Why Samsung's Transparent Phone will fail.
Samsung IS working on a transparent smartphone. That much we're sure about. But I'm almost certain it will fail, for ONE reason...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    What do you think to our transparent phone concept? Does it make you want one? 🤔 For the War between Samsung and Google: irglo.info/from/YbB_oIiDrZzLlWQ/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • James Corey
      James Corey

      I literally cannot find any downside to having a transparent phone. I'm sure nobody is ever going to loose theirs somewhere.

    • Yung EBKTAY family ⭐️
      Yung EBKTAY family ⭐️

      But y?

    • Aussie webbo
      Aussie webbo

      If you had a transparent smartphone other people could see your pin or password

    • Briism

      It is cool but. You would loose your phone within the first day you get it.

    • Chip McGee Fudgehog
      Chip McGee Fudgehog

      It's a waste of time and money. I've seen a lot of stupid phones, this TV and phone takes the Stupidity Cake.


    If Transparent phone exists.. Our grandparents: oh I thought that was a piece of plastic so i threw it away

    • Max

      You don't

    • PyramidPie-_-

      i wanted to like this twiceXDXD

    • FroggyBug

      YUP! I’d throw it away🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

    • TheAmazingBoy

      dude parents too


      @JSGV I didn't write "transgender" accidentally, i edited something else

  • Tech5

    I love how he’s just holding a screen protector

    • Tech5

      @Chris Ducat haha

    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat

      The FUTURE!!! XD

    • fex144

      @Aditya Kaushik I was being kind of an ass intentionally, for fun and profit. And well yes it does matter, if you find someone worth it to hold onto love is kind of a really good word there.

  • BlackArro Cartoons
    BlackArro Cartoons

    A transparent display could be useful when driving and you need to see through the windshield while at the same time, dangerously looking and interacting with all of the HUD data floating in front of you on the clear windshield of the vehicle on public roads.

    • Antares 8001
      Antares 8001

      Seems a hell of a lot safer than constantly having to take your eyes off of the road to check your speed or nav system.

    • kokushibo real
      kokushibo real

      So useful

    • Patrick McAsey
      Patrick McAsey

      @MioVi No, I'm certainly not mad at you! And I apologise if my last posting was a bit intemperate; please forgive me. But it is true that motorists and lorry drivers really do look at their mobile phones, scrolling down, choosing music etc, while driving, with horrific results. Just what - if anything - is going on in these people's heads? It's baffling.

    • MioVi

      @Patrick McAsey oh my god, are you seriously getting this upset over this? obviously i dont mean to literally hold it, to put it in front of you and look at it briefly while still keeping your eyes on the road when you need to take a turn or something, im not good at explaining things so please dont get so mad at me. im not trying to start an argument here

    • Patrick McAsey
      Patrick McAsey

      @MioVi You're joking of course. Are you seriously suggesting that anyone look at a map when they're driving? Are you for real, or what? Driving means concentrating on the road, traffic and on the task for every single second and not taking your eyes off the road for a single second. If you want to look elsewhere e.g. a map, then you stop where it's safe. If you look at a map and have an accident where someone is injured or killed then you can expect to go to jail. Surely, everyone knows this?

  • Web Revolution
    Web Revolution

    Almost 2 years have passed since the release of this video. I still wait for the moment when Samsung will indeed be releasing a complete version of this concept. It might not go as well as we expect, but I wouldn't think it will be a failure. Samsung is bringing technology to a new level, not only by working on this but also thinking about the foldable phone. You might argue it wasn't successful, but it was a big step (maybe not the absolute first) in the future. It's admirable that they are trying new things and not only using all their resources to develop as much as possible things that are guaranteed to be profitable.

    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat

      I simply don't see how they can fail: it's a novel idea and I think a lot of consumers would love it. Just a question of getting it right.

  • Hakim Martin
    Hakim Martin

    I'm curious why we need the "digital" world to fuse with the "physical" in the first place what's wrong with keeping them separate ?

