22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Almost 15 days of prep later, here you go, no nonsense, no sponsors, just a straight 36 minute MONSTER Tech video 😂. To see the rest of the Tech Fails series: irglo.info/from/grCIo4WJoabAeWg/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Type:Null YT
      Type:Null YT

      I'm not a serious game I'm a casual one the one who plays spyro reignited trylogy all day

    • Type:Null YT
      Type:Null YT

      Actually , man I am glade i bought my xbox one after few years btw my xbox one is my bors xbox one 😂

    • The Unknown Genius
      The Unknown Genius

      your the best youtuber mrwhosetheboss

  • Maker's Muse
    Maker's Muse

    Kinect was a failure for its intended purpose but a gamechanger for budget machine vision / 3D Scanning at the time, with Adafruit putting out a bounty to reverse engineer its drivers. Microsoft didn't like it. It's super fascinating !

    • Alrey Tan
      Alrey Tan

      Kinect is being used as a military machine in SK for it's movement tracking technology. Even when people stopped buying it, it still has a market.

    • Jade Petersen
      Jade Petersen

      @Aditya Pathak hhhhhhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhvvhhhvhhhhhhhhhvhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Trixxart

      Also Nintendo uses a similar thing with there fitness games like ringfit.

    • Rayn TCL
      Rayn TCL

      @V3ntilator i think it started as a fail maybe, i mean i did really like it tho as a kid bc i could play the avengers game and just dance

    • Silver knight
      Silver knight

      Kinect was perfect for sport games, loved my Kinect whenever I play rock climbing games

  • J Regan
    J Regan

    As a huge PSVita enjoyer (still using it to this day thanks to SD2Vita and CFW), I definitely think the memory card issue had a lot to do with why it bombed. Better integration with their consoles and a standard SD card, they may have had an almost Switch-like experience and been far more accessible/appealing. Pretty sure the Switch would have still been a smash hit even if the Vita succeeded, but maybe Sony could have gotten a piece of the pie instead of just crumbs and failure...

    • PJ Mack
      PJ Mack

      I have one also, but only use it when I travel. Agree with you totally. One interesting thing is the vita is still getting love in Japan, but that goes without saying..

  • Colm Donnelly
    Colm Donnelly

    Surprised and glad to see test and trace on here! To add to the level of fail, UKGov also hired unqualified, salaried software testers before they had any idea of when the project would be in a testable state, so people were being paid (at great cost) to literally do nothing for months on end. When it was released, they were provided no training and told that they were now customer service representatives (with no training or management structure). The software was instead tested by a 3rd party consultancy.....at extreme cost to the taxpayer.

    • Peter Ward
      Peter Ward

      You do know that it cost no where near what is claimed right and that what you’re saying doesn’t match reality? Just want to check….

  • yarichoi

    I personally loved the Kinect. I have tons of good childhood memories playing it with my family.

  • Hasmik Hakobyan
    Hasmik Hakobyan

    The introduced content is very educational. A lot of medium and large design companies can use these epic fails and advance their products/services. Way to go! Looking forward to more valuable content!

  • North of the Border
    North of the Border

    My favourite addition to the Track and Trace app was that it also didn't take into account vertical distance, so if you're on the bottom floor of a skyscraper, and someone pings 100 floors up, guess what: you've got covid!

    • Simon T
      Simon T

      I live at end of terrace, so I never enabled the app; If two people stopped and have a chat outside or by the side of my house for ten minutes and they have had Covid - I would have been told to isolate.

    • sandra

      @Austin lynds For us (Beware Bahrain) it shows you a shield about your vaccination, country level, total cases and if your in self isolation and if youve come in contact with anyone who does..

    • Daniel

      Just for that BoJo should have resigned.

    • Shelton Matthews
      Shelton Matthews

      @soadiciple The US one failed: if there is one, ive never heard of it 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kyle Milford
      Kyle Milford

      @Live Music GPS can get you within 15 feet

  • GuyKnightley

    The PSP hurt me as well. I've always been a part of the PSN ecosystem since 1997. I loved the PSP and even the Vita when it came out but they just didn't support it and advertise it. They could have easily been on top of gaming consoles and been fighting Nintendo on the portable console market. They should try revamping the Vita after they're done with being out the PSVR 2.

