How this Robot changed my life. 🤖
The Roborock S7+ Robot has changed my way of living - here are the ten reasons why!
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نظر: 6 138
  • Dean Fraiser
    Dean Fraiser

    You won me on “it has lasers”

  • techFAUX

    The longest perioud of time I ever spent on a topic of “cleaning” !

  • Business is boomin'
    Business is boomin'

    If you hadn't said it was sponsored, I would have not even noticed.... That's how genuine your every review is. RESPECTTTT

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar

    This is legit, DOPE! I love it when youtubers fillter their sponsor offers rather than just getting as much money as they can ❤️

  • Arjun Pathak
    Arjun Pathak

    Arun: Deploys a robot to clean stuff

  • Rukhage

    I've had the S5 and currently have the S6. Whenever the time comes to upgrade will definitely stick with Roborock, it's been a total boon to our lives in terms of time spent vacuuming. Totally agree with Arun's points.

  • shamila shafi
    shamila shafi

    I appreciate sponsored videos when they are products that the reviewer would actually recommend. Great video Mrwhosetheboss.

  • Loncey Jerry
    Loncey Jerry

    "Looking death in the face, then remembering that it still has work to do"

  • AirCrash Encoded
    AirCrash Encoded

    Arun makes everything so interesting that I can't resist watching them! Really awesome quality video, brilliant setup, phenomenal work that you put into the video is clearly visible! Prolific set up to funny Easter eggs hats off to you Boss!

  • A I
    A I

    1st time ever I have watched an entire video on a cleaning gadget device & have not been bored even for a second...

  • Sahil Mandalia
    Sahil Mandalia

    I just appreciate and can’t thank Arun and his team much that they has managed to upload three heavy videos in a week. It’s just magnificent how he has managed to pull of this. Thank you for the content it’s just phenomenal.

  • Dezi

    The biggest feature of the cleaning station is, that it is the first one that doesn't need a bag.

  • Vincent Goh
    Vincent Goh

    Not many times I get to have the same Gadget Arun is reviewing, but I have the Roborock S7+ too.

  • Matthew Ang
    Matthew Ang

    Been using this for 2 weeks + it’s amazing the mopping is so good too! + that auto empty dock is so convenient

  • plopnl1

    Yes the s7 has lasers, but so do several of the other new models. What won me over to get the s6 vmax instead of the s7 was the object detection camera system. Which as a bonus means you can use it as a remote control car with a view from the drivers seat. But the most fun is sending a voice message to the robot, specially barking sounds so the dogs go crazy 😂

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    Mrwhoosetheboss: “I would have to perform a rescue mission”

  • KiNgSlAyEr


  • Peaceful InHabitant תושב שליו
    Peaceful InHabitant תושב שליו

    im genuinely impressed. That company could teach so much to the majority of companies nowadays.

  • Ritesh Dabi
    Ritesh Dabi

    This was one of the most convincing sponsorships I've seen.

  • migueeeelet

    Bloody hell this thing can do work. The lasers detecting the house is something I've always wanted to make a robot to do. Alas, I don't have the hardware haha.