This Smartphone lasts 50 DAYS without Charging.
These three new Android Smartphones from Energizer in 2019 are some of the best value phones I've seen recently. One in particular though....stands out...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Just woke up to a million views in 20 hours on this one - that's crazy! Thanks so much 👊 FYI - Theres a few days left to enter my giveaway of 5 Galaxy S10 Smartphones here:

    • The fantasy world
      The fantasy world

      Please do the Infinix note 11i

    • The fantasy world
      The fantasy world

      Please do the Infinix note 11i

    • zpunchdeath

      Is it too late?

    • George Fernondze
      George Fernondze

      Fake ha ?

    • juan

      @James Carson well your question was answered

  • BethesdaCSR

    If that battery blows up, its gonna take out an entire neighborhood

    • George d
      George d


    • Sohaib

      Man that made me laugh hard

    • Arthur Pinheiro
      Arthur Pinheiro

      @Abdus Samad 💀

    • ThePyroMage

      More like an entire country

    • Chelsea K
      Chelsea K

      Better be careful

  • Baldeep Birak
    Baldeep Birak

    Duracell should have a go too. These 2 companies should show the rest how to make phones be efficient with their battery

    • KJ

      Yeah you must not have used and iPhone 13 pro max . That battery life is prime smartphone material

    • A Thick Wall inside a table
      A Thick Wall inside a table

      We present u the "ultra pro extra super battery phone 2000" with a big fat ass 10 year battery life

  • lepidotós

    I'm going to be honest, I actually wouldn't mind a phone half that thickness that has a 25 day battery life and a headphone jack. Especially if it doesn't try to be bezelless, because the screen needs as much durability as it can get with how heavy it will be.

    • Tuvoca

      Or one even thicker....

  • Daury YT
    Daury YT

    now imagine enabling the power saving mode

  • tyemaddog

    They should have made a 2nd stacked battery phone that stacked two batteries instead of 2. Thickness would be more reasonable, and for that extra battery life, it'd probably sell

  • Oh Look A Chime
    Oh Look A Chime

    Then: Wow this Phone has a good Battery! Now: Wow this Battery has a good Phone!

    • Nukem's

      @FOE_WREDZ you need a whole car battery recharge that.

    • Christof GD
      Christof GD

      Imagine, a power bank with an Android OS inside.

    • FireCraft

      @E9 Gaming :)

    • E9 Gaming
      E9 Gaming

      @FireCraft Fair play, replying 2 years late

    • FireCraft

      @TRAP 3RB old enough

  • noah Rosser
    noah Rosser

    What I find strange about this is that Energizer is known for their alkali batteries, not necessarily lithium-ion

    • Debbie Bernhardt
      Debbie Bernhardt

      Energizer definitely realized there was an advantage of getting their series parallel battery setup transferred to phones.

  • Dude Gaming_09
    Dude Gaming_09

    imagine plugging this phone on changing during blackout and this give power to your house as well as the whole street.

    • Debbie Bernhardt
      Debbie Bernhardt

      Not possible, but it could only power 30 watt systems only

    • Kader PDI
      Kader PDI

      @Anna Kessler the phone is made by energizer not him

    • CosmicBrickFilms

      @Anna KesslerSomebody’s mad that they don’t have 9 mill subscribers. 👀

    • Veron

      @Anna Kessler I'm just gonna ignore you

  • aerorain

    Finally, a phone that I can use to charge my power bank

  • paulgrant421

    "Ha ha, who in their right mind would buy a phone that thick?" *shoves Fold 3 into pocket*

  • Kevin-John Tagoe
    Kevin-John Tagoe

    Finally, a phone you can charge overnight without worrying about leaving the phone plugged in longer than it should

    • The Sky Walker
      The Sky Walker

      @Jid Scarface i will probably buy a new one after 4,5 years so yeah

    • Jid Scarface
      Jid Scarface

      @The Sky Walker Right, even the battery start to degrade or damage in 2-3 years wont be a problem any longer because it is likely most people start buying new phones.

