The Metaverse could be a problem.
Facebook has changed to Meta, because they're building the Metaverse. This is going to change our lives. Here's how. To protect your data in the new uncertain world, hit the link:
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  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    I think I’ve seen this meta thing play out in some movies…. It never ended well

    • Ducky Doom
      Ducky Doom

      IT always ends up getting people broke or dying and is always sad.

    • Thezaaquare

      Uh oh

    • RG gamer
      RG gamer

      The moders will be creazu

    • Core3GAME GD
      Core3GAME GD

      @TeVe thats never gonna happen with who's behind it lmfao

    • Shadow Playz
      Shadow Playz

      And in anime

  • butcher

    I have never heard of a potentially more addictive drug than changing reality to what you wish it to be.

    • Blakk Dymmnd
      Blakk Dymmnd

      Deep mean.

    • Clan leader Predator
      Clan leader Predator

      @iChadProMax ohhhhh yes, it, they will *is getting sexual excited just from talking about it*

    • Clan leader Predator
      Clan leader Predator

      @Andy Lagger if they want to do this. Then go for it. If you tried and tried talking to them out of it and it doesn't work and they are so obsessed with it. Than either you didn't do a good enough job or they were damn fools for not believing in you about it.

  • tvr.ftbl_

    I feel like I’m gonna see the MetaVerse on one of your “Biggest Tech Fails” videos a few years in the future 😂

    • Maria .A.
      Maria .A.

      I hope so!🤞

    • Kittens Galore
      Kittens Galore

      He made one with a fail being the Metaverse. You predicted correctly, friend.

    • Plumjet09

      @The Bad English Guy “This dream is brought to you by lightspeed briefs”

    • ~EnigmaticAllis~

      I pray you are right!!!🙏🙏🙏

    • The Bad English Guy
      The Bad English Guy

      Ads in 360° Facebook already donsen't have a good reputation because they used to sell your personal info before Now, imagine your personal info being sold in vr

  • Human Human
    Human Human

    One important thing about the metaverse everyone almost always overlooks: it will take cyber bullying to the next level

  • Andreas Dalgaard
    Andreas Dalgaard

    This entire concept of a Metaverse reminds me of the movie/book “ready player one”. If you have not seen/read it it is about a dystopian future society where most people have abandoned reality to live in the virtual world. And let’s just say it does not go well in reality. I fear this might happen to us if we are not care full. My point being: accept reality for what it is and do not forget to live. Abandoning reality has never resulted in anything good.

  • John Olswang
    John Olswang

    Nice to see such a trustworthy company tapping into your perceived reality what could go wrong.

    • jacob free
      jacob free


    • AdvancedSettings

      No one is going to use this shitty idea, no one will let FACEBOOK control the whole world you're living in. This will appear in the list of the most deadliest fails of all time.

    • Todd Siegert
      Todd Siegert

      I thin that as long as other companies keep Zuckerburg in check, there isn't a problem

    • Mr:Myth Man
      Mr:Myth Man

      Maybe if we’re lucky they will let us sell our souls as well!

  • BugBear

    The metaverse is like playing a large scale MMO. Make and customize a character, connect with people, have a community, do social activities, play with the economy, etc without all the blockchain, NFTs and crypto. Gamers are already living their 2nd lives.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Most of this reminds me of Second Life, but the fact that I will be handing more of my data to Facebook/Meta makes me want to avoid the Metaverse like smart people avoid the plague. I already use Instagram and WhatsApp and even though I deleted my Facebook unfortunately they still got a huge file on me. I'm not about to give them even more!

  • KottaEDW

    I find the metaverse absolutely TERRIFYING. I want to live my life how it already is. I think they are going WAY too far

  • little1133

    I feel, as I do about most things coming possibly in the future, that this is quite exciting, but there are many things to be careful of. But if we are mindful and make sure that we don’t let these things ruin our future, this can be something amazing. We shouldn’t necessarily be scared, but we should have plenty of caution along with our excitement.

