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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I'm hoping this video will blow you away! SO much work has gone into it, and SO many people have been fed because of it 😂 To Check out the TINIEST Tech: irglo.info/from/pNxzaJishduxoYU/fy-lm-h-y.html


      Who was fed?

    • SlippinJ Shorts
      SlippinJ Shorts


    • pw.christjake


    • SheenHaiyanPlays

      No! Im first like

    • Zäyy Ërñ
      Zäyy Ërñ

      My namim. Is. Zainab

  • Rexlog _
    Rexlog _

    Him: we’re gonna spend 10K on giant tech products in the next 4 mins. Also him: *buys a 4.5kg chocolate bar*

    • AT Brothers
      AT Brothers

      Bruh i read this right when I was at the exact part

    • Ralph

      What is he gonna do about the rest

    • bandaid cheerios
      bandaid cheerios

      4.5kg of diabetes with express delivery, exquisite

    • ItsmeElaine💜💎

      i want iy

    • MastGalGamer

      Chocolate bar and Pencil

  • Yusuf Banna
    Yusuf Banna

    I really appreciate this Shaq episode and the effort that went into making it. normal looking things scaled up seems much like mr.beast kinda thing. think u got inspired by him. i have seen the giant toblerone before in 'Sorted'. the incredible cooking channel has shown the chocolate bar in their occasion based pretentious product series. it cost may be 70 pounds.but what u showed is probably bigger than sorted one.it's actually cool. and it is my favourite chocolate bar too.

  • Triv27

    Yes, you definitely need to fill the lighter with fluid. They are shipped empty for safety reasons. The smoke you were getting was because you were burning up the dry wick.

    • Awx P
      Awx P


    • Colton Jones
      Colton Jones

      He asked if they did, in which the editors responded yes they did. But it still didn’t work.

  • LiftSurfer52's Guide To Elevators And Escalators
    LiftSurfer52's Guide To Elevators And Escalators

    Wow! I never seen technology that big before!

  • Red Inverse
    Red Inverse

    i actually have a mousemat that came with my desk thats larger than the one you have, its specifically designed to cover the entire surface of the 55 inch desk since its a desk built for gaming

    • Dm👉 itwhosetheboss 👈on telegram
      Dm👉 itwhosetheboss 👈on telegram

      Hit me up 🎁,

  • Allesandro B
    Allesandro B

    Spent the entire video smiling like a little boy!! THIS WAS GENUINELY FUN TO WATCH!! Most fun I've had in a while watching a video...

    • Games and shorts
      Games and shorts

      Your mom

    • ArafPlayz879


    • ali Mail
      ali Mail

      Me too

    • Vedanth Tirumala
      Vedanth Tirumala

      IKR!?!? Same!!

    • Rhea Kumar
      Rhea Kumar

      I know righttt!! Same hereee

  • Alain Cuypers
    Alain Cuypers

    Lets all appreciate that he uses his money for us too have a good video

  • Nolan Animations
    Nolan Animations

    I love how happy he is always

  • Marlo Hanks
    Marlo Hanks

    Keep up with the good work I love it

  • Marlo Hanks
    Marlo Hanks

    Keep up with the good work I love it

  • SavvyNotFound

    Arun: ok now it’s time for the mouse pad! Also Arun: *pulls out a yoga mat*

    • Faiz Funny Comparisons
      Faiz Funny Comparisons


    • BaconMaster0922


    • sevi43

      @TecXCoding 7

    • justAKfire130


    • •Serena•

      ‘Yoga mat’ oh my yeah 😂

  • TheShark

    You always have the best videos. I subscribed for about 7 months now! I love your videos

  • Franko Walker
    Franko Walker

    There's one thing you forgot, a giant remote for the giant TV. :)

  • Saket Pandey
    Saket Pandey

    Arun!!!!! Buddy!!! You are doing an absolute wonderful job!!


    Subscribed! Always stay tech-savvy!

  • naveen c
    naveen c

    Quick fact: He's gonna sell them all to Shaq later cause all the things are standard size to Shaq.

    • fjuti gj ufufugugutititiititif
      fjuti gj ufufugugutititiititif


    • Xbomber2010

      I know

    • SilentOx


    • SusPolo

      Or sultan from turkey

    • Pull up
      Pull up


  • Kelly Kossow
    Kelly Kossow

    This man must have more tech than Apple

  • Arin Sauls
    Arin Sauls

    I just found your channel recently when you did a video with Ryan Trahan testing workout products and I find your videos so refreshing. I’m kind of surprised I haven’t known about your videos before. Maybe it’s because all I used to watch was make up content before 3-4 months ago. It seems we all tend to evolve over the years and what used to interest us, doesn’t anymore and new things pop into our lives and it just so happens to be you right now.

