The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think.
Unboxing + Initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, including camera test / battery life! Check out Huel here:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    For everyone who tweeted me or messaged me to say you were waiting on my S21 Ultra video, thank you - Wanted to take some time to make it as best I could! ❤️ Do consider checking out Huel, it's a product I actually have like every day, and I'd love to keep working with them!

    • MR.B🇧🇩

      Which one is better s20/s21/s22



    • Dylan Taylor
      Dylan Taylor

      Well you would want to see my reaction I'm upgrading from the Samsung s7

    • Mubashir's Fx
      Mubashir's Fx

      Could you pleaase make an video on a52 5g

    • Matipa Nyasha
      Matipa Nyasha


  • Eric Okafor
    Eric Okafor

    Samsung claims they've closed the disparity gap between Exynos and Snapdragon, every year. All lies 😂 Love your brutal honesty Arun ❤️🇳🇬

    • Mr Kring
      Mr Kring

      I hate these comments with a passion

    • AJF

      Bruh ???

    • Erick Mazariegos
      Erick Mazariegos

      Bruh, now Exynos is faster than Shitdragon on daily use

    • Lykan Dubby
      Lykan Dubby

      An exynos fanboy ? That's new 😂

  • Estrius

    I got the S21 Ultra exactly for the zoom. 10x optical absolutely blows the Pixel 5 zoom out of the water. I take a lot of photos of amusement parks and roller coasters, and the S21 Ultra absolutely delivers what I need in a camera.

    • scottcol23

      I work in a warehouse with racks that are 6 levels high. That is 36'. Once in a while we have a pallet that had gone rouge... I am able to use my S21 Ultra to zoom up to a pallet and read the barcode that has text the size of a standard UPC (meaning TINY). I can snap a clear pic of the barcode and using a handheld scanner scan the barcode in the pic I took and see if that is the pallet I need. this doesn't happen every day but when it does MAN does it beat having to ride the forklift up there are manually scan the thing. Im now the go to guy for lost/misplaced pallets.

    • McKnightu JC
      McKnightu JC

      @Prakash Adhikari android is an OS,also isheep

    • Prakash Adhikari
      Prakash Adhikari

      @Compassion Campaigner this why you should buy an iPhone android is 🗑

    • आत्मन Nayak
      आत्मन Nayak

      @Compassion Campaigner hmm

    • Compassion Campaigner
      Compassion Campaigner

      My zoom power has suddenly diminished noticeably. Is there a way to. force the camera to use the 10x or 100 times zoom lens?

  • Dave Howard Schiff
    Dave Howard Schiff

    I've been following smartphone reviews for some time now, this review in particular should serve as a standard for content producers. In less than seventeen minutes you've produced a detailed piece, with well-formed opinions and a crystal-clear product presentation. It's been a while since I've commented on videos, but this one deserved my time.

    • Chase Hughey
      Chase Hughey

      Him and mrwhosetheboss

    • BlueSky 🎶
      BlueSky 🎶


  • CliffNote10

    One huge reason I appreciate the zoom capabilities in the S21U is my brother runs track and that 10x optical zoom at 4k 60fps...omg zooming in when he runs at the opposite side of the track, that's so much better than the 10x digital zoom. You can never go back to digital zoom!

    • asanda mkhize
      asanda mkhize

      6 7 7

  • VT_FOX

    As someone who just upgraded from a Note 8 from 2017 to a S21U a few days ago, I'm still trying to wrap my head around how good this thing is

    • DirtyDirtsGT

      @The Water Warrior only the pro models I never held an s21U but my friend's 13 pro does feel cheap compared to glossy glass

    • The Water Warrior
      The Water Warrior

      @DirtyDirtsGT lol 12 then?? one of em has frosted

    • DirtyDirtsGT

      @The Water Warrior iphone 11 has glossy glass not matte

    • The Water Warrior
      The Water Warrior

      @DirtyDirtsGT the iPhone 11 didn't tho

    • DirtyDirtsGT

      @The Water Warrior matte glass in general feels like that

  • Mr Android FHD
    Mr Android FHD

    Eagarly waiting for your video on Snapdragon 888 Vs Exynos 2100. Your video will surely help me in deciding to buy S21 Plus or not.

