The Samsung Smartphone Scandal: Explained
This is what you need to know about the SamsunG GOS Scandal and what it means for your next phone! Get Surfshark VPN at - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Time to make these thermal tests a key part of our reviews from now on! To check the THINNEST Tech in the world:

    • Rex Knight
      Rex Knight

      Sounds like the same skullduggery that VW did when testing how clean burning their diesel engines were by shutting down certain cylinders while being tested! End result, they switched to electric motors!

    • a duck on QUAK
      a duck on QUAK

      Anyone else think that big corp. watch IRglors like melrwhostheboss

    • YouTube Sans
      YouTube Sans

      BTW Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max still the battery king of all smartphone, despite having a battery less than 4,400mAh.

    • YouTube Sans
      YouTube Sans

      Hey Mrwhosetheboss your edit is soo top notch, not like Marqeus Brownlee that for me they only put edit when the intro comes out

    • Uma Philip
      Uma Philip


  • lilroxie therichwoodkid
    lilroxie therichwoodkid

    There’s something that needs to be said from this… I would prefer that everyone needs to have a certain level of transparency when showing the next gen chips… Essentially for me all day battery life compared w less time near a wall outlet is what I really need… Forget thinness of the phones… larger more thicker phones w a good amount of efficiency and good battery savings paired a good durable housing and easily replaceable parts is key to me getting my phone moving forward…. Another great quality video Arun… Cheers

    • Nefff

      Heavy slab of a brick in your pocket? Yeah no. Lol.

    • YouTube Sans
      YouTube Sans

      It is so "IRONIC" that your comment have 3K likes while the Mrwhosetheboss comment are only have 1.7K

    • D G
      D G

      That's a great solution, except that most consumers have issues with increasing weight, size and thickness in phones. Biggest complaint from customers are phones to big and bulky I want it to fit in my pocket. 🙄

    • bangla70s

      That limits your phone choices to a few laptops!


      well said. I'm sick of holding paper thin smartphones. I want thicker phones with 10 000-20 000 mah batteries. I grew up in the era when phones could last 7 days while unused and even longer when turned off. back then heavy users spent 2-3 days to deplete the battery. this standard needs to be brought back especially for the prices we pay. for the moment I will only by mid range phones until companies get it together.

  • FaerieDust

    As mentioned in the video, I wish manufacturers would shift focus from constantly increasing the power of the chips, to improving them in other ways. Stuff like better power efficiency would be an upgrade consumers would actually benefit from to a much larger extent.

    • Jennifer Marlow
      Jennifer Marlow

      They have the tech, but just release a bit at a time, so people keep buying the newest model. Having worked in the belly of the beast (phone company, legal dept.), I can guarantee that this is all marketing. Every 6 months, a NEW feature! Well, not really. wink, wink

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      For years they have been touting the Snapdragon version of their flagship phones and then quietly selling the inferior exynos version in Europe.

  • Francisco Maldonado
    Francisco Maldonado

    Thing is this has been going on for years, meaning that last year's phone were also limited in performance. The actual performance the users see is improved from the throttled down phones of years past.

    • Prashanth C
      Prashanth C


    • z g
      z g

      @Iqbal Iqbal only reports I read about issues with wifi connectivity were with the exynos chip which was primarily used in the eu if I remember correctly.

    • Anthony Drake
      Anthony Drake

      @Francisco Maldonado Thanks

    • Francisco Maldonado
      Francisco Maldonado

      @Anthony Drake That's a personal choice. If it was me, and as long as I was happy with my phone, I wouldn't change default settings. But that's just me. Others may view things differently.

    • Anthony Drake
      Anthony Drake

      I did receive the GOS patch from Samsung. So with all of this going on, is it best to leave it on or turn it off. I don't play games on my phone and I'm now with the s22 Ultra (I love my phone, been using notes since note 4).

  • Elephant

    You would need a radiator and a fan to sustain even a 5 watt CPU at peak performance. But you can run it at peak for about 5 minutes, and then slow it down before the temperature goes too high and voila you don't need a fan. 5 min or less is enough for most users to complete whatever task, OR they may only need top performance for little short bursts even if they use their phones for hours... unless it's a video game. Games, especially 3D games often require every bit of performance out of the chip AND for extended periods of time. You can limit the frame rate to save power and prevent the chip from heating up but everyone wants more, always. Most games on smartphones are limited to 30fps even if your screen can refresh at 90 or 120Hz the game still render at a lower rate and at a lower resolution than your screen's native specs. This is all done in the name of reducing power consumption and heat. Out of most apps, games are by far the most power hungry and demanding of performance. Designing software that reduces power consumption and heat while allowing the chip to perform as fast as it can under the given constraints is what every smartphone maker SHOULD be doing. That the problem is the tendency of manufacturers to believe their users are idiots and providing ZERO control over these features. To Samsung's credit they have given toggles and switches for a lot of the stuff - I was pleasantly surprised to find a "limit battery charge to 85%" function in the settings of my Note that was not there before. It was like a nostalgic moment reminding me why I am a Note user. Silliness aside, I think as the demand for high performance on smartphones gets higher and higher we will start seeing more controls over the power management software. Demand for performance has outpaced progress in making chips more efficient (do more for less watts) so clever software is used instead to manage chips that consume more power than ever before. New phones nowadays are designed around this and are simply not meant to perform at 100% power for any longer than about 5 min. It's an understandable compromise but users need more control over this.

    • Hellequin Maskharat
      Hellequin Maskharat

      @Davel Hm, phones that have cameras that would maybe be interesting in the performancelevel I'd expect, those are around and over 1000€. For that kind of money I can get a dlsr that performs better and lives way longer, and can buy a decent phone with all basic stuff. Phone pictures are generally speaking only different shades of bad quality. If the goal is good quality, any lower-range dlsr will outperform. But I can understand the argument for the possibility of spontaneous shots and the convenience in general. I'd still argue that for most people standard performance is simply good enough and the random usages are limited. And if I have to point fingers, I'd probably point towards the bottleneck in the software and battery. The hardware is plenty strong even in older mid-range.