  • kenjiX3C

    I must admit, you are no longer as cringe, fun to watch even. You've really come a long way. Keep it up

  • WabbitRB

    Where I think 3D failed is they stopped making in fun. Things used to fly out at you and you feel like you have to dodge things, not things popping out slightly and making things layered to make it look more "realistic"... and a good amount of eye strain to go with it.

  • timeflies

    Dude my family used to have a 3d tv, and I can agree with everything you said about it lol, the tv just 1-2 years ago stopped working properly sadly but we only used the 3d part probably 1% the time

  • Rowen Middendorf
    Rowen Middendorf

    These companies are literally just creating fails to be on this show at this point

    • Lucas Nasufovic
      Lucas Nasufovic


    • McMooshk

      SO TRUE

    • Nathan SOS
      Nathan SOS

      I know right

    • Devzone

      At least they learn from there mistakes

    • Vincz1

      @Ashwin Chatterji everything is called a joke at this point and the guy you just replied he can just say its a joke

  • kaunas888

    Sony has a long history of making proprietary storage...which almost always ends up losing the storage wars: Beta, Memory Stick, now a new proprietary memory stick...

  • MrBjh00420

    I love the way you do this video way it's entertaining and yet not overdoing it so that it is actually good compared to a lot of the other people who think that they need to take it way overboard with the comedy or well make the stupid jokes where it's all puns and makes it corny and dumb so kudos on a great video keep up the good work

  • ahnaf anwar iram
    ahnaf anwar iram

    I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE Arun's dedication, my man changes his outfit with every shot 😂😂😂

  • Maniacal Nut
    Maniacal Nut

    Thank you for the love for Vista!! I loved the OS honestly. Better than 8 and 10. Also, gamefly better be on one of these fail lists lol

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon

    37 billion for an app!? this has to be some kind of money laundering scheme what

    • Peter Ward
      Peter Ward

      It cost £35mil, people that can’t be bothered to look at facts think that the cost of testing was also spent on the app, also if people bothered to research further the 37bn was allocated for TEST and trace not actually spent. Never mind, facts aren’t relevant nowadays.

    • Patriot (used to be CottacoreDaisy)
      Patriot (used to be CottacoreDaisy)


    • Philip Jones
      Philip Jones

      @Glenn Reviews It's clear they didn't get skilled or even competent staff. The staff were certainly skilled at negotiating rates like that. I do know that at that level, you are owned and can expect legal action for any shortcomings (unless you can settle out of court, and good luck with that). In my own work, I'm obliged to have legal protection insurance for that very reason. Why aren't these people being sued?

    • Glenn Reviews
      Glenn Reviews

      @Philip Jones It really is not even close to market rates. They did not even manage to recruit skilled staff. The project management is the worst I have ever heard of. It is so bad it must be corruption. Nobody is this incompetent. Nobody.

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis

    I do find it humorous that you used the PS5 twice as a success, when there are non to be purchased 1.5 years after release (at least in the USAj. I would say it qualifies as a tech fail as well. And I’m not really sure we can continue blaming the chip shortage, most retailers here have the Xbox Series S and X in stock.

  • Heika Naomi
    Heika Naomi

    Your videos are so captivating. *You count down even how many seconds for each fail which is so helpful for someone like me who has ADHD and OCD *You don't just sit in one place you go outside, in your bathroom you do all types of stuff throughout your video * You're not afraid to do silly things like put shaving cream on your face when you're talking about the razor fail *The jokes you make throughout, normally in videos when people make weird little jokes I just kind of just roll my eyes and chuckle a little bit, but I've actually laughed out loud at a lot of your jokes because a lot of them I don't expect 🤣The two birds, one drone...I didn't think you were going to say that 🤣🤣 *There's a lot more I can say, but I absolutely love your channel. Just found out about it yesterday!

  • Sean Przybyla
    Sean Przybyla

    as a software developer myself I can absolutely guarantee no developer EVER would use MS Excel as the single source of truth data store for ANY app. Its super simple to use MySQL or any other database solution that comes with everything needed and simple interfaces and usage guides. The only way this could have cost so much and been using MS Excel is if done intentionally, where the developers were given Excel as a backend as a criteria/constraint for the development.

  • ThisNoName

    I think the Chinese covid tracking app was developed and implemented for like 2-3 million pounds by Alibaba and a few others. Companies covered all the cost, and since they are already in cloud business, scale it up is a really a no brainer.