    • Pierce Hawthorne
      Pierce Hawthorne

      Next step in human evolution is to combine with tech. Gotta ease people in to it

  • Prabhav Dhanesha
    Prabhav Dhanesha

    See you in 10 years after this gets recommended on your transparent smartphone. Edit: I just ratio'd Arun's comment lol Edit 2: I'm still getting replies after a year damn!

    • Tyson slater
      Tyson slater


    • Gabriel de Moura
      Gabriel de Moura

      Still waiting...

    • Асен Асенов
      Асен Асенов


    • pistolaa

      alreadyy 1 year 9 more to goo

    • CraftBlack

      Ah yes

  • Aperture Entertainment
    Aperture Entertainment

    always thought the concept of these were stupid, ruins privacy, makes it hard to see, would likely boost repair costs (and make it difficult to repair), any case that won't turn yellow because it's transparent ruins the effect even if you do like it, and it would probably cost a lot more without really being worth it.

    • Lara İpek
      Lara İpek

      also battery... the battery would have to be so little. i cant stress enough how much i love my phone for its chonky battery

  • 翔木蘭

    It might be useful for businesses to keep track of customers so they can't hide behind the TV, or so that it turns into a window when it's off.

  • Kyle Alexander
    Kyle Alexander

    Wouldn't the development of mixed reality actually enable transparent phones to become a thing, as opposed to making them fail? It's basically the same tech

  • Evgeniy Shumskiy
    Evgeniy Shumskiy

    Just one remark - the first concepts of transparent phone where made by Samsung somewhere around 2007. Back then Firefox where planning to create their own phone, with build-in projector. The concept where not just transparent phone, but also a foldable one. The idea was you would wear it like bracelet or clock on your hand, and in case you need to make call it would easily be unfolded back into phone. 15 years latter and look at the time - we are almost there. Samsung does have foldable screen tech, they will get transparent screen tech, and the last step - combine the two.

  • Samuel Marchese
    Samuel Marchese

    Imagine a cracked screen. Throw the whole thing away.

    • The Yellow Cat
      The Yellow Cat

      never thought about that

    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat

      Already true for most smartphones lol. Display repair is oftentimes more expensive than simply upgrading through your carrier.

    • Justin Soward
      Justin Soward

      what about a screen protector? does it go over the "screen" or does it have to wrap around the whole phone?

    • keen *
      keen *

      @Phone Repair Guru my man, give me a thousand dollars I need to fix my computer

    • mumin miah
      mumin miah

      @Nighty Core insta$$$

  • Maverick

    This could be something like a breakthrough for something like Microsoft’s glasses that they were trying to create with alternate reality. They didn’t do very well bc they didn’t have the technology at the time to perfect it but maybe someone with this tech could. Just a thought

  • acutelychronic

    you're right, and for me there really isnt any actual advantage to having a transparent phone. its great for like a window display but its just not for a phone.

  • ZAYA G
    ZAYA G

    I could see this being a big thing for commercial uses. Restaurant menus that display on the covid guards at the counter. Store display windows that show the latest deals. And vending machines that show ads for new drinks while letting you see the drinks behind. But I have no desire for this on a phone whatsoever.

  • eyra xiao
    eyra xiao

    the transparent tv can be use between living and dining for example, and for presentations as well but for smartphones i think its unnecessary because you just have to see your hands all the time

  • Alice Sanders
    Alice Sanders

    oh yes, can't wait for everyone to see everything that's happening on my phone

    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat

      I mean...we're already watching from behind lol. You're just upset people could watch from the front, too? This will not dissuade people from buying transparent phones. Your hand will still cover it up.

    • death to joseph
      death to joseph

      Imagine privacy LMAO

    • Cadburycoco9

      exactly what i wasd gonna say

    • Itsawesomeplayz


  • TheIris1002

    I always thought of transparent phones in fiction as a way to see what characters are doing from different angles. Not a practical thing that people would ever want

  • Riku

    I think a transparent tv that doubles as a window to the outside would be really cool

  • didi

    The only case I can see for it: it's gimmicky and phone manufacturers love gimmicks, regardless of what the average consumer thinks about it. AR is a fair usecase, but it's something that still very underutilized even in its current implementation. Also, I don't see it ever getting implemented fully. Getting a screen to be transparent is a much simpler problem than getting every component in it to be transparent, that might simply not become possible in the next couple of decades or even ever. The obvious solution is pushing those components to one side, but that requires much smaller batteries at the very least. Personally I would be more excited about such improvements to batteries with many usecases than a transparent screen

  • DietermiGamzD 125
    DietermiGamzD 125

    It would break so easily, I'd be in constant fear

  • Seri

    Samsung: We recommend a black phone case for all of our transparent phones for a better view.