    • Davel

      @Hellequin Maskharat having maximum performance at your disposal anytime is still what i would prefer, bcz i do need it. Better processor can also mean a better camera etc.

    • Employed Floppa
      Employed Floppa

      bro wrote an essay for 40 like

    • Hellequin Maskharat
      Hellequin Maskharat

      @Elephant That and it really is without sense to put that much power into devices like that. Most use-cases never even come close to need that.

    • Elephant

      ​@Hellequin Maskharat Fair point. From the phone maker's perspective they are just trying to protect themselves from lawsuits by making products "idiot proof."

  • TechScout

    Although I agree with every thing in the video, I think most people donˋt need to upgrade their phone every year. Keep in mind, that our planet wonˋt do this long, especially, when theirˋs almost no chance to recover the resources.

  • Mon Fx
    Mon Fx

    Even though you've named this video as if it's only samsung's scandal, I'm glad you mentioned other companies being in the wrong here. And that we need to be vigilant to keep them from lying to us. Next step would be to take charts from a presentation with at least a grain of salt. Especially since independant reviews are now coming in to show how straight-up false they are.

    • rulercosta

      Bruh I forcefully disabled GOS. No wonder my phone is not working fine. 💀

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley

      @C _ yes they haven't Samsung has always lowered the price of their devices this isn't anything new. They are known for giving great deals and especially great trade in deals They did these deals before any negative press so you're wrong Says the apple fanboy and Samsung hater that couldn't provide any proof lmao

    • C _
      C _

      @Bob Marley So you still believe Samsung haven’t down anything to slow the device. So why has Samsung dropped the price of this device and before you say they do this, it’s Samsung who has said it’s because of the negative press because of what’s happening with that device, Go educate your self about what Samsung have done and stop being such a fanboy.

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley

      @C _ wdym? No they didn't Games can still perform to their benchmarks. Like I said only if certain games are played for long periods of time then it will slow down to avoid overheating

    • C _
      C _

      @Bob Marley Well in that case what happened when the name of the benchmark app got changed. Oh yes the device didn’t operate at the same speed. Samsung allowed any benchmark app to get the devices full potential unlike every other app that’s not a benchmark mark app. You did see that didn’t you?

  • boli milda
    boli milda

    hope manufacturers start focusing on the cooling and battery side of things more.

    • burlhorse

      @Joushy Mobby why should i buy apple just because of battery life?-the technology is dated and expensive

    • Joushy Mobby
      Joushy Mobby

      Buy apple if you want battery. iPhone pro max versions have long battery life.

    • burlhorse

      but consumers focus on performance-rather than battery efficiency

    • Creepinplayz040

      @Max Der Große facts bro

    • Max Der Große
      Max Der Große

      This and faster RAM and storage, while I'm at it bring back the Headphone port. Also I want to see the SD card slot back in flagship smartphones too, what is this trend with shedding features for the most premium phone???

  • Ajay Puri
    Ajay Puri

    Hi. I must again say you speak wonderfully! I have been using computers for 40 years now and I have seen all the chip manufacturers lie about the max performance - especially with laptops. If you look at desktops it is not so bad as whenever I am using my desktop (currently on a 5950X AMD) it is shown as running 4.7 to 4.8 GHz in Windows Task Manager all cores and I like it as the base core speed is quite low of 3.4GHz. However, the so called 4 core HP Laptop I have bought which houses an Intel i7-1195G7 (up to 5.0 GHz as per specs) I am just able to get over 3GHz even with power performance in a AC power on state. Interestingly this so called 5GHz CPU when I look at the base in Windows Task Manager it is of 1.8GHz! Here the laptop manufacturer perhaps having the blessings of Intel is clearly lying. Maybe to realize the full speed the machine will need to be double in size and that is not practical but why the misleading advertising!! They are just making fools of us end users. I have seen this before in my previous laptops, so the sinister practice is very much on and now the mobile companies have come to the party. Cheers!!

  • Fahad Pall
    Fahad Pall

    Thanks for bringing this up. I always wondered on this; on benchmarking scores and the actually performance of the device during stressful gaming.

  • Kohana

    love behind-the-scenes tech classes with Aron because I be learning something new every time there's a new video

  • TA Music
    TA Music

    For me one of the most important things in a phone is battery life - I’m not that interested in slightly higher peak performance that’s only gonna drain my phone anyway. However I do agree that Samsung shouldn’t have hidden this feature from their users and used it to manipulate their customers…

    • S H
      S H

      @DENVEROUTDOORMAN Because that was with a small number of old phones with degraded battery. Replacing the battery would fix the throttling. Samsung, however, just throttles their phones regardless of age. There’s a clear difference that samsung fanboys seem to ignore


      @Android One IU 4.1 and Apple throttles older phones and have lots of bugs


      @xfray yet Iphone does all the time ooops


      @Darth Raider as opposed to Iphone fanboy!!! Funny how you never say shit about all other companies do it!!!


      @S H yet you forget about Iphones throttling their older phones and big problems with bugs etc!!! But Apple Fanboys say nada why????

  • Vynzography

    For years they have been touting the Snapdragon version of their flagship phones and then quietly selling the inferior exynos version in Europe.

    • Adam Gaming
      Adam Gaming

      @Crumbz McChip exynos chips are worse and heats more and have much worse performance its a known FACT. idk about this year but last year and before the SD chips were always like 2 years ahead of exynos. exynos also throttle much more. I hope they fixed them this year

    • Crumbz McChip
      Crumbz McChip

      The Exynos chips arnt exactly inferior, and in previous models the Exynos has been the better CPU compared to Snapdragon so... Not to mention Exynos chips have basically had 'Efficiency Cores' for more than literally 10 years now, so can achieve better battery life because of it.