  • Cambo Space and Science Edu
    Cambo Space and Science Edu

    I don't like the idea of turning human to live in a faked world. My real dog will never want me to abandon her...

    • Snappy_turtlee

      i couldnt agree more because the world could just end and all of humanity will just disappear

    • Greypanda

      Meta:we made the dog be your dog can now be in meta

    • Mama Bear
      Mama Bear

      @Franmanu Truji Yes.

    • Mama Bear
      Mama Bear

      I would only use it to play games. I would just chill with my dog in the empty parks and streets.

  • Roshni S
    Roshni S

    Metaverse reminds me of every black mirror episode which involved tech tragedy. Its an eerie feeling to enter into a future where metverse is invasive of humanity's entire existence.

  • I am the Bystander
    I am the Bystander

    I'm glad that this covers both positives and negatives of this which does make us start thinking if this technology is really needed.

  • Jojo’s workhouse
    Jojo’s workhouse

    The meta verse seems more depressing honestly. Imagine being done with the metaverse only to realize that you are just an ordinary dude. Honestly we shouldn’t even be worrying about how we are in real time, but The metaverse looks like it’s about to accomplish that.

  • GachaTail 43
    GachaTail 43

    One of the things I believe could keep us from getting too addicted to the metaverse would be similar to the ending of ready player one. I'm talking about closing the servers for certain days like Tuesday and Friday or something like that. But thats my opinion

  • No One
    No One

    Imagine how empty people feel after leaving the meta world and being back in reality. Society will get more and more lost in the circle of dopamine addiction, creating brain dead people and increasing the development of depression

    • Noa

      Well…I don’t even think people will get out of the mega verse

    • ~EnigmaticAllis~

      Already very much a thing without meta.. I'm more worried about people getting trapped in them...😳😳😳 I will never allow that thing to be anywhere near me or my kid!!!

    • Ramon Angelo
      Ramon Angelo

      Isn't it just the same? Like imagine going to a real world party, then after the party has ended, one can still be alone in his apartment right?

    • Felix Chen
      Felix Chen

      ​@Γιώργος Αλεξάκης Thats just vr as it is now, its going to evolve

    • Void

      @Eboney music yeah my bad, I have a habit of replying incredibly late

  • BrickBrigade

    Whenever I hear "end society as we know it," I hear "disruptive technology" and just get super excited

  • Frank Vernieuwe
    Frank Vernieuwe

    Metaverse experiences depend on huge real life infrastructure (data centres, fixed and mobile networks, etc.) and it uses huge amounts of energy. Not to mention the need for rare earth metals, etc. Not as sustainable as it looks…

  • Maria .A.
    Maria .A.

    The fact that Meta wants to subsidize the headset cost tells me ALLOT and sounds REALLY suspicious.

  • Kehan

    Same as how the Internet turned out, I think the tech from the metaverse would remain after a brief period of time probably some disaster would happen when the metaverse starts to spread to everyone

  • Shellrockguy

    Can’t wait for everyone to be consumed on their vr headset, while I stay outside and have peace and quiet in the real world

    • Itsblah4213

      Ur gonna be a great father

    • Browhatthetornado

      I would be playing the Xbox

    • leo the german shepherd
      leo the german shepherd

      Actually I am scared, coz my dream is 5o be a sportsman

    • Lxsh Lana
      Lxsh Lana

      Ngl it's kind of a good idea lol

    • josh

      OK boomer

  • SurestPoem

    Metaverse just sounds like lucid dream (controlling your dreams and it feels very real)

  • Okoth James
    Okoth James

    the fact that most people are against it kinda gives me hope in humanity

  • Abe

    I've been doing this for years in second life. Nothing new here. And yes, I also have a full life outside of that. It doesn't have to be a bad thing. Plus it won't be for everyone, which is fine. As long as people understand that it isn't technology that controls us, but our perceptions about why we use tools for escaping this reality.