    • nightphantom

      is a transparent compuper a thing

    • Asap Moa
      Asap Moa

      @Niedoanimowany rosomak lol that was my first thought 🤣

    • InfinityBeam

      Thats what its going to be lol

    • Jess Jess
      Jess Jess


    • Yuxuan Liu
      Yuxuan Liu

      @Carlyyy _ it looks light tho. A solid reason for me..

  • Javian Brown
    Javian Brown

    It would have the same issue as see-through marker boards. The object behind it affects how well you see what's on it, even with what you said about tinting lighting would still be an issue in some cases

  • FireyDeath4

    You can't really have such immersive AR on a transparent phone, unless it had 3D graphics like those 3D Tazos. Or the 3DS, or what-have-you.

  • Michael Skelton
    Michael Skelton

    I reckon a transparent display will probably be more useful for augmented reality headsets

    • Leo Ciresi
      Leo Ciresi

      Meanwhile, IPhone will literary be the Eye Phone

  • Caleb Reynolds
    Caleb Reynolds

    I feel like lack of privacy on a clear phone would ruin it

  • Thoughts 3rased
    Thoughts 3rased

    I can imagine these being a nightmare to repair though.

    • w

      @Olliem Hendricks my guy telling us he have iphone xr, xdddd I have the 13 pro max, *insecurity intensifies*

    • Brenden Stahl
      Brenden Stahl

      @Olliem Hendricks same I have an iPhone XR

    • vangard

      @Olliem Hendricks hahahaha XD my phone can drop 25ft without a case and it can last 6 days without a single charge under medium load

    • Hive

      @Olliem Hendricks what a dumb reply "im glad i have the iphone xr" lmaooo

    • portalguy

      @Sojin2k did ya save that or actually buy it? if you saved it that’s cool if you bought it. why? It’s legit just a couple of pixels on a jpeg.

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat

    It would certainly be an exciting way to break away from the "candy bar" design, without actually breaking away from it lol. There's nothing wrong with the form factor (and I'm not sold that foldable smartphones will become the dominate smartphone, still feels niche to me), but it's boring, and has been around for a long time now. But it will still be important for this design to still compete with conventional candy bar/slab phones, performance and feature-wise. Most buyers won't be willing to sacrifice a bunch of features or performance just to have a see-through phone.

  • Minewdjhu

    Or you could just link up the camera with the homescreen and then enable the input for live free from your camera to your background, so it's technically transparent


    There are many possibilities with transparent screens. You forgot the experience by driving with a screen in the windshield, what about the glass in a store or restaurant, people inside could see the world outside just like a transparent glass, while people outside see a normal screen. Every glass could works like a screen. The windows in a building will be a big screen.

  • MC Days Alive
    MC Days Alive

    Oh great, I love it when everyone can see what's on my phone 100% of the time from any angle.

  • DigiNeko

    so how do i find my phone if it goes missin

    • critori Spemar
      critori Spemar

      You can use a different phone to call it 🤣

    • Ojasav Kaushik
      Ojasav Kaushik

      You don’t.

    • faizan vlogs
      faizan vlogs

      Put a phone case

    • Aymen King
      Aymen King


    • Red-Tyrone burnett
      Red-Tyrone burnett


  • Maxwell Twist
    Maxwell Twist

    While I like the idea of AR glasses, I doubt we're going to have them anytime soon, at least not in a form that normal people are going to want to wear. Plus, I doubt many people want to wear one or two bombs on their skull, so we'll have to use a different battery, and unlike other people, I don't trust Elon to make a solution to that problem. He'll probably think of one, but he's an idea man. He doesn't care if his ideas are possible or smart, he just wants you to think they are.

