Vivo NEX 3 UNBOXING - The Limitless smartphone.
Welcome to a teaser for the upcoming Vivo NEX 3 / Vivo New NEX - World's first commercial Waterfall Display Smartphone. I took on the challenge to go 'beyond the edge of possibility' in London...Let's see what happened.
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  • Azophi

    When you have 5g, a whole button less phone, but STILL the headphone jack

    • Hampter

      @Kaneki Sama Hapy

    • FM

      i would prefer a phone with headphone jack. why? simple because wireless earphone or headphone battery doesnt last long. you just have to re charge it again and wait until it fully charge. if you have a long hour on the road bussiness trip like i do, you would really appreciated the headphone jack. why? because you can listen to music without fearing that your wireless earphone or headphone would run out of battery.

    • Jack Wilson
      Jack Wilson

      Too bad it will probably be China only phone, like most Vivo devices. I would consider it otherwise.

    • Bread™️

      @Kaneki Sama obviously happy

    • WoodChuck

      @Stephan Tee a52 and 72 have headphone jacks!!!

  • Chloeかまざき

    I love watching videos about things that I can't never buy

    • ন্যায় বিচার সন্ধানী
      ন্যায় বিচার সন্ধানী

      Me too from Bangladesh 😊😊

    • Fahad Farid
      Fahad Farid

      One day you will

    • Rajkumar Chauhan
      Rajkumar Chauhan


    • Sir Bibton
      Sir Bibton

      That's the spirit! Unfortunately, I *can* never buy this stuff but I'm glad you guys are able to!

  • Bridgit Mendler is BAE
    Bridgit Mendler is BAE

    Vivo paved the way for bezel-less displays❤️👏

  • Wexx Young
    Wexx Young

    This phone has so many features but everyone is speaking about headphone jack 😂😂

    • Hampter

      @Randomperson282 • as a gamer, part of the tech community, and a music lover headphone jacks are currently wayy better than wireless o hope they improve in the future

    • Yub Nub
      Yub Nub

      @gaming creates worlddd 24 well I am now replying this in 2021 and I can confirm this is true 👍

    • Kukilun Baite
      Kukilun Baite

      Some guys aren't really a music fan 😒

  • GaMaX GhøuL
    GaMaX GhøuL

    It looks amazing! Can’t wait for the release. 🤩

  • janska

    Vivo: *keeps headphone jack * Also Vivo: *removes buttons * I like it

    • Blackman Whitesuit
      Blackman Whitesuit

      @Hampter I think this was during the time Samsung was putting out cameras that could change aperture so you didn't have to have 5 different cameras on the back. I think 3 max is the limit for me.

    • Hampter

      @Blackman Whitesuit yeah but i like multiple cameras too

    • ibraheem the gaming warrior
      ibraheem the gaming warrior

      @Itachi yea

    • Kurt Aaron Corpuz
      Kurt Aaron Corpuz

      @bob bby fj

    • noah


  • Kanta Boro
    Kanta Boro

    I never really liked Vivo and Oppo but this thing is something else 💥😍

  • ツFredi

    I had the Vivo nex S... When I switched to the "better version" of it, the OnePlus 7 pro, it was a world of difference. Vivos OS is cluttered, I have no idea where my data goes, honestly, it was in chinese out of the box, and the screen was low-res... Yeah, not buying another vivo phone again. I'm happy with the OnePlus.

  • craig woodgate
    craig woodgate

    I noticed a comment that said imagine if you drop the phone without a case on it getting a case that would fully protect it would be quite hard due to the shape of the phone and the fact that it has no actual buttons on the side so you would need a gap in the case to access the sides for volume and other controls

  • An Hong
    An Hong

    I tried it in the store, it's really a great phone, great screen, great speed. only down for me is 1600 m pix selfie cam, seem a bit blurry

  • Recenzii Pe Bune
    Recenzii Pe Bune

    The quality of this channel is simply amazing. Also a great motivator.

  • Hongyue Yu
    Hongyue Yu

    The Nex's built-in pro audio processor is splendid. If you have a 400$ plus headphone, then you'll surely notice that. And solely based on this, Nex is irreplaceable for Hifi users.

  • Small Fry
    Small Fry

    I would trade my note 10 plus for that phone, like right now! I loved how Samsung used to have more curves n now it's barley there.. when you think infinity display , this is what I think of!

  • Dontex Jordan
    Dontex Jordan

    Great review and Vivo remarkable phone applause 👏

  • Zwe Htet Nai Nai
    Zwe Htet Nai Nai

    It's just so mesmerizing to watch that phenomenal screen 🔥✨ I love the design either 😍

    • I use arch
      I use arch

      too* not either

  • peral

    The headphone jack really does it for me. This looks incredible.