    • Teodor Vranchev
      Teodor Vranchev

      @Bruhman I don't think it dows

    • Simon Masson
      Simon Masson

      @Pixels Sony makes phones?

    • potato wr /orochi brothers
      potato wr /orochi brothers

      @Airship Today 2022 yes I did happen to me

  • Eric Base
    Eric Base

    they should take advantage of its thickness. like... optical zoom or larger sensor

  • Imre Bertalan
    Imre Bertalan

    Sh*t, I love that "brick phone". Would love to see it with specs similar to a Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC and upwards. That I would gladly pay around 550$ for it.

  • M.kazem Akhgary
    M.kazem Akhgary

    It would be cool if they added usb ports to charge other phones too

  • AnthonyCSN

    Why did they have to go so far with it, I've been saying for years I would totally get a thicker phone if the battery life was amazing, but this goes to far... half that size and it would be the perfect balance!!!

    • thehotdogman93

      @Braden Sorensen I'm pretty sure in the video the guy said that the brick has 3 6,000 mah cells so if you cut one off, you slice off 1/3 of the size for -6000 mah. Memory and Batteries are not the same.

    • Lawand Dalatieh
      Lawand Dalatieh


    • Enrico

      @Braden Sorensen but the video explains how it’s just three million amp/hour batteries stacked together

    • Afrolint ln
      Afrolint ln

      @Will Swift not a bad idea, but unless your more well known, or provide the phone that people specifically want, hav a guarantee, and people have assurance that your not just gonna rip them off, I doubt anyone will buy from you, it'd be easier and cheaper for me to mod my own phone and I wouldn't have to worry about some jagoff stealing my shit, I could easily modify most of not all current smartphones with a 6000mah battery without increasing thickness or removing any components

    • Will Swift
      Will Swift

      I will be modding flagships phones to have extra battery by making them slightly thicker. Anyone interested?

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    *Nokia* : our phones are built as brick *Energizer* : our phones are bricks

    • Ford Mustang GT
      Ford Mustang GT


    • 3hits

      Nokia: *kills energizer*

    • I Apeared
      I Apeared

      A brick wu5h display

    • bigest btwich gamin fan
      bigest btwich gamin fan


    • Savelka

      Nokia better

  • Werewolf Master
    Werewolf Master

    I actually like it. Some people really appreciate such battery expansion

  • Stxxvv

    I would love to have that phone if i lived in a place where I could only recharge every 50 days 😃

  • Mavik 🏹
    Mavik 🏹

    Finally, someone had the same idea as me that "I don't care how thin it is just make it last longer."

  • tunnel snakes
    tunnel snakes

    Honeslty I love it. It's abunch of battery packed into a phone. As long as it has good hardware that would absolutely be sick

  • Rounak Mukherjee
    Rounak Mukherjee

    "A power bank with display"

    • yeetsus


    • Plumjet09


    • Roshani Jaiswal
      Roshani Jaiswal


    • EverythingInBetween

      A Tesla with a screen

    • A Thick Wall inside a table
      A Thick Wall inside a table

      The power bank its actually sold alone its the phone that's included

  • Josh Vennix
    Josh Vennix

    This is a great idea. Let's face it, does a 5.5/6 inch phone fit in your pocket anyway. Find something halfway between the two, I'd buy it for sure.

  • Mica Silva
    Mica Silva

    This is crazy! 😍 but don't we need to charge it for 25 days for it to get full? 😁

  • Alaric Niemi
    Alaric Niemi

    OMG Ive been thinking of this for YEARS! I hope i can still get one, maybe an improved version. I really hate how phones get faster and faster and thinner and thinner, I always wished theyd just make a HUGE battery!! that is LEGIT!

  • Xibyth

    Shoot, I'd be happy with a battery that reliably would last 2 days.

  • short videos
    short videos

    1% battery phone: tut tut tut... the phone will be shutting down after 120hrs

    • Hoverboard2525

      @Banana man nah

    • Vibes


    • SWML Trainspotting
      SWML Trainspotting

      damn it would be a rare occasion seeing this phone hit 0%

    • Lynn stars
      Lynn stars


  • Robert Kesselring
    Robert Kesselring

    As someone who's constantly struggling to keep my battery charged... Is there an equivalent to this beast in 2022??