  • Travis Kressin
    Travis Kressin

    All things I already knew, but set out in a very entertaining and informative manner. The only point I would contend is that a chip running at under max performance also runs more efficiently. A chip with a 30% performance boost can run sometimes significantly more efficiently than the previous generation chip at the same level, especially when the manufacturing process is improved between generations.

  • Henry DeShazo
    Henry DeShazo

    Nvidia and Intel have been caught several times each cheating benchmark tools too over the last 20 years or so. Probably AMD as well but I'm not remembering a specific instance with them.

  • Artofizanagi

    Idk why is it so hard for these companies to be transparent. We’re paying thousands of dollars for these devices so the least we deserve is some honesty.

    • Ab Hakeem
      Ab Hakeem

      I know bro, bcoz they r expecting crores from the future. They want the hype to be sky high, transparency is not help them to do so 😁

  • Intense Gaming
    Intense Gaming

    It would've been useful if big influencers like you covered the issues on S22 Ultra for eg audio video delay so that Samsung finally does something to fix it quick. On the flip side nice video as always!!

    • Raveen Bikha
      Raveen Bikha

      @Marko Zivanovic feel like a rushed phone maybe that’s why it look the same

    • Trevor Honeyman
      Trevor Honeyman

      @Bob Marley I don't see why not. I've switched to S21 Ultra after 10 years of iPhones and after 6 months I'm starting to think about going back. I find Android way too gimmicky - I don't know if it's just my previous iPhone habits but other than an Outlook widget I mainly use grids anyway like iPhones for the apps. It is frustrating how less polished Android apps are compared to iOS - again might just be the apps I use. The camera is crap too.

  • Sertom Gaming
    Sertom Gaming

    I thought all manufacturers has been doing this ever since! Camera, hardware, and software optimizations. Too bad for Samsung, it's the only one getting hit big time! 😅

    • Tony Hawk
      Tony Hawk

      @Suq Maddiq Vague comment.

    • Suq Maddiq
      Suq Maddiq

      @Tony Hawk Bro he even went over this in the video you're commenting under

    • Anas Khoiri
      Anas Khoiri

      For Camera I want taking Huawei Mate DX0 rank always 1st if using google service but not because USA jeaolusy Huawei get banned

    • Martyn

      @Grant The difference with Apple is that they were slowing down older phones to try to eek out as much battery life as possible. Samsung is doing this from Day One, in all apps, apparently from benchmark apps. Both are bad, but Samsung did this intentionally to make their phones look better than they actually perform in normal use. Apple at least limited the performance of ALL apps. PS. I'm a Pixel 6 Pro owner, and have had multiple Samsung devices, phones and others. Probably the most anti-Apple person I know.

  • Ryan LP
    Ryan LP

    I remember when my Galaxy S9 plus was taking anything thrown at it like a charm now its staggering af sometimes. By the way love the production quality and animations in this video 👌

    • UltraTech&Gaming

      Like I can literally run Fortnite on my S20+ but even just making an instagram story with those animated sparkles etc. makes it seem slower than my old iPhone 6...

    • Morayo Adedapo
      Morayo Adedapo

      I've had mine for 2 years now(used for 2 years prior by my sister) and its only just started to give me lag in the past few months(battery life is terrible but thats mainly bc I turn my phone off like once a month lol. I get through most of the day with the adaptive battery setting tho). I think 4 years of stellar performance is decent. I'm ready to let it go, knowing I got a lot out of it 🤷🏾‍♀️ Edit: I could send it to samsung to fix it up, but I bought it off my sis for $100 and its $200 to replace battery and screen(mines cracked). Id rather buy a new phone than fix an old one

    • FELIX JA
      FELIX JA

      @TRXP RFT yeah it does. I'm planning to change it soon

    • Elgoog Ssie
      Elgoog Ssie

      That has nothing to do with this video topic. Probably it's time for hard reset for You and free some memory...

    • zigzagtoes

      @kacey not sure on s8, but when i had typing issues (s9+), the culprit was the rear fingerprint sensor, so I disabled the gestures part (i used to pull down notifications with it) of the sensor, and everything worked great again. The fingerprint sensor is still on, and works, i just no longer allow it to use gestures. I also don't use the stock UI. And I have all UI animations turned off in the dev options. I dont need to see the animation of a folder closing or opening for ex (saying that, i have animations turned off on every pc i set up too - I just find the eyecandy aint worth the slight wait or performance hit).

  • Cuplex

    Dont forget about the degradation of the flash memory over time and the same with the battery life. Is it a problem when you can run any game on max settings, NOT using full power on a flagship Samsung device? I dont see a scenario where it matters if you have a new flagship phone.

  • Shashank Patole
    Shashank Patole

    Have been a processor fanatic for a while, leading me to pick the Poco X3 pro with its SD860. The initial euphoria of a supremely powerful chipset was offset almost instantly by the heating issue right off the bat. So much so that I'm moving to a SD695 because there's only so far I can go where my aspirations to indulge the formidable processor are offset by my phone becoming an induction cooktop and performance lagging. In hindsight, this seems the most important video of this day and age.

  • Amrish Lakhisaran
    Amrish Lakhisaran

    I knew about the benchmark cheating from the past, didn't know we're still trying to pull this crap. As for GOS: I'm not entirely against the idea; I don't need the full power of the chip while scrolling through twitter or something. However this should be clearly communicated to the user, and I have to be able to turn it off on a per app basis, or in its entirety

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley

      @Jazz Man no they aren't. GOS doesn't boost benchmarks

    • Jazz Man
      Jazz Man

      @Bob Marley it’s a scandal because they are using GOS selectively to boost benchmark results, not because they are limiting app performance

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley

      @sj yes they were

    • sj

      @Bob Marley No they were never public about it.