    • Randomthingz2show Randomthingz2show
      Randomthingz2show Randomthingz2show

      @Matt it's all fun in games until you lose one of your ear pieces...

    • Aryan Kumar
      Aryan Kumar

      @Matt always funny that people think Bluetooth doesn't exist if you have a jack, choice is never a bad thing

    • Jack Doe
      Jack Doe

      uhm no. I work with audio and I can tell you that 90% of the time wired is just better in quality, no subjectivity involved. Especially if we're talking about Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth signal chains more times than not are very inefficient from a qualitative standpoint regarding frequency transparency, dynamic transparency and soundscape transparency. There is a lot of middle point conversion that is going to change your sound. A relatively good wireless system is frequency based radio transmitting, but obviously it has its obvious limitations in an urban setting, other than being costly. I get why someone can prefer Bluetooth and I'm not going to argue you shouldn't use it, but removing the jack and the possibility of using something that is cheaper on equivalent range, gives more quality on equivalent prices and doesn't need to be charged is quite baffling.

    • AwesomeBlackDude

      Vivo must have a massive of radiation bouncing outta of it. Even Superman can't hold that phone in his hands. 😲🤪

  • Sudo0101 Sudo
    Sudo0101 Sudo

    First the last year I've been waiting for a phone like this, all screen phone. I thought it would happen with the Note but no, this phone is beautiful

  • Zy H
    Zy H

    The S6 edge had almost similar screen edge. I don't know why reviewers keeps ignoring this fact

    • Nikola Dodenc
      Nikola Dodenc

      and a camera thats way ahead of its time great shots with that device

    • Bhanu Reddy
      Bhanu Reddy

      With 2 chunky bars

    • clash friends
      clash friends

      @Mahesh Manoj my condolences

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    This phone's display is sick 🔥

  • Landon R
    Landon R

    Definitely digg'n the shoes brother. So clean and white. My favorite style of shoes. It looked at first, if you were wearing only socks out and about. Now, I'm really stoked about this phone. Although my daily is the Sammy S10 5g, I will most certainly be picking up the Nex 3. I love the screen ratio and even the waterfall display. Looking forward to the next video. Kudos and see you next time.

  • Alex G.
    Alex G.


    • MR YUP
      MR YUP

      @montiebontie Install Evie or Nova launcher 👌

    • Danilo Gobbi
      Danilo Gobbi

      @Alex G. I couldn't say it any better than this! Samsung and Apple can do one!

    • ANUz vlog
      ANUz vlog

      @Glover Carvalho yes i see it over there but it is not shown in this vedio .

    • Glover Carvalho
      Glover Carvalho

      @ANUz vlog Google it and you'll see it has a pop-up front camera

    • ANUz vlog
      ANUz vlog

      @Glover Carvalho it's not shown

  • Pardeep Keys
    Pardeep Keys

    And this has just become my dream phone😂❤

  • Alexandre Legrand
    Alexandre Legrand

    I'm so freaking excited!! Waiting for the Mi MIx 4!!! It'll be the same smartphone! COME ON, TAKE MY MONEY!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan

    This high screen factor might be attractive to some. I would like to know how sturdy is this phone.

  • Sourav Nandi
    Sourav Nandi

    The coolest smartphone I've ever seen👍👍👍

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam

    Accidental side touches were never mentioned. Having a display curve this wide was purposely avoided by Samsung for this reason

    • Preben Nielsen
      Preben Nielsen

      @: because people like the look.

    • Miami SWL Radio
      Miami SWL Radio

      @RJ Yup and I'm rocking a Note Edge right now. Still cool as hell. IRglo is full of Note Edge in 2019 videos

    • Fact Hunter
      Fact Hunter

      For the information, this is not review. This is a sponsored ad by vivo by giving to mrwhosetheboss.

    • Nonsense Friend
      Nonsense Friend

      You cannot use your phone singl handed... It alys touches somewhere els by your palm😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

    • Jebaited

      @Steven Caio cheap Chinese knockoff? Lol

  • Masood Sabir
    Masood Sabir

    I like this style of his filming, because it truly puts emphasis on his legendary voice!

  • Mr_mpeg

    Do movies also go over the edge or is there a way to prevent that? Only thing that's still slightly bothering me on my otherwise still perfect oneplus7pro.

  • Thomas

    Looks like a nice alternative from the iPhone 👍

  • Sohail Ansari
    Sohail Ansari

    36 Gbps on 4G, while Jio can't even give us 2G speeds 🤣

  • Timothy Chong
    Timothy Chong

    Imagine Dropping that phone without a case. Ouch.

