How THIS instagram story kills your phone.
This instagram story from pgtalal can crash your phone in an instant...but HOW? and WHY? Let's find out. Subscribe if you enjoyed!
Thanks to Ananay for helping, his original tweet is here:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Spent a few too many sleepless nights working on this one - Do consider sharing this message if you found it useful / interesting! 👊

  • Hysteria

    That kid's an absolute legend. I appreciate that he is using his genius to make a point, rather than steal people's information, or something worse. I love that he reacted with "You Are Welcome" to your comment, that's incredible.

  • Leon Voin
    Leon Voin

    That kid is a genius. Seriously! Teams of testers ( including casual users ) didn’t figure this out and he did. Statistically he’s one in billions. That’s talent and someone should take action by hiring him so that he can do good!

  • tweeleaf

    I love how Talal teased you with the custom “You’re welcome” reaction 😂

  • Ari Meisels
    Ari Meisels

    This is Instagram's fault for being incompetent enough to allow unfiltered requests through to the backend. No functional social media site should do all the filtering in the thing that the user sees or requests can be faked and posts can be polluted, just like what happened here. Instead of just having the size limit on the page where you create the sticker, it should also be on the server side code for when it's storing the post. And as an added precaution, put another limit on the renderer so when the sticker is viewed it automatically gets made smaller.

  • 4RCH


  • emem6

    Me and my friend did a similar thing to our third friend's phone when we were 12 and all had those older nokia phones. We sent her as long text messages as the phones were able to send at the same time so her phone crashed completely trying to receive like 40 long text messages at once (as the phones would break long messages into multiple shorter ones). Her parents had to buy her a new phone after it never started to work again, so in the end it ended well for her.

  • MyLifeAsLouis

    This 14 year old kid self taught for 3 years & managed to hack instagram.

  • HAM

    I have never had someone explain something so well to where I actually understand it

  • Azzie

    Me at 11: “why cant I draw realistically 😩”

  • DiamondWinner7

    Just knowing that some phones can even handle this strain is amazing to me, how much tech has evolved to to able to just about bearly handle such high sizes, that takes up quadrillions of phones.

  • ZMasri

    A great thing to add to his resume when he applies for a job at Instagram...

  • VVPlays


  • DazeWithAdrian

    This guy reacted with a “you are welcome” and is only 14. What a freaking legend.

  • Stania McIntosh
    Stania McIntosh

    I've literally binged watched so many of your videos that your voice is now etched into my mind.

  • Mr.Skitttlezz

    It's really amazing how these kids now a days who have grown up in technology can use it to this level it's really just admirable


    I was recommended to the MAN On my display name yesterday, and believe me he is very fast and reliable in service... Thanks so much.🙏

  • HalfDraco

    This is nuts. I'm glad this kind of stuff hasn't yet happened on a more dangerous level (like what you said about the possibility of someone holding Instagram to ransom). This is very interesting but also kinda creepy. Happy Holidays btw!

  • ThatRandomGuy

    The wallpaper:

  • Juicy Jones
    Juicy Jones

    He probably has the knowledge to do some serious shit but instead he did something relatively harmless, as well as being able to be open and up front about it, even answering questions about it. Thats mad respect right there