I tested the FASTEST GADGETS on the Planet.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    You may have noticed it took me TIME to make this one, but MAN am I excited for you to see it! 🏎 To check out my favourite Gadgets video ever: irglo.info/from/k6aWraCfmq_ggpM/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Kunwar Singh Bedi
      Kunwar Singh Bedi

      Where is the link for the sponsorship

    • …Pįxëlś…

      Why did you eat the pizza with knife and forks???

    • Benjamin Woodcraft
      Benjamin Woodcraft

      @xai38 809 I have it on stock gearing and it goes 100mph out of box so yeah nub

    • xai38 809
      xai38 809

      @Benjamin Woodcraft x01 on stock gearing does not go 100 you need smaller spur and larger pinion sold separately to reach 100

    • Benjamin Woodcraft
      Benjamin Woodcraft

      @xai38 809 I know how gearing works but the traxxas Xmas even on fast gearing can only go 80mph the traxxas x01 on stock gearing goes 100mph. And Kevin talbot is aiming to get 203mph on his credit car as well

  • Tejus Mathew
    Tejus Mathew

    the only thing faster is arun's mind trying to find a way to rickroll us

    • aDarkBoi '-'
      aDarkBoi '-'


    • dreamtelugugaming


    • ZixaVl2022


    • godzilla101

      @Disin Yes, *Arun hacks comment* Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

  • Athul krishna
    Athul krishna

    8:30 the british accent is really killing it 😂😂😂 The editors comments 'Thats what she said' occassionally is also hilarious. He's like that one friend who comes up with sarcasm at the perfect time

  • Francis Ayil
    Francis Ayil

    This dude can sell you your own life and you'd buy it. I love your videos man.

  • Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)
    Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    i had one of those running alarmclocks. strong emphasis on HAD. one morning, when it was supposed to NOT go off, since it was the weekend, it suddenly did. so i got my self defense birdshot revolver and blew it to pieces and at the same time opened a hole in my floor.

  • Hirom921

    i love how Arun is hyperventilating while josh is so calm

  • iShredder

    I like how Arun took his American viewers to consideration when talking about the size of the rc car and said four milos for scale. Edit: Milo is his cat and tysm for all the likes.

    • xai38 809
      xai38 809

      @Hybrid Phage no 799

    • Phantom Wolf7818
      Phantom Wolf7818

      @K4KAROT this comment was roughly a quarter of my phone screen So it's abou 1/4 phones

    • CubeNite

      That implies that perfect replicas of Milo are commonplace in America

    • JayuMC

      @K4KAROT football fields are the only one we really use, just a nice way of saying 100 yards I guess

    • Sarim Alam
      Sarim Alam

      You know not only American viewers use different units of measurement

  • Gareth Flandro
    Gareth Flandro

    This is really cool! The effort that goes into not only finding the gadgets/tech etc. is insane! Not to mention making these videos fun to watch. Quick note, Ooni ovens takes about an hour to heat up, but the flavor is much much stronger and better than a storebought pizza.

  • Mab0923

    Back when I used to watch RC-Car videos, the fastest RC car around was the “Cheetah,” that monster ran at about 60 MPH

    • VEJI

      The current world record is 203mph

  • HunzHurte

    Finally some well deserved exposure for the custom nerf comunity.

  • kiran rathod
    kiran rathod

    A new direction to the videos and channel Loved this approach as smartphones are peaking. Videos like this in between regular videos will make this channel grow even further.

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  • Dhruv Lodhi
    Dhruv Lodhi

    07:20 Never saw him that happy on this channel Hence proved, a remote car is far better than any other tech in this world.

    • i like rc's
      i like rc's

      @minutus rex exactly

    • Chaos Sense
      Chaos Sense

      HOLY SH-... **gibberish** HOLEY MOLEY

    • Asphalt OREO
      Asphalt OREO

      @Casperrr kikikiki yeaaa

    • Negruser Vasile
      Negruser Vasile

      @CRINGEkabaapZENI. Only have 575 usd lol

  • System Config
    System Config

    Such a wholesome content. Concise, entertaining and educational. Arun is probably the best IRglo content creator.