    • Syed Shah Nawaz Ali
      Syed Shah Nawaz Ali

      Don't it's not worth it

    • riley axcl
      riley axcl


    • Azuma Reiji
      Azuma Reiji

      @MsJinksey I take it you didn’t return it. Unless you got the exynos version. Then I don’t blame you. I got the snap vsn and it’s been a grade A+ experience.

    • Saisagar Tata
      Saisagar Tata

      Why the FUCK samsung gives exynos in my region and still sells it expensive than what it does in other countries with Snap thats why i wait for them to drrrooopp..This Samsung is RACIST

    • stephen k
      stephen k

      LOL, my s9+ snapdragon 845 still runs all the most resource intense games, streaming, live streaming with zero issues. Battery life has been impregnable. Same charging cycle vs use for years. My complaints about the phone are completely trivial. Aside from the camera differences (which I really don't care about), very little difference in performance. But, I'm seriously thinking about upgrading, simply for storage. I think mine has 64gb of on board storage, which, these days, can b stretched thin pretty quick. Elimination of the SD card tho? Yikes. I don't know how well that will be received.

  • Mr. AR
    Mr. AR

    I had the LG V40 Thinq which was a camera tank when it released (4 lenses in 2017). I knew I needed something to be as good and better. I went with this S21 Ultra and so far am very impressed. And I will tell you the zoom is important as a parent with kids who play sports and we sit so far away. This zoom works and is important for me in that circumstance.

  • TheMightyAkkYleX

    Switching from a huawei p30 pro to an iPhone 12 pro i was surprised how bad the iPhone’s zoom looked. I used to be able to zoom into signs and other stuff in places I couldn’t physically get into (like car offer stickers) and when I couldn’t get that same clarity on the iPhone I had to start looking for another variant. S21 ultra looks nice

  • Turtle Smith
    Turtle Smith

    Had my ultra 4 weeks now. Stunning phone, with the S-pen taking it to a whole other Level. Expensive yes, but things this good generally tend to be.. It ain't no Camden Market rolex for a fiver.

  • Bijesh Stha
    Bijesh Stha

    Thank you for reviewing this phone. I recently bought it after watching your review. I'm blown away by this phone. I jumped from OnePlus 6 to Samsung S21 Ultra and its been amazing!

  • PG2

    Honestly, it's still hard to believe that there's someone who actually does their stuff perfectly. Thanks for keeping the video entertaining till the end.

    • PegimampooS

      @My_Few_Cents Maybe saving videos to cheap sd cards compromised their softwares smoothness, so they go Apple way by only reading & writing from internal storage.. And a 512gb flash drive is cheaper and easier to carry than a 512gb microsd card..

    • My_Few_Cents

      Really surprised a good reviewer justifying the lost features, like charger, sd card and mst. This is just a paid advertisement. As a reviewer you may highlight the phones best features, but have balls to stick to the critical cons. Didn't expect this from a well established reviewer to sell out like that. Unsubed the ultra!

  • George Henderson
    George Henderson

    Because of how well and straight to the point your limited review was on the phone I just purchased.. I'm actually going to give #huel a shot

  • SkyHi Adventures
    SkyHi Adventures

    Amazing review and so much focus on the details (pun DEFINITELY intended). I've had my S21 Ultea and I absolutely adore it hands down. My only issue with this is powerhouse is the expandable storage and the Bluetooth S-Pen. While I am completely satisfied with the support for the S-Pen that lacks Bluetooth capacity, I'd love to have a pen that stores within the device itself. The expandable storage is a big drop in calling this phone "Ultra," but Samsung has definitely raised the bar and smashed the competition. I love this phone 1 year later as much as I did from the release date when I purchased it! Keep up the great work. Wonderful videos! Can you do a full explanation of what make the Snapdragon so good?

