Who has the WORST Customer Service?
Samsung vs OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, OPPO, Vivo, Apple. Let's see which tech company has the best and worst Customer Support!
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Disclaimer: All the faces of people used in this video to represent employees are purely stock footage and picked randomly based on apparent gender.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Has anyone had any particularly good / bad experiences with Tech Customer Service? I'd love to know! 😁 To see one of the worst Tech Scams in existence: irglo.info/from/qM6DnIJzZdOon2A/fy-lm-h-y.html To learn all about Crypto for a complete beginner: irglo.info/from/o7yCnqxqhKmrc3k/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Ashmew


    • Blizard Cubing
      Blizard Cubing

      I love the mirror cube at the start

    • Music Jackal
      Music Jackal

      Do SONY too, please ?!

    • bballgod

      yes! samsung is sooo bad that is why i swiched to apple

    • Vicariously Famous
      Vicariously Famous

      I've had bad customer service from Motorola, LG, Apple, HTC phones and Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Asus laptops and Skullcandy, Apple, Jlab, Sony earbuds. Samsung has always been good about my phone support. S SERIES never had issues that wasn't fixed within 2 days by replacement shipped. I also love my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus still. It's very good specs even compared to new flagships from multi companies

  • Jd Iv
    Jd Iv

    I'm surprised Blackberry can still afford a number for customer service.

    • Team - Playree
      Team - Playree


    • realowner


    • KyleBuschFan18 shorts
      KyleBuschFan18 shorts


    • lisa toews
      lisa toews


    • Nataliexx


  • Marko Lacić
    Marko Lacić

    Honestly this is exactly what I was expecting. I bought my second Xiaomi phone in China (the Mi 9) and I needed the ROM to be flashed to global version. I don't speak Chinese, they don't speak English but they went to leaps and bounds to first understand what I need and later do what I wanted, and all of that, free of charge because the lady translated "Xiaomi phone no need to pay for fix in Xiaomi service center". Bought the nice people a chocolate each, that was legendary

    • Star Collapse
      Star Collapse


  • Kira Kira
    Kira Kira

    I actually had a decent experience with Samsung support in the past for my fridge over phone and also contacted them directly on their website for my S22 and 2 times out of 3 they were able to able. I think the operator needed to think as stupidly as possible to help you because one would normally think that a persone knows that a phone need to be charged to not turn black suddenly... They tried to help so I think it's fair that they at least got 1 or 1.5 stars and 2.5 stars to Apple is definitely too much, 2 at best, but giving Samsung 0 stars like Blackberry or Vivo who literally didn't even try isn't representative... I think that if the call didn't fail suddenly they would have been able to solve the problem but it happens with these kind of hotlines when you stay on the phone too long.

    • TripleLLLGaming

      I feel the exact same way! Not to be rude, but I think he's a teeny bit too harsh to Samsung at times...

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    I worked tech support for Compaq for a few years back in the Windows 98 days. I hated it when the customer had a legit complaint, but there was nothing I could do about it. I'm sure someone here remembers the Win modem. They replaced a physical chip with a windows driver. They then installed so much bloatware that brand new out of the box systems could not keep a dial up connection open without disabling most background processes. That's all we could do. This was all to save a few cents on the modem.

  • Kane Viktorovich
    Kane Viktorovich

    Any time I’ve had to contact apple support over the phone, which was only ever 5~ years ago maybe 3ish times, i had nothing but honestly excellent, like above and beyond kind of customer service. The kind of people on the phone were the ones you could laugh along with while trying to fix whatever the problem was. Would’ve given them a 10 out of 5 stars

  • Kishor Kanna
    Kishor Kanna

    "Is my phone gonna run around and desert me" "Is it gonna let me down" -The greatest Rick roller ever

    • PlasmaSpiderman

      One plus got rickrolled

    • Blaze949


    • Lincoln Zolondek
      Lincoln Zolondek

      The tech person on the other end was so confused

    • Aster Amahizione
      Aster Amahizione

      uhh i think he is the PHONEROLLER (lol)