  • JackXV

    I think a transparent phone would just drive me crazy. I don't need my stuff to just be casually harder to find.

  • MiataBoi

    The problem with glasses that work with transparent displays is that you can't focus on an object that close to your face. It's why VR headsets have massive lenses. They need to focus the display as if it were much farther from your face. The only way we could currently build smart glasses that appear to have standard lenses is with complicated and extremely precise wave guides to control where the photons get sent onto your eye. There are companies doing this but current tech is prohibitively expensive for the average consumer. Although the price is coming down and companies like Virtuix are coming out with some pretty compelling offerings.

  • Pharos

    Can't the smartphone companies just make the display redirict the light from the back using lenses and some small mirrors so that it looks transparent, but it has visible sides?

  • It Came From A Box
    It Came From A Box

    Samsung failing at a lot of concepts is what I want to see from others. It's the only way you eventually get something both incredibly groundbreaking AND useful 👍

    • Pigmaschine


    • Aige


    • Egg

      The zflip 3 feels like that kinda. Definitely a step in the right direction.

    • IT'S ME
      IT'S ME


  • Bird Of Passage
    Bird Of Passage

    I think what we can see from tech manufacturers successes and failures over the past decade the that software is really going to lead the hardware. By the time a transparent device comes to fruition, whatever apps that would make such a thing useful needs to have already been developed to maturity and really make such an experience at least a little immersive or useful rather than a gimmick

  • Milud Ghriba
    Milud Ghriba

    Imagine how hard fixing these will be.

  • Kitchen Table Studios
    Kitchen Table Studios

    I feel like the inner components wouldn't need to be transparent, just the casing, so that you could see the inner workings.

  • Toaster That Toast
    Toaster That Toast

    we might even be able to get a transparent phone now if instead of using transparent components we could make the screen just show what the camera sees

  • DarkReaper7626

    Bruh imagine how many phones would be lost after turning them off For yall sayin the sides would be visible if u can lose your phone now you can sure bet your losin the transparent phone

    • HB

      @Hana games slendy you obviously don't considering you play roblox

    • Dylan Swain
      Dylan Swain

      "Hey Google where's my phone" Then the phone lights up with high brightness to help you find it

    • Tayesean Watson
      Tayesean Watson

      Good thing I don’t and never have lost my phone 😂😂

    • David Bravo
      David Bravo


    • Shadowbonboi

      Yeah I would lose it immediately

  • praszu

    Today I saw someone using a foldable phone and it looked terrible with that split in the middle, at least from the angle I was looking at it. Maybe it's practical for specific professions but not sure if it's a good all-round smart phone to go for.

  • Raven Ironwing
    Raven Ironwing

    The cool thing about AR glasses is all the processing could be done on a smart phone that's paired with the glasses.

  • skotman game
    skotman game

    The phone can have a few small cameras that will show on the front screen and will make an a allusion of transparency

  • Sumliht

    Losing your phone is already a problem, I can only imagine

  • Mr. P
    Mr. P

    Can't wait having to buy a case for the see through phone, effectively defeating the whole purpose

    • Shazi Syyed
      Shazi Syyed

      Its chaos

    • Singularity

      transparent case

    • Ghost

      @BOBUBOI !!! transparent cases wont get yellow😂

    • Baked Bean
      Baked Bean

      Bumper case

    • Uncanny Valley
      Uncanny Valley

      I'm an edgelord, and already found a technicality that renders your reasonable point irrelevant

  • Kaylie Robinson
    Kaylie Robinson

    I lose my phone too often, imagine trying to find a clear phone

  • Peter James Ledwith
    Peter James Ledwith

    Still waiting for foldable phones to take off...once we have got used to and are resigned to having no privacy, I think wearable glasses phones are the future.

  • Kyorbi

    Add a glasses-free 3D feature to the screen and then you've got it. Sort of like the 3DS display, but transparent.

  • Toasty Playz
    Toasty Playz

    Idea: what if someone made a phone where the wallpaper was just using your camera, so it seems transparent.

  • Angel_gaming

    3020: You walk into someone's house and the whole house looks empty. Them: oh no I just bought transparent furniture.

