21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.
From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    We worked out that this one video has taken us a total of 14 days to produce, so do give it a watch, would mean a lot! ❤️Next episode:

  • Zappababe

    Tay was hilarious and a great example of "this is why we can't have nice things"

  • Tiia

    Every time I see the cybertruck window breaking I feel deep sympathy towards the engineers that designed it. Bullet proof glass doesn’t mean unbreakable. Actually it is meant to break down and take the force of the impact and stop the bullet.

  • Michael_Schumacher

    Arun: Rates buggy video game 9/10

  • NotDoc

    I remember the ballistic missile threat messages. From what I remember, the message said the nuke/missile was supposed to strike within 15 minutes. After that time had passed, and nothing happened, I was confused. And once it was released that the original message happened on accident, I was kind of relieved but, still, nervous.

  • Notpoop

    The Tay situation was so funny. She started out so nice. I feel like accessing all that information was like she gazed into the abyss

  • Toolman

    Even though Cyberpunk 2077 had MAJOR bugs, this was a very ambitious PROJEKT, after playing all the way through and ending it on PS5, I can say that I really loved the experience overall and was thrilled about the bold mature content. I still pop it in for fun open-world content and fun.

  • Murugesan Karthikeyan
    Murugesan Karthikeyan

    I love how this guy rates a tech fail that could have started a war 8/10 while rating a buggy video game 9/10

  • Steve456

    Great video but I disagree with the rating you gave the 2nd top fail... That missile threat should have a 10/10 for the fact that it really could've ended in a serious war if the Government wasn't as organized in that matter since they could very well have ignored the radars they have in some facilities and launched a "counter-strike" plus you have people frantically calling loved ones, leaving last minute goodbye messages. It was easily a terrifying experience, not just for people there but anyone else who got wind of this incident before news sites got their hands on it. TL:DR, Hawaii Missile threat deserves 10/10 for being horribly terrifying for anyone even remotely involved. Could've ended in war.

  • Falcondragonslayer

    I was half expecting him to say that the IRglo fail was removing the dislike count. They removed a core part of their app, that people used to see if the video is good or not. Plus some scandalous videos with millions more dislikes than likes now have a fresh start and more are able to coke since people can’t see the dislikes that pegged them as bad videos. It was a terrible idea on IRglo’s part

  • Big Nose
    Big Nose

    That cybertruck reveal was still insanely intriguing to me.

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun


  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee

    I was onboard with Quibi until I realized they wouldn't even let me cast it to a large screen. It's one thing to offer or lead with mobile content, but to force it on consumers, that's just stupid!

  • Agil Agilsen
    Agil Agilsen

    Tay wasn't a mistake, she was taken from this world far, far to soon!

  • Memetics

    Nice video. Failed to mention the chronic, widespread problem of Nintendo Switch controller drift, though, which Nintendo itself cannot fix (it's a design problem) and which is the subject of at least one class-action lawsuit against the company.

  • Lee Lydston
    Lee Lydston

    Question: What do people think "bullet proof" actually means?

  • Bright Blogs Facts
    Bright Blogs Facts

    I love how this guy time travelled into the future to show us Tech Fails

  • Midcentury Modern
    Midcentury Modern

    HA HA! You kept me wondering "where is Theranos?" Hmm...🤔 Nicely done, and a well-deserved #1. That girl was recently found guilty of fraud, and she's going away to a secure housing facility for a while.

  • Power of Knowledge
    Power of Knowledge

    Honestly though, this is actually inspiring to me. It's proof that anyone can have one of the biggest fails, and most cringe moment, yet still end up on top.

  • SeaSpeaks

    This video is what