Realme GT 2 Pro - The Record-Breaking 2022 Flagship⚡️
Unboxing and Review of the 2022 Realme GT 2 Pro - Realme's first ever Flagship Smartphone - The first 1000 people to click the link will get a one month trial of Skillshare:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Which phone are YOU most excited about in 2022? The next Samsung? The Next iPhone? Next Pixel? 🧐 I made a fun video last week filled with 50 facts about me: OR, if you want to see some of the most TRAGIC Tech fails of all time:

    • Tony Perez
      Tony Perez

      The Blu F91 Pro 5G - $249 on Amazon. I’m not saying it’s the best but I think it’s a great contender.

    • cool sunky
      cool sunky


    • Hades

      Next Blackshark and Redmagic

    • Surya Patel
      Surya Patel

      You forgot to add iqoo in the list.

    • IN- Human
      IN- Human

      4:28 rick rolled again

  • Gavin Seim
    Gavin Seim

    This is cool. Also, the fact that they put ads in a premium phone shows they are not ready for prime time.

    • Christopher W
      Christopher W

      @blanco no you're cool for saying they're cool and that's cool 😎

    • Shadow Alt
      Shadow Alt

      @EvolutionsEdge so you would rather buy a phone without ads thats more expensive and has worse specs or identical specs for 1000+ okay 👍

    • Shadow Alt
      Shadow Alt

      @Emerson Mora you do know without ads it would be 1700$ instead 700 right?

    • Shadow Alt
      Shadow Alt

      @Math man Chris if the phone cane without the ada it would be 1700$

    • Shadow Alt
      Shadow Alt

      @Yes GURL YOU CAN DISABLE THE ADS and also if they make the phone not come with ads then the price will go up to 1700$ so do you understand why they add ads now?

  • J

    I've gone from the Realme X2 Pro to the Samsung S20 FE 5G. In some aspects I feel like I've downgraded as it had 12gb ram, 256gb storage, better stereo speakers, 50w fast charge 10x zoom, vapour chamber for additional cooling, 90hz refresh rate (not much difference from 120hz), better battery life, gorilla glass 5 etc. The list is endless with that phone BUT.... The Micro SD card, IP68 water and dust resistance is a must. But the most important for me is updates. Samsung never skips this part while Realme only gave me 3 with one android 11 update. Pros and cons to each but feel more secure with the Samsung and hold more value if it came to me selling it. I also feel if I switched back to Realme I would be concerned unless they can guarantee regular patch/security updates and maybe throw in 2-3 years android updates similar to Samsung or Nokia for example. Android 11 came out in October 2020 (I think) but Realme didn't apply this untill May 2021. I kept the phone for two years from 2019 but only one software update. Sold the Realme phone on, made a loss but used the additional cash to put towards the Samsung S20 FE 5G.

    • Donal O'Brien
      Donal O'Brien

      I absolutely LOVED my X2 pro. Best phone I've ever used performance-wise. The ony thing was the camera was TERRIBLE in low light and generally took bad portraits. Lost it recently and am waiting on my GT2 Pro. Really hope there's a big jump with the camera tech as I can assume the performance will be great again.

    • Nam

      Good info here , I am also based in the UK , been using my relame X2 pro for some time now- I did not know about the updates delay with realme. Recently got a S22, absolutely appalled by the battery life of it that I returned it back to EE. I was thinking of getting the Realme GT pro but not having second thoughts - any recommendations in the midrange ???