    • Anjus

      I didn’t even notice-

  • Lauren Rogers
    Lauren Rogers

    I worked in a call Center for technical support for 2 months for a cell phone provider here in the us. It was hell, never again! I will say for some representatives, sometimes they forget that there really are people who don’t know some things like they need to charge they’re phone for it to work. The key is asking questions. I legit had a customer who had called in multiple times and another representative set her up an advanced tech ticket. Her phone would only ring if someone called her twice and no text messages were ringing either. I Knew right away her phone was on do not disturb mode. I felt really bad that she’d gone through days of phone calls for such a simple solution, but I do also understand that some representatives just assume the problem must be something bigger and don’t check the little things first.

  • Michael Strieby
    Michael Strieby

    Samsung definitely deserved more than Apple. Apple straight up told you you have to come in and they would not do anything over the phone. Samsung was willing to help, but I feel like you made it seem like you were messing with them by your language.

    • DDamajed

      Dude the literally hand up on his face

  • Mac Angus
    Mac Angus

    I've personally had a great experience with apple's cutomer service. I had an incident recently where the courier that was meant to drop off my airpod pros delivered them to the wrong address. I had rung the courier company and they told me to phone apple. The nice lady gave me all the information I needed and started an investigation so that apple would get envolved and put pressure on the courier service so that I would actually get my airpods. They even offered to send my new ones if the courier had actually lost the old ones, at no additional cost. Great experience and I was very glad and relieved when I received them a few days later! (for context I live in new zealand where 5 day shipping is considered fast lmao)

  • GloriousMane

    My last two phones have been Huawei, and they have easily been the two best phones I've ever had. But I have never had to call customer service, and as a Chinese company I assumed this would have been their weak point. Genuinely surprised!

    • memes_man

      My previous phone was a huawei p20 pro, fantastic phone. Huawei has great customer service and repair service too

  • Aditya Shrestha
    Aditya Shrestha

    To be fair, no one expects a call to customer support saying they have to charge their phone before using it.

    • bop :/
      bop :/

      maybe the person used another phone?

    • shea's law
      shea's law

      It's sad that they should

    • Your comment got a 💔 from Candice
      Your comment got a 💔 from Candice

      I mean, boomers does exist

    • JR. JOE
      JR. JOE

      @Ivan Quaglio Bro what you talking about? Support team is there to help, doesn't matter what question you ask, they should answer it if it means the question is dumb!

    • JR. JOE
      JR. JOE

      @Sankalp Kalbag Well, you see that's not the worst thing in the video, the worst is, Arun was telling them that he charges the phone at night so he knows how to charge but the phone always dies at around 8 pm so it made the deal bigger as the person knows how to charge but still, he is experiencing screen blackout which means there is probably some hardware issue.

  • Tanish Singh
    Tanish Singh

    I feel sad for huawei’s US ban, they were a nice mobile company, I still daily drive a Honor Play, and it still runs flawlessly!

    • progrockrules

      Still using my Mate 20 pro - fantastic phone - 4 years old - nothing wrong with it.

  • Ms. Horselover
    Ms. Horselover

    I've always had great customer service with Apple! The people are always kind and helpful :)

  • D.E. Christe
    D.E. Christe

    That was my experience with Samsung. Long waits, hangups, took days of calls to advice data transfer on a new phone. The one who finally helped was polite and helpful. And overworked. Maybe the only one there who wanted to help.

  • Mia Hess Music
    Mia Hess Music

    Great video!!! I have a OnePlus 8 with a totally weird problem and OnePlus tech guys could not help. Even after I had them connect with North American support, no one could figure out why I cannot delete this one text message. I love the phone for the camera, especially on Macro but I doubt I'll buy one again. I am NOT an Apple fan AT ALL and this just proves why. Interesting about Huawei, I've thought about their phones if the camera is good.