  • Sara Sousa
    Sara Sousa

    I'm excited to see the potential of having all you dreams satisfied, as if you were lucid dreaming all the time. I'm interest to see how metareality can make me realize about myself.

  • zehran

    Can't wait for people to full go into this "meta verse" so I can go outside and enjoy some alone time.

    • The Truth
      The Truth

      Idk about that,Anime fans like you dont really do that😂

    • Danny Phantom
      Danny Phantom

      maybe the planet will finally heal

    • MJ CAT 17
      MJ CAT 17

      Star Trek Holodeck and beam me up.

    • Filip Priečinský
      Filip Priečinský

      well i kinda miss going outside and not seeing friends on street. I go outside and its like a ghost town. Nobody there, nobody talk to.

    • Jaren From Venus
      Jaren From Venus

      @Rohit Nijhawan Um, ok.

  • Ata Solak
    Ata Solak

    This is legitimately THE B E S T sponsored content I’ve ever been exposed to. Like don’t remember a time that I was incredibly happy to receive an add but for Say Mine, oh gosh, I am more than glad to see this. Thank you so much!

  • Imperium Romanum
    Imperium Romanum

    IRglo’s predictions on the metaverse vary massively. From the evaporation of our real lives to the collapse of big tech as a whole. Regardless, it is still very concerning…


    Love all your videos bro, I don’t usually subscribe to anything unless I really enjoy what I’m watching, and these videos and the tech videos are awesome!!!

  • A Guy on the Internet
    A Guy on the Internet

    As someone who's experienced vr on multiple headsets, I can confidently say, the quest 2 is not capable of realism whatsoever, lol. Good vr tracking, but everything on it is numbed down for the lower end gpu on the system. It takes a very good pc and a nicer headset to get towards true realism. For example, the valve index.

  • Abhishek Guruvannawar
    Abhishek Guruvannawar

    The world has literally started feeling like a sci-fi movie

    • noneofyour bussiness
      noneofyour bussiness

      There several movie on this stuff . And all creepy scary. The elites rule all metaverse

    • Loveless

      and itll only get crazier faster

    • Qorax

      Yeah I'm starting to feel old lol

    • Andrea Voigtländer
      Andrea Voigtländer

      @Lytening ready player one is really bad

    • sh4rd


  • Snappy_turtlee

    holy crap I didnt realize how scary the future is, I thought it was cool at first but this is just insane


    yeah I think its safe to say that you've greatly overestimated meta and its impact on society

  • James Lindsey
    James Lindsey

    This is totally awesome and completely terrifying at the same time.

  • DeveloperStrobes

    The sponsor of this video was actually good and really helpful with the current cyber data selling situation

  • StingrayC267

    So is VR/AR the bridge between reality and Metaverse?

    • Clink- CrackedKiwi69
      Clink- CrackedKiwi69

      Yeah it's terrifying

    • [sdk]

      @lukyboi _44 Yes, Metaverse is basically VRChat with A LOT more budget

    • Daan Daan
      Daan Daan

      For now..... but finally we will be connected directly

    • KlearChristal

      @lukyboi _44 Yup.

    • gocygo

      Very different things

  • Rita Greenwood
    Rita Greenwood

    Great balanced video. Reading a report not long ago in a well-established UK newspaper, the problems with Meta are already highly disturbing. The Metaverse is NOT a safe space for children or poc or women. Elements of this remind me of Second Life, which was fun for a while but then you realise it was just full of predators. I'm all for progress and tech is exciting, but with this, I just see new levels of depression this way come.

  • Treasure

    The scary part about this is in the future (who knows how long till) that maybe this virtual reality will be so advanced that it won't even be like looking through a screen by putting on a VR headset, no it will be like a super advanced neuralink that can trick all your five senses and brain functions into feeling and perceiving things as real in a virtual world. Like a way more hyper-realistic conscious dream of sorts that is not just controlled but an actual matrix type situation.

