How Apple AirTags are becoming Dangerous ⚠️
Apple AirTags are being used to stalk people, and even follow them home - heres what you need to know! Get Surfshark VPN at - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    We're really living in a fun time aren't we 😂 To check out the equally-concerning Drama with NFTs, that videos here:

    • Tom KI6ASP
      Tom KI6ASP

      Jumping into a scene gets old

    • Marie Plays
      Marie Plays

      SO FUN 🤩

    • Jasbir Kaur
      Jasbir Kaur

      @SeedTech is

    • Jasbir Kaur
      Jasbir Kaur


    • main uddin
      main uddin

      Who was that maybe it was a good idea not beeping it

  • The Fable Sphere
    The Fable Sphere

    This man’s production quality is unlike anyone else. Just so polished! Love it

    • Jacob Flame caster
      Jacob Flame caster

      His videos are a million times better then mine

    • H.O.Scalemodeler4501

      He has over 10 million subscribers for a reason.


      Oh yeah, talk about the quality of the video and not the fact that ANYBODY can track you.

    • NeoV2

      @MR NAMEYT dumb username but ok

  • Elle Charlie
    Elle Charlie

    I can only imagine my fear if I was told there was an AirTag on me. I would be terrified and check all of my pockets. Stalkers have always freaked me out.

    • Li6HTW4Y

      @Elle Charlie theres no need for you to be scared of stalkers, nobody cares about you enough to stalk you.

    • Elle Charlie
      Elle Charlie

      I think the reason they scare me so much is just the idea of a random person watching someone else. *shivers*

  • Makis

    the scariest part is not the airtag itself, but the way is works. I can own an apple product and dont want/ dont have airtags, that doesnt matter, my device will be used to track them. That is the thing that really scares me the most.

    • Jerry

      You can optout by turning off findmy network in your phone settings

    • Dan ZJZ
      Dan ZJZ

      @Vishnubharathi T it was almost definitely in the TOS, which he agreed to

    • Vishnubharathi T
      Vishnubharathi T

      @Alespic Why should his device be used without his permission? When they can pop a notification about using data for facebook app, why cant they pop a request, asking if their device can be used for tracking/sending position of other apple tags?

    • GhastK

      @Alespic true. I can , from only hearing the video, understand why people gets scared over it tho.

    • Alespic

      Why? Why should you be scared? The information just gets passed on, and no one can intercept it or track the source. This guy is just fearbaiting y’all

  • Benjamin Rhea
    Benjamin Rhea

    I started watching recently but am super stoked that you present information in such an unbiased and informative manner

  • Juliet Devenn
    Juliet Devenn

    This is the perfect situation for the saying “this is why we can’t have nice things” This could help retrieve things, animals and help impaired people (like me!) but we as human race obviously have to screw this up and turn it into malicious tool… this is sad. But I think the easiest way to resolve this would be an option for allowing to disclose your location only for trusted devices, AirTags and people. In case something got stolen, you could choose for a limited amount of time to give the AirTag that’s on the missing stuff to communicate with other devices. In all other cases, have the ability to hide your location. Another good thing would be if Apple and Google partnered together so anyone can be notified about unknown AirTag. They made the network open source, so it’s up to Google now to implement it onto Google Maps. Well, I was hyped up about the tag. Now, considering all the backlash and bad press I don’t think that the product is gonna last long anyway so…

    • DJ MDMA
      DJ MDMA

      I mean yea. You can exploit anything. That doesn’t mean you need to always focus on the negative

    • Juliet Devenn
      Juliet Devenn

      @Mimi Chou you mean me? Of course I am :(

    • Mimi Chou
      Mimi Chou

      firstly, are you a fellow swiftie? secondly, i agree with you. While we surely cannot blame everyone, it is becomeing more and more evident that everything that can be helpful can also be used to hurt or even fatally injure someone, and that makes me so dissapointed.

    • Juliet Devenn
      Juliet Devenn

      @theuncalledfor I know, but seeing it getting bad press I’m feeling like it won’t survive for long on the market. It’s generally an easy and great idea to keep track of your things, but it doesn’t have proper security measures as of yet, if it ever does…

    • theuncalledfor

      You cannot blame humanity as a whole for the fact that malicious individuals exist. It's simply in the nature of how evolution works. Random variation means there will always be individuals that are simply... _bad._ This would affect any sapient species in the universe.

