How this Robot changed my life. 🤖
The Roborock S7+ Robot has changed my way of living - here are the ten reasons why!
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  • Dean Fraiser
    Dean Fraiser

    You won me on “it has lasers”

    • neel best cool
      neel best cool

      @The Edge over

    • Andrew Gaming
      Andrew Gaming

      Same mn

    • Devan's Animations
      Devan's Animations


  • Rukhage

    I've had the S5 and currently have the S6. Whenever the time comes to upgrade will definitely stick with Roborock, it's been a total boon to our lives in terms of time spent vacuuming. Totally agree with Arun's points.

  • Peaceful InHabitant תושב שליו
    Peaceful InHabitant תושב שליו

    im genuinely impressed. That company could teach so much to the majority of companies nowadays.

  • Dezi

    The biggest feature of the cleaning station is, that it is the first one that doesn't need a bag. But tbh I think the station is nearly useless. The water tank last maybe 2-3 times max in my apartment and if i have to refill water and change the mop, i can do the one step to empty the dust compartment, too.

  • Kishan Vaishnav
    Kishan Vaishnav

    It is amazing how much engineering is required for robots in doing tasks we perceive simple.

  • Business is boomin'
    Business is boomin'

    If you hadn't said it was sponsored, I would have not even noticed.... That's how genuine your every review is. RESPECTTTT

    • brijeshkakadiya

      Wait, it was sponsored

    • Damien

      It's a rule to tell people that it's a sponsored product or video in Uk.. (he had told this in his other video)

    • lapieuvreee

      If it wasn't sponsored he would have talk about the other brands having similar features, like iRobot who can be scheduled since years, and has auto emptying docking station as well (the cliff detection is here I think on every robot vacuum since day 1).

    • børedom

      @Muhammad Fuzail The people who created it sponsored the video

    • Muhammad Fuzail
      Muhammad Fuzail

      The robot is a sponsor?

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose

    I've never seen anyone being so excited reviewing a robot floor cleaner. This is so wholesome. 😂😊

  • Saahil Borole
    Saahil Borole

    I just have one question. Could this be a security issue, with it mapping out an entire floor plan?

  • SA M
    SA M

    It’s actually really good. In April they release the S7 MaxV It has a self cleaning station even for the mob. I hope you‘ll make a review on how good it is.

  • Stefan Schäfer
    Stefan Schäfer

    I would be very excited if you can make a review about the new flagships from ecovacs, the Omni X1. It has both self cleaning and self washing option. But another alternative for Roborock would be also the G10. It could wash itself too, but not clean dustbin. Would be very interesting if it could be combined with the Station from S7

  • Arjun Pathak
    Arjun Pathak

    Arun: Deploys a robot to clean stuff Robot: Cleans Milo's footprints Milo: Peace was never an option


      Aaron Watson It's Arun

    • Aaron Watson
      Aaron Watson

      He is Aaron

    • Lopez Lopez
      Lopez Lopez

      Are you writing a paly about them?

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal

      lol well Milo is a cat. They are programed to cause havoc.

    • Ihuhfg2

      Milo the goose, but it’s a cat.

  • AJ8967

    We have one of the lower models, I think it’s the S6. It actually goes in a straight line rather than random. We’ve had it for a little less than a year, and it’s still going on strong!

  • Not.Striff

    Looks great, can it do zone cleaning, ie get it just to lean a particular room? Only thing I wish it had is a flat front, and have the Cleaning brush in front, out of being in-between the wheels. This would allow for larger area of cleaning plus ability to clean closer to to walls / objects. I'm actually surprised how small the cleaning brush is on this......

  • ayo akinsiku
    ayo akinsiku

    Insane tech. Bet it comes with an insane price tag too. One thing I do need is a robot that can clean my windows , cabinets and toilet .

  • /u/ spockdad
    /u/ spockdad

    I have the s6 which uses LiDAR. I love it, but the s7 came out 2 month after I got the s6. So I was a little salty about not having the latest and greatest. The s6 I’d give a 7/10 overall. It sometimes gets stuck which sucks because 9 times out of 10, if it would’ve just backed up, it could have unstuck itself. But other than that, it’s been pretty good. The features I like better on the s7 would be the mopping feature. The s6 just drags a damp cloth, which is ok for regular maintenance, but I still have to mop manually. I also like the higher intelligence of it to unstick itself. I like the concept of the self emptying when docked, but that is what I have read the most complaints about. Apparently you need to by bags from RoboRock, or it doesn’t work, and apparently they are expensive which only adds to the overall cost of ownership of the s7. I think I will wait for the next generation to come out to see if it’s worth upgrading.