    • pixid

      @J definitely go for a52s over the a52

    • J

      @Enter Gaming Ah man. The S20 FE 5G wipes the floor with alot of phone in a midrange budget. Shame about the charging speed though. I'm really enjoying it especially the camera quality. The Realme was ok for camera but was better with the Gcam app installed. The fixed focus selfie camera on the Realme wasn't that good. A mixed bag really. The S20 FE 5G is sort of future proofing with its 5g capability and the SD Card slot is a winner! The latest S21 or S22 lacks afew options and is definitely NOT worth the upgrade. I'm keeping a eye out for the same S20 FE 5G with deals and want to get the wife one. The Samsung A52 seems better for her but the A53 with Samsung's chipset means they have gone backwards and lacks the performance what a Snapdragon chip can do on the A52. So it's either S20 FE 5G or A52 for the wife if/when funds allow. She's currently got a Realme 5 pro which has gone down the toilet twice, scratched camera lens and bungged up with alot of crap on the internal memory. So time is ticking to get her one 🤣 The one thing I wish for in a update on the Samsung FE 5G is so you can switch to auto screen refresh or switch between 60hz, 90hz, 120hz to make the battery more supreme 😎 The one thing I give hats off to Realme is the vapour cooling chamber. It's never dropped performance when getting warm while the Samsung gets alot hotter meaning I could be getting less performance.

    • J

      @UNKNOWN ACCOUNT I'm based in the UK. I paid £449 I think but sold it to my brother for £200. He loves it 👍

  • 300 sub support me friend
    300 sub support me friend

    Can we all just appreciate the content this man and his crew makes it's just a masterpiece image what he's gonna be doing the future❤💙🧡

    • John Mark
      John Mark

      Thanks for watching 🔝🔝 And commenting Send a direct message right away 🆙🆙 you have just won a gift 🎁🎁

  • Craig Hunt
    Craig Hunt

    Great review as always thanks, just out of interest I was wondering if although it doesn't have an IP rating do they claim any water resistance? It's actually become a very important factor to me since the Galaxy S7. Thanks again, hope you're all well. ✌️

    • Nomad

      the s7 edge's design is timeless...a masterpiece

    • stefanus owen
      stefanus owen

      no water resistant

  • Parth Khare
    Parth Khare

    I have been using Realme XT for about 2 years now. I have been receiving updates regularly (late, but regular). Started with Android 9, now on Android 11, and the performance has been able to hold against plenty odds.

    • Kenedy Wangham
      Kenedy Wangham

      Same mate 👍

  • Solo Europe
    Solo Europe

    I have had my realme 7 pro for a little under an year now, and it's amazing! 128GB storage and 6GB RAM for $260 is absolutely shocking pricing, no? Not to mention, 64MP camera and SAmoled+ with 65 watt superdart charging. I love realme.

    • Tavish Gupta
      Tavish Gupta

      Realme phones are nice but every thing is just fine Software Camera Display

    • Anson LJY
      Anson LJY

      @Mrwhosetheboss great! Even the budget varient like the c25s has received the android 12 update

    • James M. Mwangoma
      James M. Mwangoma

      @VM Yeshwanth that's the point ,he said currently, that doesn't mean in the future there wont be any other like this or even better is healthy for business competition you know.

    • Just a random cat
      Just a random cat

      260 for 6+128? Fkin hell man

    • ALL OUT
      ALL OUT

      @Venator every company need to focus on updates,

  • Bruno Santana
    Bruno Santana

    a device that competes directly with the Realme GT 2 pro both in price and in configurations in my opinion would be the Motorola Edge 30 pro, with two 50MP cameras and a macro! Will we see a comparison between the two?

  • Dave Tech
    Dave Tech

    great review as I'm looking to get this phone especially for its flat screen as I'm upgrading from my Sony Xperia 5 ii which is faulty. would you still pick the plastic back over the black glass version?

  • Nambi Srinivas
    Nambi Srinivas

    How on earth do you produce such high quality videos every single time? I can’t stop appreciating something or the other every few seconds.

    • ronch550

      Yeah, his videos are absolutely topnotch. Look how he even catches that phone without looking at 1:16. Jeez.

  • Juvy Fenner
    Juvy Fenner

    I bought this and its amazing. One downside is that there is no option to have the chinese language in the settings to be changed to english. The main setting will change to english but unable to read the further options in themes. Even notifications will be in chinese. Realme online customer service is not hepful.

  • Eric Okafor
    Eric Okafor

    Looks like Realme's reply to Samsung S21 FE. I think Xiaomi 12 put the icing on this cake, with its form factor👌🏾👌🏾

    • Doggo

      @Øystein My bad, I apologize.