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley

      @sj you don't need to disable GOS in the first place GOS existed for years PUBLICALLY It just got more attention now then it did before Yes they were public about it They didn't get caught they have said this for years no one paid attention to it until now

  • Den Archlord
    Den Archlord

    I just hope that one day we will have mid range smartphones with almost all the features of flagship phones.

  • Shadow Amber 16
    Shadow Amber 16

    I knew this service since 2017 when I got my J7 prime, I remember bruteforcing it to crash to play with better performance, not ideal, but things got worse as I expected, just hope (as meaningless as it can be) to have these companies actually to do something that keeps performance and battery life

  • Russianmafia10

    I always thought the game optimization was taking away cpu power from other apps and directing more power and performance to the game

    • Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro
      Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro

      Thanks for watching..... Message right away to redeem your package

  • Awab Yassin
    Awab Yassin

    @Mrwhosetheboss As always Very informative video Boss😎 As you said it would be great if they decide to genuinely fix the issue like developing new batteries or more efficient processors, but I think those companies lost the ability to simply and naturally respond to such feedback, from inside they are no longer one unit as we think!! In reality Samsung, Apple…etc are divided into many main and sub groups, it’s very complicated but the main two groups are the shareholders who are only concerned about their shares value and/or dividends(unlike original owners who have inspiration to achieve something) on the other hand you have board of directors and operational managers who are only concerned with their yearly bonuses and incentives. So unless what we demand happens to cross over their goals, they don’t bother😞

    • Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro
      Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro

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  • Waiknz

    Those numbers were always a bit shady for me since, when actually comparing both the new flagship and the previous one, you wouldn't even get close to those numbers. Let's hope manufacturers start focusing on the cooling and battery side of things more.

    • Ian Williamson
      Ian Williamson

      @Matt Romanak yeah, sorry. Their phones don’t have their own chips in America and I forgot. I’ve heard Exynos bad tho?

    • Matt Romanak
      Matt Romanak

      @HY not only does apple have better optimization but they don’t cram duplicate apps down our throats like android does unfortunately.

    • Matt Romanak
      Matt Romanak

      @Ian Williamson Samsung does maske their own chips unless they stopped recently. They were only used in a few places which is dumb. Either ditch the snapdragon and go all in on your own chip Samsung or commit to the Snapdragon 100%. Still love the Galaxy phones but I’m not a power user either music streaming is the most strenuous thing I ask the phone to do

    • rolls _879
      rolls _879

      it's a little on the consumer as well, we need to stop being wowed by big numbers or thirsting after more power, more speed, etc. when we don't need it, and instead focus on the things that do matter.

    • sj

      @Rayhan Rizvi I think you’ve got something mistaken. Speed limiters, or governors, are advertised in the first place. For example people know a BMW 5series can go up to about 155mph. They KNOW in the first place and car companies are open about them. RPM limiters are the same. Car companies notify these things beforehand and cars are built this way in the first place. These limiters are part of the advertised speed specs. Samsung on the other hand falsely advertised and did these things in secret so there is a huge difference. Also these limiters are there to prevent people from EXCEEDING MAXIMUM speed limits. The Samsung GOS PREVENTS you from actually going up to MAXIMUM advertised specs. Again a huge difference. This Samsung scandal is more like the Volkswagen diesel scandal. You should go look it up.

  • Allan Okoth
    Allan Okoth

    I love the way you break down technology so that us non-techies can get a handle on it. Good stuff.

    • Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro
      Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro

      Thanks for watching.... Message right away to redeem your package

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith

    So, what I get out of this is that if I rename a game to the same name as benchmarking software, I can get the game to run at full speed...until it explodes, of course. I have an MSI gaming laptop where MSI explicitly says the power limitations they have on the processor and the gpu. Maybe smartphone manufacturers should be doing something similar.

  • Lester Shanh
    Lester Shanh

    Been following you for about 5-7 years and I’ve never disagreed with whatever you’ve said Keep up the good work 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

  • burningice81

    Here's the thing though. If they've been throttling the chips the entire time, it actually would still be an improvement over last gen. Just because it's not running at capacity, doesn't mean it's not running faster than the last one, which also wasn't running at capacity.

    • Text me on telegram 👉mrwhosetheboss999
      Text me on telegram 👉mrwhosetheboss999

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's

  • Bogdan Antone
    Bogdan Antone

    WE're PAST the point were we need extra performance from generation to generation. If Qualcom releases next year a chip that consumes 20% less energy but has no performance gains. That's still huge.

    • Terrible Times
      Terrible Times

      @Phat Planet Lmao. Qualcomm should be striving to be like Apple. They are still beating them in performance with nearly half the power draw. No wonder iPhones get way better battery life

    • Phat Planet
      Phat Planet

      No, don't stop progress because "it's good enough", then you turn into Apple, selling obsolete hardware (screens, camera, ram, glass, battery) and calling it flagship.

    • Ishaan Sharma
      Ishaan Sharma

      @Hyperbolinen I mean if you jumped from the Nord with 765 even a phone with 870 would feel overkill. So it's not that the bionics are insane the sds are too! Just that they suck with regards to battery life

    • Terrible Times
      Terrible Times

      Meanwhile Apple is getting consistent performance AND efficiency gains every year. Y’all should stop giving Qualcomm a pass

    • dnegel

      @̇ I don't game on my phone. Rather use a switch lite. 🤔 Guess the only ppl that benefit from performance upgrades would be gamers but that's it. And most of those games are made to run on lesser hardware. 🤷

  • Brad Hesse
    Brad Hesse

    I am an unabashed Apple fanboy and have been since my very first iPhone in 2007. But honestly, who cares how well a phone scores in benchmarks these days? All of them are fast enough for day to day use. In this specific case though, it does seem a bit silly for Samsung to try and boost its scores given that so many other android phone makers will be using the exact same chip.