    • Bento

      yes this would be very logical to make and would definitely happen

    • YAYAY


    • Ammad Ninja YT
      Ammad Ninja YT


    • Trilingual Fudge
      Trilingual Fudge

      Godamn just trips over everything as soon as you walk in

  • Oynex

    For transparent phones, I don't need usability to reaffirm my decision to buy them.. its simply cool

  • Caso Nova
    Caso Nova

    Question, if the phone is completely transparent, then could someone on the other side of the phone see what you're watching thru the back of the phone?

  • EnchantedForestYT

    I can imagine with the "can use the back of the phone" knowledge that I would be texting or something and my bff would tap keys from the back lol

  • JeKijkbuis

    I would be pretty much annoyed when having to watch a movie on a transparent device. It's stuff for movies and would stay that way.

  • Anthony Kan
    Anthony Kan

    Arun: “Samsung is making a transparent phone” Also Arun: *uses an iPhone screen protector*

    • Shuvo Roy
      Shuvo Roy

      This channel has already became a AppleSheep channel. He's trying his best to get an invite for apple event. This was his year goal. Seems like Samsung has already stopped giving him phones

    • Masked Gamer
      Masked Gamer

      @Gravity almost there 🥳

    • cristian Prieto
      cristian Prieto

      But nobody ever thought about the airplanes bucause the had chips and another example of you have the firts car what the for whe had obe car that runs 200 kms per hour : Because the tecnology is never static.

    • Nii Amart
      Nii Amart


  • halflingbandkid

    I definitely get the feeling it’s going to be difficult for people that need glasses to use augmentative reality glasses In the future

  • Spookibun

    I just can't not think about phone cases and how annoying it might be for these phones, and I imagine cracked screens being 10x worse on clear phones

  • Frigidianus Griffin
    Frigidianus Griffin

    I wish I could get to the time where phones are solar powered.

  • Lewis Barnard
    Lewis Barnard

    Windows would be cool. Imagine having widgets on your window

  • DanielTTY

    The two most reasonable scenarios for transparent display are eye glasses and vehicle front glass display.

    • Daksh Mehta
      Daksh Mehta

      @DCG909 ohh...ok..... Thanks for the information though

    • Juh

      @Saahil H. I remember that, it was called the google glass and people made fun of it than forgot about it but not me

    • EmanTsrif EmanTsal
      EmanTsrif EmanTsal

      @Ridwan Ahmed exactly my reaction

    • EmanTsrif EmanTsal
      EmanTsrif EmanTsal


    • EmanTsrif EmanTsal
      EmanTsrif EmanTsal

      @J R lol

  • jld57200

    Well I already sometimes feel like a transparent human being when I come across people whose humanity has been been totally aborbed by their smartphones...😇 The only way to interract with them is digital...

  • the Occidilian
    the Occidilian

    If I could turn my windows dark without curtains or shades, that would be cool.

  • thesnare100

    Seems like it would be useful for a smart windshield though

  • Layzer

    I spend half of the day searching and trying to remember where I put my phone even now. Don't even want to imagine what would happen if it was transparent.

  • Pentacle Torn
    Pentacle Torn

    Is nobody talking about the fact that everyone around would be able to see your screen?

    • Pixelated

      @Anthony Ortega that glass wouldn't work in this case

    • Paula Lowery
      Paula Lowery

      @N3 Nick his comment is transparent.....he didn't delete! 🤣

    • just a random dude 743
      just a random dude 743

      @hey hey like he said only for po** and this is a weird conv

    • Avighna

      @hey hey bruh I'm not gonna be watching porn 24/7

    • Anthony Ortega
      Anthony Ortega

      They would used polarized glass so from the front you'd see thre picture from the back you'd see nothing at all. Also Samsung wants transparent screens to put cameras and other sensors behind the screen where you'd have no notch or bezels.

  • Shinji391

    Having a transparent phone is the same as using your camera. There are apps and backgrounds that allow any user to make their phone quasi-transparent. Have the camera on all the time, making those images your wallpaper in real time.

