Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison
4K Camera Test - Huawei P30 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera vs iPhone XS Max Camera - Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode and more.
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  • Mikhail Govender
    Mikhail Govender

    If you zoom enough with the P30 you can see into the future

    • Kt Semenya
      Kt Semenya


    • Mega Gamer
      Mega Gamer


    • -Jöö

      @Mihai0095 that went well XD keep waiting for Apple to "invent" The periscope telephoto camera...

    • Bentobox

      Say that to the S20 Ultra.

    • Nor Hidayah
      Nor Hidayah

      Max Mustermann huh

  • Petroleum Man
    Petroleum Man

    You are brave for walking around with a triple selfie stick.

    • Max Media Solutions
      Max Media Solutions

      Different story if this were in the hood areas 🤣

    • Caesar

      2:15 Look at that couple

    • jafranul islam junel
      jafranul islam junel

      That too in paris 🤣

    • Tesco Primark
      Tesco Primark

      It’s Paris if you know what I meant!

  • Guus Bouwmans
    Guus Bouwmans

    I bought the P30 Pro a couple of months back. I made this decision because it's the best all rounder. The slow motion is a big let down though, but maybe this is fixable with a software update in the future because we already had three camera updates from Huawei since I bought the phone.

  • Mr. Edu
    Mr. Edu

    lenses are good enough, but we need extra processor power. it would make instant night mode for video and pictures possible. it could take extremely fast multiple pictures to fix imperfections, reduce the grain and double the resolution by combining multiple shots based on hand low steadyness.

  • Terry

    In my opinion Huawei looks pretty good for snapping photos in terms of getting the details except for the overall red hue which is showing, for some people may not be used to it. However just need to know if these photos were displayed and compared next to each other using the same screen with the same resolution, contract and brightness.

  • TheRealNoodles

    I use to laugh at Huawei... now Huawei laughs at me

    • The z
      The z

      And now xiaomi is laughing

    • Sharah Hicks
      Sharah Hicks

      ? ,@Arvid

    • UnKnOwN

      Looks like you can laugh at at them again if they had Google services it would be nice phones but not anymore.

    • navboi12

      @Captain Crunsh "optimated", that's a first 😜 it should really be optimised 👍

    • Killua

      @Baby8Stef what? So hauwei banned google?

  • vanessa ortiz
    vanessa ortiz

    I love the side by side comparisons. It really helped me decide which phone is best for My needs. Other videos usually tell me which one they like best

  • simo_ ago
    simo_ ago

    I prefer s10 for its fidelity to colors, great photos, perfect 4k videos, display (the best current), security, design, compactness, audio and battery life.

    • fvai

      @simo_ ago yuh

    • simo_ ago
      simo_ ago

      @fvai But I prefer the audio of the s10 than the mono audio of the p30

    • simo_ ago
      simo_ ago

      @fvaiYou're right

    • fvai

      Security and battery life is better for the Huawei P30 Pro. Audio on it is not the best because it comes out from one place and you need to hold the right way whether you like it or not (sound is scarily loud). For design thats opinion wise. All of the phones are compactness. Selfie on the s10 is the best though.

  • Samo Danilo
    Samo Danilo

    2005 my phone has a camera 2055 my camera has a phone

    • 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑶𝒏𝒆 𝑺𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝑷𝒂𝒕𝒉
      𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑶𝒏𝒆 𝑺𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝑷𝒂𝒕𝒉

      @TheWilhazard I still have my S4, S5, S6 S4 mini, S10 and all the cameras are amazing on this phones, and I do mean amazing! I have been using them in all conditions, and I love those phones. I am still using them to this day.

    • TechThisOut



      Most hella underrated comment

    • Nathanael Malm
      Nathanael Malm

      @Samo Danilo I realise I'm almost a year late but here's the camera on

    • Curry Chicken
      Curry Chicken

      @TheWilhazard these kids have no respect for history lol

  • F F
    F F

    Excellent video. I was all set to buy the P30 until I watched this. The colour palette for daytime pictures is totally off. All skies appear washed out and there is a yellow tinge to everything. This is the price for better night shooting. The zoom lens is great but the poor colours are a deal breaker for me. Maybe 2020 will be the year of the perfect phone as in 2019 all flagships are missing something and are way over priced.