    • Øystein

      @Doggo uhm.. Nope... Think you need to read again

    • PaullyBoiPlays

      yeah but Xiaomi software SUCKS ASS. Ads everywhere as if it wasn't enough you bought their phone

    • hyxlia_1272

      @Kishan R It's because you cant lol

    • hyxlia_1272

      @ravi gopal Huawei camera zoom even better than other phone, including Samsung lol

  • Danish__official

    Congratulations Realme! The best flagship phone from Realme!

  • mygirlphone

    Hey Arun, just wanted to say, I really, REALLY enjoy your day-in-the-life videos with phones. It would be great if you could post more because it's been a long time since you last did. Really appreciate how well your videos are made, and I do notice the little details as well (and rickrolls!). Also, can you maybe talk a b it about budget phones in more detail? maybe a phone-buying guide video? Thanks.

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings

    I have realme gt 5g racing yellow variant. I really like the leather texture and the flagship experience is very awesome! The reason that I bought this is because of its 3.5mm headphone jack. But overall, Realme is really doing its job!!

    • @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①
      @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①

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  • evelyn woolston
    evelyn woolston

    I absolutely love my Realme 7 Pro because of its excellent battery life and fast charging. I've just got my hubby the Realme 9 Pro because, to my horror, Amazon no longer did the 7 but its turning out to be just as good and has a slightly larger screen too. Mine does a great macro mode photo for photographing insects and both support an SD card for extra storage so that I can load music onto it.

    • Text Me on Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss14
      Text Me on Telegram 👉@Mrwhosetheboss14

      Pm me ⬆️ have something for you!!!

  • GaPa

    Been here since 2015 and I feel like I have been a part of something big. My main source of knowledge about tech were always you and Linus with his team. Glad I can be a part of this journey. Thank you so much for keeping me and a lot of other people up to date and interested in all sorts of tech throughout the years. Best wishes. - one voice out of almost 10 milion

    • PoPzQ

      @Uhrwerk Klockwerx agreed

    • Uhrwerk Klockwerx
      Uhrwerk Klockwerx

      @Shrumz MKBHD is pretty biased, I don't trust em. Arun is much more legitimate, I'd compare him with Linus definitely.

    • Shrumz

      I'm with you.. I used to like mkbhd too till I realized he sells his soul for almost every video which makes him biased as fu*k for nearly every review he makes. Arun seems legit

    • Text me on Telegram👉@WatchChris
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  • Vicariously Famous
    Vicariously Famous

    I wanna say this Arun. You and MKBHD have the best video resolution quality in tech IRglo. Even when I watch in 1080p I can barely notice a difference between 2160p using 300Mbps internet. Normally most tech channels only have 1080p max and many have 480p to 720p video at most and it really strains my eyes. But your videos don't. I don't know if it's your equipment, how you upload it or what but I wanted to say thank you for setting the video quality bar high because it needs to be. My eyes thank you Arun continue being awesome 👌 👏

    • Text me on Telegram @Vermax1
      Text me on Telegram @Vermax1

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  • JReid2K

    Great specs but can it do a simple task like sending and receiving group and picture text? I refuse to import another phone until this problem is solved by OPPO, Xiaomi, Realme and etc. Online forums lets me know I'm not the only one that's made this mistake but reviewers never mention this flaw with these "International Unlocked" phones.

  • Fujiii

    As expected from realme i have been using realme for the past two years and they have never let me down

    • Text me on Telegram 👉@Haylsworld1
      Text me on Telegram 👉@Haylsworld1

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  • Diogo Pereira
    Diogo Pereira

    I bought my realme X2 pro cause of your video about it and I ve had ir for almost 3 years now, it's incredible this sustainability of this thing. It doesn't break, it doesn't get slower, even with the already in use 240 gb of storage. This things are really good, realme is a real brand.

