The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.
Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:

    • Garou

      2024 ; no box Full evniroment safe lol

    • A GamerPlayerYt
      A GamerPlayerYt


    • JJ PC
      JJ PC

      your biggest issue is that you really think companies don't know everytthing you said in this video . . like planned obsolecense was not a fact . .

    • Jeremiah Bogale
      Jeremiah Bogale


    • Toney Thompson
      Toney Thompson

      No it’s all about money and Greedy companies trying to get extra money

  • Harley Wilson
    Harley Wilson

    The most eco friendly thing you can do is to keep using your current phone as long as you can .

    • PureName

      Ive got mine for 5 years now and im not planning to swap in now

    • brendon rookes
      brendon rookes

      @Nezunish - batterys die over time its part of life a 5 yo phone isnt going to have the same battery life as when you brought it

    • brendon rookes
      brendon rookes

      @Uthman Baksh tecnolagy changes new materials are discovered theres alot of reasons to upgrade same reason we arnt all dryiving around in 1958 chevvys

    • brendon rookes
      brendon rookes

      @Lex Mark but the point is apple gives you time to upgrade it isnt like oh u dont wanna buy a 1500 dollar phone well eat rocks

    • brendon rookes
      brendon rookes

      and apple allows you to do this samaung and all of the other welfare android phones dont when the new one comes out they expect you to buy a new phone no updates to ur old phone pay us or go with out apple is the more fair option

  • tofuthefirst

    If they really do want to save the environment by saving packaging, they could give us an option where we can add headphones or a charging brick as an add-on. By this, those people who already have a charger/headphones consume less packaging and those who need one consume lesser packaging than buying It standalone. And, the companies can also divert profits from these third-party charger/headphones makers to themselves. I don't get why this hasn't been done yet.

    • DanKO

      That's exactly what I was thinking

    • Holli Waters
      Holli Waters

      These items they claimed were free, really weren't. They just made ppl believe it was a "good deal". I'm sure they're also hoping to gain or at least save money by forcing ppl to use wireless charging, bc the trend is heading towards that in gen pop. They want to pretend to care so ppl are more inclined to buy from them and only them. Good marketing(appearing to care) = more money for them≠ an actual benefit to consumers.


      Because only green they care about is💵

  • Varun Narain
    Varun Narain

    Absolutely on point in this video. I just switched over from android and had to get a new power adapter since I sold my original one with the old phone. The amount of wasted cardboard and resources to deliver 2 products that used to be sold together is absurd. This is definitely a profit driven decision and nothing to do with eco friendliness.

    • Hamza Haytham
      Hamza Haytham

      @brendon rookes Not really, many android phones now use usb-c to usb-c charging cable… That means the new iPhone lightning to usb-c would work because the usb-c end is meant to be fit to the wall.

    • brendon rookes
      brendon rookes

      if you swaped from android to iphone you would of still needed a new charger since apple and android chargers arnt the same

    • Abdulrhman Hajhamdo
      Abdulrhman Hajhamdo

      I agree too

    • Axd23

      I agree

  • Manuel Aranda
    Manuel Aranda

    This was an awesome and very truthful evaluation on the so called “ green initiative” to no longer include a charger or headphones, as Apple began to do! It’s ridiculous to think that for instance, Apple who had the unmitigated gall to not only exclude the rest of the package contents we’ve grown to expect when ordering a SmartDevice , but then to make this, glorified glossy and colorful egregiously, disingenuous commercial claiming their reason for not including the attachments was to save the planet, it’s not only insulting to their customers to think they could get away with this fairytale of deception like this but they make themselves look petty and cheap. They are blatantly saying right to our faces, we’re gonna charge you the same price and give you less all for the sake of their bottom line! who the hell do they think their kidding?? You were much to kind in your presentation of the facts. However, you’re speaking up and that’s appreciated! I have been an Apple guy for sometime, much like a good portion of the smartphone buying community, with an iPad, an i phone every 2 or 3 years, a desk top Apple unit and I have just ordered my first Samsung Android smartphone! That gesture by Apple to start that , petty money grabbing cheap trick, excluding the charger and the headphones, that eventually caused the rest to follow is shameful on Apples part and has not set well with me at all! Especially having some of the most expensive devices on the market, as Apple has for several years now. It’s time to start swinging back, enough is enough! Stop robbing your customers in broad daylight Apple! Your products are good but your character is NOT! I advise others, including Samsung, not to follow the guy in front of you , reminds me of the old phrase , we used to hear when we were younger, when our parents would say, if your friend ( the guy in front ) jumped off the bridge would you follow and do the same? It’s a trend that might come back and bite you, backfires a bitch! There’s also a little Judge Judy I hear in my ear as I conclude my thoughts, when she says, “ don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining “ -please don’t! Hey can you send a few copies of your presentation directly to the CEO’s and upper management of these SmartDevice creators? along with a link to some of the comments that it’s inspired.. 🤨😠😙