  • Pabloパブロ

    I love how he starts the video right off instead of a 2 minute introduction keep it up 👌🧡 Thanks for all the likes

    • Haidar Alghareeb
      Haidar Alghareeb

      Long live the legendary Super Saiyan Broly And yes, he is the boss, so he is the best

    • BlackLion

      That's why he's THE BOSS

    • Will Newcomb
      Will Newcomb


    • irfan hilmi
      irfan hilmi

      Yeah this guy's the real deal

  • Mc GetRekt
    Mc GetRekt

    This should be revised when EMUI 10 comes out for Huawei. They're completely redesigning the camera software and adding loads more features

  • Urbex Badger
    Urbex Badger

    1:58 You must turn on optical image stabilisation in camera settings 🤦‍♂️ You might not have noticed it but the OIS is available on 4K too on the S10+. On the Note8 it's the same

  • Clark Santos Tesch de Oliveira
    Clark Santos Tesch de Oliveira

    Definitely these three phones are the best call when we talk about photos... The P30 pro takes advantage in zoom, lightening, night photos and details. The s10+ has the best front camera, definitely. And the XS Max has the best portraits.

  • Petros S.
    Petros S.

    Nice video! What would you choose between the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition and the Samsung Galaxy 20 FE as far as the camera is concerned? Could you please make a video between them with photos taken during the day and night too? Thanks a lot!

  • Valentim Motovlog
    Valentim Motovlog

    3 awesome phones, still costs a car here in Brazil

    • FgameCorp

      @Tenor Onghere a base model corolla is 110k.

    • FgameCorp

      @Sam você compra um chevettinho com esse dinheiro.

    • Tenor Ong
      Tenor Ong

      In Singapore a toyota corolla costs around US$87,000. And the cheapest (new) car in Singapore is around US$45,000

    • Kopite

      @Famous exactly my thoughts :o in my country a car costs at least 10 times the price of the phone, if you want a second hand car that's at least 7 years old.

    • Famous

      What car can you get with a $1000 ?

  • chezzYyuu

    “Apple is crying in the corner at this point” 😂😂

    • norell mark salaan
      norell mark salaan

      Samsung and huawei is now crying because they dont have update recieved 😜

    • Epica Unleashed
      Epica Unleashed

      @Indrajeet Vaghela lmao LCD is inherently better than oled. Way more vibrant.

    • Tranx Villanueva
      Tranx Villanueva

      But iPhone’s hdr is way better than both.

    • Esseker

      @Mirda 1996 camera wise it definitely is.

  • Malcolm Alexander
    Malcolm Alexander

    That's ANOTHER great video with good definition and has helped me a lot. Now I want to see the S10+ v S20+ just to make sure if the extra cost of the S20+ is worth paying or not.

  • by: N
    by: N

    Huawei is like a vampire of smartphones. They become beast at night 🦇

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    Excellent comparison, really impressed with the P30 pro, especially how they have improved the video quality, the image stabilisation at 1080p is the best I've seen.

    • JiriQ

      I just dont like the oversaturation on the P30 pro, I like saturated colors, but that is just waaaay to much

    • Help me reach 4k suscriber challenge
      Help me reach 4k suscriber challenge

      Somebody post this so that the reviewer can see "you are an agent for apple I know that, whole world praises one phone but always praise an iPhone. If u are an apple fan boy it's ok but don't justify that iPhone still is better cause we are seeing the proofs visibly.." thanks

  • Sasa Milic
    Sasa Milic

    Happy with my P30 pro. Two years after launch, and still great phone!

  • Le du mot
    Le du mot

    I love Huawei, but, i'm sure they will give me even more reasons to love them as the years go by !

    • deduzz

      p50 .... that is all :)

  • SтαяLσяd ®
    SтαяLσяd ®

    The P30 Pro is the best Huawei phone you can buy right now It's also one of the best phone we've used when it comes to photography, with the cameras being the P30 Pro's real party piece, providing staggeringly good 5x and 10x zoom, and a digital 50x zoom with gets you insanely close to objects far off in the distance Huawei🥰🥰

  • FacuuAF

    I'm just mind blown at how consistently good Apple has gotten. The hardware matches the software finally. The P30 Pro is another league though

  • なみ

    Wow the HDR on the iPhone is still amazing considering it's against 2 of the new flagships this year, Samsung's ultra wide tho amazing, the Telephoto lense on the p30 pro is definitely insane and the night time shots are definitely the best, it's amazing how far camera tech on a smartphone has become

    • Tom

      the thing with HDR is that its just software so with some tweaking the others could do the same.