  • William Lycke
    William Lycke

    everything you said about the metaverse just made me more scared and feel more distrust and hate towards it.

  • Mitschki

    I don't think the impact we have on the planet will decrease with living in the metaverse. At least not for quite a while. The internet itself (well, the structure of devices which make the internet what it is) with all its power and storage has a negative impact on our environment and I think that this development won't move in the opposite direction anytime soon. Apart from that I'm really torn between being fascinated and skeptic about the whole metaverse thing. The geek inside me loves it and the nature loving and very idealistic side of me has a ton of grave concerns. Sorry for eventual bad grammar, I'm quite brain fogged and a non native english speaker.

  • Marc Ricōs
    Marc Ricōs

    The danger of giving EVERYTHING to a company (Meta/Facebook) is absolutely apocalyptic. If this idea works, Facebook is gonna own the world.

    • Demonetization Symbol
      Demonetization Symbol

      I don't care who the person is if it's a person, what the corporation is if it's a corporation, I don't want anyone or anything neither ruling nor taking over the world.

    • play man
      play man

      A man could only hope for a open source meta…

    • Dark -
      Dark -

      North Korea is immune

    • Andrew Varnum
      Andrew Varnum

      @Space Ninja Gotta Get A TeeVee yea for real or the oasis

  • jackfrostyfly

    Question is , will they use their powers for good instead of evil. Another universe to mess up this one is beyond hope

  • Nezukooo

    This man always finds a way to rickroll you

  • Gergely Grosz
    Gergely Grosz

    This metaverse is just the absolute and literal proof that a simulation like the Matrix can exist, will be able to exist and most likely we are a part of it.

  • Oofus The Doofus
    Oofus The Doofus

    Also keep in mind that eyesight will be a problem as well. Without any protection, your eyesight will slowly diminish if you spend everyday on the VR, as it’s basically blasting light in your eyes for long sessions. Eyesight would get worse and worse, and us humans depend on it more than the other 4 senses.

  • Humzz15

    The fact that many people are against this gives me hope.

    • ShadowHawk

      Totally agree

    • Salih Ozcan
      Salih Ozcan

      I hope it succeeds cuz I will be finally able to enjoy the outside

    • Ahmad Scientist
      Ahmad Scientist

      @Unknight same

    • Unknight

      I’m worried about the strain on your eyes plus it’s very dangerous

    • Some anime guy
      Some anime guy

      @Joel Jayakaran I’m worried about the metaverse mainly because of using it as a platform for corporations to gain more control of our lives and to extend consumerism across the world. In my ideal solarpunk future, the metaverse would exist, but it wouldn’t be a platform of capitalism and consumerism, instead, it would just be a natural extension of the internet, needing only a VR/AR glass and an internet connection.

  • Daniel Moraes
    Daniel Moraes

    Except for the mental problems and the isolation from the real world, all of the Metaverse's problems are already know in other platforms.

  • MeetFluence

    At the end, unless we are able to earn enough or more than enough, Metaverse will always be another Instagram or Facebook

  • BigDamnHero

    When you realise that they want people locked at home so they can do their stuff without anyone around

  • Raynerk

    After reading lots of these comments, it feels like I'm not even allowed to be hyped about Metaverse.. Yet, I am quite hyped and excited to see where this goes.

  • Six

    The Metaverse would be really scary if Facebook owned it to begin with. Stuff like this shouldn't be owned by a company that already has such a detailed profile of all of their users.

    • Heavy0331

      @Uruke Hoodlin that would be worse because then there would be exploits left and right and many people would get hacked.

    • Sakenu

      Or a company that does not have a customer service.

    • 2ManyGoats

      At least we know Facebook is selling info

    • Dopamine

      says the bot

  • Abdul Muizz
    Abdul Muizz

    Once the Metaverse is up and running what do you think will happen to music related jobs?