    • Garnett

      @Gaming with glitched I always guessed Americans were illiterate but I wasn't sure about it

    • Gaming with glitched
      Gaming with glitched

      Oh damn dats a lotta words

  • Olivier de Broqueville
    Olivier de Broqueville

    Thank you for this very informative video. Excellent points made here. I always knew that magsafe wireless charging was less efficient than wired charging, so I was really disappointed to hear that Apple was considering getting rid of the charging ports on its future iPhones. I didn’t think magsafe was as bad as mentioned in the video. Have a feeling Apple is green washing and worse: encouraging other smartphone manufacturers to do the same.

  • Chris

    When they said "we're going green" they didn't mean this green ♻️ they meant this green 💸

    • Megan Powell
      Megan Powell


    • Yung EBKTAY family ⭐️
      Yung EBKTAY family ⭐️

      Ain’t they just cheap

    • RapidAction💪

      You just nailed it

    • Infinite beys
      Infinite beys

      True Very True

    • Infinite beys
      Infinite beys

      Nice ha ha classic

  • Harry Falkiewicz
    Harry Falkiewicz

    I am extremely impressed by your argument here. You lay out the problems honestly and give viable solutions. I especially like how you point out the inescapable fact that companies implement "green" policies as long as there is a profit incentive that goes along with those policies. Offloading your carbon footprint to other competitors or industries is just kicking the can down the road.

  • EibonTheWise

    I use wireless charging almost exclusively for the last 4 or 5 years. The fast charging is a great way to degrade your battery life quickly. Nice in a pinch but not something to use regularly

  • Rasputin Varez
    Rasputin Varez

    I am very appreciative of my POCO X3 coming with a fast charger. i would never have known that the charger speed was that variable without it

  • ooooo

    Just bought a new phone this year since 2019 and I was completely shocked that it doesn’t come with the plug anymore. What’s worst is that ever since Apple changed to USB-C, it doesn’t even fit into my old USB plug thus me needing to dish out money to buy a separate plug 🙃

  • Jay.

    Earlier: no earphones Now: no charger Future: no phone just the box

    • Ernest Yunardi
      Ernest Yunardi

      Next is no box, Then they sell only the chips where you need to buy the rest and create the phone yourself like ikea.

    • Hello Hi
      Hello Hi


    • Кристиян Трънбашев
      Кристиян Трънбашев

      @Branko Cokoropski It is not from my plastic

    • Insert cool name later
      Insert cool name later

      "Our last iPhone was the best iPhone ever made. We are giving you the opportunity to keep that phone for just 1099."

    • OMA2k

      Future: They send you the phone chassis, then you have to but the rest of internal parts as accessories.

  • species5618

    You can add, fuel and other overhead to that. Great review, its good that we remain skeptical when it comes to some claims to help the environment. It wont be the first time that it does not fully addsup.

  • Chad Taylor
    Chad Taylor

    Nice video Arun. I think this charger not being included in the box shenanigans is to increase profit. They are still selling the chargers on their site( Google, Samsung etc..) despite not including them in box which would require another delivery (more packaging, more emissions re delivery truck transportation of said product). The cost of the phones however remain the same even though you're getting less.

  • Elliott Rodgers
    Elliott Rodgers

    So agree with you. Chargers and leads should be included. I recently got an iPhone SE as a work phone and needed to buy an apple charging plug for the weird lead. Yes Amazon sent that in a big box.