    • SV Onegov
      SV Onegov

      Everything was black, nice hdr ye.

    • Mr KSGF
      Mr KSGF

      @Razvan Onoaie but the xs max have a different colour character than the iphone 7, the xs max may sometimes oversaturates the picture may sometimes make the pics look too flat or lack of contrast in some occasions, the colour science on the iphone 7 is still better than the latest iphone if you like natural photos

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      @Razvan Onoaie the RYB sensor is to blame for the miss colours, it has no green pixels

    • Cerebral World Films
      Cerebral World Films

      @Gautam Diwan could understand the thinking behind it but it's a crazy oversight then if it's going to ruin colours in non low light situations

  • yoututubus

    Very interesting and thorough comparison and analysis. I'm really impressed with the P30 Pro's camera performance. However, this proves again that there is no 100% versatile camera and you need to choose what matters to you most. All the cameras have their own strong and weak points and there's no one clear winner. Good job though.

    • yrxjulianx2

      Yea the p30 pros problem is that the p30 pros colors are so unrealistic and has a missive buty effect

  • Becca A
    Becca A

    It's interesting to see they all have there own strengths and weaknesses. Each one looked bad and good at one point but the p30 is definitely the winner

  • Little Owl
    Little Owl

    Great test! My p30 gets yellow shots, filters do not help much, they are too straight-forward, The only way i have found till now is adjusting temperature afterwards. Maybe you have different solution? By the way, p30 video mode during the day iscloae to real life colors comparing to camera:(

  • Teknolojim Yazılım
    Teknolojim Yazılım

    Exceptionallay well tought out video and review... Highly appreciate it. Well done.

  • Diego Bernal
    Diego Bernal

    This is BY FAR the best video of camera comparison out here on IRglo! Great content, keep it up! 👏🏼

    • Chamadol Nameklap
      Chamadol Nameklap


    • Garrett H
      Garrett H

      Couldn't be more agree! Aaron had kept providing quality content throughout the year.

  • jake josh
    jake josh

    I am actually quite disappointed with the S10 I was thinking of buying it and the camera is a very important feature for me but it seemed meh compared to the other two

  • Alvin Cologne
    Alvin Cologne

    Best camera review camparisons so far.. Give it to P30pro, i love it

  • mia l
    mia l

    so..basically the p30 is a telescope with a phone

  • Sorrow Vibes
    Sorrow Vibes

    Hey man ! What would you suggest for someone who's planning to shoot 4k videos with a tripad (I don't use stabilization) in lowlight environment ? Main criteria is clarity. I want to be able to crop in post-prod up to 400% and still have details and minimal noise. Thinking about the P30 Pro, do you think there's a better android choice ? Can you show me how it gets once it's cropped 400% ? Cheers !

    • Nobu

      P30 pro

  • Rajat Krishnan
    Rajat Krishnan

    Felt that the iPhone XS was balanced in all aspects.. Especially the Smart HDR . no one else in the industry can keep it well balanced than apple's processing .. Sure .. Kudos to P30 Pro for its amazing Periscope camera and the night mode ! Love the video Arun ! ❤ .... Your videos are just awesome !!! 💥

  • Hariank Devaiah
    Hariank Devaiah

    The thing I hate about the P30 is the over saturation

  • Sonia B
    Sonia B

    Thank you for the detailed review.

  • Imaz

    Fun fact: S10 was just launched at that time...and now its camera has improved massively and even better than iPhone 11 Pro

  • NarenKm 16
    NarenKm 16

    I feel like the updates in Samsung has made the S10+ better now

  • CliffyJinx


  • Love Worth Finding
    Love Worth Finding

    Let's Take a moment and appreciate this guy's Work. What a comparison ! 💯

  • Lavina N
    Lavina N

    The dedication this guy has towards Android's and iPhones is the same dedication that Garfield and Remy( Ratatouille) has towards food . Anyway props to this guy for this video which was helpful. Huawei was what I initially preferred, but the orange hue on some of the photos is not my thing ( still think it's better). But I'm not a fan of iPhones. So it's between Huawei and Samsung.