  • Bucket List Travellers
    Bucket List Travellers

    This phone would be a massive leap forward for us - we're using a bargain basement Oppo and an iPhone 6 at the moment. We can't even begin to imagine how much better the user experience will be when we get our hands on this! 🤩

  • David Tiah
    David Tiah

    When I bought my S21, it came with 2 smart tags, buds+, AKG wired earphones, 33W fast charger and a 70usd discount voucher. Not bad tbh

  • Jason Majere
    Jason Majere

    Feel like Samsung is starting to learn it’s not all about the big numbers, but also how well something works.

    • Ssss

      @Apex Ace should i not switch to apple, i didnt even know samsung had an ecosystem

    • Ssss

      @Apex Ace I have an s10e and an windows 10 laptop (huawei matebook) and im seriously considering switching over to mac and iphone for the ecosystem and effortless integration

    • Apex Ace
      Apex Ace

      To an extent I agree but also disagree. Samsung is certainly focusing on user experience and interface, but I also feel no matter how well the Samsung phones work by themselves and even in combination with the rest of the Samsung ecosystem, nothing ever pleases some iPhone users. When I show the Samsung ecosystem off to customers everyone says wow I just wish I wasn't already invested $3.5K deep into apple's ecosystem. I get where you're coming from but there are other people out there that make me question the purpose of even talking to people.

  • Mach Landar
    Mach Landar

    coming from a 2017 Huawei Mate 9, which is still working pretty well, I just got s21 Ultra like a day and a half ago....before that I had Note 3 and a few other Samsung's so I had some ideas of what to expect from them...I typically prefer stock android and used to root and mod my phones...but when I went to the store and saw that screen, and how smooth the phone was, I was blown away...and honestly, their One UI is pretty solid, with many features I wasn't expecting, although there is some stuff I wish it had....all in all though, its been a pretty amazing upgrade

  • JubeProductions

    I usually upgrade my phone every other generation of Galaxy S phones. I just upgraded from my old Galaxy S10+ to the new Galaxy S21 Ultra. I didn't really need to upgrade, the S10+ is an amazing phone and I couldn't imagine it being any better. But Verizon tempted me with a $440 trade in credit for my S10+, so how could I say no. My wife and I each got one and I have been using it for the past 2 days. I went for the Samsung case with the S Pen and I am amazed at what it does. I never used a stylus and juxt thought it was a pointing device but it's so much more than that. I would have to say this is the best leap or advancement in technology with my upgrading phones. The only negative things I have to say is that the back feels like plastic, even though they claim it's frosted matte glass. But that's a non-issue because I put a case on it, but the S10+ just had a nicer overall feel to it. The only other con I could think of is that it's a bit heavier than the S10+, but I don't mind the heft, it's not like I'm packing for a climbing trip on Mt Everest and every ounce matters. If I ever climb Mt Everest I'll just bring 1 ounce of weed instead of 3 ounces. If you are here considering if you should get this phone or not, just go get it, it's a great phone and you know you want it.

  • Danny Biddinger
    Danny Biddinger

    Hello Aaron. I’ve been a subscriber of your channel now for a while. This video was very beneficial to me because I’ve been debating whether to switch from Apple to Android. So I’m buying the s21 ultra. You do an amazing job with your reviews! I’m an avid fan Also, I’m going to try Huel 😁👍 Keep up the good work!!!

  • JonMadness

    I came from the S9 to the 21 ultra and was mind blown by the speed and definitely the Camera.

    • MrAasbø

      Wanted to let u guys arguing here that you are making a fool out of youself

    • Prakash Adhikari
      Prakash Adhikari

      @Syed Shah Nawaz Ali get iPhone

    • Syed Shah Nawaz Ali
      Syed Shah Nawaz Ali

      Go check out Oneplus 7 pro photos. 10 times better then S 21 Ultra. I have both.

  • Nishit Singh Birman
    Nishit Singh Birman

    I love how every other IRglor basically tells us the specs but Arun tells us what we are gonna get and feel if we have the product.