  • Utkarsh Mishra
    Utkarsh Mishra

    I wonder if apple enforces this type of limitation. It's just really hard to catch apple doing this stuff as most of their system is proprietary and closed.

    • Utkarsh Mishra
      Utkarsh Mishra

      @Aninny Moose What do you even mean by 'not free'? Also, i never said a normi would be able to get the hidden code from any OS. It will be security organisations and professional who expose it. My point was Android is much more open and easier in terms of finding our hidden code and vulnerabilities and comparitively it's very hard to find it in Apples proprietary device.

    • Aninny Moose
      Aninny Moose

      hate to tell u this but...Android .... the hardware level and the drivers are not free! Shocking. Most of the services and apps on a phone are hidden and buried under permissions and only intended for development and debugging.. good luck as a normi trying to balance proprietary API access, managed services, and both ends of the spectrum as far as high/low level stuff works

    • Birb!

      They do in a way. They've been found multiple times to release "updates" that decrease the performance of older phones so people buy the newer ones

  • RuTan

    It would be interesting if you covered the S22 before and after the GOS is disabled. Also, what are the chances of what you said about chipmakers happening? Probably none lol.

    • Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro
      Text me on telegram👉@StefanoIaniro

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  • D M
    D M

    Insightful video Arun! You raised very important points regarding battery life, chips power and manufacturers' "dishonestly" limiting performance. What do you think about the actual batteries capacity? Do you think it is fair for consumers to overpay for "powerful" chips and other "premium" components while getting suboptimal batteries? What do you think about manufacturers putting 450-600 Wh/L batteries when there are 750-850 Wh/L batteries available in the market? That would effectively give 30-50% more energy for smartphones per every charge for the same size battery! Should smartphone manufacturers move to 6000-7000mAh batteries for premium models such as S22Ultra, iPhone 13 max and etc?

    • INBOX ME ON TELEGRAM 👉edrdemolitionmatt2
      INBOX ME ON TELEGRAM 👉edrdemolitionmatt2


  • Perky Bird
    Perky Bird

    Congratulations for making the highest-quality tech videos on the internet! Your videos are not only detailed, informative, and educational, but highly entertaining! You keep the attention even of people who aren’t particularly into the tech topic you’re discussing in a video.

    • Rusty Mixer
      Rusty Mixer

      @Dinkar Fowkar and in A90 ;)

    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      @Clancee Infinity yea

    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      @Rusty Mixer dex is present in S series phones smh

    • Rusty Mixer
      Rusty Mixer

      @Dinkar Fowkar indeed I think the A52 5G is better than iPhone SE3 for example

    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      @Rusty Mixer the thing I hate is they reviewed the bs iPhone SE 2022 but never reviewed an A series phone (talking about MKBHD)

  • Craig Buckley
    Craig Buckley

    Very informative video, many thanks for the clarity on this. Me myself don't play games on mobile devices and never have done on any of my mobile phones over the years. And I must say I've had a fair few phones, of different brand names, but mostly I use Samsung smart phones, and my current one I'm using now is up for upgrade towards November 2022, and I'm not sure what's my best option for my next, anyways that aside, your IRglo channel is brilliant, I've found the videos you do are very insightful and helpful. Many thanks. Keep up the great work 👍👍

    • Text me on telegram 👉linustechtips11
      Text me on telegram 👉linustechtips11

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's’

  • jeffmurnahan

    Thank you for calling these companies out

  • Bajanking23Pisces

    I always laughed at benchmark tests as I worked for Dell helpdesk and my degree is in computer networking. When heard about Huawei benchmark scam, I already knew not to trust benchmarks.

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  • Chu Bear
    Chu Bear

    and i felt scammed when i got exynos instead of the advertised qualcomm lol--- also im always complimented with my note20 u+ shots but when i run on low battery and my phone stops optimizing, dang the pixels are even worse than that of an entry level phone

  • TayZonday

    Is this a scandal? I expect my phone to do CPU scaling just like a laptop. But maybe I’m an old nerd. The peak performance is still a part of my end-user experience even with CPU scaling.

    • crypto

      The scandal isn’t throttling , the scandal is the turning off of all throttling when using Benchmark apps while NO OTHER app is able to get that extra performance, no matter what.

    • Legacy

      @Nazif Peter yeah because car manufacturers limit the max speed of their car cause you're gonna get stuck in a traffic jam anyway right?

    • Nazif Peter
      Nazif Peter

      @Legacy sure. Tell that to car company that advertise car speeds but you are stuck in traffic jam anyway.

    • Nazif Peter
      Nazif Peter

      I do love using maximum power on 2048 and waste energy. XD This is not a scandal but people need to learn about how cpu work. Even Intel and AMD advertise as fast blablabla. But common sense will kick in and you can do real world performance but some people are not nerds so these company need to advertise both maximum performance and real world performance.

    • TayZonday

      @theuncalledfor If the performance-per-watt is higher with a faster processor, you do benefit from the CPU’s peak performance in a manner that is different than it operating every app nonstop with no throttling. A 50% throttle at a higher performance-per-watt is still functionally faster. What does anybody do on their phone that needs peak performance anyway? Batch-render video?

  • rickymartin181

    If by turning the GOS while recording the video will it help in making the 8K video or even the 4K video better in quality irrespective of the battery life and also can you provide some input about how the battery performs in case of GOS off. Great Video mate!

  • Jaime Almeida
    Jaime Almeida

    If a phone maker actually try to design a phone that doesn't overheat, I'm sure they could squeeze more performance. But putting a metal frame and back on a phone is asking too much these days ruled by plastic crap.

