What you didn't know about Tesla.
I've spent the last week finding out the top 40 most hidden facts about Tesla, including the Cars (Model S E X Y), the CEO Elon Musk and the Company...and more 👀. There's no sponsor here so I'll just say, do consider subscribing! 😁
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    The first "Car-related" video I've made in about 3 years - did you like it!?

  • leila_alhamo

    At this point just give the man a record for the amount of rickrolling he’s done.

  • Tech By Kaelan
    Tech By Kaelan

    He managed to rickroll us through a Tesla screen…. What an absolute legend.

  • aevien1

    That's some fine editing! Love how Arun's video quality is increasing with literally every upload.

  • cyntanic

    S: Model S

  • Aleksandar Nikoloski
    Aleksandar Nikoloski

    Love your videos and how well structured, produced and engaging they are. Keep up the good work.

  • Max H
    Max H

    you mostly talked about teslas money, features and projects, this didnt seem like a critical video but more of an ad for tesla.

  • The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap

    Your infographics are magical. love it!

  • Badass BobY
    Badass BobY

    That Tesla roadster which is in Space probably has the most airtime in any game.

  • Last Renegade
    Last Renegade

    Great vid as usual but did you deliberately / unintentionally miss out on the innumerous lawsuits filed against Tesla by their car owners for various faults such as control arm failure, technical issues, structural integrity, etc.

  • Cynical


  • Vitalijus Glotovas
    Vitalijus Glotovas

    Great video (as usual)! Everything I like about Tesla in one place, explained in the best way I’ve seen, with some peppers of humour (as usual). 5.4 stars.

  • Alexandros Dalaretos
    Alexandros Dalaretos

    Your analyzing and thinking is just excellent, I actually sit and watch you with my sons so they get a lesson on proper business analysis and problem solving, great job keep it up this way! also really great direction on the videos and last but not least, man you're funny I laugh a lot with your jokes good work

  • Jay Pazare
    Jay Pazare

    I swear one of these times he's just gonna bring in the real Rick Astley just to Rick roll us.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J


  • Sarmadiqbal

    I didn't like this channel before but now I love it owing to the hard work he puts in his videos.

  • LightningFz

    You are right, this is a car-related video, but for me, I view Tesla as a technology that happened to make cars. They do what innovative people do, like how they are fully committed to creating self-driving cars, which by the way is sooooo insane.

  • bbtechie

    Whoever edit your videos is solid and I love his/her style. Anyways, big-ups this is awesome. Well researched and explained, I always have a reason to watch your videos. Big thanks to you and MKBHD for the massive motivation because you guys are my source of strength, the reason I have to be better and strong for my channel

  • nalvar82

    This was an awesome video! Thanks Arun! Do you think it's safe, though, to be sitting on top of a 1,000 lb. Lithium battery? We freak out about putting our cellphones up to our ears to talk because of the risk to our brains from the lithium battery. How about the fact that the price of a new lithium battery for the Tesla costs almost as much as a new Tesla car! 😱 How about where all those used rotting lithium batteries will be stored so that they don't pollute the planet, like we have a big problem with nuclear waste? There will be a lot of them!!! Just some things to think about....

  • Benji

    I kinda hope Elon sees this video, because it’s just so well made and edited. Let’s get Arun to ten million before Christmas!