  • Wo of
    Wo of

    "my phone isn't turning on" "sir go to your settings and erase all data" bruh

    • The Anonymous commenter
      The Anonymous commenter

      @Dipsan Ghimire reading this in full has filled me with immense wrath

    • Divyansh Barve
      Divyansh Barve

      @Dipsan Ghimire you wrote an entire paragraph to say that you have nothing to sya

    • NAKV


    • Random 4400
      Random 4400

      fr tho 🤣🤣

    • Ayat Anjum
      Ayat Anjum

      @Silent Knight 89 he didn’t know that he knew that he may have turned on automatic power off accidentally

  • Akia Walker
    Akia Walker

    This video perfectly summarizes my friday. My phone and wallet were stolen and I was trying to get literally anything sorted. Fun fact: if you lose your phone Apple can not help you log in to any of their devices.

  • Kelsea Nova
    Kelsea Nova

    As someone who works customer service via phone I appreciate you not being mean to the agents.

  • Rhandy

    samsung was pretty good in my experience, altough i didn't have to really deal with them myself. i had that pink line on my display back on the S7 edge days and they had my phone picked up and they would "fix it" but a few days later i just received a complete new phone.

  • Caoimhe Jordan
    Caoimhe Jordan

    i’ve had quite pleasant experiences with apple anyways. Their text service is phenomenal, and they scheduled a call for me the next day (my choice) to fix another issue. Had everything resolved quickly and easily. Plus they were very nice

  • Raunak Pandey
    Raunak Pandey

    The oppo representative actually had a point. Theres a setting that tursns off your device at a predesignated time everyday. Plus almost everyone knows about the battery draining everyday in 2021. I feel as if thst guy deserves the most credit out of all of them

    • Robbie Vercammen
      Robbie Vercammen

      It's true, considering how good his knowledge had to be, it's a pretty good answer. I answer the phone a lot too, and considering the knowledge of average caller, my methods of solving the issue might be a little... "arrogant", though friendly :D Just like tech support

    • EYE BLINK - 007
      EYE BLINK - 007

      its in my xiomi phone

    • ARgamer

      Was he fake tho he said the sub would be acceptable

    • Illford Official
      Illford Official

      @The Miz Plays probably not a 5, im sure someone with the setting on would know they have it on.

    • crimson

      What if they were in a coma for 21 years

  • Docta Osiris
    Docta Osiris

    I've had exactly the same problem with contacting Samsung, plus a few other companies too, you'd think their levels of tech would be easier to use for the reps but I guess not 🤣

  • LiangLiang Xu
    LiangLiang Xu

    Out of any companies i have dealt with, Jabra easily takes the king for having the worst customer support.

  • Twixieshores

    I've had great experiences with Samsung support online, but the second I have to call they completely drop the ball

  • KayKay~Dec17

    Me when I heard Xiaomi won: "OMG OMG I LOVE XIAOMI!" Me when I heard Huawei also won: "Oh, oh, that was unexpected. Good job China, I guess?" Both companies are made in China, my favorite is Xiaomi. Nothing offensive was meant.

  • Mark Coutinho
    Mark Coutinho

    The Apple guy just questioned his whole life at that moment

    • MrGangster Boy
      MrGangster Boy

      @time lapse i clicked on the link without thinking and as it was loading my mind was like "what have i done im about to get rickrolled"

    • arim

      @TheMindBoggler Yup devices over 6 years are "vintage" and we can only offer basic troubleshooting but no repairs. Devices over 10 years are "obsolete" and we cant even support. And devices with beta software installed we cant touch at all until you restore from an icloud backup from before the software was installed.

    • Diogo

      @TheBlueArcher Not really. I've done CS for apple. They request too much of the agents in terms of call duration, time to take notes, time to leave a customer in hold etc. they mostly sub-contract their CS from countries in which the salary is much lower so they can pay less compared to a CS in the USA. The training given is very good and actually quite helpful.