    • Luuk Domhof
      Luuk Domhof

      I know this comment is 6 months old, but I'd like to clarify that you don't need to buy the bags. You can either use it with the bags shown in the video, or just as a dust container that you can empty yourself. The second option is comparable to something like the Dyson cordless vacuums

  • techFAUX

    The longest perioud of time I ever spent on a topic of “cleaning” ! Arun makes everything interesting 🙌🏻

    • g0th1cXxv1b3s


    • Aaron Watson
      Aaron Watson

      He is Aaron

    • Cinder

      @Typhon why does it matter

    • MiniKreek

      Lol same

    • Mason W
      Mason W

      0-0 :)

  • scraberdash

    my aunt actually had a roombo with the same invisible wall system except it was with 2 nodes that you just put somewhere and the line between them became a no go zone, you could just set it to clean and it would return to it's docking point on it's own, but it didn't memorise floor plans, or else it wouldn't get stuck next to the couch lmao

  • DimusTech

    Got the same one few weeks ago, indeed works awesome! in my case they don't sell the self emptying dock in our country yet but I'm planning to get it later too. I'm also working on my review on that robot but it will take time as I started a new daily job and obviously I'm not at your awesome level. Keep up the great work!

    • DimusTech

      @Georg3 how much what?

    • Georg3

      How much?

  • CampTUBE 🏕
    CampTUBE 🏕

    He’s right. My robovac is amazing. Not as up market as this though. Mine starts at 10am every morning when I’m at work. Get home. All clean and charging. You don’t realise how much you need one until you get one.

  • Michael

    FYI, there's a new version called the Roborock S7 Max V Ultra that in addition to the older S7 plus models features, also includes auto water refill, auto mop pad cleaning, and object recognition, which is useful for dodging things like cords, socks, and 💩

  • Vincent Goh
    Vincent Goh

    Not many times I get to have the same Gadget Arun is reviewing, but I have the Roborock S7+ too. I can agree to everything he says. The only thing I wish it has is auto-water refilling tank on the dock. p/s: This is not a sponsored comment.

    • Vincent Goh
      Vincent Goh

      @DFC i know right!!! So tempting to upgrade now

    • DFC

      Your wish just came true!! They launched the S7MaxV Series that has this option now!

    • Cameron Saman
      Cameron Saman

      Thanks for disclaiming that this was not a sponsored comment!

    • Trust

      This is out of stock in my region.

    • Vincent Goh
      Vincent Goh

      @عبدالرحمن بلهراوي you can add cleaning solutions if you want to. Just make sure it doesn't contain anything that harms the robot. The official Roborock in Taiwan does sell the cleaning solution. Not sure about other countries.

  • Shravan Reddy From India
    Shravan Reddy From India

    How the hell is it so small but can do things that a machine the size of a table can do? I'm amazed and glazed by it

  • Mr Sammotube
    Mr Sammotube

    It would be interesting to know how useful this is for a huge house with 3 floors and many rooms...

  • Fauzi Rahman
    Fauzi Rahman

    I wonder how this handles with pet hair and pet litter. I've seen a few too many videos where some pet leaves an "accident" and I'm worried about those when I'm not home if that happens.

  • Paul M
    Paul M

    I'd love to have one of these, unfortunately my house has steps everywhere so it feels like I wouldn't get the best out of it. I need a robot vacuum that can navigate steps!

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      Text me on telegram@officialSambeckman

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    • Text me on telegram@officialSambeckman
      Text me on telegram@officialSambeckman

      Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted Winner Whatapp only ==

  • Freddie Simons
    Freddie Simons

    Props to MrWhoseTheBoss for creating such high quality content🔥

    • Mukhesh Gowda
      Mukhesh Gowda

      Props to audience to watch those high content videos

    • Vaisakh K M
      Vaisakh K M

      🤣 quality ad.... 🤗But it will always be grate... When I have enough money, i will surly purchasing it.

    • Siggo


  • Master Singleton
    Master Singleton

    Arun, the way you take your time filtering hundreds of sponsorship requests you receive daily is why I subscribed to your channel in the first place.

