iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra CAMERA TEST 🔥
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I've spent a few loooong nights trying to make this the most interesting, useful camera comparison possible - would really appreciate your feedback! Enter the Giveaway HERE: bit.ly/3EF6Pj2 (100% free and international - All phones purchased by myself)

    • My Phan
      My Phan

      Who won

    • elton gaming
      elton gaming

      Give me sir i want phone i haven't

    • Zacharie Chiron
      Zacharie Chiron

      rest assured, it was absolutely excellent!☺


      I'm from sri lanka please give me a iphone XS 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

    • gurpreet singh
      gurpreet singh

      must have spent 100000$

  • Maker's Muse
    Maker's Muse

    Like so many things I love how complex the comparisons really are. Really does come down to what people want to do with it. That night mode stuff is crazy these days though, both camps are scary good.

    • Atifete mitsos
      Atifete mitsos

      iphone win

    • beehive soup
      beehive soup


    • Anirudh Gupta
      Anirudh Gupta

      @Richard Alfaro alright ur making it seem as if iphone sucks compared to samsung, now samsung doesnt suck, but ur just being biased. iphone is more powerful, its camera is on par with samsungs but iphone video n audio r soo much better that its not even a comparison, iphones get more consistent updates and get it quickly, and iphones get 6 years of updates, cry abt it, iphone has better retail value, many apps come to iphone before android, social media apps are well optimised in iphone and work a hundred times better than in android, iphone has a huge number of accessories to choose, androids dont have a lot of option, plus iphone works amazingly well with other apple products and the apple ecosytem is just soo good that android cant match it. oh and samsung has so much bloatware hence another advantage for apple. now samsung does have advantages as well, both r good at different things, both of them r great phones,

    • Anirudh Gupta
      Anirudh Gupta

      @Skywalker CFC lol iphone 14 is gonna beat the shit out of s22 ultra :)

  • jowfit aguillon
    jowfit aguillon

    Very detailed! The best camera feats comparison so far. But i’d still go with iphone. I’d love how realistic photos can be. Most of the time, just on a personal note, photos taken from S21 really looks good looking at the phone’s screen, but when it’s uploaded or copied to my laptop or looking from another device, it’s kind of a different than looking at its phone screen. But photos taken from the iphone looks the almost same when uploaded or transferred to another device. My observation only.

    • Andrea Mazzarella
      Andrea Mazzarella

      @Augustus Sol [Ina's 10th apostle of the twelve] lmfao

    • Zacharie Chiron
      Zacharie Chiron

      interesting, thanks for pointing out!

    • Malek Ahmed
      Malek Ahmed

      @Augustus Sol [Ina's 10th apostle of the twelve] dude chill😆

    • jay to sturdy
      jay to sturdy

      @Augustus Sol [Ina's 10th apostle of the twelve] the price it part of how you get the phone and this video is on the cameras not even the overall phones the device itself has nothing to do with price if you wanna say which would be more affordable then maybe but the s21 is more expensive than the iphone13 mini and 13 and 13pro

    • Augustus Sol [Ina's 10th apostle of the twelve]
      Augustus Sol [Ina's 10th apostle of the twelve]

      @jay to sturdy because its part of the fucking phone the price is part of it

  • TheJaisah

    I switched back to iPhone from the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra because I just miss the ease of use, reliability, integration etc that iOS offers. I’ve compared the cameras quite a bit since I still have the Xiaomi for now. Sometimes the photos are pretty comparable and most of the time the iPhone gets the colours more accurate but overall I still think the Xiaomi has the better camera system. It takes sharper, more visually pleasing photos and the zoom is really impressive. The iPhone is a bit more reliable with focus though, probably because of the LiDAR system and it still can take better photos than the Xiaomi in certain situations. It’s definitely no slouch but I still wish I could slap the Xiaomi setup onto the iPhone. Given the trade off, I’ll still take the iPhone and iOS. Hopefully Apple will get a bit more adventurous with its cameras in the coming years.

  • D Dack
    D Dack

    Thank you for helping me shop for a new device. Your camera function analysis and comparison is superb! It's such a tough decision but I keep coming back to the Galaxy S21 ultra after watching 2 of your reviews. Thanks again!