  • Sapphire Wolf
    Sapphire Wolf

    I just imagine the future like a movie like everyone finds out a way to always have a VR headset on and one person decides to take it off one day and just sees a completely destroyed world.

  • ZanePlayZ -Games
    ZanePlayZ -Games

    A good example could be the ready player one movie, you never know who you are going to meet or how they actually look in the real world because you only see the persons avatar, there might also be NEW diseases because of these new technologies etc

  • Noa

    I am very scared of the metaverse and I am very happy a lot of people are against it because if this becomes real I don’t want to live here anymore

  • Mason

    I think this is a prime example of "just because you can doesn't mean you should".

    • St Mi
      St Mi

      @Raistlin Majere you beat me too the quote 😅

    • jazzbeat

      To zuck

    • jared cullison
      jared cullison

      @Raistlin Majere your*

    • April Weaver
      April Weaver

      I had the exact same thought.

  • YouTube Deleted Me Bcuz IsupportBLM
    YouTube Deleted Me Bcuz IsupportBLM

    Metaverse MAIN issue is how to mimic senses such as touch smell and taste. So how real will it be if it's strictly visual.

  • Gokusan Kamehameha
    Gokusan Kamehameha

    OK first off I would like to say I've not seen any channel for reviews that I genuinely found useful and entertaining.. yours seems to accomplish that and I've now after watching this video came to also appreciate them a Lil more seeing as you seem to actually be grounded in reality.. your thoughts and concerns on the metaverse seem to align pretty well with my own and seeing as I'm sure you know much more and are up to date on current technology and virtual and digital media then to hear your thoughts and them be very close to what I thought about the metaverse from the beginning means to me that you must be at least as reality based and perceptive as myself if not more... it's good to see someone being realistic and looking ahead to see the inevitable pitfalls of something that most people are either blindly advocating or blindly against. I say that last part because the benefits of what the metaverse if gone about in the right way could produce is obvious.. and those who are entirely against it and claim there's nothing to gain from it are just as misguided as those who claim that it will be harmless.. keep up the good work man... if you do read this email me I've got a good idea for something having to do with the whole metaverse concept that I'd like to see what your thoughts are on it

  • Scribbles

    I agree with everything. Imagine how bad someone's mental health could be worrying about what the other person is saying behind a moderated system and realising that you're not actually the person who you are in the metaverse can be dissapointing.

  • Mary M
    Mary M

    If the Metaverse comes out I would have at least one pet in it so I have even more pets then I already would have in the real world.

  • Sami GARNATI
    Sami GARNATI

    Honestly, I'd rather to be a normal being, living a normal life than an electronic avatar, living an electronic verse. AKA Meta verse.

    • Zadkiel Toro
      Zadkiel Toro

      @Alexandru Para if the metaverse is the future then that's just sad

    • 4u2cre8

      @Rebel I'd still rather talk than text. Text is fine for brief interactions but horrible for in depth communication.

    • Hideyo

      @ava oh cool

    • Clink- CrackedKiwi69
      Clink- CrackedKiwi69


    • Villas Dam-Karlsen
      Villas Dam-Karlsen

      You've seen too many movies my guy.

  • BenchFox

    I hope to god this never happens to any of our descendants. Social media in its current form is problematic enough. We shouldn't always strive for convenience in our lives, we should challenge ourselves to improve our lives. The Metaverse is the antithesis to this.

  • GamerBaconPlays_

    I would never enter the Meta-verse, never. I love being online, but I believe this is an overkill version of virtual reality.

  • Lunar_Lightz

    Well personally, when I hear this I think.. what happened to VR being an escape? if you make VR completely realistic then it'd just be like real life repeated. It's kind of scary because, it's really just as real as you believe it is-

  • K Correia
    K Correia

    The metaverse is great and something to look forward to. But the part where you spoke about Mine as a service. Mine requests full control of your mailbox. It's definitely not secure in terms of privacy. It's a startup company testing a proof of concept with little secondary research references online that confirms it's in fact safe to hand over control of your mailbox to this company. One could potentially assume it's a bit too intrusive and unethical.