  • Tashfiq Hashan
    Tashfiq Hashan

    I've been using Realme X for more then 2 years and the pop up camera is still smooth as butter and the performance drop is negligible. Realme are making tanks in low-mid budgets

    • matt mk
      matt mk

      me too

    • Nerve Jr
      Nerve Jr

      @Gabriel De Los Rios samee

    • Nerve Jr
      Nerve Jr

      My real me x2 slow mo is not functioning and while i open camera it lags a lot

    • newoaknl

      @A Beginner's POV ... it's MY data. Not theirs !! Understand ? Good.

    • Chetan Supare
      Chetan Supare

      @tintumonYT Go to the settings and search for recommendations. Turn it off.

  • Bogdan Anghel
    Bogdan Anghel

    i still love my X2 pro, been using it for almost 2 years, has everything i need

    • Red Nightwood
      Red Nightwood

      Is the UI bad?

  • Najmul Hasan
    Najmul Hasan

    Realme is a record breaker smartphone... ❤️❤️❤️

  • Carl John Anfone
    Carl John Anfone

    Yes finally a realme phone very proud of this company and btw I'm using the realme 8 its really good it has an amoled display but the down side of it is it doesn't have a high refresh rate but still considerable because of its price point

    • Ezra vayesu
      Ezra vayesu

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  • dave antony
    dave antony

    I own the realme 7 5G for 2 years now, bought it on release, has frequent updates(usually after 2months or so, still buttery smooth, 6gb ram, 128gb storage and its great :)

    • dave antony
      dave antony

      @TheWiseDaddy it's a good phone, you will be happy with it :)

    • TheWiseDaddy

      I am planning on buying a realme 7 and now because of your comment i've made up my mind now,thank you

    • TheWiseDaddy

      I am planning on buying a realme 7 and now because of your comment i've made up my mind now,thank you

  • ckenz21

    what a brilliant phone for the beginning of the year, great presentation by arun, well pointed facts too. this will still be tough to beat for the other flagships. it surpassed the first one 8 gen1 from Motorola. i would love to have one myself, hey arun share those other phones you still have right there. 😁

    • space001

      @B.C. not always but okay.

    • B.C.

      @space001 iPhones are never popular? Lol these phones only outsell Samsung and Apple in regions where the average monthly pay is like $500

    • space001

      @LifeIsShørt i would never recommend a chinese phone aside from oneplus unless they are like half the price of some flagship from the big three. This is the case with tvs too, where, I would not recommend a tcl or a hisense as a flagship or upper midrange. I would recommend a sony, samsung or lg. if they want to buy a lower midrange or entry level I would recommend a tcl or hisense, not samsung. sony or lg considering the quality of entry level tvs they have been making. However neither tcl nor hisense are available here.

    • LifeIsShørt

      @space001 that’s fair. If you’re in other countries then that makes sense that Chinese phones are your only real option for budge devices HOWEVER, let’s say the day comes when Apple, Google and Sammy somehow get a market in countries that don’t really buy any of the 3. A true competitive market that offer their phones for competitive prices. At that point, everybody in those counties better go for 1 of the 3 because of their superior software and hardware support and everything that I’ve said. Why do you think in MKBHDs video where he did the smartphone awards test, apple Samsung and Google won most of the awards or were the runner ups/honorable mentions? Cause they’re that good objectively.

    • space001

      @LifeIsShørt thats true but love pixels if i ever get one. Don't like sammies except the s21 ultra and apple except the 13 pro max. however. for people on a budget, they have no choice but to buy relame, xiaomi,etc. Samsung a series or m series don't cut it once you compare them. If I were to buy a flagship again I would choose samsung, apple, oneplus or google. unfortunately, google doesn't sell their phones here except for the 4a

  • Weesam Express
    Weesam Express

    I think the Realme GT2 pro's camera setup is inspired by the Oppo Find X 3 pro

  • Anuelle Cheng
    Anuelle Cheng

    I remember asking my uncle who worked at IT the best Android phone years ago. he only said two brands; Xiaomi and realme. glad they're making waves now

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      Text me on Telegram 👉@Haylsworld1

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  • Cory Williams
    Cory Williams

    I appreciate your videos Aaron. I’m not big into tech, kinda off the grid, so you help me kinda know what’s going on. Just signed up for one of your sponsors. You’re killing it bro. Turning a “eastern monastic” of current tech and consumerism into someone that’s truly interested in the “up and coming”.