  • Michael Vankirk
    Michael Vankirk

    actually an arrmar infraction V2 does almost 90 miles an hour out of the box for $700 plus batteries it's a lot faster than $1,000 XMaxx I know I have both

  • Alex A
    Alex A

    Bro.. your reaction to the remote controlled car was the best. It was 100% pure kid joy 😂

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  • AceCraft

    Arun's reaction to the RC Car was priceless

  • RandomUser

    Smartphones’ brands releases mostly once a year. Arun seems to be the only person who’s nailed down “what to do while we wait”

    • Proud Ex-Muslim
      Proud Ex-Muslim


    • Kenneth James
      Kenneth James

      I fully agree, the man brings us the stuff one wouldn't normally get to see and I can appreciate that.

  • Life with MAce
    Life with MAce

    Keep up the good work

  • Double Quotes
    Double Quotes

    The fastest thing in this video was Arun's voice going from Terminator to queen Victoria 🤣🤣

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    The content on this channel was really really upgraded after the 10 Mil subs ❤️❤️

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  • JonathanYT ;)
    JonathanYT ;)

    His reaction to the Absolute LUDICROUS SPEED of the Rc car was very Funny 😂🤣

  • Nico Zeeuw
    Nico Zeeuw

    You're just a big child Arun 🤣🤣🤣 I enjoy watching you test these gadgets every time again. Quality content 10/10

    • godzilla101

      @DM More ik

    • DM More
      DM More

      He should replace Ryan's World... 😄

    • godzilla101

      Oh lemme fix that *Makes Arun short* Now he is 2'3. PROBLEM SOLVED! CALL IT OFF!

    • Kenneth Anderson
      Kenneth Anderson


  • McNugget

    I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a month now and loving the content

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  • Skyborn

    amazing, I love ur content mate.

  • Ryu Chi
    Ryu Chi

    "this is the craziest video I've ever made" Us who already know how crazy this guy was: 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

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  • Xs Xs
    Xs Xs

    i love how excited you got with the remote car and butter spreader. Very exciting and interesting video!

    • Noon On
      Noon On

      I call it making quality content versus child's play. Of course toying around is much easier. And why I do believe a few of these products could maybe be more than just e-waste, I'm sad to see his "old channel" dying.

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  • Malekith

    Arun: "Do you ever feel like time runs away in the morning?" Me: OMG, If he bring in an actual time machine I'm gonna freak out Arun: *shows an alarm on wheels*


      @help logic.

    • help

      It is a time machine, its a machine that tells time

    • SahimTech


  • THEREAPER 8793
    THEREAPER 8793

    6:50 as a owner of a lot of rc cars I can confirm that is not for begginers

  • Ghost Reaper
    Ghost Reaper

    المنتجات رائعة ❤️👍

  • Trendy Insight
    Trendy Insight

    This just makes you want a need for speed! Amazing stuff here.

  • Hendrix McClanahan
    Hendrix McClanahan

    just so you know, the Traxxas X-Maxx isn't the fastest RC car ever, that title belongs to the Traxxas XO-1 which goes 100+ mph (161kph). maybe an idea for a future video?

  • Katherine

    I really like that Arun is expanding the horizons of the channel into new and interesting elements! Never stop innovating, we love it! 🤩

    • ShadowOmegaX

      @abhi sharma WE GET IT

    • abhi sharma
      abhi sharma

      @Franz Delos Santos do you i am fool.

    • Franz Delos Santos
      Franz Delos Santos


  • Charles Fernandez
    Charles Fernandez

    I don’t think I have ever seen you have so much fun 🤣

  • PAULusSANtoso Widjaja
    PAULusSANtoso Widjaja

    Living with technology is never ending while technology keeps advancing all the time.

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  • V1per

    When you spend all your savings just to find a LAPTOP faster and cheaper

  • peter

    Wow my favorite was the skyrunner boots so funny who knew such amazing tech existed

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  • izzyan Jassim
    izzyan Jassim

    Arun went from a grown adult tech reviewer to a child toy reviewer. Love your content!