    • Andrej Gacoski
      Andrej Gacoski


    • Northern Angel
      Northern Angel


  • BeatSaberPlayer

    My only experience with Samsung customer service was pretty good, I got to a real person in about a minute, they found my problem, and sent me on my way in about 10 minutes. So I don't really know why they were such a jerk this time.

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee

    I've had nothing but the best experience with Samsung customer support. You got the one bad operator lol 😂

  • Ahdok

    I've had very good experiences with Corsair, and the absolute worst experiences with Lenovo. Difficult to put it into words just how bad Lenovo was, but their preferred route to fixing an out of the box issue was to charge more than the device cost new for replacement parts.

  • David Skeats
    David Skeats

    Samsung customer support have been excellent when I've called them. Even replacing a Samsung Active Watch 2 outside of warranty! Useful video 👍 Thanks

  • Evan Saravia
    Evan Saravia

    “They said my phone would last 3 years.” “Yes.”


      Y e s

    • McBagel

      My phone has been with me for 7 years and it's alive now

    • Lord of the Memes
      Lord of the Memes

      Hello there

    • xEmerald_Amuletx

      "How much does this product cost? "Yes."

    • Micheal Persicko
      Micheal Persicko

      **COUGH** **COUGH** Apple * **COUGH** **COUGH**

  • Daniel Dinev
    Daniel Dinev

    I actually use Samsung members, and theyve been great with helping me for every issue I had

  • Hansol Rheem
    Hansol Rheem

    I've spent nearly 12 hours with them (5 hours waiting to have my phone repaired at one of their centers (ubreakifix), only to find that they can't solve it and lost my simcard tray) and 7 hours speaking with their representative to have it sorted out. My less than a 8-month-old phone can't be covered by a manufacturer warranty or Samsung care plus. Having inside the neverending loop between the samsung service center, samsung careplus team, and asurion is another experience that won't disappoint you. If you are reading this, take my advice for your convenience and buy phone other than from samsung. Buying phones in this era is not about having cool phones but receiving a good customer service which samsung is never gonna have.

  • Linos Hansen
    Linos Hansen

    "Is the phone not running around and deserting me?" Can't believe he rickrolled a customer service agent and they didn't respond.

  • Chenhong Chien
    Chenhong Chien

    Apple has the best customer service i've ever experience on a smart phone. especially on subscription refunds.

  • Madlke

    Vivo: “we’re not technically trained, and wouldn’t be able to help” then what’s the point of customer service number 😐

    • iwasamistake

      @Not again It was not said by Steve jobs.....!

    • Not again
      Not again

      @iwasamistake "Good artists copy, great artists steal" - Steve Jobs

    • Infinity

      @Sagar Bisht agreed for the part they done it first,at least. but most tech like under display camera,full infinity display,foldable phones,edge display etc was introduced by samsung years back and they tryied to perfect that before getting to main stream..other companies be like ,just f*** it we doing it ready or not..to the point that's literary copying. sooo they all do copy each other to 'survive'

  • Natha

    I'm working in customer service for a US carrier and trough my interactions with all of these companies I can guarantee that for the US Apple has the best customer service experience 😅

  • Sahil Anand
    Sahil Anand

    well i can see the supervisors of the representatives giving them a hard time after this video anyways keep up the good work Arun !


    Excellent Video. 5 Stars for this. 😃👌👌👌👌👌 Companies Really need to work on their after sale service rather than spending millions on Flashy Ads. Word of mouth is enough for any company to make it to the top these days.

  • Dave A
    Dave A

    As someone who worked at Geek Squad, I can tell you that some of these people are overthinking the issue because they can't comprehend that someone would be stupid enough to think a battery would last three years without a charge.

  • Stepupin

    I work in customer service and suggesting simple stuff like there is no battery left actually offends some customers. Also some would even deny it and say something like "NO, there is battery - i looked just 1 minute ago and it was 8%". Battery can go from 8% to 0 in one minute if its an old battery and its cold outside for example

    • Alexander Krätzig
      Alexander Krätzig

      I had someone call me about a phone that wouldn’t give off any ring tones, only vibrations. I asked “did you flip the mute switch on the left hand side by any chance?” and they got very defensive immediately. “What do you think I am? An idiot?!”. I tell them that this is a routine question and it’s often the simplest solutions we forget to think about. A minute passes, I hear an embarrassed “oh!” and suddenly the call ended. Sometimes you can have a laugh with people when this happens but most of the time they can’t fathom that they might have done something wrong. I have a million of these stories, some funny some infuriating.