  • matthew steele
    matthew steele

    What I love about this is, say if you want to buy an extra cord which I tend to do so I can leave one at home. Not only do you have to buy the cord but you also have to buy the charger which means two separate boxes. Which also means more money since the cord is like 25 and then the charger is also 25 making u spend 50

  • Snehil

    Literally I'm blown away, the amount of research he does before saying anything and the level of intellect he has, I'm proud to have someone like you becoming the voice of us.

    • Soham 2077
      Soham 2077

      Yup The definition of quality - MRWHOSETHEBOSS

    • Mubashir A.
      Mubashir A.

      He likely has a whole team, but still the credit is due for this type of interesting and unique content.

  • ted oneil clark
    ted oneil clark

    People should be given the option to receive a charger when purchasing at least. They are essential and often break before the actual phone. Also they are not all compatible with other phones.

  • Ahdok

    These companies move enough volume that they could likely just have options at purchase for "with charger" and "with headphones" (at least on their website) - and have a different box for each setup - so if you have an old peripheral you want, you could save a little money and packaging, and if you needed a replacement (or a spare) you could add it in.

  • Chishannicon

    I just bought a new Motorola phone in December, and the guy at the store was like "*AND* it comes with a charger, because Motorola is one of the only companies that still cares about their customers." That was literally the first time I learned that other companies don't package charging bricks with their phones anymore, and it baffled me. The way people just accept this nonsense is depressing.

    • Argon

      I work at a phone store and I can promise you, 80% of Sales already own a charging brick, charger, and headphones compatible with their phone. The issue with this video is that pretty much everyone already has every item and just needs a phone upgrade.

  • justin

    made a solid point about the earphones all slowly and silently being removed over the years. crazy what these companies are doing.

  • Alex Lu
    Alex Lu

    Finally someone who speaks up about this atrocity

    • Sourav Sarkar
      Sourav Sarkar


    • Abel Henriques
      Abel Henriques

      Money speaks louder than the good of the planet

    • Lazy.

      @corporatestatusbrah not for everyone 😂

    • corporatestatusbrah

      Brick charges are the most common thing in someone’s house. Why do you need another one every time you buy a phone.

    • Bolly650

      Finally someone words it in such a way the everyone can understand.

  • Mizu Dori
    Mizu Dori

    I'm 50/50 on this one... I pretty happy that they've dumped crappy single usb charging bricks that are no more powerful than 10-15w and it takes up heaps of space in my bin of charging bricks. I use GaN chargers now and it's just better and more convenient. Don't think most of the bigger companies like Samsung and Apple will ever include the Max W chargers in the box... However I totally agree that companies are looking at added $$$ in profit by omitting it. And the amount of packaging to ship stuff from Amazon is insane for the smallest things. So it's a pros and cons debate...

  • Spencjon

    If smartphone companies actually believed in ‘going green’ they’d make their products easier to be repaired - Or, for Apple, able to be repaired at all by non-Apple techs. (I.e. being able to replace their face-id module.. or ambient light sensor… or front-facing camera… or anything without them then limiting your phones functionality for no reason.

  • NoobMaster69

    It would’ve made actual sense if they had an option to have the brick included with the phone in addition to the brick less one

  • Leon B
    Leon B

    I will say, a good bit of this video could be mitigated by buying things in a store. If you buy the earbuds at Walmart, there’s no shipping box, they’re going on a route that already exists, and all the freight packaging for however many they get in is one box that they recycle, or reuse in some cases. It’s also more sensible if you need it quickly, and AirPods are cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon or straight from Apple

  • Gustavo Colombini
    Gustavo Colombini

    Buying a new phone in 2015: Oh boy, I wonder what features will be added! Buying a new phone in 2021: Oh boy, I wonder what features will be removed!

    • john McCoy
      john McCoy


    • Victor M
      Victor M

      So better not to comsume but we need it that is the problem .

    • Eufemio Acelo
      Eufemio Acelo

      This is the reason why I still love sony, they still try to keep most of the pieces in tact in their flagship. Like a charger right out of the box, 3.5mm jacks, physical fingerprint readers etc.

    • Desu with my Waifu
      Desu with my Waifu

      I only still have my iphone because its easy for me to use ive had my 6 forever i like how itunes separates and organizes music and movies, im not one of the people that buys a new phone just because it has/ had new features im just comfortable with how it works

  • TheLlawlliet

    I've been using the same charger for 11 years now and it still works fine. The cable is 7 years old and also still works.