    • lolipoli

      his name is arun

    • NPC

      His name is Arun.

    • John Mark
      John Mark

      Thanks for watching 🔝🔝 And commenting Send a direct message right away 🆙🆙 you have just won a gift 🎁

  • Doctor_ B
    Doctor_ B

    I bought Realme 3pro in 2019 and it was the best phone i have ever used by far Realme is love ❤️

  • NotAPenguin8

    Honestly i feel like this is gonna either go 2 ways: 1. It brings down the price of other android flagships 2. The brand’s uniqueness will disappear either due to the new competition or they will eventually rise their prices back up. (Im thinking sorta oneplus style few years of greatness then a sinking back into normality and relative anonymity)

    • Ahmad zahoor
      Ahmad zahoor

      whatever...enjoy while.we can. samsung has done worse.. selling empty boxes and slowest charging android flagship and blah blah

    • Sai Ashwin
      Sai Ashwin

      2. Oneplus is basically a premium brand now and has huge market share compared to when they were an "enthusiast brand".

    • B.C.

      @JasAnimations agreed, iPhone 6 destroys this ad machine

    • M.M.

      @Mrwhosetheboss Sad to see a great brand like OnePlus is now a sort of a paradise lost.

    • mohit gupta narnaul
      mohit gupta narnaul

      @Mrwhosetheboss you should yourself use these devices as secondary one than you know how much valuable they are. But most of you youtubers just talk 🦜 about Samsung and apple. And your reviews seems a bit odd. Give equivalent cover to all brands And make us (audience) decide which is good .

  • Tardar Sauce
    Tardar Sauce

    That moment when a flagship phone is also a flagship killer

  • piglink10

    Does the gt2 also have super linear dual speakers like the gt2 pro?

  • ultimabuster

    i bought one for 2700kr and are very happy with it really good cam and sound+ splash resistent + good battery life for that price

  • Yasinisi

    I am looking for a new phone to replace my OnePlus 6, that I was really happy with. Most important thing for me is the camera (it would be nice to have a macro mode, but it's not a must). I was thinking about OnePlus 9 Pro and now Reame GT 2 Pro (the price is currently similar in my counry). Which is a better choice? Or maybe you could recommend something different in this price range? Thank you :)

    • Yasinisi

      Thank you. I will have a look at Samsung too :)

    • Adam Burgert
      Adam Burgert

      The Samsung Galaxy s21 fe is at similar at price and has 4k selfie camera telephoto camera, but it depends I guess what you do with it. If you're more of a gamer than a realme or OnePlus would be better but if cameras are more important than the Samsung might be better.

  • André KZ
    André KZ

    I found the realme X2 pro in 2019 in the USA under $500, including the extra $20 for an adapter for the plug. I wanted it for the 90Hz screen with Snapdragon 855+. The phone is STILL running like new and with no broken screen. Plus, that 65W Supervisor charger still gets me from 10% battery power to 100% in 30 minutes. I charge it once per day while I shower and brush my teeth before bed. For that price in that year, I feel like I got the best available bang for my buck. I hope realme's trend of making quality at this low price keeps up.

    • André KZ
      André KZ

      @Gaming Otaku I am 100% in agreement. That SuperVOOC is simply amazing. If I forget to charge until 10 minutes before I leave, I know I'll get enough to make it to the end of the day.

    • Gaming Otaku
      Gaming Otaku

      @André KZ i bought a realme X2 back in lockdown, wanted to buy a redmagic 5g , it never launched here so I settled for this, and the phone is really good, the best part is definitely the fast charging, even after 2-3 years this is probably one of the fastest charging phone in the market

    • André KZ
      André KZ

      @Gaming Otaku The charger has European plugs, so the phone came with a wall adapter to convert to US outlets. However, that adapter was a piece of trash, so I invested in a better one.