  • Dhruv Hegde
    Dhruv Hegde

    Your videos nowadays are getting less-smartphone related, and I still love them. Been a fan for over 3 years. Great videos with interesting topics Edit: Firstly, I think people misunderstood what I meant by this comment. I meant that usually I would dislike non-smartphone tech videos, but Mrwhosetheboss made interesting ones that made me like them, not that I want him to only make smartphone videos, as the people in the comments thought I meant. Secondly, not to sound cliché, but thanks for the likes as it provides me with some form of external validation :)

    • hid59

      python dude

    • AngadCODM

      @Don't read profile photo just did

    • Kevin Liang
      Kevin Liang

      It's his videos being less smartphone related or is smartphone becoming more than just a metal box?

    • Sankalp Kumar
      Sankalp Kumar

      @Dhruv Hegde 😳i thought my name was rare but literally everyone on internet has it lol

    • Dhruv Hegde
      Dhruv Hegde

      @Sankalp KumarLmao Also you have the same name as my cousin

  • The Krazy Wabbit
    The Krazy Wabbit

    The one thing I was hoping to hear in this video is where does the responsibility fall on the person doing the tracking/stalking? We are quick to point to a manufacture yet slow to look at the person doing the shady act. Or does this fall into the category, at least here in the States, 'everyone has right. no one has responsibilities"

    • RiseUpToYourAbility

      @theuncalledfor what about kitchen knives, baseball bats, crowbars, guns, cameras,ETC. there are so many items that can be used in a malicious manner. Like if someone uses a high zoom camera to snap pictures of someone on their homes, it is the manufactures fault. If someone stabs another person with a knife is it the knife manufacturer’s fault. Heck people can use computers to hack into your phone or pc to access your bank account, personal photos, etc.

    • theuncalledfor

      We're pointing at the manufacturer because pointing at the bad actor is pointless. Bad actors will always exist and the manufacturer is at fault for developing and releasing a product that is too easy to abuse.

  • Jehad

    Thankfully I live in a place where even owning an apple product is a huge deal, and no airtags will be stalking me anytime soon.

  • Someone Random
    Someone Random

    Wait a minute, doesn't this mean you could make your own airtags that mimic the bluetooth signals of the originals? You could make some that were VERY small if you made short term devices. Though you would probably have to buy some real airtags to get their id to link to your phone.

  • Atlas

    this is a really cool informative video of the safety aspect of these tags, the major thing that shocked me is that the tags are so cheap for being an apple product, i didn't realise how good they were but i am a sucker for losing stuff so i think it might be a worthwhile investment for me

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  • Minjae

    I did my own experiment to "stalk" some of my friends (with permission, of course). It's actually quite dangerous and can actually be used to stalk people, especially if the person doesn't have an iPhone. I even used it to "follow" my friend over 24 hours and it could still be used... but in the end airtags aren't the most dangerous "stalking device"... but it's the most available.

    • Saffyzaq

      i dont think apple think this through

    • Vansh Malhotra
      Vansh Malhotra

      @Stephen Morales yeah and 2 days is very loong time

    • Stephen Morales
      Stephen Morales

      @Vansh Malhotra okay then it won’t tell you in 2 minutes, you have to wait at least 2 days for apple to notice that a AirTag is following you

    • Vansh Malhotra
      Vansh Malhotra

      @Stephen Morales as Arun said how can it save alot of people, it doesn’t even work in background

  • RiffRaff4031

    I think apple needs an AirTag sensor on your phone that allows you to identify AirTags that have not been attached to your phone in a one meter radius after 10 minutes. Then again, that means you can connect to other peoples stuff, but they could add an ownership to this stuff.

  • Horion Dev
    Horion Dev

    When take this matter into consideration, you can make out the conclusion that Apple's soul reason of making this was to have tech youtubers such Arun to discus about it's tracking properties, to then drive Andriod people into buying an iPhone just so they can get notified, whenever there's an airtag onto them, tracking their exact position☠☠

  • Free Advices
    Free Advices

    Just add a tracker app / create additional module in the find app for Air tag safety features - if there are any other Airtag tracking another person they can get notified and information can be alarmed as well.

  • Roller Coaster Psycho
    Roller Coaster Psycho

    I love how your video transitions feel natural !! Good job to you and your team

  • Dasher

    Wasn't expecting a video today but you always manager to brighten up my day. Thanks Arun!