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids

    He has lot of free time with him to do all these things 😂

  • Gabriele B.
    Gabriele B.

    one fact: you can actualy pinch two pieces together and it will be so much easier to get the pieces seperated

  • Tinker Man Mick
    Tinker Man Mick

    Great episode thanks champion!

    • Nightmare gaming 🇦🇺
      Nightmare gaming 🇦🇺

      Yo wassup nick love the tips. You helped me stop my stick drift

    • Cobblestone

      Love u bro

    • Nightmare gaming 🇦🇺
      Nightmare gaming 🇦🇺

      Gday champion controller

    • Yajas Nitin
      Yajas Nitin

      Hey mick

  • Slimey

    He just bought the screen I have been saving up for 2 years in 4 minutes. LOL

  • Hyper Nova
    Hyper Nova

    he might want to remaster the worlds largest gaming setup because the Samsung Odyssey Ark is definitely the largest monitor ever now lol

    • Dm👉 itwhosetheboss 👈on telegram
      Dm👉 itwhosetheboss 👈on telegram

      Hit me up 🎁🏆

  • Juice WRLD Unrelesed
    Juice WRLD Unrelesed

    this is going to blow your mind. well it's going to blow your whole saving budget through the roof. Edit: Hey Arun, did you know that the toblerone logo had a bear figure in it. just a fun fact.

  • Arihant Bhattacharjee
    Arihant Bhattacharjee

    8:27 correction there, the standard monitor ratio is 16:9. The Odyssey G9 has a ratio of 32:9, which is 2 monitors put side-by-side.

    • Carlo

      @Sadiq Usman Well I've done some research and actually it's just a led circle behind the monitor 😅 For me it is just a energy drainer because i have a wall behind the monitor. Also, I don't think it's mice design at all, it kinda looks like a nuclear reactor, which could be good if it wasn't a curved monitor

    • Arihant Bhattacharjee
      Arihant Bhattacharjee

      @Carlo Wait it has a speaker??

    • Sadiq Usman
      Sadiq Usman

      @Carlo Sorry, my bad 😂

    • Carlo

      @Sadiq Usman That's the speaker

    • Sadiq Usman
      Sadiq Usman

      Seriously though, what the heck is the use of that camera at the back of the monitor?

  • sheepsmeh

    I laughed so hard when it showed him a real mouse😂

    • Text on Telegram@WetalkUAV
      Text on Telegram@WetalkUAV

      Congrats you have been selected among our shortlisted winners. ^^^^^^^^^^^^🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊✅

    • GuyFieriPvP

      @S S bats are rodents

    • Whatsapp   ㊉❶➍❻❾❹❶❺❼❼❸❽
      Whatsapp ㊉❶➍❻❾❹❶❺❼❼❸❽

      Thanks for your comment, if you want to know more about tech and Learn how to invest in crypto the right way

    • Jayden Graham
      Jayden Graham

      It’s a wombat

  • pikachu 227
    pikachu 227

    I laughed quite hard with this all. What's fun to buy? Large versions of everyday things

  • 💜Crazycarpaccio💜

    My uncle also LOVES tech. He got so many cool gadgets!!! And sometimes my brother and i can test those gadgets. I almost broke the VR set when i accidentally smashed the hand thing on a thing above me. Oopsies🫣

  • JellyGamer3695

    Mrwhosetheboss: “How often do you get to see a 44 incher?” Me: everyday…

    • Cam Dog
      Cam Dog

      Same bro

    • RossRR


  • Larry the Lemon
    Larry the Lemon

    Arron: trying to bye the biggest tech Also Arron: byes giant tonlorone 😂

  • The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs
    The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    I didn't know the energy efficiency rating of a product could be as low as a G

    • Jayden

      Even my 10 year old washing machine is higher😂😂😂

    • Gamer972

      @Oooooooooooooooooooooo LANGUAGE

    • maaax

      Monitors are regularly rated G and F, the most efficient usually get C

    • krlmz mcpe#freeporçay
      krlmz mcpe#freeporçay

      its for a "No Energy For you G

    • Fortychimp09

      G means green i guess?