  • Dragonorder18

    I remember when the pixel 2XL I had, included an adapter for a headphone jack. while I mostly use bluetooth for now with one of my skullcandy pieces I got a while back, I also lent the adapter to a family member to use with a set of earbuds that used the jack too.

  • Bruce Kennedy
    Bruce Kennedy

    Excellent essay. I have a bunch of old chargers lying around, so I’m ok with it on a basic level. But greenwashing it, when it’s really about saving money on shipping is just insulting our intelligence. Your point is well made, that these companies have effectively cleared their conscience and transferred the guilt to us. Think different! 😆

  • Tender Temple
    Tender Temple

    Absolutely love the explanation which most people don't consider until it is pointed out. Love your videos.

  • Matthew Shockey
    Matthew Shockey

    If sustainability was really the priority then they’d support right to repair.

    • Ella Robinson
      Ella Robinson


    • ZIGGI

      So on point...

    • Freamyx

      They would have made the phone last forever at the first place.

    • GG_ MYDOG
      GG_ MYDOG


    • LilacDoe

      @Marvin Horst haha how wrong you are. This is one of the few issues conservative farmers in Wyoming and progressive techies in California agree on. Literally, farmers cannot repair their own tractors anymore and I imagine it applies to many other things... actually, the McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken for this reason as well since corporate gets kickbacks and screw the franchisees.

  • Miika Suominen
    Miika Suominen

    I find it great, that you had the balls, to come out and say it, like it is. Only thing, why this is happening, is so that manufacturers can rip even more money out of your pocket. It really isn't a "Green Ecofriendly thing to save the earth". It's a better way to get more of your green money, to their pockets. Plain and simple.

  • j k
    j k

    On the other hand, wireless chargers reduce the wear of the USB-C port, which prolongs the life time of a phone, which is positive from the environmental standpoint.

  • juan lee
    juan lee

    if this was truly environmental reason, they should need to give life time for at least 5 years warranty for their chargers

  • Ct Wolf
    Ct Wolf

    What they should do is make the cord that goes in the wireless charger fit the iPhone charging port so u have the option to do either wire or wireless charging

  • Han Hong
    Han Hong

    Let's be honest to ourselves here, the only "green" that these companies actually care about are the dollar signs

    • bubblebuthotwings


    • fearfulfish

      Or pounds

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto

      @Han Hong cause apple has more money than the government

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto

      @Otzaryah Hawkins company also gotta provide their customers what they want

  • N. RB
    N. RB

    I like that you thought this through. Today it appears to be very easy to fool the 40 and younger crowd. Thank you for pointing this out. Would love to see you expose more of the corporate lies to young people.

  • Frenchyk757

    Appreciate the unbiased content.

  • Aj The Ramifications
    Aj The Ramifications

    This is the first time I've seen something like this. I got a new Samsung yesterday and it was a c-port but on both ends which baffled me as to why they did that. Luckily I had a c-port charger already cause that would've been annoying to get after.

  • Aldo Rota
    Aldo Rota

    You nailed it, man! Well done. Totally agree with you!

  • Dave Sirikientong
    Dave Sirikientong

    I genuinely felt offended when Apple came out saying they are not including a charging brick citing environmental benefits. They are doing it to save their own logistics and shipping costs. Save costs but charge customers more. Business tip; dont treat your customers like they are dumb.

    • Barrosy

      @Dylan Taaffe I agree partially. I recently stepped over from Android to iOs and I must admit, the whole Apple device experience seems a tad bit more different and premium to me. Ofcourse you're overpaying for features which are also provided to cheaper devices. In the end I feel like the premium feel I have with an iPhone can't just be copied elsewhere. Even when Apple decides to dumb down on what they're offering. I feel like other companies are just following in their footsteps and us consumers can't change anything about that.

    • Trista 🅥
      Trista 🅥

      But they are!