    • Gaming Otaku
      Gaming Otaku

      You guys pay extra for chargers?...

    • I stopped laughing
      I stopped laughing

      Can easily say my 2nd phone will be from Realme

  • Hristomir Hristov
    Hristomir Hristov

    There are too many options on the smartphone market. You get to the point which one to buy... and you have to chose between 10 -15 different options. Currently Realme GT 2 Pro is £599, same as Pixel 6. I was looking for a decent mid ranger 200-400 GBP but things are getting out of control here :D Last 5-10 years I have used Motorolas and I am generally happy with their phones (upgrading every 2-3 years). My current phone is Moto G7 Power. I will welcome any recommendations :)

  • Tiberius Seibt
    Tiberius Seibt

    Got the Realme 7 (4G Version) Perfect phone! Only bad thing I can say is that the back is very scratch-sensitive. After a year it is already dull just because of the dust scratching underneath the phone case! But I dont really care, the UI is so good, many added features that wouldn't come with stock Android and feels so smooth and well designed.

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  • xllms

    From OnePlus 5 to OnePlus7pro, this Realme GT 2 Pro looks very tempting.

    • Olamide

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  • Techny3000

    Realme out of nowhere: "hmm I wonder how doing a flagship phone is" *Makes a flagship* *Breaks 3 world records* "Hmmm... that was nice"

  • Neel Tanna
    Neel Tanna

    I love how much work Arun puts into his vids and cats Deserves the 10 Million Plaque I hope they deliver the diamond play button in the form factor of a phone 😂

    • Yusuf T-Deen
      Yusuf T-Deen

      You mean they put it in the shape of our Lord and Saviour Rick Astley

    • jupiter universe
      jupiter universe

      Yea no shit sherlock. Some unholy level of observation you got there bud. No one pointed this out like ever dawg.

    • Tom Baxter
      Tom Baxter

      @「 ♡•ItzJust_Me•♡ 」 Arun Maini

    • Demetre

      @「 ♡•ItzJust_Me•♡ 」 arun maini

    • 「 ♡•ItzJust_Me•♡ 」
      「 ♡•ItzJust_Me•♡ 」


  • Olivia ♡
    Olivia ♡

    wow. I’ve had a realme c11 for a year now, it’s beautiful but not great. It was only 200AUD which is like 130US or something so it gets away with it’s shit quality lol, but i was definitely not expecting realme to turn around and release something like this. Hopefully they’ll use their 3 years of commitment to polish the software and user experience!

  • LoL

    I have realme GT 2 with sd888 and almost same specs as the pro version expect the display and it doesn't have microscopic camera. Everything else is almost same including the cooling system. And the fun part is i got this in around 300$ in an exclusive offer.

  • james jordan
    james jordan

    I LOVE the design of that phone! Seriously good taste

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      Text me on Telegram 👉@Haylsworld1

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  • Ryan Freeman
    Ryan Freeman

    Still rocking my 2019 Realme X2 Pro, and only now is the battery starting to decline. It was a great buy for $500, and still had the best specs of its time. Camera is kinda crap, but I don't use it much.

    • Text me on telegram@OfficialUnboxtherapy1
      Text me on telegram@OfficialUnboxtherapy1

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  • pratik singh
    pratik singh

    Tim Cook: We'll not include charging adapters. And that's how you make an eco friendly phone. Realme: *Hold my PAPER*

    • man_on_the_moon2

      And the valuation of Apple triples in 2 years whereas we even do not know if Realme has any market valuation.

    • telegram👉@rene_ritchie_giveaway

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    • aiz toh
      aiz toh

      they don't follow the trend, they follow their own trend. that's what makes them a good company. ( But their not original ofcs since bbk company, sharing Ideas or copy if you will )

  • CheeseBall

    always loved Realme!, makes the best value phone

  • lucas

    I genuinely don't know how your channel appeared onto my recommended but it interested me and I've never been happier some random video came up. Your videos are engaging and educational on technology that I'm slowly getting into more and more as I watch your videos. Thank you so much, luck seems to be on my side.