  • fai†hi†e

    I could imagine Customs Officers enjoying the unboxing. :D

  • Arc360

    6:50 little did he know there was lots of those keyboards on amazon that he could of got insted of doing that lol

  • blumen sekte
    blumen sekte

    Anyone ever imagining the factory where those giant toothbrushes are built? Like a whole factory full of brushes as big as the workers… Just me? Ok.


    WOW, I love this video brother, I would for sure love to see more!!!

  • Simply Raven
    Simply Raven

    I feel like this is one of the only channels who actually have good sponsors that I would actually want to know about.

    • zjsjzbzb

      @Spimply Raven no not really

    • sug_madic

      @MAGGOT VOMIT Mr Vomit You are a piece of sssssssssssesh art. God bless YOU mR MAGGOT keep good surName

    • Thomas

      @Reversalz the bruh bruh guy said "mrwhosetheboss more like mr.whothetrash. my content is better!" Something like that

    • GoHamza


    • Talha Tariq
      Talha Tariq

      YES. True.

  • Noah and Serena show
    Noah and Serena show

    Imagine people stealing these packages they would be so confused and they were just return it lol

  • Adwaith Sp
    Adwaith Sp

    Imagine the tablet falling on our face 😂

  • theNimboo

    Full desk mousepads are actually super common lately

  • 弗拉格 Fraqger
    弗拉格 Fraqger

    I use that 45 inch monitor as my main its like having two monitors but without that line that separates the two of the screens

  • Nicholas _7r
    Nicholas _7r

    Arun's poor mailman needs a raise for having to deal with these kind of packages. 😂😂

    • Sherry

      @Riley no its fine 100% I ate many

    • Riley

      Should I be concerned

    • Riley

      Sherry I ate a key cap accidentally

    • Sherry

      @SyTxExE legit 9 year old

  • Hobbis14

    Imagine trying to fit that Toblerone in the fridge

  • Shrestha Sengupta
    Shrestha Sengupta

    (It was used to feed my city's homeless people) Me: Now that's what I call humanity!🥰

  • Ash Gaming
    Ash Gaming

    But the real question after watching this video is "Does size matter"?


    15:03 so the 4.5 kg has 9 blocks of chocolate,so 4500g/9 is more than 450 grams of chocolate so it's even more than the 360g toblerone

  • GaganxWaduHek 69
    GaganxWaduHek 69

    I’ve been with this channel for 3 years now and I swear, the growth in Arun is mind blowing. Like this channel used to be just informative and usual reviews and stuff but for a year now, since you started adding bad puns and dad jokes and those hilarious adjectives you use when you talk about subscribing just make this channel THE best channel I’ve ever subscribed to. Keep up the amazing work. I hope you reach 10 million soon

    • Shadow Plague
      Shadow Plague

      @STingy Says Literally no one asked for BaD bOy to say that, and no one cares anyway. Literally.

    • Sathyapriya

      uhm.....bad puns???? there's nothing called bad puns...even if there was it wasn't in this video..... +DONT BE STUPID

    • STingy Says
      STingy Says

      @Shadow Plague didnt ask+ratio+cope with it

    • Milo Persic
      Milo Persic


    • KiitKaat

      Yes! Arun deserves so much more love for buying all these random stuff for us!

  • Aiden Dindial
    Aiden Dindial

    His budget was expensive enough but what was his electricity bill after that

  • Mio & Mili
    Mio & Mili

    "Giant Nitendo Switch" And it's a samsung TV, The only things that are actually "giant" are the controlers

  • vtxavyii

    14:35 fun fact - i had one of these for like a couple years in my bedroom and i had no idea that smaller ones even existed

  • Captain_innocent

    shaq would love this it would be the perfect size gaming set up for him lol

  • Rev Jear
    Rev Jear

    Respect to the fact that he donated the PC cake to the homeless in his city. A very wholesome act.

    • Shama Naseem
      Shama Naseem

      @KingEzekiel but I'm in a garden

    • the light gamer
      the light gamer

      @Dnns Gaming ye

    • Dnns Gaming
      Dnns Gaming

      i was kinda upset that it wasn't a real pc

    • paracel2


  • Yoshikage Joestar
    Yoshikage Joestar

    The possibilities of what can happen if John Wick gets his hands on that pencil scares me.

    • Ungus

      He'd probably use it as a spear, or javelin.

  • AtlasRedux

    I have a Odyssey G9 ^^ absolute monster, love it.