  • Chux

    The iSmell is still a good idea in my head. Just not for consumers. They had the right idea for cinemas, but now with immersive technology like VR, escape rooms, theme parks it really would've added an extra layer.

    • Zack Snider
      Zack Snider

      well, some people are allergic to fragrances, so...

    • Zhi Han Lee
      Zhi Han Lee

      Writing this just after a Japanese prof invented an iTaste like TV screen

    • gaming, building and cubing
      gaming, building and cubing

      @MyLastAltsrrslyyou mean the ismell *smells* fantastic

    • dandoesstuff

      mm yes i love the smell of poison

  • Christopher Shields
    Christopher Shields

    My family owned a chain of successful video stores and I can say for certain it wasn’t Netflix that killed that business. It was dvd’s. In the early days a single VHS would cost nearly $80.00, compared to the dvd that cost >$20. It took the product from being a good rental product to a ‘we may as well own it’ product. Why bother to the video store, pay late fees, and possibly not even find the movie you want in stock. Netflix was more or less a coincidence, right place right time. Blockbuster was bleeding money for years before their eventual downfall

  • Kayla Davis
    Kayla Davis

    I just recently found your account after going through a weird loophole and I am IN LOVE! My new favorite go-to channel for when I'm working at night!!!


    I liked 3D on Tvs but only passive (theater style). Ive owned both passive (Vizio) and active (Samsung) 3D tvs and active wasnt as good. Not only did the glasses need batteries, but the 3D was less natural. The theater style on the Vizio was superior.

  • Sophia Nílsson
    Sophia Nílsson

    I was in high school when Chrome came out. My techy friend recommended Chrome, which I have used ever since. She was scooped up by Google straight out of high school, and they paid for his(he transitioned at this time) study up to a masters. He won't tell us now what he does cos it's too top secret 😉

  • Dade Halcyon
    Dade Halcyon

    That iSmell seems like a great idea to me. Being able to pump smells out while playing a VR game, for example, would seriously add to the Immersion. The smell of burning or gun powder for a war game, or the smell of flowers for one of those calming VR experiences, or literally anything else. How the hell did this idea not take off? Even if you had to sell specific 'smell packs' to use for each particular game or app. I would buy those up in minute.

    • Dade Halcyon
      Dade Halcyon

      @Shiela F D No difference than having a Glade plug-in in your living room or wearing perfume.

    • Shiela F D
      Shiela F D

      The thing I concerned for is the chemicals it use to create the smell, I wonder if it could cause health issues later on when used constantly

    • oneoftheordinary

      they would get hacked to only pump out fart smell

    • DoomGuy

      Im pretty sure someone did that and it got banned for being considered a vape

    • Just One
      Just One

      I agree

  • Sacha Daenens
    Sacha Daenens

    When I saw you put Fyre Festival at #2, I thought "What on Earth could be a bigger disaster than that?" You did not disappoint.

  • genius2012

    I loved the Sony VITA but I completely agree that the expensive proprietary memory cards.

  • J H
    J H

    Damn if #20 had worked it out and sold/marketed it properly we could have had “smell-o-vision” by now!

  • Ben Daly
    Ben Daly

    The online subscription for consoles is literally my biggest issue with them. Like I already paid however much money to buy the console, and now I gotta spend another $60-80 a year just to play online with my buddies. On top of that, modern games have gone up in price significantly. One if the reasons I loved my Ps3 was for the exact reason that I didn't have to pay for (insert whatever company here) gold. And it was the reason I never got into Xbox. But now it's the industry standard and drives me batsh*t crazy

  • Chigz Tech Reviews
    Chigz Tech Reviews

    Wow, this video took me back. Kept me hooked till the end. 🙌

    • Kyle Brown
      Kyle Brown

      @Akshay Kaylaser because they think they are replying to a famous person

    • Akshay Kaylaser
      Akshay Kaylaser

      Why does everyone SIMP FOR VERIFIED USERS?

    • Bassing Basics
      Bassing Basics


    • Erise


  • Étourdie

    Funnily enough, the Kinect is now somewhat desirable for people getting into VR, because it can give you full body tracking for cheap and with less hassle than setting up, charging, and putting on trackers, especially if your headset didn't need/come with the base stations needed for tracking

  • StrawberryStar

    I always hated 3D because it was very uncomfortable to wear these glasses for me. That's because I am nearsighted and need to wear glasses. But I never had contact lenses because those things kind of scare me so to watch 3D I basically had to wear two pairs of glasses at the same time.