  • Kurt Williams
    Kurt Williams

    Great video. I'm still rocking a Samsung 8 and in desperate need of an upgrade. Was thinking "wow, this phone is perfect" and then came the no expandable memory :(

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson

    Damn that S21 Ultra looks so good in my opinion. The whole camera bump section looks gorgeous. I love my OnePlus 9, but if for some reason I wanted to spend more than 2x as much on a phone, that S21 is top of my list.

    • RyRy

      Do you by any chance know what the contrast ratio of the s21 ultra is? I’ve literally been searching the entire internet and I’ve found NOTHING!!! Samsung doesn’t even say it on their website!!!!!!!!! All they say is “the s21 ultra has a 50% increased contrast ratio” but I still don’t know the exact number!!!! AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yerbamatey

    I switched from the iPhone 10 to the S21 Ultra and it's honestly mind blowing. I still have my old phone and I tried using it after this and I honestly don't understand how I ever used it

    • Prakash Adhikari
      Prakash Adhikari


  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts

    Most informative review of this phone on IRglo hands down. Thank you for the review. Getting mine tomorrow and looking forward to receiving it.

  • Dad

    Everyone: "25 watts is so slow!" Me: *extremely impressed with how fast my 15 watt charger charges*

    • HiTie

      @Pratham Chanchlani 30W by xiaomi

    • Pratham Chanchlani
      Pratham Chanchlani

      @HiTie 😂I never said no but its pretty fast for 25w bcz they made it so fast that even s21 series will have same charge support 😂30w of which company bro my charger beats 30w charger of oneplus

    • HiTie

      @Pratham Chanchlani nah thats normal lol. My 30W charger can charge my 5K MAH battery 10 minutes faster than yours.

    • KeaYOse✧。

      * 5 watt charger* what?

    • king113

      I have 30 W oneplus and my dad have 15W samsung belive me in rush its very big diffrance

  • Chewy Gaming
    Chewy Gaming

    I just upgraded from a 2014 model to this phone. This phone is amazing so far.

    • Chewy Gaming
      Chewy Gaming

      2 hours of continuous IRglo videos drains about 30% battery life.

    • Chewy Gaming
      Chewy Gaming

      @Keidane keith really good. From a full charge with lite usage the battery has lasted roughly 40 hours. Charging from 20% to 100% roughly 30 minutes.

    • Keidane keith
      Keidane keith


  • Dr. Craig D. Smith
    Dr. Craig D. Smith

    I just went from an LG V20 to the Samsung S21 Ultra 128GB. Great presentation, I did not learn anything but felt better informed somehow.

  • i m robie
    i m robie

    I am a person who upgraded from a 2017 phone (Google pixel 2xl), and the s21 Ultra screen is so much better than I imagined it could be!

  • daniel mcgowan
    daniel mcgowan

    I upgraded from S7 to the S21 Ultra 512GB Phantom Silver. I'm blown away...yes there's no SD card...but there's Cloud & The 512GB option...I'm fine with my 380GB of music...who needs more than that??? S21 Ultra is the best!!

  • Paolo Plasenzotti
    Paolo Plasenzotti

    I am watching this on my bramd new S21 Ultra and I am dying of joy! This sounds, looks and feels so much better then my old Iphone8

    • Paolo Plasenzotti
      Paolo Plasenzotti

      @Aleksander Czeszyk Not a bit. Only when the Battery level is beneath 3% it starts to fool around

    • Aleksander Czeszyk
      Aleksander Czeszyk

      How's it working after a year ? Isn't it lagging?

    • Just LOOKING around
      Just LOOKING around

      Bro my old was a iPhone 8 and my new one I’m using now is S21 Ultra💀

    • Germ5563

      @Ellie Lillian Go for ultra

    • Dorg

      @Paolo Plasenzotti I was non apple for a long time. Many reasons. I got an iphonex specifically to "try it out again" and hated it. The ecosystem and the non compatibility. The lack of features. It was just a hassle ANYTIME I wanted to do anything that i could do on a tried and true PC or android. I got an S21 no long ago and thats how I found this dated thread.

