Samsung S22 Ultra vs S21 / iPhone 13 Pro Max / Pixel 6 Pro / Xiaomi 12 Pro Battery Life Drain Test!
Full battery life drain test of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Xiaomi 12 Pro! For the S22 Ultra vs iPhone Camera comparison:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    After watching the test I wanna ask a question - has your opinion on the S22 Ultra changes since it was first announced, having seen the results of these tests? For the S22 Ultra vs iPhone Camera comparison:

    • Hina Waqas
      Hina Waqas

      iPhone 13 Pro Max last for 24 hours

    • WaterProofDoge


    • Liz Miranda
      Liz Miranda

      I still like the s22 Ultra. In fact, I am ordering right now. LOL

    • Mike C
      Mike C

      @Net Gamer what's the best phone 📱 📲 you know that of that will not break the bank. Another words don't have a lot of money...

  • Elite Enayet
    Elite Enayet

    The Timer Phone is always the Winner 😂

    • redhead 👨‍🦰
      redhead 👨‍🦰

      @Jagan R yeah sounds roght

    • Ahmad gaming channel
      Ahmad gaming channel

      @alex_m_p_s yeah

    • Worthy


    • Bill Gates’ Supporter
      Bill Gates’ Supporter

      Energizer phone

    • wheresmyjams 1
      wheresmyjams 1

      The timer phone doesn't have brightness all the way up.

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Can you do the same tests after 1 year of standard usage ? Curious to see how long the battery stays good for

    • Gevindu xProPlus
      Gevindu xProPlus

      That's a really great idea, Very good idea!

    • Android One IU 4.1
      Android One IU 4.1

      @Myth_BiteMyToast these drain issues can't happen

    • Android One IU 4.1
      Android One IU 4.1

      @Myth_BiteMyToast S21U has excellent battery life for years and performance

    • Android One IU 4.1
      Android One IU 4.1

      @Myth_BiteMyToast S21U battery is better

    • 𝗔𝗸𝗵𝗶𝗹 𝗔𝗹𝗲𝘅
      𝗔𝗸𝗵𝗶𝗹 𝗔𝗹𝗲𝘅

      Which phone?@Pectoralis

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    These tests are just brilliant,you get to learn a lot from it , and the amount of effort and TIME that goes into this is crazy, props to you Arun


    Can't believe I found this channel back in 2021, awesome content and love how you deliver it! On another note would love to see manufactures build 'smallish' phones such as the S10e, I always find it hard not to get anything bigger on my every 2 year recycle of phone.


      @William G technically yes, on a rock - Malta

    • William G
      William G

      were you living uncer a rock?

  • frederikskotre

    Just switched from the 21 ultra to a iPhone 13, and I can't stress enough how impressed I am with the life of the iPhone battery, even more so because it's not even apples best phone!

  • Jagster

    I'm more interested to see the results after 6 months of use. Because my one plus deff isn't holding up the way it used to

    • thepronoob

      I wonder what phone the timer phone is, it was still at high battery after 10 hours

    • Torvaltz

      @ST productions its not that hard to replace batteries on most phones and they only cost about 20-30$ plus 10$ for new backpanel if you break it accidentally.

    • Spicy Chicken
      Spicy Chicken

      @WhoEvenCares Kinda agree of how better Huawei battery life is better than Samsungs s22 ultra. It’s kind of like a 50/50 in iPhone and huwawei

    • TrailBlazer101

      @JCerris hell ya

    • JCerris

      @TrailBlazer101 You changed it?

  • I_quacker_I

    What I find interesting is that the S22 Ultra I bought had fairly average battery life in the first few days, but now has become a lot better. Great review either way.

    • Rhobin Hansen
      Rhobin Hansen

      Its True 5 days For samsung s20 ultra and iphone 13 pro max have 1200nits brightness on the screen and samsung s22 ultra have 1750 nits brightness on the screen and have also bigger screen its anfear on this test.

    • Rhobin Hansen
      Rhobin Hansen

      My samsung s20 ultra i start use my from 2020 feb holding 5days no problem at all my workfriend have iphone 13 pro max start to use this year in april holding only 1,5day try to give me ansvar on that and I use my Phone everyday Day to.