    • DistroHopper39B

      @nauxsi hard if you care about water resistance, which most people do

    • nauxsi

      How hard is it to put some grills?

  • Cyarrell

    Very informational video but I have to point out the fact that surfshark has sponsored so much of Arun's videos to a point where they should probably just make him a brand ambassador now lmao

  • jazzmickge1

    HI, I'm thankful for your video, sorry I came across it late but I've learned a new lesson today. My personal responce is manufacturers have lost sight of what Apple implimented in the first place, which is making software smaller and more efficient to the goal of improving speed and reliablility. So I agree, we don't need more powerful chips, what we need is more efficent software that consumes less power and resources in the first place. But I would like to ask you a question (I'd be really greatful for a reply). Does this same issue translate to tablets. I have a Samsung Tab S7, it has GOS as you mentioned (I assume it's a built in app based on what you said). But does this issue affect tablets the same as phones. As tablets are bigger and most have similar chipsets to flagship phones, I would imagine tablets wouldn't be as constrained with regards to battery power and cooling. So can I safely disable GOS on my tablet? Thank you :D

  • E L D R I D G E L I M
    E L D R I D G E L I M

    I've felt for a while now that the chips are a big issue. It's really no use to bring out these new chips that can perform slightly better than their predecessor for a significant power and heat increase. Maybe the industry should start looking at making more efficient chips instead of forcefully pushing out big numbers, as that'd probably lead to even bigger innovations in the battery and quality-of-life departments.

    • Dinervc

      @JuStSaYiN The A15 is casually like twice as good in Geekbench basically (without Samsungs benchmark hacking). And no/basically no flagship has expandable storage anyways anymore lmao. You’re clearly hating on Apple for no reason. Maybe because u just know shit.

    • JuStSaYiN

      @Dinervc what's your A15 pulling on geekbench, Single and multicore score? Just curious, idgaf about exterior plastic backs or the glastic they been using. As long as that clean samsung screen and a good processor, that's what I look for with expandable SD.

    • Quadir Dow
      Quadir Dow

      That's what apple is doing. They gonna start using old and new chips in their phones

    • Android One IU 4.1
      Android One IU 4.1

      @JuStSaYiN Lol, you are comparing a low mid-range phone vs high-end phones processors, it's unfair

    • Android One IU 4.1
      Android One IU 4.1

      @Dinervc Proof?; Exynos has showed that are the bets processor, the worst goes for mediatek and spreadtrum

  • MojoPup

    While I do appreciate the increased level of performance, I'm less concerned about playing a game than I am about battery life while being able to use the phone normally. I would love to be able to go all day without having to charge while actually being able to fully use my phone. I used to play location games like Ingress and HPWU, so I would run the battery down.

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  • Edward X
    Edward X

    I used to care about the performance but once I started to hear about these cheatings, not only from Apple or Samsung or other company...I don't bother about upgrading it every year or two anymore. Now, I use my phone until I need to get a new one...

  • Matthew Givans
    Matthew Givans

    With performance inhibiting software enabled, how fast are current processors when compared to older models when put in perfect environments. Do the older ones come out on top if they're able to sustain? Or do current processors out clock them even with inhibitors enabled?

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  • Roccofan

    In short, I was correct in sticking with my Note 10+ because all the thickness and weight that came with the “hot newness” was for naught because the benefits touted for all that weight and size didn’t really reach the end user.

    • Roccofan

      @Tony Hawk How dare you speak I'll of the ALMIGHTY Note 10 PLUS!!!???!!!

    • Tony Hawk
      Tony Hawk

      Samsung lied about performance back then too.

    • Marie V
      Marie V

      same xD I still have my Note 9 and honestly, it works finnneeee

  • Usman Counsels
    Usman Counsels

    Appreciate the awesome content and work that go into it. 💯

  • Pipe

    Well cellphones have not REALLY improved in years. I just switched from an S9 to an S22 and I actually miss the S9 as it was much faster and better. Only the creen changed.

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  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal

    Modern phones are now constrained by their cooling systems, and to be honest, I would rather have longer battery life than a few more FPS on a device with a tiny screen.

    • xlixity

      And other people in the comments would rather more performance than a longer battery life. And other people prefer simplicity and don't want confusing (to the tech illiterate) menus and such on their phones. You see the problem phone manufacturers have? While I can see someone saying "Well if you want a phone with ____ just get the ____, it's why we have so many choices!", the problem reappears when talking about flagships. A flagship cannot be the everything-phone without upsetting a certain market share. Heck, certain market shares have directly opposing desires. Those who want the absolute best performance would be willing to carry a brick phone, directly alienating those who want a compact mobile device with the highest specs compared to the rest of the market. Phone makers have to create a balancing act and it's led to what we have today. Personally, we gotta stop selling chips that are so powerful they require laptop-tier cooling to perform on smartphones. What's the point of paying a premium for something you will never use to it's best extent? If you need that kind of power then honestly just get a laptop at that point.

  • Literary Landslide
    Literary Landslide

    I think more than anything this highlights how much these latest ARM processors are kinda wasted on smartphones, the chips are amazing but the form-factor is limited. I wish other form factors like a variety of tablets or ARM laptops become more common much sooner. As for what the companies are doing, I think in most cases of smart electronics companies don't need to highlight how they're managing performance of their tech, but because phones are marketed & bought around specs for the large part it's an issue of false advertising or cheating. What they're doing in the phone isn't wrong but how they're manipulating information that's critical for consumers is.

  • Threx71

    My experience: I tried stopping the service my self (I have a rooted Note 20 Ultra) and although you DO get a bit more performance in some games for the first minutes, it actually make the whole experience worse, the game will end up eventually in the same performance realm than with the service enabled, and even make the phone more unstable, I experienced a lot more crashes on regular apps and I was logging quite more issues with the SoC spiking in performance than with the service enabled which keep everything under control. I agree with your point, this should NOT happen, but the main issue comes from the need for marketing for every upgrade, they need to say "this new phone has a faster chip" in order to make people upgrade their phones, and they need to "prove" the chip is faster, even though this will make virtually 0 difference with the last phone because thermals and battery are constraints still.