  • CuteViralVideos

    I do not watch your videos for the content but for the sound of your voice and your accent as well as your way of being. You're an amazing, rare human being.🧡

  • OD Simple
    OD Simple

    I think this kind of technology is really awesome! And super useful! However... When it comes to a never-ending messy family house that's always active and all over the place... I think it won't last ._ . I also thought it might be useful in my room since I could just spare myself vaccuming the floor using this technology however-also..... I don't like this use headphones for playing my video games and the sounds coming from there might interrupt its sound wave bounce feature... But I don't really know it's just speculation. I wonder if I could also assign some redlines to not come across. For example if it'd actively clean while I'm still in the room it'll be a bit risky if it comes under my desk or when I get up my chair and accidentally step on it. I'm not heavy but assuming I am, could be damaging. (Also it'd be really really awesome if you can just line up where it doesn't come across because it's YOUR road. It feels awesome to be in total control of your electronics) if that can happen I'd call it my cleaning pet 😄

    • OD Simple
      OD Simple

      Nevermind I was halfway through the video, that's so cool!

  • ICAA

    I genuinely started googling and researching robot cleaners yesterday. I was expecting some targeted ads. A channel I'm subscribed to making a video about the exact product I showed most interest for feels like a whole new level.

  • AirCrash Encoded
    AirCrash Encoded

    Arun makes everything so interesting that I can't resist watching them! Really awesome quality video, brilliant setup, phenomenal work that you put into the video is clearly visible! Prolific set up to funny Easter eggs hats off to you Boss!

    • Zack M
      Zack M

      @whats_app±①⑥⓪②⑤⑤②⑦④⑤⑨ i think your code has an error

  • DK Danis
    DK Danis

    Many robots now have camera vision too not only that it can detect very small obestacle it also doubles as security camera. Camera feed can be looked on phone. S7 maxV, s6 maxV, ecovacs t8, roomba i7 etc.

  • Pi A
    Pi A

    Doesn't every high end cleaning robot have these features?? I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the first one either!

  • ossi

    I like how he always finds a way to rickroll you

  • Keith Andrews
    Keith Andrews

    Who bought this can genuinely give a review if it works well with all floor types. I got the normal checkered flooring that usually find in living room. Thanks in advance


    I don't normally like watching sponsored videos from youtubers, but when Arun makes one, I literally have to stop everything I am doing to just come and watch this video because of one reason: The way Arun talks about any tech making all of us crazy to get it.

    • Rishav Anand
      Rishav Anand

      @Victor Obini he meant “specifically” sponsored content

    • CYGNUS

      @Victor Obini ahaha I meant I don’t normally like watching videos which are for a product and are fully sponsored, videos with small sponsored bits are cool

    • Victor Obini
      Victor Obini

      "I don't nothing like watching sponsored videos..." Then what do you watch? Lol. So many videos are now sponsored.

    • hman615

      @Rishav Anand true

    • Rishav Anand
      Rishav Anand

      The quality he serves is unmatched

  • Marie-José Jones
    Marie-José Jones

    IUp to now, I thought this type of tool was plain useless. Your review changed my outlook on robots. A similarly skilled model specialized on grass cutting would be a godsend.

    • Marie-José Jones
      Marie-José Jones

      @pïññed By Mrwhôsethboss What is this? ........!**

    • pïññed  By  Mrwhôsethboss
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  • Григорий Ильин
    Григорий Ильин

    Damn, I have roborock s5 and it also can do all this stuff. Pretty great.

  • MD

    I have the Proscenic M8 Pro - does all of this and wouldn’t be without it. Is a lot cheaper than the one in your video. From a house with 2 labradors - this is a lifesaver

  • F. Y.
    F. Y.

    How‘s the data security? What terms do you have to agree to? Because obviously it does collect data but how much of it is accessible to the company?

  • Loncey Jerry
    Loncey Jerry

    "Looking death in the face, then remembering that it still has work to do" I think Milo has competition

    • madrexer the boredTM
      madrexer the boredTM

      @Syesha Anthony No Ofcourse it is

    • Syesha Anthony
      Syesha Anthony

      @Honour it's a scam??

    • Honour

      @Text me on telegram@OfficialUnboxtherapy1 where do i claim?.. :p

    • Stop master baiting or eat a laser beam
      Stop master baiting or eat a laser beam

      Don't mind the scammer bots

  • MrLooneyCooney

    Just saying, this channel..probably the best channel I ever subbed on! Not only for the content, but it's also very VERY amusing to watch :) Just loving it! 10/10!!!

