling point

  • SFPToyashi

    Okay, putting the PS Vita on the thumbnail clearly shows you're bullshitting. Not falling for it.

  • Maxim Vanderhoeden
    Maxim Vanderhoeden

    10:14 THE MEME

  • Flinxgames

    My psvita was cheap and good, what were you talking about?

  • YELLOW TOAD  (all caps)
    YELLOW TOAD (all caps)

    I love this guy

  • Ulve Gutten
    Ulve Gutten

    wonder what is gonna happen to the UK when the Q dies. how much money will u guys loose?

  • ApplePigGuy

    Bro called the xbox 360 a xbox one

  • DanNotFound

    11:04 Why are they so happy about being rickrolled

  • Latias :3
    Latias :3

    Sundar Pichai developed all those ideas with his team for google chrome to top internet explorer and took it to the top. That's why he was promoted to CEO one day.


    Id say the fyre festival was the biggest flop

  • CEO of SIVA
    CEO of SIVA

    Would be epic if PSP reincarnated as smoll version of PS4.

  • Rashi Singh
    Rashi Singh

    Guess who loves rick rolling the viewers in almost every video😎😂

  • Samuel Moon
    Samuel Moon

    I got an Intel ad right after he talked about Intel losing to AMD😂

  • Scott

    This might be a bit late and someone might have already stated this but Netflix tried to sell their company to Blockbuster back when it first started and Blockbuster turned them down, in response Netflix upped their company strategy and went online. That is what doomed Blockbuster, that and the lawsuit by Netflix on the copyright.

  • DanbloxHQ

    18:55 me on opera gx: i guess i dont exist huh?

  • Manatee Master
    Manatee Master

    i just got rick rolled

  • Lucas Kloss
    Lucas Kloss

    Its funny cuz I have a 3d tv

  • Tankman50plays green crew
    Tankman50plays green crew

    I loved playing the number 8 game