    • MinecraftGuy

      That means the Samsung S22 Ultra must have known that you saw it lose to a 1 year old phone and decided to give you the most battery it can give😂😂.

    • ramana chandaka
      ramana chandaka

      Which type of adapter is best for S22 Ultra

    • Yousuf Shad
      Yousuf Shad

      Noticed the same with my S20+. Took a week to 'learn' my usage and battery life shot way up.

  • Glyphy

    Samsung s21 Ultra: I'm cool iPhone 13 Pro Max: Noice The phone with the timer: I am 10 generations ahead of you

    • The Epic Gamer Jeremie
      The Epic Gamer Jeremie

      50k Mah power phone:Am I a joke to u so called "God of battery"

    • ur mom ∙ 7.7B views ∙ 0.1 seconds ago
      ur mom ∙ 7.7B views ∙ 0.1 seconds ago

      @Glyphy it does have a notch, dum dum, you cannot see it because the background screen of the timer is black, It’s surely a 12 or 13


      Its a 12 or 12 pro

    • Slamp

      @Glyphy you can see the white bar that an iphone has close to the edge of the screen :p

    • Glyphy

      @Slamp idrk but i thinks its not because there is no notch

  • Disco Jellyfish
    Disco Jellyfish

    For those who care about the Xiaomi 12 Pro - its especially the software which makes this phone not last this long. So if you actually dive deeper into the software and want to max out the battery life you might even want to go as far and install a custom ROM once these roll out for the Xiaomi 12 Pro. Its alot like this with Xiaomis devices. MIUI is beautiful and all - but its really full of unnecessary bloatware. The Battery Life with stock software should be way more than good enough for most users though. And who cars anyway - you can do a FULL charge in 18 minutes - not just advertised but also realistically. But you can increase it by a lot by installing the better software made by developers who dont even want money for making it, while its also open source. But debloating and replacing some default apps also does a lot already.

  • Alexis Aguirre Vazquez
    Alexis Aguirre Vazquez

    10 hours and 27 minutes on a 4,352mah battery is extremely impressive.

  • SilverWatchdog

    The iPhone 13 Pro max has really impressed me in terms of battery life. I don't think there was a single day that it died in the 4 months of me using it, and I consider myself quite the power user. Compared to my previous iPhone 11 which barely made it through the day with light usage, it's miles better. Also finally getting 120hz on my phone is also a very welcomed change. It's definitely quite a solid upgrade over the 11 and earlier and apple definitely stepped their game up on every single aspect on this phone. Can't really complain about any part of it.

    • Spicy Chicken
      Spicy Chicken

      @อือ เห็นด้วย Samsung actually costs more than iPhone now

    • Spicy Chicken
      Spicy Chicken

      @Celestia Koaru I just realized that ur copy and pasting in every comments. Did you really just spendt 24/7 to become an android Stan?

    • Peter S.
      Peter S.

      I could complain about the price, but i am still in sub 300$ phone market, and currently have one that was free with a 2 year 15$ monthly contract, so I have no right to judge the price.

    • demon slayer
      demon slayer

      Because iphones don't have a lot of features apps. Samsung has a lot and u need to put to sleep those extra apps. Always on display and the finger print animation drains my battery fast. Iphone is like gray & android phones are like rainbow. I never get bored with my samsung phone.

    • يارا قيمز
      يارا قيمز

      @JohnC546 ع

  • cryzz0n

    The iPhone is just amazing for having the smallest battery, but still has the longest lasting battery. It proves how good Apple’s chips are when it comes to efficiency, however the software still plays a bigger role when it comes to efficiency.

  • Lars Christian Lund Størseth
    Lars Christian Lund Størseth

    Fascinating to see how when running super-low usage applications such as Instagram, Google Pixel runs at optimal chip efficiency (beginning of the test). As soon as more demanding tasks are introduced all other phones crap out, except the iPhone, because the M1 chips are just 5-7 years ahead of any competition in terms of efficiency.