  • george cousins
    george cousins

    I really appreciate the information. I just recently switched from my 11 pro Max to the s21 ultra. I mean I know it's not that big and upgrade and in fact some people would say it's no upgrade at all but photography is my thing and I really needed that zoom. In the meantime my sister gets my old phone so it stays in the family and she upgrades significantly. Videos like yours are an absolute blessing, you have a friend in Columbus Ohio!

    • george cousins
      george cousins

      @Junior you are right though oh, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do what's best for the whole family and if that means Apple you're still getting one heck of a product and I definitely think it is an advantage knowing both systems to make rational choices in the future. Whatever you do I hope you enjoy. You have a friend in Columbus Ohio!

    • Junior

      @george cousins That's what I was afraid of (in a good way LOL). I really feel like Samsung makes quality phones which is why I have always been a fan. They also seem to push the envelope more in trying things with phones (just my opinion). My ONLY reason I'm even contemplating getting the iPhone 13 is so I can "be more in sync" with the wife, family, and friends. Communicating with others is much easier when everyone has an iphone (group chats, face time, air drop, sharing locations, etc). That's all it is for me. In terms of the phone itself, I'm definitely Android all the way. Anyhow, I'm glad you took the plunge and are enjoying your new Samsung phone!

    • george cousins
      george cousins

      @Junior for me it was the zoom that really caught my eye. I'm out and about late at night and also out at Sayreville parks and I like to take photographs of helicopters and airplanes as they fly over and sometimes people who are the distance or maybe at a football game where I'm sitting up high in the stadium. Also I accepted the challenge oh, it's well-known that iPhones are easier to operate than Android and I just wanted to see if I was up to it which I certainly was but after a week or so a struggling LOL. The switch has been absolutely worth it to be honest. I don't think you could go wrong by buying the iPhone as it is consistently wonderful but the additional Zoom features of this S21 Ultra sets it apart from any phone I've ever owned. And also this is still a new phone so there will be more upgrades to the software coming and I am looking forward to experiencing even more. Yes my iPhone 11 Pro Max was awesome and from what I've seen from my friends the new iPhone 13 Pro Max is not that far superior to the 11 Pro Max let alone the 12 Pro Max but this phone and it's camera system blow my old 11 Pro max out of the park!

    • Junior

      I have to ask since its now been a month since your post, how are you enjoying the phone? Its way past upgrade time for me (Note 9) and I'm eyeing this phone. I've been Samsung forever and I'm considering trying the new iPhone 13 when it comes out to see what this ''apple ecosystem " is about. What made you switch?

  • Asbel Santiago
    Asbel Santiago

    Thanks for this review. I had the Note 9 and it was like my baby lol. I didn't want to change it. Specially when I saw that the new phones didn't have the headphones plugging thing( sorry I forgot how to say that in English lol) but for me was the best samsung I ever had, didn't have any scratches since I put a cover the first day I got it, I drop my phone like every day. Well the only 2 things that made me updated to the S21 ultra was that I always wanted to get a picture of the moon like a professional photographer and oh boy!!! I got my new phone a week ago and last night finally I got the picture of my dreams, yeah I know it's a silly thing but I was so happy to see how clear and detailed that picture came out. Wow, obviously I sent it to everyone and some of my friends now want to change their phones. Oh and secondly because I got a discount of 800 from the phone company as a trade-in . I want to know more about photography with this new phone, I know this coming year the S22 will be out, but I will keep my S21 ultra and might change it when the S24 comes out maybe if I can take a picture of Jupiter with it lol.

  • Spitwadz

    I just ordered this phone, and I am coming from an Pixel 3.... and I thought the 3 (something like 3 years ago) was phenomenal when I first got it, lol. Can't wait to get my hands on this piece of tech.

  • Matthew Roth
    Matthew Roth

    I just upgraded from the s7 edge to the s21 ultra. This phone is amazing to use.