    • Neon Playz
      Neon Playz

      @Xbone123 but still, glass is glass, and glass breaks

    • Johnny Smithington
      Johnny Smithington

      @Presian Kalapov that’s pretty stupid logic

    • Mike

      Well I use this phone till now and I've dropped it many time's without case I I'm surprised it did not crack still I don't recommend always put case or screen protector on a expensive phone

    • Plexy Glass
      Plexy Glass

      @Loki27 the phone comes with a case

    • 360

      Game over

  • Sujit Behera
    Sujit Behera

    That infinity pool tip was the best I have ever watched in an IRglo video. 😂

  • Dom

    My guess for specs is somewhere like a 6.8 or 6.9 inch display, 1440p (2k), 90hz refresh, 98.6% screen to body ratio, something equivalent to snapdragon 855 or even the sd 855 itself, 8 to 12gb of ram, cant say for battery (but maybe somewhere in the 43-4500mah battery??), expandable storage to 512gb? These are obviously just guesses, but it seems like your day to day flagship phone. It’s got an insane camera and screen, so im not surprised if it had flagship specs at all. Although id be surprised if it had anything lower than it

  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T.

    Nex's just keep getting better. I want this one so badly


    I like the voice of this man.

    • unubun //
      unubun //


    • unubun //
      unubun //

      @Dewald Steyn nope they are not, you cant just a that because they like someones voice

    • unubun //
      unubun //

      @Synn Visuals how do you know theyre simping bruv

    • unubun //
      unubun //

      @Usama Awan wow whats your problem? jeez wtf im a man and i like his voice?

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.

    Imagine this phone running Pixel 3’s stock Android, wow

    • Gabriel Ignacio
      Gabriel Ignacio

      Funny, because Oxygen OS is probably my favorite Android "skin". It retains the speed that stock vanilla Android is known for while having customizations that add to the experience. Besides, the Pixel phones don't even run "stock" Android as there clearly are pixel exclusive features to the line.

    • [JKF Gaming]
      [JKF Gaming]

      @Preet Singh Yeah of course if you say so

    • kenobi volta
      kenobi volta

      @Lixeem I don't know that. I use only Samsung phones and I'm satisfied

  • JM Vita
    JM Vita

    This channel, i believed, is ahead than any other channels. They are the only one who review this phone.

  • bravenizer

    Woww...a hands on on a product that not even on final stage!!! Totally deserve a subscribe...

  • sparks gamer
    sparks gamer

    Samsung did this type of display first. You know the year of s6 and s7 edge smartphones, so that means Samsung is so much more ahead in display.


    Everyone: OMG this phone has Headphone jack.. Me: Nice Curves Vivo!!

    • Petriyatch sistah
      Petriyatch sistah

      @wadde faq um doesn't apple have a massive one?

    • Isaac Lyons
      Isaac Lyons

      @HNL lol

    • TJ

      @wadde faq ikr the notch or the punch-hole thing looks bad. Would rather have almost no bezel and have the camera pop-up like the Samsung a80

  • Benjie Abbas
    Benjie Abbas

    Headphone jack is a plus. SD card slot despite an already large phone storage is a ++

    • jonathan lankford
      jonathan lankford

      Dont forget they also have a headphone jack too

    • Anže Pintar
      Anže Pintar

      @Ahmed Seed yes and bread is 15 dollars cent per kilo ;)

    • Ahmed Seed
      Ahmed Seed

      Haha In Sudan engineers get 130 dollars per month for about 8 hours working every day

  • acheampong magma junior
    acheampong magma junior

    I love this device 😍😍😍

  • FM

    i ❤️ vivo. 1. battery last longger than your relationship 2. fast charging 3. big memory internal and external 4. good spec (at least for me) with affordable price.

  • Dπacula

    Making touch buttons on the sides wont come in handy becoz it might get tapped mistakenly very often since it doesnt have to put pressure .. so i think physical button is more better.

  • Filetsteak

    If the display had also that curve in the top and bottom and if the hesdphone jacket was in the bottom, I would have bought it

  • Ramdan Rivanto
    Ramdan Rivanto

    Damn the phone looks so great

  • TastyPancake

    5g in the UK seems rather slow tmobile in the netherlands gives me about 220mb/s down and around 40-50mb/s up with around 20-30 ping

  • Basher Ako
    Basher Ako

    Watching using my vivo NEX 3. 😍

  • David Iliuta
    David Iliuta

    This phone is crazy for the price

  • Geetam Baishya
    Geetam Baishya

    Apple: We don't have space for a headphone jack. Vivo: Massive pop up camera, headphone jack, power button.

    • AJF

      @When does the video actually start? Yes I am a fanboy of both Apple and Samsung coz they are the best companies in the world and I am proud of it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • When does the video actually start?
      When does the video actually start?

      @AJF Ok fanboy

    • AJF

      And still Apple and Samsung will always be a quintillion times more better than these Chinese companies. Please understand that rather than bashing Apple and Samsung.