  • ramdinga liana
    ramdinga liana

    I'm still amazed at how Apple has achieved such efficiency in battery life in their IPhones, considering how small the batteries are put into the IPhones. If only Apple had put 5000 mAh battery into the IPhone 13 pro, it could have lasted for more than 13/14 hrs SoT. However, if only the IPhones, especially the latest ones like IPhone 13 series could have supported super fast charging like the Android counterparts do, at least 50W to 70W fast charger, if not the super fast 120W supported by the latest Xiaomi phones

  • Joshua Rosslee
    Joshua Rosslee

    I love your videos and would absolutely love to see a head to head, Samsung vs Apple battery drain test. S22 range vs iPhone 13 range

  • BrutalityTiktok

    These tests are just brilliant,you get to learn a lot from it , and the amount of effort and TIME that goes into this is crazy, props to you Arun👏

    • Chief THerbo
      Chief THerbo

      Snapdragon s22 ultra better than exonys which he is using

    • cfcreative

      thousands of species of birds are declining due to cell phone frequencies just an fyi also butterflies and bees

    • cfcreative

      thousands of species of birds are on the decline due to cell phone frequencies just an fyi also butterflies and bees

    • NotAPenguin8

      @Botney J yk what, im gonna have to agree with u on that one. I apologise and now that i look at it that was cringe im sorry

    • Botney J
      Botney J

      @NotAPenguin8 it was going so well and I was about to agree with you until I saw that last part. Immaturity automatically invalidates your arguments

  • Devon Burton
    Devon Burton

    I think it's fair to say that it also depends on where you are and your service plan because the harder your phone searches for a signal the harder it is on the battery.

  • Noble Brit
    Noble Brit

    even though the Pixel came last, I found this very surprising considering I once didn't charge it for 2 days, and I'm a very IRglo hungry user... and I still had 30% battery life left by the 3rd morning. its an absolute unit of a device, so if the iPhone is as good here as it is everyday life, that means it can go pretty much 3 days or even 4 days without charging it which is pretty insane, if anyone has proof of this, let me know.

    • Muneeb Farooqi
      Muneeb Farooqi

      Google makes both pixel and youtube so maybe optimisation

    • Text me on telegram 👉@Danmace
      Text me on telegram 👉@Danmace

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  • cm5g

    Congrats to Samsung for achieving a whopping -7 more minutes of battery life in their new phone!

  • CosmeticFear

    The best explanation I have for the S22 Ultra dying before the S21 Ultra is that the processor is more powerful, and is draining more power than last years.

  • Tommy

    It would be good to see the same battery test with the Snapdragon S22u variant. In term of processor efficiency which one is better between Exynos and Snapdragon

    • cfcreative

      thousands of species of birds are declining due to cell phone frequencies just an fyi also butterflies and bees

    • cfcreative

      thousands of species of birds are declining due to cell phone frequencies just an fyi also butterflies and bees

    • OmniHein

      @umrunicorn88? Everywhere but the US gets Exynos not SD

    • Supta21

      Snap 8 gen 1 horrible

    • PhoenixYT 124
      PhoenixYT 124

      @Mj shroud hm?

  • Scenic Depictions of Chicago Life
    Scenic Depictions of Chicago Life

    Interesting how the pixel went from first the last over the course of the test 😂 I gotta cut it some slack though. The 6 Pro is using the first generation of Google Tensor Silicon chips. iPhone and Samsung have nearly a decade of experience, lessons, and crazy architecture optimizations under their belts. Given that the Tensor chip can even keep up is absolutely wild to me. I am super excited for the next generations of the Tensor chip. My friends with the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro absolutely LOVE their phones with the small exception of the optical fingerprint sensor. I REALLY, genuinely hope that Google switches over to an ultrasonic one. Heck, they already use Samsung displays, why not just source their fingerprint reader tech which is absolutely industry leading. I wonder if PERHAPS... they could use Solo Radar to read fingerprints megafast? Or have a hybrid radar-ultrasonic reader? I feel like that'd be ultra fast and ultra secure. Solo can detect even the type of material, so I'd someone was trying to use a mould casting of someone's fingerprint or something, then they wouldn't be able to fool the sensor. Just my two cents.