    • Abhinav K
      Abhinav K

      @Dasher would say that, one of the best surely

    • vini sanjai
      vini sanjai

      @Dasher and no you ain't the the best club while ajax, Milan, Barca, real, man UTD still around

    • vini sanjai
      vini sanjai

      @Dasher just checking if you would comment back

    • vini sanjai
      vini sanjai

      @Dasher thanks for reminding

    • Dasher

      @Abhinav K best club in the world, eh?

  • Kent

    We once went for a family trip where my mum left her ipad (the apple device registered with the airtag). I got notification in my iphone that an airtag has been detected to follow me, showed 20+ locations where it followed me throughout the day (all the points we visited in our travel), and also the name of the airtag holder. The airtag itself kept beeping at random. So yeah I feel Apple has done pretty well to prevent airtag from being misused.

  • Jori Piggy
    Jori Piggy

    The fact it's even easier to use these maliciously on someone with a non-Apple device has some unfortunate implication Apple's motivation to curb such is limited: Now that the genie is out of the bottle, it plagues the competition more than it does "own folk" 🍏 (no background scanning, also foreground scanning not very reliable, no random "safety alarms") To some of those even aware of this threat, this may contribute to getting an iOS device next time "for enhanced security" - comparable to Apple spreading a virus that chiefly attacks Android users 🤖 And the larger Apple's market share, the safer you'll be to get one yourself

  • Rich Rigney
    Rich Rigney

    Buy an Apple Air tag for each of your vehicles and put it in a very inconspicuous location. Maybe even inside of a trap door built into the vehicle. If it gets stolen, use it to send the Police right to it. Downside is if the thief has an Apple device and is able to detect it, that is why I say use a trap door location. Make it very hard to find.

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    I've followed alot of your reviews and like your honest evaluations of products and suggestions. I do utilize Samsung eco system of products Just wished they listened to they're consumers...And the airtag situation is creepy indeed..

    • Jay C
      Jay C

      Heads up as of today the air tags will be getting an update you may need to update this review...this topic made the news today Fri Feb 11th 2022

  • Joysurjya Hagjer
    Joysurjya Hagjer

    This was a concern when they first released it. The fact that it is cheap, is well hidden and lasts so long and is not easily traceable when away from the person/people who have registered it. I think the registration bit needs to be more seriously handled.

    • Steve McRae Manager
      Steve McRae Manager

      GPS trackers are extremely cheap, have been for over a decade. Very easy to conceal on a vehicle. On a person is a little bit harder.

    • kushal raj
      kushal raj

      @timincal2002 it s a fact that data aggregators exist and do a good job. The video and comment that started it however is about Apple or governments. It’s the entire business of data aggregation to collect data. Most consumers and individuals however do not want our phone manufacturers or governments knowing that. Governments can use it for dystopian things like the social credit system while phone manufacturers can use it to aggregate it with all your personal data and documents not just those you sign terms and conditions for.

    • timincal2002

      @kushal raj If you use an Android or use certain apps on your iPhone, 'they' already have your identity to your location and a whole bunch of other things to you via your smartphone. The "that's not true" crowd will order their data report from the companies and not see for themselves.

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien

      @Marley I interrupt this discussion to share the news that GTA 6 has been confirmed today

    • Marley

      @Average Alien it should be apple’s responsibility to run the checks.

  • net28573

    We're actually safer today than we've ever been. Mac address randomization on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are standardized now. Before this recent implementation, I could track every wireless device with a laptop and a single script line. It's was so easy you could learn it on a weekend. Don't even get me started on the fact that every phone is the equivalent of an air tag now and they don't even need active cell service to be located.

  • Fudpukker

    The 1.5bn devices available to track your tag is hugely misleading. I live in a country where IOS only has 15% market share, so these tags are only useful for finding things in range of my family Apple ecosystem. If the bigger ecosystem happens to track a tag, it will be by accident, not by design...

  • Adrienne

    I thank you so much for your highlight all the things that others tell me are impossible..When I've always known different! As I speak criminal activity is already taking place and not too far away. It is a situation I'm convinced is a criminals way of ensuring they acquire easy money 💰 without grafting for it as other people do...this has been a long standing bone of contention for a long time...even concerning my own phone..and those Internet trolls preventing or attempting to prevent my communications....very disturbing and no one listens so the crimes in this field continues. Thank you, not only happening in America but all over the world...(easy ways of accessing fraudulent means) no wonder this world is in the state its in ....