  • Regan Darcy
    Regan Darcy

    Great comparison review as always. 👍🏼 I’m fully entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, so I won’t be switching to Samsung. But because of the competition, we all win! Looking forward to upgrading my iPhone 11 Pro Max to the 14 Pro Max this Fall. I hear the camera updates will be substantial.

  • Sapna Ghosh
    Sapna Ghosh

    The amount of tech vids I have watched about things that I can't afford is insane 😂

    • Aryan Ali subhi
      Aryan Ali subhi

      I can’t tell you the amount of the videos I have watched about tech.

    • Bongz


    • How to
      How to

      Never loose hope... There was a time i used to imagine having a gaming PC and playing call of duty black ops on it.... i thought i need a super computer to rum game like that and am poor i would not afford even a cheap PC... But now i have ended every call of duty game ony my personaly built Mid range gaming pc Just focus in your dreams and never loose hope...

    • Alexander Lois
      Alexander Lois


    • Giorgos Gligoris
      Giorgos Gligoris


  • The Guy From Walgreens
    The Guy From Walgreens

    I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again. I love the way he presents his findings in a non-biased method & give sound reasoning. I’ve seen others that seem to lean way too much towards one brand or the other. Watching these videos are making me really debate. I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but I haven’t activated it yet as I’m still just making sure I really want to switch operating systems. The one thing(outside for some silly loyalty for some reason I still can’t escape) that made me lean towards iPhone is that I have an old MacBook & I’m not ready to shell out big bucks for a new premium laptop.

    • SCraig 2018
      SCraig 2018

      @Polished Cold Yes if you use one as your daily driver you will get 2-3 years out of a laptop, 3-4 years out of a desktop. I have some family members that can burn through a laptop in about 6 months 😂

    • Polished Cold
      Polished Cold

      @SCraig 2018 I am still using a 7 yr old laptop and it still in tip notch condition, just the battery has degraded a bit. I think it depends on how well you keep your laptop.

    • monkey man
      monkey man

      @SCraig 2018 I replaced my windows laptop after 8 years of use

    • SCraig 2018
      SCraig 2018

      I’m using a 9-year old MacBook - I’ve never had a Windows laptop last more than 3-years. Apple products last… I switched from a Samsung S8 to a iPhone XS, now to an iPhone 13 Pro Max. I could easily trade-in my iPhone XS, it’s in great condition, no physical damage and the battery is at 88%. My S8 was at about 64% and had a damaged screen in about 4 places. Apple products are definitely a much better investment.

    • Jazfer Patalay
      Jazfer Patalay

      You just love the brand thats why youre loyal 😂😂😂

  • Joy Henry
    Joy Henry

    I love how objective he is. I watch his reviews and can never detect if he has a bias; he just goes at both brands/companies in the same manner. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 IMO iphone had an impressive year finally making some much needed advancements while Samsung became a little too comfortable, so I hope this s22 lineup is more quality vs quantity. Either phone is great, but I get the iPhone draw. If I didn't use my phone like a full on Laptop I would have an iPhone for sure.

  • TheSquadFather

    I honestly agree with EVERY statement here. I usually toggle every year between the 2, love them both. But with my daughter doing more sports and dance performances iPhones zoom is NOT cutting it so when the s22 Ultra drops I’ll be picking that up. However I’ll still be keeping my iPhone 13 pro as well 🙌

  • officialMainspring

    probably one of the most detailed review of the camera of both phones. My conclusion? get the one that works for you. if you are hardcore Android user, no need to switch to Apple and vice a versa. Both Apple and Samsung did a great job. can't go wrong with either. what a time we live in that our phones can do such things!

