Oppo Find N Unboxing - Did they just kill Samsung!?
Unboxing and early review of the OPPO Find N - Oppo's first foldable smartphone for 2021 / 2022! Limited time offer Go to Surfshark.deals/boss and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 4 months free!

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Who's excited about the foldable market heating up? Who thinks it's a waste of time? 🧐

  • MD.F

    Huge respect, this man can rickroll us with literally anything

  • NeverSettle4Midz

    Although i do love the unfolded aspect ratio, more bezeless front screen, and gapless fold...i do think the fold 3 still has an edge in many ways so ill probably stick with my fold 3 until the fold 4. The tiny foldable oppo came out with is definitely a great addition to the market, but me personally, the whole reason i wanted a fold is because it was massive when unfolded haha!

  • Marco Afro
    Marco Afro

    If we remember how Samsung Galaxy Fold launched for the first time, i think Oppo is on the right track. There is some issues here and there but still fixable.

  • Adam Hickmott
    Adam Hickmott

    It's a good phone, but after owning other oppo phones, I think I'll stick to my Fold3. They've obviously done their research on the foldable design, probably by looking at and building upon what Samsung already do well. The rotating my Fold3 is really not a problem and I don't even think about it, most people rotate their phone for a better experience to watch content, right?


    Love the videos. It is nice to see alternative brands get a spotlight, especially if they can compete with the global "mainstream" flagships. I just wish someone would make a viable alternative to the S pen. I know the market of users may not be large enough for other manufacturers to care, but it's nice to dream that someone cares about us S pen power users. 😓

  • 4-UP

    The only problem for this device is the optimization for some of the major apps in the inner display, other than that this device is gold

  • GaganxWaduHek 69
    GaganxWaduHek 69

    Never have I ever seen a person displaying the tech so passionately and happily like a true enthusiast like Arun. And those puns omggggg. This man has my heart 😂😂

  • Reza Jivani
    Reza Jivani

    Definitely looking forward to a time when these become a serious contender. Foldable phones without a crease would be excellent for a power user like me. A stylus would be an added bonus. Working on excel sheets and PowerPoints while I'm on the move are why I like the Note series. BUT more importantly, the camera systems would need to be at the level of Pixel or iPhone for it to worth the buy.

  • ICY

    Respect to the OPPO team for testing the fold for 5 years straight

  • Jess Simpson
    Jess Simpson

    I have a fold3, and I really love it. I even bought one for my mom, as I think it does look really great job of being a phone and a tablet at the same time. But I absolutely agree with you on the aspect ratio issue. I honestly think the fold3 would be significantly better if it folded the other way, say like a hamburger instead of a hot dog, so that you have a shorter wider phone on the front, and then when you unfolded you were automatically in landscape same to how the Oppo works.

  • SiRiVeon

    To me, Oppo Find N looks amazing. It's small, it's square when unfolded and it has some app optimization issues which I think makes it somewhat unique. You'll be more amazed playing retro games of square resolutions in Find N or modern games like Undertale that would fit great in here.

  • M B
    M B

    Excellent review, and these foldables are definately getting more appealing.

  • Anton Oliver
    Anton Oliver

    I think, really on behalf of everyone, we appreciate all the effort you put into every upload. The production value is insane, TV level every time!

  • Blue Pink
    Blue Pink

    I like the Oppo Find N more than every other foldable so far, when it comes to Europe for nearly the same price as in China I would probably buy it.

  • JP Johnson
    JP Johnson

    I've wanted a foldable phone since Samsung first announced the Fold almost 3 years ago. Seeing this might make me second guess just jumping into the Galaxy Folds series and do more research on foldable phones to see which one I would truly want before buying one.

  • TrippzXI

    The main thing I like about my fold 3 is that it's a mini tablet when unfolded. With this thing you might aswell just get a normal phone cause even unfolded it looks tiny


    I've been rocking Oppo for the last 5 years or so now, and can honestly say that they make damn good phones. Admittedly, the interfaces are not quite as intuitive as Samsung or Apple, but that is a small sacrifice for a product of such high physical quality at such a reasonable price. Though I am highly disappointed that they have started putting that bloody hole punch camera in their screens, and feel that they should go back to the Reno 10x style full screen.

  • Wo.

    I would love a smartphone like that. Being able to use it single handed in folded mode, and get extra screen for reading and gaming is great. Seems like if they manage to slim it down a bit and optimize 3rd party software it'll be great. The price though...

  • Skul

    As soon as this was announced a week or two ago, I knew who to turn to for a proper review--and now here he is!