    • Cynations

      My phone is at 7% right now.

    • Xiao

      tech savy people solve problems on their own 😊

    • kate nilssen
      kate nilssen

      This! I worked at teck support for a internet provider. 99% of the time the problem would be fixed by turning the modem on and off again. The problem is that most people got angry at me for suggesting it. I quicly learned I had to "trick" them by saying the modem needed to be off while I "fix" the problem. Doesnt makes sense, but it worked and the customers where happy.

    • MoominSThE_MesS🥴

      Yes... met with a customer who actually doesn't knows how to long press a photo to delete it and he got offended when i provided him the steps....💀

  • The Flying Dane
    The Flying Dane

    I love how you always rick roll us, it is so hilarious

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    I like how Arun just subtly says a line of the rick roll to each of the customer services

  • don't tap this
    don't tap this

    I love how after they answer the question he just sets the phone on the table and rates them 😂.


    Well... I love watching your videos. But this time I found it idiotic judging a customer service based on problem that may never bother any of them. No customer would be so idiot to contact a customer care service for this problem.... 🙂

    • telegram👉@rene_ritchie_giveaway

      🆙 Happy New Year Thanks for watching🔝🔝 message right away I have something for you........🆙🆙

  • Bretty

    Honestly I think the issue was so silly that they refused to consider it.

    • hufflepuffnim

      there are older people that dont understand tech

    • Wolfie

      @Bother Evil oddly the pixel has been one of my best devices for support. You can just chat them on an app in phone and never seems to have any waits. Now I guess if phone literally couldn't turn on I'm not sure how the phone support is.

    • King91OM

      @Bother Evil , Google has customer service? After years of using, the only way I can get feedback from them was through the community. Not through Google themselves.

    • Obi Dean
      Obi Dean

      True, I wish he complained something more legit and I'm not surprised if many of the support regard his calls as troll calls ...

    • Kael M
      Kael M

      @Bother Evil Everything to do with Google the customer service is a total joke

  • Eduard v.d. W
    Eduard v.d. W

    Xiaomi is just awesome. I can afford to buy stuff form Apple and Samsung, but Xiaomi feels like the only company that makes tech to serve the people, not their profits.

  • Dubsfirkin

    Arun: They said my phone would last for 3 years … Tech support: *yes*

  • Bryan4455

    I think apple and Microsoft’s customer service are great! I use a different contact method tho… On the apple/ Microsoft support website, u can set up a live chat room ( text message) with the technical support team. And it always works for me!

  • Mellow Yellow
    Mellow Yellow

    Apple’s costumer service is pretty good. My laptop broke, it was a system error and not my fault, so they fixed it, took under a week to do it, shipped it to my house, and didn’t charge me

  • Cameo Six
    Cameo Six

    Samsung: Detects call being made through an iPhone Samsung: Terminate, I mean terminate call

    • Nobody

      @Austin_ug He was joking

    • Jack

      @Owen Jones I really can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. You are a god level troll.

    • Erick Mazariegos
      Erick Mazariegos

      @Owen Jones BRUH 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️💀

    • Austin_ug

      @Ti Xier but it wasn't really off. Watch the video well before commenting

    • Austin_ug


  • nebula_explosion

    “Huawei recommends following government device” WOW That was hilarious haha

  • MaddoxWithCars

    "Quick and straight to the point." just like your videos!!! LOVE the videos by the way!