    • Brandon Hoffman
      Brandon Hoffman

      Agree, they both have they’re pros and cons, honestly iPhone seems more crisp generally, except for zoom and slo mo

    • Coen Smit
      Coen Smit

      @Amar Gurung yep yep

    • Amar Gurung
      Amar Gurung

      Absolutely, detailed comparison on everything, like portrait,landscape,etc, not hating but so much better camera comparison than Marquez browni's camera comparison which is so pointless. Wrong spelling i know.🥲

  • Jeff Edwards
    Jeff Edwards

    I find myself constantly impressed with how you are more concerned with telling what you perceive as the truth rather than try to appease iOS fans or Android fans. I have tremendous respect for you doing that. Because I've seen plenty of videos where the bias for one OS is really quite obvious, and their reviews reflect this, but almost ridiculously so. Keep up the great work, I admire your ability to be un-biased when reporting, and it DOES make a difference.

    • Luna루나


    • 980a


    • purple!

      @Mellowout Vlogs It Out not really... he never mentions anything like that. he's literally saying that he appreciates him not being biased, he could be an ios fan for that matter

    • Iman Moshari
      Iman Moshari

      @Mellowout Vlogs It Out I don't see how this helps the conversation...

  • Tony Seelochun
    Tony Seelochun

    Enjoyed the video it's very realistic, thanks for sharing all those useful information! Finally some videos where we get a better idea of both differences and can actually see it!👍

  • ZX cuber O_o
    ZX cuber O_o

    I tested with my s21 ultra it actually can focus at about 1 cm (i think it cuz one ui 4 made the focus enchancer better), and after one ui 4 portrait mode can be used with its 3x lens.

  • Andre

    for the past years i thought you are just like some other youtubers who could be bought by companies for bias reviews. Thats why i rarely watch your videos. But after watching this, as an IT graduate, all i can say is superb. No bs whatsover. You know exactly what you are doing. Nice reviews :)

  • David Radkowski
    David Radkowski

    Great comparison mate 👍 I wonder how a third party iOS camera app would change the outcome 🤔

  • Lorenz Balot
    Lorenz Balot

    This guy deserves more subs. He was able to explain and compare pros and cons of the 2 phones. If anyone is struggling choosing which phone to buy (especially camera main) this vlogger is surprisingly good at pinpointing what you need to consider.

    • ExabyteAU

      @NinjaNarwhalsFPV Damn he was at 8.2M 4 days ago???? He's on 8.6M now wow. That's 400,000 subscribers in 4 days. WOW

    • Jeff Bourke
      Jeff Bourke

      Well he does have 8 million for doing nothing but paid commercials and backroom sponsorship. give me a break.

    • SSJ4Edits

      @BradgeTV ikr? He talkin' as if arun got 2k subs or sth like that💀

    • SSJ4Edits

      @NinjaNarwhalsFPV he meant your vid lol

  • Anders S
    Anders S

    I have done pro photography and videography. I have had Apple and Android phones. I would say Android is better at Instagram-style images (like the cat photo in this video). But here's the thing, that would pretty much be a software thing. And with the 13 Pro, it looks like you could just brighten the shadows (esp. shooting Pro Raw), and/or shoot in "Vibrant" mode to mimic that look. I'd test it out by my 13 Pro has yet to arrive!

    • Anders S
      Anders S

      @Jen Elli I have! It actually seems like the Apple software is more HDR now, but it could be a setting I'm using. My method seems to work pretty well. I would say the camera's are relatively equal with different strengths and weaknesses.

    • Jen Elli
      Jen Elli

      Did you test it?

  • venu gopal
    venu gopal

    Thank you Arun, it was an extremely good video, I have always been a guy of Samsung from years, and now I think I'm right although Apple gives a very close fight.....

  • Julio E Salazar
    Julio E Salazar

    Particularly my big interest in iPhone is its best feature on night vision and slow motion for doing my social events in hotels and party halls, it’s technically unbeatable knowing that Samsung Ultras is a better camera.

  • Lionheart

    This is one of the finest camera comparisson formats I have ever seen. Great job!