  • Lily

    The meta thing should be like a Disney theme park ; limited time, for fun, as a hobby. It's so cool to have certain experiments but living in it 24/7 seems terrifying.


      This is actually a good idea. Although it won’t end up this way ofc , this would be the way to go

    • Amirul Mustafa
      Amirul Mustafa

      So Vrchat or recroom?

    • Lego City batman Set Lifestyle
      Lego City batman Set Lifestyle

      @Dinu G God disprove

    • bruh

      @Dinu G it could very likely be something like that

  • Cryptic Cobra
    Cryptic Cobra

    it's amazing the metaverse is literally just a MMORPG but people see it as a wild idea.

  • Andy Richter
    Andy Richter

    I’m in the tech industry, and the thing I find fascinating? The people that know the most about tech use social media the most.

  • Phil Winch
    Phil Winch

    to put a bit of a positive spin on this - i used to be very adventurous, and into alot of extreme sports, loved doing stuff which got my heart racing. about 5 years ago (ish) a medical thing came up and put an end to that stuff. long story short, lots of pain which is 10x worse when doing something physical/active, walk with a stick, cant do the stuff i loved. i am all for anything that lets me do the crazy stuff i would love to do again. even if its not really the same as doing it, i would love to surf, parachute, and ride a roller coaster all before lunch.

  • Kookies n Tae
    Kookies n Tae

    I would actually prefer to stay in the real world…this is terrifying to me, there will never be anything better to me than touching grass in real life

  • Ksheerja Srivastava
    Ksheerja Srivastava

    This concept is so terrifying.. imagine the limits of cyberbullying and pedos if this becomes a norm in peoples lives…

    • spacecore _
      spacecore _

      @transpennine it’ll make 4chan look like a tea party

    • Resident Monster Appreciator
      Resident Monster Appreciator

      @Mein Führer Is your profile picture the Black Sun symbol with a troll face?

    • Empress Libra ♎️
      Empress Libra ♎️

      My thoughts exactly. Creeps are going to take advantage of this. Imagine a criminal just teleporting to your bedroom because he doesn’t have to break in. Thanks metaverse 😒

    • transpennine

      this makes vrchat like heaven

  • NotFlameO121

    For some reason I think life is more satisfying having a normal sized home that is real and you payed for yourself then having a massive mansion in a virtual world that is completely free

  • Donatello Barkey
    Donatello Barkey

    I'm not looking forward to being stuck in it but it will be fun to play in fun game matches and I will definitely add an alarm so I don't stay in for too long

  • Mick Smit
    Mick Smit

    So true, thanks so much for this informative video. One of my favorite channels. Sending love & respect from Durban, South-Africa!!

  • lnas 18
    lnas 18

    Feels like the metaverse how its painted, it promises a lot. And I bet it will not fulfill on all of them

  • IronTraf

    Me: can I actually fly in metaverse? META: Yes, you can with a simple monthly subscription

    • s Lieberman
      s Lieberman

      @MrBlob will be the best qb lol

    • Andromeda Delux
      Andromeda Delux

      @Special EliteYT Don't get it twisted. Stuff like this only gets as far as it does due to user generated content. 3D artists and content creators jobs take a lot longer than the piddly cents facebook can give and gain from revenue per click from ad sponsors. They're going to want to pay people or set up direct monetization of virtual avatar costumes etc, which will then come into question of "how much of that money paid to artists is shaved off to give to facebook". If that net profit share gives them less money than they would make by simply generating content for an older game with the same premise like second life....again, its dead in the water.

    • Cronos X Cronos
      Cronos X Cronos

      @Special EliteYT True


    I am worried about my future now, I don’t want this to be a thing. Imagine how greedy companies would have to be to start ruining the world and destroying humanity’s evolution purely for money, yea…that’s where we are now.