    • @WhatsApp+①②⓪①③⑦⑧⑥④③②

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you... 🆙🆙🆙

    • Joshawa

      Google doesn't desesrve any slack. Their phone has been horrible in my ownership, with constant bugs, screen ghost touches, wifi disabling itself, and they've now delayed updates for their flagship several times.

  • MD. Ahnaf Asif
    MD. Ahnaf Asif

    Heey, Aaroon... I am from Bangladesh & I watch your all videos on a regular basis. Please, provide a detailed review on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G because I am really enthusiastic and passionate about buying this phone. I have doubts on exynos processor. I am using A50 till 2019. Though I haven't any major complaints about this phone, it has some heating issues(Specially while using Google Maps over Mobile Data) . I am afraid, this A53 5G will heat like that or not.

  • Apostolos Serraos
    Apostolos Serraos

    The ultimate battery killer on the S21 ultra from personal experience for almost a year is the camera usage ! Barely last you half a day when the camera is expensively used.

  • Chroma

    I love how you subtly wait until the last second to load the same app on the iPhone because it's launching at a fraction of the time. Without making any personal bias comments on performance, that is a good attention to detail in the battery determination, so thumbs up.

    • Chroma

      I do also enjoy the foreshadowing at the start when all the phones fall over except the iPhone 😂

    • @WhatsApp+①②⓪①③⑦⑧⑥④③②

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙🆙

  • Uche Ebube
    Uche Ebube

    Hey Arun, I would really like to see the S22 and S22+ battery comparison to their predecessors. Given the fact that their batteries got noticeably smaller in capacity.

    • Chief THerbo
      Chief THerbo

      Yes finally snapdragon is way better than exonys which he is using most people will get snapdragon

    • Rupen Shah
      Rupen Shah

      Second this!

    • DirtyDirtsGT

      The snapdragon version lasts longer than s21

    • Jm Mateo 933
      Jm Mateo 933

      @Don't read profile photo no u

    • Jm Mateo 933
      Jm Mateo 933


  • jon majala
    jon majala

    Interesting video although I feel like the samsungs and perhaps the pixel would be better if they had been given time for the battery to adapt, I have an s22 ultra and it currently lasts about 50% longer than it did during the first week or so. Not sure if the iphones do this or not could be an android thing. Still a good comparison test though.

    • BloodSoccer

      Yes the battery gets normal after 5-6 charging cycles.

  • Daniil Rusanau
    Daniil Rusanau

    Subscribed! Super entertaining and feels like a new league of tech videos! Excellent!

  • Sammi The Hutt
    Sammi The Hutt

    I love how the massive iphone 13 pro max looks small in comparison to the others

  • Deedar Sarwar
    Deedar Sarwar

    I recently switched from a Pixel 5 to a S22 Plus, the Pixel 5 is years ahead of the S22 in terms of battery life, S22 barely lasts me half a day while the Pixel can go a day and half

  • Griffin Appleman
    Griffin Appleman

    Can we just appreciate how much time he spends making us top quality content

    • Celestia Koaru
      Celestia Koaru

      Fr, my iPhone 13 pro max is just terrible now!! I can't even go a day in school, past the third period, without my phone dying. Even when it's on 100%in the morning!!

    • Rakanishu

      He does it for free?

    • Newman H
      Newman H

      To be honest. I love his content. But at the same time, I dont want to feel like he is working in the bank full time and only goes on IRglo to give us is his calling, basically his 9-5 job..

    • Julie Smith
      Julie Smith

      And money

    • jorian rennen
      jorian rennen

      @adsonxo of course, same as mrbeast

  • Karl Wiggett
    Karl Wiggett

    This is the first video ive seen of you as you were randomly reccomended to me. I gotta say, the editing of this video is one of the best ive ever seen. Just, wow. Give the editor a raise.

  • Zacharie Chiron
    Zacharie Chiron

    interesting! and excellent video too, in terms of the comments as test progresses and the clean editing!