  • Zaki Saudagar
    Zaki Saudagar



      ‘Who is there?’🍹🍸🍷🍾🍶🍵☕️


      ‘Who is there?’🍹🍸🍷🍾🍶🍵☕️

  • Peter smith
    Peter smith

    A couple of points, S21 allow you to hold shutter and move sideways directly into video without fiddling with settings and missing your shot. Second is very personal everyones eye sight is not the same. S21 is first phone I've ever owned that captures pictures at the brightness my eyes see. Especially night photos. That room he said was totally dark, the pic is what i actually see. My friends acuse me of having night vision or "cat eyes"

  • Riza Tursunov
    Riza Tursunov

    This is a good thing, both phones are really solid. Expect the real reason Iphone stomps is how much better the camera is in social media apps, like most ppl take pictures directly on the platform. I think I slightly prefer the s21 though

  • Sioboy TV
    Sioboy TV

    I'm a huge audio guy and I should say that #7 should have gone favorable to the iPhone, even if it's just .5 points only. 🙂

  • Gustavo

    I’ve owned a s21 ultra and currently own a iPhone 13 pro max, honestly both are great at taking photos, while the iPhone is more reliable and consistent , the galaxy can take some awesome photos with the right touches.

  • Mihai Hristea
    Mihai Hristea

    More incredible than those two camera is the increased quality of Arun's videos and the professionalism in them. Great job man!

  • Chris Hewson
    Chris Hewson

    Great informative video, id like to know which of these 2 have twin stereo speakers and not just 1 speaker with stereo sound?

  • Ke1Ke1

    can’t even imagine the capability of the upcoming S22

  • NitroChris11

    I've said it before and I will say it again. For the everyday casual user there really.isnt that much of a difference between IOS and android devices. They're both fast, they both run nearly identical chip sets and from the video the cameras are pretty close to the same.

  • Le Matt
    Le Matt

    I love it you kept the category based on common people problem. And thanks to Milo for the special feature!

  • Nilav Phukan
    Nilav Phukan

    I would definitely be curious to see a comparison when the new pixels get released. New camera modules along with Google's almighty processing. Good times indeed for mobile photography

    • BrolyTheLSSJ

      ​@Raja Khan This year Note Series is not out yet and about the fold comparing it with the iPhone 13 Series is like comparing Luxury SUV with Exotic/Super Cars.

    • Raja Khan
      Raja Khan

      @BrolyTheLSSJ note phones and fold 3 came out . So compare to then usually only 1 month . This time note didn't come out. And so what if half year gap. Still same year .

    • BrolyTheLSSJ

      @Raja Khan Still that's half a year gap!

    • Raja Khan
      Raja Khan

      @BrolyTheLSSJ same year though

  • BabyKhan Urdu Vlogs
    BabyKhan Urdu Vlogs

    Thanks for comparing the 2 I was not sure what to buy I now opted for s21 ultra

  • Beermat Huang
    Beermat Huang

    Been a while since I've watched one of your videos good sir. Man I remember when I first subscribed you only had a few hundred thousand subscribers. Now you're up to 9M. Keep up the high quality videos Mrwhosetheboss!

  • Mr Wednesday
    Mr Wednesday

    I love how often iPhone loses so often by looking too representative of the actual scene/face etc…

  • Norbee Kash
    Norbee Kash

    I always thought about iPhones as overpriced mid range phones. This video just strengthtened my point.

  • Nathan M.
    Nathan M.

    They’re both incredible, and their differences are small enough that neither is going to hinder your average user. Choose whatever ecosystem you prefer, as honestly, phones are so polished nowadays you really can’t go wrong.

    • Dev Yohes
      Dev Yohes

      @Diana Troy that's unfortunately and Android problem, Samsung can't do anything about it

    • Ronald

      @Xalzor not very nice. Just because one plus is Chinese doesn’t mean anything

    • Ching feng lu
      Ching feng lu

      Yes or no. If you are a professional photographer or a camera expert then you would know that iPhone is better but off course Samsung is not far behind. However for the average users they are both amazing

    • Kevin 26
      Kevin 26

      Its easy for me to tell which people who use iPhone and who dont by looking at their photo/video. No matter “how good android camera” is,, but there is something about iPhone camera and i always love iPhone camera on people skin tone they’re really2 looking great and yet they are the best for making any video content related apps

  • JLDC_StrangerSportz™️

    When he said “I find this very useful” I couldn’t stop laughing

    • Ash

      @Jaykezz yeah I know but this guy above implied there's some hidden joke there lol

    • Jaykezz

      @Ash he said "That the camera could make very little stuff and blow it up" his words then he said very useful or watch this 2:56

    • Ash

      @Calvin Matiza what ? Lmao

    • Calvin Matiza
      Calvin Matiza

      We know exactly what he’s talking about 😭

  • Sourabh Mhetre
    Sourabh Mhetre

    I have used both the phones. I think Samsung wins in camera department. I tried with mountain photos and blue water. Believe me Samsung outperforms Apple in originality of the images and videos.