  • Lakshya Marwaha
    Lakshya Marwaha

    I had shown this video to my mum, and she ordered it the next minute! She says thanks Arun✌️

  • Ra Jeev
    Ra Jeev

    hey... your efforts and execution are just amazing !!! but the title of this video should have been - "how this robot eased my life"...

  • Desmond Ruhling
    Desmond Ruhling

    This is so cool! You make the only full-sponsor videos that I like!

  • shamila shafi
    shamila shafi

    I appreciate sponsored videos when they are products that the reviewer would actually recommend. Great video Mrwhosetheboss.

    • Ashish

      Some one submitted like 60-70% of video as sponsor in sponsorblock. 😪 had to change sponsorblock settings to watch it

    • Obito Uchiha
      Obito Uchiha

      @Rohith Peddi he has being doing that in every videos. Sometimes 3 on one video.

    • Noah K
      Noah K

      @Rohith Peddi he does that in every second video lol

  • ThatWeirdCat

    Arun: casually explaining robots* Milo: *GIMME ATTENTION.*

  • King Sadic
    King Sadic

    Aron really deserves the title of Boss. This video has also changed my view about cleaning robots; can it get any better?

  • ACJ Edits
    ACJ Edits

    The hand movement at 3:30 had me dying especially when he noticed what he was doing 🤣

  • Marcelle King
    Marcelle King

    Never thought housework could be so entertaining! I must get one. One question; I assume it can’t tackle stairs (yet)?

  • Arnav Tripathi
    Arnav Tripathi

    Been watching you since 1.5 mil subs. Believe me, it's so heart warming to see my favourite tech youtuber so close to 10 mil subscribers. Godspeed ♥️

    • The Edge
      The Edge

      @WSH3 I did not know him back then but seen those vids

    • The Edge
      The Edge

      @Ivan Quaglio Very sus

    • The Edge
      The Edge

      @Kong Zilla Thats a little sus

    • The Edge
      The Edge

      @Ivan Quaglio Everyone has

    • Ivan Quaglio
      Ivan Quaglio

      @jdidb i am in his bed

  • InfoTell

    Arun's Videos are those to which everyone gets addicted to...(Me Too😂) And I just LOVE the feeling you get while watching his videos because his videos are very to-the-point and reliable...

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  • 3LL19iiU021 علاويو
    3LL19iiU021 علاويو

    Fun Fact: Mrwhosetheboss Always Love Rickrolling Us In His Videos :)

  • Hiboyboy123

    Guess who thought of this first? IRobot. The J7, which my fam bought November, has all of this, minus the laser. It also decides to work with Brava Jet. It will vacuum, then send Brava out.

  • FuckPutin

    This is a weird side of tech where "amazing" things are the ones that just barely made it to the level they were first predicted to be. Like that car over 100 years ago that was so amazing because it was the first to not blow up and kill its passengers.

    • BeActive Behappy
      BeActive Behappy

      Because it is difficult to implement all these things even if it sounds so good on paper. And even with this 950 USD plus vacuum robot I am quite vary, If it would be totally worth it. I think I would prefer a human cleaner more than this. cheaper (as I don’t live in US or UK) and hasslefree. I only consider this a prototype which is why it is super expensive. Think the first cell phone wireless which was like $5000 USD in that time’s money, I hope it will Follow a similar trajectory

  • Sahil Mandalia
    Sahil Mandalia

    I just appreciate and can’t thank Arun and his team much that they has managed to upload three heavy videos in a week. It’s just magnificent how he has managed to pull of this. Thank you for the content it’s just phenomenal.

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      @King Ghidorah WhatsApp only

    • King Ghidorah
      King Ghidorah

      @Text Me On Telegram👉@Official_Jimmys_World Shush

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  • Karl Carrington
    Karl Carrington

    You should of mentioned about if it's noisy when on IE could you have it on at night whilst sleeping and how long it runs for before it needs charging and the price other than that another great video this is why you have 10m subs 👌

  • TrES-2b

    Through this whole video, i was imagining them making an ad featuring every feature and im not sure they can even advertising all of these features in an ad that isnt long

  • osioi io
    osioi io

    I need this when I'm older. :) Best gadget so far.