  • Gigakos gaming
    Gigakos gaming

    Let’s just appreciate his hoodie! 😂😂😂😂 I want one!

  • CampBellTheSmug

    "How often do you get to see a 44 incher?" You know what you're doing, Mr. Whosetheboss

  • Jan T.L.
    Jan T.L.

    I love that you actually gave the cake to the homeless people in your city. Amazing. And a great video, of course

    • VreikeZen

      @Joseph Perez Just because someone uses a lot of money in their videos doesn't mean that they're not nice to less fortunates. Look at MrBeast, You always see him donating in Beast Philantrophy

    • Joseph Perez
      Joseph Perez

      You really think he even goes near homeless people smh. $10GRAND on multiple videos thrown away and managing to throw in a brief moment to mock the less fortunate. Hopefully he does donate to them. He could always write it off on taxes. . . . .

    • NinjaDevGames

      We not gonna talk about how *T H I C C* he is in the thumbnails?

    • a dumb person
      a dumb person

      @Bryan Beck 10:54

  • Gauri Badukale
    Gauri Badukale

    10:57 such a legendary man He really is the boss

  • Gaming Ayden Mark Adekunle
    Gaming Ayden Mark Adekunle

    Somebody call Mr. beast for the overpriced ones like the TV we need to see this

  • Leslee Lane
    Leslee Lane

    Butane needed for the giant lighter. I bought a giant Zippo. Fun to use but definitely not practical!

  • darknessblade

    Why not review one of the largest PC cases ever made. One like the Thermaltake Mozart TX

  • petiertje M
    petiertje M

    This video was 'great ' to watch. Out of all the 'massive ' tech, I think the PC takes the cake.

    • HeLlO

      At least it’s good-

    • planck olive
      planck olive

      hahahahah nice

    • Yung EBKTAY family ⭐️
      Yung EBKTAY family ⭐️

      Goofy ah thumbnail

    • J.J.

      Are you rupaul

    • warb

      @petiertje M You would think the computer cake is big enough to get a part of it for you.

  • Genex

    i love how its supposed to be biggest tech but he gets a pencil

  • FuzzyCollieDoggo

    "Biggest tool" then "is that Jeremy Clarkson?" I FELL OVER!

  • charlie hobbs
    charlie hobbs

    pls do some more vid's like this we love them

  • PerpendicularFlight5

    "what is the bigggest powerbank we can get?" your home inveter's battery

  • AngeloPlayzYT(Official)

    Fun fact: A small shop close to where i live actually sells those big airpods.

  • SheenHaiyanPlays

    Fun fact: after he built his Setup he donated to Team Seas

  • Aubin Balondwa
    Aubin Balondwa

    finally a toothbrush for the entire family, just pick your spot🤣🤣

  • Yukiharukun

    Lets respect him for his apreaciate to expensive big stuff

  • Saumitra Nanaware
    Saumitra Nanaware

    The size-o-meter, the excitement on his face, that Toblerone bar, the EVERYTHING this is a GEM of a VIDEO

    • Chandan N
      Chandan N

      Whyy did I read that toblerone as testosterone 😳

  • Mathias

    newsflash: you need to put lighter fluid into a zippo lighter for it to work. also it doesnt come with it because it evaporates over time

  • Jaddi

    OMG I love the big earphones. 👍💕 EDIT: Would use the toothbrush to clean my boat.... 🤣

  • Edgar Emmanuel
    Edgar Emmanuel

    Extremely fun to watch

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H

    the big toblerone is super common in sweden/germany

  • Chris Minton
    Chris Minton

    With other people who try similar videos I feel like they are really just trying to low key flex their bank accounts. With your channel though it just comes off as genuine. I can imagine you and your friends seeing a giant candy bar and then saying let's try to find all the big things we can. Big fan of these videos along with your lists of smartphone gadgets and other everyday tech. Merry Merry to you and your family.

    • kalfoetgaming

      This guy is a legend

  • jesiah kampher
    jesiah kampher

    honestly I dont care if its tech or not, it still cool

  • IDukesChaosI

    I've been wanting that screen for years now and this guy just buys it as a meme 😂. Being poor is horrible😂. But a very nice concept of video though. That mouse and keyboard is hilarious😂.

  • Wombocombo

    I almost thought that the screen was a fridge at first lol

  • Zachery

    We all know that monitor costs about half the budget right? Lol. Or is there really a qled curved Samsung monitor for that cheap? I find that hard to believe