  • Tj Gen
    Tj Gen

    During a night out with friends everyone was throwing shade at how I couldn’t air drop all the photos since I was the only android dude with an s21ultra. I took photos regardless. We all shared our photos on a Dropbox anyway and everyone chose the photos I took for their IG posts 😂

  • Fere Habteyes
    Fere Habteyes

    Your comparison is wow…. I just got my first apple phone I am a kind of feeling to go back to Samsung. I love Samsung

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    “You can take really small things and just blow them up to large proportions….I found this very useful” 😂

    • Coffee Games
      Coffee Games

      @Moustafa Harake this comment is literally just a quote from the video. Its overrated as fuck.

    • Eppie

      When he said that I was like THIS PHONE 99999999% WORTH

    • QuadWolf

      Why is everyone so dirty minded…

    • Mohamed Nour Kassab
      Mohamed Nour Kassab

      Ok , now i know that I'm not the only pervet here

    • Mateus Soares
      Mateus Soares

      Im not happy with myself that I got that joke instantly.

  • I’m weird
    I’m weird

    I like how Samsung come out with a new phone like every month, and still is really good. And iPhone comes out with a new phone every year, and is just as good

  • psychopath rob
    psychopath rob

    I'm the kind of person to use a cinematic mode with a 21:9 ratio all the time than use the stabilization. Gotta live the childhood dream of a film director somehow lol.

  • Naja Hart-Questelles
    Naja Hart-Questelles

    After watching your iPhone 13 pro review, I decided to save up and purchase one of my own. I asked to have it shipped to my cousin as she's in the US for a few days. Apple shipped it via UPS but she never signed as the recipient to collect the phone and UPS saying it was signed off by her. They not letting see the signature to verify that it wasn't her. Now UPS isn't taking accountability because Apple sent it. Called Apple to get the issue resolved and they not helping or even letting me speak to a supervisor. The worst part is that I'm not in the US nor is my cousin. I can't let this go because with the conversion of my money to USD, I paid 7x's the amount. Help!

  • Sipie Games
    Sipie Games

    The S21 Ultra has a second camera in the main lens that can focus up to 1 cm away

  • Rafael Flores
    Rafael Flores

    This dude is by far the best techtuber out there, his videos are simple, entertaining, and informative, he never acts like a fanboy for any company and gives facts. Respect for you Arun, keep it up!

    • Anxiousoul •
      Anxiousoul •

      @I'm SUBBING to ANYONE who SUBBS to ME doesn't look like it tho lol

    • Kereta Mania
      Kereta Mania

      True. I second that.

    • SnapcreatorYT


  • Chasing Demons
    Chasing Demons

    The iPhone looks more natural in almost every instance!

  • Ishaq

    I love the camera with Samsung but I love the software that apple have but after watching this video I am still confused on which phone to get 😂

  • Scuba

    Do you guys agree that when he uploads then our day goes better❤

  • Charles D' Gomes
    Charles D' Gomes

    I used the iPhone 13 pro and s21 ultra camera yesterday of my friends and iPhone was really amazing I felt my s10 plus took better night shots than s21 ultra 😅

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Impressive that the 21 ultra is still 🔥 when it's been out a lot longer, be interesting to see what the s22 ultra does!

    • EthoShrimp

      @Red So bright that you notice the black notch hehe

    • Cristian G
      Cristian G

      @I dont care Sapo 😂😂are you sure you bought a genuine samsung?

    • Sergio Casino
      Sergio Casino

      @Red Bright and Big ? ... In fact it's too small to even present the battery percentage ...... Nice try though.