    • text me on telegram 👉@alexziskind
      text me on telegram 👉@alexziskind

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  • maxx skillz
    maxx skillz

    between realme gt series and oneplus nord series, which one have better software experience, and software update ?

  • Phillip Smith
    Phillip Smith

    Enjoy your channel was wondering and this phone, I am considering weather it be my next phone, not the greatest but bloody good for the price. Brought my first realme phone a realme 6, dammm it a good phone. Hope realme keeps up what they doing.

  • Klas R
    Klas R

    I've had my X3 superzoom for a little over a year now. Paid around 400€ for it. Superhappy with it,very good value for the money. Will definitely consider a Realme next time I'm buying a new phone.

    • @WhatsApp +① ⑧②⑧-⑥⓪⓪-④②⑤⑤
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  • nexus artemis
    nexus artemis

    The funny thing is I use a realme 3i I got it for like 120 bucks in us dollars or 10000 rupees and it's one of the best budget phone I ever used

  • Myth Randir
    Myth Randir

    they took "design" to a whole new level in mid range phone

  • Al Sharif
    Al Sharif

    Most professionally speaking of the product and the company itself, well presented.

  • Alkisk

    Which is best to buy? Realme gt 2 pro or Oppo find x3 pro??

  • Jerry Ber
    Jerry Ber

    This phone looks really great. I'm always open to the next flagship. It's good to see other companies trying to step up their game also.

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  • Sky Skyler
    Sky Skyler

    watching this on my realme 9 pro plus. smooth and the colour is saturated. if u want save money. u can buy realme 9 pro plus. works well and camera is good. i have no complain and i love realme 9 proplus

  • Sujal Sapra
    Sujal Sapra

    Realme is becoming flagship killer 🔥🔥 If they give stock Android, then no one can beat realme in the world

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  • Siyam Amin
    Siyam Amin

    I'm currently using OnePlus 8t For heavy gaming it's completely perfect

  • chhlat zagli
    chhlat zagli

    I bought this and my experience is very positive, but I don't have this feature on cam, what version do you use?

  • Naveen Raji Eapen
    Naveen Raji Eapen

    Been using the Realme 5 Pro for 2.5 years now. Never regretted it. We have software and security updates every 2 months. I bought the phone when it was Android 9 and now I have it upgraded to Android 11. No major issue at all. Looking forward to using it 2 years more. Edit: My friend has the Oppo Realme 1 (their first phone), and it still works ok. He even plays Pubg and other mobile games with it aswell. It does have some battery and lag issues, but its impressive that a phone that's 4 years old can run most software tasks.

    • Gamer Hemanth
      Gamer Hemanth

      @Naveen Raji Eapen and wht is this high end software u r talking abt And i am only pointing out at its R&D works and how their software update implementations are they are the worst yes they give proper hardware and stuff but wt is it tht supports tht hardware ... ofcourse software if tht it self is not stable then can u even call it a great company

    • Gamer Hemanth
      Gamer Hemanth

      @Naveen Raji Eapen bruh u call G95 a. Sub par chip 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Gamer Hemanth
      Gamer Hemanth

      @Deven Mhabdi haha u buy it u will experience it

    • Deven Mhabdi
      Deven Mhabdi

      @Gamer Hemanth why bro what happened ?

    • Naveen Raji Eapen
      Naveen Raji Eapen

      @Gamer Hemanth Always go for the pro versions. The normal variation of the phone is not meant for hardcore usage. Only for people who only use whatsapp or youtube and take photos or something. You cannot expect a sub-par chip to work for high-end software.

  • ASHIK Rahman
    ASHIK Rahman

    Would anyone suggest which of pixel5a, gt 2 pros, 1 plus 8t, 8pro would be better ?? My main focus is the camera then 2nd is gaming

  • Wanbiang Wanniang
    Wanbiang Wanniang

    That phone looks gorgeous 😍

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  • BassEQ

    can you replace the home launcher and if so will the adware still appear?