  • Paper Benni
    Paper Benni

    I would love to have an open standard for location tracking that every device can participate in. Like just imagine every wifi router, car, smartphone and laptop participating in that without locking anyone into the apple ecosystem


    I've heard about this, glad you're addressing the issue, obviously they weren't meant to be used like this but its just concerning

    • HelljumperODST

      @Captain Oblivion THICC not everyone uses a iphone you know, we android users exist

    • mirara

      @Arun only if you have changed locations multiple times and have an iPhone. if you have an android you need to download a separate app. stop defending this stuff, they really should just remove this product.

    • Kyle Beach
      Kyle Beach

      @Charles Moswane hence why Apple should cut production of it. they can have all the safety features in the world and people will still be stalked.

  • Maazin5

    The production quality is off the charts. Even the little icons for each section. Never seen anything like it

  • Reaching Vines
    Reaching Vines

    Hi, just discovered you today whilst searching for an iPhone 13 PM review. This video was both daunting and educational at the same time as I didn't even know such things existed! I joined the Apple eco-system late last year and clearly I have a lot to learn about the pros and cons of Apple tech. Your content is quirky, on point and very entertaining. Thank you 👍

  • Fudpukker

    Thanks for this Arun. Biggest hassle with Airtags is lack of family sharing. So wifey borrows car and can't track the tag because it is registered on my device. She also gets the Airtag nag of being tracked the whole time. What a bummer.

  • Your average jdm enthusiast
    Your average jdm enthusiast

    At first glance I think these are very handy tools for my and family's stuff because my relative's credit card and everything else was supposedly stolen apple did come up with good intentions in these things but also this awakened criminals. also bit worried if the criminals also can track them in bags or something and remove them.

  • duck

    I have a friend who I speak with online these days and he had this story for me: His mom saw him packing snacks and stuff into a bag and guessed he was planning to sneak out, she hid an apple airtag in it and when he was there, called him to let him know that she knew exactly where he was. Fortunately, she was ok with and they had a good laugh

    • Joe Chen
      Joe Chen

      @Erik Lindgren if the child hangs out with a specific person that their parents dislike, that’s a matter that they’ll personally have to talk to their child about it. That’s not something airtags will solve on their own, most parents are open-minded and they’ll probably give their child permission to hang out with them if the child is open and honest about where they’re going. If they aren’t that open-minded and forbid the child from hanging out with them, oh well it is what it is. They’ll just move on or even wait until they’re officially an adult to make decisions for themselves. However if the child is forbidden from seeing that person and continues to lie to their parents, they’d most likely see that as a security risk because complacency kills, as well as a breach in trust which they will keep a closer eye on their child for their own good. It’s only if the child decides to be honest to their parents that they can be trusted to do the right thing

    • Erik Lindgren
      Erik Lindgren

      @Joe Chen alright, scenario: puritan parents dont want their 15 year old child hanging out with a person the child expressed feelings about, in order to still be able to hang out with them, the child lies about where he/she is going. parents use a tag and find out, leading to stricter control. in this case, the parents are in the wrong, and use the technology for nefarious purposes

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @Lam Raliang Yeah, it's possibly the cultural differences, most families have different approaches on securing their kids

    • Joe Chen
      Joe Chen

      @Erik Lindgren sure, a child could tell his/her parents that they were going to their friend’s house to hang out but if turns out that they were lying and went somewhere else through these tags, that’s just gonna prove that the kid can’t be trusted to go anywhere without the parents knowing where they are seeing as they were trying to deceive them and maybe the parents have to use the tags to track their child’s location for their own safety. All im saying is that if the kid can’t be honest to their own parents about where they go, they probably should be watched a little more carefully, at least until they can be open about it

    • anti - matter
      anti - matter

      @InventorZahran there are families I know where the parents are fine and the son goes off to do hard drugs (not weed).

  • panda_Tom

    I had the idea to make trackers using old pager airwaves in 2003 - just a simple thing so you could page your keys or whatever it was attached to... I went to a business info access center in Devon UK and they gave me the name of the local patent lawyers - when I contacted them 2 days later they said someone had literally just come to them with the same idea the day before - I wonder who that could have been? 905

  • Keilaron

    ".. this [app] can't pick up anything." They have to have been detected as having been separated from the owner (says so when you start the app). So, if those airtags are all on your account and your phone is right there, yeah, the Android app won't admit they are there. This also means if you stalk someone closely enough, it won't show those either. Also, probably the same experience vis à vis the notification iPhones are supposed to get.