  • A P
    A P

    Can you do a video for P30 vs S10? And not only on camera aspects, but also battery life and work use? Thx

  • Sorrow Vibes
    Sorrow Vibes

    Hey man ! What would you suggest for someone who's planning to shoot 4k videos with a tripad (I don't use stabilization) in lowlight environment ? Main criteria is clarity. I want to be able to crop in post-prod up to 400% and still have details and minimal noise. Thinking about the P30 Pro, do you think there's a better android choice ? Can you show me how it gets once it's cropped 400% ? Cheers !

    • Passenger7

      I think iphone xs max is much better for vidéo

  • HILLアルタイル

    All 3 phones are the winner. Great detailed comparison as always. Objectively well done.

  • Unicorn bükücü
    Unicorn bükücü

    I thought this video’d help me to decide which model I’ll buy but now I’m more confused. ;v; But you did a really good job with video! I don’t like Huawei camera because it looks like it filters my photo and colors look too much saturated. I want to capture realistic colors. But also is good at night mood and zooming. Other hand iphone is HDR and captures realistic colors-details. Especially portrait mode is on point. 👌🏻 But not good at night time and zooming. Samsung is right in the middle, I like how wide it’s camera. Also good at video stability but it’s not too important for me. :’

  • SilverWitDaH00die On
    SilverWitDaH00die On

    Thanks u taught me alot of new things about my new huawei, i was confused at first and spent 5 hours trying to learn it.

  • Ivana Davids
    Ivana Davids

    Zoomed into my dinnerplate with the P30 and saw what I'm eating for dinner tomorrow.

    • ok

      What does that even mean

    • অন্তরে শুধু তুমি
      অন্তরে শুধু তুমি


    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea


    • D S
      D S


    • Leonardo Fiorentina
      Leonardo Fiorentina

      Ground breaking technology. Shows you the future

  • R FN
    R FN

    The issue I noticed throughout your video was that the Huawei seemed to blow the highlights the most of any of the three tested phones. I own an iPhone XS Max. I regularly use it to take landscape photos in full sun. I consistently get good exposure results. In many ways the exposure of the iPhone is better than that on my Sony A7iii. These phones are all software driven. I used to complain about macro ability in the iPhone XS Max. The last couple of software upgrades have improved my iPhone. I have tested this recently and am impressed with the results. They are better than any of the standard lenses on my Sony full frame digital camera. However, the three speciality macro lenses I have are slightly better than the iPhone. I have also noticed that recent software upgrades have improved the 10x telephoto of the iPhone XS Max. The results show much improved clarity outdoors in full sun or indoors in dim light. The iPhone has remarkably good panoramic features which you do not mention in your video. I tested this a few months ago against taking a series of 24 mega pixel photos with my Sony A7iii and merge them on Lightroom. I was shocked at the fact that it was hard to tell the difference between the two. I was also shocked at how effective the iPhone smart HDR is. In comparing landscape photos on subject miles away the smart HDR added detail to the point that it was hard to tell the difference between the Sony A7iii and a good lens and the iPhone. This is not to dispute your video but just to say that my results using this phone camera have been outstanding. And in addition the system behind the camera like Apple Photos and the Lightroom app work exceptionally well. If I use the iPhone camera the photos or videos are almost instantly shared between my phone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. For me I will continue on with what Apple makes and expect a big camera advance next month.

    • R FN
      R FN

      voided i use high efficiency when i take the shots and edit the on Apple Photos. When I download a copy to a local drive i make a jpeg. You can vary the jpeg size to match your use. I use iMovie to edit iPhone videos. I take videos in 4K 24.

    • Void

      R Nuttmann This is such a clean comment man, i agree with you 👏🏻. Just wanted to ask you something, when you shoot with your Xs Max do you capture photos using High Efficiency or Most Compatible ( you find these formats in the camera app settings ). You know asking out of curiosity since i am trying to get the best image on my iphone.

  • Vansh K
    Vansh K

    It'd be great to have the Pixel in camera comparisons. Love your content though!

    • Fantasytky

      Its a paid ads by huawei. Sure he wont put in pixel since pixel photo would easily crush the lousy huawei photo except zooming.