  • Fazal Hussain Shah
    Fazal Hussain Shah

    Along with the battery test , we witnessed the extreme fast performance of iPhone 13 pro max (rendering ) , the best camera quality;when the front camera was on ! And obviously iPhone is the best (in performance, in camera , in looks , in build material ) Fun fact : the timer phone was also an iPhone

  • Michael

    Battery life has become amazing on all of the phones. If you're on your phone playing that hard for 5 hours a day or more you might have other issues :-). I remember when you could kill a phone with hard use after 2 hours. This is great for everyone

  • Alex Chantrell
    Alex Chantrell

    I really want to see the same test with the regular S22 and S22+ compared with last years S21's. The batteries are so much smaller so I really want to see how efficient they are before I consider buying.

    • Startingbark035

      @X1 X2 lmao apple fanboy spotted

    • X1 X2
      X1 X2

      @XTentionG .F totally! It’s not like the last years Samsung beat this years Samsung lmfao cry

    • bryan

      @Trilexi i dont play any game on my phone funny enough, just moderate texting and light social media use.

  • 0m3n

    Would be cool to see all phones optimized and used for a while to see the outcome

  • Leslie Quarcu
    Leslie Quarcu

    Great video.. I have a suggestion tho.. How about a critical test on all the phones with all major battery draining facilities in play. Thus, wifi on, mobile Hotspot on, Bluetooth on, mobile data on, location on, sync on, and maybe even flashlight on.🤪 I believe there will be more interesting results..

    • Text me on telegram 👉@Danmace
      Text me on telegram 👉@Danmace

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  • Hubert Jagodziński
    Hubert Jagodziński

    Hey Arun , I really appritiate all your videos. They are awesome - chapeau bas :) Are you planning to made full S22 lineup vs Iphone 13 battery drain test ? I'm Thinking about S22 PLUS - but I'm worried about battery life.

    • Tanveer Ahmed
      Tanveer Ahmed

      @VictorD You did not give enough time to Samsung for learning about your usage and making suitable battery backup for you.

    • VictorD

      Kupilem s22 ultra i mial tragiczna baterie. Oddalem i kuplem 13pro. Niebo a ziemia

    • @WhatsApp+①②⓪①③⑦⑧⑥④③②

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  • Dinesh dinny
    Dinesh dinny

    Hey Arun, can u upload a video on how dimensity 8100 and 9000 perform again iphone 13 pro Max in battery test, i basically demand a battery drain test of different company chipsets.

  • Randa Ranatunga
    Randa Ranatunga

    7+ hours for a last place with the Pixel 6 Pro is honestly an amazing time. Batteries are truly evolving, can’t wait to see when graphene batteries start becoming a thing.

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @Genius&Mad Lmao ikr, these people back then really though Samsung was going to add that kind of tech into the S20, here we are.

    • Kah P
      Kah P

      @Faiz My charger is 25w, when i put at 20% takes 1h30.

    • leo pard 2
      leo pard 2

      @SpeedyPopOff had android for 6 years, its shit

    • Gerco Bosch
      Gerco Bosch

      @Faiz well try the xiaomi about 90% in like 15 minutes, and that is quite functional.

    • Ronan Velarde
      Ronan Velarde

      @Lower Five touché

  • Caba The Protogen
    Caba The Protogen

    I love the s21u! The s22u just looks weird.

  • Ashley Medcalf
    Ashley Medcalf

    I just got the IPhone 13 pro max and the battery life is AMAZING!! Coming from a 12 pro max I love this phone

  • Gurpreet Vilkhu
    Gurpreet Vilkhu

    Can we just appreciate how he puts 97% of his life savings in this channel.

  • Hinza 277
    Hinza 277

    Good video, but I would really need retest after 1-3 years of usage and maybe compare of phone cost and battery cost

  • Rhiana Murray
    Rhiana Murray

    I'd love to see a battery test between the 3 different s22 models! I haven't got much of an indication of how good the s22 will be (that's what I'll be aiming for, pending battery really... :D )

    • Josh Adams
      Josh Adams

      @Flash363 ayy same i went s22u in whitecwith the 256gb, looking forward to upgrading from my s20u

    • Oso 11
      Oso 11

      @Uarenotme True you don't want your phone to charge any faster bro it'll kill the battery life

    • Uarenotme True
      Uarenotme True

      Going to cancel my prebooking of S22 Ultra.. Dissapointed. Even 45watt charging compare older s21 25watt doesnt differ much in 0-100% charging. Lame Samsung!!!