  • Just a random birb
    Just a random birb

    As they say: everything has its ups and downs. the tech is pretty cool can save someone from getting kidnapped BUT there a chance of a guy puting it on u and coming to ur house.

  • Toopienator

    Samsung has a similar thing now called Smarttags. I have one (it came free with my purchase of Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds). These 2 combined make it super easy. This is a problem.

  • p orth
    p orth

    Ultimate nightmare scenario: your bag with a tracker gets stolen, the thief finds and removes the tracker and places it in someone else's bag, the other person finds it and reports it to the police, who end up standing on your doorstep wanting an explanation.

    • actvallyjade

      oh damnnnn

    • Varsha Mulani
      Varsha Mulani

      You are smart!!!

    • Charlie Schuster
      Charlie Schuster

      Weirder scenario is after the thief puts your AirTag in someone else’s bag and you realize you lost your bag so you track it and now are stalking someone else thinking your tracking your bag

    • Sergey Ionov
      Sergey Ionov

      @gekko4fight In California you may be in trouble - if someone claims that you planted that tracker, it is a misdemeanor for you. You'll have to prove otherwise.

    • HK Chan
      HK Chan

      The real nightmare scenario is the thief killed someone and leave your Airtag on the corpse to plant "evidence" back on you

  • Saral Kumar
    Saral Kumar

    PSA - Android users can use an app called Airguard to detect air tags and it runs in the background as well. Far better than the solution apple is offering for android users.

  • Hispandinavian

    It´s scary how technology being made to help improve lives, gets used almost immediately by predators.

  • Joses Ian Salagantin
    Joses Ian Salagantin

    This danger can also be considered as marketing strategy. Apple will intentionally wont allow android users get protected from apple airtag and now people with an android would feel scared and buy an iPhone instead for "protection". I'm smelling something evil going on here. But still, I'm impressed with this strategy. That's just how big company businesses works. Anything for money. And even after knowing this, iPhone users are already bound by the apple ecosystem so it's not like they will stop buying apple products.

  • Wally Ballou
    Wally Ballou

    Seems like it would be easy enough for Apple to require that Air Tag users provide ID before they can set these up. That way, it would be easy to find out who is tracking who. Personally, I love Air Tags. I put one on my dog and in each of my cars. Also in suitcases when we travel and my daughter's backpack. She says it gives her a sense of security - she actually clips it to her pants when she goes out with friends so that we know where she is. I suspect that will change when she gets older...

  • Abisha Zaki Ar-Rafi
    Abisha Zaki Ar-Rafi

    I'd say the one big thing Apple needs to do to make sure AirTags and other Find My network connected gadgets to stay in non-malicious hands is to just work with Google or even build a fork of AOSP and pull in an ambient BLE module with alerts and passive monitoring, this could also help them open up and widen the Find My network to the billions of Android devices worldwide.

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @Zero F Thank you, people are basically moaning because a Product is doing it's job perfectly

    • Guppy Tank Channel
      Guppy Tank Channel

      Why should google do that? What the gain?

    • Fan Ban
      Fan Ban

      @Animesh you can't just build a fork. No one would use it

  • Luna Koala
    Luna Koala

    Thanks for explaining how those things work. So in most places for most use cases they are hot garbage. I don't have any apple devices in a 30ft radius around me. And if I lose my air-tagged bag on a hike through the forest, there won't be one either. There'll probably be several apple devices around your lost luggage at the train station..... but that also means your luggage is already gone when you got back there (or swarmed by bomb squad). Also, at the same price, without an apple logo, you can actually get real GPS trackers...

  • Istvan Fünfgang
    Istvan Fünfgang

    I have a Tracker installed and use it pretty often when in public. It´s fascinating how many of these things are around! Oc most of them in normal use - I guess.

  • Curtis Hillberg
    Curtis Hillberg

    It’s kind of a shame it’s being abused at the same time because I suppose it would be good to put in your own personal car and if your car ever gets stolen you can see it’s exact location

  • Ryder Wilson
    Ryder Wilson

    pretty cool thing, might get it considering I lost my wallet a few weeks ago and if I had this I might have found it then and there and saved me the time and anger of getting a new ID, Drivers license and credit card.