  • duck in gamestop
    duck in gamestop

    I actually still have one of those 3D TV's, I've only used the 3D mode a few times though because I sometimes accidentally turn it on

  • bts army edits 💜💜
    bts army edits 💜💜

    I like your tech videos it is very informative and useful keep doing these contents👍👍👌👌

  • Jkev24

    Honestly, I think iSmell was just ahead of its time. I think with VR being somewhat big today, this would have been a perfect compliment to a VR setup.

    • RandomUploads HD
      RandomUploads HD

      @Finnegan Long lmfao Or they somehow recreat the smell of the men's bathroom after some trucker ate tacobell

    • Phyllis Gatt
      Phyllis Gatt

      I agree

    • Amber Schroer
      Amber Schroer

      @Can Tin kinda sorta banned - you have to buy flavored vapes from vape stores - only kind you can buy at a gas station are regular and menthol . The menthol is set to be banned soon. I live in CA where they do a pretty good job at banning cigarettes by making them so expensive - a pack of Marlboros are easily $12-15 a pack whereas in my hometown in Indiana- only $6-7. I don’t know a single person who smokes out here, yet many people back home are pack a day smokers.

    • Boopy

      imagine a zombie game 🤮

  • Callum

    I think without the colossal failure that was the Xbox One launch, Microsoft wouldn't have had to take the route they have with Gamepass and backwards compatibility to get people back onside. So maybe it was actually a win?

  • OnyxTheyThem

    when i was little, we had this vista desktop for over our near a decade. it ran really slowly and had error pop ups like that a lot. drove my parents insane. perks of being lower-middle class, i suppose.

  • crazy t
    crazy t

    What I noticed is that with windows they seem to have a intermediate steppingstone OS before the proper one so vista was 7s step 8 was 10s step ect. I started from vista and didn’t remember issues but that was probably because I was not transitioning from the past os

  • Gaugenator

    I loved the Kinect, I literally used it like every single day

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    People snortoling their farts for eachother on iSmell is possibly the greatest thing i have ever heard

    • Sai

      I've never seen the word "snortoling" in my life.

    • Pepsi Dog
      Pepsi Dog

      imagine watching the movie Shrek with this thing

    • SNC_fire

      My brain hurts

    • Col Striker
      Col Striker


    • John 8:32
      John 8:32

      @Archer Frost lol yeah like that girl who sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of her farts in a jar.. smh

  • D

    I had MS BOB! Honestly I kinda liked it as a kid in the 90s lol, there was a lot of customization. Not enough reason for it, but. All those characters and how you could set up your whole company like an apartment. It was def interesting.

  • Trexel Cat
    Trexel Cat

    22:40 The irony in the Blockbuster story is, Netflix actually tried to get Blockbuster to buy them out in the beginning. Blockbuster said no, saying that they didn't see a future in movies by mail.

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude

    Indeed MS Vista was a massive fail. I stayed on Windows XP until Windows 7 was on its third update.

  • Oakley 156
    Oakley 156

    When they said the thing about Bob with Microsoft I just remembered how confusing it is when they moved the snipping tool somewhere else. I still can't find it

  • Miester

    Fun Fact: the creator of Netflix started it because he was annoyed that he got a $40 fine for a late return

    • ToXicityUser

      @SpritelyGuys yes true

    • Miester

      @Jelani Stowers search up Bright Sun Films (it’s a channel) and find his blockbuster video it’s only about 15 minutes

    • Miester

      @Peter Hace Music Official true

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      @Alerom oof

  • Diddlyono

    kinect may have failed officially, but its being re used for motion tracking in the VRChat scene actually. works suprisingly well.

  • Rane Bo Dasch
    Rane Bo Dasch

    I miss the PS VITA. It was an ahead of its time product that Sony completely screwed up. I think if they had dropped the price a bit and did away with the expensive ass memory cards it would have been a lot more succesful.