    • Benn

      @Debojit Mandal I'm jus gonna leave it, seeing as you're getting emotional, plus a lot of your grammar simply makes no sense.

    • Debojit Mandal
      Debojit Mandal

      @Benn zoom on pixel is a joke . Video recording on a pixel is still a big joke . And yes one plus takes better videos then pixel if u want u are free to compare just look side by side comparison be one plus and pixel the O+ destroys the pixel in videos. And no one plus cameras are not as weak as ur described .yes the one + camera is not on par with the flagships but how far they also should be counted the one plus daylight shots are 98% close to that of flagships . Ya they fall about short in low light but one plus photos in low light are better then the iPhone xs as iPhones low light both in stills and videos are a joke. And I mentioned this the pixel is only good at low light and selfie ( only stills) not in video

    • Atharva Joshi
      Atharva Joshi

      Hi Voldy

    • Dantedijon1

      Pixel 3 also has the best selfies and pixel 3 night sight would give p20 a run for its money

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat

    While I like the P30 Pro. I have to go with the S10 Plus overall

  • lindy Dinaze
    lindy Dinaze

    Video helped but am still confused on which phone to buy..generally I love portrait on iphone ..but it turns to over Darken with low light

  • Kelly Paradise
    Kelly Paradise

    Huawei is way more advance in technologies. No doubt.

    • Marcus

      @Marios Zacharis just buy an actual running a thrift jewelry shop or smt?🤣

    • Marios Zacharis
      Marios Zacharis

      do you think I can use it for professional photos for an online store? (clothes & jewelry)?

  • Jenna Waite
    Jenna Waite

    Great video. Weird though. I have the Huawei and my day images don't look saturated like that. They look the same as the galaxy and iPhone.

  • Vincent Judah
    Vincent Judah

    great presentation , great voice to listen to and excellent delivery with the pro's and cons . Keep it up!!

  • Mandy NO
    Mandy NO

    You are one of the best gadget reviewer I ever seen. Really enjoy every comparising video

  • Dschinn

    Don't underestimate the red tint effect on the P30 pro. It's clearly a deal breaker. I've checked some footage of that smartphone with every update. In the end the green/yellow pixel subtitution gives you wrong colors and the AI makes it worse. Huawei did some bad descisions while doing the concepts of this phone. I know that you can change colors very easily. But the thing is that there will always be a lack of colors in pictures/videos because some colors have never been recorded. If colors are lacking a picture tend to appear more like a tinted BW photo.

  • Leonardo Fiorentina
    Leonardo Fiorentina

    Also a quick little tip for everyone, who is interested in getting the best quality photos. You can use editing programs, such as Pixlr, Facetune 2, VSCO, Snapseed and Lightroom to edit your videos for way better quality. Make sure you tune here and there especially if you are going to be posting the pictures or videos on social media

  • Gino The UK Tech Man
    Gino The UK Tech Man

    The selfie camera is far from having a good dynamic range it seems. And the video appears to have some micro jitters. And how about the audio recording bitrate? Any more updates?

  • GIS Tech
    GIS Tech

    For night photography P30 is absolute king. The problem is that day shots are a bit hit and miss..

    • GIS Tech
      GIS Tech

      @12345 678910 I read somewhere that the new night mode is out for the S10 already.

    • Paulo H. Carrapicho
      Paulo H. Carrapicho

      Perfect light iphone is better. Low light the p30 pro wins. And in the mid term, the S10+ is the most versatile

    • Magnus Likes Tanks
      Magnus Likes Tanks

      @Slyizable Who honestly uses Slow mo anyway

    • Slyizable

      And the slowmo is bad.

  • Emin Usta
    Emin Usta

    huawei is much more successful in terms of camera than other models have much clearer photo performance is my favorite p30 pro

  • Sunshine M.
    Sunshine M.

    awesome review, best ive seen by far.. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake . Wreggy
    Jake . Wreggy

    With the iPhone 11, Apple has invented a new mode; something called "night mode"

    • Jürgen Chen
      Jürgen Chen

      @David O It was a joke

    • Šetajući Žbun
      Šetajući Žbun

      Omg rlly i never heard of it

    • DynamoNitro - MTB
      DynamoNitro - MTB


    • Dragana Alavanja
      Dragana Alavanja

      Hahaha king 🤣


    Wish someone combine those 3 camera qualities into one phone

  • Samuel Hildebrandt
    Samuel Hildebrandt

    S10 has good wide angle and selfie camera XS incredible HDR P30 mind blowing zoom and low light

    • Huawei P-series
      Huawei P-series


    • Jordy Flores
      Jordy Flores

      there is a problem: what if i want to zoom 4x? yes, there is a loss of detail until you get to at least a 5x. Most of the time you won't even get a 5x zoom.