  • S D
    S D

    Hopefully one day other manufacturers will provide the same or more battery life

  • WooferJr

    After 2 years I feel like these would be collectables by now. Especially that humongous 50 day battery phone!

    • Jake

      They were canceled :/

  • Abood Moghraby
    Abood Moghraby

    Pretty cool that you have a phone that can be used also as a defense weapon 😊👍

  • JeyVGaming

    This Smartphone lasts 50 DAYS without Charging... with the exception of not fitting in your pocket

    • عبد الرحمن الناصح
      عبد الرحمن الناصح


    • I love oil
      I love oil

      @Trollege Foot Solider 😼

    • Trollege Foot Solider
      Trollege Foot Solider

      @I love oil wait a minute

    • Grey Wolf Racing
      Grey Wolf Racing

      @Afuzan Shkan *S1Ptwu* my pockets can literally fit a PSP 2000 and my phone on top of each other That phone WILL fit in many men's pockets

  • Tyler N
    Tyler N

    Imagine if the big battery phone just became a powerbank with a screen

  • bookbeing

    I love the hefty power max model if only it included a headphone jack and allowed for the battery to be removable/replaceable.

  • Obe Emmanuel
    Obe Emmanuel

    Really amazing how your videos has changed within these few years

  • CyberVirtual

    Man this was my first video I saw on this channel. He was so overly humble and professional. Now he is confident, playful, and hilarious with his weird Smartphone Gadget and Tech Fail videos. We have come a long way fellas.

  • EmissaryGW2

    Other companies: "With our fast charging tech, when your phone dies in the middle of the day you can get back to 80% in 30 minutes!" Energizer: "We got rid of the charging port because the battery should last until you need a new phone"

    • Nukem's

      "until North Korea or Covid Decided to do a little trolling"

    • Flying Cucumber
      Flying Cucumber

      ya that should be the legit end goal for all smart phone companies

    • Maikel Z
      Maikel Z

      2022: Xiaomi 11t pro: 18 minutes 0% to 100%

    • Gaming & Learning
      Gaming & Learning


    • Go Shu
      Go Shu

      Dont forget that everything is created today to die when the waranty expires :P On the next day - is off :P

  • K4T85

    If i was going away somewhere without electricity BUT with enough coverage to use this phone I would consider it ,

  • Gary Patton
    Gary Patton

    Honestly I would buy it just for the warranty. It is nice that I could also use it to jump start my car.

  • Philippecr

    Would be cool if it runs SD888+.... That would last really long


    Woah, I wonder how the foldable phone turned out 🔥🔥👏


      😵‍💫 I can’t find it anywhere I don’t think they ended up making it 😭😭🤌

  • Beatrice B
    Beatrice B

    Imagine losing that phone at 36% and when you find it years later it has 37% left

    • 4epa1012


    • Rihan Nisar
      Rihan Nisar

      magine losing that phone at 69% and when you find it years later it has 70% left

    • Xv.haki罰

      ''And that's how this phoen become the familly treasure. son -what a story grandpa"

    • your mom
      your mom

      That happened to me when I was a kid back at the days

    • MrPekka23

      @aimohsin still makes no sense


    I wont lie , i would have loved to have that phone 🤣

  • HesperHurt

    To the general public this might seem like an odd design choice. However, for guys working in certain sectors... a phone with epic battery life, and by default battery longevity, is a freaking awesome option! Using a regular phone with a bank is fine but the number of banks lost/ditched or damaged is high. Equally... that weight is nothing in comparison to sat phones. If it can handle multiSIM and accepts sat uplink peripherals via the type C then there's definitely a market.

  • defaultuser0

    honestly im about to accept this size, having big battery is awsome

  • Ryan Cooper
    Ryan Cooper

    This video just got recommended to me, I wish I had seen it a couple of years ago when I was a lorry driver. That kind of battery life would have made a massive difference to my long haul trips.