  • water

    "there was a point in all of our lives when we wanted a 3D TV" me still using a 3D TV: 😳

  • Kathiaa

    I loved ps vita! My bf had one and some friends had PSPs and I loved both the consoles, vita had touch responsive back panel, I remember being brown away by it

  • Omar

    You know you’re a quality creator when everyone likes the vid before it fully loading 😂

    • Tex gamer
      Tex gamer

      This is exactly what I did everytime I click his videos I make sure to like it b4 I goo too far and get too caught up in it 😂😂😂

    • Tacticoes


    • Soham 2077
      Soham 2077


    • OmShetkar

      @Excited Jellyfish Same 🤣🤣

  • Carmelo Jalova
    Carmelo Jalova

    6:54 the marketing failed since they marketed it as "worlds fastest cpu" but it failed miserably when it released its not efficient it just looked good because of the clock speed

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz

    I love his tech fail vids do more❤️👍

  • K S
    K S

    I bought a brand new psvita early, and returned it same day when GameStop didn't have the extremely overpriced sd cards for it and I learned how predatory Sony's model with them was.

  • David Owens
    David Owens

    To be fair, the kinect had great potential. They even licensed it out to smart TV developers. The first Samsung smart tvs basically had a kinect integrated into it.

  • Soham Barot
    Soham Barot

    "Whenever aruns swipes his hand" Me:- Expects a Transition Instead:- Ad pop ups😆😭

    • Glitch TTG
      Glitch TTG

      @aboobacker Fakhre not anymore

    • aboobacker Fakhre
      aboobacker Fakhre

      @Soham Barot go to youtube and type how to download youtube vanced

    • aboobacker Fakhre
      aboobacker Fakhre

      Why wate your time watching ads Add I don't keep anything in the phone that IRglo vanced can take from me

    • Freddie Washington
      Freddie Washington

      I just got lucky and didn't have any ads on this video lol

    • Soham Barot
      Soham Barot

      @THE FOUNDATION Wii check it out

  • Connie Hinds
    Connie Hinds

    The light L16s camera holes is WIGGING ME OUT Also I’m surprised the Ismell didn’t get in trouble for people sending each other mustard gas or chloroform

  • SourLemon

    Arun: "just kill me now" Gun: *allow me to introduce myself*

  • TheDeathmail

    Sony shouldn't have added that touch on the back of the console (making the price higher) and they shouldn't have used proprietary sd cards... this would have made the system WAY cheaper and have a lot less development cost as well... And if the original PSP used the cartridge as well, it'd have been even better... PS Vita was a failure due to arrogance...

  • RLaneSports

    14:10 Microsoft blew it again in naming the next game console and adding more confusion .. Xbox Two X or Xbox 2 S would have been fine. In 5 - 7 more years lets see what they come up with... Xbox Series X 2, Xbox X2 , Xbox 540

  • Crazy Comments
    Crazy Comments

    I kinda wanna see the iSmell perfected, imagine being able to tell how an area smells on games

    • Hercules Brofister
      Hercules Brofister

      like the village in RE:4. looking through the replies, i can see it's probably best this didn't take off.

    • P_Mime Junior
      P_Mime Junior

      It will be a part of real vr experiences. It has to be. Smell is incredibly important to an experience. Its linked to memories. Like how a smell can bring you back in time to a specific memory Mimicking musty air inside a building, then opening the door to outside with bright sun and the smell of fresh cut grass or leaves ect. Would really add to the realism.. the slight smell of rotting meat as zombies pass. Or entering an infested building. The smell needs to be part of the experience. Even something simple like, eating some candy bar for health, "emitting sweet chocolate smell". Taste and smell are closely linked . Really would feel real. Then how about the smell of copper / iron ? When bleeding out or died.

    • Ultra

      Hmmm *how does a kamehameha smell*

    • Matthew Baang
      Matthew Baang

      Goddamn how excited I would be playing zombie games...

    • The Jesteress
      The Jesteress

      Imaging watching a cooking show 🤤

  • void apple
    void apple

    I personally very much enjoyed the Avengers game. I can see why people don't like it, but I thought the story was interesting. The one thing I disagree on is the part that said you fight enemies in the same spot over and over. In the game even though you are fighting the same people you do fight in a lot of different areas with different landscapes. The fact that the characters don't look the same as the actors in the movie shouldn't be a reason to not like a game. You can have your own opinion, but me personally I loved the game, and I don't understand why it got so much hate. The IP thing was bad, but it got fixed and the game is actually fun.

  • Angel Moreno
    Angel Moreno

    What's funny is smell-o- vision type technology has been a thing they've tried to achieve since the 1939

  • Matty M
    Matty M

    3d tv wasn't a fail for the companies and retailers because it boosted sales, considerably, it was only a fail for consumers because it never delivered on its promise.