  • NuSpirit

    Tbh Airtags in themselves aren't bad - I find it useful to track my car without worry for a year about the battery and by backpack in case it gets lost or stolen. But as always it's people's fault something possibly good is used for bad things...

    • Top Tier Tech
      Top Tier Tech

      @Caden Nevah If you have the AirTag you can easily get the information from it. If a car hits you at night and keeps going then what information are you getting? They are literally registered to your Apple ID with personal information to the device

    • ss EATER
      ss EATER

      @I'd rather be with my cat right now - I don't remember asking though.

    • I'd rather be with my cat right now
      I'd rather be with my cat right now

      @Jon W this one actually made me laugh

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @Atorgrade Lol it’s best to not take him seriously, he’s basically saying you’re right but refuses to to acknowledge that you’re correct and he’s not. It’s not something they want to own up to

    • I'd rather be with my cat right now
      I'd rather be with my cat right now

      @Atorgrade Lol 🤡🤡🤡

  • ChilledOut_548

    This is just concerning, Apple did such a good job that it even out performs real stalking or spy gear... AirTags, more like AirStalk....

    • Carl Zune
      Carl Zune

      Maybe, IDK check your things, bag, bike? If they really want to track you they can attach an spy locator with sim card and not just airtags. People blowing this out of proportions when this problem already exists... and even cheaper than an airtag.

  • Brian W Njoroge
    Brian W Njoroge

    Thank you for the VPN hookup, such an amazing deal and you totally sold it!

  • Wat3rmel0ns

    This is genius by apple. Create the problem they say "If you want to protect yourself of being spied on, you need to buy an iphone now"

  • jahh editz - vlogs
    jahh editz - vlogs

    to me it’s just like apple made the air tag for a good reason to track down your keys or anything but people are just using it for the wrong reason ( to track people ) .

    • RodyTheRoad

      @WhatsApp me➕➃➃➆4➀8❸❻❽➂❷❸ Congratulations you tried to did your best to scam people in the comment section 🥳🥳

  • エゼイインムハンマド

    Assuming the tags get data from your phone an nearby phones apple can just have a small widget that shows how many tags are in very very close proximity to you. Let's say all tags within 4 meters are shown in a counter. That way if you wanna find out if there's a foreign tag with you. Just find a fairly open space and see if the tags increased. Another more intrusive way is to only let verified people use them, like a KYC verification. That way each tag is connected to specific person, if used maliciously it can be easier to catch the person and potentially get them jail time. And in my honest opinion, the best solution would be for apple to just stop them from working entirely, and just make newer more primitive ways of keeping your items in check. Beeping tags that can only be paired to one phone, with accelerometer triggered alarms that can be armed and disarmed. Potentially losing a bag and a wallet is a way better than potential stalking and assault.

    • Andy Chamberlain Music
      Andy Chamberlain Music

      any solution that requires an active device to warn you of nearby trackers is a bad one, unless these active devices are being provided to absolutely everyone, free of charge. it is a horrifying prospect, and seemingly a half-baked one already, that you need to actively carry a powered-on device from one or two companies to avoid being constantly stalked

    • Luca Castillejo
      Luca Castillejo

      I’d they stopped the existing ones from working, then most would end up thrown away rather than recycled. Is that really a solution are just causing another HUGE problem that people would then criticize?

    • Lalnuntluanga Chhakchhuak
      Lalnuntluanga Chhakchhuak

      Now, people have to constantly scan for airtags? giving them More things to worry?

    • Crubrutock Csgo
      Crubrutock Csgo

      yeah, your last point especially is extremely true

    • slicknick29

      I like the widget idea and it would be great if it could be used in the background to notify users when discovering air tags. But, I feel like the big problem is using these tags to stalk non-iPhone users. Even if Apple created this widget there would be no guarantee that they would release it for Android and even if they did, it doesn't come natively to their device so if the user doesn't go out of their way to install it then it's pointless.

  • Good Lookin' Out Homie
    Good Lookin' Out Homie

    How about a "Nearest airtag" function that just tells you if there is an airtag within say 10 metres of you. Then if you move around and it doesn't change than it's a sign you've had one planted on you or your vehicle. And I'm sure android devices should at least be able to detect their existence purely for this function.

    • telegram👉@rene_ritchie_giveaway

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  • Terra 🇺🇦
    Terra 🇺🇦

    iOS 15.4 I’m aiming to fix this once and for all. Anyone who has an AirTag now has to agree to some terms that don’t allow this.