    • Edward Lehmann
      Edward Lehmann


    • Cottonsocks434

      @Dylan Taaffe however!!! I will look into this oppo phone you speak of because obvs becoming aware of this info has opened my eyes to a market of phones I didn't know about, so thank you for that

    • Cottonsocks434

      @Dylan Taaffe yeah as you said, you're a tech person. I'm not. I'm disabled as is my mother and tech can be overwhelming for us. We like to go out and see things in person, have someone explain it all go us - most of the stores that are local to us mainly shill apple and Samsung products. Sure, I compared the two and chose what suited my needs best, but I think you're overestimating the level to which the average busy distracted person is willing to go to 'not be an apple fan'. I'm all for tech buffs discussing with one another the ins and outs of stuff, but I still do not think it's fair to call anyone who ends up auto-buying one particular brand a 'fan'. It's there. It's accessible. People buy it. Corporate greed and late stage capitalism has made it that way. It is what it is.

  • Calvin Borer
    Calvin Borer

    I bet I’ve spent $500 on chargers and cables in the last 2 years alone couldn’t even imagine not losing the original before it was time to upgrade 😅

  • Biniam Tessema
    Biniam Tessema

    You are an all - rounded and reliable source of info. Thank you.

  • Claire Bourke
    Claire Bourke

    I reckon an actual solution would be if you could opt in to receiving a charger in the box when buying, therefore people don't have extra chargers they don't need and the people actually requiring it get one.

  • Rose Clips
    Rose Clips

    If it’s just solely for the benefit of the environment, they would’ve lessen the price as well since it will cost them less. But by the way things are happening, especially iPhones, they are getting more expensive and consumers won’t even have a charger for the price they pay. So yeah, as someone in the comments said, they’ve gone green - as in money.

  • alitt susanto
    alitt susanto

    It’s not Go Green, it’s Go Greed.

    • Judicator Hurayth
      Judicator Hurayth

      Damn true.

    • Vibe Music
      Vibe Music


    • ⭐Elijah Small⭐
      ⭐Elijah Small⭐

      @Nightrush Lol

    • Sofiya Abu
      Sofiya Abu

      @Nightrush nice

    • Krane

      @xXLegend3301Xx Capitalism, isn't it grand?

  • Emsentric

    This is a great point. And if I might put in my 2 cents (4 cents due to inflation) an excellent charger is the Nintendo switch charger for usbc users. I have had one for years and no short in it. Cheap usbc chargers break so easily. But these switch chargers are durable and fast! Also if buying something that's not a switch charger I found looking for cords with that extra rubber extending from the end to envelope the cord seems to be the way to go. They are built alot more durable.

  • MadKnac

    I love this. Breaks down just how bad for the environment this is. But the companies' choice to do this was never about sustainability... it's about greenwashing greed: use "sustainability" as an excuse to force customers to buy for something that used to be included to increase profits.

  • Notforposers

    I remember getting the first generation iPhone (still have it). The price was around $600 (crazy back then!) But it came with 1. Charging dock 2. Charging Chord 3. Headphones (phone was TTY not 3mm) Tech reviewers back then complained about the dock, stating they never used it (I did). iPhone was so new, cases were practically non-existent. But iPhone ditch the dock in subsequent generations and I blame tech reviewers for that one. But overtime apple has been giving less with higher prices and it’s working because we’re hooked. So, there’s really no one to blame but the consumer, because they know we’ll keep buying no matter what.

    • Notforposers

      @Ewokkris Right?!

    • Ewokkris

      $600 is still crazy for a phone to me. 😂 I'm only willing to pay half that or a bit above $300 for a phone. Got my Galaxy S10 for about $350 last year after the prices finally dropped enough through eBay. Sure, I'm behind on the latest tech, but there's no way I'm forking over $1200 for a phone. 😂 I'm not investing my life savings for that. Especially when my phone tends to need replacing after 2 or 3 years because the battery just dies or starts expanding. That's just way too expensive. 😵

  • BMuseO

    Interesting, I just returned my Samsung s9+ for the 22+. I found the old s9 box, and I had never even opened the plastic around the charging brick. I have 2 usb charging hubs that have been doing great for years without any issues in speed. So really, I never cared for the charging bricks. And I had a wireless charger a long time ago that failed within 2 months. So I hope they continue giving me a port. I can deal with using the old hub.

  • Bruno Pereira
    Bruno Pereira

    "We want to go green!" while wanting to convince their users that they need to buy a new smartphone every single year. Interesting...