    • Red

      @Sergio Casino Did you get the iphone 13 pro max? The screen is brighter than your future

    • centipeedz

      @ZAP_Android_ 18 amazing

  • Di A
    Di A

    Thank you for the video!!! It was really helpful!

  • RocoPi

    Absolutely beautiful video. Detailed explanation and wonderful design + edits. Amazing music too!!

    • +①(⑥③⑥)⑦③⓪-⑤①⑨⑨ whatsapponly
      +①(⑥③⑥)⑦③⓪-⑤①⑨⑨ whatsapponly

      *Plus I Open bracket VI I II Close bracket II V V VII Vll Zero VII....***

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      +①(⑥③⑥)⑦③⓪-⑤①⑨⑨ whatsapponly

      Congrats you won! *Winners* Contact admin Whatsapp only.......!

  • shogun rua
    shogun rua

    I have had iPhones most of my adult life, switched to android when the s10 plus came out, hated it, but I gave the s20 ultra a chance, and it was ok, but I’ve just literally purchased an iphone 13 pro max, so glad I’ve moved back to iOS, it’s been 3 years, I feel lost trying to work this thing lol.

  • Game Arena 🎮
    Game Arena 🎮

    Watching this video today, you are by far the best one I have watched... Am now a big fan... I hope to use any of the phones someday when I can afford it.

  • Cirdan Peihopa
    Cirdan Peihopa

    This is honestly one of the most in-depth camera test videos that I have ever watched. Thank you Arun for the great content that you produce constantly!

  • Vidhi Verma
    Vidhi Verma

    I was watching shorts and then just your google and siri comparision video came and now I am addicted to your channel, I love how you express all the functions of the phones 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Noemi Giovannino
    Noemi Giovannino

    Hi! I'm continuously undecided between the two phones😭 what do you suggest for a photo content creator? Sometimes I prefer IOS and sometimes, perhaps more, I preferiti android...may you help me? :)

  • kyle montag
    kyle montag

    I am able to take a picture of the full moon with my s21 ultra. That's just absolutely nuts.

  • Nischal Kandel
    Nischal Kandel

    How do you force your iPhone to take night photos for 10 seconds? I just got my pro today and still learning 😁

  • Kaiipop

    This review is by far one of the best I’ve come across..it’s so detailed and covers all the grounds that we were curious about :)

    • Mags and Brushes
      Mags and Brushes

      @Danillo Gigantamax L

    • elix

      @Danillo mega L

    • stronk monke
      stronk monke

      @Danillo L

    • Danillo

      this ratio is better

  • Alex

    This just shows how much apple cares about ease of use and simplicity.

  • CM

    Very good video mate ! But could you do a video about sunsets pictures!? It's would be awesome ... Because you can catch too many colours and light in a sunset ❤️

  • Francesco Giallombardo
    Francesco Giallombardo

    We're not counting the fact that a lot of people use third party apps to take pictures, like Instagram or Snapchat, and these apps are optimized only on iphones and not on androids

  • Fatih

    S21 Ultra doesn't use the 3x camera at night, it just digitally zooms the main camera.

  • Nkosana Mlotshwa
    Nkosana Mlotshwa

    Honestly, I am quite surprised by how well both these phone cameras are, Apple is committed to improving its camera performance. Samsung on the other hand is just trying to keep a great balance....The S21 Ultra is really good, even the selfies its just incredible.

    • EthoShrimp

      @ouzahor pamu It is also possible to incorporate deep fusion on a 108MP camera, and it makes absolutely no sense as to why Apple is still sticking to 12MP cameras which explains the lower price. Samsung is also doing AI with their pictures either way

    • ouzahor pamu
      ouzahor pamu

      @Phase0 no that's not true more megapixels does not make your camera better Google pixel has proven that. More megapixels means you're able to capture more light that won't make the photo better because it all comes down to the computational photography and how the phone processes the photo and with apple they have deep fusion and so they're just stacking photos

    • ouzahor pamu
      ouzahor pamu

      @Scary Nigga I had the note 9 and I had it last year and it slowed down a tad bit because of the 855 processor and the only time I've seen it slow down was when playing games other than that scrolling watching videos it was still fast