    • Yilmaz Ozhan
      Yilmaz Ozhan

      I prefer the more “adult” version ngl

    • JusticePreyHDM

      It's actually the other way around One can play IRglo Kids The other can sprain someone else's ankle

  • Aidan’s Rc
    Aidan’s Rc

    the xmaxx isnt close to the fastest car, the fastest rc car was build by Nic Case, and went a little over 200mph. the fastest production car is the Xo-1, made by the same brand that you bought that car from, but from what i hear the xo-1 is pretty hard to control. not trying to be an rc snob, after all theyre just toys but maybe you should say 50mph rc car to keep people like me from complaining lol, also you should try out some jumps with the xmaxx, if you go on amazon you can find a few, i use landwaves and its great, anyways have fun with your rc car

  • Veer Yushua Pradhaban
    Veer Yushua Pradhaban

    The only thing faster is arun's mind trying to find a way to rickrolled us

  • Neal P.
    Neal P.

    The "normal" rc car is very small... bro you've got to business trying to control an Xmaxx.... they're insane!

  • L0N3_W0LFY

    The fastest RC car is actually the Traxxas XO-1, with a top speed of 100 MPH

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee

    Arun's gradually turning his channel into a reboot of The Gadget Show, and I'm here for it ✌️

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  • Sheshachala

    3:19 The fastest mobile gaming GPU in the world ? 🤣

  • Curly Genius
    Curly Genius

    7:26 is pure chaos and we loved it 😂😂😂

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  • Tshikalange

    You buy the most craziest gadgets and I want them all 😂😂😂

  • ChrisKay FF
    ChrisKay FF

    So inspiring 😍

  • Harry Brooks
    Harry Brooks

    everyone else: wow i love how arun is improving his channel! me: STOP EATING PIZZA WITH A FORK

    • HalobrineHB

      Congrats, your comment blew up.

    • maaingan

      @D GamingGoPro like some kind of freak you mean

    • Ramen guy
      Ramen guy


    • D GamingGoPro
      D GamingGoPro

      I literally new there would be a comment on him eating pizza with utensil’s

    • Prithvi Singh
      Prithvi Singh

      @HalobrineHB same

  • Aayush kaushik
    Aayush kaushik

    His face while brushing was hilarious but hats off to you for bringing new and exciting content!!

  • Ayanokoji Kiyotaka
    Ayanokoji Kiyotaka

    Bro you can use the automatic walking gadget to do the task of a app you mentioned where you can buy apple products for free by walking and counting the steps

  • Justin Lipp
    Justin Lipp

    This is a pretty surprising video lol never thought I’d see you tryng a badass rc car I love rc cars! Lol

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  • Levi Matthew Henson
    Levi Matthew Henson

    My friend, oh my gosh it’s INSANE, she can literally tie her shoes in under a couple of seconds… it’s INSANE!!! I literally cannot comprehend it!! And nobody believes her until she shows them, and then they’re stunned lol

  • Salman Ahmed
    Salman Ahmed

    Arun driving that car and getting excited and surprised was the best moment in it. I would love to see him like that in all his contents. Stay safe! Stay blessed! ❤️

    • Rusty Valdez
      Rusty Valdez

      Same, he was so surprised XD

    • Arjun..

      Dude perfect showed this car driving on water right?

    • Bentonchiez

      But he could have gotten a Traxxas X01 that’s even faster for the same price

    • hotwheelsguy69

      Hobby grade rc aint no joke


    this became a tech channel to amazon products review channel real quick!

  • Krish Naik
    Krish Naik

    I love the melody in Arun's voice mostly the hahehahavh which resembles a witches cackle 😂

  • Ryan Chappell
    Ryan Chappell

    I laughed out loud about the clock moving an infinite amount faster.

  • Marv

    I love your Videos, your positive kind saved many days of my life, much love

  • Nived Damodaran (NDO)
    Nived Damodaran (NDO)

    0:22 I'm pretty sure the speedometer animation is what took the most amount of time in the making of this video 😂

    • KingDeebs

      @Mrwhosetheboss what’s the butter machine called, I want one

    • Shiven Karwa
      Shiven Karwa

      @SumWonPharted it seems like were right

    • Lifelong Virgin
      Lifelong Virgin

      @6IXSPEED I don't get it. Why wouldn't he reply?