    • Alex Ivan
      Alex Ivan


    • 雷鳗鱼

      "We want to go green" Stuck with lighting cable.

    • Musiccer

      Has Apple ever really said that you need a new phone every year? Because usually it’s stupid consumers who want a new one every year and complain that the iPhone isn’t revolutionary every year that think this way

    • Christopher Holmquist
      Christopher Holmquist

      It's been that way for many years

  • 131

    as Samsung fan for ages, I feel extremely disappointed about they excluded the charger and even worst no headphone jack...the need to copy what Apple did and make the customer bear the cost and claim that it was for environmental cause is ridiculous!

  • Kzitold

    2:15 "Most compact packaging" *pulls out UK plug* In local stores, I've seen cheap charge bricks with no packaging, but I wouldn't expect those to last more than a year.

  • JLB

    Great vid. I think most people know the real answer is money. It's very convenient that their ''brave'' decision saves them millions upon millions by not including charger/earphones.

  • TheHobbit

    Just ordered my first new phone in about 4 years, had to order a new charger for it - I didn't want to, but I didn't have a choice if I wanted to get the full charging speeds (which, when I'm buying a flagship phone, I'm gonna want).

  • happyclash

    Apple says it wants to be environmently friendly but still makes it as hard as possible to reapair any of their devices.

    • Darcy Fitzpatrick
      Darcy Fitzpatrick

      @Indrid_Cold congrats for taking your aggressions out on a couple of retail workers who have no connection to the decisions made at Apple whatsoever. Yeah, I’m sure your little outburst made headlines at all the meetings. Get over yourself and stop taking your misplaced anger out on innocent people just trying to do their job. Gross!

    • Indrid_Cold

      @Darcy Fitzpatrick In a word: BULLSHIT! Apple repairs are so ridiculously expensive, only a rich naive fool would pay them. As others have said (as well as apple) we want you to just buy a new device. I already chronicled how I handled the "ha ha no charger for YOU!" experience. I was the loudest most obnoxious customer I could be. I'm sure I made the sales associate and her manager rue the day they chose a retail career. I also know that this experience was brought up as various retail sales meetings. Maybe, just maybe, they elected to put a policy in place that says "make the customer happy."

    • MrX MrY
      MrX MrY

      They also say they want to make their products better but then they remove features that people are actually using.

    • Amir

      The last thing apple care about is eco


    You are spot on with everything you said. Too many are falling for the false "green" benefits promoted today. Magnetic field energy transfer can never be efficient compared to direct connection.

  • Gabriel Redmund
    Gabriel Redmund

    While this is an old video, I thought that bringing up one other problem removing the charger brings about would be… electrifying. The removal of chargers will could bring about low-quality chargers which are potentially dangerous. These types of chargers have existed forever, but now when you search for a charger, because your phone didn’t come with one, you are more likely to buy a cheap charger because it’s the first result. Best case when you buy a cheap charger is you are missing a common mode suppression choke. This is not harmful, but it feeds noise back onto the wiring of your house, which can degrade audio equipment performance and interfere with radio reception. At worst, the charger may not have a fuse which means if it shorts, you are going to see flames. Even worse than a fire, however, is the risk of electrocution. If there isn’t an interference capacitor, or the separation on the circuit board is garbage, a failing transformer can lead to full wall voltage on the USB cable.

    • Кристиян Трънбашев
      Кристиян Трънбашев

      What are the best chargers then?

    • Jeff Davis
      Jeff Davis

      You are right. I am willing to bet it will be those low quality ones sold for $29.99 in the store. On another note, I have never seen a phone come with a case, unless you count the bag on a Motorola bag phone.

  • Mysticfox2010

    For those that have never worked retail, when you buy a pair of headphones off the shelf, You are buying a plastic headphones in a hard plastic retail package. That retail package arrives at the store wrapped in individual plastic sleeves and placed in boxes sealed with plastic tape and those boxes of 6 packs of headphones are shipped in larger boxes from the manufacturer.

  • Drawesometoons

    Theres nothing eco friendly about not sending chargers. The only effect it has is that people go out and buy a seperate charger which causes even more packaging than adding a charger to the phone.