    • Flash363

      @Oso 11 yeah, idk if maybe the hardware is capable of it or or not but the software definitely doesn't allow for it. Shame on them. I'm still getting the S22 256GB in white in a few days tho😂

    • Oso 11
      Oso 11

      @Flash363 that's more than fine I think my note 20 ultra only gets to 48 or 60hz. The problem is they lied about it in the advertising

  • Jacob Gao
    Jacob Gao

    Small detail but around 0:02 every one of the phone falls in the exact order that they die in the test, with the iPhone being the only one still standing, the only exception being the two Galaxy's being switched 🤨

  • sam mobile
    sam mobile

    Hey, please can you remake this test to see how far they all have improved in efficiency

  • Cory

    I really love your channel!! These videos are so cool! Thanks for the content

  • Ekene simeon
    Ekene simeon

    Pixel 6 pro got me laughing. Damn it! The battery percentage was 100% when others was 93% and it got drained first 😂😂😂

  • Maxwell Yanbor
    Maxwell Yanbor

    I would've love to see both the Exynos 2200 and the SD8 Gen1 on this battery drain test.

    • Celestia Koaru
      Celestia Koaru

      @JustinW-BS No, i do

    • JustinW-BS

      @Celestia Koaru you probably don't even have an iPhone 13 pro max

    • Celestia Koaru
      Celestia Koaru

      @Aakash Bhavsar But i only use my phone at the end of class when we are done with lessons? It shouldn't be happening anyways, but its Apple, so nothing new.

    • Aakash Bhavsar
      Aakash Bhavsar

      @Celestia Koaru it means you should focus on your studies

    • Celestia Koaru
      Celestia Koaru

      Fr, my iPhone 13 pro max is just terrible now!! I can't even go a day in school, past the third period, without my phone dying. Even when it's on 100%in the morning!!

  • igi 25
    igi 25

    I have iphone 13 pro max and i have to say the battery is awesome, playing games for 8h straight and my battery at the end is like at 30%, much better compared to previous iphones who would be at 15% after 3-5 hours

  • HamzaGamer

    0.00 That Part When Every Phone Fell But iPhone 13 Was Still Standing🔥😂

    • fush3 Gaming
      fush3 Gaming

      Thanks to how the iPhone 13 Pro Max was designed

  • Marcus

    I want to see another test but exactly the same! Because the samsung s22 ultra has improved a lot since it came out!

  • Oleksandr Ogorodnyk
    Oleksandr Ogorodnyk

    thanks for the video. will there be similar test for OnePlus 10 Pro?

  • Siliux

    The moment We've all been waiting for.

    • Monetary_Episode

      Once every year

    • RemntarBYGI

      @Denzil Das rightfully so 🤣

    • Bones

      Speak for yourself

    • Denzil Das
      Denzil Das

      @RemntarBYGI Still, 6yo samsung Fans crying in comment section 🤣

    • อือ เห็นด้วย
      อือ เห็นด้วย

      @Ryuko💀 speed test is suck. Everyphone has good speed enough lets talk about video exporting

  • 陈GXH

    what apple does best is after a year's use and one(compulsory) update, you only get 70% of the battery life left

  • Citex23

    I'm still surprised that my pixel 6 pro is still at 30% at the end of the day!

  • titanamas live
    titanamas live

    really good battery comparison. But, please release the video on the mi 12, 12 pro and 12 ultra as i am considering buying one of them this year. so please make that video soon.

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith

    Thank you for doing this now I know how long my IPhone will last I always wondered but didn't want to do the test for myself

  • ScrubbaSaurusRex

    My goodness, your team is phenomenal. You guys have absolutely nailed every aspect of viewer retention with your video edits. They are so crisp and clean. I love every single video I watch! Thank you guys for putting all the work in that you do! 🤩

    • The Big Cheese
      The Big Cheese

      @ScrubbaSaurusRex Never put more then 20 words in a comment

    • Safwan Chentouf
      Safwan Chentouf

      Evreyone i have a question with anime do you love: One punch man Dragon ball Attack on titan or Demon slayer

    • Safwan Chentouf
      Safwan Chentouf

      @ScrubbaSaurusRex nah not Thatcher cheesy

    • K Santhamma
      K Santhamma


    • ScrubbaSaurusRex

      @K Santhamma Oh, yes. That is a scam post. Don't fall for those!!

