How THIS instagram story kills your phone.
This instagram story from pgtalal can crash your phone in an instant...but HOW? and WHY? Let's find out. Subscribe if you enjoyed!
Thanks to Ananay for helping, his original tweet is here:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Spent a few too many sleepless nights working on this one - Do consider sharing this message if you found it useful / interesting! 👊


    Man's a legend doing this shit at only 14. It's pretty inspirational, though I'm concerned about Instagram/facebook letting this happen in the first place

  • Hysteria

    That kid's an absolute legend. I appreciate that he is using his genius to make a point, rather than steal people's information, or something worse. I love that he reacted with "You Are Welcome" to your comment, that's incredible.

  • Noterobrine 99
    Noterobrine 99

    Man's 14 and managed to break through security of Instagram, this reminds me of how bad I am at things

  • HalfDraco

    This is nuts. I'm glad this kind of stuff hasn't yet happened on a more dangerous level (like what you said about the possibility of someone holding Instagram to ransom). This is very interesting but also kinda creepy. Happy Holidays btw!

  • tweeleaf

    I love how Talal teased you with the custom “You’re welcome” reaction 😂

  • Meowy~♡

    Imagine what this 14 yr old kid would do when he's settled and passed college 😐

  • H of The Stage
    H of The Stage

    I was never happier being an Android user then now

  • ZMasri

    A great thing to add to his resume when he applies for a job at Instagram...

  • Praharsh K Studios
    Praharsh K Studios

    So basically, the dude enlarged story stickers so much that when laid out their size is dozens of times bigger than the earth.

  • HAM

    I have never had someone explain something so well to where I actually understand it

  • Royal Pain
    Royal Pain

    Reacting with a "you are welcome" is such a badass move lmao

  • It’s Just Jo
    It’s Just Jo

    If he’s this good, he needs to be a developer

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films

    Talal at 14: Hacks and crashes iPhones around the world.

  • Marina

    Me at 11: “why cant I draw realistically 😩”

  • Juicy Jones
    Juicy Jones

    He probably has the knowledge to do some serious shit but instead he did something relatively harmless, as well as being able to be open and up front about it, even answering questions about it. Thats mad respect right there

  • Charli Damelio Sister
    Charli Damelio Sister

    I’ve never learned so much. Learned more in this video than since I started school. Thank you 💙

  • Astrix

    This is actually impressive, i feel like he did it so he could maybe get more attention as a person that is able to “crash” others phones while being only 14

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali

    This guy who managed to do all of this is only 14 years old, imagine what he can do when he learns more and do more as he grows🤣

  • DazeWithAdrian

    This guy reacted with a “you are welcome” and is only 14. What a freaking legend.