    • ouzahor pamu
      ouzahor pamu

      I think you meant that in reverse Samsung has continuously improved their camera performance iPhone has had the same camera since the iPhone 11 and if you want to talk about megapixels they had the same 12 megapixel sensor since the iPhone 7 or 6 lol

    • Arianna Rodriguez
      Arianna Rodriguez

      @Earl Benitez tuh crying Apple user rlly??? Grow up LMAo

  • Good Egg Of Wisdom
    Good Egg Of Wisdom

    Very well explained the comparison on these two amazing phones! Are you for real giving away those iPhones? 🙌

  • Pan Patrick
    Pan Patrick

    Thank you ! this video helped me a lot!

  • Omar Myers
    Omar Myers

    You are doing a great job comparing these devices

  • MissCannibella

    I still can't decide between the two 😖 I use the pro settings for my pictures and I'm wondering if Apple has any option like that in their settings?

  • Renjun Bautista
    Renjun Bautista

    Both phones are impressively good; it just comes down to what specific camera feature the consumer wants. And thank you for the very detailed comparison. No one does it better than you do. ❤️

    • GigaChad

      soon they're gonna put m1 chip on iphones like on the ipads

    • GigaChad

      @El Chido and just buy a REAL camera and buy an pc in the first place

    • GigaChad

      @El Chido tab s8 ultra has the same chip than the s22 ultra, but ipad pro 2021 has m1 chip, and performs WAAAAAYYYY better even if it's not optimised for ipads yet (m1 chip is macbook chip) for a way cheaper price, the only reason iphones are bad are the price, but the tablets loses against ipads

    • Mr Kumar
      Mr Kumar

      Yes but Samsung should be doing better

    • Anirudh Gupta
      Anirudh Gupta

      @S Gaming nobody asked

  • 버디 Tech
    버디 Tech

    iPhone 13 Pro’s telephoto is still working in dark environment which I really love.

  • Shreyas Murali
    Shreyas Murali

    I will just say I am an android fan and for me seeing the iPhone is good and the cameras are very good and Samsung does too and when I am looking at the photos that u shot is for me at least is its the personal preferences that people use For example in video the stability in samsung has good stability but iphone has good detail in stability so it is a full on full tie

  • Merlin

    At the end of the day, seems like you should make the decision exclusively based on if you want iOS or Android

  • FamYummy Khalil
    FamYummy Khalil

    Both phones are awesome 😍❣️

  • Rahul RL
    Rahul RL

    Not to forget, s21 has a pro mode where you can keep the shutter open even for 60 seconds if you want. More light and more details if you are using a tripod.

    • EthoShrimp

      @Hell Spawn microSD cards can corrupt and fail, and it's hard to deal with secondary storage in some apps. It could be easier to use 256GB base storage instead. Speaking of switching devices, you have Smart Switch which is really easy to use and you would do it about every year or so. Accessing the microSD slot and exposing it to water all the time is a no-go.

    • ItsMinarmy

      Ah yes the classic tripod for your phone, everyone is carrying those around

    • Hell Spawn
      Hell Spawn

      @Vambat I sure hope so, and if so, Samsung should NOT eliminate the SD card slot for additional storage, just charge $ 100 bucks more or so!

    • Vambat

      @Wicklash ? ios and android is great tho, iphone has alot of features too i dunno what you mean by 0 control over my phone but iphone has many features too

  • jagadeeshwaran k
    jagadeeshwaran k

    All good but it’s super super annoying that they removed the HDR control. The images are too sharp sometimes.

  • Antishacloud

    I wish he would keep in mind how samsung has come up with new products where iphone.....has looked pretty much the same for what 3 series? Let's not forget the notch... while Samsung changes dramatically and makes new style phones I mean hello flip and fold. I'm okay with spending 1300 for something not everyone has it the fold. Than spending the same on something that has only changed slightly in 3 series. Come on iPhone do something new and exciting. Keep wanting people to just pay for the name is only going toast so long before people wake up and realize they are buying almost the same product just sold as something new.

  • chino benedicto
    chino benedicto

    nice review. its very detailed. thank u sir