    • Ryan Cooper
      Ryan Cooper

      @R R Yes, and my phone's battery got destroyed by being on charge virtually all the time on the road.

    • R R
      R R

      car chargers/external battery banks exist

  • Destiny

    1970: In the future, we will have flying cars 2019: Smart Brick

    • Neodacat

      4k likes in 4K resolution

    • ayee bruh
      ayee bruh

      This guy is a hidden genius

    • Banti Singh
      Banti Singh


    • Sheru Dadda
      Sheru Dadda


    • Martin Lèdl
      Martin Lèdl

      ⚡📱Wtf... It's PowerBank with display xD 📲⚡

  • Starbird14

    A 50 day phone could be seriously useful in a combat zone or in the wilderness.

    • yorick

      you can also just take a similar size powerbank with you

  • Loki

    50 days is maybe a bit much but i would be more than thankful for 3 days of battery 🔋

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog

    Actually, I think the biggest issue with the fat phone is not with Energizer, but with the market. Not every product has to be useful in every context, and I don't think that phone was every intended to be for the general market. I would absolutely adore having that phone as someone who goes on long camping trips relatively regularly. Because I'm not going to jungles and shit, I'm usually still in range of cell towers, so could easily call/text people to tell them about how the camping is going, as well as use the phone for entertainment or possibly even emergency tutorials or something (being able to just use Google rather than having to memorise every bit of first aid, cooking, and general survival would be great). Currently, if I want to have my phone with me, I have to carry around a power bank which is just as thick, but even longer, as well as having to take the phone cable. In that way, this phone would actually be BETTER than a normal smartphone. I also don't use my current phone much during the day while camping, instead only using it in the evening/night when light gets too low for analog forms of entertainment, so I could easily see the battery holding out for a full week of camping. I'm just using the example of camping because that is my reference point, but anyone who might not have the time to plug their device in for extended periods of time- for whatever reason- would probably have a better time with it. Equally, imagine going on a trip somewhere, taking your phone and not having to worry about a cable and more importantly, an adapter. Electrical adapters are the bane of my existence. Either you have to own 50 of them, or the universal ones are usually huge and extremely bulky. With that phone, you could travel abroad for extended periods of time without having to waste your luggage space or money on an adapter.

  • Alexandro Yassuhiro
    Alexandro Yassuhiro

    If they develop a circuit that charges the cell phone when the device has the screen locked. There could be three or four portable chargers inside the cell phone that wouldn't get hot.

  • Asim

    Alternative title: This battery has android installed in it.

    • Taofiq Tiamiyu
      Taofiq Tiamiyu

      🤣🤣🤣 nice one

    • Epicgamer9

      @Just GOC also dude love ur content keep it up

    • Just GOC
      Just GOC

      @Epicgamer9 I know

    • Epicgamer9

      @Just GOC sometimes a joke is so bad no one can get it

  • Sadra Shakouri
    Sadra Shakouri

    Looking at newer vids, we can see how much confidence Arun got in the years

    • zainab ch
      zainab ch

      thats what i was thinking while watching this.

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beans

    Energizer made a pretty good phone, thats crazy

  • Jayne Derp
    Jayne Derp

    I remember someone pointing at one of the new flip screen smartphones and telling me that we're on our way to going back to the brick phones of the 80s and 90s. I knew it was the truth.

  • Merendel

    You know that cell phones have now come full circle. They started as bricks, shrunk to a crazy small size, and now have returned to being a brick. Personaly that phone is a bit too chonky for my pocket. I'd happily take half the capacity for around half the size. Still no charge anxiety for a single day, probalby could still get 2-3 of normal usage between charges. If I need 50 days of standby time I'm bringing battery packs anyway.

  • Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex
    Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    I’ve always wanted a screen on my battery

    • ༺ MᎩᏒ༒ᒪε ༻
      ༺ MᎩᏒ༒ᒪε ༻


    • krany _
      krany _

      Thanks dad

    • Karwan y. salihy
      Karwan y. salihy


    • M S
      M S


    • SebyG04

      😂 😂 😂

  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen

    Energizer: lifetime warranty. Reality: 3 year warranty.

