iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra CAMERA TEST 🔥
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I've spent a few loooong nights trying to make this the most interesting, useful camera comparison possible - would really appreciate your feedback!

  • Maker's Muse
    Maker's Muse

    Like so many things I love how complex the comparisons really are. Really does come down to what people want to do with it. That night mode stuff is crazy these days though, both camps are scary good.

  • Renjun Bautista
    Renjun Bautista

    Both phones are impressively good; it just comes down to what specific camera feature the consumer wants. And thank you for the very detailed comparison. No one does it better than you do. ❤️

  • Vrajesh Bhavsar
    Vrajesh Bhavsar

    Never seen anyone with such detailed features' comparison. Doing really great job.

  • jowfit aguillon
    jowfit aguillon

    Very detailed! The best camera feats comparison so far. But i’d still go with iphone. I’d love how realistic photos can be. Most of the time, just on a personal note, photos taken from S21 really looks good looking at the phone’s screen, but when it’s uploaded or copied to my laptop or looking from another device, it’s kind of a different than looking at its phone screen. But photos taken from the iphone looks the almost same when uploaded or transferred to another device. My observation only.

  • Utshav Goswami
    Utshav Goswami

    Damn...if the s21 ultra is good after almost a year, imagine the s22 ultra 😳

  • D Dack
    D Dack

    Thank you for helping me shop for a new device. Your camera function analysis and comparison is superb! It's such a tough decision but I keep coming back to the Galaxy S21 ultra after watching 2 of your reviews. Thanks again!

  • Sapna Ghosh
    Sapna Ghosh

    The amount of tech vids I have watched about things that I can't afford is insane 😂

  • Mehedi

    if the S21 Ultra is this good, imagine how great the S22 Ultra will be!

  • DJekrom

    I feel like the iPhones camera focuses more on the features the people would use the most, wether Samsung has lots of features for people who like to experiment. For normal daily use, I prefer the iPhone, even tho I wish it had a bit more optical zoom.

  • The Guy From Walgreens
    The Guy From Walgreens

    I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again. I love the way he presents his findings in a non-biased method & give sound reasoning. I’ve seen others that seem to lean way too much towards one brand or the other. Watching these videos are making me really debate. I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but I haven’t activated it yet as I’m still just making sure I really want to switch operating systems. The one thing(outside for some silly loyalty for some reason I still can’t escape) that made me lean towards iPhone is that I have an old MacBook & I’m not ready to shell out big bucks for a new premium laptop.

  • Willison Roces
    Willison Roces

    This so helpful, man! I'm really amazed on how detailed and how both companies amped up their products! Great comparison.

  • officialMainspring

    probably one of the most detailed review of the camera of both phones. My conclusion? get the one that works for you. if you are hardcore Android user, no need to switch to Apple and vice a versa. Both Apple and Samsung did a great job. can't go wrong with either. what a time we live in that our phones can do such things!

  • Zaki Saudagar
    Zaki Saudagar


  • obtsfan

    Awesome video! Thanks for all the hard work that went into it. Perhaps next time, you could add a category for autofocus. I bought an S20 ultra and had a lot of issues with it focusing on the wrong part of the picture or not focusing at all. It made me realize the importance of autofocus, and I switched back to iPhones.

  • Sandeep Sharma
    Sandeep Sharma

    Can we all sign a petition to make Mrwhostheboss as the official voice for Google Maps?

  • Anders S
    Anders S

    I have done pro photography and videography. I have had Apple and Android phones. I would say Android is better at Instagram-style images (like the cat photo in this video). But here's the thing, that would pretty much be a software thing. And with the 13 Pro, it looks like you could just brighten the shadows (esp. shooting Pro Raw), and/or shoot in "Vibrant" mode to mimic that look. I'd test it out by my 13 Pro has yet to arrive!

  • adiohwo rukevwe
    adiohwo rukevwe

    You really do a great job in these comparisons, give a lot of information and variety then let us choose based on what is important to us as individuals 👍👏 great review about camera comparisons

  • Nathan Kendrick
    Nathan Kendrick

    I just recently switched from the S21 Ultra to the 13 Pro Max. In my opinion, there’s no comparison in the two. The S21 Ultra camera is much better. I found myself using the 10x zoom feature more than I realized. Using the iPhone has made me realize how much I miss that phone.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Impressive that the 21 ultra is still 🔥 when it's been out a lot longer, be interesting to see what the s22 ultra does!