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones

    Can you remember when iPhone would have definitely lost any sort of battery life test? How times have changed 😂

  • masomaf

    Still happy with 13 pro max Friends of mine who have other phones are suprised of the camera performancetoo. Day and night shots/ video

  • Sreejith S
    Sreejith S

    This is great. I m super impressed my 13pm also!! Great phone with great battery and fluid display...

    • Telegram@mrwhosetheboss13

      Congratulations_ you have been selected among the lucky winners 🔝🔝🔝... Message right away

  • tall_dude123

    I just bought a Pixel 6 Pro, and honestly, 7.5 hours screen time is MORE than I need. I can get two full days of battery life with it so far.

    • Telegram 👉👉@mrwhosetheboss789
      Telegram 👉👉@mrwhosetheboss789

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's🎁

  • visje177

    This would be more interesting with the S22 and S22 plus as their battery capacity has been reduced compared to the previous generation. Otherwise great video as always!

    • Omar

      @Tony D I would say USB C can def be a must for many people ,so the fact that the iPhones are still using the lighting cable when the usb c is widely use everywhere does not make sense to me ,it will just make it easier for everyone if they move to usb c . Also one thing I don’t like about Apple is sometimes how slow it takes for them to put some features ,a good example was 120ghz or 5G which took them ages to put these features compared to android phones which had these features for ages,iPhones also tend to be more restricted compared to android phones so I understand why some people would not like iPhones for that reasons ,Also Androids are better at multitasking,with iPhones you can’t really do any multitasking which can be problematic for some people .I always admire Samsung screen ,they always had an incredible display ,Samsung also offer you an s pen which I would say it can be useful especially for multi tasking .I would love to have a finger print on iPhones again as I would love to have more unlock options like what android devices are offering .Btw I’m pretty much used to, to both android and IOS ,the same way to windows and MacBooks so for me I can live with both devices as long as the battery is good. I believe Samsung is getting better year by year ,I remember when Samsung start to change which it was from the s6 ,I was a big fan of Samsung in fact at the time I bought the s6 , the s7 and the s8+. I remember when I bought the s8+ and that was the first Samsung phone that had full screen display which I was amazed by it ,the issue came after I used it for a year that the battery was so bad that caused me problems and also at the time I didn’t like the fact that Samsung were selling an inferior version phone in Europe for the same amount of money but now it is seem that it improved ,that was my main reasons why I moved to iPhone ,but recently androids phones have improved drastically that I would recommend it depend on what you care and need.

    • Tony D
      Tony D

      @Omar I mean reading your comments Apple/ iOS is perfect. Name some faults of 13 Pro Max compared to s22 ultra then. I would like to know what you think. I've seen plenty of Android users call out Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers out all the time. iOS fans rarely do. They'll call 6GB memory as a feature and anything higher is unnecessary until hey get 8 or 12GB. USB-C is Meh! until apple adopts it.

    • Omar

      @Tony D did I said Apple are perfect ?when did I say that ?there is no phone that is perfect ,every phone has some issues , there are things that android phone do better compared to iPhones and there are things that iPhones do better compared to androids phones btw I had more androids phone in the past then iPhones ,so I knw pretty well the differences between android and IOS ,if u want to push the smartphone technology , you want both iPhones and android phones to succeed, the only thing I hated about androids phones of now is how expensive they are getting which it is sad as I always applauded android for being cheaper then iPhones .

    • Tony D
      Tony D

      @Omar sure, Apple is perfect and have 0 faults. Beats android in everything. Got it.

    • Omar

      @Tony D I’m just stating facts and you knw it is true ,that’s why Apple are successful not only in phones but also in laptops with their m1 ,iPads ,Apple Watch and AirPods Pro ,they are simply dominating and you knw it is true.

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      Azfir the cool

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