  • Das Ferkel
    Das Ferkel

    Funny that this is sold as something totally new. I´m in an metaverse since more than 10 years vow. It´s called OpenSIM and as the name says, it´s open and free to all. You have also an full customizeable avatar, You can fly and teleport, meet other people in cool places, You can even visit other metaverse servers and the graphic is about the same quality as META comes up with. Only difference, OpenSIM has no limitations set by a big company and the content is 100% user generated. So i can only laugh about Facebook about this poor copy.

  • Jemima Puddle Duck
    Jemima Puddle Duck

    The meta verse is just an escape from the real life problems

  • Jonathan

    Depending on how this evolves the world will become like the matrix.

  • Dan Richter
    Dan Richter

    This seems like the sort of thing that will make the "biggest fails they want you to forget" video in 10 years.

    • Ake Nihiyama
      Ake Nihiyama

      May it be, this concept is way too terrifying to be real

    • Ayush Kaushik
      Ayush Kaushik

      I really hope it becomes that.

    • nexus artemis
      nexus artemis

      Yeah I thought the same thing I feel like it's gonna become like Google cardboard

  • Charles Copley
    Charles Copley

    Basically, all the highs and lows of the Internet will magnify with the metaverse.

  • Devan's Animations
    Devan's Animations

    I honestly think Meta is going to sell their own haptic suits and it will be the "future"

  • fancy- reaper
    fancy- reaper

    i think it is very interesting, i have been a cyber security expert for a while now and i have hacked most things pretty base level wifi networks, radios, even now im getting into automotive exploitation and binary exploitation, coming from experience, if these use network connection which i even know they do, this can be quite dangerous if your using something like public wifi or a weak password on WPA2 networks, simply because people can hack into these networks, and use common cyber weapons to possibly take control of those devices, and since they use bluetooth you could use a tool like redfang ( bluetooth sniffer and exploitation script ) or bluesnarfer ( data sniffer via bluetooth ), which will give you all needed information about the device to attack it and take control. I think there needs to be alot more security in networks before we fully impliment this

  • Edward Scott
    Edward Scott

    I think Metaverse will benefit us in the future. I know some people are scared about the effects of it in the long run. But for me, if you're going to put it into good use then it will benefit us. Especially in the medical and educational fields. Well even also in gaming, that's why I'm looking forward for Metaversus.

  • Caellum Moran
    Caellum Moran

    I love technology, and this may be cool to log into every now and then, but this shouldn't ever be a replacement for any real activities.

    • A

      You will start out thinking that way but meta verse will make sure they do everything they can to make you addicted

    • Sh3rlock H0lmes
      Sh3rlock H0lmes

      Yeah, like this is cool, but freaky as hell

    • Lukepuke 311
      Lukepuke 311

      @Dragapult sometimes it does but lying to yourself is worse

    • Lukepuke 311
      Lukepuke 311

      @Thomas Von Wenden I’ll only use it to be on top of big mountains

    • Dragapult

      Real world sucks tho can’t blame them

  • Playz

    I honestly think we're in a movie right now, and it feels like there's an evil plan gonna take play. I'm actually scared of this thing.

    • *☆ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣☆*

      Same- like honestly how are people gonna go to the bathroom, give birth, etc in a virtual world like really?? It’s just stupid

  • The Undecided Music band
    The Undecided Music band

    But please keep in mind that Meta (facebook) is not the one that created the metaverse. Meta (facebook) has one vision, but the creator and the engineers that have been working on the metaverse for years have a different vision for it. so lets not let Meta control it

  • AGene

    it's only logical to think that for work it will be a twin option between a virtual environment and a passthrough headset (AR) showing digital manipulable objects in the real background of the area you are (room, open area). safe to assume that for real life work it will be AR (real setting with digital objects) and for bullsh*t work (selling e-cr*p on metaverse) will be full VR

  • Dapper Wolf
    Dapper Wolf

    Oh wow so this is actually the metaverse my depiction is a reality that simulates time and records everything so you can travel back but I’ll let old history define this as a metaverse

  • crowleyshouseplants

    My dad said Wall-E was the most realistic movie Disney ever made, and I’ve only believed him more and more.