  • Aman

    I'd go for the s21+ cuz of the size and weight of the S21 ultra

  • Z Ξ R Ξ N
    Z Ξ R Ξ N

    Slicing a bread with an iPhone, that's the quality content that I'm searching for. 😂

    • Captain Cocaine
      Captain Cocaine

      @Propflap if apple sold that… oh how much money they’d make

    • James Bond
      James Bond

      @Anthony Walton Smart guy, arent you? :-p

    • Jon Keener
      Jon Keener

      icrap can do that?

    • Random

      It Actually Does😂😂😂😂

    • Abhi Gabani
      Abhi Gabani


  • Ethanol

    I just upgraded from a 2017 S8 to this phone and I am still having trouble believing how good this screen is

  • Scott Clarke
    Scott Clarke

    As someone who just upgraded to the s21 ultra from a 5 year old s7 edge, my first reaction was "Holy crap! This is heavy!" The screen is certainly nice but also oddly shaped and weirdly long, camera is fine, performance is top notch as expected. .... Did i mention its really heavy???

  • Bob Spicka
    Bob Spicka

    4:00 is literally my situation. I went from the S8 to the S21 Ultra and yeah its a huge difference. Loving this phone!

    • John Αligizakis
      John Αligizakis

      I came from an S7 and I finally unnderstood how much has tech progressed

    • James Holden
      James Holden

      8 got the S7, goin to S22U

    • Ayanda Abidemi
      Ayanda Abidemi

      Same here from s8 to 21 ultra

    • Ayanda Abidemi
      Ayanda Abidemi

      Same here

    • Lyles music
      Lyles music

      @Potato474 in theory it's all subjective

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    I used a 2018 motorola g6 for 2 years and then an iphone 6s for the last 6 months (moto broke and hadnt decided which flagship to get) Getting the S21 ultra has been an absolutely amazing experience

  • Spoontaneous

    I'm pretty sure this is THE best product comparison video I have ever seen on IRglo. I'm still loving my old S6... but it just started to give me hints that I might best start considering the options. Excellent video!

    • NickMaster

      You should get it . I was using an s6 till it died then I got s21 ultra 5g and it's 100 percent than my old s6

  • Revshare Global
    Revshare Global

    I'm coming from the old flagship Note 9...I've held the S21 ultra in a phone store. Looks and feels like a totally different phone. Its frigging AMAZING.

  • ok

    im a current j7pro user and my reaction to this is: Wow this is good not affordable but its a real upgrade from this phone i use and has a good design in my opinion and the display is just 9.5/10

  • ijustinw

    When a IRglor is honest about sponsorships, I don’t mind even buying the product. EDIT : thank you for the 500 likes 😊

    • ijustinw

      @Geoff Northcote 😂 good one

    • Jackson Chen
      Jackson Chen

      @st3alth every IRglors is different. LTTs is sponsorships. Duh

    • st3alth

      @Jackson Chen you've got it wrong. Watch LTT's vid about his earnings. it'll clear everything out for ya

    • Jackson Chen
      Jackson Chen

      His ad revenue is main source, and when he promotes surfshark, that is where he gets commission per sale. Anyone can sign up for an affiliate for surfshark. And as VPN is monthly and yearly, he gets recurring commissions.

    • Magnom

      @Jackson Chen ik I was just saying

  • Basch von Rosenberg
    Basch von Rosenberg

    I am using S8 plus and love this curve curved display , want to know is there any difference in s21 ultra curved display from s8plus curved display?

  • TurtleSauceGaming

    I do love my s9. I've had it since 2018, and was running a s4 before that. I keep my phones a long time, and the main reason I'm upgrading now, rather than continuing to use the s9, is I take lots of pictures and look forward to a better screen and camera array.

  • Bens Tech Tube
    Bens Tech Tube

    I agree..Samsung knocked it out of the park with the S21 Ultra.. Can't wait until my 2nd S21 ultra gets here. Loved my Phantom Silver S21 Ultra SO MUCH I Ordered a 512gb version bcuz 128gb ISNT ENOUGH!!!