    • When does the video actually start?
      When does the video actually start?

      @James Matty Yes you can lol

    • When does the video actually start?
      When does the video actually start?

      @Nhlakanipho Nhlaka Wireless earbuds sound terrible


    Imagine dropping the phone during the first shot 😂😂😂😂😂

  • MasteredTheUniverse

    I'm currently rocking the Vivo Nex S and it's still running great. Also I saw the bottom of the Vivo Nex 3 it still has a headphone jack 👀

    • MasteredTheUniverse

      I’m using the Vivo Nex S in America. I’m sure the Vivo Nex 3 has the LTE bands to work well

    • Flow_ Easy
      Flow_ Easy

      Can you use this phone in America?

  • Fredrik Bergfeldt
    Fredrik Bergfeldt

    OnePlus 9 dropping tomorrow, Vivo had to show something 😅

  • MADAN singh
    MADAN singh

    Power pack phone👌👌good detail review 🍫🍫

  • Jared Bridgeman
    Jared Bridgeman

    Vivo, please add wireless charging and 4K Ultra HD video stabilization and make the front camera record in 4K as well with slow mo in the front as well. This is a beautiful phone, but include that, and this will be definitely the best phone if 2019 going into 2020. Please keep the headphone jack!!! THANK YOU VIVO

  • Raj Mohan
    Raj Mohan

    Would be fantastic with a Snapdragon 865

  • Julio César
    Julio César

    This might the best display i've ever seen

  • farhan arif
    farhan arif

    Such a powerful phone.

  • Yusuf Domun
    Yusuf Domun

    Wow....that speed test...max in my country is 10 mbps !

  • Bess Dip
    Bess Dip

    I think Aaron is also promoting some tourist spots in London 😊

  • mjm

    This is more or less what the OnePlus 8 will look like

  • yannick Lamp
    yannick Lamp

    Comparing a mobile network standard on a hot spotted location where hundreds or thousands of users use the old standard isn't clever. With 4G I get around 160/60 Mbps at some spots. You should have tested 4G at a less frequent visited location.

  • Superhuman 18
    Superhuman 18

    What a beautiful display.. Its like a combination of all the beast phones in the market

  • inkuma naka
    inkuma naka

    Wow! I want this phone but i have money to buy i'm just smiling while watching this video in my samsung j72016 god bless you sir 😇

  • malek Malek
    malek Malek

    this phone is my next one god its beautiful

  • RJ herbst
    RJ herbst

    It is the best looking smartphone I’ve seen, can you make a first impressions of the pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 pro

  • Nxt gaming
    Nxt gaming

    This looks like the next level phone

  • Nyeem Al Ahad
    Nyeem Al Ahad

    I didn't quite understand the part where you compared 5G speed with 4G. Shouldn't it have been a head to head comparison with a flagship of 5g as well?

  • Shivanshu Singh
    Shivanshu Singh

    Me -My next phone will be Nex My pocket- what are u doing? Dreams broken😅

    • android campaign
      android campaign

      Don't sad brother

  • PopIsolation

    Vivo nex 4 needs to remove headphone jack, charger, and have 4 audio outlets. Oh yeah, and keep all outer buttons removed as well as those external cameras

  • Luke Castle
    Luke Castle

    No adds. No sponsorship. Really cold intro. Great content. Aka best IRglo on the site!

  • Frankie Tech
    Frankie Tech

    Wow! Looks amazing! Way to get the exclusive!

    • Dalil eddine Slimani
      Dalil eddine Slimani

      Plz review it Frankie we're waiting for this bad boy.

    • beautiful linux
      beautiful linux

      Are u too here💥💥🙏🙏🙏🙏🤪🤪

    • Chrisxxo

      Hey Frankie from Frankie tech ✊

    • a. c.
      a. c.

      Hello sir

    • Sebastian Lejon
      Sebastian Lejon

      Not a real PUBG test without "just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" though 😂

  • LenkhoNate Singson
    LenkhoNate Singson

    i wonder what would be the cover case be like

  • Izzu2Din

    Vivo finally made good design

  • Sanju Khan
    Sanju Khan

    Amazing display

  • Munaim Chauhan
    Munaim Chauhan

    amazing video brother - I wish if I had viewers like you

  • MLGB0Yz

    I like this phone, not many phones I like from quality except one plus and apple, but something about this screen is lit

  • Earl

    Anyone knows the name of the app he used to make the speed test pls✌

  • raul saturnino
    raul saturnino

    Uno de los que más innovan

  • Kingpee Prints
    Kingpee Prints

    Aurun, how about turning your voice AI Assistant? I just love to hear it.

    • no.

      Arun, not Aurun