  • Rev It Up
    Rev It Up

    Also removing the headphone jack added one more piece usb c to 3.5 and that's again more plastic and rubber for the environment. Companies are just trying to do stuff that's convenient for them and yes convenient for their pockets and not for the environment.

    • Robin Arora
      Robin Arora

      @Cheems Doge Hey girl I understand you are moody on periods but calm down you will get one, one day.... 😂

    • C-Train

      They truely dont care about what the consumer wants. They only care about money. They are not for our benefit.

    • riccccccardo

      @Francois exactly I had a sen headphones for years looked after well. My beats x headphones I had two years and battery will only now hold 64% max charge 😐

    • pookey

      It's not just the wireless earphones that will die on you and need to be thrown away - it's ANYTHING with a battery, especially things that have the battery sealed-in. As an example, I bought my missis the original Google Pixel. She loved the phone for a few years, but the battery died mid-2020 and was not holding a charge at all. We tried having it replaced, but Google outright discontinued any support for the phone and the various repair shops we contacted said they can't get any stock in. Ok, so the other option is third-party batteries, right? We bought one of those. Went to a repair store - they tried to replace it, but the phone was stuck in a bootloop like before. Turns out, there was another fault with the motherboard, not just the battery (nothing the store did, by the way, it behaved the same with the old battery in and on a cable too). Problem? Again, google discontinued the support for the phone. Wah-wah... So a device I paid for £800 back at the end of 2016 was completely useless and I had an extra battry that I bought AND made multiple trips to the repair shops. This is how the corps go "green"...

    • Francois

      @riccccccardoabsolutely, I still use my Bose QC15, headphones that are 10 years old. Plus they sound better than most of the wireless headphones and earphones on the market(which use audio compression to send over Bluetooth)

  • Nex Role
    Nex Role

    Yeah.. I switched phone brands because of all the inconsistencies these companies keep dishing out. To be perfectly clear, we (the consumers) were never forced to purchase their products. It was always our choice to 'support' these companies and their antics, so the consumers should never be blaming a company for 'this or that' when they proceed to purchase these phones anyways.

  • BTCxyz

    Love the fact you not only point out the problem but also include the Solution...💯

  • The Professor
    The Professor

    If I'm being honest, if the companies just worked on the tech in chargers to make them smaller then we would believe them but instead they treat us like we're stupid

  • Michael Goode
    Michael Goode

    I have been a Bluetooth headphone user for a couple of years now. They work with my old Galaxy S9 and they also work with my Google Pixel 6 Pro. I do agree about the charger situation though. I now have the Google charge dock which I obviously needed to buy separately but can also charge my S9 (yes, I still use this primarily as my runs be gym phone), my partner's Galaxy, the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the charger without the dock charges my Galaxy Tab S7+. One charger / dock combo for four devices. I had to buy a separate case for the Pixel 6 Pro though. And given how glitchy the phone is I am not particularly impressed. In three years I am unlikely to buy Google again.

  • the shrine of zeros and ones
    the shrine of zeros and ones

    It was so funny when Apple was like "we're saving the environment by not giving you a charger" and then they went on to promote "wireless" charging. Wireless charging is known for it's HUGE waste of electricity

    • Danijelovski Kanal
      Danijelovski Kanal

      @Cameron Schyuder it's because of the bad design(which sadly cannot be really improved.),i've powered stuff from longer distances with more efficiency,you just need a device with high q factor,like a ruhmkorff coil attached to a transformer with both ends of the secondary attached to metal rods of about 2m distance each,with capacitive plates on each side. you'd get around 85% efficiency with more than twice the distance a phone uses,but it needs to be properly grounded. the phone will burn out,and be destroyed in a matter of seconds,since my diy transmitter uses around 50 kilovolts,but a reciever like a coil of wire with ends attached to the electrodes of a lightbulb,would work,and the lightbulb would work more than 2 meters away. the problem is that the wireless charger is really inefficient at such a low voltage,and is not big enough,a phone also doesn't have a long rod buried in the ground,as the transmitter i described is the size of a cupboard and weighs around 30 kg,only the main coil weighs about 2 kg,since i used copper tubing for it.such a small thing like a wireless charger just won't cut it. In my opinion,wireless charging is entirely pointless.