  • Composing Gloves
    Composing Gloves

    I came from the note 9 and smoothness of the screen blows my mind every single time. I cannot get over how smooth everything is.

  • N4TUR3

    I usually use 1x - 10x zoom regularly when taking pictures, it really comes in handy and I really appreciate Samsung for pushing the boundaries of camera zoom.

  • Quirin Horak
    Quirin Horak

    I still have my Galaxy Note 8 and it's running pretty ok for being from 2017. Maybe it's a shot worth to try out the new Ultra, but i dont know if i can abandon my note when there's still life left in it ^^

  • Chris Barcus
    Chris Barcus

    Had the S8+ .... now worth $40 lol. Day 1 with my S21 Ultra .... I couldn't put it down. So many more features. Glad I didn't upgrade any sooner. Well worth waiting a while.

  • xReznr

    As a person who came from an S8+ to an S21 Ultra 5G. This is a really nice upgrade. S8+ was just not cutting it for 4 years +

  • A J
    A J

    Now that the S-Pen Pro is on the market, you can have all of the Bluetooth/remote control features of the Note, but it's even bigger than the regular S-Pen that worked on the S21, you might have trouble finding a case that it fits in, and you have to charge it separately via USB-C.

  • C H E S A R E G
    C H E S A R E G

    S21: Only new chip and new look "Kinda hard to get excited" Apple users: *first time?*

    • B0B Alvarez
      B0B Alvarez


    • Action man without the action
      Action man without the action

      @Erick Mazariegos nobody cares about who copied im just saying that apple receive all the hate where other brands do the same thing. And no the airpods where created in December 2016 the galaxy buds where created 3 years later in 2019 the 8 march get your facts right go on google search "galaxy buds date creation" and "airpods date creation"

    • Peter Fus
      Peter Fus

      @Action man without the action not a single phone company expect apple make repaieing the phone imposidle i droke my screen i still want it i dont want a new phone i pay crazy amount of money i sould be adle to repair it or take it some were else that i cant

    • Action man without the action
      Action man without the action

      @Peter Fus This still does'nt explain why they receive hate for things that all companies do and the others companies are adored

  • Ashwin Rao
    Ashwin Rao

    Thanks Arun your videos really helped decide my upgrade to the s21 ultra and say goodbye to Apple. 😄 Cheers!

  • City Boy
    City Boy

    I went from a galaxy S9 to this phone and I'm blown away. 😳 the camera is out of this world! I never used the camera in my old phone and now it's on my home screen ready to take pictures at any given second! This is the greatest phone ever I'll be using it the next 30 years 😂

  • Konrad

    I’m an iOS user since the 2007 I have had every single iPhone since the original iPhone I used to ridicule Samsung and android but in 2021 I saw the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra and fell in love with it and decided to buy it and give it a try. This phone is absolutely amazing I’ll never go back to iPhone.

  • Buhboni

    Really surprised to hear IRglors (especially one as big as Aaron) say that only US consumers get Snapdragon chips. This is patently wrong. There are quite a few other countries that get the Snapdragon models

  • The Car and Bike Channel
    The Car and Bike Channel

    Great review bro.... Very in-depth and very clearly explained 💯👍

  • Chevy513

    They have some cool color options but you can only get 2 in store the other 3 you have to get off the Samsung website. I ordered mine from Samsung and got the Phantom Navy which is a really good looking dark blue with a matte finish and it also has a carbon fiber look on the camera bump and the aluminum frame is black, all together it looks awesome!

  • Char98

    I just got the 21 ultra and i love it! I had a s9+ and its such a upgrade

  • Paige

    I like the design of the Note 20 ultra more than I like the design of the S 21 ultra but I’m not sure what I should get they both seem fairly similar

  • Aŋʋʀʌʛ

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  • John Qwenton14
    John Qwenton14

    "Vlogger view" was available on the Galaxy Note 4. You could record with both front & rear cameras and take pictures. Still dont know why it was removed in newer phones.

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    JovyMel Dionson

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    Leonardo Tabilog Jr.

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