  • sholey joby
    sholey joby

    the 2nd phone is good for a real long drive if our normal phones rans out this can be usefull for emergencies and all it need to improve is the charging

  • 89 Jed
    89 Jed

    "is that a phone in ur pocket or are u just happy to see me" new meaning 🤣

  • LiterallyKarl

    2019 people: “A power bank with a phone” 2039 people: “A camera with a phone”

  • T-Rexx

    Bruh that battery has a built in phone.

    • Manoj K
      Manoj K


    • Fallen_Beagle They-Them
      Fallen_Beagle They-Them

      @Bronya Zaychik I normally hate emojis, but the diversity is an exception because not everyone is a Simpsons character



    • Wolfy

      Hey bro why is your brick blue and why didn't you answer my calls? ...

  • Asphalt

    Yo your so close to ten million subs keep up the great work❤️❤️❤️love your videos

  • Good Music
    Good Music

    I just imagine going out with this in public while your phone says "Energizer" on the back 😆

  • IIX

    That's insane 🔥🔥🔥

  • chansopheap thai
    chansopheap thai

    If they only made it to last only 2 weeks, people​ may buy it more. because it could have been a lot thinner

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak

    I don't need to go to the gym anymore after gaming for 49 hours with this phone.

    • :0 _
      :0 _

      @Ray Mak Ray, why are you everyehere ?

    • Ray Mak
      Ray Mak

      @GOSU BANANA*fake* need to revive it with your help. Hehehe

    • GOSU BANANA*fake*
      GOSU BANANA*fake*

      Your channel is already dying

  • Kuldeep _
    Kuldeep _

    Powerbank is needed to charge the phone. "Ok, their combination will be legendary"

  • zabdielpistola

    This phone takes the concept of "brick phone" into a hole new level. 🗿

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat more OCD about my phone battery dying 😂 of course, in practice the "50 day battery" will be more like 18 days, typical marketing trick 🤣

  • the stupid
    the stupid

    I wonder what a case for it would look like

  • LukzForEver

    1% battery left. Still got 2 hours on it.

    • Rahime ozsoy
      Rahime ozsoy

      30 Munites*

    • Wouter Dehaut
      Wouter Dehaut

      Guys it will not last for 50 days probably a week

    • Devilcorn123

      Ridge Vlogs 5 days is when there’s 10% left

    • Electric Cat
      Electric Cat

      @Squirt4757 these guys calculating using standby time yes it's 12 hours but only 180mah left so while using it it's not gonna last that long but it's still impressive

    • Squirt4757

      lol my iPhone's battery is screwed up, it drops to 1% in like two hours then stays at 1% for another two

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    it's 2022 and I want a good cheap heavy battery smartphone like this

  • Dooleh

    I'd like to see a drop test on that 0.5kg phone battery with a screen... A drop test on the phone itself, and on the concrete it's dropped on.

  • Milo Gardner
    Milo Gardner

    If it had a headphone jack and expandable storage i'd be all in. /sigh

  • GSYT

    This shows how far we have come in technology. 2 year old flagship phones are nowadays low to midrangers

  • Max Davey
    Max Davey

    Imagine dropping this monster on your face at 12 am watching vids

    • Debra Hanes
      Debra Hanes


    • Shirty Animations
      Shirty Animations

      You would probably break your nose. Ouch!


      Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😂

    • That guy rna
      That guy rna

      Your face is squashed

    • Blizlynt

      @The last of us PS4 LOL

  • Steve

    My phone lasts 20 hours very small compared to this phone 50 DAYS but i have a question the quality of the phone if its better then my phone im buying it and my phone is MUCH thinner then this one but i think it stores the giant battery that stores the 50 days of energy and imagine having it in low power mode other phones when energizer is on low power mode: ALL HAIL THE BATTERY KING

  • 20quid

    To be fair, carry around a phone and a power brick is probably more cumbersome that carrying them combined in a single unit.

  • ElessarGR

    Someone can say it would be an "explosive" phone if this gets heated up :D