    • Chaloe Vibes
      Chaloe Vibes

      I love your dp lol

    • _*EPICC*_

      apple just forces u to buy their accesories like the magsafe and wireless earbuds

    • Advait.s

      In Norway we have wind power plants as a majoity tho

  • Griefer

    Not too mention the fact you can charge your device by plugging it into just about anything and all new mains sockets have a usb port for charging purposes.

  • Xplr Angie
    Xplr Angie

    I thought of this as soon as I found out apple took away the charging brick. Especially since they are using a usb-c to the normal end with newer phones,they are making us waste more material than less and even in the new slim boxes they are capable of fitting in a charging brick.

  • Shapeless

    I do agree with your opinion up to around 4:30 about massive amounts of packaging, but these are mostly paper. I have no intent to protect the big corp here, but what honestly it really comes down in my mind (if you forget about the money) is the exponentially higher environment impact of such things as chargers, earphones and such - All made out of plastic, toxic metals like gallium (in high temps), semiconductors that themselves require tons more questionable chemicals to produce and all of that. My point is - Packaging is not the worst element here, but the contents.

  • BIG

    The new ports for charging require you to buy another cable causing more waste. Its obviously a scam

  • F0X

    Hate him or love him He's spitting straight facts. Edit: OwO so many likes thank you guys!

    • Ilove Thesea
      Ilove Thesea


    • moritz s.
      moritz s.

      @Tong Ly this is the point most people on the apple/samsung hate train don't seem to understand. I support their decision and get a lot of hate for it xD

    • Zen U
      Zen U

      @Tong Ly but they do not drop the price. Showing it is just a money game. Companies should not get to decide whether consumers want something or not

    • Omega Vladosovich
      Omega Vladosovich

      @Zack Smith they care so much about your data :)

    • Omega Vladosovich
      Omega Vladosovich

      @Zack Smith you mean his Huawei bias I remember when he used to recommend obscure budget gadgets like an anti-MKBHD, now he's just mainstream.

  • etheralwizard

    I had this issue with a model of Roku streaming device. Smaller box, no charger. Fake eco-friendliness! So they really want people to use whatever charger they find laying around in the drawer? I suspect that this will drive up the return rates as these chargers do go bad after a while, typically from dried out electrolytic caps in the sealed up non-ventilated chargers!

  • Tanner Paxton
    Tanner Paxton

    The only thing that was holding me back from switching to Apple was no external storage, they took away the headphone jack, and they stopped giving a charging block. Then Samsung came in and did the same thing. So I think I'll be switching to Apple. Also how are they going to say you don't need a charging block because you already have them, then change the cable. Just irks me a bit

  • ciglista

    Everyone loves you for the tech stuff, I love you for your ability to use less/fewer correctly. You are the only youtuber who does that. The ONLY one. Love the tech shit too, though.

  • Thippeswamy D R
    Thippeswamy D R

    That's a great content boy! Keep going, someone finally slapped Apple and Samsung for their cunning business.

  • flicker031

    Apple's new slogan: "Make problems, sell solutions."

    • Simon T
      Simon T

      @khtannnnnnnnnn You've never seen the box size the 3310 came in.

    • user six4760
      user six4760

      The strategy is employed at the highest levels of the world's most powerful institutions & organizations. Consider the biggest global 'problems' of the last 22 years.

    • Kanu Tomer
      Kanu Tomer

      @David Kunakovsky I'm dumb please don't listen to me

  • Petry

    In my specific case, I bought a couple of years ago two bricks with four USB C ports Qc and PD and I haven't used the original charger in years, I just keep it in the box for when I sell my current phone. On the headset aspect, after I bought a Buds +, I haven't used any other headset and again the headsets stay in the box for when I sell the phone. I realize that this absence was done to reduce costs, but I perfer my own bircks with a lot of ports and also the headset that I like.

  • Mal

    the actual solution is having information to allow the customer to know if they need the brick in the first place. so they can buy all at once, on top of that the price for chargers in reviews should be added to the phone. also i have never had a charger break yet. and i dont randomly throw them away lol

  • TexasKing100

    the problem is they took away the headphones and chargers right when they decided to change them. When i first got my new phone, i needed the headphones that didnt need a jack, as it was my first phone without it, and the new usbc charger, as it was also the first time, but ofc they stopped right as people needed them