  • «tutacat»

    2:35 In most cases, that is literally false (because the device disables charging at 100%), unless he actually meant because of the battery being at 100% for too long (see apple smart charging to 50/75%, then 100% when you wake up) Blackberry: -2 stars

  • IronHawk90

    As funny as this was to watch, but I'm pretty sure every single one of these Companies have outsourced their support hotlines to cheap callcenters and their is no difference overall. The support in their retail stores would be interesting. :D

  • Robby Lender
    Robby Lender

    I feel like this issue was too easy, and techs, assuming you’re not tech illiterate, think the problem is bigger.

    • Bip Bop
      Bip Bop

      @Master Kartik naw, the calls were all under 10 minutes and he was pleasant. This was nothing. Seasoned CSR's don't take it personally even if the caller is just screaming obscenities.

    • Robby Lender
      Robby Lender

      @Parker I call them (well, chat). Not because I have to, but I’m too tired to fix it myself, so it’s just easier to have it spelled out for me.

    • cobalt blue
      cobalt blue

      @This is a bow ok damnit maan..

    • antiisocial

      @Master Kartik @BOSS Δ.M.V Lots of people. You'd be surprised. Source: I'm in repair. Side note, just because someone is rich doesn't make them smart. Easy example: Paris Hilton. The Hilton's are worth $4.5 billion USD. Paris Hilton didn't make any that, her great (great great maybe? idk) grandfather Conrad Hilton did starting his hotel empire in 1919.

    • Parker

      Lol if you were rech literate you wouldn't call the support you'll contact the supplier directly

  • Sharath Satish
    Sharath Satish

    I own a Pixel and if I run into an issue, I get a support representative usually within a minute through chat using Google Support on my phone. They've usually gone pretty good.

  • Starbuck Barista
    Starbuck Barista

    I'm quite disappointed with how Apple performed in this video since I've had amazing experiences in the past :/

  • Hossein Qanbari
    Hossein Qanbari

    You should have tried Google as well. Based on this video and my experience with Google, I think they have the best customer service.

  • TMSvideos

    Can relate quite well to thes support problems. Here's an example I always like to tell people; my Dell wasn't booting up, and Dell said not to use th bootOS disk, so I didn't at first, but then ended up using it, and it fixed the problem. When in doubt, be your own support if nothng goes right.

  • zTempest

    Arun: "My phone's screen is turning black every evening." Apple: "what is your email address?"

    • GOffensive

      @Sam Tux I mean, is it a mere assumption when it is that blatantly obvious you don‘t have a single clue what you are talking about?

    • Kunal Sanyashiv
      Kunal Sanyashiv


    • Crownerased

      @DreadPirate Flappy people have preferences and some people choose iphone over android just like it’s the opposite let people buy what phones they want 😐👌

    • Crownerased

      @DreadPirate Flappy actually there’s a ton of smart people who use iPhone to what I don’t get is why buying an iPhone is equivalent to being spoiled

  • Steven Macdonald
    Steven Macdonald

    I called Samsung to ask them why I cannot disable Google on my phone. They hung up on me. That was all the answer I needed.

  • Gamer Flamingo on blitz
    Gamer Flamingo on blitz

    As for apple they have a really efficient system on their website where a real employee talks to you and can get problems solved really well, they also get to you in about 30 seconds.

  • Sebo

    I contacted apple by messages and the person who was with me did so well and answered my question efficiently and fast

  • Semih

    I actually had a very good experience w Samsung's customer service and i even gave them 5 star rating after that. It was VERY quick like i didnt even expecting for it to be that quick since my last customer service experience lasted for like a week (it was Apple) so maybe this differences depends on countries ?

  • Dark Ninja
    Dark Ninja

    "I'm never gonna say goodbye though" Lol😂😂😂

    • Porky trying to get 69 subs pls
      Porky trying to get 69 subs pls

      I can’t believe he did that

    • Calix

      He did not say goodbye in the ending though



    • homemade crafts
      homemade crafts

      Lol= lots of laugh

  • Weropeal

    honestly, apple is one of the best in support in my experience including in chats.