      @Henrique Kraus bad battery

    • kyla

      XS is still the worst

    • Mh Tahil
      Mh Tahil

      XS 💯

  • Donald Klopper
    Donald Klopper

    Very balanced review!

  • Ronei Arnold
    Ronei Arnold

    P30 pro is definitely the best one. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers mate!!!

  • Ricardo Luis Pilatti
    Ricardo Luis Pilatti

    Thanks for the comparison! What is the processor of the Galaxy S10+? Here in Brazil, the Galaxy S10 + with Exynos 9820 processor, not Snapdragon. This interferes with the quality of photos?

  • 1time email address
    1time email address

    Great review. Thanks for posting.

  • Sheetal MG
    Sheetal MG

    Perfectly made video. On point information on the camera comparison. Very good. Looking forward to more such videos on different subjects 👍

  • Arika A.A.
    Arika A.A.

    I have 10 s lite but its always stable when it comes to video recording as long as you turn on the stabilizer setting. and Im sure samsung galaxy s10+ is better than s10 lite. so...

  • PyroJason

    Huawei had good low light, Samsung best front camera, iPhone best general rear facing camera with most realistic colours.

  • mateykooo

    I have P20 and my dad has p30 pro and that camera is just AMAZING!

    • simple life
      simple life


  • RM Ali
    RM Ali

    Great comparison 👍🏻

  • Reforitor

    The fact that you shot from 3 phones simultaneously makes you the real BOSS! Mr, you're the boss ;)

    • Giovana Samara
      Giovana Samara

      I've seen a whole lot of reviewers do the same set up, but this comparison actually is amazing.

    • akage tobimaru
      akage tobimaru

      @James R i agree

    • YYwb

      It also give the advantage S1to the phone in the middle as it has the least shaking, which is the Samsung S10

    • Canadiense Guapo
      Canadiense Guapo

      He doesnt have a Ferrari

    • Sagara Kun
      Sagara Kun

      @Aryan Raval mayB my eyes have gone bad as I seeing reverse footage @00:22 (bus going backward) on P30 and 00:28 (people moving backward; bottom left) on S10+, @ 01:52, the 2 android phones have the same footage, unlike the iPhone (a wild hitman appearing @ 02:00) The cuts of the footage were done in a haste lol

  • Gilles Robveille
    Gilles Robveille

    Excellent review!

  • samir parajuli
    samir parajuli

    Time of flight makes me remember about projectile motion😂

  • G Trottier
    G Trottier

    Do you think that Samsung will improve the camera on the Note 10 compared to the S10?

  • Tahir Abbasi
    Tahir Abbasi

    Night Mode Was Presented In iPhone 11 In Back Camera & On Front In iPhone 12

  • Siddharth .S. Nayak
    Siddharth .S. Nayak

    Generally liked the s10 plus. Slots right in between the iPXSMax and P30 Pro. I process all my photos on photoshop and snapseed. The P30 photos are already "pre processed" and not to my liking to able to do anything on editors.

    • Siddharth .S. Nayak
      Siddharth .S. Nayak

      @Abbi Ravindhran realistic? 😂 😂 You need an eye check. P30 photos are anything but real. Red tinted over saturation and over sharp in some photos.

    • Stero

      Yeah but shit software, shit video stabilization and no 4k 60 fps. Yeah...killed the s10 plus my ass

    • aravind r
      aravind r

      @Abbi Ravindhran most realistic 😂🤭

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      @Boris Madzarevic the colours arent true to life ,there was too much redness in everything, its because of the RYB camera sensor ,but it can be fixed with software maybe, RYB sensors isnt new but it isnt widely used due to being inaccurate

    • Abbi Ravindhran
      Abbi Ravindhran

      the P30 is the sharpest and most realistic.