    • Moonlit Foxling
      Moonlit Foxling

      I believed it may happen when I was 7 watching it

    • Joseph Lau
      Joseph Lau

      I hope he's right. 1) because that means WALL-E and EVA might have a chance and 2) bc maybe then we can get rid of all of humanity...err meaning the presence of humans on earth? Hehehe

    • Stephanie C.
      Stephanie C.

      I've always said that and people usually just chuckle. I'm never joking.

  • Arvin Raj Mathur
    Arvin Raj Mathur

    So, I agree that it would be somewhat creepy for everyone to live in a giant make-believe world, but I do see this as being a solution to a massive social issue. Nowadays, postgraduate programs in fields like archaeology and history produce a lot of highly trained PhDs, but there are not a lot of jobs for everyone. It's a paradox because despite this shortage of jobs, there is so much archaeology and history work left to do that, if we quadrupled the number of scholars right now, they would be busy for the next 5 centuries. The problem is that, because the job market is so competitive, and because universities are quite demanding of researchers and professors, many of us get stretched thin. In the past three decades, fields like archaeology rely more and more on simulations and computer modeling. I think that this would be endlessly useful in a metaverse, because it would create lots of high paying jobs for highly skilled workers that don't fit easily into our current economic model. For the first time, this could allow the scientific knowledge that's generated by archaeology to have a consumer application. Imagine how insane that would be, if you could pay to visit a virtual museum that has been designed by trained scholars with PhDs! You would get an insane time travel experience that would be worth every penny

  • Introvert🇺🇦

    I felt bad when oculus was bought by Facebook in 2017. Then they renamed it to meta. Soooooooo now we know oculus won’t be normal again

  • *☆ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣☆*

    The Metaverse…it scares me like, yes it would be easier to make friends and “make our lives more bearable” but we already have advanced tech we don’t need to make our whole world virtual like just imagine your walking down the streets and there’s no one on the streets because everyone is at home with there headsets mindlessly being pulled into this virtual “Paradise” like what if someone needs medical attention or anything people would be so into meta that people wouldn’t know what to do, with meta I think you world will just become dumber and it’s scary yes it will be easier to make friends and go see the world…but non of it is real… “Maybe the Metaverse won’t be so bad, or maybe we just need to spend more time being ourselves.” -a wise man

  • Felipe Betioli
    Felipe Betioli

    This is terrifying!!! I hope it doesn't launch, but I like the concept

  • KxttFN

    This is really scary tbh, I think it's a cool concept but the fact that this could potentially outweigh the real world freaks me out

    • Jordyn Barnes
      Jordyn Barnes

      Yeah I read something like this in a book and people where spending ungodly hours on it and it was crazy (the book is called walking in two worlds, it is about Native American culture and tech. Good book I recommend it for many people)

    • LaziBoy

      Then dont use it


      doesn't a lot of stuff on the internet already outweigh the real world for a large amount of people?

    • Belly bell
      Belly bell

      U can’t outweigh real world only can come close to it they trynna get it like the real world not better

    • Eric G
      Eric G

      You can’t eat meta food. Real > fake

  • broiking youtiobe
    broiking youtiobe

    can you make a video which goes more in depth into the "metawar" with valve vs meta vs Microsoft rather than explaining what will happen if "meta" wins.

  • Rahim

    "The only limit is our creativity"

  • ricshmitzUK

    The idea is good but I'm very dubious of the final product/experience. VR is an over-rated experience, currently.

  • Hitesh Chandra Chinnam
    Hitesh Chandra Chinnam

    I am sure one day in the future, this video will be watched by people and complain how much the world changed.