  • axe693axe

    I beg to disagree, PS Vita was not a tech fail. The hardware was flippin amazing and I have every configuration of it.

  • Samuel MontyPython
    Samuel MontyPython

    Let’s all be honest, BlockBuster wasn’t a “fail” but it failed as far as being behind in innovation. I felt way more excited to watch a movie when I went to the store with friends or family, had a DVD limit (due to being poor af), being able to see all the posters, newest games with in-person free trial, and getting the occasional microwave popcorn and candy at the check out counter

    • Jamz 4 Your Ears
      Jamz 4 Your Ears

      @L C well then sounds like they dug their own grave.

    • David Lawrence
      David Lawrence

      @L C Yup! This is exactly what happened. Netflix tried to sell itself to Blockbuster for $50 million in 2000. At the time it wasn't streaming, just mail-order dvds, so you can kind of see why BB thought it wasn't worth it, since they had no shortage of shops and business was booming, why would they spend $50million on something that was really just tacked on the side of their business? I suspect if they'd actually bought it and kept the model going, we wouldn't have had netflix as a streaming service at all, since BB just never grasped that's how the industry was going (weird since music had already gone that way...)

    • L C
      L C

      @Jamz 4 Your Ears Don't know if its true or not, but I remember reading/seeing somewhere that the people who created Netflix originally pitched the idea to Blockbuster and were rejected.

    • Biohacker

      @Pevhz well yeah its great, thats why it got big in the first place, but it went bankrupt anyway. so it doesnt matter how big or small a company is, they can fail

    • Pevhz

      @Biohacker I Disagree , Nokia Is Great

  • MedicalNeptune

    I loved Onlive! I don’t think it was a tech fail, I think it was just way ahead of his time!

  • Aaron

    One thing we can be sure of is that he will always rickroll us!😂

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    the 3d tv one is 100% accurate because i had 3d tv and we never used to 3d in it. mainly because the glasses were so uncomfortable and it was BARELY 3d in the first place

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    24:28 Doesn’t it kinda suck that Netflix had no competition because Blockbuster got sued when they tried to provide a similar service? It’s not like any companies get sued these days for releasing their own film and TV series streaming platforms.

  • Mazen Fisher
    Mazen Fisher

    The PSVITA made me legitimately sad. The problem is, it was an incredible console, and still is today if you can get your hands on one and a custom SD Card to PSVITA card converter. You can jailbreak it and download free games and even a PSP emulator, which is incredible. As Arun said, though, initial sales are what matters in the long term.

  • Scutu-[RC]

    11:30 Are you serious about Kinect? .. is 2022 and I still use my x360 with Kinect and my 6yo loves it for being free of hardware to play many sports. I've got over 20 games for it and I can say that is awesome. Is one of the most impressive game experiences I ever had until VR. So I'd say that the Kinect is awesome and I'm happy that I've got one!!! Crazy fun at any party!!!

  • Mig and Day
    Mig and Day

    Fun fact:the xbox 360 took my family 1 hour to save a motion tracking file (so the ai doesnt get confused)

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    I loved the Vita as a kid, even though I only played, like, two games. LittleBigPlanet Vita and Gravity Rush. Still, it has a special place in my heart. But I remember selling it to buy 3DS games lol

  • Mariel Angela Velasquez
    Mariel Angela Velasquez

    Not skipping a single app because this man deserves everything for his puns, great personality and effort in making these videos. 💗

  • Thong Phan
    Thong Phan

    Tailor: "How tight do you want the shirt?" Arun Maini: "Yes"

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken

      If he was a chick this video might be age restricted. 😂

    • RetroMario

      @Lauren Hazlett Same here. He's handsome.

    • Christopher Floyd
      Christopher Floyd

      @Jair Beltran Blame it on the lockdown, I do.

    • Jair Beltran
      Jair Beltran

      I am glad to see i am not the only one who noticed

    • Marcel de Jong
      Marcel de Jong

      I think he looks amazing

  • plush luigi🇺🇦
    plush luigi🇺🇦

    You see, the Kinect tech worked. It's just the games that gave it a bad image

  • Stephanos Demetriou
    Stephanos Demetriou

    I’ll be honest Windows Vista design was awesome. Just the design tho

  • y0y4y0

    for 9: you forgot Firefox, who started the whole "not-IE browser". Heck, IE was a copy of Firefox for a bunch of versions, and Ff even bought them a cake for every new release.