  • pinkjeanniebottle

    I have always had very good customer service experience with apple. However Samsung stuffed around for a few weeks before finally replacing the handset. I’m in Australia

  • Snickz

    I had similar experience with the samsung customer service in germany. They just hung up and of course it happened multiple times because they didnt help me with my problem at all 🤝

  • Johannes Bols
    Johannes Bols

    In 2006 I had a printer that wouldn't start. I was on the phone with tech support for four days. On the fourth day I stood up and looked at the 'chose language' prompt on the printer. None of the tech support staff had a clue that this was the problem.

  • Samuel Carpenter
    Samuel Carpenter

    No one: Vivo when someone's battery won't charge: *We are not technically trained to help*

    • KaleidoDeer

      @redmanticore Well *typically* when its out of your scope you transfer them to the correct department. If its their issue you just sugarcoat it and basically say no its their responsibility lol If there is no correct department and no correct avenues for them to take thats not only just poor customer service management but leaning that onto the agents to be berated. But I was just explaining why even if they could help they absolutely won't as it puts a liability on the company and their jobs. In my job very rarely are there unhandled cases, the most I end up having to say is call back the right department within their designated hours

    • redmanticore

      @KaleidoDeer is part of your customer service to just say "no" when people call you then? it was a call to exactly right place, to the customer service of a phone.

    • song 2
      song 2

      They have hotline but no help lol

    • KaleidoDeer

      Having worked in customer service, assisting a customer in an issue thats unrelated to your department can get you dinged in performance reviews. I work in the healthcare customer service industry as a help desk exclusively for the website and while thats a more info sensitive industry, even if I know 100% the answer I can't answer questions im not trained for/is out of scope of my job. I believe its a liability thing.

    • AffanKuq

      @whyumad? bro thats...

  • Shani Chikondi
    Shani Chikondi

    havent finished the video yet but in fairness... I think the problem was so dumb they didnt even consider it, and from experience working in call centres, asking the customer if they have charged the phone is normally a great way to get them vexed because it can sound contracending. I normally had to say something like 'quick question just to be sure, the phone is charged right? great' to make it sound like I am just checking off the box as opposed to assuming the customer is that dense. But just thought I would note that

  •  Hᵉˡᵖ ᵐᵉ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ʷⁱᵗʰᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒs :) ♪
    Hᵉˡᵖ ᵐᵉ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ʷⁱᵗʰᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒs :) ♪

    Everyone this guy deserves a like. He puts in a lot of effort in his videos!!

  • Science Rocks!!
    Science Rocks!!

    Imagine calling samsung and getting a callback from microsoft tech support asking for your credit card details

  • Miika Pekk
    Miika Pekk

    You should call at 3 minutes before 17:00hrs or 17:30hrs local time. Next time at the end of the call say , you actually don't own their phone yet and you were just having a hard time deciding which brand to spend a £1000 on , so you just wanted to gauge how good their customer services was. They failed this time!

  • Vinorth V
    Vinorth V

    Arun : Hello ,I would like to speak with apple representative. Robot : What is your issue ? Arun : My phone goes black ! Robot : would you like to place an order for a new iPhone ? Arun:No,I need a fiX Robot: Thank You for Ordering iPhone X..

    • Finlexo _
      Finlexo _


    • Laorakaora

      Dell:Plus Extended warranty and anti virus.

    • kontrakt official
      kontrakt official


    • Ayat Anjum
      Ayat Anjum

      @xbox 123 the X series have become junk the 11s-14s no

    • Ayat Anjum
      Ayat Anjum

      @Shubham Jindal and they sell thier AI thinks they want their old junk products which are beaten by mid ranges nowadays since someone said fiX

  • I Did An Oopsie
    I Did An Oopsie

    This is so far from what I’ve experienced with apple in the US, their customer service is always on point

  • FuckPutin

    The problem with judging customer service is how much it can differ between different countries, regions, continents, but also between different product types and employees.

  • Raof Abdullah
    Raof Abdullah

    Customer support for any service or product is just unbelievably infuriating