    • Rhonda Lyfe
      Rhonda Lyfe

      Really?? Tell me the apps please

  • Harjot Singh
    Harjot Singh

    It could be easy, have a camera behind the phone so it can make it transparent, yes the wallpaper, Samsung already has made animated wallpapers, so it would be no deal for them.

  • N A I V A S
    N A I V A S

    Apple said the same when samsung was making a foldable But you know what .. a king never fails

  • David Rooke
    David Rooke

    smart glasses definitely, I would love to have glasses that could display information about what I am looking at, see thru phones seems pointless.

  • SlexVG

    Buys phone- Sets it down- Me: Starts looking for an invisible phone for 5 hours

    • Come On Fhqwhgads
      Come On Fhqwhgads

      For everyone making up ways to find the phone, forget the phone. Put this technology where it belongs; on smart TV remote controls & keychains.

    • mumin miah
      mumin miah

      @JD Graham RIP!!!!!

    • david brand
      david brand


    • wetpaw

      call it😛. ohhh ummmm... it has no speaker..😟

  • Caedmon Myers
    Caedmon Myers

    Arun: “A lot of people are convinced this is the future” Me: “That is an iPhone screen protector, not a transparent phone.”

    • Bubba Boyy
      Bubba Boyy

      Bruh Edit: Oh, yeah.

  • Insert Money
    Insert Money

    I see potential for it to catch on. Most people don’t care about the application, they just want a cool sleek design that they can brag and flex. When you have a trillion dollar company selling to you it isn’t hard to see something like this blow up.

  • Tyler Singleton
    Tyler Singleton

    Phone repairs are going to be a nightmare. Lmao. It's hard to imagine a handheld transparent phone to be useful. I can see applications like Google glass, or using this technology on car windshields, or intergraded into refrigerator and other appliances for a "smart home" experience. But a transparent phone doesn't seem useful. I think this idea is attempting to integrate a seamless transition between the screen and our everyday lives. But Google had a good idea with Google glass, just a little too ahead of their time. But with augmentated reality, transparent technology, and the amazing technological progress we've had, I cannot wait to see the future 20 years from now. In HS I thought I was the coolest kid when my keyboard flipped out of my phone. That was 2008. This is an amazing time to be alive. I think we are living in the renaissanceof technological progress.

  • Joji ann Santos
    Joji ann Santos

    "This phone wont work" People also said this about foldable phone (e.g. apple) but here we are 🤷‍♂

  • Perry the Platapus
    Perry the Platapus

    Phone: transparent Privacy: imma head out

    • Connor Betancourt
      Connor Betancourt

      Nah nah nah nahhhhh I'm gonna put a tint On the back Like a 1 way mirror😁

    • LaPlantaMichay

      i mean you could put that plastic for window cars in the other side

    • L1ght


    • Žan Mlakar
      Žan Mlakar


  • Lasty Hopper
    Lasty Hopper

    this new phone will get into the first place in my list of top 100 things I often lost.. my invisible remote tv come close in 2nd place..

  • awakenedCrowl

    AR glasses, I would be all in. An implanted chip... even if it has all the comfort features in the world, no. Cuz in order to be able to always give us more content that we didn't literally make up in our own mind, it has to connect to the outside. And to SOMEONE, that connection will always be reversible. THAT is one pessimistic dystopia vision that I would ACTUALLY be afraid of xD With glasses that I can just take off, I'd be ALL in for that. Or, alternatively, although it would likely look weird and disgusting, I could imagine VR/AR MASKS to be a thing (as in full face masks). With technology to digitally create taste and smell already, that might be one potential future way for full immersion

  • sk

    Transparent tvs can be pretty cool in lobbys / public places / etc where they don't obstruct the view fully giving feel of bigger more open space yet providing some useful information, maybe advertisement, or interactive floor map. I'm not quite sure yet where transparent phone can be useful. The touch-on-the back thing - I don't believe that's gonna fly or be interesting.

    • sk

      ​@Katana H it has practical uses in more fancy places where the looks not the function is the prime thing you're going after.

    • Katana H
      Katana H

      Yeah, they look cool and I would have loved one when I was like 10 but nowadays I realise they'd be impractical.