    • KUPOkinz

      @Daniel Kuschmierz no they didn't lol or if they did, it failed. I rooted my s22 yesterday with Magisk in like 5 minutes.

    • Daniel Kuschmierz
      Daniel Kuschmierz

      @Threx71 ohhh ok. Thanks for clearing that up

    • Threx71

      @Daniel Kuschmierz that "fuse" is probably the knox check, it's a digital fuse to mark the motherboard permanently as "modified", however this does NOT break the phone or the motherboard, it just "locks" it in some ways. This lock can be bypassed anyway so it's not that big of a deal in most cases.

    • Daniel Kuschmierz
      Daniel Kuschmierz

      @Jeff 🇳🇱 well there may be a way around it but sansung put a fuse in the motherboard in case people try to root it

    • Jeff 🇳🇱
      Jeff 🇳🇱

      @Daniel Kuschmierz nonsense. Rooting your samsung does not blow a fuse 🤣🤣🤣 I have a rooted S22+

  • g0711zb

    Hi Erun, thanks for the video, it's great as always. Samsung didn't cheat with GoS, this called "optimizing software", but they "fixed" it with a new software update. I have Tab S7+ and an S10e, I have only +6k on AnTuTu with the tablet and on Geekbench scores are the same, but on S10e the scores are the same and my phone became hot.. So GOS was a good thing and many phones(especially older Exynos phones) will be affected by this update.

    • g0711zb

      It was true(note 7 battery incident), after the note7, on S8(I had an S8 too) there was a "high performance mode", I could turn on on, but it was my responsibility(It was very hot).

    • wuoi zuiu
      wuoi zuiu

      performance the engines dropped to under verification was so poor it would have made them almost too dangerous to drive if kept at those levels.

  • Sean S.
    Sean S.

    Well if each generation is throttled the same way, you are still getting a faster phone. It's a powerful chip in a non air cooled, tiny box. Thermal throttling is a good thing (no one wants a burnt out CPU). I understand the why. Hopefully they will just be more upfront about it now.

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  • Frank Costello
    Frank Costello

    I always wonder how tech youtubers can sponsor VPNs with the promise of being anonymous.

  • Logan Perkins
    Logan Perkins

    This is similar to the approach used by Apple in their laptop line years ago. In theory, the extra top performance *should* give you a more responsive user experience, and it *can* be more power efficient to run the CPU at full speed for a couple ms than to run it at 75% for 4-5 ms. The real problem is that Samsung (and the rest) is that they apply the limit all the time, without giving it say a 10ms turbo timer. The thermal and power impact of a very short duration turbo timer is minimal, and the impact in games and the like is essentially zero, but it makes a pretty big difference in how "snappy" the device feels: how long it takes to register touches on icons and the like.

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  • Alex Wilson-Razzell
    Alex Wilson-Razzell

    We've already got all the power we need for smartphones. Software has become bloated and developers have become lazy. Let's focus on optimisation rather than speed.

    • Antonio Noack
      Antonio Noack

      Developers haven't become lazy (they always were on a certain level ^^). The ecosystem has become extremely complex (software & hardware), so the primary focus are features/functionality, not top performance.

    • kreight_

      People think their small phones can run games as well as consoles and PCs and can edit 8k videos like their computers… it’s just plain stupid to complain about throttling in such a small and badly cooled device that’s not purpose built for this kind of task

  • ZenTunE

    Should be like on PC, give the users the ability to download a program that let's you downclock (or overclock if the default is slower than advertized) the cpu to manage thermals

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell

    It's disingenuous to equate Samsung's new batteries and benchmarks as being the same as Apple's issue with its ageing and degraded batteries of old phones.

  • Fievel4

    I have been saying this about OEM computers for years now. Apple is a great example. They tell you you get a certain model Intel CPU, when they did use Intel, and if you look up the benchmarks on that chip and then actually run benchmarks on the mac you will find it significantly slower. The cooling systems in macs are woefully inadequate, as is the case with so many other laptops too, that they had a huge scandal a few years back because they would sell you a CPU in their mac that could only run at full speed for about 2 seconds before being thermal throttled. Laptops are like this all the time too. If you want to sell a laptop with the top end Intel CPU and include a cooling system that can only cool it to run at base speeds and never reach turbo, that isn't a problem. There is nothing stopping them and they absolutely do do this. I would love to see this problem fixed on both sides. If the device can't actually run at the speeds they claim then they need to make it clear in the advertising material and on the boxes that clarify what it can actually do, not just what the specs of the parts are able to do.

  • Johanna Zulkifli
    Johanna Zulkifli

    My new Samsung s22+ gets hot faster than my previous OnePlus 7t Pro...comparing OnePlus and Samsung so far...OnePlus has got the battery and charging factors well on point 👌🏼 unfortunately my OnePlus camera is absolutely useless now, hence to Samsung...

  • crypto

    I find it very disingenuous that you mentioned Apple‘s battery gate in the same breath as Benchmark manipulation by Samsung and OnePlus. What Apple did, was not manipulating scores but reducing the load on the battery, shady? Only because they did not give users a choice and hid it. But it’s not like battery gate was affecting their flag ship device but old iPhone 6 and 6S things that had free software updates for like 5 years…

  • Macht Schnell
    Macht Schnell

    In actuality, Samsung was deflating the performance of their phones by throttling them so they wouldn't thermally overload.

  • nauxsi

    It's simple fix, when first setting up your phone ask the user if they would like to decide what types of apps get more cpu performance, or would they like Samsung own algorithm take care of that for you. This way you can customise the phone for those who want more battery.