  • louis claro tiano
    louis claro tiano

    between the vivo x60 pro plus and realme gt 2 pro which one is better?

  • SAVV

    Love seeing realme moving on the flagship segment

    • THNC NOrtH
      THNC NOrtH

      @ғᴜʀɪo̶u̶s this one is premium flagship actually

    • Genius Chris
      Genius Chris

      Bruh I really thought I had comment😪

    • Jadon Paran
      Jadon Paran

      Love seeing realme getting recognized!

    • Demetre

      @ғᴜʀɪo̶u̶s no its the first flagship by realme

    • ғᴜʀɪo̶u̶s

      @Demetre the realme gt isn't a flagship???

  • WorstPlayer

    if they optimized the software and their UI, It would be on top rn

    • Ezra vayesu
      Ezra vayesu

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙🆙

  • CatsExe

    Damn and i just bought Realme GT one week before this was out.. well still i have a good phone

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  • Ahmed El-shaer
    Ahmed El-shaer

    in my opinion it's better to buy used Oppo Find X3 pro from the last year, you'll get mote technology and features for much cheaper maybe around 400 EUR, i don't see anything better in GT 2 Pro than Find X3 pro except the processor

  • Tony Ngugi
    Tony Ngugi

    Now THAT is a presentation...... that's why i love this channel..... wow...

  • Abba Lang
    Abba Lang

    I bought the Realms X2 Pro in 2019 after watching your review and I still feel like I don't need to rush to upgrade yet & could easily wait well into next year without breaking a sweat. Was well worth the purchass

    • Travel blogger
      Travel blogger

      X2 pro (under rated beast) ❤️❤️

    • Abdul Rahman
      Abdul Rahman

      Hai X2 pro fam...

    • Rygaros

      Yea thats old you better replace the crap...

    • Ajay Thakkar
      Ajay Thakkar

      Literally typing this message from my x2 pro...... Beast indeed. I'm happy that people are aware of this underrated beast! ❤️

  • james bond
    james bond

    Got my 12/256 version for only 540 USD. 😍

  • Did you know?
    Did you know?

    I ACTUALLY thought that this video was sponsored by Realme. Until I rewatched it a couple of times

  • Brendan Dickson
    Brendan Dickson

    A $750 dollar phone should never have ads. EVER. I wouldn't buy a phone with ads for a third of that price.

  • Petar Maksimovic
    Petar Maksimovic

    That Green Glitter Reno 4 pro looks amazing.

  • Baldgeta

    I'm glad realme is starting to get recognised. Back in 2020, i used to say realme is the new OnePlus. I got the realme x50 pro on 2020 and its still running smooth 💯. Such a great phone with a midrange price. It used to be so underrated back then but I'm scared it'll turn out to be like OnePlus once it gets popular

    • Nayan Punekar
      Nayan Punekar

      It's already going that way,Look at their new midrange phones.

    • Ace

      @stin00 probably yes but probably not, from the beginning, realme was supposed to counter Xiaomi's dominance, particularly starting with Realme 2 Pro, OnePlus was supposed to be strictly a rebellious flagship-killer which is probably not a good profitmaker in the long term, hence the price hike As long as Xiaomi doesn't have a major change in their pricing strategy (which is the backbone of their whole brand) realme won't be like oneplus

    • stin00

      You mean realme will be a dead brand in 10 years like Oneplus? Very likely.

    • OnePickaxeBoi _YT
      OnePickaxeBoi _YT

      I dont really think that's gonna happen

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    -[ J E N I F F E R ] 🍆T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗

    I have had my realme 7 pro for a little under an year now, and it's amazing! 128GB storage and 6GB RAM for $260 is absolutely shocking pricing, no? Not to mention, 64MP camera and SAmoled+ with 65 watt superdart charging. I love realme.

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  • Hye

    realme really make first step with sdm 8 gen 1 in really good standard, i wonder what could beat it in anyways

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  • Pulg maz
    Pulg maz

    In an age where foldable phones are becoming water resistant, having a phone with no ip rating is really weird. But still, really cool phone

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