iPhone 13 - What was Apple Thinking?
My Full event review of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, price and more! For the iPhone 13 UNBOXING: irglo.info/from/aZd3mKd9oa3Oe3k/fy-lm-h-y.html
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Did anyone follow the journey for this video on my Instagram stories? 😂

  • FunnyBruh

    I would like a "best budget smartphone of every year" video from Arun

  • jimmy

    I'm low-key beginning to wonder if Apple is just holding those features as an ace up their sleeve. If sales of the new iPhone start to drop, they can unveil a new and revolutionary iPhone, with USB-C and always-on display.

  • Kip B
    Kip B

    I will say i have a s21 ultra and its the best feeling phone I've ever had in my hand. My previous s10 felt cheap while still paying 800 dollars for it. Iphones have always had that feeling in the hand but tbh they never have had enough features to sway me too their side. I almost did with the 12 but no 120hz is a huge turn off for me. They were so late too the party and i dont think an 2 hours of batery life and 120hz screen can even convince me now after the s21 ultra. No hate on people who have iphone tbh theyve gotta step up the speed in which they produce tech or "perfect tech." Tired of waiting 3 years for something android has had already.


    I've never seen my Samsung Galaxy S20 5G lag or crash at all in almost a year I have it.

  • Nick Erdman
    Nick Erdman

    this is basically just a “s” update, so there are not a lot of huge differences. they just retired the “s” names.

  • Sriyan Ravuri
    Sriyan Ravuri

    I can't expess just how grateful and impresssed I am that Arun is not biased towards iPhone, even though it is the main phone he uses on a daily basis. Thank you, Arun!

  • hos red
    hos red

    This time they saved the environment by recycling the last year’s event

  • KC Skee Skert
    KC Skee Skert

    Out of all the phones I’ve had I’ve never once thought about how good it feels in my hand. A case changes how it feels anyway. I can’t believe the feel of a phone was ever a issue.

  • Adam Ramsey
    Adam Ramsey

    A little late to the party, I was choosing my upgrade device today following using a pixel 4 for 2 years. I was really close to going for the iPhone 13 mini but aside from the lack of a headphone jack (I like my wired headphones) the major point that turned me away was the lack of a TouchID unlock option. I get that the last 2 years of mask wearing and pin unlocking is, hopefully, a blip in existence, but Apple really missed a trick with that one. Under screen would have been fine, a Pixel style rear mounted reader would have been amazing (the apply logo as the unlock button would be freaking cool).

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    Here is something you should look into when comparing speed of various phones. I often switch back and forth between Flagship Iphone and Samsung. From a purely user point of view the Samsung is always faster. After much personal testing I think its because the Iphone is noticeably slower at processing packets from the internet. It is hard to tell any speed difference between devices if the app is completely internal but apps (like banking, covid checking etc) that need to get small amounts of say flash data from the internet are much faster on Samsung (android). Curious, try it your self.

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    This format is incredible and engaging, I love the chapter timeline on the side.

  • Altema22

    Great video, and I also love the video timeline icons. I have to say the design is beautiful (except for the notch), but I also have to agree that the edges are uncomfortable. When my gaming buddy comes over, she purposely avoids the square edges and goes for my old iPhone 7S. In terms of camera, I'm waiting for the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 photo and video stabilization comparisons. Since the 12 was not a significant jump in my eyes, I stayed with the iPhone 11 and HTC U12+ as daily drivers, but am curious about the 13 Pro. I'd have to say LG had the cinematic video for quite a while already, and props to HTC for inventing smartphone portrait mode, and licensing Live Photos to Apple

  • John Hannibal
    John Hannibal

    Apple cares so much about being eco friendly, they recycle the design each year😂

  • Konvinced89

    Love the color profile in this. It looks a little darker and warmer than previous videos. Is this a new change? If so, I dig it.

  • DroneLord

    I thought the wallet was specifically designed to be able to charge through it? Even though the majority of us abhor putting magnets on our credit cards, so yes, swapping would be a thing. Plus, I think it’s funny that the flat sides are touted as being a “modern” design when it’s actually a throwback to the iPhone 5. 🤓

  • Renat LeonGardus
    Renat LeonGardus

    Fun fact: iPhone 13 is made so that if you break your screen or back etc, third part companies parts don’t work. You have to send it to Apple and pay about $400 for the screen.

  • Drew Sanders
    Drew Sanders

    Not sure comparing the interior display selfie cam on the Z Fold 3 to the 13's is a genuine comparison. Not even Samsung expects that to be used for anything other than Zoom type calls.

  • Jonathan Marcus
    Jonathan Marcus

    I upgraded from XS. I returned my 13 pro and got a 13. The pro was uncomfortable to hold and I had to shift it in my hand constantly. The 13 was more comfortable to hold. I was willing to trade all the improved features because ultimately comfort is more important to me. I'm hoping that one day as batteries get better Apple will make lighter more comfortable phones, trading off a bit of battery charge.

  • Zahed Sajjad Kazi
    Zahed Sajjad Kazi

    I don't think apple gonna ditch the notch in 2022, they will probably make it 10% smaller and call it an iconic design