  • Matt Romanak
    Matt Romanak

    Samsung has a performance mode in the settings. It was added when the Galaxy series was updated to the most recent OS. I have an S10e and I haven’t tried it yet.

  • Anan Kingtron
    Anan Kingtron

    I just about had a heart attack when I received my s10 and realised it was Exynos instead of Snapdragon. Always gonna make sure its snapdragon from now on ahah

    • UltraTech&Gaming

      @CalvinColt You can't root a Snapdragon Samsung anymore.

    • GloomGaiGar

      Didn't you check before you ordered? My Samsung distributor caught on to this and they stopped displaying the processor specs on their website lol but you can check at the demo units at stores. Exynos S10 is still pretty good though.

    • Zeth Loveless
      Zeth Loveless

      @Aayush San snapdragon are currently made by Samsung foundry

    • Zuhri69

      @Smelted strike Sure. Whatever you say, man. Think whatever you want and continue assuming whatever you want.

  • bibasik7

    Don't lump Apple into this. They were limiting performance regardless of which app you were using, while the Android phones were limiting performance in specific apps.

    • dexternepo

      Then why were they fined?

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari

      Apple a15 better performance but still using 6 watt.

  • Ringo Schubert
    Ringo Schubert

    I think it would be best, if manufactures would be more transparent about it and giving you as a consumer even more control over the power-managment of your device. So that you may decide, if you want more battery life, or computing power, even on a per APP base and a bit more granular then it is possible today.

  • Rod H
    Rod H

    I think the first thing that needs to be done is the benchmarking software needs to operate in stealth mode. Automatically rename itself so the phone doesn't know what is really going on so that you get legitimate test results. This should encourage the manufacturers to focus more on better real world results, and consumers having a better idea on what benefits an upgrade might bring.

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      Text me on telegram 👉linustechtips11

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  • Sean Washington
    Sean Washington

    It's misleading to say Apple's power tweaking is on the same level as what Huawei, Samsung and OnePlus does which is benchmark manipulation. Not to defend Apple's decision making on the issue, but making older phones run slower is very different from faking benchmark scores of a new phone to mislead buyers.

  • Woozy

    Being able to choose what kind of performance i want for each and every every program on my asus rog phone is great and if i don't care about it running super smooth at 60 or 120fps i can just keep it on auto and it does a pretty good job at balancing power consumption and performance. I wish more companies would allow for this level of customisation so we wouldn't run in to these kinds of problems

    • The Predator
      The Predator

      @rayaan mohammad ok

    • Alex Tsang
      Alex Tsang

      yeah man i love my Asus ROG phone, literally best phone i've ever had, i limit it to charge up to 80% as to keep the battery in top performance for longer and i always run it at 120hz. never had an issue, at least for normal day to day life. if i feel like i'll need more battery throughout the day i'll set it to 90% charge but i barely ever try to charge to 100.

    • rayaan mohammad
      rayaan mohammad

      @The Predatorthats good a lot of people are getting scammed so i just wanted people to know

    • Engr Theophilus
      Engr Theophilus

      If these phones doesn't auto throttle its performance when it wants to, then it could very much lead to a thermal runway and brick itself

    • The Predator
      The Predator

      @rayaan mohammad i know

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida

    You having 5G on it consumes more power and you can't have battery saving on because it automatically downgrades to 4G +. Has anyone noticed that too?

  • Daniel N
    Daniel N

    WE MUST PROTEST. I want the full power of my chip and i think also a lot of other people do. We need better cooling systems and better battery usage

    • xlixity

      @Daniel N lol, cope kiddo.

    • Daniel N
      Daniel N

      @xlixity 🤫

    • xlixity

      Then get ready to carry a literal brick that weighs like one around as well. There is no magical solution that let's you have the power of a high-end laptop with the cooling/battery of a phone that's as light as a feather.

    • Tony Hawk
      Tony Hawk

      Cant fit better cooling into the confines of a smartphone. And battery usage wont improve when Android apps can do what they like in the background. Only other solution is for Samsung to mislead by treating benchmarking software differently. If benchmarks dont represent how the phone will run apps, whats the point.

  • Francis

    The main problem is how do phones get reviews? In nearly all cases the geekbench will be used to show the speed but that is wrong. The benchmarks shows the peak value because the short run time and no long runs.

    • Text me on telegram 👉linustechtips11
      Text me on telegram 👉linustechtips11

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's’

  • One Random Guy Who Hates Unfairness
    One Random Guy Who Hates Unfairness

    if samsung can optimize their phones's chipsets and battery consumption, i will definitely go for samsung flagship but now i go with apple because samsung hasnt done it android brands shldnt rush to add new chips and new feature to their new phones unless they optimized these feature to its fullest( i am not defending apple and i also dont like apple either taking too much time to add a new featurw ) android brands are very ahead of apple when it comes to features but their power efficiency and ram efficiency is still bad they need to fix it first

  • Yeet Mcyeetson
    Yeet Mcyeetson

    tysm for constantly pushing the envelope of how good and well researched a topic can be, from the first few minutes i can see the amount of effort you put into even seemingly trivial stuff. Thank you for the information as well as the top tier entertainment ! :D

    • Telepurte EXPOSED 🅥
      Telepurte EXPOSED 🅥

      @Yeet Mcyeetson *It would be funny to see Mrwhosetheboss cry and scream in pain while I laugh at him* 😂👌

    • Robbie Fielding-Lennon
      Robbie Fielding-Lennon

      @Atharv Rao nah this is the original comment. The "verified" account is the bot

    • Yeet Mcyeetson
      Yeet Mcyeetson

      @Atharv Rao check my history before making baseless claims, matter of fact, first time commenting on this channel iirc.