    • Lifelong Virgin
      Lifelong Virgin

      @SumWonPharted I don't get it. Why wouldn't he?

    • abhi sharma
      abhi sharma

      @Mrwhosetheboss Have you seen all comments that post on your channel by the viewer.If not then please see. How many channels do you have. If not that is your responsibility too. Otherwise the trust towards you will not be acceptable. Be careful.

  • Swapnil Kodliwadmath
    Swapnil Kodliwadmath

    Arun: *takes something which doesn't move, and makes it move* Infinite times FASTER!!!

  • yippi kowudillalotsavichadoodle
    yippi kowudillalotsavichadoodle

    That rc XMaxx is a beast! The rear end was pulled down from all the torque at the start.

  • CrownCookie

    6:07 Wrong, it runs about 60-80 km/h and the fastest RC car that you can get is the Traxxas XO-1 Supercar.

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  • Katie is tired again
    Katie is tired again

    I want that pizza oven so badly I am obsessed with pizza and I've been trying to save up ages for one!

  • Gabriele Fusto
    Gabriele Fusto

    20 minutes spent cleaning tiles… that’s some serious dedication 😂😂😂

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  • Lucas pay to win broski
    Lucas pay to win broski

    I wonder if he realizes the actual fastest rc car ever can go up to 250 miles an hour

  • 『 ÁWM 』๛ DÁNGER
    『 ÁWM 』๛ DÁNGER

    I covered 100m in 14.24 seconds as a 13 year old boy in the past. I think I am fast enough.

  • Landscaping Specialist
    Landscaping Specialist

    Your reaction to the xmaxx is 100% appropriate 🤘🏻

  • Al Asyraf Azlan
    Al Asyraf Azlan


  • 山乇丂ᑎIᑕᕼOᒪ

    I have to be honest Arun, every time I see one of you're new videos pop up I can't click it fast enough. You always have something different and you're up beat and excited attitude translates to the viewer. You have these style of videos down to a tee and they just keep getting better so keep it up man you have been doing so well!

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  • Jogaila Juknelis
    Jogaila Juknelis

    If I would have that alarm clock and it would try to wake me up, I would just let it run around making sound

  • Andy McFlab
    Andy McFlab

    Awesome video, especially the r/c car (traxxas x-maxx i think) but couldn't find a link or name of it in description.

  • Lord Tristiboi
    Lord Tristiboi

    8:28 this is the hub where the magic happens😳😳

  • Monke Guy
    Monke Guy

    Definitely putting the alarm clock, the automatic tooth brush and the instant butter thing on my shopping list

  • Noah W
    Noah W

    I think I had the same case, or something similar. That's the HAF 922 or 932! Quite the case 2 200mm fans which you can't even hear with a large amount of airflow. It would actually reduce the Temps to the hard drives as well, especially since I was running 4 and they were close together. I have since moved to a NZXT H500 but I still kind of miss the HAF case.

    • Sam Mossavat
      Sam Mossavat


  • Ofer Zilberman
    Ofer Zilberman

    The self lacing shoes are literally like the ones in back to the future

  • Showman

    Rather than putting a sponsor in video, you plan whole video around your sponsor. This is genius.

  • Venkatesh

    Hi Mrwhosetheboss, I recently started watching your video's and it is very nice to see the way you speak and explain! I think you have done the Fastest Butter Video very next to the Fastest ToothBrush, as your hands are still pink in color. JFF!

  • Stone Wolf
    Stone Wolf

    It would be nice to have a link to these products in the description somewhere.

  • aminu umar
    aminu umar

    it's so beautiful to see someone soooo enthusiastic about something they love! Keep up the good work Arun!

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  • HazyGames

    I can tie both of my own shoes in less than a minute thanks to a special method I know and not many people I know use this method, for a shoe, it takes me 5 seconds if I'm in a rush and in a good mood

  • Sebah Nasir
    Sebah Nasir

    Chasing down your alarm clock though 😂 Who is gonna sleep back after that

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  • Danielle Lange
    Danielle Lange

    Him reviewing the fastest things also him being the fastest at rating stuff through 1-10