Why Samsung's Transparent Phone will fail.
Samsung IS working on a transparent smartphone. That much we're sure about. But I'm almost certain it will fail, for ONE reason...

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    What do you think to our transparent phone concept? Does it make you want one? 🤔

  • Prabhav Dhanesha
    Prabhav Dhanesha

    See you in 10 years after this gets recommended on your transparent smartphone

  • Thoughts 3rased
    Thoughts 3rased

    I can imagine these being a nightmare to repair though.

  • Arctic Wolf Official
    Arctic Wolf Official

    I'm surprised he didn't bring up the point about privacy. Having transparency means that everybody can see what you're doing on your phone lol, and a lot of people wouldn't like that.

  • Brynndle 18
    Brynndle 18

    This phone would probably break easily and a case would ruin the affect.

  • Kenzie W
    Kenzie W

    Can't wait to get a phone in 10 years with no charger, no headphones in a tiny flat box

  • Matt Wolf
    Matt Wolf

    I think this would be pretty pointless for phones but it would be amazing in glasses, I think the best route would be to have smart glasses that are powered by your phone, you would rarely need to touch your phone then but it would be useful for quickly showing other people video and pictures and also just typing in you are in an area when you can't/don't want to speak.

  • DigiNeko

    so how do i find my phone if it goes missin

  • Petar Nenkov
    Petar Nenkov

    Can't wait having to buy a case for the see through phone, effectively defeating the whole purpose

  • Koronekowo

    Imagine watching

  • Alpin28

    with those glasses, what about people that wear correction glasses? maybe something where you input your correction and it automatically implants it into those glasses?

  • Random Reviews in Bad English
    Random Reviews in Bad English

    Just imagine triyng to chat with someone about something important while everyone can watch what is happening on your screen. That doesn's sound good for me

  • domo mitsune
    domo mitsune

    I wish we had this technology now. I could imagine wearing smart glasses, that allow you to see information in front of you without redirecting your attention elsewhere. It would be like you could have MapQuest up and seen it in a augmented reality while you're driving and still be able to see when you're supposed to turn and remaining mileage to go. It would be nice to see information about things are looking at, or even catch Pokemon as if they were literally in front of you without augmented reality, by the use of a camera. I just wish that I could have a true Pokemon experience like in the trailers. Including the gym battle raise, like with all the gym trainers challenging Mewtwo in Times Square live. Instead of looking at my phone tapping away, like a lunatic. Is it so much to ask for a true Pokemon experience like in the anime of actually throwing a Pokeball in retrieving your Pokemon as you watch them attack each other in the animations.


    If Transparent phone exists..

  • Emmanuel Kasomi
    Emmanuel Kasomi

    Definitely looking forward to seeing the deep dive on augmented reality technology.

  • aaron horn
    aaron horn

    As someone who always uses a phone case, a transparent phone would be useless to me lol

  • Daniel Griffiths
    Daniel Griffiths

    There are use cases for transparent displays. On a phone when you take a picture you can see through the phone as the view for taking the picture. For glasses, you can have a heads up display and for AR you can have AR without having to passthrough a camera feed for lower lantency and better image quality.

  • Jake Parry
    Jake Parry

    Everybody boss until you place it on any table and then never find it again.

  • Jim Hewlett
    Jim Hewlett

    That would be useful for 3d zoom meetings, so you could 'be' there without having a VR headset. Not sure how they get around focusing the image without bulky lenses. My main worry would be putting the thing down and not being able to find it again.

  • SlexVG

    Buys phone-