Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison
4K Camera Test - Huawei P30 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera vs iPhone XS Max Camera - Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode and more.

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  • Mikhail Govender
    Mikhail Govender

    If you zoom enough with the P30 you can see into the future

  • Petroleum Man
    Petroleum Man

    You are brave for walking around with a triple selfie stick.

  • Sigrid

    I had been waiting so long for the S10 series to update from my S5 (still an amazing phone to this day) but the P30 Pro camera got me doubting. I eventually went for the S10+. While the newest Huawei models may have a seemingly better camera in terms of specs, I feel that Samsung has more of a professional feel to it, both in terms of design of the phone and how the videos and pictures look overall. Although the zoom may be better on P30 Pro, think about it, how much are you going to use it anyways. And as for the colours and lighting, depending on the image it can be altered by photo editing softwares.

  • Samo Danilo
    Samo Danilo

    2005 my phone has a camera

  • Vincent Judah
    Vincent Judah

    great presentation , great voice to listen to and excellent delivery with the pro's and cons . Keep it up!!

  • simo_ ago
    simo_ ago

    I prefer s10 for its fidelity to colors, great photos, perfect 4k videos, display (the best current), security, design, compactness, audio and battery life.

  • TheRealNoodles

    I use to laugh at Huawei... now Huawei laughs at me

  • GIS Tech
    GIS Tech

    For night photography P30 is absolute king. The problem is that day shots are a bit hit and miss..

  • TechMagnet

    cant wait to see more, who agrees ?

  • vanessa ortiz
    vanessa ortiz

    I love the side by side comparisons. It really helped me decide which phone is best for My needs. Other videos usually tell me which one they like best

  • Jeff Rollason
    Jeff Rollason

    Good review format. Across all situations where I most likely want a picture, the S10+ wins. P30 is seductive for extreme low light, but in reality I would not use it nearly as much as I would be taking regular daytime shots, so an under-used advantage. I bought the S10+

  • Terence

    In my opinion Huawei looks pretty good for snapping photos in terms of getting the details except for the overall red hue which is showing, for some people may not be used to it. However just need to know if these photos were displayed and compared next to each other using the same screen with the same resolution, contract and brightness.

  • Pabloパブロ

    I love how he starts the video right off instead of a 2 minute introduction keep it up 👌🧡

  • Garrett H
    Garrett H

    Hey Aaron good content as usual. Your comparison videos is just so good in terms of fairness and detail explanations. Love your videos and definitely would love to see more!

  • Panagiotis Molasiotis
    Panagiotis Molasiotis

    Nice video, you covered so many scenarios , but what about the P3O's raw lowlight performance? Without night mode?

  • chezzYyuu

    “Apple is crying in the corner at this point” 😂😂

  • Songsource

    The iphone’s Xs HDR & color reproduction are groundbreaking. I hope they’ll continue to improve on it. And most importantly on the low light.

  • Urbex Badger
    Urbex Badger


  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    Excellent comparison, really impressed with the P30 pro, especially how they have improved the video quality, the image stabilisation at 1080p is the best I've seen.

  • blackhawks1900

    Thank you for the nice review! As already stated here by others Huawei is a night beast and Samsung has an edge on the day light and iPhone is somewhere in the middle. However, at the end pricing and does matters. I like all three in their own personality, but if am serious hobby photographer I would rather buy a SLR Camera and buy the cheaper phone of the three.