  • Royal Kenny
    Royal Kenny

    Btw. To use an AirTag you need to register it to your iPhone and when you do so information is sent to Apple and this include the AirTag owners position, so if a thief uses an AirTag to steal a car Apple know that the thief/stalker have an Apple iPhone, what phone number he have and where he live, so if there is an investigation and Apple is willing to help the police this can be used to find where stolen cars are delivered and where stalker live and how they moved, I can bet that folk do not read the terms before use an AirTag to see that it say that Apple have the right to share that information to 3rd part that may be the police.

    • madumlao

      Burner phone, prepaid sim, turn it on only when tracking. It literally takes 1 minute of thought to override any backwards tracking built into the system. Not even gonna get started for police abuses of this.

  • Royal Kenny
    Royal Kenny

    So the problem is not the "tag" but Apple. Apple can actually use any Bluetooth device to be tracked in this way as long as they had allowed users to register any BT id String and not only AirTag id, like a older MiBand 4 that sell for around the same price; this have existed before in TecTiles that Apple stole the concept from, but when you own an Apple you have no control of this any your position is sent to Apple every time you are near an AirTag.

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    Tom Ching Cheng Hanji

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  • Vishaal Madanagopal
    Vishaal Madanagopal

    BLE tags are less secure and one can easily listen to the packets that they emit. To add more security features you need to increase the price of the tags which is counterproductive

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    BlackCanvas AT

    You did some great education work here! Thank you!

  • Holger Winkler
    Holger Winkler

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    • Sorry I
      Sorry I

      Don't vehicles have better and more complex tracking technology including kill switch? Newer trend is just stealing parts from vehicle because of this

    • CallMeRabbitzUSVI

      Your vehicle will most likely be chopped up or shipped overseas, meaning your airtag won't do much to get your vehicle back. Reselling a vehicle as is is the dumbest thing a criminal can do since every vehicle had a Vin which makes it extremely easy to prove who really owns it as well as it can never get registered in the United states

    • Damara226

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    • Citizen 9
      Citizen 9

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  • Jamie

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    • Vishnubharathi T
      Vishnubharathi T

      Like how they use others devices without the user being aware of it? Every phone user must be notified or asked if its used to help/ track near by other tags

  • greycat14 sam
    greycat14 sam

    the apple android app is only meant to be beneficial for airtags users, meaning it wants android users to help airtag owner to find the airtag instead of being an app does makes sure android users aren't being stalked

  • DoArson

    with the notification thing it’s okay-ish. i was travelling with my friend who had airpods and like 5 hours after i got a notification similar to that of airtag but the problem was what you said is that i had an android a month earlier before we traveled together so if i was being tracked with a pair of airpods than well it wouldn’t work

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    ooo mmm

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  • Lucas The Ultimate Gamer
    Lucas The Ultimate Gamer

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  • brandon brandon
    brandon brandon

    Apple : We care about our users privacy. Also Apple: Creates AirTags but people use it to stalk and track the people the are stalking.


      @Michael Flack but this still doesn’t stop the problem? I think apple has done a good job with trying to limit people from using this as a tracker. How about Tile and stuff too?

    • carson

      @FRU FRU FRU FRU yea

    • Michael Flack
      Michael Flack

      @FRU FRU FRU FRU At least make an update for the average user to actively decide if they want their device to be used as apart of the air tag service. The average iPhone is expensive enough, but for a person to pay for a phone only for this phone to then be used to sell a service/product to other people and this service/product to be valuable only because we have no choice about the matter is beyond insane. PS: I know why such an option was not given, as by giving people a choice the service area would drastically decrease and this would destroy the product value.

    • Mike 739
      Mike 739

      Then again, at least we know its happening. With tile on the other hand…

  • Adrian Pandaru
    Adrian Pandaru

    Being able to hide one of those inside my bike and my car is a huge advantage for me. If people what to stalk you, they can still use other devices, so I don't see what the fuss is all about.

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    Animal Lover, Tech Geek

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    The Android app still works when you routinely want to scan your home, cars and environment for any Air Tags.

  • abby smink
    abby smink

    While it's not Apple's fault their product is being used for unintended purposes, now that they know about the issue, it is their responsibility to do something. Just making the Android app better, and the notification process for Apple phones better, could go a long way to doing that.

