This Smartphone lasts 50 DAYS without Charging.
These three new Android Smartphones from Energizer in 2019 are some of the best value phones I've seen recently. One in particular though....stands out...

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Just woke up to a million views in 20 hours on this one - that's crazy! Thanks so much 👊

  • Destructor

    1970: In the future, we will have flying cars

  • Kevin-John Tagoe
    Kevin-John Tagoe

    Finally, a phone you can charge overnight without worrying about leaving the phone plugged in longer than it should

  • Beatrice B
    Beatrice B

    Imagine losing that phone at 36% and when you find it years later it has 37% left

  • AnthonyCSN

    Why did they have to go so far with it, I've been saying for years I would totally get a thicker phone if the battery life was amazing, but this goes to far... half that size and it would be the perfect balance!!!

  • Agent_of_darkness

    Imagine your laying on your bed and using this brick of a phone and it fall's right on your face

  • JérémY GrecTé
    JérémY GrecTé

    A "lifetime warranty" of 3 years, that tells us about how long the lifespan of this phone is.

  • Oh Look A Chime
    Oh Look A Chime

    Then: Wow this Phone has a good Battery!

  • EmissaryGW2

    Other companies: "With our fast charging tech, when your phone dies in the middle of the day you can get back to 80% in 30 minutes!"

  • HeLiOS

    Nokia & DS : Finally! A worthy opponent,our Battery will be legendary !

  • Jo-Erlend Schinstad
    Jo-Erlend Schinstad

    Lifetime warranty for three years. That sounds promising.

  • Retro Boy
    Retro Boy

    When "bricking your phone" takes a whole new meaning.

  • Baldeep Birak
    Baldeep Birak

    Duracell should have a go too. These 2 companies should show the rest how to make phones be efficient with their battery

  • Rounak Mukherjee
    Rounak Mukherjee

    "A power bank with display"

  • Wavy Dane
    Wavy Dane

    i see this as an absolute win all around the board,

  • Hope You Have A Happy Day!
    Hope You Have A Happy Day!

    Having 5% battery left on this phone would mean having 22% battery left on a 4000mAh phone

  • WooferJr

    After 2 years I feel like these would be collectables by now. Especially that humongous 50 day battery phone!

  • Sheikh

    I would love to see Jerry Rig doing a durability test on this, especially the bend test..!!

  • Willie Cano
    Willie Cano

    Energizer really took "damn my phone's the size of a brick" to a whole new level!

  • short videos
    short videos

    1% battery