    Hey man, can you do more reviews on camera tech that you use to shoot your awesome quality videos. Thanks.

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar

    This is legit, DOPE! I love it when youtubers fillter their sponsor offers rather than just getting as much money as they can ❤️

    • Jordi. PNG
      Jordi. PNG

      tbh id probably accept ever offer lol

    • EHB

      Hes actually filtering his sponsorships to make as much money as he can

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      Roman numeral's *Plus. I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI...

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  • RedLeo3000

    This machine is a dream come true, thank you for the information!!!

    • @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①
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      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙

  • Oleksii Fisher
    Oleksii Fisher

    Hi Mrwhosetheboss. Your video convinced me to buy S7. Unfortunatelly S7+ wasn't available in my country, but that's ok. I'm amazed with what it can do. Nice piece of technology. Thank you!

  • HidanRP

    I tried to buy this, but no chance right now in my country. I also remember a great review from Mrwhosetheboss about a Projector with really good sound, but I think it was in one of those 20 Inventions videos and i can't find it. Those are the two things i would really like to get.

  • Cra - Z Gamer
    Cra - Z Gamer

    5:42. My grandma has an iRobot and it scares the hell out of me.. It literally goes right up until its center of gravity is right before it would fall off (about half of the robot off a maybe 25 foot drop) then it backs up. The first time my brother saw he went to stop it from falling.

  • Ritesh Dabi
    Ritesh Dabi

    This was one of the most convincing sponsorships I've seen.

    • ShadyShrimp

      Lmao yeaaah

    • Google thor
      Google thor

      Except we don't have 🙄😭😂

    • Govi

      I know right

  • Bublies

    I am not sure how something anyone can do easily in an hour, that takes this thing 5 hours, is life changing but ok, not to mention you have to maintain it

  • nicole hines
    nicole hines

    Yes and this is how companies get your information and what your place looks like. Which isn’t no big deal to some. But then some companies sell your information and it’s identified to your place/account. Just like Alexa listens to ALL conversations when it’s on. It does look like an awesome cleaning robot. And I would love to have one. I just don’t like how much information companies take from individuals. Or am I alone in this? I LOVE yo;ur content and can’t wait to see more videos you create.

  • Random user
    Random user

    Fun fact: I'm seeing rick astley in my dreams from the amount of times arun included him in his videos

  • M Abdullah K
    M Abdullah K

    Hey, you have any thoughts on the Evovac N8+ or T8+? They are more easily available where I am

  • YataLock

    Totally agree. I have an Ecovacs Deebot, the laser mapping is an absolute must!! It's still not absolutely perfect, but it's truly impressive. I can't go back to a regular robot vacuum.

  • Mukul Anissh G
    Mukul Anissh G

    thanks for that security guard idea, sure is a million dollar idea ;)

  • Omar Ashraf
    Omar Ashraf

    this thing is freaking expensive and it's totally worth it

  • Griffin

    I don't know if other companies like iRobot do this too, but my Roborock S4 (from 2019) has been updated to have better multi-floor support and it seems to get stuck less often than when I first bought it. It's nice that they support their products (at least for the first couple years).

    • Griffin

      @Finland Journey good point, but they didn't advertise the multi-floor support.

    • Finland Journey
      Finland Journey

      So they released it unfinished, like they do with videogames these days. Ouch. This is a bad sign!

  • Travis Zander
    Travis Zander

    I'd like to know if it's worth the cost of admission. $1000 for an automatic vacuum is a bit of the hefty side.


    0:55 his efforts to rickroll us are genuinely underrated

    • Jason Brady
      Jason Brady

      Seems like everyone is missing the ' Thats what she said' bits.

    • Minh Trí Nguyễn
      Minh Trí Nguyễn


    • Louchis -
      Louchis -

      elaborate pls?

    • hman615

      @yio⃤ true

    • yio⃤


  • RonKit

    Man this is costly....(continues to get it always) But after I seen this video and thought to myself...I don't have to do this chore anymore...WORTH IT lol

  • Josi Kirchh
    Josi Kirchh

    Gosto dos seus vídeos mas são poucos que tem tradução pro PT-BR...

  • swaroop

    3:33 the moment he realised what was he doing😂😂😂😂 Lot's of love from🇮🇳♥️💯

  • Raymend Keib
    Raymend Keib

    Milo is just being jealous since Arun called the vacuum a good boy 😅