    • e c
      e c

      @youtube12345 I told you, you can only do so much with a knife. Sure people use it still, but you can’t exactly go to a group of people and expect to wipe everyone out with a pointy stick as opposed to a gun. My point is if it can be abused to hurt many people at once, it should be regulated

    • youtube12345

      @e c What's to stop anyone from killing another with hands, hammers, knives, etc? Nothing. That's why most murders are committed with these items, not with guns. What's your argument?

    • e c
      e c

      @youtube12345 but a knife can only do so much as opposed to a Gun like you said. I knife can kill a persons or two sure, but you have to get close and put in effort. A gun is quick, simple, easy to use, and you may even get away with it. You can do more with a gun then you can with any handheld tool, which is the argument with the tag. Sure it only tracks people, but after that the possibilities are endless, and if there’s no regulation then what’s stopping anyone from doing anything?

  • Dylan Adrian
    Dylan Adrian

    The notification that an airtag is tracking you only happens if it follows you home. That’s why you had hit or miss success with it.

  • Trevor Honeyman
    Trevor Honeyman

    Simple. Allow the Bluetooth connections network to report to Apple but do not update them frequently in the FindMy app. Allow maybe one update per 3 hours and when the update is provided, the AirTag beeps consistently for 15 minutes. Any "live" tracking use should only be available via local Police departments. Also, any AirTag which has been away from the registered iPhone for more than 8 hours should constantly beep for 24 hours and then go into a safe mode where location is no longer submitted to the FindMy app and becomes useless until the Police submit a location request to Apple. It seems over the top but it would be a big step in the correct direction.

  • NorthernSponge

    It's funny how on Apple watches, it has the thing where it senses the watch falling while someones wearing it, and if it doesn't move for like 10 seconds or something it automatically calls 911, saving the persons life. And now with the AirTag, it's giving people trauma, getting things stolen, or even death...

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    Hi Aaron, have you seen the Vodafone Curve? It is even scarier than the Airtag - it uses GPS, Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to track. It sends the information to the owner via the Vodafone network: There would never be any notifications on any phones/tablets as it doesn't need to piggyback to transmit it's location. The downside is that the rechargeable battery will last 7 days maximum in battery save mode, but the owner can "ping" it whenever they want to get the location......

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  • Quidproquo07093

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    • GhastK

      The purpose is to find items you may have forgotten somewhere but don’t know exactly where. For example you forgot your jacket at your workplace, if you have an airtag on it you’ll know where it is. The product is not an anti theft tool but in some cases works as one

  • Visionary Tech
    Visionary Tech

    I hope Apple continues with innovation they are stepping in the right direction I just hope there'll be more careful next time thinking about the possible problems and consequences of their inventions

    • Nuggets

      @Icy Hawt wdym, less security features. Air Tags currently has the most security features. Although it is not enough.

    • Aldo Bonaso
      Aldo Bonaso

      @zeeshan ahmed you do realise that the only difference between Tile's product, and Apple's product, is that Apple has a much larger network of existing devices to use for location detection...allowing them to lower the cost of the devices because no extra infrastructure is surly realise that, right? That isn't a better product, that is just a larger network to utilise. Apple have used this to their advantage for decades when taking innovative ideas from other smaller companies, and implementing them on their large network for a more successful outcome. Apple are just the big boys, and they use their size to bully the smaller companies for their lunch money. Simple.

    • Nuggets

      @mohammed alkhatim you should do the research instead tile are 25$ to 40$ and you also need a membership for premium features.

  • MarkIrSa

    I think the problem goes beyond AirTags. Trackers have been used for years, the only reason AirTags is making news is because of the “anti-tracking” feature they added to notify users. Imagine all the users today still being tracked by Tile or or their trackers, the only reason we don’t hear about them is because they don’t notify you that you are being tracked.

  • Joe da man
    Joe da man

    I didn't even know these existed?? Thanks for this video, very interesting, at the same time scary too! 😲

  • Randy Stegemann
    Randy Stegemann

    If air tags and other bugs generate an RF signal, just use an RF sniffer/detector to find them.

  • Jim Medcraft
    Jim Medcraft

    In the Bluetooth spec, version 5.1 has - Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) which would be most likely how the tags communicate when close by more likely Qualcomm bluetooth chip that does that

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    The Dude

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  • Sassy Shelly
    Sassy Shelly

    Saw a lady on Facebook posting how she had sewn an apple air tag into her child's shoe. People in the comments were quick to tell her that if the kidnapper has an iPhone they will be able to see it. Good idea but not very practical lol

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